Monday, January 23, 2017

Charm School Flunkies

The most significant aspect of Saturday's march by women all over the United States and other countries was the high probability that most women who weren't insane throughout the land were left scratching their heads and wondering. . .why all the bother?

Madonna's potty mouth (words for all the TV-watching kids to hear) and musing to blow up the White House, plus actress Ashley Judd's incorporation of President Trump's name into comments about pedophilia and incest hardly seemed the reason for this mass-manifestation of what often seemed like crazed people with signage of all varieties.  Judd, in effect, sounded off her rocker, perhaps transformed from Ashley Judd to Elmer Fudd.

A well-attended procession attached to plenty of men, boys, Michael Moore and obvious members of the farthest left nevertheless does not a women's march make.  And the anger!  Wouldn't it be more credible to wait and see what the Trump administration has in store for both men and women?

How could this clownish parade happen?  Besides the obvious national mental breakdown shadowing this country, this affair demonstrated primarily a festering malignancy of people who just despise Donald Trump.  Yet, this was no mere assemblage of hearts and minds.  In large part, this exhibition of madness resulted from eight years of brain-washing rule under Obama, the community organizer, transforming flesh-and-blood humans into Democrat-voting victims at every opportunity.  If you didn't feel slighted, betrayed or overlooked by somebody or something, you weren't normal, you weren't right in the head.

The fact that this weekend affair appeared highly dependent upon the celebrity factor, combined with old whacked-out, antiquated, irrelevant feminists, speaks volumes.

For the record, I, too, prefer that government stay out of the bedroom and away from women's reproductive systems -- but the cacophony of hazy non-issues tossed about during this feminized cattle drive just made the circumstances silly and confusing.  The choice seemed march, feel good and go home -- rather than live and learn on either side/  Yucch, what a mess.

The First Kid is real:  The usual rotten leftist turds couldn't wait to dispatch stupid and absurd tweets and messages about Trump family members, young Baron among them.  We did note that on Inauguration Day, as he progressed from place to place with his parents and siblings, the 10-year-old often seemed bored with the whole thing.  However, he appeared to perk up considerably, smiling and laughing, when a procession of tractors and various "big wheel" vehicles passed the reviewing stand in front of him -- as any normal kid his age would.  We therefore deem Baron Trump normal for his years.  We also diagnose his father as normal for basically using just the right words during his inauguration speech to trash pretty much everything Obama did during the last eight years. 

Hillary visits the Inauguration:  Remember the "Batman" movie where Jack Nicholson played the Joker, and after he fell to his death there was heard a demented sound of continuous laughter emanating from a "laugh bag" carried on his body?  Well, that's how my laughter erupted every time the TV cameras focused on Hillary, and, sorry to report, I just couldn't stop it.  Nevertheless, the joke's on us because the media prefers to concentrate on invisible election-determining Russian hacking, rather than on Hillary's condemned activities.

Congratulations, media:  You've painted yourselves into a corner by letting all the viewers know how blatantly partisan toward the Democrats you are.  Good luck re-establishing trust among viewers and readers, now a lot more familiar with your ways and means.  How are handsomely paid national TV anchors sharing in hidden leftist "news" agendas not soul-relinquishing sellouts?  The far right has their problems, too ("alternate facts?"), but we hope the day comes when there are no favorites and, as Jack Webb might have said, "just the facts" are presented to the public.  Probably not in my lifetime.