Monday, December 3, 2018

Revenge of the Caravan?

Oh, so word is reportedly making its way among the "caravan" folk and extending all the way down to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala that there are no jobs automatically waiting for people desperate to cross the U.S. border easily and illegally.

Were I a caravan member, horribly betrayed by organizers with a political, not humanitarian agenda, left only to remain in Mexico or return to my home country, I don't believe I would be averse to organizing a mob back home and killing those responsible for lying and using me for their own ends (which is basically to defeat our borders and destroy United States laws using migrants).  Perhaps "reaching out" with weapons to the higher-ups behind this outrage is out of the question, but one can sure as hell ascend and annihilate several levels of management leading to the brain prize in Central America.

Is Paris burning?  Macron, whose name in English, I believe, translates to Micron, is just one more foolish head of state embracing the climate change disaster bandwagon, almost all of which is orchestrated by computer predictions no better than a gypsy fortune-teller on steroids.  The world's determined elitists, often with the assistance of a disgraced media, continue to torture populations with absurd taxes and contrived threats, and we suspect that eventually even police and military divisions will realize what a load of utter bull poop is being dumped upon their services and talents.  Even if half of what climate threat soothsayers claim could be true, there's little to be done by now.  Meanwhile, rest assured that some folks are making huge money off the climate "disaster" gravy train.  What a pity that Trump's own people released a new sky-is-falling report, likely based largely upon hyped-up computer prognostications.

Stuffing the U.S. Space Force into a larger container:  Looks as though Trump's desired Space Force will be integrated into the regular U.S. Air Force after all.  Anybody wondering who's going to be up there, ready to track or attack UFOs and then deny their existence, can return to panic mode again.  The USAF will be too busy keeping an eye on enemy satellites.  Oh well, at least we still have SETI (sigh. . .).

The Thieves of China:  Remember how proud you were when your kids graduated from college and then went abroad to teach innocent young school children in China so they could lean more about the United States?  Then the kids grew up and came over here to be educated and spy for China to this very day?  All of this to support a brutal Chinese regime, its top thug and thief no less than President Xi himself.  Engaged in extraordinary construction of "re-education" facilities with no tolerance for religion or alternative thought, Xi and his fellow punks are using every electronic weapon they can muster out of Chinese laboratories, and if any compliment can be sent to China right now it's the fact that the Chinese military is to be feared far more than Russia's, though everybody seems to delight in playing catch-up.

Which brings us to Google and its attempts to do ANYTHING to remain in China's good business-like graces (suggested revised slogan: DO be evil) as they roll out their own, what is it called, Snapdragon or something that assures censorship to the liking of the Chinese leadership thuggery?  Sorry to say this, but Google -- which owns Blogger and can therefore remove bloggers like me at their whim -- and Facebook and Twitter eventually need to account to somebody regarding their tendency to cut off communication carried on by those of a politically conservative nature.  This has happened too often to be marked up to coincidence. So many young people holding the keys to the Web site opinion kingdom were hopelessly born with leftist infections eating their brains into perpetuity that we fear government interference will be the only viable solution to keeping freedom of thought free on the Net.

Freedom of speech applies even to ignorant people:  We offer this assurance in particular to fans of the outspoken Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and performer Rihanna, both of whom have demonstrated through their comments in the past few days regarding the caravan "refugees" that they have absolutely no concept of either history or current events.  I hope people such as these have a true appreciation for the First Amendment protections awarded them in America, though we doubt they have a clue about how such freedoms were achieved.

Republican Congress Gets Stupid:  Intent to drastically increase the number of H-2B visas issued to foreign workers just as U.S. unemployment is beginning to spike in key areas is as boneheaded an idea as one might anticipate.  The GOP wearing Democrat wolf clothing is not what folks expected when they voted for Trump and a more conservative government.

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Traveling Humanitarian Crisis Circus Comes to Town

What a contrast.  As we watch TV news programs showing throngs of Christmas shoppers packing American malls, spending hard-earned dollars to find perfect gifts for loved ones, yet other televised reports pan over thousands of migrants from Central America, all of whom, at least for now, hope to invade the USA and deprive that very Christmas shopping population of a significant portion of valuable family dollars so they can be converted into welfare for the non-entitled alien masses.

So now Mexico begs the freaking United freaking Nations to step in and assist with a "humanitarian crisis," a crisis which, near as we can figure, was significantly engineered by the far left and only became worse once the hordes were encouraged to organize -- organize -- and depart Honduras and other nations.  Under international law, this entire farce is Mexico's problem anyway, not America's, because asylum is the responsibility of - say it -- the first country asylum seekers come to.  It's spelled M-e-x-i-c-o-.

President Trump's true dilemma, unless he really is in negotiations with the new Mexican president to possibly alleviate the situation:  Let one group in and endless "caravans" will continue forever, bringing us almost nothing but angry and illiterate young men and women with no skills, no particular intent to embrace or respect American values, but with a demonstrated penchant for screwing like rabbits, raping and being raped and genetically producing a succession of unwanted and unneeded dolts.  And we haven't even referenced the criminal element now coming and yet to be born among the human rubble.  Harsh words?  Harsh words for a harsh situation.  As thousands more migrants proceed to the U.S. border -- a prospect laughed over by leftist media pundits up until and including today -- we need to consider trading tear gas for rubber bullets and rubber bullets for the we-mean-business bullet variety.

We drown in un-enforced immigration laws while Congress should have nailed loopholes down decades ago.  Precious days remain to do so in the current Congress, but the chances of legislators taking action are negligible.  Why?  With the wretched ACLU at the border, likely propping up religious "relief" organizations and individuals who make big money off taxpayers by bringing the miserable, the worthless and the untoward element into the country, action is essential.

Use deadly force at the border?  Well, what else does one consider when strangers break into the house?  How long will tear gas work before some law-circumventing judge steps in and takes that weapon away?  By Sunday, crowd advocates were complaining that some children were harmed by tear gas -- but who brought those children here?  Disgusted we are of seeing children used as emotional battering rams by those desirous of ripping USA law to shreds.

And of course "Sixty Minutes" just had to spotlight an immigrant family Sunday evening, using the typical TV formula.  Nowhere did we see criminal illegals in prison for murder and other serious crimes, nor did the cost to U.S. taxpayers and job seekers get a mention.  Further, we just love how the media is loath to include the word, illegal before the immigrant designation.

Who paid for this insurrection?  Who provided food, transportation, clean clothing, baby equipment and all the obvious necessities which would never have been available to impoverished migrants who, as well, somehow arrived at our border more than two thousand miles away in just weeks?

Who lied to the Hondurans and the rest, filling their heads with flowery tales of an America forced, ready and willing to accept everybody who shows up at the border with a baby, a sad story or a weapon intended to injure border guards?  Those are the folk the migrants should abhor and turn on, for the lies encouraging their journey will ultimately be as deadly as bullets, once most discover they are deemed ineligible for U.S. entry by law.

I'm not one to embrace militias, but when you watch what generally seems to come down to leftist-inspired judges pussy-footing around the question of what constitutes an invasion, putting restrictions on U.S. military members vulnerable to stand-down orders and attacks by foreign hostiles Halloween-masked initially as kindly nomads, I wonder: To whom does one eventually turn?  To open-border progressives?  Not.

"Obama judges" on the prowl."  Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts' seemed an unlikely voice to admonish Trump over his claim that "Obama judges" exist to thwart his plans.  As we recall, Roberts almost twisted himself into a pretzel to accommodate "Obamacare" with something like a tax that wasn't a tax but was a tax but wasn't really a. . .and the 9th Circuit Court, for one prominent example, radiantly glows so far left that its main legacy will be the overturning of a plethora of boneheaded decisions. District court judges located especially in San Francisco and Hawaii sure as hell bear a striking resemblance through their decisions to "Obama judges," in our opinion.

R.I.P. Christian missionary John Chau:  When isolated island tribes decide they don't want to stink up their lives with somebody else's religious belief system, or even to be bothered for no reason at all, I guess they can be pretty adamant.  When Jehovah's witnesses sent a carload of ladies to my home with intentions to convert me a few years ago, I did not kill them, but did tell them I really, really liked their hair styles, and they quickly departed.  Murder isn't always the answer, though it appears to be quite the solution these days, so choose your islands of proposed conversion carefully, believers.

It's official, right on the steps of the Trump White House: Climate change will destroy us.  Ya know, the Northeast just this week surpassed SEVERAL weather records as arctic air moved in, and in fact measured temperatures never before noted in recorded history -- though we note that "recorded history" doesn't reach all that far back.  Breaking records is debatable as a prediction for the future.

Nevertheless, as a gaggle of science-based agencies have now put the big kiss of death on human civilization unless We Do Something and positioned that warm bag of climactic feces right on Trump's doorstep, we again wish to take into advisement the many instances where climate data has been fudged, yes, deliberately. The University of East Anglia comes to mind, but its lies were hardly an anomaly.

So maybe we're at a point in the planet's history where everything will go bonkers, perhaps eliminating us in the process.  So what?  Y'all science folk wish us to "do something" in the meantime.  Like -- tax the piss out of everybody?  Like use government-subsidized, bird-killing wind turbines which cost more to use than the energy one often recovers from them, and when they fail and communities honored by their presence need to remove them and find how costly THAT becomes the nightmare is enhanced?

Does science have in mind solar panels, perfect for roasting bird flocks betrayed by what looks like bodies of water, and essentially useless in areas blocked perpetually from sunlight?

Because historical markers exist obviously showing the Earth in great upheaval over the millennia, indicating both extreme heat and extreme cold, we wonder how we don't weigh the premise that climate phenomena may reverse various effects almost overnight?  Despite everything we know, we don't know everything, and we have reached the summit where warnings of the sky falling have echoed so frequently that heeding renewed cackling from those allegedly best equipped to predict an albeit uncertain future becomes almost sleep-inducing.

And if such dire prospects are certain to confront the United States, all the more reason to prevent "caravan" occupants from entering our country and putting their lives at risk due to a perilous climate.  This kind of compassion I can dig.

By the way, climate voodoo practitioners and the always-complicit media, if sincere about fluttering their wings, should be compelled to concentrate, not merely on the United States, but where the real fortunes of disaster currently lurk:  China, India and other developing nations which don't give a damn about pollution, wildlife or pristine anything.

During multiple occasions when I have referenced climate change as defined by a specific elite group in this blog, I have attempted to balance my opinions with the assurance that I'm always willing to consider the evidence.  That "the science is in" and "almost all scientists agree" are recurring statements which have not yet achieved universal agreement.

Khashoggi's Murder:  First, I'm not sure he qualified as a journalist.  If he really was more of a blogger for the now out of control Trump and conservative-hating, far from objective Washington Post, my writing for newsstand magazines in the "old days" such as True and Argosy would qualify me as more of a journalist, and that concept is peculiar even for me.

That aside, if his loyalty rested with the Muslim Brotherhood, then Khashoggi probably received the kind of treatment which is customary among rogues and rogue nations in the Middle East.  Those places are not American in any sense.  Trump's decision to continue relations with and arms sales to Saudi Arabia truly are, unfortunately, all around a necessity, when the benefits include stomping Iran and protecting our interests.  War sucks, but so is the reach for peace when death steps in.  Was Saudi Arabia's crown prince more than a clown prince in this instance?  Quite likely, so says the CIA.  What do you do about that?  I think Trump's option is the only way to proceed, but one hopes and expects that during private conversations with the Saudis our government raised hell.

Asia Bibi in Pakistan:  Her quest for asylum in some other country truly is worthy of satisfaction, lest she face killing by the radical followers of vaunted prophet, child rapist and murderer Moham-very-mad.  You can read about Bibi's dilemma online.  Too bad that Great Britain, denying her request for entry, has been so strangled by frantic Islam immigration that what remains of the proud fighting spirit and stiff upper lip among the British is giving in to a pure, encroaching evil.

Speaking of England, the discovery and arrest of a woman who successfully faked a career as a psychiatrist for 22 years in the National Health Service gives me both an entirely new understanding of psychiatry and apparently a great new way of "playing doctor."  Why trouble yourself laboring away and paying for a medical degree when you can just go to work?  Bonus:  Your patients are bound to be so crazy they'll never notice there's something not quite right about you.  Sign me up!

The land of television:  Two comments.  First, TVs should be free to everybody and paid for by all the advertisers currently choking off an increasing number of minutes on programs.  There is no escape, paid or not, from commercials, and they have blossomed outrageously, dulling or negating whatever the programs themselves intended.

Second, about that $14.95 board advertised on TV which allows you to pretty much stand upside-down ("inversion") to achieve various claimed health (back) benefits:  Should anybody care, the late writer-comedian-composer Steve Allen had his own "slant board" back in the early sixties and went so far as to extol its health virtues in TV Guide (with a photo, as I recall). Few things are really new under the televised sun.

Oops, More TV:  I happened to catch Democratic strategist Adrienne Elrod on a TV talking head program.  She reminds me of Debbie Wasserman Schultz (whose name I may not be spelling correctly from memory here).  Question:  How does the Democrat Party subsist by publicly airing members who come across as shrill-voiced vipers?  Count my brain and ears as turned off.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Number Crunch, 2018

California's raging firestorms will claim lives long after their voracious weapons of flame become a terrible memory.  Burning furniture and myriad other products composed of plastics and various petroleum-based chemical substances have already converted into smoky toxins destined to enter human and animal lungs, blood streams and eventually vital organs, putting more lives into health jeopardy than one can imagine.  And what of flaming areas where nuclear materials were once allegedly stored?  These fires aren't merely a disaster, they're an unfolding catastrophe possibly ticking like a time bomb affecting Californians, places and distant lives yet unknown.


Everybody wants the good life, the fairytale existence.  Sometimes too much of a good thing attracts too many people to enjoy it, and numbers alone become irresistible when fires start or when the hurricane or tornado come.  There can be no escape during the tragic fury when there are too many to escape in the first place, or when the nurturing earth itself turns on you. 

No, this is not a tree-hugger speech.  It's a numbers speech.

While California legislators whiled away their days by planning a hundred ways to depress citizen rights and increase taxes to accommodate criminal border jumpers instead of being vigilant, inevitable flaming destruction waited patiently.  As usual, fire and police personnel bore the brunt of bad decisions as we were again reminded that in the midst of chaos all the Ph.Ds and master's degrees in the world aren't much good outside of the fantasy world we establish.  Doctoral theses burn as easily as forests when calamity strikes, leaving behind only a page asking, Oh My, What Now?

Unfortunately, firestorms can evidence their presence in other forms, such as thousands of leftist-organized Hondurans, other Central Americans and terrorist elements believing it their destiny and right to invade the United States.  Currently, Mexicans in Tijuana do not enjoy hosting their America-bound "guests" who have planted themselves at the Mexican border.  Nor should we in the U.S.

Numbers.  It is always about the numbers.

Recent estimates of an extraordinary loss of animal and plant species around the world just since the 1970s-- and we aren't jumping on the "climate change" bandwagon to make this point -- demonstrate that we haven't become much smarter in our human "advancement."  Personally, we think it unlikely that humans as we know us will be around in 200 years, but the future might be far different if human reproduction is curbed and the Earth's other occupants no longer face extermination by destructive processes some of us refer to as building something better. Yes, there are times when even we dive deep and believe that cutting the world's human population by a few billion is essential.  Taking individual responsibility is the best way to go, but, well, good luck with that when you're up against world religions and other dictators of consequence.

Remember.  It is always about the numbers.

Tiny UFO comment:  Regarding that Irish pilot UFO sighting -- quick as a wink, I heard the instant oatmeal explanation, guaranteed to blow up like an inflatable raft whenever the "U" term is mentioned in the press: It MUST have been a meteor or meteorites (sigh. . .sigh. . .).  Whether this is the explanation in the end, the almost infantile urge of self-proclaimed experts to rush forward with The Ultimate Solution prior to a thorough investigation never fails to disappoint.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Bits and Pieces for November 2018

ABC-TV interviews Michelle Obama:  Why?  Is she running for something?  Is her book going to crash, make that undersell, like Hillary's did?  Does anybody really care about her views regarding Trump, who has so far done more for the U.S. than her hubby could even imagine in a dream?  Is her husband -- seemingly toxic to nearly every Democrat candidate he touches on the campaign trail, suddenly relevant?  Is Marxism back in style?  Must we be re-reminded of the now extraordinarily wealthy two (man oh man, there's obviously big money potential for being a community organizer. . .) who smiled and said nice things while the country was allowed, if not encouraged, to deteriorate in many aspects for eight years?  Are we intended to sob for Michelle and her strength?  Was Robin Roberts playing hero worship for an hour Sunday evening?  The most interesting thing missing in this kissy-face hour was the DNC coming forward to explain why a photo of husband B. Obama standing next to Louis Farrakhan was deliberately hidden away for years as one and all did their part to distance B.O. from the Nation of Islam's racist, America-hating leader.  Obamas, please go away; the damage inflicted upon the country and, frankly, the black community which was given to expect miracles, proved immensely negative, in our opinion.

Jerry Brown, California fires and Jerry Brown and Jerry Brown:  Before California lefties piss and moan about Trump's condemnation of those who are supposed to tend the state's forests, let's remember that the issue of burning away old forest undergrowth while it's still manageable has been in the spotlight -- and ignored -- for years.  When the blazing inferno eventually ends and questions are asked as they should be, angry inquiries must first and foremost be directed to departing governor Brown and to a gaggle of leftists in both the political and so-called environmental arena who might have taken steps to prevent a significant share of forest fire disasters.  The human sprawl across the state kinda makes it difficult for fires to avoid killing folks, too, so proper forest management becomes all the more important.  Don't expect much more from the new governor, either, unless logical heads in California can somehow displace the air in his head with a functioning brain which doesn't topple to the left side.  Up front:  The guilty will blame the usual suspect, climate change.

CNN and Jim Acosta:  Not, not, not a journalist.  If he must attend White House press briefings, consider insisting that he enter a cage wearing a Hannibal Lecter-style bite guard mask.

Roe vs. Wade:  Republicans, we're telling ya, leave it alone.  Sorry if it conflicts with your religions, but taking this one down may start a spiral you won't be able to stop regarding other established legislation.  The unavoidable clash between those who believe babies are a gift from God and those who see each human birth as just one more annoyance or danger to a fragile overpopulated ecosystem cannot be abated in the courts.

Hollywood celebrities failed miserably in seeing the candidates they supported win.  Why would anybody take the advice of folks who spend 24/7 living lives engulfed in fiction, fantasy and privilege, absorbed frequently in narcissism and intelligence narrow enough to fit inside a strand of human hair with room to spare?  May we again suggest occasionally muting the audio on your TV, relying solely on a visual experience to realize how contrived and silly so much of it actually appears?  There's a lot to be said about the old silent movie era, when considerable thought went into conveying a coherent story minus sound.

The elections, particularly in Florida, Texas and Arizona have again caused us to wonder exactly how many votes have been cast fraudulently and by people who have no right to vote in our country.  Renewed calls for FEDERAL identification documentation to be shown at the polling places in every state (as in other countries, even Mexico) must be taken seriously at last.  Obviously, Democrats most likely to benefit from illegal voting will continue to scream foul regarding such attempts, eschewing logic for opportunity.  A fingerprint on each ID card would be helpful, too.

Anybody anticipating congressional Democrat cooperation across the aisle will be sadly disappointed, because they'll be much too obsessed with a multitude of new investigations of Donald Trump -- a source of utter folly which could, by the way, hurt their party significantly in 2020.

Meanwhile, the latest mass shooting in Florida has, like a dinner bell, caused the left to re-salivate at the chance to create even more so-called gun control, and nowhere is this more apparent than in New York State, where megalomaniac-style governor Andrew Cuomo, elitist and privileged to the max, has Big Ideas, now that all three governing bodies are solidly on the left.  The only shining light left to cast upon the Second Amendment may be Trump's Supreme Court nominees, who eventually will be called upon to sort all of this out and, one hopes, give Cuomo and other absurdly left leaners a really, really bad day of decisions.

The ACLU has stepped in to sue the Trump administration over plans to forbid "caravan" intruders from invading the United States.  When will we investigate the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center and other America-hating turd organizations which bask comfortably in their own hatred as they strive to bend and twist national standards?

Despite Republican and conservative losses this time around, Donald Trump will continue with those all-important judicial appointments and, of course, Supreme Court nominations as possible.  Forget Congress: These appointments are where the real gold lies in moving the country forward (with no apologies to France's Macron, should he believe this viewpoint constitutes nationalism).

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Yippie! Now We Can Return to Normal!

Post-election blues?  Don't fret -- we can do it all over again in two years.

In a way, I'm glad the Democrat mob (oh, sorry, did I say mob?) won the House.  It will give them something to do and, while they will wield some power again, they won't be foaming at the mouth over super abilities beyond those of mortal men and women.  In fact, by the time Trump finishes repairing the Supreme Court and various judicial positions around the nation, we believe a lot of the nonsense they whip up for many years ahead will be eclipsed by logic and sanity.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, based upon today's unfortunate fall by its eldest member, the political left better hope that medical science can quickly invent and transplant three bionic ribs.

Not even the mysterious space object dubbed "Oumuamua" cared to stick around for election results, having skipped out of our solar system weeks ago.  Two Harvard scientists subsequently published a paper suggesting in the most casual of terms that the object's unusual acceleration and departure after it passed our sun might classify it as a space probe of sorts, that an intelligence from somewhere unknown may be involved.  Oh oh.  To everybody's regret, Oumuamua isn't coming back, so there will be no follow-up questions or answers -- then again, should it actually be an alien space probe, how do scientists know it won't return during a time of its own choosing?

Monday, November 5, 2018

Compassion's Toxic Dumping Ground

That many young people in the United States have never been alive during or never needed to participate in a major war is both good and bad.  Avoiding war and thus allowing one to choose his or her own destiny from cradle to grave, free of interruption or potentially disastrous complications, would be the dream of a majority.

The unfortunate downside of being removed from conflict, however, seems to grace us with "snowflakes," youth so terrified even of points of view opposite their own that they break into a panic and demand violators of thought be banned, fined or imprisoned.  It's amazing how we've reached a stage where freedom of speech is just fine until one attempts to exercise its benefits (hell-o-o-o-o Megyn Kelly and a long list. . .).

Currently unfolding way south of the U.S. border is an event which should, at least in the America I remember, enrage every American.  Regrettably, too many among us are too young to realize, care about or contemplate the sheer numbers coming our way.  A disturbing segment of society apparently believes the dismissive left, countering that contrary to the impression that invaders are in transit, these are just poor, oppressed people searching for a better life, asylum seekers and nothing more

To an extent, a large extent no doubt, that's true.  Yet, first of all, asylum seekers are required to accept asylum with the first country they reach -- and that's Mexico, not the U.S.  But Mexico isn't good enough, so most continue their trek north, anticipating good ol' American compassion. The same compassion which we now know via new figures that allowed many millions of illegal immigrants in during recent decades, thanks in no small way to the late alcoholic and, it seems, negligently homicidal Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Meandering one's way to a country and smashing through Mexican fences whilst holding high and defiantly the flag of your homeland (Honduras for one) doesn't exactly offer a greeting of peace, either.

Americans raised in relative safety, literally feeling or expressing absolutely no stake whatsoever for the great life the country offers so many without sacrifice, have either consciously or in error accepted leftist dogma, actually believing that open borders are the best option because we somehow owe a giant, unyielding welcome to the world's wretched masses.  How does one convey to such tragically misguided folk the true result of open arms, the suicide of a nation?  They surely won't hear logic from Hollywood or from drugged-out rock stars whose brains can't handle anything logical once the song is sung or the TV or motion picture role played.

Everything comes down to numbers.  First, a few thousand arrive, and if successful in conquering the border, they will start to arrive by the hundreds of thousands and then by millions, because once the country allows what can't be called anything but an invasion, crap hole nations all over the planet will send the worst of their worst here.  Goodbye America.

We should concentrate on bringing in talented people as a priority, period.  The prospect of unending millions MORE entering the U.S. is simply unfathomable, and right now the best thing true Americans in Congress can do is to quickly pass immigration legislation favorable, for a change, to the U.S. citizens and taxpayers stuck with blindly funding the well-established invasions by criminal aliens who reward us with poverty, disease, crime and an attitude that badly needs a little law-and-order style correction.

Immediately ridding us of the absurd "anchor baby" (birthright tourism goes hand-in-hand with this) guarantee could be accomplished in a day or two.  Why has this economically devastating clown show never been defeated in Congress?

A border war is coming and we hope those helping fund and advance this trauma circus get what they deserve in the end, at least by way of lawsuits.  Used to be, traitors enjoyed a bullet to the head, if not a good old-fashioned hanging, but that's probably too much to hope for in this march of new world order migrants to our Southern border.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Voting Under the Influence

It's almost here, that special place in time when everybody wants to hide under the covers until the final election results are in.  Both sides have succeeded in whipping voters into a grand frenzy intense enough to cause us all to notice an empty place in our hearts when TV campaign commercials go missing from our lives (just kidding about that last part). 

What isn't funny is the left attempting to turn its voters bonkers over contrived issues.  The uproar over immigration reform is ammo enough, of course, but an interesting development of blaming white males for every ill under scrutiny has also entranced some in the media (CNN's Don Lemon, for one, and then an author named S. Clifford who is on record as wishing to deprive single white men of the right to vote!).

And how could any officials of a political party take delight in the hordes trying to invade from Central America, even knowing that terrorists and criminals embed themselves among them?

One might expect the ambiguous, fact-deprived protests to be put aside, as we should instead worry abut China's mounting war stance toward the United States (Russia's in the mix as well), its stunning military technology almost totally the result of stealing from the U.S.  If China is willing to soon implement tools to submit its people to an unprecedented social crackdown and observation status in which every minor infraction will be subject to punishment, there would appear to be no limits if Chinese dictator monsters wish to conjure and battle an enemy.

We suspect Trump's down-to-the-wire pronouncement about essentially ending instant citizenship. the "anchor baby" phenomenon and birth "tourism" will encourage conservatives to vote.

The irrational, hatred-fed voters on the left, however, will by necessity approach the voting booth nourished by all the pap and lies infused by Democrats over the long haul, slowly and determinedly taught to ignore truth and accept what comes down literally to pure Hollywood fantasy.  Should these voters foam at the mouth as they prepare to disgrace the voting apparatus, the reason could be either drugs or rabies.  Or just heads full of bull crap.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Pray for Peace, Acquire Guns, Get a Net, Use Robots and Dress Up

Another Halloween looms, and I think my costume choice has been decided. This may require a little extra effort, but I hope to trick-or-treat as Megyn Kelly in blackface as Al Roker made up in whiteface as Al Jolson made up in blackface as both Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison (topped off in handcuffs for that last one).  By attempting to be all-inclusive, it's my intention to avoid offending anybody.

Bloodying the Fabric of Pittsburgh:  I regret that alleged murderer Robert Bowers and I even share the same initials in our names.  Is this guy a throwback to the 1930s?  In 2018, the last horror we should expect in the United States is some demented white guy consumed with killing innocent members of any Jewish community. 

To be blunt, if one has an itchy trigger finger and a head-pounding urge to protect himself  from an enemy, better to hook up with a militia and head for the Southern border, where a leftist-organized mob of young invaders on the march intend to illegally bring in an attitude, diseases, virtually no education or skills and numbers just large enough to threaten the foundations of our democratic republic merely by getting a rather large and dangerous foot in our border door.  Can our military alone handle the announced incursion, bridled as they may be by last-minute decorum changes in the form of Amy Vanderbilt-style battlefield etiquette?  Congress could quickly revise laws, but Democrats willing to sell their nation's soul for votes traditionally won't lift a finger.

May we suggest stopping the invaders with giant nets and perhaps have a go at using those "killer robots" we've seen sprinting across the countryside in test cases?  And once again, may we request of our U.S. Air Force to at last bring out and use its ultimate weapon, the "gay bomb," intended but rejected to turn enemy regiments absolutely and romantically bonkers homosexual in order to deflect their attraction from our border to one another?  Worth a shot, we say.

Meanwhile, the mourning people of Pittsburgh and others of good will around the country pray for peace, many still refusing to see firearms placed strategically within houses of worship, movie theaters and the like as the best option for protecting large groups of people.  Unfortunately, if they expect love or some similar quality to replace blind rage on the part of those with secret mental problems or with agenda-driven mindsets, it's going to be a very long wait.  I know what we are.

The Florida bomber:  Sayoc, the phony Seminole (as confirmed by Seminoles themselves) was a bad speller to say the least, and to everyone's good fortune quite good at producing 14 bombs that didn't kill anybody while in transit.  The only notable aspect of his brief time in the limelight was the interesting fact that he managed to target a veritable rogue's gallery of unindicted Democrats, major players of the United States leftist Politburo.  This fool couldn't spell very well, but he sure paid attention to names of the no good, the very bad and the coyote-ugly.

(Political statement:  ANY vote for a Democrat this time around is a vote for invasions at the border and a drop of invigoration for a resurrection of national Obama blood-sucking vampirism rule.  I'm an Independent voter and I approve this dire message.)

When will gender benders attack electronics stores?  Lately, I'm faced with the dilemma of finding a replacement antenna for a "vintage" HD radio passed along by a cousin who found it abandoned in a condo which he helps manage.  This shouldn't be difficult, yet I'm suddenly face-to-face with the necessity of searching for an antenna sporting a "male" connector which fits snugly into the radio's "female" connection.  If I ask a clerk for a male connector, will I be arrested for not being inclusive enough?  Are there lesbian, gay, hermaphrodite, transsexual and transvestite antenna plugs on the shelves, and if so should I purchase one of each just to be fair?  Life was so uncomplicated when you could just call somebody a sexist.

After Trump:  We reiterate -- at least provisionally -- our recommendation of Wall Street Journal reporter Jason Riley for President!  Anybody have a time machine so we can make him our first African-American President and erase any memory of the Obama bunch?

Monday, October 22, 2018

The Mice Know

Laboratory mice are a lot like us.  That's why researchers and scientists employ their generally unwilling services as various experiments are conducted.

Like many of us, mice also tend to, if we may use a kinder word, screw excessively, given the opportunity.  First comes the sex, then comes the realization during pregnancy that a birthing place must be found.  But not just a birthing spot -- a SAFE location to drop a litter and nourish the offspring is a necessity.  That's why mother mouse and her rodent kids ultimately end up in your house, warm, secure, ready and willing to steal the food and utilities you pay for in order to provide the young ones a life they may not have outside among their native wild spaces, a life unencumbered by nature's challenges provided either by predators or by sheer numbers of other mice.  Inside the walls of your house there are no owls waiting to swoop down and devour the kids, and the mice know it.  By residing in your home, at your expense, adult mice can eat your food, chew on your electrical wiring and screw their brains out to their hearts' content to make more baby mice that one can barely count as they scurry about and do what rodents do.  Inside your house, dozens, hundreds or thousands of mice, cute to look at, can all have a better life, complicating and displacing parts of your life of which you may not even be aware, at first.  And it will cost you. 

As we write this, some 7.000 (and growing?) Central Americans are slowly making their way to the Southern U.S. border, determined to make the journey (with assistance, unfortunately) here to give their families and children "a better life."  We have laws, ways of allowing people in according to our needs and their situation, but that seems so old-fashioned and irrelevant to our own national leftists and others with no intentions of respecting current or enabling revised immigration law.

Slowly and surely, they're on the way:  Young, unskilled men of military age who nevertheless should be staying home and fighting to protect their land; young pregnant women, crying on cue and holding their children up like guided missiles before the TV cameras; clueless children running about, imbued with lies by their parents about the United States.

The mice are coming.  Yes, in the strictest terms they are mice like us, but ours is a nation sensitive to an almost distinctly American notion of borders, language, education and culture -- and funding intended for our own citizens.  The hellish procession of outsiders, invaders guided along no doubt by organizers with a long-term agenda, continues a nightmare in the early stages.

What does a nation do when even more unskilled people are squeezed in, folks who can't even speak your language?  Chances are, many become the new drug dealers, the new prostitutes, the murderers, the thieves -- we become the new Honduras, the new Guatemala.  Maybe even the new Venezuela.

When invasion expects and particularly demands compassion, strong and perhaps previously unthinkable actions must be entertained, or we're going to lose our country.  Whether cloaked as either mice or humans, numbers can cause grievous damage.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Diseased Rats & Diseased People Are Equal Opportunity Killers

Strange, isn't it, how some people and a certain political party romantically infatuated with the concept of open borders are more than willing to accept what hurts or even kills us?  The thing is, there's a common sense issue out there which answers its own questions, but the agenda-ridden continue to ignore or defy the darkest of implications.

The Obama bunch seemed to care little when what we thought were previously vanquished or at last rare diseases such as tuberculosis returned in parts of the country unabated. Eventually -- seemingly concurrent with illegal aliens crossing the borders without consequences, thus increasing their numbers -- instances of the polio-like acute flaccid myelitis began popping up sporadically, apparently under random circumstances.

Now it's 2018. We don't believe a genius aptitude is required to place the blame for both the flare-up in previously rare AFM cases and the increase in measles and other illnesses on the unyielding progression of un-vaccinated illegal aliens -- many of whom were dispatched all around the country by the Obama administration, often under secret conditions keeping many U.S. citizens in the dark.  A recent Yale study discovered what many already suspected -- that illegal alien populations are "significantly" larger than previously thought.

It is of interest that Dr. Michael Savage, an authority in these matters of viruses and bacteria, discussed on his radio program that the basic elements for acute flaccid myelitis actually emerged from Honduras originally -- and guess who's on the way to the United States in a new caravan of 4,000-plus people as we write this?  Those speeding this way from Honduras, Guatemala and parts unknown won't just be bringing themselves.  They'll be accompanied by yet another renegade disease zoo, organisms which can only survive by finding their way from human host to human host:  You and your kids, essentially.  That children have been the primary victims of AFM, serious enough to have caused at least one death so far, and the fact that the CDC and every other government health watchdog agency has been negligent IN EVEN SUGGESTING that criminal border crossings are hardly irrelevant to disease processes is an outrage.  Trump's negotiation s with Mexico to stop the invasion and threats to send the U.S. military southward are at least some step in the right direction.

Which is to say, in addition, exotic diseases aren't being introduced into our homes or schools by something the cat dragged in from the field outside.  If we prefer instead to ponder whether these "mystery" illnesses are brought in by diseased rats, we might be closer to the truth.  Those who persist in telling us that people are just people, wherever they are from, are full of crap.  Consider the potential horrors of a little dose of Ebola to prove otherwise, as it became fashionable during the last administration to admit any and all of the world's truly unwashed with nary a thought about the country's vulnerable people and culture.  We don't believe Donald Trump will echo Obama this time 'round.  Survival in many forms will depend upon his actions regarding border criminals.

Or maybe we deserve what we get.  We still think there's a lot to sort out about climate change and its causes, but one dilemma we can't escape as we gaze upon its effects full-on is the disappearance of animals and plants across the planet.  Science appears to agree that during Earth's four billion year existence five mass extinctions of both have occurred, and as we currently experience what seems likely to be the sixth some 80 percent of plants and animals are believed to have gone extinct due to human civilization.  The brutality and destructive totality of which we are capable and expert is quickly taking away nature's wonders and our necessities.  Or as the late radio commentator Paul Harvey used to ask, have we outsmarted ourselves?

This reminds us of an Associated Press article from September concerned with the possibly significant and enigmatic reduction of insects around the world -- that is, beneficial insects, such as butterflies.  Not so much mosquitoes, cockroaches and the others we don't especially appreciate; they're doing great, apparently.

Whose news?  With all the current worries about censorship of news and opinions, nobody should ignore a September speech (see PJ Media, 9/25/18) in Vienna by European Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova, who warned in no ambiguous terms that media "regulation" may be required in the future to combat inequities and "exclusions" as determined by politicians and media members themselves.  Needless to say, this would truly be the end of journalism.

And Twitter helps the censors:  Twitter's brain power has decided that the term, illegal alien is "hate speech." Does anybody really need to ask us why we have never used and will never use Twitter or Facebook?  We never anticipated that our military years assisting the nation would count toward fostering and protecting fascism, otherwise known as politically correct speech.

Speaking of news management, we howled over a Breitbart report (9/18/18) pointing out that Google plans to strictly monitor air pollution in the United States with special equipment -- yet, integral to its cozy relationship with China Google will allegedly replace accurate pollution data on its new censored Chinese search engine with statistics whipped up by the Chinese government.  We wonder how long it will take before Google receives the same administrative ass-kicking that Facebook's inner sanctum currently reportedly wants to give its boy Zuckerberg regarding multiple f'-ups?

Defense News (on or about 9/7/18) reported that a Chinese company (once blacklisted by a world bank) desires to build an airport in Greenland -- much too close to an American Air Force base.  Fortunately, Denmark has the final say regarding this business venture, as many wonder whether this could be something far more disturbing, and we hope the final answer is no.  The Chinese government already demonstrates an intensive crack-down on its people with places which aren't anything different than concentration camps, and surely they will do anything to spread their influence.  Just say no.

Whatever happened to Fukushima?  Looks as though the Japanese government plans to release radioactively-contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean (The Telegraph, 10/16/18) because they've run out of room to store 1.09 million tons of water confined to 900 tanks.  Protesting claims by the government that the process will be safe, environmentalists and others calculating the dangers among many and varied kinds of radioactive particles are solidly against any such maneuver. Pacific fish and other native aquatic creatures would undoubtedly stand in agreement.

Houston decided a few days ago not to allow a robot sex brothel in the city.  What's the big deal?  We're sure the robots are perfectly capable of lighting cigarettes following completion of the same robotic motions one might find in a normal brothel, followed by a superb elocution of the words, "Was it good for you, too?"

Experiencing the worst cyber attacks ever is trouble enough for the U.S., but we hope Congress will finally pony up the money to ward off an electromagnetic incident caused by an enemy or via solar activity.  The expense is relatively insignificant, considering the money badly spent on foolish options every day..

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How Does One Say "Oops" in Arabic?

So, the death of the Saudi who wrote for the Washington Post was an "accident" as a result of interrogation?  And everybody involved just happened to have an array of suitcases to stuff body parts into just in case questioning went sour?

Of course, we're now learning that torture, suffering and murder were the high points of his "mysterious" disappearance.  Nobody deserves that.  The story yet evolves.

Our primary question of the moment is:  If you're a Saudi subject who calls himself a journalist because he writes a column for the Washington Post, but it also turns out you're one hell of a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and perhaps other questionable ventures, where does plain old murder and justice merge among brutal Middle East regimes striving for power and obliteration of dissension?

The more we learn about this, um, esteemed WaPo "journalist," the more questions we have about the darker side of the dark side.  Natch', the mainstream media won't dwell on anything much beyond the "murdered journalist" aspect.

We don't condone homicide, but nor should this situation put Donald Trump in the political cross hairs of the now-insane Democrat Party and its media accomplices, all desperately looking for a way to throw him out of office.  With so much at stake economically for the U.S. and other countries, as we depend upon the Saudis both for military purchases and (not to be overlooked) the Kingdom's dogged determination to destroy factions of Islam which both the U.S. and the Saudis and other Arab states consider enemies, this is a very muddled situation without an easy diplomatic solution.  One way or another, the best of the worst will have to be made out of this human train wreck.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Inferior Glitter Reflects No Sparkle

My agonizing tune-in to Saturday Night Live, a walking-dead NBC-TV corpse whose funny bone pretty much rotted away years ago, directed me to the "news" segment, often held together with the equivalent of juvenile fart jokes instead of the biting satire once proudly displayed.

I knew that Kanye West had been censored the previous week for his pro-Trump statements, so how much of a surprise could it have been when so-called funnyman Pete Davidson (Or is that Davison?  I can't be bothered to it.) broke into a rant about Kanye's mental state?  Pete D. can be humorous, but as time goes on and he, like so many others in the entertainment industry, becomes part of the very establishment they bitch about, his horse-faced routine chastising a Trump supporter doesn't fly very far among brains broken free of ever more crazy leftist indoctrination.  But, oh, oh, oh, they will enjoy TV rating scores among the rest.

However, there's something else I learned from watching SNL last weekend:  The Democrats are scared to death.  The "blue wave" may well become instead a black-and-blue wave, and the left can no longer easily hoodwink a large willing audience with smoke and mirrors.  Not enough Hollywood glitter to sprinkle about.  No sparkle in the campaign literature.  Ouch.

As days passed, the testimony of Professor Christine Ford began to sink into one's memory banks as convincingly as far more illustrious platitudes mouthed by the once-famous comedian, "Professor" Irwin Corey, he of late night talk show visits, attired in sneakers and essentially making so sense at all despite vigorous questioning put up against his rambling dialogue.

With the confirmation of everybody's favorite alleged rapist-sans-evidence Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, it's only a matter of time before another SC Justice either retires or "buys the farm" while sitting in the can some night.  In fact, it's not unlikely that the Court will swing so far to the right in the next couple of years that leftists may well experience spontaneous human combustion every time one of their perpetually stupid pieces of legislation gets overturned.

We neither support nor suggest the thought that scare-stick Roe vs. Wade be overturned (though a little more attention to birth control prior to those romantic moments would be a really, really good idea), but mobs of zombies solicited by the left see only a dark opportunity to sink their teeth into anything ensnaring power for the radical element.

By some unknown process or miracle, the GOP actually grew gonads to achieve a goal and overcome the chronic obstructionists this time around.  That Senators Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins and others found the strength to emerge from the cobwebbed catacombs of chronic Republican petrification to fight and win boggles the mind, perhaps enough to make even George Soros shudder.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Elevator Shaft

Despite the wisdom or lack thereof in regard to Senator Jeff Flake's gumming up of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation process, it's curious that female activists were able to approach Flake in an elevator within an area one would expect was crawling with security.  What if a weapon had been produced?  Was the elevator incident a planned exercise in #MeToo overkill?

We find it perfectly reasonable for U.S. Senate elevator doors to be equipped with heavy spring-loaded boxing gloves, so the next time a member of Congress is similarly mentally sucker-punched by rogue activists exuding the faint scent of Aroma de Soros, a certain defensive maneuver can be accomplished immediately.  At some point, social justice advocates begging for a war need to be accommodated, particularly when these loud community organizers get into Flake's or another's face and scream, "Look at me when I'm talking to you!"  Do we advocate hitting women?  No, we merely suggest using spring-loaded boxing gloves to deter in-your-face leftists interrupting one's elevator trip.  As our society sinks deeper into ignorant rudeness, the proud leftist folk don't want gender taken into account anyway.  Nevertheless, the absurd Kavanaugh-divorced drama played out at the elevators may quickly assist #MeToo to unwittingly become a caricature of itself.

So now the progressively enlightened are out for pure social justice:  Beat the man and you beat the system.  This is where truth exits and irrationality is embraced as a society bear trap set to snare any facts which dare get in the way.  Even the Arizona prosecutor brought in by the Republicans to question Dr. Ford has now written a clear but scathing report dismissing the case as ineligible for prosecution.  The story, as delineated by a host of fair critics, is just full of holes.

But we're ever so fortunate that the Democrat Party's U.S. Senate elite are watching this event and making sure every little detail can be twisted to their benefit.  First, we have Corey Booker, accusatory and so wide-eyed during questioning of Kavanaugh that we were afraid some demon might pop out of his head.  And Con-necticut's Blumenthal, making a point to Kavanaugh that one lie makes everything said a lie -- this is the finger-shaking perpetrated by a lying liar who let the country believe for years that he served in Vietnam though he did not?

Then there's constitutional authority Sen. Charles Schumer of New York who commented at some point that no innocence should be presumed for Kavanaugh!  As a society built upon the rock-solid belief that one is innocent until PROVEN guilty, we would suggest that Mr. Schumer go back in time and receive a failing grade for whatever civics class he took in high school.  If any.

Not to forget Sen. Durbin, who provided some hard questioning for Kavanaugh, but we couldn't help recalling his comments in years past about our military personal, referring to them as "Nazis."  Of course, he apologized, but how could he have made a comparison in the first place in his position?

However, our favorite leftist inquisitor of all was that grand old lady of the U.S. Senate, the inglorious she who started this fetid ball of slime rolling after withholding a now infamous letter from her colleagues and investigators until the last minute -- Diane Feinstein.  Yes, she of the recently disclosed report that her chauffeur and probable confidant of 17 years was spying for China.  Truly a potentially dangerous collection of years.   Why is Feinstein even present in D.C. anymore?

Imagine being Kavanaugh, interrogated and commented upon by a rogues' gallery of senators blemished by issues far more intriguing than Brett Kavanaugh's teenage years.  Hypocritical bastards, we say.

In the current atmosphere, here's Kavanaugh's true crime:  He's white, male and Christian, and I'm not the first to say it.  By evolving Democrat standards, that's a terrible combination.  This horrible statement I just made gains traction, however, when one looks at Minnesota's Keith Ellison, for whom evidence has reportedly surfaced indicating that he beat his girlfriend.  Yet, despite a current police investigation of Ellison, number two in the DNC (!), you don't see the Democrats pursuing this monumental event.  Nor has a flood of information hit the leftist news circuit, and why would it, since they hold the cards?  We're sure it doesn't matter that Ellison is both black and a Muslim, of course, and "god" knows, the Dems are desperate to keep such "good" people as the revered Ellison in their party.  Must be he's the future face of the DNC, like that Ocasia-Cortez or whatever her forgettable name is out of NY City (she IS the party's future, per Tom Perez, DNC psychic #1).

Meanwhile, Sen. Jeff Flake just couldn't make up his mind.  First he was going to vote for Kavanaugh and then he wasn't, and it only took a few minutes with Sen. Coons to convince him another week of delay would be imperative.  Was Flake promised something in return?  Will he re-emerge as a Democrat, since he's leaving the Senate and nobody in their right conservative mind wants him back anyway?

Would any of this Senate drama even be happening if the complainant didn't have a Ph.D. in front of her name?  What makes one's degree so special, if it adds up to a confused, error-prone witness who just can't get a story or its point in time right?  If "Dr." Sally Scrumbag showed up at the Kavanaugh hearings at the last minute, would she receive special accommodation because of a diploma?  And what of the latest accuser Swetnick, magically lawyered up by the porn star attorney?  Information regarding her own history of BEING accused of sexual crimes has allegedly surfaced.

Hashtag You must always be believed because you're a woman?  Hmm.  The justice system is all too familiar with nice ladies crying their eyes out over their "loss" who were eventually found to have finished off the old man with antifreeze cocktails.  Not to forget.

So. . .what are the possibilities with Dr. Ford?

1)  She's totally relating the truth as she believes it.

2)  She's nuts.  Oh yes, I've seen professionals in the psych industry who qualify.  Never disregard the old standby regarding people who become psychologists or psychiatrists because, foremost, they're trying to understand themselves.

3)  The Democrats have performed that which has always been their specialty -- creating a victim who had little idea how of much of a victim she was or could be if properly coached in time travel.  Be all that you can be.

4)  The CIA connections in her family and reportedly with herself are involved in some way, and a relative's alleged connection with the infamous Fusion GPS is worth a look.

5)  Etc., etc., choose anything.

In just months we've gone from advise and consent to revise and resent, thanks to the political left.  If they regain House seats in November, watch for more chicanery.

Was there a hero in the Kavanaugh hearings?  Yes, Senator Lindsey Graham and his eloquent make-sense statements.  Lindsey Graham?  Who would have thought?

Congressional hearings aside and on a more hopeful note -- Scientific studies continue to show a decline in human sperm production among clueless men.  We ask, what's it going to be like when men, generally and understandably jealous upon discovering that their spouses have given birth to babies via secret relationships, someday beg their wives and girlfriends to have affairs with still-able males just to produce children for the family?  It can't happen?  Neither could a nuclear disaster.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Exposing Themselves vs. Exposing Himself

If anybody in this Supreme Court nomination quagmire may be assured to have dropped their pants and exposed themselves right before our faces, it's the Democrats.  Before flinging arrows in Brett Kavanaugh's direction, cool minds need to know (1) this is all about open-air revenge by a political party which still will not accept its tremendous loss during the elections, and (2) this bunch is willing to do anything to regain seats in November, including bringing alleged victims of anything remotely sexual before the public, and they will sacrifice "victim" anonymity to make a good show.

Nor does it apparently matter that pretty much all of this hoopla involves both attorneys and "victims" who populate the seething far left Trump-hating sect.

Senator Diane Feinstein, who kept Dr. Ford's letter a secret until virtually the last minute, should have no say in the matter, having already been demonstrated as too stupid or incompetent to realize or care that her chauffeur of 17 years was a Chinese spy.  Feinstein should, in fact, have resigned when this bombshell came out, even though the willing media glossed over THAT story.  Aren't there already enough questions about her personal wealth?

Inquiring minds must surely realize there's a cult of well-organized leftists in key positions dedicated to bringing down our way of life, and if twisting our legal system to their benefit -- as they are currently attempting to do with Kavanaugh -- is the solution, they'll do it.

In the widest sense, none of this has anything to do with what Kavanaugh may or may not have done as a youth or young man.  It's really about sore losers and lobbyists who control Washington, exposing their darker sides and  urinating all over those who believe in Trump's MAGA slogan and all the swamp-draining such a magnificent chore demands.  These folks know all too well that the addition of a Supreme Court justice with the power to overthrow their loony or dangerous objectives must be fought and defeated at almost any cost -- and, wow, just look at the latest absurd clown show.

I believe that Brett Kavanaugh pooped his diaper when he was a baby, and I'll bet the sight and odor were appalling.  I doubt, however, that as an adult he still engages in this activity.  He matured, just as drunken boys and girls at ill-advised high school or college parties eventually grow up and, one hopes, become something better.  Some 35 years ago, something or nothing of significance happened.  Shall one's future be held hostage, particularly when a handful of witnesses either overwhelmingly remember nothing of the allegations or totally dismiss them?  And this is all dumped on the nation at exactly the "right moment" now?

Leftist cackling, however, doesn't focus merely upon the destruction of Kavanaugh and Trump's agenda.  Indeed, it's just another step in a continuing war on men and boys, neither of whom are allowed to exhibit male characteristics in a progressive society.  We think, we hope, especially mothers across the country are beginning to witness the sad effects upon their emotionally emasculated sons.

Which reminds me of my mother's era, when women remained dedicated and strong enough to pitch in and help their brothers, husbands and boyfriends win World War II.  Sadly, we now watch people such as Dr. Ford, whose largest contribution may be to have her name placed proudly in a high school history book, causing even more of what little students are taught about World War II to disappear in order to make space for the triumphant victim, Dr. Ford (side note:  I have become ever so weary of calling anybody who has never accomplished a professional prostate exam "Dr.").

Accusations suddenly dogging Kavanaugh apparently spring from the youth of both himself and those demanding some kind of justice (defined here, we believe, as his departure from SC consideration in leftist-manufactured disgrace).  May I just apologize at this point for the undeniable fact that males and females have a long-ingrained attraction to one another?  I mean, you don't turn it on and off, it's just there, as it has been for the millennia, throughout our transformations into what we are today.  It's called natural, despite attempts by those on the left to deny these basic gender qualities (though perfectly contempt to falsely invent more than two genders in expectation of altering anatomy and physiology texts).

Do I feel compassion for these women coming forward now as if on cue, as if organized by the slimiest members of the Democrat frenzy-whipping department?  Here's what I feel compassion for right now:  Dead U.S. military personnel and their families.  If only the extraordinarily sacrificing departed could have known what they would miss, watching their country being hammered and torn asunder through wholesale, orchestrated victimization by people whose personal standards would cause an insect to blush.

Meanwhile, male-hating as some radical factions of the left are, they obviously don't mind running handsome, well-attired male model sorts for political office (in Texas, for example), because they learned long ago that a pretty face wins votes from clueless Democrat voters who can't be bothered to explore anything beyond the smile and the skin tone.

I've a visual I would love to put up during this  month's national rage of hysteria, but in the current climate one complaint would probably get me censored or removed from Blogger (Google, yes Google).  At a USAF hospital where I served decades ago, radiology techs produced a fake x-ray allegedly showing a fractured penis.  Of course, the organ is of cartilage, not bone, and what the techs did was to take a plaster of Paris model of a penis, place a broken chicken bone behind it, and voila!  Fractured penis x-ray to go.  And it did go, all over, popular as it was, and I still have the x-ray as a souvenir.  Maybe I'll put it up someday, like when an earth-killing asteroid is about to hit, thus rendering me immune from censorship and banning from the, um, open and free Internet.  Which reminds me:  Hi China, hi Google, so how's you censorship folks getting along today?

Monday, September 17, 2018

Toxic Masculinity and Other Poisons

University campuses and the usual leftist hangouts are in flames about this subject not so affectionately called toxic masculinity.  I may not quite have a handle on what that is, but near as I can figure it's the sort of thing demonstrated by the generally pampered Serena Williams on a tennis court a couple of weeks ago (who's the sexist?).  If your rant causes your 20 year old -- winning -- female opponent to break down in tears, isn't that toxic masculinity, as defined by various leftists?  And when the female president of the USA Tennis Association (or whatever it's hallowed title may be) kinda goes along with the game's loser, making the winning opponent even more uncomfortable, isn't that toxic masculinity? 

By the time colleges and universities finish emasculating boys and men and making them feel second class or worthless in comparison with anybody who possesses female attributes, most of those, of course, attached to women, grave damage will have been done.

If "toxic" references males who abuse women physically or emotionally -- something, by the way, which many women are also entirely capable of doing to men -- that's one thing.  Does Keith Ellison's alleged brutality toward women qualify as toxic?  Obviously not, for the Democrats continue to embrace him.

But we know better.  To a number of these frustrated, self-hating whiners, all males are toxic, and ridding the world of almost everything human with a penis is Crazytown goal number one.

So let's delve into social toxicity a bit.

Toxic Masculinity:  First, when there's a war, I WANT toxic masculinity.  Yes, bold, powerful, smart and calculating men with big muscles who are willing to harm. shoot at, kill and destroy anything that smells like an enemy on the battlefield, we need 'em by the hundreds of thousands.  Anybody who thinks we're going to find such heroes in a women's studies classroom partially populated by gender-oppressed young men frightened by even the hint of an opinion contrary to their own "wussified" thought patterns is wasting their time.

Toxic Academia:  When so-called institutions of higher learning encourage and take advantage of students with empty heads to fill their squirming minds with hatred of the right, gender obfuscation and refusing even to allow conservative points of view to be brought up or discussed, that ain't college.  "Snowflakes" may appear cute in their self-centered emotional vacancy and lack of critical thinking skills, but even snowflakes melt quickly when exposed to the heat of the day -- or the heat of an argument.  These are the gifts a disturbing segment of academia is sending our way -- and the future of America hangs in the balance.

Toxic Journalism:  It's the agenda.  It's the news, too, at least some news, but by far it's the agenda first.  After all, without toxic journalism, who's going to tell us about the horrors of toxic masculinity on campus?  Who's going to make twists and turns with the academic world to make a college education appear beyond reproach?

Toxic Government:  When a sitting senator whose private and public thoughts and intelligence information were consumed to an unknown degree for some 17 years by a Chinese communist spy who was literally "driving Miss Diane" all over the place, and she had not a clue -- that's creepy enough.  But then to observe fellow Democrats not giving a damn, even as she mysteriously comes forth with "new" allegedly damaging information about Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh at the last minute (and this whole thing stinks of deep leftist inventive intrigue from top to bottom, as we wonder how much of #metoo consists of pod people) -- what more needs to be said?

Toxic Credit Cards?  What's up with Mastercard, allegedly making corporate decisions disallowing some companies manufacturing or selling firearms to use their credit card services?  Is this The Curse of David Hogg exemplified?  We predict, pardon the term, a huge backfire upon those who attempt to circumvent the Second Amendment, despite all the clever little ways used to do so, whether tampering with individual bullet identification or with sales of weapons themselves.  And don't think that the next major successor to mere 3-D printer technology -- gun and ammo production technology -- isn't waiting in the wings. 

Illegal aliens:  A perfectly good and logical term, so why do so many government officials at all levels have such a problem using these words, simultaneously and almost magically forgetting the words in the oaths of office they spoke so solemnly?  And we also wonder just how some of those unexplained fires in California began -- perhaps at the hands of border criminals ineligible for the American dream?  Would we ever know, even if information came about?

Incidentally, why didn't the TV networks make more of the now established fact that a lot of illegal kids held in the U.S. are here because their parents sent them and do not want them returned, assuming their lives will be better here?  Sounds innocent enough, but there's a lot of baggage attached to this ongoing tragedy seemingly without end.  "Immigration attorneys" need to be arrested in some cases, as they strive to shred U.S. laws badly, badly in need of brutal enforcement.

Miss America received exceptionally low TV ratings -- and why shouldn't this dinosaur go down in flames?  Besides, you know it's only a matter of time before viewers won't even know whether they're watching "real" women or the result of a surgeon's handiwork.  At the very least, transvestites will go to court to allow participation, and then it's only a matter of time before. . .

Google goes to China -- and plays the commie Internet censorship game as China also introduces, um, individualized people trackers, leaving no brain or skull untouched.  Thanks Google -- now, what do you have planned for America, once our domestic leftist friends eventually seize power through lies and betrayal?

Oh, and Obama returns to the political scene, outrageously taking credit for an economy he had no positive bearing upon whatsoever.  We understand that  measles have made a bit of a comeback, too, but they aren't claiming to be anything more than measles.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Those Times, They Were Electric

Flying Saucers From Beyond the Earth:  A UFO Researcher's Odyssey, by Gordon Lore.

Published by BearManor Media, October 1 release date; available through, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or the author himself (for autographed copies, contact the author directly at or phone him at 661-255-7155; his web site is Listed at $39.95, postage extra.

For 15 years during the turbulent 1960s and 1970s, Gordon Lore waded hip-deep through the UFO controversy, serving both as an intimately involved official of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), then the USA's foremost Washington, D.C. UFO lobbying organization, and as a dedicated UFO researcher and writer who had already turned out a couple of major publications by the end of the sixties (co-author of Mysteries of the Skies:  UFOs in Perspective, and writer of Strange Effects from UFOs, the latter a NICAP release). 

I was an inveterate NICAP member before and during Gordon Lore's years with the organization, though at some point I undertook an Air Force enlistment and lost touch with so much, but nevertheless continued to follow and occasionally contribute in a small way to his work later on, when he published an outstanding periodical for a few years entitled the UFO Research Newsletter.  Word has it, by the way, thankfully, that scans of the periodical may soon be available online, thanks to the work of some dedicated UFO researchers who know historical gold when they see it.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I no longer review UFO-related books, but this one will be of such important historical significance -- recalling an era when incredible international UFO incidents, reported with bold newspaper and magazine headlines, were topped off with congressional hearings and government actions, told plainly by an insider who was there for it all -- that it must be required reading for anybody seriously interested in the historical and social progression of the UFO phenomenon.

And now a disclaimer:  I have not yet seen the book.  The author, whom I only reconnected with a few days ago, and haven't been in contact with since cessation of his UFO Research Newsletter in the seventies, tells me that I am mentioned in the book regarding my own inquiry into various UFO reports.  As a blogger, this puts me in a rather awkward position, because if I rave about the book the reader might interpret my praise as a payoff. 

That said, and ignoring inclusion of my name, whatever it concerns, I can assure the reader that I would recommend Gordon Lore's book under any circumstances because he WAS a member of the inner sanctum of private UFO research in the 60s-70s era, golden all the more due to his link with NICAP.

Knowing what I remember of his work and concern for documentation, and his relationship with UFO notables such as the late Dr. James McDonald and Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, I harbor every confidence that Lore will hold readers spellbound with revelations from the past -- hopefully including tidbits about alleged  covert CIA connections to NICAP in its heyday, when we members on the outside had not a clue that government operative(s) actively worked to observe and perhaps influence NICAP using its most intimate functions.

Perhaps the most compelling thing about NICAP in its later years is the effect the emergence of UFO abduction cases -- specifically, at first, the Barney and Betty Hill incident -- forced upon the organization.  Content for most of its early years to fight presumed Air Force UFO information censorship over evidence and eyewitness reports pointing to intelligently controlled craft of an extraterrestrial origin, NICAP had to swallow hard and reconsider what, to that point, had involved silly "contactee" stories essentially of earthling-spaceman encounters with denizens of Venus, Mars, etc. Suddenly, officials weren't dealing simply with the possibility of somebody else's spacecraft in the skies.  Now there were jaw-dropping accounts of UFO occupants interacting with humans on the ground, something other UFO organizations had dealt with regularly, but that the generally conservative NICAP had been loath to consider. As a slow succession of "quality" UFO abduction events came to light, however, NICAP officials began featuring details in its membership periodical, the UFO Investigator.  I expect Lore will explore this aspect but, again, I have not seen the book.

My readers already know about the link I posted here years ago (see the link list) to, the official site showcasing the defunct NICAP's history.  Gordon Lore's personal disclosures will complement the site nicely, and from what I've already seen of pre-publication reviews by prominent figures in the UFO research and publishing fields, this book should be a winner belonging in every library of worthy UFO books.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Never Forget What Some Don't Want Remembered


As insect after insect was led out of the hearings for Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh, I wondered, what happened to Americans with brains who used to attend these things accompanied by some modicum of respect as they protested?  The current bunch, rude, imbued with violent tendencies, way beyond any ability to reason and probably incapable of changing their own underwear more than once every two weeks are just nasty.

And it becomes increasingly clear that this is the human detritus coming out of the colleges and universities, their minds rattled by professors paid handsomely for teaching nothing but hatred for the United States.  We're not referencing instructors who actually teach students valuable subjects such as the ability to have successful careers and do good things for the world.  Nope, our beam shines upon the usually tenured professorial rats and snakes who reflect hostility and pure contempt for a government whose end is their ultimate goal.  We wish we could send a giant mongoose into these institutions to pounce upon and drag away those who do young minds incalculable damage in settings which were originally intended to be places of free thought and debate, rather than thought gulags lorded over by monsters who demand student papers and assignments accomplished in total agreement with their personal hate poison.  Administrators are no less guilty, for they generally support such standards so as not to rock the public image, university board or trustee boat.  The creation of waves on a calm sea hiding much of concern and controversy below the surface is an obligation often ignored -- as we have recently seen in various collegiate scandals.

There are instances, however, when college administrators do become as energized as scorpions on the attack.  Too bad the reason frequently involves invoking censorship on campus.  No boat-rocking, you see.

The Washington Examiner of August 30 features an article by Lauren Cooley, who focuses upon administrators at Ripon College in Wisconsin (I would have insisted upon Rip One College, had I been an extraordinarily wealthy benefactor, but alas. . .).  They, in their mind-numbing brilliance, ordered that a memorial to the 9/11 horror may not take place on campus because -- get ready for it -- such a display might offend Muslim students.
Fearing that posting flyers provided by Young America's Foundation, which produces this patriotic initiative every year for campuses all over the country, would create an "environment" where "students from a Muslim background would feel singled out and/or harassed” the Big NO was sent out far and wide by authorities selectively oblivious to First Amendment rights.

Unfortunately, we don't know how to avoid pissing off certain members of a religion whose radical practitioners feel it their duty and obligation to kill those who are either not affiliated with their beliefs or aren't Muslim enough to suit them.  Islam's very book of faith is inundated with calls for violence and death, is it not?  The true test in America ends like this:  Islam is unequivocally incompatible with the United States Constitution, and those who live here are free to either endure the criticism, leave the country or perhaps shed their religion -- desperately in need of a modern reformation -- for another.

Today, we're posting the flyer distributed by Young America's Foundation because (1) it's a great memorial for 9/11 and (2) we can.  So far.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Microwaving in Cuba

I HAVE SOME SPLAININ' TO DO:   First, in reference to my entry regarding Calvin Parker's new book about the alleged UFO abduction he shared with the late Charles Hickson, I was asked why I am so enamored with the fact that there were apparently witnesses -- when the Travis Walton case also included numerous witnesses who claimed to be even closer to a strange abduction event.

Of course I'm familiar with the Walton incident, but what I should have emphasized in the Hickson-Parker event is the highway stranger aspect -- while Walton and his witnessing crew all knew one another, those seeming to observe a weird aircraft gliding over Hickson and Parker's location did not know the fishermen personally, and to me that's a definite bonus for the credibility scoreboard.  Also, while the Walton case, at least initially, floated an inconsistency here and there, I think the usual suspects -- oops, I mean skeptics -- and proud debunkers were all too "gung ho" to urinate all over the Pascagoula issue from the start (last I checked, you can read their unbecoming foolishness and rant in Wikipedia).

Second, I'm asked why I would degrade myself by using the term, crackpot, in relation to my status and age.  Why not?  I'm merely saving barking detractors the trouble of coming up with their preferred terminology for those of us who do what we do or did what we did in the UFO research realm.  I believe I've mentioned before how there were times when I used to sign correspondence with my name, and then underneath I would add, Prominent Local Crackpot and Noted Public Alarmist.  Looks crude, I know, but it leaves the "other side" with nothing to say.  Self-deprecation isn't always what it appears.

Cooking brains in Cuba:  Government officials seem to be doubling down on fears that mysteriously generated microwave energy is the culprit for brain damage among U.S. diplomats in Cuba and perhaps elsewhere.  Obviously, this would extinguish my thoughts that perhaps ultrasound or some form of sound might be involved.

When I developed a theory during my Air Force years in physical therapy clinics suggesting that ultrasound may have a bearing on physical effects experienced by people encountering UFOs, I was also treating patients with both microwave and shortwave diathermy.  I considered microwave's possibilities at the time, but it was ultrasound and its physiologic potential that intrigued me right up front.  Whether I picked a "losing horse" in the debate between microwaves and sound relating to UFOs is still an open question, in my opinion.

As I may have mentioned here or in my recently-departed Air Force blog, it wasn't uncommon for patients receiving low-dose microwave treatments to complain that the machine must not be working because they couldn't "feel anything" or any heat.  To settle their minds, I would simply pull out a small fluorescent bulb from a waiting drawer and hold it near the device, and the energy field surrounding the machine would light up the bulb brilliantly -- either satisfying or (on rare occasion) putting the fear of God into my patients.  Dunno  -- maybe diplomats should travel with small fluorescent bulbs?

(By the way, a little history:  In the late Vietnam-engulfed sixties, when the Air Force finally began training enlisted physical therapy specialists in actual classrooms with appropriate anatomy & physiology manuals and crucial hands-on experience, ours was considered a critical field because the small staff of instructors only trained -- at the most, under rare circumstances -- about 30 personnel a year, to be dispersed among Air Force hospitals and clinics everywhere.)

The point here is, that's why microwave energy in these instances can be so, what's the word -- sneaky?  Nefarious?  One may not know they are being overdosed until confirmation of an assumed MW tragedy, now reported in chilling detail.

But what global player goes on the attack against Americans with microwave energy?  We can think of a few nations.

The father of the slain Molly Tibbetts is enraged that political parties are using his daughter's murder to push an agenda regarding illegal aliens.  While we offer Ms. Tibbett's family our sympathies, it can hardly be argued that the dirt-bag criminal border invader issue does not apply here as this homicide is added to a growing list.  We wish not to overrule a family's grief, but concentrating upon and holding this latest incident high offers the only way to attack a continuing outrage of serious crime perpetrated by border-defiant cockroaches.

Democratic socialists (or is that socialist Democrats?) on the march:  Wow.  I hope these monumentally vicious and dangerous interconnected cells blow their radical views to hell when elections conclude in November.  There is no place for them in a democratic republic which is in no way the "democracy" they portend.

Any rational mind able to extract itself from the lies and far left agenda of TV news programs must realize with fear and loathing how President Trump's attackers of a single mind have circled the White House wagons, ready and willing to destroy his administration and, so far, his very well-initiated agenda -- the very reason for which he was elected fair and square.  Impeachment of Trump would be ridiculous, but expecting Democrats to seriously investigate Obama, Hillary Clinton, Holder and the gang is a pure fantasy. 

Does anybody care about the extent of damages done to the U.S. internally during Obama's eight years of intentionally weakening this country's defense structure?  The Chinese, Russians and Iranian loonies certainly did, and they took extreme advantage of Obama's global hospitality, probably stunned by their absurd fortune of time to advance, to build, to weaponize in ways we could scarcely imagine.  Obama, hero to the left.  It's all we need to know.

John McCain's funeral:  Whew!  Where was all of that Christian love and forgiveness, Meghan McCain?  I spoke at family funerals, too, but don't recall using those occasions to slam others.  Had roles been reversed and it were Trump lying in a coffin, would the senator have bothered to show up?  Maybe.  Probably.  But, after all, John McCain specifically excluded Trump (and Sarah Palin!!!!) from the guest list, so I guess it was easy to throw in little barbs in the President's absence which looked great on leftist TV.  Too bad that members of Trump's family who faithfully did attend the funeral had to be exposed to Ms. McCain's attitude -- doubtless, perhaps, written into the script with the full cooperation and encouragement of her father at some point.  A sad occasion all around, and we don't mind saying that a little more decorum and restraint at the podium  would have been helpful to serve the memory of so many thousands who suffered and died by way of Vietnam.

New York's megalomaniac governor Andrew Cuomo can't seem to keep his nose out of Puerto Rico (which provides transplanted Democrat voters, you know, not a mystery), and now he plans to sue Trump on PR's behalf.  We wish somebody would sue Cuomo over the condition of New York state, portions of which continue to lose population and collapse into disrepair due to low or no employment.  Yes, of course, Cuomo will be re-elected by the incredibly uninformed who remain and retain just enough brain tissue to cast a vote, and the same old will became new same old again in a territory long ago subdued by radical Democrats.

This month's most disturbing political hack in America:  We suggest Arizona Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego, obviously trying to put a notch in his political gun by threatening I.C.E. agents with eventual prison if they follow President Trump's orders regarding throwing certain persons out of the country.  What kind of a congressional representative is this fool?  Clever how they all take oaths of office and then screw with everything they promised, a little flaw they probably picked up from the execrable political habitus of Obama.

Aretha Franklin's funeral, on the other hand, was fortunate to feature as one speaker the Rev. Jasper Williams, Jr., who laid it on the bitter line about violence among young black people in the country.  Trouble is, such truth is seldom welcome in any setting, and Mr. Jasper has been condemned from far and wide among the same black "leadership" which has kept black communities helpless, impoverished and violent for years.

Oh, which reminds me -- goodbye Rahm Emanuel.  Chicago will miss their mayor, whose accomplishments are. . .um. . .well, he IS a good friend of Obama, I guess that counts for something.