Friday, January 31, 2014

The Staged of the Union, 2014

The State of the Union stage play?  The American people (we're talking about the legal ones) would have been better off focusing instead upon Rand Paul's and Mike Lee's response to this predictable failed casserole.  While Obama spoke, disseminating a predictable line of crap, anemia and threatened Executive Order proclamations fit for a king, as if coughing fairy dust infected with a deadly flu virus upon an already effete Congress and weary viewers at home, I harkened back to that popular image of Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball -- and my mind substituted Barack Obama, swaying to and fro, chipping away at the country’s fragile masonry with intended actions and money we don't have.  Yes, past presidents have implemented Executive Orders, but this one loudly embraces them with a pretend dictator’s glint in his eye. 

I longed for the crazy South African sign language "interpreter" who stood just feet away from Obama at Mandela's tribute, confident that a crazy person doing meaningless sign language in harmony with the words of a fraud would provide the perfect setting, as the state of the union speech lumbered on and on.

The prez talks a mean streak about the disadvantages of being female in the USA, yet his very best buddies in Hollywood burn the candle at both ends, trying to conjure up new ways to torture, mutilate and murder women in motion pictures upon which such themes are the very (pardon the uncomfortable comparison) lynchpin.

He wants pre-k available in schools from coast to coast, essentially providing taxpayer-paid babysitting services for parents who happily send their offspring off to institutions of political indoctrination, some of them still young enough to be pooping in their pants.  Meanwhile, Obama cries for those strangled by college loans, as if individual students had no choice in attending educational facilities more in keeping with their financial abilities (and of course there's no mention of generously accumulated university endowment funds which sit and grow tremendously, used for anything but relieving student debt).

Congress applauds as Obama the Great promises to usurp their abilities with multiple waves of his magical Executive Order wand.  Applause!  Morons, we elected a gaggle of morons.

He-Who-Sees-All stands before the TV cameras and insists that the climate change argument has been settled, and he's darned well going to do something about it.  Meanwhile, the sun continues to go through changes which may affect the earth more than any other factor -- and now new concerns have arisen that the earth's own magnetic poles may be shifting much faster than anticipated -- and those theorized consequences could dwarf anything involved with the politically endorsed climate change vision.

The supreme liar tells us tales of a great economy, a Utopia in the making, a declining deficit and a wonderfully revised health care system to die for (and patients will).  Jobs are so plentiful that we crave and must welcome millions of illegal immigrants who will become Just Like The Rest Of Us.  Except they aren't like the rest of us.    The president left out the large percentage of illegals hosted by our expensive prison system, and the financial destruction of hospitals, clinics and schools overwhelmed by sheer numbers of illegals crossing into the border states.  The president should have had attorney general Eric Holder, keeper of the frauds, beside him, defining the term, illegal immigrant, by the book.  Not that Congress would care, complicit as both parties appear to be as each rushes to put on a pretty face and shower illegal aliens with flowers, candy and eventual voting privileges.  It's the real life Invasion of the Body Snatchers, sans pods, but with the twist that the snatchers ultimately receive amnesty from government personnel guilty of national treason. 

But -- you say you're an American, legal and the like?  Too bad, you don't matter and your kids don't matter.  They matter.  The they who will take jobs Americans won't have an opportunity to do.  Jobs that won’t even exist anymore, in many cases.  They, those who aren't in prison, will have their educations paid for while your children worry about paying back onerous college loans. 

Amnesty?  Americans do NOT want amnesty, despite politically-driven assurances.  Does your congressional representative care about what you want, any more than he or she cares about what you don't want?  Utterly disturbing is talk that GOP congressional members plan to wait until after primaries and even after elections before they come forth to support immigration "reform's" worst ugly face, otherwise their constituents would drive them out of office like roaches swatted off a fat cake.

Disappointed as some in the mainstream media were, Obama's still their reason for brushing and flossing every day, and one assumes, with extreme boredom, those folks will continue to kiss the dictator who would be king's feet to the bitter end. 

The First Lady's birthday party:  Oh my, how extravagant, how star-studded, how -- how lacking of your presence.  Were you invited?  I wasn't.  You had to be somebody -- the elite class, those who, well, who belong.  You and I don't belong in real time; we’re just occupants in a doll’s house of their own making.  The influence of power and money in this White House, extending throughout Washington, is just dangerous.  Oops, speaking of. . .

Hillary Clinton admits that the Benghazi deaths were tragic.  She doesn't actually take responsibility for her State Dept. shortcomings, but she expresses regret.  Families of the dead who were promised answers and action long ago by she and the prez likely feel a different kind of regret to the current day. 

Hillary for president?  The last time Hillary debated for presidential gold, she didn't do very well, and was certainly no stand-out.  A one-on-one with Sen. Rand Paul probably would clear the room of "Clintonomic" aspirations.

A Nobel for Snowden?  Rumblings about nominating Edward Snowden for a Nobel Peace Prize are circulating in foreign lands (Norwegians).  I guess anything's possible if they can give one to Al Gore for being wrong, and to Barack Obama just for showing up, before he destroyed anything of the American spirit, but awarding Snowden the prize would seem a bit more rational if the world didn't carry Russia, China, North Korea and Iran on its shoulders.  I still vacillate over Snowden's actions, aware that the U.S. intelligence community would cure his indiscretions with a bullet to the head.  The Nobel joke should probably instead be given to somebody as deserving as Obama.  Surely, some banana republic dictator awaits his or her nomination?

The Syrian opposition includes many who would kill Americans as easily as Assad's soldiers.  We need to stay out of Syria, out, out.

But I feel terrible for people of the Ukraine.  They rightfully wish to maintain relations with the West and not be confined under Putin's brutal Russian thumb, but their leaders, worthy of execution, double-crossed them.  Once you've experienced a certain freedom, there's no going back willfully.  One would think the American mainstream media would report extensively on this tragedy -- well, until one thinks twice and recalls what a disturbing faction of so-called media has become in the USA.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pleasure Cruise Aboard the Digital Titanic

By the time Common Core, The Gates Foundation and other presumed future-looking projects and denizens finish educating children who aren't already screwed up enough, the breakdown of society as we knew it ought to be pretty much right on schedule.  I was, for one thing, rather intrigued last week when I read that police departments are running short of officer recruits who can even write a coherent incident report.  One suspects flawless talents when texting or sexting are involved, however. 

Yes, indeed yes, the digital revolution has tightly clenched us all, and if one is old enough to have experienced the benefit of accumulating an old-fashioned education, all the better.  However, for the younger folk who know only a computerized existence, a life of fantasy and un-reality may not serve them well, should the day come when the digital world is momentarily, temporarily or permanently obliterated by way of some unmitigated disaster.

As perhaps one of only a dozen or so bloggers around the globe who doesn't blog whilst sitting around the house in my underwear, I must admit to some hypocrisy, for here I am, taking full advantage of the digital world, spewing out my literary poison with the kind and determined assistance of Pac-Man's offspring (to me, everything digital is Pac-Man; it just seems so right).  Yet, if I had to -- as I did for most of my writing life -- turn out the printed word in real ink on a vintage manual typewriter or the far more advanced IBM Selectric III typewriter, I could make the change in an instant.  Sans the archaic typewriter era, however, I could take a pen and write coherently with a pen in block letters -- or I could use the cursive technique, currently the bane of alphabet lessons in elementary schools, where cursive is assumed to have had its day and should no longer be taught.  Just perfect, a recipe for disaster.  Anyway -- so there, I have all these options if computer technology disappears tomorrow.  Can school kids make the same claim?  Of course not.  It's the digital keyboard, pad or nothing.  Eventually, voice-operated functions will become the norm, but we're still talking digital, and what the computer gives the computer can take away, particularly when the computer itself is swept out of existence through a series of unfortunate events. 

The Internal Revenue Service:  I once had an opportunity to work for the IRS in an entry level position, but declined.  That was long ago, when the IRS was reasonably honorable and not taken over by political thugs determined to destroy presumed enemies.  Better luck next election. . .

Eric Holder speaks!  He was asked about clemency for Edward Snowden.  I didn't really care about his response, enveloped as I was with an immediate fantasy scenario where he and Snowden would appear before "Judge Judy," who would find Holder guilty right away for Fast and Furious and sentence him to prison.  Snowden, receiving much less lockup time, would spend it with Holder in the same cell.  Dreams can make so much more sense than reality.

Antiquities of Medicine:   Ah yes, it seems like only yesterday. . .when society proclaimed an equal doctor/patient relationship, when patients and physicians discussed treatment options together and the blood & guts playing field was fair.  Well, forget that.  Now it's the government/doctor/government/patient/computerized/one-size-fits-all-guidelines medicine approach.  Thanks Obama, thanks Congress -- and a really big thank you to the pharmaceutical industry, conspiratorial insurance companies and the lawyers hiding behind every tree to sue drug company pants off.  ALL of you stand to gain something under Obamacare, though evidence increasingly suggests that the fruits of this health care "reform" are turning rotten faster than even its perpetrators believed possible (the rest of us saw this coming, and it didn't even require brainpower).  Single payer socialism, anyone?

But forget the long-term stuff, we have the Sochi Olympics to divert us from important stuff,  and after that considerable ado about nothing concludes, and we determine whether the athletes or terrorists will take home the most awards for outstanding performances, the people can move on to more pressing matters. . .of sports.  Entertainment vs. education vs. information.  Entertainment will win, and as throngs of fans insist upon the simplicities of team-driven mind candy, thugs of major political parties continue determining the fate of the masses behind the closed doors of "open" government.

California's progressives love illegal immigrants, so will the state be as kind to China, whose exported air pollution reportedly is responsible for at least 10 percent of California's own pollution problems?

New York not only features a new NY City mayor who may as well hang a communist banner over his office entrance -- now the state's governor has basically declared there's no room for folks of certain political opinions in NY.  Of course, as all good politicians do, Gov. Andrew Cuomo backtracked and stated his comments were "distorted."  The only person who could have distorted his words is the governor because his words were recorded, and no matter how often one listens to his words, it's kinda difficult to find even a whiff of distorted anything.  Meanwhile, overtaxed and excessively regulated businesses and people continue to abandon NY State in haste, even as the state government pays for expensive TV advertising around the country, enticing (read as: begging) companies to set up shop in the state.  Yeah, that'll work out great once the communism and fascism close ranks in ol' corrupt New York.

My favorite person of Hispanic heritage this week is actress Maria Conchita Alonso, instantly attacked by San Francisco's Latino "community" for daring to break from the crowd of hyenas to voice support for a conservative running for governor.  Ms. Alonso, already outspoken about the dangers of illegal immigration, actually had the nerve to appear prominently in a campaign ad for assemblyman Tim Donnelly, who seeks the Republican nomination, as reported by CBS-TV affiliate KPIX. 

“Politicians and big government are killing our prosperity, pushing welfare costs through the roof and driving our schools into the ground,” Donnelly states in the ad.  Standing next to Donnelly, Alonso humorously adds in Spanish, “We’re screwed.”  As one might expect, the actress currently holds little favor with San Francisco Hispanics who dismiss or violate immigration laws.  Gotta put her on a pedestal for that.  Maybe commission a statue of her for public display in the city.

My least favorite person of Canadian heritage this week is Justin Bieber.  This guy is a mess.  He fought the law and the law won, at last.  I don't care about the DUI charge, I just want Bieber arrested, tried -- "egged" -- and jailed for his abuse of music in general, and add an additional charge for his smiling mug shot.  Yeah, I guess rehab would be nice, now that he's been all screwed up by hanging out with the "thug" element and trying to become a number of things he can never be.  Deportation?  Nah, not unless there's a willing country with an economy dependent upon prison colonies.  Could even the Phantom of the Opera coach and correct Bieber's rampageous life of melodic crimes?  Ladies and gentlemen, may we present for your listening pleasure cats fighting in a garbage can?  Fingernails scraping on a blackboard?  The lilt and lively music of Justin Bieber?  Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby. . .arghh!  Alcohol and drugs surely are not the answer for Bieber -- but for those who audibly endure his creations against their will, maybe so.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Long Goodbye?

UFO sightings come and go, and so do UFO organizations, Web sites and magazines, but over the years we've come to expect the strong to survive and the weak to fade away.  The pattern seems to have reversed.  Bad omens in the wind?

With the termination of Errol Bruce-Knapp's highly informative UFO Updates page, part of his vast Virtually Strange Network, those who take UFO research seriously, except for rare exceptions, are left out in the cold.  Yes, good sites remain, and out of touch though I am with the current status of many aspects of the UFO phenomenon, rational thinking can be found.  But the crazy, sky-high bonkers poop is out there as well, internationally, and a disturbing number of newly inquiring minds often have no way of separating the informative gold from mere fools' gold.  When Budd Hopkins died and his Internet contact site went dormant, another valuable connection (regarding abduction cases) went away.  Now we discover that the skeptical RRR Group -- frequently, truth be told, the bane of UFO researchers' existence -- has also ceased operations online, depriving the curious of another viewpoint.

To this end, I've recently had to delete some links, and wonder whether I'll soon need to remove the link for The Debris Field, which hasn't been updated by Lesley G. since August and September.  It used to be a daily, ongoing event.  I found her site valuable because she has a knack for rounding up the latest news about UFOs, Fortean events and other enticing subjects, just click and you're there.

Soon, so many drones will rule the skies that folks below will yawn and think every mystery above is merely a drone of various shapes and sizes.  This dangerous and ill-conceived belief will be one more kiss of death for legitimate UFO research, it would seem.

At this stage in the game, unlike some, I'm not consumed with adding new links, because those which remain here often provide links to other good sites.  While some of these deal exclusively with UFO history, I do encourage you to stay in contact with blog articles by (linked) journalist Billy Cox (Blog de Void) of the Herald-Tribune, because Billy works primarily from the here-and-now aspect, digging for UFO-related nuggets as well as the all too common nonsense.  Real journalism, like comedy, isn't always pretty.

FIRST, UFOS AND NUKES. . .THEN DRUG DEALING. . .NOW CHEATING ON TESTS. . .OH MY GOD. . .  What the hell's going on with my Air Force?  Officer ranks from lieutenant to captain cheating on tests, and a little illicit drug dealing on the side with both foreign and domestic ties?  Hey, we've always heard that duties at the nuke sites where you sit and wait to push buttons of doom are boring 24/7 -- but has it come to this?  Maybe somebody should let these guys blow off a missile or two now and then, just to show a little love and appreciation.  And while we're on the subject of nuke bases, specifically Malmstrom, Warren and Minot in general -- wouldn't it be great if the mainstream media would cover dramatic UFO issues reported at these locations?  No, of course not.  Instead of pursuing the potentially most disturbing story in the world, it's easier for the MSM to stick with anything malleable enough to make the entire military look bad via guilt by association.

The Queen of Benghazi remains the Queen of Benghazi.  No dethroning here.  A U.S. Senate report on the Benghazi, Libya tragedy places the blame on several agencies, and the State Department -- Hillary Clinton's State Dept. at the time -- is as guilty as the rest, if not more so.  Perhaps she and NJ Gov. (and clueless fairytale troll under the bridge) Chris Christie would best combine their talents to perform together on "Dancing With the Stars," hoofing their dance number, "The Sidestep," rather than entertaining presidential aspirations.  I smell a new TV series starring these two:  Dud Dynasty. 

Fascism through Executive Order:  The most outrageous presidential failure in decades, B. Obama, has reinstated his faith in Executive Orders and in his buddies, brain-fried university intellectuals and Internet manipulators who haven't spent a day in the real world since childhood.  Because members of the timid who populate Congress haven't taken steps to impeach this White House freak show (and many will likely pay dearly on Election Day in November, as they should), count on more than two years yet of this particular excursion into the land of continuing despair.

The Screaming Horse Slaughterhouse, should there ever be a corporation with a name so obvious, may be put on hold for a long, long time because of at least two far-reaching pieces of legislation intended to stomp out once and for all both U.S. horse meat production and the export of horses to other countries, where foreign folk drool for horse burgers or the like.  I'm always a tad curious when a representative of some nebulous corporate entity insists we need to thin out a herd of something, blah, blah, blah, and the horses surely have to go because blah, blah, blah.  Sorry Jack, I grew up with horses, and the critters are probably far more intelligent than the marijuana-worshipping teenager currently getting blissfully wasted  in your basement.

Obamacare needn't be touched this time around.  You already know its bitter taste, though a taste is just a prelude to the big swallow.

School shootings continue.  Schools have always had that faint prison-like atmosphere, so I can understand why some of the "inmates," ill-suited for the world of authority and control, think in bonkers terms and take matters horribly into their own hands.  Here's betting that many among the troubled are already drugged by medical "professionals" who offer pharmaceuticals as the cure.  I don't think the kids will feel any better watching teachers all over the country going bonkers themselves as they come to the realization that "Common Core" standards are attempting to change their role into something they never imagined in the classroom.  Evil comes in many forms, and, again, may I emphasize that, to me, evil these days oft wears a digital face.  Life isn't Star Trek and Star Trek was fiction, not a recipe book for how our lives will evolve in some plotted future.  The young go nuts and the teachers follow, that appears to be the only "plan" currently in force.  The Department of Education is not the way it sounds and should be terminated by government leaders, next time we have any around.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Vortex of Lies, A Blizzard of Frauds

For some peculiar reason, my first thought is of those popular UFO disclosure petitions brought to the attention of the White House.  My second is, do you understand why nobody at the White House cares?  The place is up to its knees in distortions, lies, seemingly impeachable demons, targets possibly worthy of lengthy federal prison sentences and horror stories sure to come out before the elections.  Who has time for UFOs when there's a country to run into the ground?  All they want to hear about on Pennsylvania Avenue is climate change is your fault and illegal aliens are your friends despite their inherent criminality and exotic untreated diseases.

Okay, so I'm no political genius, just a guy writing a blog, like so many thousands who busy themselves at the keyboard.  I'm also yesterday, pensively, yet often unsuccessfully, trying to be tomorrow, a classic symptom of "senior citizens" losing relevance.  But I know some things, those petitions for instance.  To the best of my recollections, I did not sign any of them, but here's what I did do:  Since the mid-sixties I wrote and wrote and wrote letters to all manner of government officials, expressing my concern that both congressional and scientific inquiries of the phenomenon should be undertaken in earnest.  In response, I frequently received long letters typewriter-inked with either sweet nothings or just nothings.  If you've followed this blog since its early years, you know that I've posted some of the responses.

In recent years, confronted with boxes of old files, I weeded out carbon copies of just my own letters to various officials and other individuals, and took the insignificant portion to a shredder for destruction and recycling.  To my surprise, I stuffed two standard large-size grocery store paper bags with old paper copies.

All that paper, all the postage costs -- and all those years of effort.  And what did it get us?  Surely not an ultimate solution to the UFO issue.  Nevertheless, I certainly received a lot of responses from folks telling me what they thought I wanted to hear -- or what they thought they knew, even if they knew nothing of the subjects they addressed.

Which reminds me once again of the extensive correspondence I conducted over the years with the late WW II veteran and intrepid UFO subject inquirer, Russ Reardon, who colorfully narrowed everything down simply by asking, "What does it all mean?  It don't mean sh**!" 

From my blog entry long ago, you may recall that Russ, an inveterate cigarette smoker, experienced a horribly disabling stroke, and when his physician asked why he hadn't visited his office prior to experiencing a stroke, Russ merely replied, "Because I'm not psychic!"  Sounds pretty logical to me, considering the inane poop coming out of Washington every day.

And speaking of Washington, former defense secretary Robert Gates reportedly filled in a few nasty spaces with his new book, soon to be released, taking President Obama, V-P Biden and Hillary Clinton to task.  If anybody had any doubts about how Obama relates to the military, Gates seems to have answered that question, though of course the White House was quick with denials regarding Gates' unpleasant, make that damning, assertions.  Obama's leadership abilities appear as solid as a gingerbread house, Biden is wrong on everything regarding foreign policy and Hillary plays the political game.  Yes, Obama ordered a farewell party for Osama bin Laden (carried out by Navy SEALS) but, beyond that, Obama's detachment from many aspects of the Middle East war puts his questionable actions in Gates' line of sight for the book.   Gates' published treasure chest may provide some input for the 2016 elections.  And maybe now we have some insight into all the high-ranking military officers who lost their jobs or "resigned" their commissions under this embarrassment of a President.  Gates should have blown the whistle on the Obama Administration's Middle East faults while he was still part of the war effort because his -- expressed in writing --  outrage then might have saved many a military serviceman's life.  Instead, the politicians bickered and worried about their own political futures.  For me, this is all too reminiscent of the late former defense secretary Robert McNamara's belated second thoughts and tears over his own actions during the Vietnam conflict.  Shame on Gates for shutting up when he shouldn't have, and shame on the whole Obama bunch and others, apparently painted in Gates' book as exactly the tyrants and undesirables many of us assumed they are.  This may not be helpful for Hillary, either, despite some faint praise by Gates.

The currently headlined scammers in New York City are, unfortunately, retired policemen and firemen who responded to the 9/11 tragedy.  With the assistance of allegedly corrupt psychiatrists, physicians, lawyers and other facilitators, a number of apparently dishonest and dishonorable members of the NYPD and NYFD faked various disabilities in order to garnish huge sums of money from the Social Security Disability system.  Obviously, NY cops and firemen who follow the high road during their daily heroic activities have expressed outrage over those who scam and make their departments look bad.  The "bust" of these folks should reverberate across the country, as other "disabled" scammers in high or low places are investigated, arrested and punished.

Are Independent voters and the Tea Party starting to mesh into a single organism?  Disgust with both GOP self-preservationists and big government Democrats  -- and outrage at the worst of both parties currently striving to legitimize illegal aliens in some fashion -- is causing a continuing mass exodus of people whom either of the established parties depended upon in previous elections.

The man-made global warming herd continues to tilt at windmills of ice, predictably insistent that the Big Freeze is part of the whole human-caused phenomenon.  Like far left university intellectuals (Pol Pot comes to mind) rabidly convinced that they know what's best for everybody, Chicken Little-style members of the scientific community just naturally assume ownership of The Answers, and any deviation from their intricate pre-ordained calculations is strictly forbidden --  even when their ship gets stuck in the summer ice of Antarctica and starts to break apart, and people with better things to do need to inconvenience themselves by coming to the rescue of loony scientists who derive incomes by worshipping at the altar of thermostatic gods.  How lucky indeed that they continue to keep Obama on their side, as he strives though any weather event to impose green taxes on all.

That rules out another job choice for me.  I can't be a diplomat with the Dept. of State because I would simply tell international thugs to go to hell, and I can't be a climate scientist because my lack of credentials in that discipline would take me no further than the realization that, yes, the climate changes.  It never stopped changing..  So what?

Chris Christie probably needs to go away, far, far away from the national elections.  His administration – yep, that’s Christie’s name on it -- inconvenienced and “dissed” its own people, and if the revenge aspect of the bridge slow-down incident isn’t a clear reincarnation of Nixon’s enemies list intent, I don’t what is.  Even if Christie isn’t directly responsible for this fiasco, he chose the staff which reflects his own calamitous definition of integrity.  Presidential aspirations?  Crashed and burned, could be.  Christie, disturbing from the get-go, even makes Queen of Benghazi Hillary Clinton appear reasonable.  Because I’m about to make a brain death notation, may I leave this paragraph by suggesting six little words of relief and rescue to the brain-dead GOP?  Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul.  As if.

Brain Death Update:  The attorney and mother for a 13-year-old girl declared brain-dead by multiple physicians following a disastrous surgical procedure claim the girl, moved in secrecy from the hospital to another location, is “improving.”  Will she be one of the fortunate few?  I remain skeptical, as “improving” can mean anything.  Nursing homes and hospitals throughout the country are already filled with people kept alive by machines, no matter their hopeless prognoses.  If one looks forward to a society keeping everybody declared dead alive through technology, birthing centers will be forced to accept machine-assisted bodies and a whole new definition of newborn.  What does hell look like?  This is what hell looks like.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bits and Pieces for January 2014

The illustration's meaning may appear crass, yet I thought it appropriate because 40,000 new laws going into effect all across our "free" country as the new year unfolds -- or is that unravels? -- indicate that busybody legislators apparently feel the same about us.  I wonder how much legislation was shoved into force because some otherwise irrelevant state or local representatives named laws after dead children (a tried and true vote-getter)?  In New York, this happens like clockwork, and in no small part because grieving parents meet with "compassionate" legislators who, like members of the clergy, promise eternal memorializing of the departed -- in this case, at taxpayer (and freedom's) expense. 

Then there's the California episode, tragic indeed, of a young girl dying during what was expected to be routine tonsil surgery (though she seems to have had other medical issues).  Of course the family is devastated but, even after solid physician concurrences of the patient's brain death status, the family insists she yet lives and have no intention of saying goodbye -- opting instead for a feeding tube and artificial means of sustaining what they assume is just a belated wake-up.  Wha. . .?  Yes, there are rare cases where comatose folk come back, but these aren't routine.  Obviously, all it takes now is a family's grief, a little twist on religion, a half-assed knowledge of technology, a boob of an attorney trying to brand a name for himself, and -- with the help of a useless judicial system which often believes its universal knowledge exceeds that of experienced physicians -- families can be convinced that even the dead don't need to stay dead.  And who will pay for sustaining the brain-dead and family members with hope via expensive machines and technology, apparently with all of this mess destined for NY?  You know who. 

Now a firming precedent has been set in California, and soon no human will ever have to face death again because the bonkers justice system and a goldmine of expensive machinery paid for by taxpayers will keep corpses from rotting six feet under or disposed of via cremation because it's so very kind and considerate just to keep hearts pumping without purpose above ground.  This family?  My sympathies have turned to dismay that a runaway mind-virulent strain of dumb-ass flu continues to envelope this country.  Zombies, we got zombies, get'cher zombies here.  If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, if you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance. If you like your dead family members, you can keep your dead family members.  Soon there will be a web site to sign up for that, too. 

Meantime -- and you must excuse my tendency toward gallows humor, because it's just a fact of life that many people who have worked in hospital settings at some point develop a humor sense bordering, to outside observers, on cruelty, but that humor only comes about because it's needed to overcome the daily gloom -- I may consider returning some dried-up carrots to the farm stand where I bought them last year and demand that the farmer stick 'em back in the ground until they revitalize and develop their original taste and consistency.  Perhaps a carrot feeding tube will be necessary.  If the farmer refuses, I've no option but to sue.  That's how we solve all ills, isn't it?
If you love something, it's true that sometimes you have to let it go.  Or it leaves without your consent, and that's worse.  The family in California may learn that the hard way, and so might taxpayers who want nothing to do with this heartbreaking, yet creepily bonkers, situation.

By the way, what ever happened to tort reform?  I've no special love for some of the snake oil pharmaceutical companies bathe us with, nor am I impressed with a stampede of class action lawsuits turning up every time a drug seems at fault for health problems (how one proves some of those claims is beyond me, though I suspect settling things before expensive cases get to court is the norm).  We know, of course, that the people most likely to benefit by millions of dollars in a class action lawsuit is the lawyers.  Where is the tort reform embraced by so many multi-faced politicians, many of whom honed their own skills as attorneys?  Maybe I just answered my own question.

Edward Snowden, still in the news, and because he exposed some pretty odorous corruption in the government, maybe it's time to sprinkle a little good guy dust upon him.  Strange, right now I'm thinking of decades of military folk warned to shut up about their UFO encounters.  How much mandatory secrecy and whose decisions for secrecy roll along in the hush?  One thing's for sure, the watchers don't like being watched back, particularly by the folks they aren't supposed to watch in the first place.

In fact, there's such an abundance of high tech funny business and spying going on that I can't envision a time when detailed UFO investigations conducted by the concerned person or group can ever achieve prominent status again, however I can imagine dedicated organizations to which the average Joe will have no entry -- at least in the USA, which, you may have noticed, has experienced the loss of some greatly informative and rational sources relating to the UFO issue.

Nevertheless, if scientists ever get together on the UFO issue's importance, please don't count among them the allegedly bright dolts who became stuck in the ice of Antarctica as they pursued a quest to shove global warming in our faces.  Notice, as have I, that no major media sources have made the connection here, no way are they going to indict "climate change" scientists now because they've all been singing that tired old song for quite a few years themselves.  As comedic alarmist Al Gore might say, revealing the absurdities of a ship trapped by the inconsistencies of its own on-board environmental clowns would kinda be an inconvenient truth.

Speaking of the mainstream media, all two or three of my eyes almost popped out of my head a week or so ago when all the biggies got together and announced that science has determined vitamins are useless, you may as well throw them out.  Oh -- and then not a week later the same morons, panting like a pack of coyotes elated over the discovery of a nest of squirrels, pronounced Vitamin E helpful in the control of Alzheimer's!  They can't have it both ways, but they do.  Journalism schools must be working overtime to turn out such magnificence, such quality reporting, eagerly lapped up by "news" divisions of major TV networks especially.

President Obama?  Okay, let me check.  Hmm.  Yep, still a big liar, aloof as necessary, lording over an Administration of constitution-chomping termites.  No solution except impeachment for this White House bunch.  Congressional Democrat sheep would do well to deal with this on their own long before November, but they won't and "won't" will result in major November election losses.

Hillary Clinton is not your kindly old grandma, knitting harmlessly in a rocking chair.  She IS, however, part of the same machine currently in charge of deflating USA influence and domestic growth.  Obama voters who choose her are like frat boys being beat with paddles and asking, May I have another, sir?  The media certainly jumped on the latest chance to crown her queen when they brought more controversy into the Benghazi tragedy.  My response:  Well, who the hell was running the State Dept. when that horror show blew up?  Hillary, sweet grand-motherly Hillary Clinton, the female partner of The Amazing Bill and Hillary Act, the deflated medicine show whose moth-eaten tent needs to be folded up and directed toward a landfill at long last. 

The Marine Corps quietly "delayed" a requirement for women to accomplish pull-ups equivalent to their male counterparts because many women cannot do them.  This may sound irrelevant -- but it won't be on the battlefield, when lives depend upon the advantage of heavy lifting and precision exit plans.  Yes, women should be all they want to be, but this is one issue requiring a second look on behalf of everybody braving the front lines.  Physical abilities trump all in this case, and the detached planners sitting comfortably behind desks in D.C., threatened physically by nobody in a war setting, need to realize this.

Iraq:  A predictable mess, and the outrage for us should be thousands of dead Americans.  At what price does one attempt to tame monsters, over and over again?