Thursday, January 18, 2018

Democrats -- Guardians of a Sh--hole Universe

Sh**hole defined by WordWeb (Informal term) An unpleasant or disgusting place.

Really, I have no idea whether Trump said the words attributed to him.  How would I know?  He attended a closed-door meeting where one might assume a certain amount of heated free-range speaking goes on, coupled with some expectation of privacy among participants.

Except that Senator Dick Durbin (add a third D for Democrat) was in the room, apparently playing the role of a blabbermouth fly on the wall, though he's not a fly and he wasn't on the wall.  Like a schoolyard tattletale, Durbin could hardly hold his bladder long enough to rush before the media and pee all over Trump and the immigration meeting.  Durbin's good at this sort of thing, apparently having a history of saying things.  Did he not make some rather degrading reference equating U.s. Marines with Nazis a few years ago?  Durbin also is said to have an aggregate past of making things up.  But we're sure the labor unions love every square inch of D.D.

Truth is, the world is sprinkled with sh**holes, thus the reason for said sh**hole inhabitants desperately attempting to make their way out, often headed toward the United States.  Surely, this is no secret in Haiti or among various African and South American nations?

And it's no secret among the Democrat crowd, the progressive delusionals who can't wait to stuff the U.S. with new, confirmed Democrat voters destined to make radical liberalism the law of the land, as we drift ever closer to "one world" under the evil auspices of United Nations loonies driven to create one big, miserable hive devoid of individual achievement and self-determination.

We believe we recently heard statistics relative to a finding that somewhere around 70 percent of black folk in the U.S. are now immigrants?  How will that help job and education opportunities for black people citizens born in the USA?  It won't.

Did Trump allegedly say something in a racist vein?  No, but we escaped eight years of a President who implied racism and anti-American values from dawn to dusk.  Obama, stacking the deck on immigration to the point where European (white) people were seemingly pushed aside in favor of "preferable" skin colors and races from other parts of the world, appeared on David Letterman's new talk show a few days ago, singing the same old song.  Me, I'm always keen on noticing how he refers to the U.S. as a democracy instead of calling it what it is -- a democratic republic.  There's a huge difference, one being a country like Venezuela and the other America.

Meanwhile, Democrats, feeling a lot more feisty now that Durbin crapped Trump's DACA/immigration reform bed, feel they AT LAST have something to hang over Republican heads as the 2018 congressional elections draw near.

Political leftists truly act as guardians of the world's sh**holes when illegal immigration is involved, and arguments could be made that a significant ground zero point for this began in 1965 when the late drunken and negligently homicidal senator Edward Kennedy, helped along by LBJ, managed to open up the immigration floodgates with promises that things would never get out of control.  Uh huh.

The result of haphazard immigration "control" has been an influx of miserable and evil agenda-ridden people who hate and/or will never care about American values, learn the language or contribute a damned thing.  Did we not hear that at least three-quarters of illegal immigrants and their children are on some form of welfare, while over 30 percent of the nation's prisoners are illegal aliens?  Thanks, progressives, for helping this along.

The left doesn't want anybody messing around with the world's sh**holes, because they consider the inhabitants and contents the personal property of the Democrat Party.  DNC speakers can't very well conjure up images of the world's poor and miserable if lives are changed through efforts other than their own.  The DNC can't expect to grasp the golden ring of absolute power without lying or exaggerating their asses off to continue importing new voters illegally via any means necessary.

Let us not forget that not all of the reprehensible are Democrats.  Many are simply members of the Elite who manipulate, rather than populate, any particular political rat hole.

If Trump referenced sh**holes, said holes belong to Durbin's party, and the only action his precious party can take is to dig 'em deeper while simultaneously expressing what passes for compassion.  There must be a DNC playbook somewhere, instructional for same old, same old.

By the way -- El Salvador residents who came here on a temporary basis after an earthquake struck years and years ago?  Trump says it's time to go, and that's an understatement.  El Salvador could have been rebuilt several times by now, and the fact that some El Salvadorians started businesses here (!) is of no consequence.  So, gotta go.  Git.  It's the law.

Interesting, too, that tons of equipment the U.S. mainland sent to Puerto Rico for rebuilding reportedly continues to collect in warehouses, waiting for Puerto Rican electric personnel to do something with it.  Meanwhile, the island overwhelmingly lacks electricity -- apparently thanks to Puerto Rican authorities themselves.

Democrat Rep. John Lewis appeared on one of the Sunday talk shows, and of course he ha-a-a-a-a-a-a-tes Trump, and answered affirmatively that he believes Trump is a racist.  Lewis (who's the racist here?), strangely, believes that immigration is a civil rights issue (whaaaaaaaa?), though I believe rational Americans would agree that immigration is actually a privilege, not to be abused.  Incidentally, at this point I'm not going to throw myself at the feet of the Great God Lewis whom, as a member of the Congressional Black Caucus (yes, I'm jealous, I want a caucus for the rest of us) supports by default the Democrat Party, original home of the Ku Klux Klan, the Democrat Party's militant branch.  One can hardly mention Democrats without thinking of the KKK.  One would think that Lewis, of all people, would have scooted far away from the Dems long ago.  Then again, it was good enough for the late Sen. Robert Byrd, a reformed sheet-wearer from way back.

The ideal immigration bill:  No visa lottery, no chain migration, initiate E-verify for all employees with harsh penalties for employers hiring illegals, no "anchor babies" or foreign birth tourism, no sanctuary cities -- and DACA parents responsible for bringing/birthing kids here must be kicked out of the country.

Chelsea Manning yanks on the scab:  Another Obama victory, this one involving the presidential pardon of pure treason dressed up in women's clothing.  So now what?  So now he/she intends to run for the U.S. Senate in Maryland.  Perfect.  Isn't it amazing what a pardon can do for the lawfully condemned?

President Trump's physical exam:  Any doctor who admits, as Trump's does, that genetics play a role in one's health is a welcome sight, as there are still so many who believe one size fits all, especially with medication "needs" and dosages.  What disturbed me greatly were some members of the press, who asked a litany of juvenile and stupid questions of the physician, obviously hoping for some weapon to crack Trump's health egg.  Frightening, actually, how these folks don't know much about medicine in general.  I was reminded of a high school journo class's first day.

Hollywood:  Actor Mark Wahlberg should have sat this one out and not been  intent on infusing himself with an estrogen drip.  Actress Michelle Williams had already made her statement about refusing or giving back her salary for working re-do on a movie "disgraced" by Kevin Spacey's presence.  As I recall, Williams is an adult and she made her decision.  To fuss about it and play the victim after the fact because of one's own decision cheapens the entire affair.  Instead of Wahlberg wasting a million bucks by contributing to something called "Time's Up," I would suggest instead that "crime's up," in a new scam, and maybe a donation to an animal rescue organization would be a better option.  Michelle Williams?  Poor thing, I suspect she'll survive her own decision regarding salary -- an inept decision, perhaps, but owned by her solely nonetheless.

We boldly suggest that the poor woman/evil man thing will eventually eat its own tail, pushing human entities further and further away from one another.  Intentions have consequences, some in great demand by a select segment of society.

Techno-downside:  With changes at the FCC regarding Internet options and digital widening, we are rather concerned about the likelihood that a million or more ADDITIONAL cell towers will be going up all over the U.S., and some interests want them installed in national parks (disguised as trees!).  Because the scientific back-and-forth over possible damage subjected to humans and animals by cell tower microwave radiation transmissions continues, we urge nothing but caution.  The very thought of brain tumor formations and genetic damage with consequences unknown should scare us into the woods -- oops, except new towers will be there, too.

We wonder often whether denizens of the technical/computer world know or care how their brilliant efforts will eventually illustrate inescapably the phrase, "there's no place to run."  We humans will construct the world's greatest artificial intelligence leg-hold trap, willingly snapping its jaws on whatever vestiges of freedom remain.  Who decides?  Who?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Cold Case, January 2018

Global warming has turned out to be a terribly chilly affair this winter, and while the prospect of writer's frostbite may sound adventurously appealing, I plan to take a pass and sit out some of the season.

I did watch a few minutes of the Golden Globes on TV, but felt like an unwelcome visitor at a vampire convention, what with all the black attire, and not to mention all the either obvious or disguised man-hating rhetoric.  There's nothing like dragging political points of view into a celebration.  That's entertainment?

Seems that James O'Keefe of Project Veritas is on the prowl again -- and this time he's out to demonstrate via hidden camera and microphone that Twitter's officials may harbor an agenda or practices not quite in line with what their customers want.  This  story has the potential to blow sky-high in the days ahead.

I'm out of here for now, or maybe we'll meet in a time warp.  Meanwhile, stay in touch with the link list.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Iran Screams

When Iran endured a social uprising in 2009 President Barack Obama was handed a golden opportunity to make statements strongly in support of Iran's people, long suffering under extremist Mullahs who catapulted the country backward in time, forced into a vice-grip of strict Islamic rule.  Instead, curiously, Obama did nothing -- except he DID do something, as we now know.  Obama was determined to achieve a legacy-enhancing deal with Iran, and he apparently entertained no obstacles as he followed a pathway eventually ending in an absurd agreement over nukes and other matters, culminating also in the delivery of millions of U.S. dollars in cash to Iran, accomplished pretty much in the dark of night.  When the New York Times, of all things, exposed this ruthless Obama/Iran relationship, the circumstances behind Obama's lack of action in 2009 suddenly offered clarity.

Refreshing is the contrast now, as President Donald Trump takes full advantage of Iran's current chaos, encouraging Iran's miserable population, no longer wishing domination by an extremist regime intent only upon squandering national riches on promoting terrorism abroad, neglecting or brutalizing altogether Iran's people.  The barbarity of Iranian prisons is already well known, so Trump's reference to human rights violations barely touches a hot surface, as the country violently self-destructs by degrees.

Anybody who might have read my former Air Force blog (I dismantled it because I experienced problems carrying it on LiveJournal. . .maybe I'll put it up on Blogger sometime) knows that during my Air Force training decades ago the USAF took on an experiment where two young Iranian women joined our class.  Obviously, this was the era when the Shah still ruled Iran, and the U.S. and Iran at that time were on friendly terms.  We routinely trained Iranian pilots.

I'll post their picture here, cut from a graduation photo taken when our class ended in the sixties.  I decided to blacken out their eyes in the photo, just because I don't trust Iran's radical police element, even some fifty years later.  The fact that these very nice and smart young women (whose names I can't list, either) came to the U.S. attired in Western clothing, attended U.S. schools and then returned to the hell which overtook Iran after the Shah would hardly gain them acceptance among the extremist vultures holding Iran in a death grip.  Maybe, just maybe, this time the Iranian people will deal with these thugs, and it's just so wonderful that Trump issued a few words of bold assurance. (Note:  Newest information from Iran indicates that the country's brutal guard personnel may have squashed the demonstrations, at least for now.  But as Trump said -- the world is watching.)

Miss America under new management:  Look, women no longer like to be called "miss," and except primarily for male audience members and wannabees who keep this televised dinosaur walking the earth, would most folks really object to ending this meat market ritual, its reason for existence apparently dependent upon demonstrating that beautiful ladies can have brains, too?

Marijuana for everybody:  States continue to go crazy.  Smoke it, eat it or find a way to take it intravenously -- it's still chock full of chemicals and really bad stuff set to invade one's lungs and other organs.  Unfortunately, young folk often believe they will live forever, health consequences be damned.  As states slowly legalize this stuff, rational minds must ask why.  Aside from states expecting a huge tax windfall, we wonder if much of the joy demonstrated by an anxious weed-lovin' public hasn't come about mainly because people believe they've won a thrill-victory of sorts over The Authorities.  Fine.  Now what? 

Astronomers continue discovering Earth-like planets:  And we wonder how many of them, had they hosted life, encountered asteroids over the millennia which wiped out every trace of it?

Take a pill:  While law enforcement and government agencies go nuts attempting to control the opioid addiction, the FDA and associates happily unleash a non-stop blizzard of new "legal" medications intended to affect every bodily organ and function.  Aside from questions regarding future harm on DNA sequences and damage accumulating merely by the indiscriminate excretion of medications into the environment, the fact that pharmaceutical corporations survive only by perpetuating a vicious cycle of manufacturing new, often dangerous drugs given the "okay" by people with uncomfortable connections to published research, should be a major concern.

Hey Kim:  Nice new suit, but no matter your attire, you still look like a James Bond villain.  Just be careful about not spilling a drink on that nuke button while lounging about your desk area with nothing to do but luxuriate in your creeping irrelevancy.