Tuesday, January 3, 2017


A cornered rat or confined rattlesnake can be mighty dangerous, but the extent to which President Obama and his (amazingly) still loyal Democrat followers are going to screw both Trump and other Americans before Inauguration Day makes both rat and snake seem almost docile.

Behind the scenes -- and I use that description because even various surface events won't be covered by the mainstream media, thereby rendering them invisible -- the Obama bunch is said to be churning out rules and regulations by the deplorable basket load, needlessly but effectively "gumming up the works" for the Trump administration's entrance.

As the increasingly wispy little shadow of a man called Obama prepares to depart the White House, he continues attempts to weave a worthwhile legacy -- even his New Year's Eve words, carried by radio stations all over the country on the morning of December 31, suggest either a worried President fraught with fears of a legacy left out in the cold, or a flim-flam man engulfed in so much arrogance that he doesn't have a clue history will remember him as a menace to domestic and world peace.  Indeed, he used his Saturday speech to affirm all the great things he has accomplished for the U.S.  Loser or lunatic?

Vladimir Putin is a dictator, a murderer, a thug and a liar -- and those are probably his good points.   Nevertheless, when Obama directed his ongoing tantrum toward Russian diplomats and ordered them out of the country, the deceptively wise criminal Putin countered with invitations to a Christmas party for American diplomats and their children in Russia.  Need we ask who came out looking like the grinch here?  If Obama the egotist isn't sweating with rage now, he never will be, for he was bested by the worst, as if knocked over with a communist feather.

Meanwhile, as if the result of bad comedy writing, the Russians are held strictly responsible for hacking the Democrat e-mails, and that's the whole reason Hillary lost the election. Yes, nice fantasy for those who can't get it through their fantasy-lovin' heads that it was our legal electoral process that finished this queen of the blathering turkeys off, for good we hope.  Never mind that the hacked e-mails -- wrapped up in a pretty red bow, thanks especially to Hillary Clinton and John Podesta's oopsie -- expressly showed the world what kind of people the Democrat Party embraces.  Peculiarly, the Russians were unable to hack major Republican files.  So who's the idiot political party here?  The Democrats have become "Hatchimals," with protective e-mail eggshells and everything about them duly cracked.

No President in my lifetime has pulled the stuff that this treasonous authoritarian ass is piling on as his days of inferno by decree wind down.  Donald Trump will have his faults, too, count on it, but this time we might feel hopeful about not inviting another destructive spawn of Satan into the people's White House.

The greatest "gotcha" move Trump could make would be to have his Dept. of Justice (no longer under an Obama zombie hack) check into having Mr. Obama and others arrested, tried and, we hope, convicted for endangering our security (from both within and outside), as well as for a host of reasons best recognized by the legal system.  But (yawn. . .) it won't happen, simply because too many friends of skeletons lurk in too many intertwining Washington closets, and one guilt leads to another.

We should be laughing over the absurdity of this, but the joke's on us.  This fraud named Obama was constitutionally and fairly elected. Too bad, as progressive crybabies persist with almost psychotic denial in understanding how elections work, that Obama cultists believe we exist under a one-party system and only Democrats are allowed to serve.  Not that serve is the right word.  Most people appreciate a good joke, but when it comes in the form of a First Family taking frequent vacations much more costly and extravagant than ever before, it's not funny. 

The bottom line?  We've been played for eight years, yet a significantly self-uninformed portion of society begs for more of the same.  Let's hope we don't get it.

Illegals:  Give them six months to a year to depart, and after that time the government should allow no more services, just deportation.  Too damned bad?  Yes, it is.  Everything rational folk do to keep their country seems to be too damned bad to others.

Evolution:  I was thinking about all the chemicals produced over the decades and tossed off into the ecosystem. . .and when and whether they start affecting human evolution for the worst.  Not quite sure whether I'm ready to see people with three feet sticking out of their heads, but I can't believe evolution won't get screwed up immensely due to our own ingenuity.  Heck, forget the laboratory -- subtle changes are probably going on right now.  As they seem to be in some amphibian species.