Friday, August 17, 2018

Worst Fishing Experience Ever

One of the perks for an aging crackpot who spent a considerable number of years exploring the UFO issue is society's expectation that he'll be stubbornly set in his odd ways, staunchly dedicated to standing by outlandish opinions, no matter what. 

Not quite accurate -- but that's how I feel about the Pascagoula UFO abduction incident, highly impressed and willing to suggest, oh my god, put all the other abduction reports aside and concentrate on whatever may have happened to Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker in the late afternoon of October 11, 1973 as they anticipated a little quiet time, fishing on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi.  Should the story be accurate, the only catch of the day was two fishermen abducted and physically examined by entities that emerged from a craft dropping in from the sky.

In the pages of this blog, several times over the years, we've discussed with deep respect the Pascagoula case (check out the search engine on this page), and details of the incident abound on the Internet, so I'm not going to rehash what's already been rehashed to death.

What IS new is a missing piece to the Pascagoula puzzle in the form of an unexpected but very welcome book written by Calvin Parker himself.  Entitled, Pascagoula:  The Closest Encounter, My Story, is a book that needed to be written, particularly because while Charlie Hickson was alive he wrote of the incident himself and gave multiple interviews, while Calvin Parker ran from publicity and spent years trying to get things right in his head after experiencing something incredible.  Something overpowering and frightening, orchestrated by creatures appearing nothing whatsoever like the traditional variety plastered upon many a book and movie screen.  Indeed, these entities reportedly appeared truly "alien."

No, I have not seen the book yet.  Maybe I never will, as I gave up reading and reviewing UFO-related books for print a long time ago, having realized that my meager contributions to UFO research had peaked and it was time to get out of the way.  Still, I am intrigued, and I may latch on to a copy sooner or later.

Why am I a Pascagoula abduction cheerleader?  It's not just the involvement of Dr. J. Allen Hynek (who was impressed), nor the passed polygraphs, nor the secretly recorded conversation between Hickson and Parker in the sheriff's office, nor the obvious integrity of each man.  For me, the whole thing blossomed particularly when the existence of multiple witnesses came up -- witnesses on the highway near the Pascagoula River who apparently watched a very strange-looking craft glide into the area where the two men were fishing, at approximately the same time.  Among the witnesses, as we've noted previously, included three active duty Navy men watching in awe as they proceeded along the highway, and one of them came forward not only to describe what they saw in the sky, but to publicly identify himself and his buddies by name.  The AP's Natalie Chambers wrote about the admirable witness aspect, prompting the late popular ABC Radio commentator Paul Harvey to spend an entire Saturday noon session laying out the Pascagoula mystery for his national audience years after it had occurred, powerfully making the point that Hickson and Parker weren't exactly alone that fateful late afternoon.

Calvin Parker was reportedly encouraged by his wife to write his own account of the Pascagoula incident -- something he really had wanted to do anyway, knowing that the years were passing.  Who among us knows how much time we have left on Earth to accomplish things we really feel must be done?

With a foreword by Philip Mantle (who also published the story) and lots of assistance to Parker by well-known UFO researchers to give the book a nudge, Parker's book should rank among the most important regarding UFO abductions.  Yes, the abduction phenomenon can be tricky to explore, and many a case has turned out to be pure nothing, but now and then along comes a story so bizarre, yet so persuasive, that it commands our attention.  I'm in Calvin Parker's corner on this one, have never not been, but I sure as hell never plan to go fishing in Pascagoula.

Rotting from the Inside Out:  How long will it take NY's governor to eat his own tail?  "We're not going to make America great again," promised Andrew Cuomo in a speech a few days ago. "It was never that great."  This incredibly pampered leftist governor, purely a child of privilege from birth, has no idea what it means to be a hard-working, sacrificing American.  If not for progressive morons in the direction of New York City and "downstate" in general who continue to vote for him, this fool would be relegated to reciting bad poetry on a street corner.

The miracle of plastics:  With non-stop reports surfacing of dangerous, cancer-friendly chemicals leaching from plastic food, drink and storage containers, the only solution seems to be a return to glass jars and metal vessels, maybe even containers manufactured with a vegetation base.  Of course, despite the solution, nobody wants to pay to ship the inevitable extra weight of heavier containers, so don't hold your breath for the Big Change.  Plastic has made our lives easier and better, but like so many things its very substance eventually deteriorates and becomes a threat.  We suspect the plastic nightmare has only just begun, its most engulfing terrors yet unrealized.  Meanwhile, the separate but equal matter of food contamination seems to be on the minds of consumers.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Going Out in Style

Aside from a relatively dispassionate-sounding theme song in the movie, "M*A*S*H," suicide is rarely painless for family and friends left behind.

Warnings aside, however, there's no denying that suicides  -- and murder/suicides -- are dramatically on the rise in the U.S., and our fascination with these incidents captivates much of the mainstream media whenever its members can tear themselves away from daily attacks on Trump.

Personally, I believe that a lot of post-modern suicides involve not only personal mental health, economic or family issues, but also a growing mass realization that we humans, no matter how you deal the cards, add up to just one monster species of rat-bastard, smiling phony smiles all the way, destroying in the name of building and selectively decimating other species in the name of necessity "for public safety."  Strong words?  Look around.

But, well -- so here's this guy at the Seattle airport, 29 years of age, a baggage handler who never flew a plane in his life.  Whatever's going on in Richard Russell's head, he forged ahead to break all the rules that many folks whose lives are encumbered by regulation wish they could crush, and off he goes into the wild blue aboard His Own Private passenger aircraft with nobody aboard to spoil fate's definitive and final bucket list entry.

To the country's amazement, stunning even veteran pilots who may or may not have endured spectacular UFO encounters during their careers, here's this trusted airline employee, a nice and compassionate man by all accounts, executing awe-inspiring air show style maneuvers as he weaves and winds his path toward a one-way destiny.  Unsure whether terrorism was the name of this crazy game, a couple of fighter jets soon join the rogue non-pilot, stimulating some folks on the ground to report this as an event in which jets are chasing a UFO (Ground Zero radio show broadcaster Clyde Lewis was tipped off to this sky activity as phone calls about a possible UFO pursuit by jet fighters began trickling in).

So time goes on, and the airport tower and others apparently establish radio contact with Russell, soon to be called "Rich" by one new-found tower buddy who attempts unsuccessfully to talk him down as jet fighter pilots await orders to shoot "Rich" out of the air.

But what must Russell be thinking?  His general matter-of-fact way of speaking doesn't betray his own thoughts that, in his own words, he's "got a few screws loose," though he puts the icing on a crazy cake by adding, "I guess I never really knew it till now."  Hmm.  Maybe cats can drive cars, too.

So, "Rich," now everybody in authority's new friend (until he lands the plane, that is), surely must realize, despite helpful voices poised to assist him with friendly fire of some nature, that there's nothing good awaiting him on terra firma except a thousand psychiatrists and psychologists, law enforcement personnel from agencies whose names some of us can't even pronounce, and the likely prospect of spending the rest of his life rotting in prison or being cocoon-wrapped within the confines of a mental institution.

Maybe for the first time in his life, a choice is clear, and once one has chosen to become daredevil for an instant, violating all the rules society puts in place to keep our leashes short, no other punishing destination for flying like a bird exists except Crash and Burn Land, whether the supposedly rational reside momentarily in Crazytown or Adventure City.  About Russell's apparent intention to fly but not land -- who wouldn't admire and share the prospect of merely staying airborne and avoiding the growing pile of human-caused physical and social excrement burgeoning on Earth?  One wonders what lessons Russell may have gleaned from watching tarnished comings and goings at the Seattle airport.

Nevertheless, oh my, how very bonkers authorities go when seemingly good, normal people turn on a dime to become something unexpected.

We suggest, get used to it.  I know what we are, and there is no cure in sight.

President Trump needs to effect an Executive Order to strike "O" from the alphabet for a while, please, and then maybe we can forget the names, Obama and Omarosa.  Regarding the latter -- when I entered the Air Force and later on worked for a government agency, I was required to sign various papers basically requiring a degree of loyalty.  So now this Omarosa character, already caught up in lies and memory shape-shifting, shouldn't be prosecuted for recording (!!) and revealing things that might send other folks right to jail and whip up some huge fines?  If she doesn't already know the meaning of non-disclosure, maybe she will very soon, should government authorities actually do the right thing.

South Africa meltdown:  Seems a tad extreme for the government to kill white farmers so black folk can take the land.  Obama, of course, didn't say a word about this carnage when he spoke ever so eloquently, so vacantly, when he was right in the thick of horrible things recently in S.A.  The accommodating press, of course, hardly report anything in this country about this ongoing hell.

Antifa unmasked:   These cockroaches are fascists of the worst order, traversing mere foul language to actually harm and threaten.  Their numbers may be growing among young radicals looking for the wrong reasons to be relevant, but their actions will eventually put them in a very bad place.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Our New Social Disease - From S&M to SM

I can remember those golden (maybe not the best word to use in the current political climate mixed with fake Russian news)) days when even town perverts had standards and adhered to some degree of respectability, a time when S&M was the convenient and appetizingly short term for sadomasochism.  These days, get rid of the ampersand, leave SM by itself and what do you get?  Why, SM means social media, of course, and when you're talking about SM you're probably still alluding to S&M in some way.

Social media was doing just fine until the corporate censors stepped in, and yes, I'm thinking about Alex Jones suddenly being dropped by a succession of social media networks in falling domino fashion.  No, I've not spent a lot of time checking out Jones' shtick in the past because his stuff doesn't appeal to me, but to each his own.  Pardon me, to each THEIR own.

Ironically, Alex Jones' stock-in-trade warnings about conspiracies now seem to have come true -- right in his living room, basically.  If just one SM network had dropped him, well, hmm -- but several almost simultaneously?

This is some pretty dangerous activity on the ol' Internet.  Wasn't this vast digital wasteland supposed to be the ultimate, if not the last bastion of anything-goes free speech?  If the major players won't allow potentially loathsome or eye of the beholder speech online, what remains?  Used to be, any high school kid realized that a major responsibility of the First Amendment is to protect words which offend, not simply the sappy tympanic membrane and optical nerve-safe stuff.

But like so many other things, there's probably much more going on here.  For starters, leftists who think they own the Web would love to rid the world of both conservative sites and of those who would question and unravel their power.  No, Alex Jones is not a conservative, but he doesn't need to be.  He can be outspoken, he can be outrageously wrong and he can act the fool, his choice.  The thing is, in American society such people have both their supporters and detractors, and as long as everybody has a fair chance to vent their opinions, we'll be fine.

Unfortunately, the dictators of mind control don't merely ply their trade in China, Russia and North Korea.  We have our own, right here in the USA, though it was never supposed to be this way.  And if the only cure for selective private censorship is more government control, we're in more trouble than we care to believe, though this evolving situation regarding denial of service over alleged violation of nebulous "standards" by major players may indeed lead to the halls of Congress for. . .something.

We shudder, too, to ponder that much of the current status Web-wise likely stems from global influences laboring and tweaking in conjunction with domestic decision makers.

As many sources have already pointed out, how is it, for example, that social media participants such as Louis Farrakhan haven't been banned for violent rhetoric?  Obviously, this is but one example.  Who goes and who stays -- when maybe everybody, with few exceptions, should stay?

If little else, the major social media companies suddenly appear to have engaged in exactly what they're pursuing Trump for -- collusion.  Ironic, yes?  Or is the word conspiracy?

Monday, July 30, 2018

Bits and Pieces for July 2018

Multiculturalism reaches out:  Conservative federal prosecutor Ryan W. Bounds (Oregon) didn't make the cut (Washington Post, May 10) for a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals because a few of the usual congressional suspects didn't like his 20-year-old writings about multiculturalism, penned as a Stanford University student.  Because one major critic, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, became particularly energized about Bounds' beliefs of decades past, even though Bounds now denounces them, maybe it's only fair that we hold Blumenthal's feet to the fire about his own controversial statements years ago, leading some to believe he served in Vietnam, when he did not.

Sorry, but even televised news reports of recent years bear witness to the logic in some of Bounds' old writings regarding "sensitivity" training and race-based groups.

NBC News reported on children raised by parents as "theyby" kids, apparently a term for growing up without the curse of identification with a gender.  Especially popular among progressive parents -- of course -- not even friends or other family members may be let in on the secret of who was born boy or who was born girl, because it just doesn't matter.  Not only is the blatant denial of established gender science dangerous to the individual and, frankly, idiotic for a society, but history will record an -- we hope brief -- era during which parents and others who carelessly bought into leftist amentia were actually the clueless court jesters of society. . .

Which brings us to the NY Post of July 17, reporting about Dr. David Mackereth, a UK physician fired simply for refusing to use preferred "transgender pronouns" in the presence of TG patients.  Admitting also to the high crime of practicing Christianity, the good doctor confesses that he will never again be able to work for England's National Health Service or any government agency.  Mackereth admits to a "climate of fear" in his medical specialty, where staff are instructed to inform on one another for violating these monumentally silly and stupid "discrimination" laws.

With radical Islam running rampant in Great Britain, save throughout Western Europe, destined to become even more influential unless timid legislators actually address the issue forcefully, we think it's safe to suggest that extremists will pretty much handle the transgender issue in a murderous, final way sooner or later, and boys and girls will again become boys and girls.  Meanwhile, a country intent on attacking its physician class and others whom, by nature, feel compelled to buck a system wildly out of control, soon won't be a country at all. 

Hey, England -- like here in portions of the U.S., your damned inmates are running the lunatic asylum.  But you already knew that, did you not?

Boys in chains:  Newsmax (July 19) expresses author Scott McEwen's (American Sniper) concerns that boys spend too much time on the Internet, trading badly needed skills, exercise and time outside the home for a world of digital device enslavement.  Well, how dare he, will McEwen ever be published again?!

Not surprisingly, a University of Texas-Austin male student (re Campus Reform) caught up in the poisonous spider's web known as Title IX and found guilty regarding a non-harassment incident was mandated to watch and reflect in a paper about a film tackling toxic vs. "healthy" masculinity.  Apparently, he was instructed to outline how he would encourage "healthy" masculinity -- which, we suggest, is going to be one hell of a difficult task in a male-hating society which, nonetheless, can't even admit that genders exist, and last time we counted they numbered two. Two.  Total two.

Monday, July 23, 2018

The Infected Left

The very notion of Trump derangement syndrome may be the absurd product of a nation caught up in its own hysterics, but it seems to affect those on the left most of all.   For instance, teenage Second Amendment expert David Hogg appears to have taken to exercising in his hamster wheel once again, this time allegedly fretting something about Trump canceling elections in 2020.  Yep, sounds like TDS to me.  David, my lad, we know what a traumatic event did to you, and it must be difficult coming back -- but "the incident" aside, what the hell did public education in Florida do to your mind?   The more young Hogg babbles on in this vein, allowing the media to gobble him up, the more those around him should be concerned about his future.

Then there's New York's puffed-up Democrat governor and presidential wannabe Andrew Cuomo, running for and likely to be elected to a third term (pretty much by NY City know-nothings and who knows what electoral processes. . .), who spoke before his hypnotized masses this weekend to condemn guns, Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh and, of course, the prez.

Speaking of guns, we're more than happy to resurrect an April, 2013 photo from Colorado showing a billboard raised -- but taken down quickly by people of a dissenting opinion -- to make a point.  As sometimes happens, I'm not quite sure whom to credit, but the picture comes out of Greeley, CO.

Cuomo's blood pressure obviously hit the heights when the U.S. legal system decided that blueprints for 3-D printer guns can indeed be made available online, and we're sure he's particularly urinated off now that the AK's have been designated as sporting, not assault, weapons.  Cuomo has been right out front among state governors taking every nitpicking action possible to deprive citizens of or severely curtail their constitutional right to possess firearms, and now --especially with the likelihood that Kavanaugh will join the Supreme Court -- New York's governor obviously sees his gun control powers slowly turning to sand and heading for history's garbage heap of stupid legislation, despite his re-election potential. 

We were, in particular, amused when Cuomo again tried to make a case for the kind of guns required for hunting, while again he totally ignores the fact that the Second Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting and everything to do with keeping a little protective firepower around the house in case of, oh, say. . . a government insurrection?  As if THAT could ever happen. And in New York?  Uh huh.

Cuomo's retirement from politics (if ever) can't come fast enough for many in NY, wary of government processes influenced by his way of conducting business, and that of several close-or-not associates who recently encountered legal trouble.  Meanwhile, we suspect Cuomo, too, is a victim of Trump derangement syndrome, which kinda takes away one's ability to accept, believe or even comprehend the reality right in front of one's face.  If Trump has an opportunity to name yet another SC justice or two during his term, we suspect Cuomo and governors of a similar mindset may require long-term hospitalization on a quiet locked ward adorned with cute pictures of kittens and cartoon characters and leftist heroes such as Mao and Che.

Canada needs 3-D printers right away:  Hey, Mr. Trudeau, some of us in the states wish you had just kept on dancing instead of doing whatever you do now, but if you really want to be a hero to your people, let 'em have guns for personal protection.  Obviously, some bad folk in your country already have firearms, and as they murder their way across Canada and over the border, who will stop them?  Police and Mounties arriving just in time to draw chalk lines?  Really, we suspect this 3-D printer thing is going to make tremendous strides toward personal protection in the years to come.  (Silly us, how could we think it?)

Trump Unleashes Twitter on Iran:  Thanks in no small way to Obama, Iran got away with the store.  As far as we're concerned, Trump can't criticize the Iranian religious lunatic fringe enough.  As internal hostility grows in Iran, we hope the seemingly impossible happens -- that the brutal secret police force torturing and imprisoning Iranian citizens will come to realize what dark and evil people they serve.  And for what?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Ties that Bind (plus Golfing in Helsinki)

I hate ties.  I've always hated them. I hate trying to knot them correctly and I hate needing to color-coordinate them with everything else with which one is attired.  In restaurants, I hate watching some who dine, inadvertently sweeping the ends of their ties through food.

In hospital cafeterias, I especially used to hate watching doctors drag ties and/or stethoscopes across their plates just before rushing off to see patients, without washing either hands or loose ends.

But there's another, more substantial reason why I prefer to eschew ties, and it's nice to see that science is finally taking a closer look at these human-style dog collars.

On the street we've all seen red-faced business executives all prettied up with colorful neckties intended to convey various images, shirts buttoned to the top and necks constricted to the max.  In hospitals, I don't think there is any question that some of these folks arrive by ambulance as victims of a stroke, often seeming "too young" to have experienced the life-threatening rupture or occlusion of blood vessels in the brain.

We humans weren't built to wear restrictive devices around our necks.  Depending upon where we were born on the planet, we were either intended to go pretty much naked in warm climates or to pile on with animal skins and vegetation to insulate us from the cold.

The necktie's arrival only served to hasten our medical problems, in my opinion, including restriction of blood to the brain, facilitation of clot formation and even causing an effect on the cervical vertebral column.  Why not just put a noose on your neck and tighten it until your eyes pop?  Ouch.  Okay, call me a crank.

Except you'd also need to call the mayor Of Lancaster, CA a crank, because (per the Los Angeles Times, July 12) Mayor Parris wants to make ties optional for city employees, citing particularly health concerns.

And there is scientific precedent.  Researchers at Germany's University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein scanned brains of thirty men, half of whom wore neckties, and results indicated that at least a ten-percent decrease in blood flow affected a third of the tie-wearing subjects.

"The study does not explain how the 7.5% average decrease in blood circulation might affect brain function," states the article. "But generally speaking, poor cerebral blood flow can lead to brain tissue death and result in stroke, hemorrhage and other conditions. . ."

Also of interest is mention of a 2003 study published in the Journal of Ophthalmology, suggesting that wearing ties tightly may increase the risk for blindness and glaucoma.

So, considering the crazy social climate in the country, maybe next time somebody gives you a tie as a gift you need to call the police and have them arrested for assault?

The Trump-Putin Meeting: Putin presented Trump a ball from the World Cup affair, but in the eyes of many Trump dropped the ball of effectively dealing with Russia's favorite and, um, colorful dictator.    It's probably unfair for me to second-guess Trump, but I'd almost rather the President had met with Putin nemesis Pussy Riot instead of Mother Russia's main squeeze(r).

So what happened in Finland?  Trump was being Trump, an America lover to the core, but sometimes words spoken publicly get him into trouble.  Few apparently ponder this, but aside from poorly chosen -- and as of today, mistakenly worded -- comments, what was Trump to do?  Insult Putin before the cameras, causing Russia's leader to drop his ear piece and storm out of the room, effectively closing the door on any vestiges of reasonable peace talks?  Brennan, Schumer, Flake, McCain and all the usual Trump-hating suspects wasted no time going on the attack in "collusion" with mainstream media automatons thrilled to publicize their barbs.  The press wanted a fight and asked provocative questions to force one -- and how about the "journalist" removed for carrying an anti-nuke message, which he claimed wasn't really a. . .oh, who knows?

No, the President didn't endear himself to our intelligence agencies while speaking in Helsinki, so call him out on it, accept today's apology and let's move on.  But to threaten him with accusations of treason and scare the country by turning Donald Trump into a frightening monster via elite members of both government and media who carry their own curious baggage assures a pretty stupid scene.

Trump's reference to Pakistan and the missing DNC server, make that servers, frankly, should receive concerted attention, but since that turns everything back to the Democrats and their adoring media, who excel at burying their party's poop far away from the public eye, well, good luck.

Maybe nobody's noticed, but as the newest chapter in the "Cold War" marches forward (thanks Obama) Russia, not to mention China, has developed some really scary weapons.  We've two choices:  Want to engage Russia militarily and enjoy a lovely calamitous war, or should we maybe work around Trump's comments a bit and try for cooler heads? 

Cody Wilson won his long, long war with the Feds, and 3-D printer instructions for manufacturing the kind of one-shot firearm he posted online are deemed not an illegal download.  Further, the government was forced to admit that AR-type firearms fulfill the description of a sporting gun, not a military weapon.  Funny, but not unusual, how the MSM can't bother to shout out this victory for both the First and Second Amendments.

The ACLU are little more than extortionists and thugs, as far as I'm concerned.  Any group of activists weaponized with law degrees who insist on forcing hard-working, tax-paying Americans to accept, house, feed and pay for illegal alien families are a scourge of the country.  The accompanying involvement of "relief" organizations raking in obscene amounts of our money adds to the blight.  Before gangs with pitchforks and torches storm the White House to rid the nation of Donald Trump, they really need to think twice and then a third time, because actions initiated and expanded to clean up immigration corruption currently are a gift we may never see again.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Don't Hurry to Bury Roe v. Wade

Just hours before President Trump names his Supreme Court nominee (and may there soon be more), we continue to watch hard-core Republicans and members of the far right almost shouting with glee, convinced that Roe v. Wade will be overturned.  I, of course, am an Independent voter who, nevertheless, detests almost everything the left has offered and proclaims to offer as its brain trust turns ever more radical.

Still, I'm not on the list endorsing a reverse decision for Roe v. Wade.  Once we start overturning issues already decided by the highest court, does it not become easier and convenient to start busting all kinds of decisions assumed to be the "last word?"

Abortions are not going away any time soon, no matter what courts decide.  Would it not be nice if they all but disappeared?  Well, maybe so, but wouldn't it be astonishing if science invented 50 new methods of safe, effective and inexpensive birth control for males and females, substances whose manner of absorption presented no obstacles or side-effects?

Our disclaimer, obvious to those who follow this blog, is that we are not proponents for excessive human population growth whatsoever, and prefer that the ultimate solution, short of dreaded wars and grinding military action, is social responsibility.  We simply adore repeated utterances from organizations with an agenda, stating that human population is actually on the decline, but we're rather skeptical about what these assertions mean, depending upon world locations chosen for conversation.  If world hunger is bad, just wait until water wars step up and we witness how a lot of people are a lot of people.

Meanwhile, our Democrat friends persist in attracting the most outrageous leftist tripe ever, the most fantastic being calls for the abolition of I.C.E.  Frosting that cake was the win for congressional Democrat candidate and avowed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of whom DNC chairman Tom Perez remarked is "the future of our party."  If one couldn't get enough of this pronouncement, there was also the not widely reported news tidbit announcing that one Gregory "Shoaib" Jones of Alaska plans to run for Congress.  Enhancing his resume' is Jones' membership in the radical group, Muslims of the Americas, investigated since the seventies by the government.

We, who wrote letters to newspaper editors years ago promising water on the moon (you're welcome, NASA) purely via common sense, were hardly surprised at NASA's revelation last week confirming the existence of organic molecules on Mars. 

Unfortunately, our expectations and dedicated faith about science in general were slammed to bits when a researcher recently used strong language to suggest that most -- most? -- scientific studies are simply wrong.

But aside from all of this, even as the Chinese announce production of a super-powerful rocket (among other fast-track weapons), many of us while away precious moments blubbering over uninvited adult criminals bringing or sending their uninvited children over the U.S. border, hoping to make things even worse by closing down I.C.E. 

The left and their beloved Hollywood supporters have gone mad in America, mad beyond belief, and it's a terrible sight to behold.  No matter the name Trump puts out there in a few hours, we'll be listening for the sounds of leftist lunacy turned up to high volume.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Filling a Blank Space with Invisible Ink, June 29 2018

Really, I thought I had seen almost everything until I happened upon photos last week of young gun protestor David Hogg, walking the streets of New York during his book tour (oh god yes, his book tour) with apparently armed guards.  He joins several tons in weight of celebrities and politicians who crab about firearms, yet can't seem to muster the firmness of their beliefs to shun human protectors with guns.

I wish somebody had been armed and ready when a pathetic little nothing named Ramos emptied bullets, blind rage and the darkest of evil intent into unsuspecting members of a newspaper staff in Maryland Thursday.   With estimates of, what, some 400 million or more guns in America,  it seems a lot of them should be posted in a myriad of places where the best of intentions can be carried out quickly when necessary.  Not that the political left will go for that, of course.

When I was at least semi-respectable and wrote for some national magazines a few years ago, there were those rare occasions when correspondence from the crazies would arrive in the mailbox.  They weren't threatening, just pretty much void of sense or logic.  The kind of mail you don't care to answer because there's nothing to say.  Yet, some letters, though on the edge, were also accomplished by people of apparently immense intelligence -- but the word, "disturbed" could not be excluded.

Whether the conversation involves schools, newspaper offices or movie theaters, we hasten to suggest that the solution to gun violence is indeed guns.  We cannot pretty-please our way out of human irrationality, seasoned grudges or situations where society's dangerously squirming brains go on the attack.  Some events can only be confronted in like ways.  Period.

The Supreme Court:  Whew!  If you lean conservative, look at it this way -- if you tire of your vote counting as virtually meaningless in "blue states" where radical leftists hold the reigns, Trump's determined appointment of traditional judges to the Court will be the vote you couldn't make, and this one's gonna count in bigger ways than many will suspect.

Meanwhile, it didn't require consultations with a psychic to know that NY's governor Andrew Cuomo and other state officials accustomed to being fed election funds to the point of gluttony by the public unions would go absolutely bonkers by the Court's decision stating that workers can't be forced to join unions or pay union dues.  A third party is no party at all, it turns out.

No, I'm not all in on the right's wins, but as July 4 approaches I feel a lot better about the country than I did under eight years of the refreshingly now (mostly) silent Obama.

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Mother-Child Battering Ram Invasion

We've come a long way from the mother-child reunion to the mother-child border invasion, and we most definitely can't put a tune to this song.  Furious words, maybe, but no music.

Remember the Republicans.  And, oh most certainly, remember the Democrats.  The border issues should have been solved decades ago, but instead of keeping us safe the political crowd fails and/or calculates like clockwork.

This week, monetary figures have been tumbled about, reiterated and resurfaced, totaling up national health, education, prison and welfare costs annually for illegal (that means criminal, for the uninformed) immigrants in the United States, and the shocking, grand sum of more than 38 billion dollars shines like neon lights in a forest.

The mainstream media and politicians anxious for a little face time on camera seem unable to focus upon anything but the carefully screened video portraits showing mothers and children invading America via teardrop tickets.  It's rather like a run of foreign exchange students who exchange nothing in return except demands for a new life paid for by U.S. taxpayers.  It's like, it's like, it's. . .like. . .a mouse infestation, overwhelming every stick of wood and foundation materials in the house, chewing up your stuff until the whole house collapses.  Until the whole country collapses.

Compassion can kill you.  I'll happily be the bad guy for writing that.  There truly is a limit to services available and services able to be rendered to the world's masses, as they come here uninvited, carrying diseases unknown and possessing absolutely no education or skills upon which our society depends. We're certain, though, that they know who pays the bill. 
Men, mothers, children, the specifics don't matter,  All that matters in the end is numbers, and the numbers both observable and yet to come -- yes, and still coming -- are worse than a horror story featuring zombies.  Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and all the other places from which people escape various evils have turned their populations into zombie nomads, and their journey north is assisted and encouraged by Mexico, a country with which we should be on friendlier terms, but these days whose government acts no less outrageously than the wicked drug lords already giving the country a bad identity.  And through Mexico also journey the terrorists.

We've all read of bird species which lay eggs in the nests of other species on the sly, thus letting other parent birds do all the work, exactly the same scenario occurring at the Southern border with invaders weaponized with their own babies, children and, doubtless, pregnant mothers who arrive -- just in time.  Sorry, but the kids aren't adorable, the babies aren't adorable, the pregnancies aren't adorable, the men and women making this tale of terror possible are not adorable.  Americans are tired to death of solving walk-in problems with welfare paid by us all.

How many times have I written in so many words over the years, your babies aren't cute anymore?  Maybe now you realize the meaning in those words, pounded into emphasis at the border, the damned border.  It's people, it's numbers which automatically drive consequences, nothing else.  We must simplify laws enough to give new arrivals a quick hearing and, we're hopeful, a quick goodbye as most are refused.  Compassion, yes, it's wonderful, but we can't afford it anymore, especially because it now seems pretty obvious that the rest of the world will just keep coming, without end.  What rational nation on this planet wants to watch itself being eaten alive by an invasion prettied up with moms, babies and demands beyond reason or comprehension?

Brigitte Gabriel, an actual LEGAL immigrant who heads up and speaks for Act for America is making the rounds this week, noting that her Facebook page was taken down when she started criticizing illegal immigration.  Must be that mean ol' hate speech thing.  The best thing to happen to Facebook would be its demise, because it surely appears unable or unwilling -- unwilling -- to serve the free speech expectations of its subscribers.

Gotta run now.  Maybe I'll wander on down to that famous Red Hen restaurant for a quick bite -- and after they bite me, I'm sure I'll be told to leave.  And just why is that hen red?  Hmm.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Killing a Country - The Suicidal Left

Isn't it interesting how the press and public organizers currently focus upon celebrity suicides, but few apparently care a scintilla about the slow and predetermined intellectual suicide of a country happening right before our eyes?  Anybody truly caught up in the spider web of leftist compassion for "the children," believing this agenda is pure, plays a fool's game.

Compassion, either legitimate or phony, blindly driven by the thirst for political power is a very dangerous thing.  Yes, we're referencing the border which separates and protects the United States from a majority of the world's human misery, evils, detritus and invading numbers that won't stop coming unless we enforce our laws.

Unfortunately, speaking of national suicide, religious organizations of several faiths believe it their duty to overwhelm national borders with the world's masses -- and converting all of this into obscene amounts of money for their own coffers along the way.  Who pays?  We pay.

Donald Trump, on the way to possibly becoming one of our greatest Presidents (sorry, but I'm not alone in that opinion), is our last and best chance to protect the border and kick out a hell of a lot of people who have no business being here AND CERTAINLY DESERVE NO COMPASSION FOR SUBJECTING THEIR CHILDREN TO THE HAZARDOUS JOURNEY NORTH.

Trump's "America first" policy may not bode well for the "blame America first" cult on the left, and we would hope his administration will hold firm on the immigration issue -- though we harbor fears about Speaker Ryan and his colleagues who are pushing an absolutely dreadful bill pretty much mirroring the "Gang of Eight" attempts from last time.

We condemn the Pope, Pelosi, moron celebs and others crying their eyes out and blaming the government for the inescapable fact that the "poor children" are here because their families brought or sent them here.  We don't care about the reasons, we care about the laws.  That AG Jeff Sessions has announced that domestic violence will no longer be an option for entry into the U.S. is logical:  That is to say, if a woman from some Central American crap hole arrives at our border with four children in tow and demands admission because a pit bull ripped her arm off, why would this be any less of a reason than if her husband beat her?  We cannot and never should have embraced the world's domestic problems.

And speaking of Central America, isn't it generally accepted that "refugees" must be taken in by the first country they reach -- which would be Mexico?  So how is it that Mexico helps their journey along to the USA?  Refugees, illegal aliens, undocumented border crossers -- I say tomAto, you say toMAto, let's call the whole thing off.  Oh, if life were indeed song lyrics.

We now have all sorts of information hidden during the disgusting Obama years demonstrating how statistics were fudged and actions kept out of public view when it came to depositing illegal "children" (criminals, too) all over the country, and the particular shame of it all is that the Obama bunch are not in prison for a litany of illegalities and enshrouded maneuvers.  Sadly, too many young people poised to vote do not understand that the left is the crazed beast and its basic makeup is not up for change, no matter what its inner circle says.

AT THE VERY LEAST, Congress could solve in one day the pathetic issue of "anchor babies," whose mothers strive to give birth in the USA so their children can become instant citizens and thereby open the door for the whole mother-freaking trash family to enter the country and help suck the welfare cow dry, courtesy of stupid American taxpayers and members of Congress who allow this travesty to continue and grow out of control.  By the way, how's that Social Security account doing these days, abused as it is by a cascade of folks who should have no access to it?  Get rid of anchor babies now!

So where is my sympathy for the global masses?  I guess at the same place where it might have been even before various societies became aware of the existence of other peoples -- blissfully absent.  Frankly, I expressed my ultimate compassion during four Air Force years working in a medical capacity as the Vietnam years rolled forth, helping care for thousands of patients, so I don't mind saying that I'm darned nearly fresh out of tears for the border-invading rest of the world.  Hey President Trump, hey House, hey Senate -- just roll through these unresolved thousands of "claims" for permanent residency in the U.S. and kick what appears overwhelmingly to be either the dregs of the planet or baby machines with little in their heads except the will to reproduce an excess of more unfortunate poverty-stricken beings out of our country.

Incidentally -- anybody remember those folks waiting at the gates for years who applied for citizenship via the legal process in the first place?  The "Invasion First" policy demonstrated by criminals accompanied by safety valves called children is hardly a good way to make America great again.

Which means, if you don't want your babies and older kids subjected to U.S. laws, don't bring or send them here in the first place.  The families, not our laws, are the absolutely dirt bag perpetrators here, helped along in no small way by the Mexican government which looks the other way as the transit of unending hundreds of thousands continued over the decades.

The U.S. political left wants no part of any of this because they need new voters, new dues-paying union employees whose campaign contributions fill their coffers and people eternally grateful to the Democrats for making the mean old conservatives with national values go away.  To that end, the left will jeopardize all of us and always has.

Unfortunately, new polls suggest millennials have no problems embracing socialism, even though most have no idea what socialism is.  We'll make it simple:  Socialism is what leftist conduct leads to, and the Democrat elite are leftists -- their ranks infested as never before with radical players who would like nothing better than to mold a country whose finest parts will, as always happens, degenerate into a country like Venezuela.  The misplaced yet hard-sought image of Utopia will forever remain in the fiction books.

The Fabulous Four:  Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, according to an investigation conducted by The Daily Caller (June 6), are assisted by the Southern Poverty Law Center in determining what entities are "hate groups."  Amazon is particularly singled out for pretending to be unbiased while simultaneously giving the SPLC "the most direct authority" to identify hate groups.  The SPLC, affirms the investigation, has a history of inaccuracies, so this appears a marriage made in hell for sure, in our opinion.  Because the Center has a strange and questionable habit of listing conservative organizations as hate groups, the issue here is hardly minimal in scope.

Get out the Crayons!  Reuters (June 12) reports that the Freedom Party of veteran Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders will hold a cartoon competition depicting Mohammad later this year.  Because violence always seems to be invoked when these contests occur, we can only hope that cartoon images of Mohammad really take the cake!  We're not sure about this, of course, but once we've seen cartoons of Mohammad depicted with a bomb in his turban (as in years past), that pretty much says it all.  Wilders himself desires to ban the Koran, stating that Islam is a totalitarian faith with tolerance for no other religion and no desire for freedom of speech.  Hmm -- a religion which believes in throwing gay people to their death from roofs and stoning women to death has no tolerance?

Welcome to the United States Space Force:  This is an idea whose time had come years ago, and we applaud Trump for publicly endorsing the concept and forging ahead, as he explained that we must have "dominance in space."  While many insist, correctly by the way, that future skirmishes and wars will significantly involve access to clean water, it's no secret that China, Russia and lesser up-and-coming space race players harboring less than friendly intent toward competitors constitute a growing threat to neighboring satellites and other devices sharing deep space.  A USSF, unquestionably, is another ultra-expensive asset we can't afford, but nor can we sign a national death warrant by ignoring the deadly obvious possibilities which lurk increasingly in space (such as satellite killers and lasers equipped to devastate entire cities)  -- and this time we aren't talking about alien invaders from Tau this or Zeta that.  As a side note, we're curious to see if a whole new standard regarding military rank, uniforms and uniform insignias emerge from this forward-looking plan, once it takes off into the wild no-longer-necessarily-blue yonder.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Just Drinking in the News

What a great time to be a Democrat if you're mentally disturbed.  You can join with a progressively evolving party, act out in the most outrageous ways and make no sense at all except to those who are just like you -- and, be highly revered by the scattered similarly-minded throngs.  Is it any wonder the party attracts both the strangest and most dangerous disciples as radical folk continue to stake their claim, displacing both "blue dog" Democrats and the nominally normal?  From colleges whose leftist students demand classes free of white students to members of Congress who condemn everything Trump does simply because he isn't one of them, we see those on the left displaying "true colors" which have nothing to do with race.  An epidemic of crazy lurks among us.

As news of big lib celebrity suicides drenched news sources last week, we were also captivated by an article in The Hill (May 31) noting a disturbing increase in suicides by health care workers.  By this week, NY's Sen. Charles Schumer called for additional funding to somehow prevent suicides.  To the senator we might suggest that both Democrats and Republicans, but particularly Democrats, have spent decades regulating, excessively taxing and in general complicating people's lives.  Add personal stress and/or hopeless political philosophy to this impossible mix of lives controlled excessively, and what do you get?

As for health care workers, we understand about the sacrifice, compassion, frequent helplessness and thankless efforts involved -- and if anybody thinks the remnants of Obamacare (new laborious regs, paperwork, extra computer chores, etc.) aren't a component of workers taking their lives, I think they are wrong.

Are those on the left going so nuts under Trump's leadership that a contagious self-internal explosion of the mind is the result?  To listen to script word repeater/mouther and director-directed performer and apparent authority on Donald Trump, Robert De Niro, who takes off on Trump at every opportunity, we would suggest it's a good bet.  What will these folks do when Trump's re-elected?  Will smoke blast out of their ears?

Good news?  Austria is taking the upper hand to kick out radical imams and close down mosques, though perhaps some actions are a tad extreme.  Still, it's more than we're doing in the United States, thanks to various restrictions.  We doubt the founders of the country ever envisioned tolerating a religion concerned with killing fellow citizens who won't submit to its gibberish, and we're kinda certain that a bastardized version of the Catholic religion requiring animal sacrifice might be looked down upon as well.

Blogger surprise:  We who blog with Blogger received a peculiarly cryptic little pop-up from Google regarding -- what?  I think it refers mostly to censorship via the European Union, now that everybody's worried about the flavor of the day called hate speech.  The text wasn't all that helpful, but I think it comes down to a warning of sorts about what will be allowed to be seen in other countries.  I guess.  So what font am I supposed to use for my "F" word declarations now?

Twitter's CEO says he is sorry for eating at and enjoying Chick-Fil-A:  Seems fellow libs were upset because the business traditionally does not accept gay marriage due to its owners' religious beliefs, and they struck out at the Twitter guy who, like most libs, seems to have shaken like jelly instead of holding his ground.  Believe me, you gay married people, when you start getting divorced expensively and you each have to share half the family cat, you'll thank Chick-Fil-A for having tried to warn you off.

Thanks Eric Holder -- for telling the DOJ basically to defy the President, apparently even if doing so is unconstitutional.  Ah yes, that's the Holder we all remember.  Just like those old fast and furious times.

Meantime, Wynton Marsalis, Pulitzer Prize and Grammy-winning jazz trumpeter
let loose with some unkind things about the "black community" he inhabits.  The best:  That rap and hip-hop music are "more damaging than a statue of Robert E. Lee."  We couldn't have said it better -- and being white, we probably couldn't have said it safely in public at all :):)

Monday, June 4, 2018

A Cicada Sonata

(I apologize to my readers in other countries who, unless familiar with cicadas, may have no idea what I'm writing about today, and perhaps could not care less.  Incredibly, there are no politics involved with cicadas - probably because they only live a few days, not nearly enough time on Earth for them to run for office.)

A Cicada Sonata

by Robert Barrow

PHOTO UPDATE - JUNE 8 2018:   I finally pulled the camera out and started taking photos of these fascinating critters.  By today, the song of the males' mating call drenches the air in all directions as cicadas invade and occupy the trees, the grass, the fences and anything else they can claim for short-term housing.  I'll include a picture below, and should mention that cicadas measure about two inches or so in length.  In a few more days they'll disappear as quickly as they arrived -- like any good momentary phenomenon worth its weight in the universe. - rb

At first, days leading to the end of May seemed uneventful, so mundane in their rural and semi-rural silence in the Northeastern U.S.  But then, as if members of some extraterrestrial orchestra had just landed and exited a spaceship, each playing some strange musical instrument in unison, peculiar sounds reached a heightened crescendo by the hour, then by the day.  Mere mortals might have detected two distinct wavering tones as the unyielding alien song filled the air, bathing areas just south of my location with a special sonic  presentation.

Indeed, no children alive and native to the area today, exposed to this widespread din appearing to come from some forgotten science fiction movie, would know they were hearing a virtual symphony -- a symphony of insects.  A mating call bolstered by numbers and volume.

Starting the lawn tractor for the fourth time in May, I proceeded along a familiar path, poised to mow down grass and weeds whose roots harbored no intentions of slowing growth so early in the season.  Yet, something was different visually, and as I looked back at the house and then returned my attention to the grass I saw them, red eyes betraying the critters' mysterious identity as 17-year cicadas, clinging to grass, weeds, trees and the house itself.  Both the cicadas and individual opaque shells from which they emerged covered the same areas, attached indiscriminately to anything capable of hosting their ostensible stick-on qualities.

As if somehow mandatory in a personal sense, I turned off the tractor and sat pensively in the yard, attempting to recall something of which I had promised to remind myself last time the 17-year crew conducted a brief takeover of the land.

Oh, yes.  Seventeen years ago I made a mental note to remind myself that the next time I encounter these strange little bugs I'll be turning 70.  So here I am.  Hmm.  Maybe the digit known as seven really is lucky, for both cicadas and people.

But there's that other little mental note I filed away 17 years ago.  The summer of 2018 would also mark 50 years since I left for Air Force basic training, having already been subjected to the Vietnam military draft's pre-induction physical exam and wanting no part of it.  Like thousands of other young men and parents throughout the country, we feared everything and understood little of those times, and if enduring a four-year enlistment over two years of extremely wild uncertainty was the best option short of running off to Canada, that's what I would choose. 

Enlistment quotas, obviously, were pretty much filled up with other young "draft evaders" whose destiny was clear, but after being rejected by various branches of the armed services, quenched by a surge of enlistees, I squeaked by and entered the Air Force.

Good thing, too, because my parents opened the mailbox not one week after I departed for basic training and were greeted with orders for the draft to spirit me away at once.

So yes, there were self-important reasons why I made a mental note to myself 17 years ago, just on the verge of summer's official return as the cicadas' song overwhelmed life's complacency.  So much we commit to memory, and so much we try to forget as time endows us with gifts of events both pleasant and harsh.

And now I must decide, I thought.  Shall I make another mental note to stake out past remembrances, once the offspring of this particular variety of cicada emerge in the year 2035 and remind me to remember again?  Beyond that, will I even be alive then, when the outrageously unthinkable age of 87 confronts me? 

If still living in 2035, will I still be as "sharp" as that insidious tack I've heard so much about all my life, whenever one's age enters the conversation, or will I be drooling on my bed sheets in a nursing facility, blissfully unaware that out there, somewhere near or far, the inevitable cicada sonata has returned to perform once again among an audience intrigued with song and red-eyed costumes designed like no other?

Make the mental notation, I subsequently urged myself, lest the very universal space which abhors a vacuum might deny my thoughts a future altogether.  But for now?  Back to springtime mowing, when nothing resists the urge to grow.

(Permission to quote or reproduce in total is granted, including the visual, provided you credit me at least by name, though I would also appreciate a brief note regarding the when, where and who if possible.)

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

ABC-TV Insults the Memories of Those Who Served

Come on, let's play the Roseanne tweet game, our version:  What do you get when you cross "Fahrenheit 451" with Joseph Goebbels? 

(Answer:  ABC-TV?)

On Monday, Memorial Day, ABC-TV was all over the theme of those who served, praising military men and women for sacrificing their lives and keeping us safe.  Maybe we're wrong, but we'll assume this profound heap of thanks also included some appreciation for the rights we enjoy uniquely as Americans, all of them pretty much set in stone.

Now flash forward to Tuesday, when Roseanne Barr -- no way a political conservative, incidentally -- tweeted something unkind, considered racist by many, and suddenly her ABC show was canceled, instantly putting both Roseanne and her fellow actors and crew into instant unemployment.

Then the Pod People Express breezed in, and all current and past Roseanne shows were taken off the air at Hulu and other entities, and even her agent quit.  Funny how we increasingly emulate the old Soviet Union, quickly wiping away that which is until scarcely a memory remains.

By the way, we really should add that we thought Planet of the Apes (the original) was a good movie, and we might also mention that all decent people should absolutely hate the Muslim Brotherhood, considered a terror group in Egypt.  Speaking of Islam, how about that radicalized fellow in Belgium who killed police officers also valued as good mothers this weekend?  Anything for Allah, we suppose?

As far as the rest of the stuff Roseanne tweeted about a former Obama staffer goes, well, we really don't care, unless criminal investigations are involved -- though we wonder how this burnt offering would have gone down had Roseanne picked on anybody but a charter member, a senior advisor, of Obama, Inc.  A slam against Trump's world likely would have elicited virtually no attention from the nanny division at ABC/Disney.

But the point here is that nobody has a right NOT TO BE offended in this country, and, yes, yes, YES -- military personnel by the hundreds of thousands fought and died in order to preserve the rights we've come to expect and to cherish, and that very much from the get-go includes the First Amendment and the privilege of saying pretty much what one wants to say.  So one should lose their career over words?

On Tuesday ABC-TV trounced that right and violated every honor it bestows upon departed service people, and they did it simply by giving Roseanne the heave-ho based upon words.  Words.  Freedom of. . .well, you know.  If free speech can be defined as hate speech with consequences, we're all in very, very serious trouble (example:  check out colleges and universities populated by snowflake students), and ABC just exemplified the horrors in store for those who allow our precious freedoms to escape into the sort of darkness ABC perpetrated this week. 

TV networks teeming with progressives are nobody's friends.  Further, they simply don't get it.  A good share of voting Americans are beyond enraged at the absolutely inept, "zero tolerance" decisions handed out routinely by this bunch, a gaggle of supposedly (in their minds, anyway) intelligent folk, frequently brain-fed with elite educations by institutions imparting fantasy.  A clue:  They still can't understand why Hillary isn't President today (hint: terrible candidate). 

ABC (also owners of Disney), we suspect Walt Disney would be turning over in his grave, though his opinion of Roseanne might be up for grabs.  Of course, Walt could turn over in his grave, but he wouldn't dare speak words contrary to ABC's "values," would he?

Two questions for ABC executives:  Exactly what do you folks really think of military members who sacrificed so you could rake in the dollars and enjoy your families in relative safety every day?  And do you turn on the patriotic word machine only because they're deceased and photo ops at cemeteries make your network appear compassionate to AMERICAN values, or is there any substance there at all?

Break out the tissues (but keep shooting):  If one breaks into a store, one may become gunshot-horizontal courtesy of the owner.  Should strangers enter and occupy a home without permission in the middle of the night, enjoying satellite TV and free food as the owner sleeps, to be rewarded with an armed confrontation by said owner would not seem out of the question.

An Arizona border patrol agent shoots and kills a woman, age 20, from Guatemala and the mainstream media go nuts, automatically tending toward the side of the criminal immigrant, because the border patrol is The Problem to the MM.

First, she wasn't transported to the U.S. border on a magic carpet.  She needed to get past the southern Mexican border to make her way north.  Second, she wasn't alone.  Third, either the group accompanying her attacked with "blunt" objects or merely (?) "rushed" the border agents. 

Fourth, her family back in Guatemala, a country long branded with the terms, illiterate, poverty-stricken and politically unstable, proclaimed proudly that she wanted to have a "better life" in the USA, where she expected to get a good job.

Of course, OF COURSE nobody in the media counters this with the truth -- a job for an illegal often takes away a job which should rightly be filled by an American worker.

Oh, and we have laws.  Remember laws?  The sold-out mainstream press doesn't care, entwined as they are with the very worst of the Democrat fringe.

Funny, too, isn't it, that groups rushing the border generally include an absence of Ph.D. or master's degree candidates?  If they harbor dreams of making America great again via their own efforts, why do they not bring the best of the best from their miserable countries?  The answer is obvious.

So the stalwart hate-America-first mainstream media jumps upon this story with all the compassion, tears and bleeding hearts it can muster from its well-worn progressive grab bag, making every word count in order to tighten the screws on overworked and vastly under-appreciated border patrol personnel.  We suspect that media executives temporarily made border control folk for a couple of weeks might be singing a different tune if their lives were put in danger every day.

Then there's the "immigration attorney" group, and wow, didn't they pick some goodies to interview, as they did everything but pee in their undies to emphasize what a tragedy this killing was.  Tragedy for whom?  The family, certainly, but I must confess, I'm not really spending a lot of time going about my day with tear-stained cheeks over a border invader.

Even Central America's collective nations of illiterates (why are we thinking MS-13?) looking for a "better life" as United States invaders surely know by now that we have laws and border-jumping is a criminal offense -- but these criminals continue not to care.

In that, I and they share some common ground:  They don't care if they violate our laws, and I don't care if they condemn their bodies to ammo-induced air-conditioning as they invade our country.  Gender and age are of no consequence.  Sorry faithful, sorry "immigration attorneys." 

Seems to me, considering the state of things, that one of the greatest honors in the country is to be placed on the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate list.  How does one sign up?

Yes, the whole world wants to come here, even the part that wants our population dead, and indeed much of the world has already wandered on in against our laws -- but humans are among the easiest creatures on the planet to produce, and if we aren't careful, offspring of "the family of man" will keep coming until no crisis can be averted.  It's not just criminality, it's numbers.  Big numbers.  Big, big illiterate numbers equipped mostly to wage crime, collect welfare, hook up and reproduce to multiply hell on earth.  Not precisely what the nation's founders had in mind.

Starbucks temporarily saves patrons money as 8,000 stores close down for an afternoon, teaching privilege for some, submission for others:  Look, anything, ANYTHING involving Sharpton and Holder isn't anything a human being should be exposed to, given a choice.  Unfortunately, Tuesday's "racial bias" classes were described as only the first step in god knows what future hell Starbucks and its willing race-champion accomplices have in mind.  We suggest that what Starbucks should have done is to close down for the afternoon and, instead of this solve-nothing bull crap almost guaranteed to do little but bolster hostility, invite its patrons to come in and discuss among themselves why they insist upon spending outrageous sums of money at the stores rather than brewing their own coffee at home.

Regrettably, it won't be Starbucks executives who will need to clean up after mentally ill folk pop on  in to poop in the sinks and generally filth-up restrooms now that everybody's welcome to hang out.  But, hey, it's all about d-i-v-e-r-s-i-t-y, another word for backwards discrimination and the application of muzzles, human-style.  We're sure that even ACLU communists are pleased as punch at this turn of events, as they sip their brews at Starbucks, carefully watching to make sure everything goes as planned.  Welcome to another nail in the coffin.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Gun Dogs: Sometimes Bad Boys Ride the Bullet Train

Face it.  When you're a teenage boy looking to impress a girl, your friends, perceived enemies or strangers who already fear you, gun metal reflects in the sunlight as a pretty hot, sexy thing, almost like gold.  A gem of status.

Guns have always been with us in this country, a society which never would have survived or held on to a particle of freedom without their potentially terrible but necessary qualities.  You don't think George Washington possessed, cherished and used a gun at age 13, when boys, men and women acutely knew the difference between being firearm-safe and firearm-stupid?

This weekend I gave a gun-toting friend a book gift, a used volume I found in a bookstore, entitled, Guns of the Old West.  Published in the mid-nineties using plates from the original 1960 edition, the volume was prepared as a special edition for National Rifle Association members.  Apparently, these books were big doings for the NRA some 25 years ago, for the book was bound in pigskin and page edges decorated in gold leaf.  The publication itself was replete with illustrations and descriptions of many a firearm which built and ruled the Old West. a history we cannot and should not deny.

Yes, of course guns have a dark side, otherwise they wouldn't serve two sides of the constantly throbbing coin of life.

When I was a kid riding the school bus one morning, so long ago, I noticed the absence of a particular boy my age.  Later that day, we classmates learned he had engaged in an argument with his father, a public utility company executive, and shot his dad dead.  Obviously, we never saw the boy again.

Years later, when I served in the Air Force, an airman whose family resided in Georgia near our base went off to visit an uncle one weekend, engaged in a vicious disagreement and the uncle shot him dead, shotgun style.

Wow, talk about keeping it all in the family. . .

But that was then, and now we experience a steady diet of school, college and other institutional shootings caused pretty much by young people hosting no familial relationship with their victims.

Which reminds me -- with the latest school shootings in Texas, we see that young instant TV personality and constitutional authority David Hogg has once again taken to his hamster wheel of commentary, exercising off even more words of whatever wisdom might be anticipated from a 17-year-old.

But what's up with these contemporary young folk, primarily boys with guns?  It's not the Russians or the Chinese killing American school students, it's Americans killing Americans, and that's a little difficult to comprehend in the larger sense.  Kids murdering kids and teachers, children and adults blown away in seconds by the juvenile psycho of the day.  A little child shall bleed them?

We suspect these horror stories are not all that enigmatic.  Extreme actions perpetrated by "nice," "quiet," "sweet" boys either on the spur of the moment or as a result of rigorous planning substantially reflect a don't-give-a-damn society built over a few decades.  For one thing, the tendency, an almost desirable trend toward single parent families, or relationships where one parenting partner goes all but missing seems to have produced offspring with no concept of values or rules.  The border between right and wrong is never established, particularly when a big-screen TV or super-violent video game placed in front of an impressionable youth can distort or add mind-numbing visions 24 / 7. 

At the very least we wish Hollywood's denizens, currently so outspoken about gun carnage, would acknowledge it's their very industry whose employees can't work diligently enough to outmaneuver one another in producing the most violent -- and violently appealing -- motion pictures intended to satisfy -- or is that to entertain? -- minds both young and old which have grown to crave the hit.

We also wonder about the womb and chemical exposures, influences which affect miniature brains slowly growing in the assumed safety of embryonic fluid and nutrients passed from environment to mother to fetus (oh, I know, I'm destined for hell because I did not use the term, baby. . .).  Our lives are increasingly awash in artificial chemicals adjusting us to artificial lives, and sometimes we think the only solution will be that damned killer asteroid waiting for us somewhere just beyond the horizon.

Generations of people, young and old, possessed firearms with few behavioral problems, but most of them were solidly grounded in some vestige of organized structure, be it family, religion or even military protocol.  Today, all of these categories have gone bonkers and even the people we look to for answers have few answers.

But drugs, oh baby, we have drugs for everything, and we consult "mental health professionals" by the butt-load, they just itching to explain and help and treat and anesthetize and analyze and suggest and charge people and governments big dollars for all of it.

A gun case used to be a place to store a firearm, now it's a shooter's mental situation.  Maybe a mind goes crazy when there's nothing to believe in anymore, or at least that's the premise.  However, perhaps it's an instance of so goes the society, so go the youth.  Are these mass-homicidal events evidence of a bitter societal end, or will somebody or something come to the rescue until occasions more destructive materialize?

Like it or not, bullets and gunpowder comprise a substantial amount of the mortar which established the USA's foundation.  That a disturbing number of young people have commandeered traditional bullet train etiquette coldly and with insidious calculation begets a whole series of questions which may never be answered, but if answered, never solved.  We are humans.  We are the most incredibly devious entities temporarily anchored to the planet.  Good luck with that.

What TV news barely reported about this week:  When your televised advertising revenue depends tremendously upon a treasure chest of commercials touting class action lawsuits against mesothelioma, the bad product of the week or some injury acquired by somebody's sister's grandmother's aunt's nephew's dog, you're not about to give this goldmine up willingly.  Unfortunately for TV stations throughout the land, this week the U.S. Supreme Court effectively, except where unions are involved, ruled that individuals are not required to take part in class action lawsuits -- which, as we all know, enhance attorneys outrageously while individuals usually get a few cents or dollars in return.  We aren't attorney material, but as we understand this five-to-four court ruling, businesses and corporations can now breathe easier in the knowledge that class action lawsuits will no longer be initiated at, literally, the drop of a hat where a handful of people get together and concoct a lawsuit almost guaranteed to ruin a business and, at the very least, cause it to raise consumer prices substantially to recoup the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars unscrupulous lawyers have drained from their bank accounts.  In other words, frivolous lawsuits conducted by attorneys and law firms no better than thieves and thugs are suddenly in more jeopardy than ever, and that's a very, very good thing for America and we who, one way or another, pay for their "legal" robberies.

Obviously, TV ad executives watching the bottom line will probably faint dead away, because a significant source of income may need to kiss TV screens goodbye, or so we believe.  As for those progressively liberal lawyers out there, claiming to be do-gooders with no ulterior motives -- looks as though it's back to chasing ambulances and handling bitter divorce cases, or running for public office in hopes of gaining revenge against us all.

Annoyances that won't go away:  Hillary Clinton, the eternal electoral victim, is still out there speaking, though a lot of Democrats wish she would simply go away.  Then there are the Obamas and their deal to produce "documentaries" and "features" for Netflix.  We can hardly imagine how history will be distorted and enhanced to make the Obamas look like George and Martha Washington basking on a pleasant beach peppered with Marxist sand castles and associates of a similar mindset.  If class action lawyer commercials aren't enough to make the innocent turn off the TV, this might just do it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bits and Pieces for May 2018

Like you, maybe like you, all too late I discover a pile of news articles intended as fodder for the blog, but there are so many -- too many.  So, today I decided just to throw out some headlines from recent weeks and, depending upon my May laziness factor, perhaps a comment is worthwhile here and there.

First, though, a word about North Korea's Kim Jong Un and his possible / apparent / rumored decision to dispense with a meeting with Trump:  This is a surprise?  To Whom?  Since when does this pampered ass, his father or grandfather deal honorably with anybody from the West?  Seemed good on paper, but taking a pathetic non-action figure from the page of a June calendar to the world stage takes a lot of exertion and expectation.  This manipulative sociopath with the brain and looks of a bloated road kill toad will never raise his status higher than that of a common thug, and if he wishes to reach into North Korea's traditional treasure chest of lies in the face of Trump's best efforts, this particular Kim and his associates deserve whatever will follow.  Nor, of course, is China innocent in this matter, all the while pulling puppet strings.

Now, from the desk of things:

Climate change dials down Atlantic Ocean heating system. (BBC News):  This is good, yes?

Dying Gulf Stream may trigger a global nightmare. (Fox News):  This is bad, yes?

Creating clouds to stop global warming could wreak havoc. (USA Today):  Good, bad, whatever -- I lost track of my senses after the first climate change article.

Climate skeptics more eco-friendly than global-warming alarmists: Study. (Washington Times):  Yes, the difference between rationality and bat-poop nuts is quite obvious.

Department of Homeland Security to establish monitoring system that tracks journalists in live time. (The Blaze):  Intended primarily to track foreign journalists who say bad things?  Hmm.  I think it comes down to, you speak out with the wrong words, you're on the scope.  Thanks a lot, DHS, nothing shouts First Amendment freedom like a "monitoring system."

Conservative news tycoon Matt Drudge, a prominent supporter of Donald Trump, hit out at the president Wednesday following a tweet in which he suggested that journalists' credentials could be revoked. (Newsweek):  Please, Mr. President, banish this thought from your mind.  We've already been inundated with enough "help" from the Democrats regarding ways to manage news reporting.

Germany set out to delete hate speech online. Instead, it made things worse.
(Washington Post):  Angela Merkel and her fellow dolts should have seen this one coming.  You can't delete "hate speech" without deleting the good stuff, too.  But what should one expect from a government which welcomed every terrorist and loon available with open arms?

Iran Threatens to Restart Nuke Enrichment Program in Matter of Days. (Washington Free Beacon):  Old news by now, but just another dirty fingerprint left over from the fine diplomatic work performed by the Obama bunch.  Period.

Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles. (The Guardian):  At last, great news, and maybe we can make this enzyme eat other things, too.  Political entities come immediately to mind, of course.

A team of scientists says it has created a pig that can be used in transplantations in humans. (The Yomiuri Shimbun):  I live for the day when animals no longer sacrifice their lives for us, but that day will commence after I'm long dead, if ever.  We are what we are.

Soros-Funded Group Launches App to Help Illegal Aliens Avoid Feds. (Judicial Watch):  Why sacrifice pigs, when one can pick and choose among traitors and international criminals, some may ask?

Students storm library to denounce conservative 'hate speech.' (Campus Reform):  Ah yes, Columbia University, like so many other fine institutions sucking money from parents who assume an education is what they're paying for as their kid's mind transforms into a swamp creature's thinking process.

BLOODIED AND CHAINED Thailand zoo horror revealed in sickening snaps showing emaciated animals shackled in tiny cages. (The Sun):  How could one ever believe our role is to care for the animals, when we obviously don't?  There are people who need to die on the planet, and a good share of them include those who mistreat animals.

Weed killer found in granola and crackers, internal FDA emails show. (The Guardian):  Hmm, and all this time I thought that funny taste was caused by the trans-fats and perhaps a few fingernail clippings.

Whistle blower leaks harrowing footage of sheep baking to death on board overcrowded slaughter ship.  WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: The suffering animals were crammed together on the boat which was bound for the Middle East. (The Mirror):  Ditto re abused animals.  The Middle East?  Of course.

Yale College braces for expected influx of student ’emotional support animals.’ (The Blaze):  Kinda makes one wonder whether we should reinitiate the military draft just so these young combo snowflakes / emotional train wrecks -- mostly caused by liberally progressive upbringing, natch' -- can experience a few weeks of basic training.  May I suggest intensive "blanket parties" as an added benefit?  Then the poor "support" animals can return home and be animals again, rather than enduring the role of stuffed teddy bears.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

When Power Over Women Means Power Over Us All

Not an hour had passed after I posted Monday's blog entry, when blaring headlines in red hit the Internet about the fall in disgrace of NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman, swallowed and spit out by the very entity he claimed to champion -- abused women.  I suppose at this point we need to pepper accusations with the word, "alleged" because the hard evidence still resides in the pages of The New Yorker, but the fact that (at least?) four women have come forward to charge Schneiderman with a box full of horrific allegations makes it almost impossible to dismiss instances submitted publicly.

The thing about Monday's entry is my concluding paragraph, where I (nothing new) condemned NY's governor and a state government dominated, in my opinion, by the worst segment of society just outside of prison.  Then, wow, bam!  The great and iron-fisted Schneiderman, good buddy of Cuomo and other progressive head cases determined, above all else, to rid the nation of Trump, collapsed into a puddle of dirty water, very dirty water.  Funny -- while Donald Trump makes great strides regarding North Korea and Iran (and we hope, very soon, on the Supreme Court, in multiples), Cuomo and the Democrats' great white hope, the seemingly indestructible Super-Schneiderman, goes down in flames.  Oh dear, dear, DEAR!  What will the NY legislative frauds and their weak-minded supporters do now?  They really should have been prepared for this scandal, because similar events of disrepute have graced Albany's/NY City's greatest among Democrats on numerous past occasions.

One clear thing:  Have no doubt, when our government hosts a monster who treats dates like sex cattle and/or whipping posts, that fine example of social justice will do the same to constituents under their thumb, using all the powers of a system in which the intent was intended to remain honorable.

We are humans and we suck.  It's just that progressives suck more.  New York?  California?  Oh, Mr. President, keep doing what you're doing.

Meanwhile, returning for a moment to NY's Cuomo:  As this authoritarian mistake of a governor continues doing everything he can to take guns away from law-abiding citizens (voiced not exactly in those words), we again ask when he plans to unburden himself totally of a weaponized security detail, as he travels the state and beyond, espousing platitudes of stupidity.  If firearms are worthy of forfeit for the people, surely this stuffed suit shouldn't have objections to leading by example.

Iran on the verge?  We believe Trump did the right thing because Obama's screwing of the U.S. by going along with a horrible deal costing U.S. taxpayers alone almost two billion dollars (in addition to the other goodies Iran received) added to another $150 billion or so was a monumental blunder..  As Iran's religious crazies concentrate on funding nukes and terror while letting the people wallow in increasing poverty, we hope the good Iranian people who still remember Iran's golden days of peace can help their youth rise up and destroy the filthy beasts who usurped their power and took over their country.  Trust us, extremist pinheads. there's no imam waiting to come out of a well to bolster the fantasies of mullah twits.  A firm partnership among Saudi Arabia, Israel and other nations acutely aware of Iran's intentions may provide the silver bullet to destroy savages cloaked in radical robes of death.