Thursday, April 19, 2018

Starbucks Rubs Diversity into the Wound

Will they never learn?  The pattern remains the same.  In this instance, a single Starbucks employee called the cops to remove two black men whom she suspected were loitering or doing other things she felt questionable.  In any event, the employee no longer works for the apologetic company.

But was that enough?  Noooooooooooo.  Instead, Starbucks wimped out and lifted the old diversity training chestnut high, promising to close all of its stores for a day later in May to conduct diversity sessions.

Nobody gets it.  "Diversity" training means, and has long meant, if you're white you're guilty, and somehow "they" plan to instill warm and loving diversity emotions into you in a manner gentler but similar to a North Korean re-education class.  By the time class ends, yep, you'll graduate as tolerant, and if you're not it'll go very badly for you next time something, anything happens which seems remotely offensive, racist, anything-o-phobic or (God help you!) wrongly or unfortunately worded.

Starbucks -- three words for your corporate butts:  Go to hell.  You caved, just as Laura Ingraham's radio show sponsors took off on a run and didn't look back when intimidated by a nasty, foul-mouthed teenager and his fanatical little friends who apparently live their days accompanied by a tall cup of, not coffee, but hatred for everybody who disagrees with them.

Okay, racism is bad, bad, bad -- but to force hundreds or thousands of innocent Starbucks employees to undergo the undeserved punishment of diversity training when they have violated nobody's sensibilities is just plain insulting.  Further, diversity training can tend to make one less, not more tolerant of racial differences, from my observations.

How much longer U.S. interests and corporations can be held hostage within minutes via the weapon of instant messaging and the flash mob mentality is a question that must be addressed before we're destroyed as a society, and be assured that not even diversity training will put that egg back together again.

A date with Kim:  As members of Congress seethe over not being informed of Pompeo's secret meeting with North Korea's Kim Jung Un, we suspect that Trump's people realized the usual blabbers would leak the event's existence enough to drown it into oblivion before it even happened.  Oh, the times in which we live.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

When Collusion Becomes Hullabillusion

During March of 1966 the U.S. was swimming in UFO reports, particularly in parts of Michigan.  So intense were press reports that LIFE Magazine's April 1rst issue -- which obviously could have played up the "April Fools" aspect -- chose instead to offer extensive coverage of the events with an exhibit of alleged color photos of UFOs.

A key witness among UFO observers was farmer Frank Mannor, who, with his son, claimed to have encountered a strange object in a marshy area.  Anxious to be believed by a curious but often skeptical media, Mannor emphasized that their sighting was real, not a "hullabillusion," a perfect non-word which informally went down in UFO history to accentuate a grand delusion or elusive illusion (well, that's my take on it, and I'm sure better descriptions abound).

The word, "hullabillusion" has resurfaced in my mind some 52 years later as I watch the Washington, D.C. circus of policy blood-letting among both Donald Trump and opposition personnel.  Me, I'm an Independent voter with conservative views, but I also entertain a divergent side which no conservative would touch with insulated gloves.  So, it's sometimes deceptively easy for me to "take sides" on issues.  Nevertheless, I'm just a mortal human with no superpower abilities.

We hope that talk of all-out war with nukes is just talk among the world's Elite, but should it come and military man and woman power becomes essential, we wonder how that would work out, now that we know a significant portion of military-age youth in the U.S. couldn't be military material under the best of circumstances due to the deplorable physical, mental and drugged-out conditions under which they dwell.

Meanwhile, now that our relationship with Russia could hardly be worse WITHOUT nukes involved, we suspect that all the talk of "collusion" which has given both Democrats and other Trump-hating folk a really nice ride appears dead in the water -- or should be.

"Stormy Daniels," election violations and a daily cavalcade of subjects -- orchestrated, we suspect, particularly by Elitists who successfully hide their own baggage -- just chomping at the bit to take Donald Trump down will continue, and maybe impeachment and a ceremonial kick-out will happen.

From my tiny point of observation, it seems that the more Trump accomplishes his agenda, the more that darker forces come out of the woodwork to destroy the man chosen as President, taking the extra step of "officially" messing with lawyer-client privilege (Update:  Apparently, the attorney-client aspect may not apply in this murky situation, as a criminal investigation with a focus on lawyer Cohen himself has surfaced as the reason for Cohen's visit from the FBI) and eventually, we believe, pursuing Trump's family members, all in the darkest tradition of destroying people politically.

Where were these negative, inquisitive bastards of media and government lurking while Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and a cacophony of others screwed big-time with us?  This country has developed into more opposing layers of a who's-who justice system than colors on a gay rainbow flag.

Trump and Russian collusion?  Hey, if that doesn't work out, try and try again with something else until you win the brass ring.  Give a thousand monkeys a thousand typewriters and eventually they'll type out a novel where some extremely offensive people reach their goal of ridding the country of a President named Trump so they can. . . make America restrained again.

Mark Zuckerberg endures and testifies before old congressional farts:   First of all, how is it that he met with a few of them before he even testified?  That raises an eyebrow for me.  Second, if this Facebook controversy ends with MORE government oversight and control of the Internet, the enemies of free speech will have progressed another inch.  Bad news for the rest of us.

Now Bank of America has declined to loan money to gun companies which produce "military style" weapons.  That makes two out of the big five.  I think it's just about time to remind giant banking institutions that the taxpayers bailed them out in grand fashion, and if they really wish to take the moral high ground, maybe they should start with a look in the mirror. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Ten Words

"Nobody Can Tell Me How Many Children I Can Have!"

Fighting words for some, a comforting declaration for others.

Time to check the. . .time.

It's zero o'clock and the year is 2018.

By 2030, some estimates suggest that 20 percent or more of jobs humans have come to depend upon will be gone, mostly absorbed by the world of high-tech, robots and devices yet to arrive on the scene.  This raises a question,  interesting as never before:  Who needs all these people roaming the planet?

That's right, us, we, they.

The "Third World" is destined to be especially proficient at baby production in the future, despite a population decline in developed nations.  Why do some people insist on becoming proliferating "baby machines?"  Probably for the same reason why baseball players consume a game by periodically spitting on the field for no apparent reason.

Which means, is there a reason to continue popping out large families?  Parents love their kids, but if one looks upon the future as, not a time of opportunity, but instead a fractured era of suffering, joblessness and enough idle time to drive the newly useless ambitious folk insane, what then?  We may like to believe we can choose or deny artificial intelligence and its successors down the road, but the situation more likely involves an AI that won't need us.

Doom-and-gloom prophecies are nothing new (the latest concerns observations of a giant crack in Africa and magnetic anomalies), but putting those aside in favor of merely wondering about a future catastrophe caused by human numbers alone takes a different approach.  Hours need not pass into eternity before one realizes a basic point:  Every person born on the planet requires land, resources and something with which to exercise one's brain. 

In a world where AI accomplishments become important enough to surpass human needs, desires and basic reasons for existence, what's the point of giving birth to torrents of folk without purpose, destined only to bump into one another or, in the worst instances, murder one another just for sport (and we anticipate, as this dreary episode unfolds, that nearly all wild and domestic animals would already be dead, having been killed for food or, again, "sport")?  Just look at Venezuela's empty zoos and good people who turned into prostitutes and thieves simply to survive under a radical government -- a society in chaos.

We strongly suspect that tech labs all over the world, right now, are flexing their intellectual muscles under either the hope or pretense of building a better world, though the real outcome here, almost inevitably, could be a planet hostile to the purpose or continuation of human life. 

"Nobody can tell me how many children I can have!"

From smart to outsmarted in a few decades?

California governor Jerry Brown:  Trial, conviction, and a long prison term, please.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg:  I do believe an astounding number of people on the left really would vote this guy into the presidency, despite the Facebook baggage.  Still love your daily digital "social" network activities?

Cynthia Nixon:  Another actor running for something, this time for Democrat governor of New York.  We guess almost any old leftist thing would be an improvement over Andrew Cuomo, but Nixon's politics will make each battle to see who can move farthest to the left without falling off the cliff.  Either way, assured though it appears that a Democrat will continue to keep the NY governor's office, New Yorkers will continue to see dramatic tax increases while even more residents move out of the state.  Nixon's campaign promise to allow and tax marijuana sales in NY merely shows her wish to gain state revenue on the backs of people who probably don't know or could not care less how many toxic substances come with marijuana.  Better, we think, that Cynthia Nixon continue mouthing lines from a script and do what TV or motion picture directors tell her to do in the actor's world of fiction and fantasy.

The borders:  If Trump's plans for National Guard or other military influence at the borders fails to work as intended, maybe AI could play a role.  Has Silicon Valley invented robotic dogs capable of biting illegal border immigrants and drug runners on the ass until they turn around and go back?  We could order 100,000 of those useful little items.

Writing while white:  Me, guilty as charged.  Look, I'm not about to stand by and take it kindly as universities, colleges and hate groups disguised as puppy dogs condemn people of whiteness for our existence.  How can I speak out in this newly-enlightened society without sounding like a KKK member?  The new KKK-like entity in the U.S. encompasses non-white voices acting as irrational as the KKK ever could, minus (for now) the lynchings and cross-burning.  Radical voices, implementing a crazy term called "white privilege," go on the attack at every opportunity, reflected particularly in what have become, strangely, knuckle-dragging institutions of so-called higher learning where white folk are admitted with an expectation that they'll act guilty and submissive, once certain faculty members backed by cowardly or radically permissive administrations perform extreme mental twists and torture.  From firsthand experience I can declare loudly and with certainty that there are few words invoking stark terror in the English language than the one known as diversity, when applied to race and skin color, but that's an issue I prefer not to detail in a blog entry.

On the plus side, we remain grateful for college students and others who have the courage to issue public reports when various groups or speakers take to the podium or classroom to intellectually water-board white people, Christianity and established values with nothing to back up their assertions other than pure racial hatred in reverse.  And, by the way, these folks don't appreciate at all those who dare to exercise freedom of speech by criticizing their antics and nonsensical words. 

Revel in the new society of lefties, mad as hatters.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Laura Ingraham & The David Hogg Show

Personally, I hold no contempt for teenagers.
  Did I not purchase the 12-DVD set of movies and special features from the Twilight series?  It's so much easier to understand teenagers when you observe them as blood-suckers or hypnotized zombies soaking up everything around them.  Everything.

I don't believe David Hogg is a vampire, but he surely put himself out in the public, where he is freely allowed to express his views, accompanied or not accompanied by a potty mouth for emphasis.  Hogg is not a blood-sucking demon, absorbing the life force of his surroundings, but he sure appears ready, willing and able to meld himself into the political agenda nonsense successfully perpetrated upon youth by the far left for decades.  School shootings aside, I guess David Hogg really could be called a victim here. a victim of influences he probably embraces as harmless, rather than deadly to the intellect.  As he continues making media appearances, displaying heightened degrees of anger and rage, we fear he will eventually burn himself out, perhaps ultimately cognizant as a true adult that locking oneself into an unmovable stance while simultaneously attempting to hush up or even destroy those with opposing views is hardly the epitome of fair play.

I like and respect talk show host and author Laura Ingraham, but just a few years ago, when I clung to the political left as if it were my best buddy, I readily dismissed her opinions.  When her then-fledgling radio talk show was just beginning to reach a few national radio markets I started tuning in every evening, just because I found her views absurd and her arguments contemptible.

One evening, and I remember zero details now, she played a promotion for her show and/or made some remark that just sent me to the moon, and I immediately e-mailed her in blistering protest as Laura went to a commercial.

Upon returning to the microphone, I was amazed to hear Laura Ingraham dripping with anger toward me, going so far as to castigate me over the airwaves using my full name!  None of that traditional first-name basis stuff generally referenced by national talk show folk, nope, instead she laid me out on her broadcast slab like a cold corpse.

But times and people change, and as I started to mix my political feelings Ingraham was no longer an "enemy" to my ears.  I get it now.

I hope non-vampire David Hogg turns a similar corner one day, too, and develops a thicker skin.  In the meantime, let's remember that Hogg's the one who put out for public chomping the assertion that his grade point average precluded him from gaining acceptance to certain colleges.  If talk show lady Laura Ingraham commented about this in a manner not to young, young, so young David's liking, was it really necessary to fire back by insisting -- rather successfully in at least six cases-- that her sponsors (wimps) abandon her?  He wanted an apology (got it) and a boycott.

OF COURSE it was necessary.  Whether he knows it or not ("not" being the least of choices, methinks), David Hogg's apparent connection to leftist values sires a perfect desire to make sure that he gets to speak, but woe to anybody who dares mock or criticize him in return.  This is youth?  No, this is childish behavior and the kindling for eventual self-burnout.

The dish-it-out-but-can't-take-it thing.  But Ingraham's sponsors "actually" took off running because of an angry teenage kid -- AND his leftist-influenced social media followers who may just be out for a thrill?

This attitude comes right out of the "great" universities populated currently by radical freedom-of-speech groups who only accept their freedom to express themselves on the podium or before the cameras, and the opposition must shut up or face lawsuits.  "Social" media?  Whose definition of social?

When I was David Hogg's age, younger really, I was hitting the radio talk shows, TV programs and letters-to-the-editor pages of everything from local newspapers to national magazines regarding my opinions and research into UFOs -- and when skeptics or debunkers struck back at me, the exulted one, ouch!  That hurt like hell, and I would often respond with words rather unpleasant, though falling short of using a David Hogg special non-euphemism beginning with "F."

The leftward media loves "The David Hogg Show" for now, but in a few weeks or months, after they find other issues to sink their teeth into, chances seem increasingly likely that they'll -- figuratively -- leave him abandoned and bleeding on the roadside of public hype, just as he tried with a modicum of whining achievement to leave Laura Ingraham on the same road.

Ms. Ingraham, we ask you:  In general, if basketball players can be told to shut up and dribble, can vacuous teenage brains with a lot to learn follow a message of shut up, no drivel?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Young Wankers on Parade

The March For Our Lives, March 24, 2018:  It's one thing to gather in great numbers to protest injustice.  It's quite another matter to organize with the financial and organizational assistance and inclusion of the radical left, always ready and willing to use kids and adults to further a political agenda straight out of a socialist how-to book.

We can't add much to what's been said. We agree, this was a day-long advertisement for the Democrat Party, exhibiting absolutely no patience for conservative viewpoints.  And yes, the event included young people truly shaken by the Florida school shootings, but for some inexplicable reason no time or space could be allowed for the brother or father of deceased student Meadow Pollack, either of whom were far more eloquent than many of the hysterical, ill-equipped or progressively addicted individuals who mobbed the microphones.  In fact, despite several estimates of crowd numbers, reliable counters allege that only 10 percent of attendees were of the teenage variety.  Certainly, this would be in keeping with charges that Louis Farrakhan and others who funded  the "Women's March" would be involved here, probably with many of the same marchers from past leftist displays.

Clearly, all over the country and 'round the world this was a pod-people event, instilled with group-think and precious little else intellectually.  When you need to invite celebrities accompanied by gun-carrying security personel to bolster your message -- people whose lives are enriched only because they read from scripts and move like trained dogs before the cameras or on stage per directors' instructions -- nothing particularly impressive should be assumed.

In the end, the hoopla boiled down to one thing:  Expressions of pure hatred for the political right, with the far left's intent to rid the country of all guns eventually, one step at a time, as they simultaneously work on chipping away other American rights to enhance government power over people power -- and "the kids" are clueless, having no idea how they're currently being used as pawns by those who profess that one should never let a good crisis go to waste.  If the National Rifle Organization is the enemy -- and it's not -- then the people who helped teens organize a Saturday afternoon of blistering attacks instead of a memorial are monsters whose actions go far beyond anything they think of the NRA, whose organization exemplifies firearm safety, not school mayhem.  The NRA, by the way, may have found membership rolls increased significantly as the left went on the attack, sounding like crazy people during speaking/shouting sessions publicly. NRA spokespeople, on the other hand, don't scream at people like banshees.

We assume that any of these young marching people who may have found themselves in Afghanistan, Vietnam or other hellish places as military members, suddenly hitting the ground as gunfire bursts forth in their direction, would pray for guns to defend their lives.

One can blame guns until the last bit of ammo is banished, but the problem remains -- the person of terrifying mental status, the grudge-holder, maybe somebody desirous of settling a score permanently with others, who knows?  We're an industrious lot, easily using knives, explosives, blunt objects or mechanical mishaps to accomplish what the gun can do.

As we watch the loudest and most annoying -- and most ignorant and devoid of any hint of proper American history education -- of the Saturday speakers endowed with evolving brains of youth, all we can think of is that some set forth the impression that the only pleasure they embrace is chronic masturbation, perhaps enhanced by the attention awarded them in front of the TV cameras.  Chronically.  Frustrated.  Masturbators.

So we watch, and we watch some more.  We see the most vocal of the marchers, Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, appearing before the media like new rock stars.  Unfortunately, they speak, but that's their right.  At least they still have that one, for now.

I was reminded of World War II, in which my father and all of my uncles took part militarily, as I watched on the TV screen signs that read "NEVER AGAIN," and I remembered that these were the words used after the Holocaust by governments intent upon never allowing another Hitler to attempt world domination and mass murders again.  Of course, one of Hitler's first actions was to take everybody's guns away.  Can't happen again?  Don't be so sure.  The 1930s and forties weren't that long ago.

David Hogg?  Foul-mouthed, yes, unfortunately -- but forget that, we just hope he's too young and clueless to realize how things appear when he raises his fist in the air angrily to drive home a point.  Hitler raised a fist like that, too, whilst hollering like a. . .like a Nazi.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens believes the Second Amendment should go away.  Funny -- so did a host of banana republic dictators (and, again, Hitler) who confiscated all the peoples' firearms in order to dominate them without threat to the brutal opposition.

Celebrating Cesar Chavez' birthday this month?  Despite what leftists will blab this week, the farm workers Chavez supported via union organizing were legal -- he quite detested illegal immigrants and made that clear on several occasions.

Which brings to mind -- why is Libby Schaaf, mayor of Oakland, California not arrested yet for warning illegal criminals that the Feds were coming to apprehend 'em?

"Alexa" laughs at odd hours, and nobody tells this "helpful" electronic marvel to do so.  Me, I would no sooner have one of these gadgets in the house to spy on me than I would join Facebook.

Less than 30 percent of young men and women are qualified to enter military service due to such issues as physical and mental problems, according to Marine Commandant Robert B. Neller.  Maybe he could have found a few likely candidates at the "March for Our Lives" affair, though of course these potential Marines would eschew firearms.

Sacramento, California heat in the news:  It's simple.  Not because a man was shot dead while black by the police, but because the preventative remedy is common sense.  (1) You don't take off and jump fences when cops arrive to find out who was smashing car windows, as a hovering helicopter more or less nails down questionable activities.  (2)  You don't scurry away when cops ask you to surrender.  (3)  You don't hold up what turned out to be your cell phone in the dark and point it toward the cops, because they might just have an inkling of an idea that what they see silhouetted in the dark of night could be a gun. (4) If you're shot dead, cop-dead, you're dead, and now your family and community can go irrationally bonkers and community-organized to a volume guaranteed to attract every ambulance-chasing attorney in town.  (5)  Right or wrong, the family holds out for a giant lawsuit windfall so the crying on TV news shows can stop.  (6) But who pays for the smashed car windows, that's what I wanna know?

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Best Little Bomb Maker in Texas

When law enforcement personnel commence using that middle name you forgot about, you know you've made it big in this society.  Too bad Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, couldn't stick around (except he kinda did "stick around" in his car at the end) to bask in the brief glimmer of criminal fame bestowed upon him as precious seconds ticked away in Texas.

What is it with these young folk?  We do put stock in new reports about changes ratcheted into young brains by the digital revolution and computer-think.  In the high-tech world it's the chip, not the living organism, that matters.  Conditt appears to have been endowed with a head diary of secrets as he honed his bomb-building craft.  Maybe one bomb's volatility was okay, but the next explosive needed to be better, and the next after that must surpass the previous, etc., etc.

Was Conditt enlightened by OCD, necessitating a continuing assembly line of explosive devices, each requiring a place for everything and everything in its place?  Did home-schooling as a child deprive Conditt of the proper socialization he would have received otherwise at a public school filled with drug deals, violence and classroom holding cells for future adult prisoners?  Seems he simply didn't care, at the end.

All we know is, how curious that bombings took place around Austin, Texas --  yet, within the same time period, give or take, a young high school student whose first name was Austin gunned down two classmates in Florida before experiencing his own episode of a life extinguished.

Budgets gone wild:  Thanks, Congress, and thanks President Trump (who changed his mind after previously indicating he might veto this damnation)  for a monster-sized federal budget that no sane taxpayer wants.  How long before we find a way to send both major political parties packing, ensconced as they clearly are in their own palace of the elite?  The rest of us don't mean a damn to this herd of flawed power grabbers, and make no mistake -- their actions are frequently all about taking power from us.  Get ready for the United States of American Insolvency and Bankruptcy.  If economic disaster was good enough for Greece, apparently it's good enough for us.  How can eventual default be no-fault?

During his televised budget announcement Trump seemed a bit careworn, projecting a noticeable aura of -- disappointment?  Not exactly.  We had a strange impression that somebody or some event had influenced Trump in signing this absurd bill from progressive hell.  No matter, though, because many Democrats and Republicans seem pleased with the result and most deserve to be shown the exit door next election.  Trump?  Major components of his agenda just went up in flames, and a succession of women coming forward to put the kiss of death on his plans via sex talk -- the very thing which invigorates the mainstream media like vampires emboldening themselves with a blood feast -- won't help.

Putin "wins," and we offer an R.I.P. to his old-fashioned methods.  We fervently hoped that Russia's fading "dictosaur" (dinosaur dictator) wouldn't spend as much time interfering in his own elections as he does ours in the United States and elsewhere, but alas -- once again, as he used every trick in the Kremlin to push aside serious opponents, Putin has raked in the winnings.  Where does the king of KGB ghosts past find the energy to stomp out his opposition whilst simultaneously, from all appearances, directing end-of-life negotiations in Great Britain?  Though a predominance of Russians seem to prefer Putin, it remains a shame that citizens of former Russian satellites and possessions squarely in Putin's sights as candidates for domination via a renewed Soviet Union couldn't join in on the fun of voting for a bully desirous of wielding power over them and stealing their wealth as bodies fall.

Thing is, it's 2018, and though political assassinations using poisons and nerve agents are frequently effective, they're so "old hat" by now.  And to jeopardize the lives of innocents of a country simply for being near the object of Putin's wrath?! Putin or Rasputin, what's the difference?

Surely, this ancient method of punishing one's enemies could at least be supplanted by something more modern, such as widespread and chaotic nuclear annihilation?  Meantime, we're minutely optimistic that as nations' peoples become more educated they'll ultimately reject the world's Putins, jotting their names down in historical references as nothing more than thugs or grunting Neanderthal warlords hiding their knuckle-dragging personas behind the facade of finely-tailored suits.

Personally, we would like nothing better than to be great friends with Russia, and we do admire the Russian people profoundly, but the path to international friendship currently lies mottled with political land mines, deadly threats, shadowy events and other obstacles.  How can one trust what proudly ranks impervious to trust, a man named Putin?  Can't he just amuse himself by pounding a shoe on a table at the United Nations as Nikita Khrushchev did?

Meanwhile, let us not take our eyes off China's devious ways, disguised here in the U.S. and other nations as educational assistance, as China continues to worm its political agenda into great universities and student minds almost without notice.  What Iran and North Korea's Kim regime do with naked brutality disguises itself as something far more innocuous, yet potent with danger internally, on the face of China's meandering ways.  President Xi's name may also be excluded from our friends list.

UFOs, the airlines and animals endangered:  I expected, once excitement mounted over the release of military UFO videos online, a rush of curious thrill-seekers lining up at airline ticket windows, hoping to become UFO-spotters during their journeys both far and near (the curious, however, should also know that surprise airline UFO encounters in previous years resulted in some pretty sobering incidents where passengers were tossed about during evasive maneuvers taken by startled pilots).  Instead, the only passenger sighting we received recently is the now infamous dog killing aboard a United Airlines flight, where a small canine suffocated because a UA moron flight attendant insisted his carrier be stuffed into an oxygen-deprived overhead luggage rack.  Next came the report of a German shepherd mistakenly shipped to Japan rather than Kansas per United Airlines, and even we are reasonably certain that Japan is never located in Kansas under the most peculiar of circumstances.

Some passengers spoke up during the dog carrier incident, all for nought, but we suspect a lot of passengers kept their mouths shut simply because they've learned that almost any negative words or actions directed toward flight personnel or even other passengers can result in arrest or, at the very least, being kicked off a flight.

Yes, that's what it's come down to, and in part a little dog died a horrible demise as a result.  When a plane full of passengers can't even save a little pup from almost assured execution, performed negligently by a dumb-ass human attired in some pleasant corporate uniform, the question must be asked:  Did terrorists win, way back on 9/11?  Yes, they did.

An impressive portion of the world's population is addicted to religion.  We often wonder, for those who take literally the premise that God gave humans dominion over animals, whether the truth might instead be that God put animals here to see how we treat them, thereby either rewarding or dooming us regarding our actions.  If eating animals counts against us, we're all destined for the pit anyway.

Here's an idea:  Remember those two clinics where the liquid nitrogen containers failed, likely rendering human eggs and embryos useless?  Why not make repairs and store the eggs of endangered animal species instead?  Some folks aren't keen on making human reproduction easier, and we suspect there may be a universal reason why some attempts at aiding human reproduction just aren't intended to bear fruit, as we may one day face certain human extinction despite our best efforts.

Teenage zombies on the march:  School kids think they have all the answers in Florida and at other schools across the country, proudly walking out of school on 3/14 in protest of Second Amendment rights, and we expect the nation's young students (unfazed by the masterful way in which a cop in a Maryland school had just "solved" a gun problem, and thus we will see "gun control" protests tailored individually in the future just as "global warming" became "climate change") to shine "progressively" when filling the streets of Washington, D.C. and other environs today.  These kids can't buy beer or vote at ages 15, 16 or 17, but the media seems to award each and every young talking head some bizarre adult genius status when firearm condemnation is the subject.  The problem isn't that children are expressing a point of view.  The problem is that the political left, which cares neither about gun debates nor student viewpoints, as it nevertheless contributes funds and assistance, is using impressionable young folk (many of whom were indoctrinated with leftist ideas in school starting years ago) to gain votes and push a tired old agenda long associated with progressives.  Will cheerleaders such as George Clooney and Oprah make speeches regarding how grateful and fortunate they feel to enjoy the security of armed bodyguards with -- gasp! -- guns? Now, if these young activists wish to pursue their goal, then. . .

Ban bridges, too!  See?  Collapsing bridges, like guns, can kill, a tragedy we witnessed in Florida just days ago.  Plenty of things and opportunities can result in death, and to play one's cards close primarily to the firearms-are-naughty vest is both dangerous and foolish.

Where are we headed?  Notice how terrorists with foreign ideas have been supplemented by children murdering other children and adults, necessitating cops to be on guard to shoot children dead almost routinely now?  It's not the guns, the dilemma is whatever the hell we're turning into as a society and/or as a species.  The older I become, wow, the more I see us human folk for what we really are behind the mask after it's ripped off, exposing the musculature, veins, sinew, nerves, blood and, finally, the grinning skull protective of disturbed, squirming brains.

South Africa's lesson in diversity:  Radical change proved disastrous for Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) when Robert Mugabe and friends decided to throw out or kill white farmers, following which farming and pretty much all significant export business racked up failure after failure.  Now, other racist S. Africa geniuses are actively ripping white farmers from their land, threatening and performing murders as a matter of course.  Question:  Where is that shining knight in armor known as the United Nations, stepping in to prevent plain and simple racial tragedy?  Perhaps they're too busy watching a Farrakhan lecture or some other racist tripe.

France:  Another member of The Religion of Peace strikes out, killing three, including a brave cop who traded his life for that of a female hostage.  When will nations organize and go after this particular species of deluded filthy cockroach and rid civilization of them once and for all?

Space in your face:  President Trump wants to establish a "space force" to prepare us for future space wars.  We kinda thought we've been working on this variety of plan already? Develop a few satellites capable of wiping out others without effective space-based retaliation and we'll have something to talk about.

Robert's spur-of-the-moment Black Achievement Awards:  I nominate the Wall Street Journal's Jason Riley as the African-American (hate that term) most in keeping with truth and common sense.  So's when you running for President, Jason?  I think his administration could have the potential to make us forget that Obama, his wife and those hideous post-presidential portraits ever existed.

Oh -- and my spur-of-the-moment nomination for African-American media class clown would have to go to Juan Williams, though I'm quite sure he believes everything he says.

No you're not:  Genetic scientists who understand DNA and all that teeny-tiny microscopic stuff have proclaimed that there's nothing one can do to truly change one's sex or gender by natural standards.  You can run, you can hide, you can cut off this or apply that, but no matter what you do surgically, cosmetically or in your mind, you're going to remain that of which and that with which you are born.  Apparently, all the rest is make-believe and playing roles in a doll's house.  Sorry, trannies, science is science -- not the pretzel that gender benders and radical leftists want science to twist itself and adapt into to please agenda-driven lies.

Same thing with "climate change" and "global warming," as a matter of fact (hey Al Gore -- wasn't the world supposed to be devoid of all snow by now?  Just asking. . .).

But in space no one can hear you change:  Revelations that astronaut Scott Kelly experienced at least a seven percent alteration (!) of his DNA while living in space for a year was surprising and unwelcome news for NASA.  We immediately recalled an old fifties sci-fi movie in which (I think) actor Marshall Thompson portrayed a buckled-down astronaut who returned from a space jaunt, infected with some really, really bad stuff that turned him into a monster, encouraging us to now suggest that twin brother Mark Kelly would be wise to observe his sibling for subtle changes, such as fingers turning into claws or occasional barking like a dog when asked to speak during military conferences.  We imagine it might be okay with Disney, though, if Kelly starts secreting a Flubber-like substance.

On to Mars:  Based upon today's blog entry, we suggest transgendered folk be offered the first opportunity to fly to Mars, because if they experience drastic DNA changes on the way, perhaps they really WILL be able to change their gender -- though that gender may be something exclusive of either male or female.  As always, beware, beware, beware.

Trump, women, Trump, women, etc., etc.  Maybe I'm old-fashioned (well, think sixties. . .), but should anybody other than his family care if Trump was allegedly doing his thing with ladies, escorts, garden variety prostitutes or wild animals?  We just want him to lead the country, and I find it amazing how almost every old male and female government whore on the left who travels with baggage far worse would find Trump's love life a concern.  We can understand the media's role, because its members are overwhelmingly hooked up to and infused by a leftist mind-think, but the political left crowd o' naughty backgrounds?  Please!

Stink-tuary city news:  Little by little, California communities are throwing in with Trump and A.G. Jeff Sessions.  When will mayors and joke-governor Jerry Brown be arrested and tried over the illegal sanctuary city abomination?

Wastebook:  There is a reason why I vowed never, ever to join Facebook, and the rat hole that IS Facebook exposed itself abundantly a few days ago.  Facebook's entrepren-manure spreader Zuckerberg has a lot of 'splaining to do as stock prices fall and members express increasing outrage over ways they are used by this widespread example of techno-hell.  Maybe the average user can't spell Cambridge Analytica, but if they can just remember the words, Facebook, Zuckerberg and the "anal" part of Analytica they'll long remember how they've been "Zucked."  Remember -- the bad actors wouldn't have infiltrated Facebook if Facebook hadn't wanted them there. 

BEWARE, though, when government next demands more control over the Internet because government needs to "do something."

Talk Radio's Irascible Rogue:  He's been attached to the radio microphone for 24 years this week. He dismisses and berates other conservative radio talk show hosts, and in turn many of them refuse to even whisper his name.  He's written a load of books, many on the best-seller list, but you wouldn't know it because much of print media refuses to so much as acknowledge his existence.  He's been banned from England for years because, supposedly, of his controversial nature regarding borders, language and culture, while followers of radical Islam are welcomed into Great Britain as if heroes.  Armor-plated with a Ph.D. and two master's degrees, he's traveled the world to research and catalogue plant life, earning high praise along the way. Epidemiology is another course of expertise, of special concern, he having watched with outrage illegal aliens and Obama's shuffle-on-in crowd invade the USA with diseases formerly thought almost extinct in the states -- and diseases perhaps here for the first time.  Despite his frequent gruffness, you can't mistake his love for the United States and his impatience with fellow Americans who fail to understand or care about the chaos and danger facing our country.

And of special importance, he -- Dr. Michael Savage -- is a stalwart fighter in the enduring international war on endangered, gentle animal species -- with elephants at the top of his list, as he condemns the hunters of disappearing species often on his show.  He holds a special place in his heart for Chinese collectors insistent upon importing animal parts for either show or medicinal purposes based on centuries of superstition. For these folks and the vicious "big game" hunters (described as "psychopaths" by Savage) who destroy animals only to collect horns, heads and the like, Savage craves the death penalty.  Especially in Africa, the object of a great deal of Savage's frustration. 

Don't even get him started on South Koreans and others who routinely cook and dine on dogs raised under barbarous conditions by cultures embracing barbarian ways even in 2018.

Sometimes Savage screams into the microphone, a device he uses effectively both to raise his blood pressure and ours, and yes there's an ego, dramatic effect and a measure of rudeness exacerbated by his apparent frustration that some people, too many in fact, walk the earth lunching on their own familial stupidity or self-employed ignorance.  Savage criticizes both left and right, establishing himself as a true member of his own independent conservative arena.  But believe it, he has followers, appreciative of occasions when his points are best expressed when he seems to go "off the rails."

His radio program, The Savage Nation airs in a fair number of markets across the country and on the Internet.  Those who tune in for the first time need to allow him several episodes of listening, because to the new ear initially he projects himself as harsh and mean.  But give him a chance.  There's gold to be found in his experience and philosophy, if you're patient.  What's the alternative?  Lame television dramas spouting leftist messages?

Be all the transgendered you can be Dept:  Again, Trump's military has banned most transgendered people, though the courts may do a second reversal of the decision.  Super brains are not required to read up on the pitfalls and emotional problems associated with gender reassignment, and because the military is specific to national threats and "all business" regarding dangers encountered, some chances just shouldn't be taken.  Besides, as we said, science is now pretty clear about one's genes, and you can neither wish away nor surgically remove the scientific fact that one is either male or female.  Playing dress-up doesn't fool Ma Nature, and nobody should play Russian Roulette with the U.S. military's needs and assured capabilities.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Winter Rat

In this case, winter is the rat, as yet a third Nor'easter gallops up the East Coast, and I look forward to something resembling spring in the U.S. soon.  I'll return to the blog later, but in the meantime please stay informed with the links.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Gunning For You

The Oscars:  Film reviewer Rex Reed may well have jumped off the roof of a tall building by now because he apparently hated The Shape of Water as one hates the thought of acquiring leprosy.  I guess I'll put this movie on a long list of features one never lives long enough to see, but that's okay because I can simply return to those golden days of yesteryear and re-experience The Creature From the Black Lagoon and its sequels.  Once you've seen a diver in a rubber suit portraying a human-like fish that kills men, but prefers to make women scream and faint, what's left?  Oh, right, a timeless love story about a women who falls, not faints, for an aquatic creature (a science product) all geared up for cinematic fish-o-eroticism in 2018.  The current crop of man-hating ladies will adore this film, no doubt, as "fish night" takes on a whole new meaning.

We were a bit surprised when Hollywood's biggest night allowed a brief tribute to American military personnel, though we wonder whether the West Coast crowd realizes the armed services are composed of more than gays, lesbians and transgendered personnel.  Anyway, the tribute was okay, but host Jimmy Kimmel might have allowed a few seconds for the tribute to sink in before immediately resorting to humor just as the film concluded -- something "they" would NEVER do when they present the annual segment regarding actors and other industry folk who died in the past year. 

Prolific and well-established actor Gary Oldman's bold words thanking America for being so good to him seemed strangely alien, once we looked around at much of the USA-hating phonies blossoming on stage.  Of course, after the show Internet attacks on Oldman began.

An observation that only people of a certain age could appreciate is the overwhelming realization that Hollywood no longer flatters itself with a stable of "stars."  The stage time occupied by actress Eva Marie Saint, Rita Moreno and only a handful of veteran performers reminds us that we now encounter personalities and one or two-hit wonders, but names and faces unaffected by the motion picture standard time clock and calendar have diminished greatly.

Post World War II and Korea, when all kinds of talented former military people -- who knew what was worth fighting for -- became involved in the movie industry, they also brought fresh thinking and an incredible succession of great motion pictures.  What's out there now?  Looks like a lot of film time taken up by scenes involving cell phones and other forms of technology which sometimes obscure whatever story line might have been intended or actually constructed painstakingly.  Computer graphics likewise "solve" dilemmas and issues which formerly required critical thinking, candid conversation and realistic emoting by humans.  When emotion is supplanted by an emoji, run for your life.  Yep, we are in hell.

Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?  For as much time as I spend discussing guns, you may be surprised to know that I'm not really a "gun person."  Do I fire weapons now and then, or have I access to firearms?  That's a question which is best seldom answered publicly, though I will admit to firing the M-16 rifle during Air Force basic training (no, this one didn't jam, though you're probably familiar with M-16 jamming horror stories from the Vietnam Era).

Which returns me to the Oscars momentarily:  Imagine all the movies which depend upon firearms and explosives -- kinda makes Hollywood stars, starlets and executives look rather disingenuous as they complain about guns.  Anyway. . .

A few years ago, when progressive leftist presidential wannabe and megalomaniac NY governor Andrew Cuomo twisted legislative arms and succeeded in drastically curtailing New York State residents' firearm rights, while simultaneously urinating on the Second Amendment, he posed a question about just how much gun and how much ammo was required to hunt deer.  His attitude, as we're sure even he knew, was absurd.  The entire foundation of gun rights in the U.S. is based upon the need for a people to protect themselves from an enemy, not the need to hunt animals -- and the most feared potential enemy for Americans was our own government, which might one day turn against us, thus necessitating a measured firearm response.  How many foreign nations' "captive audience" residents wish they had access to firearms when bullied and threatened by their own rulers (hello-o-o-o-o, Iran. . .)?

Our leftist friends never wish to remember that firearms built this country in no small way, and though school shootings tragically claim many lives, thousands and thousands more lives were lost making sure we could keep our basic rights, and one of those is the right to protect ourselves with those dreaded guns.  Nevertheless, the left continues to foolishly, stupidly, chip. . .chip. . .chip away at that which we will never regain once it's gone.

Guns were not created needlessly, and to plant concentrated hatred and thoughtless blame upon the National Rifle Association borders upon group hysteria and/or insanity.  Meanwhile, the left will continue attempting to take away, the innocence of those taken from be damned.  Beware, beware, beware.

Confused:  We're told we must reference colored people as people of color now, so how come the NAACP is called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People?  This is what happens when you mess around with the language, and I just can't wait until "hate speech" limits are put into effect (at least that should be blown apart in the courts. . .oh, the courts. . .).

(Note:  I sometimes post these entries "on the fly" and temporarily miss typos and occasional serious errors, but generally correct these faults within days.  I'm sorry if my semantic and grammar bumbling on such occasions interferes with the flow, but please be aware that I am generally aware of necessary corrections.  Let's blame my age -- or those famous "gremlins" which some writers hold responsible for various word problems.)

Monday, February 26, 2018

David Hogg: Call You By Their Name

I predict, and keep in mind my predictions tend to suck, that when the trauma of fully realizing he was a sitting duck amidst the mayhem at a Florida high school diminishes, teenager David Hogg may turn out by default to be the luckiest boy in the country. 

As much as I questioned his persona in the previous blog entry, I will confess that after viewing his interview with George Stephanopoulis on Sunday's This Week (ABC-TV) my cage was rattled.  Even before Hogg spoke, one sensed on his facial expression the hint of smoldering emotion, a quiet rage patiently waiting for an opportunity to emerge as words from an otherwise thin, sensitive and wistful-appearing young man.  And what a speaker!  As if presenting himself as the anchor on a TV news show, he wasted precious little time in condemning politicians, big money NRA contributors and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch.  How rare to find somebody of this age piercing, not melting hearts with a camera-captured glare and a word.

Now, I think the kid's wrong about almost everything he said, but his composure and soft-spoken approach was superb, shaking my current attitude about some millennials to the core.  If and when he tones down some of that inner rage after some healing time, his presence will only be enhanced, and our wish list would hope for activism aware of consequences to our basic rights.  Okay, our enemies are many, but counting the NRA and Dana Loesch among them is a misjudgment reserved for the young and the uninformed -- just like the furor over those much-publicized 18 "school shootings," which aren't actually what the media portrays as the total is added up.

Will Hogg and his outspoken schoolmates someday help lead the charge in disinfecting both the Republican and Democrat parties, perhaps as Independents or Libertarians, or by embracing something different altogether?  Please, no socialism.  Not looking forward to becoming Venezuela orchestrated by millennials. 

That millions of dollars are already pouring in to funding pages to "do something" about guns does not give us encouragement about gun freedoms in the future.

Oh, there were moments when I rolled my eyes as Hogg spoke, but after all he is a teenager, and it isn't strictly his fault that he's regurgitating the leftist pap he was probably raised with in school. 

For instance, he tends often to begin his sentences with the word, Honestly. . ., and when people do that to excess I sometimes ponder whether they're truly true at all.  No big deal here, I guess -- but I did shake my head when young Mr. Hogg referenced our "democracy," instead of classifying the U.S. as a democratic republic.  The difference is kinda important, but maybe they'll teach that part before he graduates.

What we're seeing here is a seduction, the seduction of David Hogg by the leftist social media, and unless one considers the press a gender in itself, the conquest and electronic media deflowering of the photogenic Hogg is strictly business with benefits.  The TV networks and print journos have discovered and used a fresh-faced youth -- star power, baby -- anxious to help them sell their wares because he shares what they share, and as time goes by I see the consummation of a marriage involving privilege and worldly pleasures between Mr. Hogg and wedding partners composed of the media, Hollywood and maybe academia.  Education, entertainment, travel -- we suspect the sky is not the limit for David Hogg and, agree or disagree with him, we are today confounded, seemingly too old to know better.

But getting back to the gun issue, I also harbor a temporary in-the-bag love for ABC-TV because on multiple occasions they aired a dramatic video of a mother and daughter at a convenience store in Oklahoma, perhaps saving their lives when they engaged in a gunfight with an armed robber.  If anything shouts love your guns, this surveillance video is the poster child.

Meanwhile, yep, here it comes, proposed firearm restrictions emanating from every frightened place in the country:  Ban bump stocks (the Internet easily tells you how to make your own using belts and other easily utilized items), nobody should get a gun until reaching age 21 (why -- are all young folk aged 18, 19 and 20 convicted criminals devoid of Second Amendment rights, declared dangerous en masse via psychic revelations or something?) and people with mental illness must be deprived of owning a firearm.  The last is interesting, because just who is mentally ill and to what degree will this blanket effort succeed?  Should individuals (love that police word) with epilepsy and other neurological disorders be banned, too?  Should migraines rule out potential owners -- and how about ocular migraines, which I experienced myself a few years ago, when a miniature "TV screen" flashing colors appeared in my line of sight and kept me spellbound for about two minutes?  Does that make me unqualified to even look at a gun?

I don't mean to keep pushing this little tidbit, but increasingly popular 3-D printers are making and will continue to make firearms as I type this, and they shoot just fine and are untraceable for anybody considering doing the deed, if you know what I mean.

A final word on guns today:  NRA, I'm not a member, yet I respect it.  The list of corporations pulling out and refusing to offer member benefits anymore is an American disgrace unworthy of a free country, but certainly characteristic of wussie companies that are OH so good at bending with the wind.

School safety will be addressed and necessary changes made, but those hysterically striking out at the Second Amendment, the NRA and President Trump instead of confronting issues rationally are helping neither solutions nor the memory of Florida school students gone forever.  In a society gone bonkers in so many ways, even assessing the scope of massive tragedies becomes a dizzying chore for authorities who once thought they had all the answers.  No, they did not.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Exigent Youth Born of Instant Electronic Gratification

No, of course we are not surprised at the rage demonstrated in Florida among parents and students, nor were we amazed that CNN's "town hall" about gun violence was a firearm and NRA-hating mob exercise from the start, bringing in everything but the pitchforks and blazing torches.

We've been particularly tuned in to the teenage furor expressed since the latest school shootings occurred -- they're angrier and more passionate this time, helped along no doubt by a bevy of Democrats and others with a stake in the hate game.  Watching some of the same student faces showing up on TV show after TV show does, however, raise certain questions -- for instance, some observers of a questioning mind have focused on young student David Hogg -- and no, I won't submit to low humor by asking if his friends call him "Boss Hogg" in homage to "The Dukes of Hazzard."  Nevertheless, accounts allege that he maintains a deep interest in journalism and actually works as a "stringer" for a news service, and perhaps the thought is that he appears too willing to stand before the cameras to discuss the tragedy at his high school, as TV networks host him more because they consider him their guy who can do the desired talking for them.  What are his politics?  What are those of his friends, wounded or not?  We have heard there are conservative voices among the school folk, but news services certainly aren't playing their lives up for the TV cameras.

So I've been watching all the TV reports and all the reaction, yet at first I was sincerely puzzled over why so many of the young people have slipped into such a heightened, stormy world of outrage seldom witnessed in past years.

But the answer wasn't all that elusive, for these, the 15 and 16-year-old kids in particular grew up in a world gone nuts, a world where fear of strangers and anything lacking electronics is common.

Worst of all, these young adults were raised with electronic devices promising instant gratification -- if they wanted something to happen, it only required tapping on a few keys and it was accomplished.  They always get their way.  They've always been special.

But not this time.

This time, it appears that a good many student protestors really thought that by attending a meeting or two and setting verbal traps for the NRA, Marco Rubio and other Republicans they would gain an instant win and all the guns which they personally detest would go away in one wide swipe of the hand.  Instant gratification.  I suspect they have a problem reconciling instant gratification with functions of the legal system, and when you're young and hysterical and you want something now, but you can't get it now, the shouts and literal tantrums grow.  Where does grief hang out while public displays are orchestrated?

If government leaders took quick action to accommodate the fragmented "hope and change" desires of every group of protesting young people, imagine where the country would be.

Another issue peculiar to the current generation of high school as well as college students is a refusal to even listen to points of view contrary to their own, and "their" opinions are quite often implanted in their brains by progressive teachers and professors -- essentially wrecking opportunities for many young folk to perform any critical or balanced thinking at all.  We've all witnessed the shout-down chaos initiated by the political left on college campuses when guests holding opposing views attempt to speak, and this approach was certainly obvious during CNN's free-range verbal massacre regarding gun violence.

The usual leftist component ranks supreme in this issue, the goal being to (1) rid the country of ALL firearms, no matter how long it takes and (2) win elections in November.  But for now, using heartbroken students as dupes to chomp away at hard-fought rights the kids will likely never see again if poor decisions ultimately prevail, the progressive bunch will ply its trade either in front or behind the scenes, and we only hope the real leaders among students will come to realize how they may condemn their rights to oblivion when wrapped up in misguided efforts engulfed in panic and sadness.

Yet -- imagine if somehow all the major civilian firearm hardware was confiscated and destroyed over a period of years.  Then, say an EMP or some electrical grid-demolishing process infiltrated the United States, perhaps initiated by an enemy with capabilities unknown.  Suddenly, we're back to the 1800s, devoid of modern conveniences and the protection afforded by, truly, "big guns," a situation which goes not unnoticed by said enemy.

Sure, we're fully aware that survivalist or militia members secured in a bunker, expecting during normal times to hold off the entire U.S. military with a cache of weaponry, would be dog food in thirty seconds or less.  But we're talking about a country in the future, devoid of major civilian firepower, and should we get to that point, what if well-armed enemy soldiers invaded the U.S. in numerous areas, many of which may be immediately inaccessible to or unknown to our own military?  Suddenly, people would wish they still maintained the lost tools and era of self-defense, when at least they would have a chance to fend off an enemy attack.

Of course this sounds crazy, but so will the nutty gun legislation ideas poised to inundate us as election season approaches. 

The school victims and the shooter?  Oh, right, almost forgot about them. . .

Don't do it, Florida:  The Florida governor wants to raise the age for purchasing any guns from 18 to 21.  As a Republican, he should be a little more tuned in to the fact that not all 18-20 year old people are potential criminals.  We realize he's trying to DO SOMETHING, but taking part in the chipping away of a basic right to please the grief-stricken in the short term is not the way to go, and he should stand up and say so.  Alas, politics gets in the way and leftists in waiting will probably get their way, as they so often do.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Holster the Leftist Hysteria

"It's not a mental health issue!" the Florida high school student screamed into the microphone, herself sounding like a candidate for the funny farm wagon, and right then and there with those words I knew these kids were likely so immersed in leftist classroom poop since they shed diapers that there was no way for them to swim out of it.

DO SOMETHING! MAKE IT STOP! they demand.  How lucky for these teenagers that, yes, there are people nearby who can make it stop -- but the price is their freedom, and they're too damned young and mind-manipulated to know the importance of  delayed consequences.  What goes up must come down, and what goes away usually cannot be brought back, particularly freedoms that others died for long before school shootings materialized.

Now the Hollywood crowd begins to sprout like fungi on TV talk shows, condemning everybody with a gun except for the characters they brutally portray on the silver screen, perhaps explaining, well, THAT's just fiction.  And big money for the backers, of course.

So what do you do?  Well, if you're Florida students stumbling through a blind panic you announce a student march on Washington and other cities scheduled for March 24.

March or don't march, we don't care, but it requires no brains whatsoever to realize that unsuspecting school children headed for the streets will he "helped," "supported" and encouraged by the most devious and conveniently established leftist America-hating rats who ever walked the earth, and those will be the voices most loudly expressed, no matter from whose lips they lovingly flow.  By late March, the tragic shootings won't matter nearly as much as the progeny of leftist dogma, and not even honor roll students will recognize how easily they can be enlisted to jeopardize their own rights by endorsing poison.

Already inexplicably, yet predictably, shouting at and blaming Donald Trump for the Florida carnage, we can bet that students attending these proposed marches will include a mandatory we-hate-Trump speech or demonstration as icing on the cake.  Don't forget to denounce the NRA.  The customary itinerary must be followed.

Want to depend upon the mental health industry to determine fitness for firearm ownership?  Wow -- that worked out well for young shooter N. Cruz, didn't it?  Dare I suggest that a fair portion of the mind-checker bunch hosts its own share of crazies who protect one another in the spirit of camaraderie?

Meanwhile, as everybody moans, cries, stomps and shakes their fists at either skies or at President Trump and every Republican in sight, may I almost absent-mindedly remind one and all that, even as we all occupy ourselves with something motivational, one or more potential school or otherwise mass murderers are out there right now as the clock ticks, preparing in earnest to beat the system -- any system -- according to their own timetable.  At least to some degree they'll succeed, too.  They will not be terminated until the deed is done.

Gun "control?"  Really?

You deserve a break today.  You deserve to avoid controversy.  You deserve to not get the flu.  You deserve to be safe.

We do not "deserve" a damned thing, unfortunately.

Looking for a foolproof solution to school shootings?  Here it is, lick it up:

First, let's close all public schools and insist upon home schooling for the masses.  Yes, this requires a crash program delegating enormous resources, but if we can send kids about your age off to war, surely we can patch something together for education without risk.

Of course, no public schools also means no more football, basketball, golf, bowling, baseball, track or rock-watching teams, and no more cheerleaders.  No dangerous bus journeys.  No more field trips, either.  Bonus:  Nobody will laugh at naked people in the gym showers anymore and there will be no towels to snap.  No bullying, either.

The motto is, stay home and stay safe.

We make this suggestion for your own good, kids, because here's the thing:  You can take every careful step to curtail the possibility of mass killings.  However, you know far better than I what's coming:  3-D printers, for instance, with which folks can and already have produced guns -- fully operational with the addition of a little metal here and there, and voila!  Untraceable, deadly, simple to modify and just the sweetest little darling of death one can imagine.

And the fun doesn't stop there, because high-energy weapons using microwaves, ultrasound, infrasound -- and whatever screwed up U.S. diplomats  in Cuba -- are on the horizon, and as we all know, whenever the military improves upon a weapon some kid sitting in his basement eventually wants to play copycat.

What did you have for lunch today?  How about yesterday's dinner?  Did something living need to die so you could have nutrition?  Maybe serial killers and the rest of us aren't so far apart. 

March your butts off next month, kids, but anticipate no cure for the dark things lurking inside us.  We all choose our weapons and eventually murder something, in our own way.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Russian Baker's Dozen

Vladimir Putin riding a horse shirtless is nothing.  Now, if that horse would ride Putin -- with or
without a horse blanket -- that would really be something to brag about.

Vlad, Vlad, Vlad -- WTF?  So far, 13 Russians have been indicted for information tampering/feeding/altering/etc. crimes leading up to the U.S. elections.  I know this is serious stuff -- but didn't Obama send folks to Israel to screw with their elections, too?  Don't we have the oh-so-helpful-and-high-techie Facebook, Google and everybody else (TV networks, hint, hint) who kinda projected, shall we say, a leftward lean around election time and, hmm, before and after, into the future?

Everybody's doing everybody, nothing new there, as it turns out, but we'll sit comfortably on the sofa, waiting for Putin to send all those Russians to the United States for trial, as we simultaneously anticipate monkey-piloted drones to fall out of the sky and land on the White House lawn.

By the way, you devious Russians, I'm rather in doubt on this, but if you folks had anything in the slightest to do with Hillary Clinton losing the election, may I humbly say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.  However, to our defense here in the USA, I must say she WAS a horrible, horrible presidential candidate, and fortunately what remains of common sense and intelligence in this country prevailed.

Why was Mueller's indictment blasted to the country on a Friday, typically the day when important stuff the government wants forgotten or diminished gets swept under the weekend time rug?  Some, such as conservative talk show host Michael Savage, believe it was done to override the FBI's gigantic screw-up in failing to apprehend the Florida school shooter before he could act.  Maybe, but we are inclined to consider another component -- that, at least to date, Trump's name couldn't be associated with Russian "collusion" and therefore this was one bit of news which should be buried because it served no anti-Trump purposes AND the media would have nothing upon which to dwell.

Indeed, Saturday morning's ABC-TV news program, generally dedicated to leading with stories putting the administration in as bad a light as possible, instead began with the school shooting.  Of course, this was also an opportunity to show protestors demonstrating in front of the National Rifle Association, when, frankly, all cameras should really be focused upon the alleged 19 year old shooter.

What about the shooter?  Did at least one friend not admit he had been taking some kind of drugs, prescribed (and perhaps otherwise)?  He was also adopted -- from where, some wonder?  We have long known that the country of origin often sends along psycho-baggage of which adoptive parents are unaware until things go toward the dark side.

Recording artist George Watsky had the school shooting thing down some time ago, as you can see in his unusual but effective video, Stick to Your Guns:

We recognize Florida students and parents are in a frenzy over the latest school mayhem, but screaming at Trump and everybody BUT the shooter really isn't the way to go.  Determining who's potentially gun-violent crazy is the better direction to take -- but, unfortunately, that's nowhere near as simple as yelling at government officials to quench one's grief.  And anybody who thinks the Democrat Party caregivers, who quickly showed up on cue and made fancy speeches barely before the chaos lightened up, weren't there to garnish votes ("never let a crisis go to waste") is living in a fantasy.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Today I Abuse Women

Maybe my abusive feelings were enhanced by the appearance of Lady Dracula Jong-Un -- that is, Kim Jong-Un's evil sister (I forget her given swine name) -- at the Olympics in South Korea.  Maybe it was just too much, watching the international press fawn over this femi-monster who, like her brother, is responsible in her own way for countless deaths, torture and yet-untold agonies in North Korea.  Not to forget the murder of their own brother, uncle and who knows how many more close relatives?  Charming.  Thanks, media.

As if that weren't enough, then I stumbled upon a "Sixty Minutes" interview with Democrat NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, leftist champion of all women and everything women have ever done.  During her years in the Senate, I'm not sure she has actually performed any services which benefit boys or men, she probably has, but then again I stopped caring about her activities long ago.  All I know is, she has "progressively" criticized the gun rights she used to support enthusiastically, and seems to have been absorbed by all the human-eating mold qualities of the modern Democrat Party.  One hopes, at times like this, that "blue dog" and other more down-to-earth Democrats really are trying to make a comeback so that government officials such as Sen. Gillibrand and (yikes!) her senatorial paisano Chuck Schumer can go peddle their ware someplace else.

Thing is, I've spoken this week with women who detest the current womens' "movement," composed as it appears with more of a political agenda than anything else.  When it comes down to donning knitted pink vagina hats during a mass protest, maybe that's a bit much, too, but I'm not woman enough to understand some things.

Anyway, after I was womened-up and femmed-up with all the self-womanizing displayed in the media, I was hardly ready for the latest news bulletin about two cops killed when they rushed to a "domestic situation."

Domestic trouble calls, as most any police officer will admit, are the ones they dread most, for these constitute the most irrationally violent incidents out there, other than terrorism itself.

These tragedies involving police officer murders by, primarily, husbands and boyfriends of abused women seem to be increasing way out of expectation, and we cringe every time TV news shows put up photos of dead officers and reports of spouses and children left behind, all due to the work, generally, of society's worst and most notable pieces of human crap.

Well, I'm sick and tired of these stories, and I've come around to taking a closer look at the women involved in these events -- the ones who usually call 9-1-1 and scream for police help.  Oh yes, they need help and they need it right away -- but how did all of this come to be?

We all -- ALL -- live in a day and age when TV, radio and print media blast our minds constantly with places and phone numbers abused women can access to get help once it has become pretty clear that their married or live-in lives are going to hell via beatings, restraints or battering of their own children.  Yet.. .

Yet, what?  Again and again, ladies who now know what they should do and have acquired ample experience to understand things won't improve in the home continue to wait until the very last minute when danger and possibly death come-a-calling for them, their children -- and law enforcement personnel who are put in a hellish position because of neglect, ignorance and/or self-sustaining stupidity on the part of the abused.  Tip of the day:  Orders of Protection are about as useful as spaghetti roofs in a rainstorm.

First it was a "love tap" or slap, then it was a harsh squeeze of the arm, leaving bruises.  Then it was an abrasion, and next a bloody wound, followed by a push down the stairs.  But that was YOUR fault, you know that, and he'll get over it and things will be just fine, wait and see.  Besides, you have to keep it all together for the kids.  .  .

In 2018 there shouldn't be an abused or battered woman out there who doesn't realize that they should have called for help long, long before those final moments when he, she or they will place not only the victim on the death menu, but also anybody who tries to help, and that help is most generally the police.

So here's my nasty little hope for the abused as 2018's informative and cop-deadly days roll forward:  If you call 9-1-1, I hope cops respond first with tear gas, drones, robots or minor explosives -- anything preventing them from first rushing the house to save your crying, pathetic, stupid, couldn't-be-bothered-to-do-something-to-prevent-this ass, and chances are you've even subjected a kid or two to your lack of decisive action as the magic moment of decision approaches.  I don't want good cops to sacrifice themselves in this exceptionally angry era to feigned imbecility of the abused, covered up by useless tears falling to the floor after everything goes down, causing blue uniforms to repose horizontal forever.

In today's society, the mere dialing of 9-1-1 may sign a death warrant for one's local cops.  Most of the time, so much could have been accomplished before that terrible, irretrievably tragic moment arrives -- and so no, I'm not letting abused women aware of multiple options off the hook, particularly when their lack of action really does make them somewhat complicit when cops die while attempting to rescue they and their children from a hell they themselves helped create and sustain.

Let's go to the moon again:  NASA's on track to return, and we really should before China gets there and claims all the Helium-3 as Property of the State.  China couldn't do a damned thing without having stolen American technology, and I think we should just bill them far in excess of all the funds they believe we owe 'em.  For my part, I'm proud to have written letters to newspaper editors years back where I stated without any scientific tools or geologic training whatsoever that there's water on the moon.  NASA should'a just asked me, I wouldn't have charged a penny.  You're welcome.

Peter Rabbit in the crossfire:  There's a scene in the new Peter Rabbit movie where rabbits throw blackberries in a man's face and he sustains an allergic reaction necessitating use of an Epi-Pen?  Apparently, allergy sufferers of the world are up in arms, demanding and getting an apology.  Really?  Must every shred of humor be banned and called out by world denizens who, frankly, have little more going on in their lives than a need  to pick stuff like this apart?

The Official President and Mrs. Obama portraits unveiled:  Good grief, cover them back up.  Amateurish, hollow -- but frankly quite reflective of O's entire term in Office.  So maybe leave 'em be.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions mutters the AA word:  Sessions dared say Anglo-American, thereby overpowering the very essence of the absurdly contrived term, African-American.  Clearly, Sessions was being racist, as everybody knows "AA" can only be used by a particular race AND by Alcoholics Anonymous (maybe there's a licensing fee to use "A" twice).  The fact that Anglo-American is an old term whose longevity far exceeds that of African-American is, of course, of no consequence.  At any rate, we're sure glad that Democrats have yet one more vacant issue to scream about, because absolutely anything putting white Europeans in a favorable (or even noticeable) light is bad, bad, bad.  We shall be in touch with members of our Congressional White Caucus immediately regarding this matter!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Crazy's Not So Crazy Anymore?

Maybe it's not much or maybe it's everything.  In any case, names such as Leslie Kean, Luis Elizondo and Robert Bigelow and that guy from Blink One something or another have reinvigorated the lowly UFO's energy battery, and we're off and running either to unfamiliar corners or to a maze designed always to have us end up lost in the same spot.  But no matter, the air crackles with excitement again, anxious minds lit up like fluorescent bulbs hand-held under a high voltage power line.

While all we can really surmise is that the U.S. government has confessed both by implication and via samples of the real animal that military UFO films and photos exist -- and that officials continue to follow and take the UFO subject more than just seriously -- that's enough to allow us our own current, to borrow a title, estimate of the situation.

Actually (we hate this word, yet using it provides a mind sedative to those who don't know how to initiate a sentence, so. . .), we've been here before, but now reinforcements have galloped in, giving license to UFO investigators, researchers, fans, and crackpots who, dead or alive, emerge from the shadows of ridicule like heroes in the mist.

Thing is, the reputations of a lengthy procession of UFO skeptics and especially debunkers from decades past look a little sallow these days.  Menzel?  Klass?  The still undead?  Well. . .

Some have written books and articles -- permanent historical records quite possibly sealing their doom, toppling any chances of the high esteem long desired.  Notoriety be damned.  Fate, you see.

Because UFOs now seem real in official terms, scientifically honorable.  Confirmatory reports launched to the surprise of many.  Films?  Videos? Radar?  Other evidence?  Big yawn for those who know what they already knew.

But here's the head's-up:  All those experts, authorities on everything, who wore their "scientific" or technological UFO debunking credentials on their sleeves like crosses warding off vampires, ready at the drop of a hat to go on a spirited, often illogical and rabid attack against UFO sightings and UFO observers, look pretty damned foolish today.  Those expected to be champions of meticulously solving the unexplained instead branded themselves as explainers-away of things that just can't possibly be and therefore would not be allowed a scientific spotlight.

The personal damage some of these folks did by treating innocent truth-seeking UFO researchers as charlatans or deluded pinheads is and was no laughing matter.  While healthy skepticism about UFOs is just fine, the debunking attitude is quite another matter.

However, there is a joke of sorts here, and the pie in the face really goes to that historical succession of debunkers in love with their diplomas and other credentials who COULD have and SHOULD have investigated the anomaly in a fair manner, but instead relinquished their role to onlookers of a scale ranging from honest inquirers to out-and-out frauds, opportunists and crackpots.  Yes, history will record that even the worst of the worst in UFO land championed and addressed a subject of importance while science itself ignored and sat on its hands, and the least qualified, along with plain old folks of integrity, were the ones getting major publicity -- publicity often averse to facts, but publicity nonetheless.  The crackpot-iest of the bunch will come out smelling like a rose, while so-called scientists may end up looking like vegetable fossils, nothing more or less.

On that note, we're showing here both hardcover volumes of George M. Eberhart's exhaustive 1986 release, UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Contact Movement:  A Bibliography.  Progressing from ancient times up to 1985, Eberhart's comprehensive project of now more than 30 years' vintage listed all manner of communication dealing with UFOs, possibilities and related topics, including (primarily in English but also with notable foreign language entries) books, journals, pamphlets, articles, dissertations, audiovisual materials, films, government documents and comics.

Whatever the UFO-related theme noted therein per Eberhart's labors, the evidence of longevity roamed far, the subject cried out for respect (even Dr. J. Allen Hynek wrote a Foreword), and the sum total of entries displayed hardly provided a cheering session for those choosing the debunking and ridicule street.  So extensive were Eberhart's efforts, in fact, that when I reviewed these volumes for a journal some thirty years ago, I discovered even a few of my old articles listed, and R. Barrow is pretty low on the UFO literature totem pole (!).

So what more can be said?  UFOs are back, though they never left, and this time -- one more time -- there's a ghost of a chance that. . .that. . .that. . .

Influenza on the march:  We suspect not only the horrors of one or more flu viruses, but that human immune systems in general are beginning a long, systemic crash.  Our lifestyle, foods and crops depleted of nutrition and chemicals increasingly invading our surroundings are not helpful.  While society worries about the flu, new studies with rodents provide even more evidence that cell phones and required microwave radiation continue to open up the welcome mat for cancerous growths.  Regarding the flu, authority figures tell us we're in an epidemic currently.  We disagree, as epidemics of which we are familiar generally involve thousands of deaths.  As we write this paragraph, there are 63 known child deaths from the flu, and while this is heartbreaking and devastating for individual families, numbers of this volume hardly constitute an epidemic, even when noting that one out of every 10 deaths in general last week allegedly occurred due to flu.  Sadly, Dr. Death isn't quite finished as flu reports continue to rise.

Comfort animals:  Airlines are apparently taking action to cut down on a proliferation of customers riding with alleged "comfort animals."  What will they do when somebody demands to bring along their comfort horse?  While we applaud the accommodations airlines make for military veterans, the blind and others who really do require service animals, we wish we could board airplanes with comfort rattlesnakes, after which we would have them inflict venomous wounds upon human phonies claiming they need comfort animals.

The Winter Olympics in South Korea:  My question is, why?  Oh well, who cares about my questions?

About that coin toss -- Next time, I guess we'll have to flip actual people according to race and see who lands first, since heads-or-tails seem to invoke racism among those born and raised with race at the root of every issue.

Anyway, I did take a second or two to take a look at the Kim sister, fearing a resemblance too ghastly to contemplate.  However, she looked nothing like her demented, bloated brother, lucky for her -- but I did fret a bit over her hair, which I strongly suspected would be composed of Medusa's snakes.  I know this is cruel, but I half-wished we could direct upon her the effects of a neutron bomb, then send her back to her insane brother with a note proclaiming, "This one's for Otto Warmbier."

White House follies of 2018:  If they continue dumping aggressive men (I'm not sure if that would include Omarosa, good riddance by the way), who's gonna remain to run the place?  Accusations are peachy keen, but didn't we used to require evidence before ruining people?

Remember a time when we used to hold each other close?  Now we just hold each other accountable.

Meanwhile, the rat-bastard, self-proclaimed national TV journalists can't do enough every day to destroy Trump and associates, ignoring completely all the good things and actions he takes to revitalize the United States as they likewise ignore wrongdoing among the far left.  With these jewels of broadcast media, every report has to involve a scandal, and if there isn't a scandal they'll create all the markings of scandal.  Man oh man, years ago I spoke with college English professors bemoaning the fact that students indulged themselves in TV news reports rather than newspaper accounts, resulting in the greatest classes of know-nothings ever assembled in the classroom.  NOW they've grown up and some work for the same hypnotic industry which helped make them ignorant, stupid and politically partisan in the first place.  The vicious journo circle. 

Congratulations Sen. Mark Warner:  Oh oh.  Looks like you have a Russia connection, too.  Why is it we're discovering it's the Democrats, not the Republicans, who apparently entertain some kind of healthy vibes with Russia?  So convince us otherwise.