Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Eight years of rule by a soft-spoken, two-bit dictator masquerading as President of the United States brought us far more than a bill for some 85 million dollars of family vacation excursions.  Obama, subconsciously or not, gifted a new attitude to the mini-masses, affirming for them ever so meticulously that any protest is a good protest, even if it's pre-paid by special interests, violent, stupid, misguided or just fun because instantaneous electronic messaging can gather the worst, trashy elements of society at a moment's notice.  Even better, accommodating TV "news" media attend faithfully to lend authenticity via sound bites and animated scenes reminiscent of activity at a lunatic asylum.  Yes, this is Obama's America -- apparently an America he has no intention of allowing Donald Trump to fundamentally un-transform, as Obama's silhouette has re-emerged to attempt rule from the sidelines.  To stay in the game.  Obama, the one man most responsible for the destruction of what remains of a tattered Democrat Party.  Between Obama and a new DNC accumulation who says she'll seemingly not listen to people of white (formerly known as white people), we expect a Democrat survival circus like no other as time goes on, because all the DNC have "left" in the pantry is loud voices, violent supporters, promises to tax and spend, and a magnetic attraction to lunatics and political misfits of no value to any functioning mind.

Yes, eight pathetic years, and all Obama gave his supporters were golf games, vacations, panic over conservative values, ignorance and human detritus in the streets, community organizing for the mini-masses.  Uninformed, sign-wielding rabble won't even take time to read (or care about) Trump's immigration order, and surely they're mostly too young to remember the horrors of 9/11 and why there must be sober concern about those to enter the country.  But there can seldom be reasoning with the unreasonable.

Quotes:  Just a word about the quotations visualized with each of my blog entries.  You probably noticed that almost all come from long ago, offered by people dead for years.  Some of the folks quoted are familiar to you, while others are long gone and forgotten.  Often, even I don't know who they were.  However, if they had something worth quoting I'll put it up. Funny how voices from the past make so much more sense than contemporary "gee whiz" celebrities.  My sources, by the way, usually constitute any of a number of books featuring interesting quotes.  Surely, these oldies frequently have more to say than I do (thus today's visual poking fun at myself -- I, who really longed, unsuccessfully, to never take anything seriously again after working the military medical shift for four years).  Hint:  Even the worst visual can save a lackluster blog entry.  Hmm -- maybe that's why you keep returning?

The refugee ban:  I'm sick to death of all the bitching about use of the word, "ban."  So call it a ban!  Anything to give the phony street trash protestors and university faculty communists something to chew on while they wait either for their (the former) welfare checks or (the second) books of revelations from Chairman Mao.

Senator Charles Schumer surrounds himself with refugee children and cries for the cameras.  Come to think of it, I need add nothing more to this paragraph.  Nothing new here -- though I wonder if he cried big tears when American heads were being disarticulated via knife by ISIS geniuses, or when The Wrong People admitted to this country thanks to his Democrat Party went on killing sprees.

A new study warns that anxiety and depression among college students is rampant.  Surprised?  These young folk spent eight years raised on total and utter "educational" bullcrap in schools lorded over by progressive brain manipulators.  By the time "higher education" ruled by this bunch finishes off young brain tissue, frightening and twisting developing thought processes into something alien, producing "snowflakes" ill-equipped to think beyond their own hair follicles as even the basic challenges of life arise, what do we expect to happen?  No wonder they medicate themselves into insensitivity (and this can easily be accomplished with over-the-counter drugs provided by pushers known professionally as pharmaceutical companies).  Good grief, I want to shoot up just writing this paragraph. . .

Boy Scouts transgender themselves:  Gays in the military, yes. Transgendered folk in the military or the scouts?  Uhhhhhhh. . .sorry, there are just so many psychological issues, the suicidal urges and profound depression high among them.  I think the world is filled with far more psychiatrists, psychologists and other "mental health" workers crazier than bedbugs than with people in need of transgendered self-image alteration via surgery.  I guess for some surgeons it helps assure a good living, but in most cases the best course may involve abandoning the urge to pick up the ol' scalpel and instead get a deep understanding of the person himself or herself.  The overwhelming need for various groups to gain acceptance and somehow be considered "normal" is a real brain-teaser in our already fragmented society.  Me, I'd rather start a chapter of "The Transgendered Scouts of America" and avoid the controversy and misbegotten begging for acceptance as "normal."  Whatever normal is.

LGBTQIA:  What happens when you run out of alphabet? 

The "You're fired" former Acting Attorney General and Obama holdover Sally Yates:  Have a nice ride, Ms. Yates?  By calculation, I'm sure, she worked to enhance her status with the progressives, thereby assuring a firm place in the Democrat Party.  The fact that she did it by ignoring a lawful presidential order, however, doesn't say much about her integrity.  We trust the lady herself will turn up very soon as hot stuff in waiting for the next Democrat National Convention.  The next nominee for female president in the Democrat universe?  Need to get Queen Hil's permission?

Epidemics:  It's scary enough that illegal aliens are bringing in mumps and a host of other diseases once diminished or conquered in the USA (it's rather obvious), but I've become painfully aware of the epidemic which never ends -- TV reporters at both local and national levels who use the term, "completely destroyed" when referencing a house fire, car wreck or any number of events. Baby, if something is destroyed, the damage is already complete.  Enhancement only wastes words and portrays the source as a joke to their own profession.  Is one completely finished once a task is done?  Is one completely exhausted when tired after a day of work?  Is a marriage completely over once divorce papers are signed?  Am I completely terminating this theme now?

Naples, Italy:  There seems to be a rather heated concern about a big ol' volcano in the vicinity possessing the ability to kill millions and throw the world into economic chaos, should it blow as it did way, way back.  It has been known to dwarf the effects of Vesuvius, the volcano which killed an entire town (including Pliny the Elder) in 79 A.D. and last erupted with less rage in 1944.  Should an eruption devastate Italy once again, will the United Nations arrive on the scene to arrest and fine the volcano for environmental indiscretions?  Toxins emitted by an active volcano make coal-fired energy plant emissions look like child's play.

The organization, Act for America sent me some information regarding its function, which I already knew about.  Founder and president Brigitte Gabriel, interviewed often on various radio and TV shows, heads up this important watchdog group intent upon putting an end to radical Islam's horrors, and flushing its influence out of the USA and other countries where invade-and-conquer constitute its irrevocable plans.  You may check the organization out at:

Black History Month:  Okay, but why still?  If schools were doing their job -- and we hope that changes soon -- history classes would educate regarding such matters, and it wouldn't take a month to do it.  Me, I'm intent upon spending the next 28 days screaming at the TV because it's really time to move on.