Monday, January 30, 2017

Leftists, Flash Mobs and the Same Old Script

What did we see when crowds of "protesters" showed up at airports and in cities all over the U.S. after Trump's immigration ban went into effect?  We saw the only thing a rational mind could observe -- flash mobs alerted by cell phone.  Most of them probably didn't give a damn about Muslim immigration, and it might be interesting to know how many "protesters" even knew why they were holding signs.  More likely, they were just Trump haters, recruited some time ago for every occasion, and make no mistake -- they're on call for the next four to eight years, any time Trump issues any order that conflicts with leftist ideals.  That is, with the help of the ACLU and other fine, upstanding rat-bastard alliances, established American laws will continue to be twisted so as to accommodate every evil the Democrat Party has morphed into, in my opinion as a blogger of little distinction.

Then again, I'm not sure who could write anything crazier than (the now irrelevant for good, we trust) Susan Rice's "Nazi" tweet regarding Trump's security people.

What Trump did had no relationship to his more intense promises about immigration during the presidential campaign, and he seems to have worked within the law.  But rabid sign-minders don't care about the facts.  They never do, as their own indoctrinated agenda beats all.

The inescapable fact is that, thanks especially to the treasonous open-door policy of the Obama bunch, Islamic refugees have indeed come to the U.S. and committed mass murders, so anybody with a brain capable of thought would realize the danger we're in.  Islam is both religion and government rolled into one, and its followers goal is to replace the religions and governments of others with their own 2-for-1 system.  Worse, getting there requires an enormous amount of bloodshed and domination.  This entire concept would seem to have a really difficult time attempting to squeeze into America's freedom of religion welcome mat. 

Now that President Trump is apparently on a roll, he might consider ways to screen radical imams and keep them out of the prisons, where they spew words of hatred and prepare inmates for a post-prison life of rage and hate crimes.

And let's not forget "anchor babies."  This long-lived travesty must be addressed quickly and taken off the birthing table so American suckers have one less thing to pay for as their wallets are constantly picked for an array of options over which they have no control.  Why aren't those shrill, moronic protesters complaining about anchor babies?

In the digital age, when crowds of sign-carrying America-haters can show up at a moment's notice in seemingly impressive numbers, one must be cautious in ascertaining sincerity over play-acting.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump concentrates on doing what Obama failed to do for eight years:  Keep us safe from increasingly devious radical Islam.  And didn't it take less than the time to bake a cake for Obama to re-enter the political scene as he condemned Trump's actions -- but declining to mention his basic responsibility for reasons to address the maneuver? Have no doubts that those who support Sharia attended nationwide "protests" in quantity.  And as long as the Trump people are on a roll, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to investigate the ACLU and find out just who pushes its buttons.  Haven't there always been questions about the ACLU? Putting the word, "American" in your title does not necessarily tell the whole story.

The brains of entertainment:  As a kid, I read "Archie" comics, all about high school students attending Riverdale High.  As a geezer, I'm now freaked to see the new CW TV series, "Riverdale," reconstructing the formerly innocent town of Riverdale into a whorehouse.  Yes, gay relationships, lesbian kissing, murder, intrigue and horrors yet to come.

No, I'm no prude, and I remind you that I used to review film director John Waters' creations regarding his motion picture years prior to the (first) movie, "Hairspray."  Those familiar with Waters' earliest films will instantly realize their extreme "shock value" when thrown in the face of "normal" viewers.

No, my problem with the new series, "Riverdale" is the blatant observation that the entertainment industry is now so bereft of new ideas that its manipulators needed to reach way, way back to a comic book about decent young folk and their parents and transform them into contemporary idiots, fools, creeps and monsters.  Actually, one need only change channels to experience a variety of crap out there in TV land.  Anybody sick to death yet of superhero shows?

I think the rise in programs about fictional super heroes relates largely to our lack of real publicized heroes.  Movie production entities have become expert at pushing aside not only any hint of American patriotism, but consistently engage in ignoring worthwhile values altogether, usually concentrating on the superpower-endowed, fictional individual, not the good things or people in society, as THE hero of the ages.

If the super-intellectuals populating Hollywood's anal caverns truly believe they've struck mind-gold by dredging up a pleasant old comic book and turning it into a contemporary reflection of sex and hell, under some strange belief that this was a clever move, they might be deluding themselves.  Originality now means that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?  I know, I know, it's all just entertainment and money from sponsors, but really -- "Riverdale" just offers one more example of TV Land's bankruptcy on every level except for raking in the money.  Eventually, money may not be enough to pay the biggest bills.

The "March for Life" just concluded:  Good grief, how many humans do you folks want (an infinite amount, according to the whacked-out segment)?  In a world agonizing over how to make a good life for the soon-to-be nine billion people unnecessarily scuzzying up this planet, it seems logical that if one wishes to decrease abortions you might want to come up with a hundred new easy, safe and effective methods of male and female birth control.  Quickly.  Trouble is, people and politicians exist who want total control over women, and it doesn't stop at the uterus.

March for Science:  Before you good scientists perpetrate your own march on Washington, may we say thanks a lot for coming up with a part human-part pig embryo?  I guess you have plans to grow human organs out of this Frankenstein stew someday.  But isn't it 2017, and can we not yet come up with projects that don't require the involuntary involvement of animals?

Automobiles as tombs:  One wonders why power windows and door locks aren't abandoned altogether.  When you drive off the bridge and can't open windows or doors as your vehicle sinks into the murky deep, or when electronic systems fail in a flash fire, and in your panic you can't open doors manually on a hot day, wouldn't it be nice to return to those days of yesteryear when even your very life was still under your control?