Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Streep Peeps and the Panic Continues

Somehow, it makes perfect sense that a fair number among the Hollywood and elite crowd choose Scientology.  Were I awash in money and influence, entirely bored with daily life, I'd probably find it perfectly reasonable to seek a change myself, maybe to, I don't know, join a church that worships cat vomit?

Well, this isn't about Scientology, but it is about the rich and famous who feel the need to air their deepest fears when receiving nationally televised awards. Like actress Meryl Streep, recipient of a Golden Globe award Sunday evening.  I'm not entirely sure, but I think Golden Globe awards result from votes by people sitting in their underwear all over the country with nothing to do but push buttons.  I hope they aren't Russians, and I can't even imagine what Russian underwear feels like.

Miss Streep, who probably forgot long ago what it's like to be just people burdened with arduous lives, must have felt pretty darned pleased with herself, standing up there on the gilded stage, safely and warmly surrounded by those of (pretty much) a similar mind, letting loose her comments referencing an unnamed president who hasn't even assumed Office yet.  She wasn't unique in her condemnation, of course.  THAT seems to be everywhere in the land of the elite pod people.

Of course, my election fave was Ted didn't-stand-a-chance Cruz, and I don't have a clue what kind of President Donald Trump will be.  A very good one, I hope, but to paraphrase what Nancy Pelosi said when asked what was in the Affordable Care Act, we'll have to open his act to know what's in him.

Meanwhile, man oh man, progressives spin in full-blown terror, partially frozen in some weird mindset dictating that Hillary Clinton couldn't possibly lose.  Quick, where are psychological counseling and Teddy Bears to squeeze?

That these folks are adrift from their own minds requires no other evidence than their adulation for one President Barack Obama, intent in his final days upon reminding us about -- make that fabricating -- his legacy, a legacy which, in fact, weaves a fictional tale dripping with syrupy grandiosity.  What he did not mention, and what has just come to light are statistics allegedly indicating that some 94 percent of jobs created during the last eight years were part-time only.  One can't buy much hope and change with that number.  How pitiful indeed that the Democrats' primary spokesman is the very person who destroyed progressive dreams from coast to coast, as even smaller elections became dominated by GOP wins.

A lethal injection to finish off the Affordable Care Act before it collapses under its own dead weight will be merciful, if the Trump people can raise a good replacement.  The evidence (including video statements from key personnel) clearly shows intent to mislead the public about high premiums, outrageous co-pays and other factors which would otherwise portray Obamacare as far less than appealing.  The ACA was no "overnight success," its roots stemming back many years in anticipation of when payday would finally come.  Insurance companies had years to drool over the outrageously high profits they fully expected would drift their way, once all the regulations were in place.  As any B grade level fourth grader could have figured out, this bird of paradise poop molded by nothing but progressive hands and deluded minds of supposedly superior intellect couldn't possibly stay airborne very long.  These are the same people, by the way, who possessed neither the brains nor sense to secure their own e-mail systems.

Special request to Julian Assange:  If the Russians aren't pulling your strings, how about coughing up a few thousand sensitive e-mails from Putin and the Politburo, just to show some good faith?

The Chicago Four:  Now that all the politically correct media folk and political hacks got around to reluctantly reporting that this duck quacked and therefore it must be a duck, let's make sure the "hate crime" laws -- that vaunted legislation demanded and embraced so lovingly by, curiously, hate groups in their own right -- are launched into full force when a gang of four black people go on trial for kidnapping and torturing a white youth with special needs.  The mug shots alone, depicting at least two of the subjects (males) striking a defiant pose, pretty much say it all for this group, devoid of and probably never exhibiting compassion for either human or beast.  Obama could have spent much of his presidency decrying racial components when it comes to such execrable activities, but he lost a golden opportunity to unite the country, choosing instead to use federal departments and one-sided "diversity" as battering rams.  Sadly, white people need not apply for inclusion in "diversity" in the current atmosphere.

Nation beware!  You may not be familiar with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, but you need to be, next time presidential elections roll around.  Cuomo, a Democrat hack seemingly infused with progressive steroids, gives every appearance of wanting to be President.  Trouble is, by this point in his second term his actions have alienated him not only from horrified Republicans, but from other Democrats as well in this corrupt state.  Each year, the governor is required to issue a state of the state address in January, but this year, for the first time, Cuomo has opted to travel around the state, addressing regional areas one at a time instead of standing before the state assembly and senate as TV cameras roll.  Why?  Informed speculation dictates that the governor feared being booed and disgraced before both parties, had he made his address in the chambers -- as he has every year.  Having publicly stated, astonishing many, that there is no place for conservative Republicans in NY, it was only a matter of time before his various political meanderings would rub even his own party the wrong way.  His current rant includes his wish to provide free college for all New York students (costing six figures of millions of dollars) and other ideas which would raise NY taxes considerably.  The chances of his dream list seeing legislator approval are dim -- tax and fee-burdened NY residents and businesses continue to flee the state -- but somewhere in Cuomo's radical thought process is likely a determination that even putting such plans "out there" makes him look like the ultimate progressive and therefore a realllllly nice "catch" for the DNC, next time they plan to run a presidential candidate.  Should you reside in the 49 states who don't know and don't care who Cuomo is, we would suggest that you not forget his name -- and we obviously don't mean that in a complimentary way.  The nation simply does not need another post-Obama dictator whose empathy and progressive good deeds enslave us and run on our money.  Thing is, this pampered dope, who rode in on his father (former governor) Mario Cuomo's coattails, wouldn't have been elected governor if it weren't for the well-populated NY City area, where Democrat voters abound.  Beware USA, beware, beware.

But Hillary for mayor?  Speaking of NY idiocy, yes, there are calls emerging for Hillary Clinton to run for NY City mayor.  She may as well, the place has degenerated into a filth pit under the current socialist mayor's crazed supervision.

Sweeping up the trash at federal agencies:  We expect the Trump administration to go all out to determine what Muslims with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and other "interesting" concerns (the MB is criminal and outlawed in Egypt) currently work in the FBI, military and other essential departments.  If anything involves national security, this is a prime example -- and, for starters, let's allow the FBI to re-do their training manuals  and instruct that there ARE Islamic terrorists who must be found and thrown out of sensitive government areas. Is there not already a foothold in the USA?  Yes, there is, and it starts at the welcoming, all-inclusive (well, except for. . .) White House.

60 Minutes shows off military drone capabilities:  Last Sunday's drone demonstration on the CBS-TV show was impressive, even as military brass and scientists mull over if, how and when artificial intelligence should be allowed to kill humans determined by AI itself to be enemies.  Considering all the nations currently having a love affair with AI's abilities, it won't be long before we can all destroy our pesky neighbors with precision lasers, merely blaming our "personal assistants" for taking the initiative.  Next:  Robot prisons?

Let's all be Jewish:  Increasing domestic and international attacks on Jews, whipped up by a number of terrorist organizations wed even more dangerously (and unwittingly) to Islamic terror groups must be stopped, as we all have a stake in domino-style destruction of lives and freedoms.  Your local newspaper isn't making a big deal of this horror, but it's predominant.

Can't close without a word about UFOs:  Remember UFOs?  I do.  I'm currently getting my kicks over "new" reports that hackers possess the ability to interfere with community power stations.  Back in the sixties and seventies, UFO investigators were inundated with witnesses claiming power interruptions when UFOs appeared over their homes or neighborhoods, and nobody in officialdom really devoted much attention to this phenomenon.  When the great Northeastern USA power blackout occurred on November 9, 1965, all kinds of UFO reports came my way and I provided details to major UFO research organizations.  My point:  Funny how we humans respond to similar situations.  Power troubles apparently caused by well-witnessed UFO activity equals crazy and deluded, while bad-actor hacking equals "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!" and a nation goes bonkers with demands for action.  Because Congress can't even get its heads together yet regarding protection against domestic EMP attacks, one might only conclude that we bask in stupidity during preludes to the worst of times.