Thursday, March 21, 2013

No You Can't / Bugs and Thugs

We currently dwell in the government of no.  Or make that the Administration of no.  While everybody was out there blaming the Republicans as "the party of no," the yes we can! bunch was scurrying behind the walls, mostly out of sight, perfecting legal script in order to tweak basic rights and constitutional guarantees. . .just a little.  Then just a little more, and a tiny bit more until no almost seemed like yes.

Yet, these are the people the UFO information disclosure crowd look to for opened floodgates and an ultimate treasure trove.  However. . .

What happened a few days ago when ABC-TV News conducted an investigation regarding portraits of government personnel paid for by taxpayers -- each costing at least several thousand dollars?  Mind you, official portraits date back to the nation's beginnings, but in the modern era of inexpensive digital photography, taxpayers really shouldn't be on the hook for political feel-good paintings of officials at any level.  Except maybe -- it hurts to say this -- for presidents.

Anyway, when official Washington got wind of the ABC report, a decision was immediately handed down denying ABC access to all Washington buildings where such portraits could be located, thus preventing further news video for national broadcast.

Kind of harsh?  I think so, too.  Frightening.  But that's the sort of fascist tendency dictum going on in Washington, and for the most part the mainstream media says thank you in some special way and laps these instances up every time, nevertheless.  And official hysterics over portrait disclosure is exactly the attitude that will keep "disclosure" about UFOs off the table in D.C.  Aside from that, there are certain names (UFO "investigators") involved with disclosure efforts that make me hide under the covers, because I know all too well that some of the players are simply too darned "out there" to be anything but politely tolerated and ignored by officials.  Sorry, but some 50 years of keeping an eye on this stuff has left me rather callous about the perpetually promised Christmas gift that never arrives.  Officialdom aside, the major answers should come from science, but science is often too busy inventing sexual enhancement pharmaceuticals, or, I don't know, probably attempting to implant rat heads on human thumbs.

"THE BIBLE" ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL:  What?  That wasn't Obama?  Apparently that was just a look-alike in the role of Satan.  Nevertheless, while some play the Name-the-Antichrist game, maybe others would be more accurate in identifying the Pre-Antichrist, perhaps best identified as someone who takes lush vacations on the backs of millions of taxpayers who continue to suffer under his troubling reign. 

FEAR AND LOATHING IN HERKIMER, NY:  A man described as an "odd loner" shot four people and an FBI dog to death, wounding two other people in his path, last week, apparently leaving behind no rhyme or reason for his actions.  More peculiar than the tragedy, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, having likely smelled gunfire from afar, and realizing that the chaos might just make the public more sympathetic to his (absurd) gun legislation (thrust upon us so he'll smell like a rose when presidential aspirations turn to gold in 2016), was on the scene perhaps even before the bodies hit the ground.  It's reported that he arrived via helicopter, but I'm not sure.  I fear I'll have to supplant my use of the word, megalomaniac for his enthusiasm with insect, because he flew to Herkimer faster than an infestation of locusts.  Political opportunity?  Nahhh, couldn't be.  His visit was just to show compassion.  Uh huh.

Oh, and by the way -- the shooter allegedly used a shotgun, the weapon of choice indicated by Vice-President Joe Biden when he recently advised women in fear to select a shotgun over all those other naughty guns Second Amendment fascists are currently attempting to ban.  Dunno, maybe the government should just keep a running list and ban every type of firearm used in a crime until we're all down to rubber knives and toilet plungers for self-protection.

(As FBI and other law enforcement personnel waited out the shooter, at least one high-tech robot was seen wheeling around outside.   My question, in this techno-era, is why did a beautiful dog have to perish at the hands of a known killer when, SURELY, somewhere in the gov there are incredible technological devices that could have entered the killer's lair and determined his position, thus preventing almost 100 percent any further loss of human or canine life?  In this day and age in America when we're all being probed every which way but anally -- oh, and, um, aliens are reportedly doing that already -- wasn't there some itty-bitty robo-thingie to inject into the Herkimer situation?)

But then a couple of days later, a horrendous crime occurred in Clay, NY when a 29-year-old man tied up and abducted a woman and her 10-year-old daughter, raped the daughter and then drove them in the woman's car to a secluded spot and stabbed the mother to death.  The child escaped and ran for help, and promptly law enforcement personnel located and tackled the suspect during his escape into the woods.  However, Governor Cuomo and his entourage did not show up this time, perhaps (and this is just a guess) because a sharp instrument that isn't a gun, designed to stab rather than shoot, doesn't contribute reasons to ban guns, and consequently offers no campaign fodder whatsoever.

HE'S NO JACK KENNEDY:  I was reading a paperback edition of Robert F. Kennedy's book, Thirteen Days, way back, just at the turn of the seventies, during a flight while I was on leave from Air Force duties.  RFK, cut down by assassination in 1968, chronicled the drama behind the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, and his brother President John F. Kennedy's ultimate warning to the (then) Soviet Union that nuclear missiles would absolutely not be tolerated in Cuba to threaten United States security.  JFK and his advisors forcefully made a decision and stuck to it, leading a country still held together with guts and grit.  In my opinion, the death of the Kennedy brothers, as well as our disastrous involvement in Vietnam, marked the beginning of a slow decline in the magnificent abilities and confidence America once owned as sole proprietor, far superior to anything the rest of the world could even comprehend.

Now we've progressed to. . .Obama.  The charm offensive.   JFK promised us the moon, but Obama promised us four more years.  Kennedy told the Soviets to pack up their missiles and go home, but Obama assured the Russians he would have more flexibility after the elections.  But why continue listing the obvious?

So North Korea, realizing we have a weak president and a government which aims to please, unleashed The Big Surprise -- we discover they're "further ahead" with their nuclear program than we knew.  Consequently, having killed off George Bush's original plans to strategically locate anti-missile systems in U.S. territory, our community-organizing college professor turned president, Barack Obama, is forced to play catch-up.  Though years behind schedule, estimates suggest that maybe we can put a satisfactory defense network in place by, oh, say. . .2017.  Looks as though the prez can't get away with playing kissy-face diplomacy this time, and he might have to tear himself away temporarily from his celebrity friends, expensive vacations and numerous golf outings.  But I continue to suspect that the Obama bunch would shower North Korea with gifts of food and money, if only NK's pudgy little dictator would just take a tip from past deceptions and show a little bit of phony compassion for participatory democracy, and appear to warm to the West a couple of degrees centigrade.  And, of course, that little puppet show would be over as quickly as it began, just as soon as N. Korea took possession of the goodies.

CYBER THREATS:  "Google glasses," bots of all sizes and varieties, spy cams tiny enough to observe every cell in your body, computer-generated and enhanced emotions and thought processes and state-dictated education wrapped so tightly that neither teachers nor parents can maintain control, nor vary a centimeter from the party line?  Cyber-threats aren't merely confined to evil people hacking sites on the Internet.  Cyber-threats are the computer itself.  Enjoy its many benefits while you can, because the unanticipated arrival of a very dark day attired in digital fabric is inevitable for both humans and animals.  In short, life ain't necessarily going to be Star Trek in the future, or in what's left of the future. 

HOME-SCHOOLING:  Let's be hopeful that it becomes a national growth industry, instead of a victim of state legislators and governors owned by teachers' unions that even teachers of common sense don't want.  Meanwhile, Common Core and See-Scope continue to invade the public school system nationally as kids remain on a dumbing-down spiral, while good teachers suffer for their efforts because they don't wish to comply.

CRIMINAL IMMIGRANTS RELEASED:  Obama would be impeached immediately under other circumstances.  How is one abiding by a presidential oath to protect the country by dumping thousands of dangerous illegal criminal alien border-jumping folk into society - when we know very well that, despite Obama's sequestration, we still have plenty of funding to keep bad people locked up?  The perpetrators and the perp-in-chief need to leave office, and don't forget to send Eric Holder along with them.

KIDS AND GUNS:  And speaking of the amusing attorney general and his still publicly undefined role in Fast and Furious, that brings guns to mind.  Parents, as soon as your children are old enough to handle a firearm, have them properly trained and illuminated about why guns are a part of American culture, not to be messed with or foolishly banned by legislators who spend their entire lives hoping to make us bask in the same nonsense which drives their own waking moments.  Some believe guns are evil, but there's also something called a necessary evil.  Personal safety has never been more self-appropriate because, in many instances, all the police can do is write a report about how your dead body was positioned when discovered.  People intent upon doing you harm aren't about to wait while 9-1-1 is dialed. 

SYRIA:  Oh, how good this is not looking.  Particularly for the United States? 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Waiter, There's a Drone in My Soup / Dracula Politics

"It knows what scares you" was the catch phrase for the promotion of the (original) motion picture, "Poltergeist."   Who would have thought it more than appropriate as a motto for the Obama Administration?  Ever since assuming Office, this gang has done little but scare us into hysterics over legislation that absolutely, positively must be passed NOW, NOW, NOW.  But  what did we know?  I didn't realize that Obama's close friend Van Jones, brought into the White House early on, had a communist background (once word got around, he had to leave, but probably got a better deal as a sometimes-media-darling on major TV networks such as ABC).  Nor did I know who Cass Sunstein was, but I guess I should have because he was predominant in writing regulation after regulation to, I assume, embrace individual constitutional freedoms by altering their full implementation.  Thanks for that, and I expect a perfect carbon copy from his successor.  Then there's influential Obama pal Bill Ayers and his wife, each with a very interesting and, um, explosive background during the sixties which you can read all about on the Web.

I'm exceptionally suspicious of John Brennan's appointment as CIA chief, and why that is doesn't matter here.  What does matter is what came out of the Senate hearings regarding his selection -- Senator Rand Paul and his well-directed 13-hour  filibuster.

Sen. Paul's father, Ron Paul, has always voiced some good points, but some of his views (on defense, for instance) just send me running in another direction as fast as I can.  But his son may be another story again.  Senator Paul is a very much a constitutionalist, but I'm impressed by something else:  He's also an ophthalmologist.  A doctor -- not another freaking dime-a-dozen gasbag lawyer who lied and cheated his way into Congress.  Nor is he a community organizer, best I can tell.

Rand Paul absolutely hammered the Obama Admin  to pieces over the constitutionality of possibly using drones to kill American citizens in our own country, who oppose no immediate threat, and even after several minutes of intense questioning by Senator Ted Cruz (Texas), Attorney General Holder did not give a clear answer of agreement that such a measure is against our laws.   In fact, Cruz's session with Holder deserved more attention than it received, because those precious moments demonstrated a Holder who seemed to skirt the drone issue with vague responses until the very end, when he offered a one-word "no" response -- and his poor response obviously necessitated the brief letter generated on March 7 by Holder, immediately after his testimony, in which he offered an assurance that weaponized drones directed toward Americans here in the U.S. would be prohibited by the Constitution.

Meanwhile, we're all being watched to some degree.  The media would particularly glow in the sights of  misdirected or just plain bad people pretending or believing they possess non-existent rights to stalk and monitor.   This is beyond frightening.  Yes, it knows what scares you.

What scares me (at the moment)?  A Navy commander who states that global warming is our biggest threat.  Aren't there a few hostile nations on the globe that might be a tad more dangerous?  What scares me?  My Air Force awarding the Bronze Star to a USAF chaplain who helped bridge our military infidels to a better understanding of Islam.  Me, I'd be far more content if they would find a military chaplain who could free our soldiers from some nebulous obligation to kiss Muslim butt on the battlefield.  And off.  The Bronze Star and the Air Force of my enlistment days just got butt-wiped.  May I suggest prison for the perpetrators of this outrage who, as usual, bask as untouchables dwelling in high U.S. places?  Maybe the day will come.

The drone issue gives me an opportunity to get back to UFOs.   When a pilot reported a probable drone in the sky near his airliner a few days ago, I returned to a familiar question:  Will things ever change?  Fortunately, we still have NARCAP (see link) to assist pilots in reporting true UFO sightings.  Unfortunately, we still have airborne pilots out there who won't hesitate to report drones, bolides, weather conditions, bird hazards, troublesome passengers, near-collisions with errant aircraft and the like -- but won't, can't or dare not whisper a word about UFO encounters.  The unreported mountainous accumulation factor.  Not fear of flying, but fear of being thought incompetent and losing the right to fly.  Call 'em anything, but don't call them crazy or incompetent witnesses to Things That Just Can't Be.  Of course, the other aspect is the mainstream media, more than happy to headline a drone encounter for two days, but mention a UFO and that story disappears after instant "wow" value and the media return to warm puppy issues disguised as news.

The Michael Bloomberg Smack-Down Snack-Down by a New York judge over his bullying-through-legislation attempt to ban 32 oz. soft drinks was a beautiful thing to behold.  New York City's mayor, long accustomed to having his way with an amazingly gullible segment of NY City, who seem overwhelmingly poised to bend down and kiss this power-hungry buffoon's feet with every royal decree issued via his minions, currently appears about one-third his original size as he, disarmed by a member of the judiciary, responds with the only weapon he has left -- promises to appeal the ruling.  Bring forth a few more judges with brains, and maybe society's phenomenon of both older and up-and-coming tyrants will retreat.  Meanwhile, I'm reading about that 4,000 year old mummy examined via high-tech and found to have heart disease and narrowed arteries -- despite the absence of fast food or sodas during an ancient era.  Unless, of course, ancient astronauts brought gifts from an interstellar burger joint, poisoned the population with greasy gluttony, and then picked up all the wrappers before departing, so future civilizations could never retrieve evidence of  the horrible truth.  Maybe Mayor Bloomberg's true calling is in counseling mummies about diet, whilst leaving the living the heck alone. 

The world apparently thrives on rule by thugs, and Afghanistan's reprehensible leader Hamid Karzai fits the bill.  His latest statements roundly condemning the United States, while over 2,000 American military personnel have lost their lives over there while he wheels and deals for his own interests, are repugnant and enough to make one wonder why we don't pack up and get out of there tomorrow.  It's tragic enough for U.S. fighters not to know minute by minute who their friends are vs. who just pretends to be their friends before they shoot our people in the head.  I hope we're over there for good reasons of which we in the states remain unaware, because otherwise I just don't get it.

Which brings up the guilty vs. the innocent vs. being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  By now, federal prisons are populated by a number of servicemen found guilty of various actions while stationed in the Middle East.  Some of them appear to deserve another day in court, and we hope enough members of Congress are involved with looking into the crime and punishment route for young people exposed long and repeatedly to the Middle East madness that drove them to do things perhaps they shouldn't have done.  I wonder how often politics played a shameless role in their lengthy sentences -- or merely in their convictions.

WATERS OF THE ANCIENTS:  "New findings" on Mars scream the commentators.  Water, yes, ancient Mars frolicked with surface water, water so pure and clean that any humans happening upon the planet would have been able to drink it straight from the basin.  However, nobody's ready to say for sure that Mars accommodated any stage of life.  But water?  We were writing newspaper letters to the editor decades ago promising water on Mars, our moon and -- water, water everywhere.  And the best part -- my uneducated hydro-opinions didn't cost NASA or taxpayers a dime.  You're welcome.

OBAMA TAKES THE KIDS TO DINNER:  That must have been some dinner the prez invited  a gaggle of Republican senators to.  He:  Worried about his legacy if the economy goes south.  They:  He paid for the food, supposedly, why not show up for freebies? 

DRACULA POLITICS:  In the forties movie, "Son of Dracula," a young woman held captive under Dracula's (Lon Chaney, Jr.) spell, on the verge of becoming his wife, is summoned mysteriously to a nocturnal visit with an old psychic woman in a swamp shack who issues a stern warning:  "You will marry a corpse."  Yep, and she does, right after bat-Dracula swoops in to end the old woman's career as a gossiping busybody evermore.  Well, that reminded me of something like -- Republicans.  Oh yes, you guys are the corpse, dead in the water and sinking into depths of oblivion.  You're irrelevant and stocked with old blood, precariously in need of transfusion with younger corpuscles.  But what do you offer?  John  McCain's critical appraisal of Rand Paul's delightful carpet bombing filibuster?  Or was that simply jealousy of tea party infusion? 

What do you have to offer?  Senator Graham?  Oh, please.  What do you have to offer?  Jeb Bush?  JEB BUSH?  Another Bush.  Really?

The Republican party as it stands is D.O.A. and its members who currently pursue the same defeatist course are marrying a corpse.  Old-timers of the GOP think they're time is coming up, but they're wrong.  They've married a corpse, and nobody will elect a corpse to public office.  Zombies, maybe -- but not a corpse.  If Republican geniuses choose poorly again when presidential elections stop by, they'll re-marry a corpse.  A room temperature existence and nothing more.

The fascists of New York politics received a shock when the feds announced that, hell no, they will NOT turn over the names of military veterans whose combat experiences might tend to make them ineligible for firearms in NY.   Arrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh !!!  One hopes that NY judges make the same kind of mincemeat out of Governor Andrew Cuomo's gun legislation that one judge did in regard to Mayor Bloomberg's beverage size.  These control freak political ladder climbers are way out of control, and there's nothing more satisfying than the proper application of a judicial leash to restrain them.  May history record U.S. government fascists for what they are, and may the reputations they've so carefully constructed for themselves on the way to higher office be deemed without merit.  Here comes the judge, here comes the judge. . .

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bullies and High Places

Wow, what a juncture this should be for the mainstream media.  While some bystanders still have their hands held out for UFO disclosure from this corrupt government, whose agenda far surpasses and voids those dreams, the art of accepting or rejecting responsibility looms large.  Is the Administration's ball of public relations yarn unraveling?  Should media members at last come out from behind masks of fluff and irrelevancy and put these White House frauds on their toes -- or should they continue towing the party line, routinely lifting the Obama bunch toward those blissful heavens where accountability is always somebody else's problem? 

This president habitually "cries wolf" and spins tales as he speaks, albeit in a hands-off manner, as if purposely attempting to remain historically distant from every demon he conjures  --  for instance, the whole country witnessed his (and others in his circle), as usual, hyped-up fears that the sky would fall, this occasion being the very moment his own sequestration baby went into effect -- and his minions need to run for the hills because impeachment, under normal circumstances, would appear almost guaranteed.  By now, a lofty tower of politically privileged dominos remains intact, but for how long as the winds slowly shift?  The sky may indeed collapse, in national political terms, but it would be a different sky and a far different method of collapse than the sort imparted to us by progressive soothsayers and Marxists. 

Journalist Bob Woodward, isn't exactly the poster boy for conservative cheerleading.  In fact, he's been the long-time darling of liberals (with colleague Bernstein) ever since the Nixon takedown, and that's just fine because Woodward is what journalists were meant to be.   In fact, a lot of journalism school graduates pursued their path because of Woodward and Bernstein's influence. Sadly, there don't seem to be so many of these in mainstream USA news organizations anymore -- or, more likely, good journalists can't flower fully into bloom because they work for corporations with agendas and political affiliations.  To remain employed, you might have to play a game unanticipated, and sometimes you sell your soul before you know it's gone.

I know this is already old news, however fresh the meaning, but Bob Woodward dared to inject the word, madness into the sequestration issue, and he apparently directed that word toward the Obama White House -- Obama,  the originator of the sequestration scare, the action he was for before he was against it.  Madness --  wasn't that word used to denote the Nixon White House, too, as that hand basket descended through hell's sinkhole?

And what happens when a member of the clan dares criticize its own image?  Suddenly, respected wizard-status Woodward's bones are being gnawed upon and picked clean by liberal colleagues of varying status, and the man, predictably, seems destined for spanking in the Obama-sympathizer woodshed.  One can only contemplate the direction punishment may take.

In the meantime, other reports surface indicating the White House has referenced specific female reporters with obscene terms.  Genitalia on the map.

Woodward's discomfort over White House response to his barbs came deliciously to public notice just days after the president dismissed a room full of reporters because he wished to speak with a group of state governors in private, obviously an exercise in displaying, as promised years ago,  The Most Open Administration In History -- and before that, the infamous golfing session with Tiger Woods, to which all media were shut out, creating an uproar among reporters who expected love and hospitality, as always.

So now what?  Some -- some -- institutional media eyes seem to be losing their enchantment with the Obama bunch, and clearly it's taken a long time for them to become un-enamored.  Will they stand behind the legend of Bob Woodward, or continue hungrily gobbling up bread crumbs and floor-scrapings tossed to the press by Obama handlers?  Will Woodward’s formerly loyal colleagues instead throw Woodward under the bus and just dismiss him as an antiquity of the seventies?  Not only are we witnessing American government at the crossroads, the nation's quest for truth from the fourth estate also teeters on the future's edge. 

At this critical point, I'm almost tempted to wish for President Hillary Clinton -- then again, at this point I'm not sure I would be averse to either President Genghis Khan or President Vlad the Impaler.  Anybody but the grand fraud.  Anybody but the great pretender.

ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, EXCEPT HOLLYWOOD IS MORE EQUAL THAN EVERYBODY ELSE:  Meanwhile, over in the lovely state of New York, fascist attractant and socialist wannabe magnet of the universe, megalomaniac governor Andrew Cuomo and his willing law-making dolts have taken the state's oppressive gun agenda one step further.  Legislation was quickly passed to allow movie and TV program production crews to continue bringing any and all of the usual firepower to NY because, apparently, the show must go on.  It's a comfort to know the nation and the world will continue to enjoy staged gun violence on the screen, while the people of NY may eventually have to satisfy their silly requirements for self-protection with something equivalent to police whistles and butter knives.  Yet, there is currently a challenge to Cuomo, Inc. as a couple of judges have reportedly asked for a timely explanation as to how the new gun laws don't violate the Constitution, and an injunction is also threatened over lawmakers' negligence in failing to allow the required three days of public comment before quickly passing the legislation like rats in hiding at 11:00 at night.  (My apologies to the rat species for this unfortunate, albeit necessary, comparison to a number of NY state legislators.)

In other places, gun issues don't always involve guns.  In Philadelphia a 10-year-old gets into big trouble in school, for allegedly holding an "L" shaped piece of paper as if it was a gun, while elsewhere a student gets suspended for chewing a breakfast treat into the shape of a gun.  In Florida, hero students are suspended after tackling another aiming a gun for earnest, thus preventing the imminent shooting of the intended victim student.  Suspended!. What the hell's going on in public schools and what message are teachers and administrators trying to push?  What, you're supposed to wait until authorities arrive before taking protective action, and during the wait lives will be lost?  I think every public school should sponsor Gun Appreciation Day, so formerly ill-advised students can learn the facts about firearm history, and realize how such weapons can save not only lives, but entire nations.  Otherwise, we'll just have nonsense such as Eric Holder decrying gun violence while he still hasn't answered to the Fast and Furious issue, in which guns peddled to Mexico under Obama evidently killed many innocent folks, both young and old.

Sure hope Egyptian rulers appreciate the 250 million dollars and who knows what else they'll receive of money we don't have from new-be secretary of state John Kerry.  You do realize, Mr. Secretary, that this is a gift to the Muslim Brotherhood?  I'm not certain, but I think that's enough money to cover a lot of women with burkas and to buy a few tons of rock to stone people to death.

ALIENS AMONG US:  I mean, it's not like they went away, for sure not.  Oh, you misunderstand -- not THOSE kinds of aliens!  I'm talking about the human kind, formerly locked up at immigration centers and jails.  So the feds let some 2,000 of them out over fears of the -- Obama's -- sequestration. Unconscionable.  Unnecessary and criminal.  This is on Obama's shoulders, even if one has to climb a lot of human administrative ladders to reach those shoulders.  Impeachable shoulders perhaps, but who in Congress will do the deed?  Wussies, bought and paid for by every lobbyist in town -- see no, hear no, speak no evil unless political parties will benefit.

Dennis Rodman, please return to North Korea and consider setting up permanent residence.  Obviously, you and Creepy Little Monster get along well, and if serious desires for NK to nuke the USA don't bother you, your leaving the U.S. won't bother me, either.  And, bonus, the starving people of North Korea will love you more than food as you delight them with warm  anecdotes about your heroic conquest of hoops.  A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and a ball thrust into a hole is worth a king's ransom in the absence of proper nutrition.  He shoots!  He scores!  He makes no sense!

CHINA IS so problematic.  Can't we just pay off our tremendous debt to them by billing them for stolen intellectual property?  I say, call it even.  And then make double and triple sure we kick every spying, lying member of the people's commie party out of the laboratories and out of the country (but don't confuse 'em with our homegrown commies, it's hard to tell them apart during pleasant conversation), and watch out for those flash drives.  Etc.

I remember all those signs and mottos from the eighties, effectively telling us we must teach tolerance, and I think that was directed primarily toward the racial situation  But now we have signs in schools and other places proclaiming ZERO TOLERANCE regarding all manner of things.  And, of course, zero tolerance is intolerance.  Looks like we went 180 degrees on that.  Well, fair is fair.  If they insist upon zero tolerance on guns, how about zero tolerance on compliance with silly official decrees which threaten basic freedoms?  We might be a lot better off if we jumped from zero tolerance to hero tolerance.