Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dust Farts

Why do we blog?  Oh, I'm well aware that "tweets" are all the rage for now, until we each have personal robots programmed to do the communication work for us (as they plot to kill all humans when the time is right, of course, never forget that regrettable flaw).  The answer, obviously, is our wish to remain relevant, particularly as we greet old age with either unbridled enthusiasm or profound hostility.  And speaking for myself, if I weren't pounding out blog entries at this stage I'd probably be sitting in the middle of a busy highway, drooling on myself and shouting, "Get out of my way!" Maintaining elderly relevance can be accomplished in other ways, certainly. 

The Incredible Shrinking Man:  Take Rep. John Lewis, civil rights icon.  Instead of registering his opposition to a Trump presidency with reasons that make sense, he chose to go bat-poop bonkers by blaming the Russians for, to him and most of Hollywood, unfathomable election results.  Instead of damaging his integrity by falling into established nonsense promoted by the Hillary/Democrat/Black Lives Matter tale-spinners, Lewis might have done better by sitting in a highway, drooling on himself.

I truly believe that people such as Lewis and Sen. John McCain should have departed Congress long ago because age can come with, not only wisdom, but also a deepening need to cling to relevancy using irrational mind props.

Making it worse, Lewis' comments arise just before a widely touted occasion known as "Black History Month," the time of year when "White History Year" is interrupted for 28 or 29 days.  Frankly, and even a few brave black leaders have stated as much, BHM really needs to be retired, having served its purpose ad nauseum by now.  Pathetic enough it was that violence and injury broke out at a Martin Luther King Memorial service in Miami

It's sad to see Mr. Lewis' praises sung by the likes of Rep. Maxine Waters, who wants to spend constituent time and dollars plotting a way to impeach Donald Trump, even before he's official.  When certain black voters in certain economically and/or intellectually impoverished areas of the country start choosing their leadership from ability and not blindly because of a candidate's racial motivations, they will perform a real self-service. It's also questionably disheartening to watch DNC hack Donna Brazile honor John Lewis after that dust-up about her feeding Hillary Clinton questions in secret prior to a presidential debate.

That Rep. Lewis himself could ever, ever, ever have been affiliated with the Democrat Party -- they who virtually gave birth to and perpetuated through legislative maneuvers the Ku Klux Klan; they who endorsed and revered segregation; they who loved nothing better than a good old-fashioned black lynching; and they who utilized Jim Crow to keep black people from participating in activities deemed "whites only" -- is amazing in itself. 

Likewise amazing is his avowed appreciation for President Obama's Affordable Care Act, a lie from its very first step:  Lower rates starting with $2500 in savings? Not.  Keep your doctor?  Not.  Major benefits seem to include absurd premium rate increases and bankruptcy-teasing deductibles  A self-assured system of failure now collapsing before our eyes doesn't seem like much to be proud of, even when knighted with the label, "Obamacare," courtesy of a formerly mediocre senator who, before ascending to an effete presidency, apparently never held private employment or created a business during his pampered life.

Congressman Lewis, silent with the rest of his party regarding an outrageous 85 million dollars spent by the Obamas for vacations during two terms, probably welcomed Obama's televised farewell speech last week, when the President used the word, "I" 75 times.  Looks as though the "we" part in Rep. Lewis' Congress didn't get much notice or credit during eight years of a one-man national suicide show emanating from the White House.  To embrace an agenda rabidly intent upon preserving a presidential legacy which does not exist doesn't help sustain one's heroic status, either.

Pssst -- Mr. Lewis, Martin Luther King seems to have embraced Republican ideals.  Just saying. . .

Not my kind of town, Chicago is:  Surprise!  Obama's Dept. of Justice found corruption and bad tidings in the Chicago Police Dept.  Don't they always, anywhere they go?  Not a word about all the black-on-black crime and murders, yet the goal appears to be less police confrontations with street scum.  How do you do that?  Bow, curtsy, apologize for being a cop on the scene of a crime?  Chicago cops, at least in the short term, until sanity is restored, are going to do the same thing law enforcement personnel have done in other departments beat up by the DOJ:  Sit back and let much of the bad stuff go un-addressed, so as not to rile DOJ jackboots.  New DOJ leadership will, we hope, solve a lot of problems on all sides.

Entertainment community members who refuse to perform at Trump's Inaugural:  Good grief, I never encountered such a bunch of spoiled, timid or weeping wussies in my life.  They may feel emboldened and part of their "gang" now, but should Trump's administration succeed wildly enough to make the unlikeliest of Americans sit up and take notice -- that is, causing people to finally comprehend the Obama gang fraud that screwed the country for eight years -- entertainers who threw hissy fits and tantrums will look smaller than head lice.  Wow, talk about marching in lock step. . .

Speaking of the Inauguration:  With a lack of celebrity involvement, will Donald Trump be forced to utilize folks who produce dancing cat videos for the Internet?  Just please, no mimes.  By the way -- will the Oath be administered by that troublesome John Roberts again?  And does that mean Trump will take both a public Oath and then do another behind closed doors, as previously accomplished with a President whose name I'm trying to forget?

Investigating FBI director James Comey:  What's to investigate?  First of all, Democrats danced in a frenzy for substantive findings to be released before the elections in hope of causing Queen Hil' to come off looking like a rose (NOT in association with the Rose Law Firm, we hasten to add).  Comey performed a real public service, if he had anything to do with losing Hillary Clinton votes.  Her carelessness in all respects disqualified her for the presidency even before Comey's TV announcements.  As long as Democrats are so fast and easy in awarding performance awards. . .that is, medals to Obama and Biden. . . why not strike a gold medal for Comey?  Something unique, you know, regarding that server and those e-mails?  Perhaps "The Best Denial of Service Ever" award.

Mr. Trump and All:  Please assure rational environmental oversight.  It's still too easy to trash (read:  Overdevelop) places and overlook things and critters which truly deserve our attention, compassion and respect. We were not the first to show up here.

Remembering how we ended up with Obama:  Let me count the ways.  No, wait, let me simply recall fondly one basic way he wormed (and I do mean wormed, whenever we bring Obama into the mix here)) his way into our hearts.  TV fiction ring a bell?  You may recall the black President in the original Fox "24" TV series, portrayed by actor Dennis Haysbert.  Haysbert looked pretty darned good as prez, didn't he?  Well, there's a major reason why we ended up with two terms of Obama.  Yes, the nation expected Dennis Haysbert in the Oval Office, and instead Barack Obama was inflicted upon us.  Thanks, Hollywood.

Alexa disrespects ya?  So a little girl told her parents' personal home assistant (from hell?) "Alexa" to send a doll house and Alexa complied, much to her parents' unhappy surprise?  And then other Alexa AIs across the country repeated doll house orders when TV and radio news broadcasts repeated the story before their "ears?" Alexa also possibly keeps recordings of everything you say in its presence? In the whole house?  What?  Can one demand that Alexa order a missile attack on neighborhood homes?  Can you procure hit men's chores or enlist prostitutes and blame Alexa or any of the other AI personal assistants coming onto the market?  Might we ask Alexa to rob the Internet of bit coins?  Seems as though personal assistants will be indispensable to future generations.  Me, if I ever encounter one, I'm seriously going to consider asking it to put prominent, though innocent names on sex offender lists all over the country, just because I still can't get over the very concept of sex offender lists.  Isn't everybody a sex offender in some way?  Isn't childbirth a parasitic sex offense? Did the Nazis have sex offender lists?  The questions never end here.