Wednesday, May 30, 2018

ABC-TV Insults the Memories of Those Who Served

Come on, let's play the Roseanne tweet game, our version:  What do you get when you cross "Fahrenheit 451" with Joseph Goebbels? 

(Answer:  ABC-TV?)

On Monday, Memorial Day, ABC-TV was all over the theme of those who served, praising military men and women for sacrificing their lives and keeping us safe.  Maybe we're wrong, but we'll assume this profound heap of thanks also included some appreciation for the rights we enjoy uniquely as Americans, all of them pretty much set in stone.

Now flash forward to Tuesday, when Roseanne Barr -- no way a political conservative, incidentally -- tweeted something unkind, considered racist by many, and suddenly her ABC show was canceled, instantly putting both Roseanne and her fellow actors and crew into instant unemployment.

Then the Pod People Express breezed in, and all current and past Roseanne shows were taken off the air at Hulu and other entities, and even her agent quit.  Funny how we increasingly emulate the old Soviet Union, quickly wiping away that which is until scarcely a memory remains.

By the way, we really should add that we thought Planet of the Apes (the original) was a good movie, and we might also mention that all decent people should absolutely hate the Muslim Brotherhood, considered a terror group in Egypt.  Speaking of Islam, how about that radicalized fellow in Belgium who killed police officers also valued as good mothers this weekend?  Anything for Allah, we suppose?

As far as the rest of the stuff Roseanne tweeted about a former Obama staffer goes, well, we really don't care, unless criminal investigations are involved -- though we wonder how this burnt offering would have gone down had Roseanne picked on anybody but a charter member, a senior advisor, of Obama, Inc.  A slam against Trump's world likely would have elicited virtually no attention from the nanny division at ABC/Disney.

But the point here is that nobody has a right NOT TO BE offended in this country, and, yes, yes, YES -- military personnel by the hundreds of thousands fought and died in order to preserve the rights we've come to expect and to cherish, and that very much from the get-go includes the First Amendment and the privilege of saying pretty much what one wants to say.  So one should lose their career over words?

On Tuesday ABC-TV trounced that right and violated every honor it bestows upon departed service people, and they did it simply by giving Roseanne the heave-ho based upon words.  Words.  Freedom of. . .well, you know.  If free speech can be defined as hate speech with consequences, we're all in very, very serious trouble (example:  check out colleges and universities populated by snowflake students), and ABC just exemplified the horrors in store for those who allow our precious freedoms to escape into the sort of darkness ABC perpetrated this week. 

TV networks teeming with progressives are nobody's friends.  Further, they simply don't get it.  A good share of voting Americans are beyond enraged at the absolutely inept, "zero tolerance" decisions handed out routinely by this bunch, a gaggle of supposedly (in their minds, anyway) intelligent folk, frequently brain-fed with elite educations by institutions imparting fantasy.  A clue:  They still can't understand why Hillary isn't President today (hint: terrible candidate). 

ABC (also owners of Disney), we suspect Walt Disney would be turning over in his grave, though his opinion of Roseanne might be up for grabs.  Of course, Walt could turn over in his grave, but he wouldn't dare speak words contrary to ABC's "values," would he?

Two questions for ABC executives:  Exactly what do you folks really think of military members who sacrificed so you could rake in the dollars and enjoy your families in relative safety every day?  And do you turn on the patriotic word machine only because they're deceased and photo ops at cemeteries make your network appear compassionate to AMERICAN values, or is there any substance there at all?

Break out the tissues (but keep shooting):  If one breaks into a store, one may become gunshot-horizontal courtesy of the owner.  Should strangers enter and occupy a home without permission in the middle of the night, enjoying satellite TV and free food as the owner sleeps, to be rewarded with an armed confrontation by said owner would not seem out of the question.

An Arizona border patrol agent shoots and kills a woman, age 20, from Guatemala and the mainstream media go nuts, automatically tending toward the side of the criminal immigrant, because the border patrol is The Problem to the MM.

First, she wasn't transported to the U.S. border on a magic carpet.  She needed to get past the southern Mexican border to make her way north.  Second, she wasn't alone.  Third, either the group accompanying her attacked with "blunt" objects or merely (?) "rushed" the border agents. 

Fourth, her family back in Guatemala, a country long branded with the terms, illiterate, poverty-stricken and politically unstable, proclaimed proudly that she wanted to have a "better life" in the USA, where she expected to get a good job.

Of course, OF COURSE nobody in the media counters this with the truth -- a job for an illegal often takes away a job which should rightly be filled by an American worker.

Oh, and we have laws.  Remember laws?  The sold-out mainstream press doesn't care, entwined as they are with the very worst of the Democrat fringe.

Funny, too, isn't it, that groups rushing the border generally include an absence of Ph.D. or master's degree candidates?  If they harbor dreams of making America great again via their own efforts, why do they not bring the best of the best from their miserable countries?  The answer is obvious.

So the stalwart hate-America-first mainstream media jumps upon this story with all the compassion, tears and bleeding hearts it can muster from its well-worn progressive grab bag, making every word count in order to tighten the screws on overworked and vastly under-appreciated border patrol personnel.  We suspect that media executives temporarily made border control folk for a couple of weeks might be singing a different tune if their lives were put in danger every day.

Then there's the "immigration attorney" group, and wow, didn't they pick some goodies to interview, as they did everything but pee in their undies to emphasize what a tragedy this killing was.  Tragedy for whom?  The family, certainly, but I must confess, I'm not really spending a lot of time going about my day with tear-stained cheeks over a border invader.

Even Central America's collective nations of illiterates (why are we thinking MS-13?) looking for a "better life" as United States invaders surely know by now that we have laws and border-jumping is a criminal offense -- but these criminals continue not to care.

In that, I and they share some common ground:  They don't care if they violate our laws, and I don't care if they condemn their bodies to ammo-induced air-conditioning as they invade our country.  Gender and age are of no consequence.  Sorry faithful, sorry "immigration attorneys." 

Seems to me, considering the state of things, that one of the greatest honors in the country is to be placed on the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate list.  How does one sign up?

Yes, the whole world wants to come here, even the part that wants our population dead, and indeed much of the world has already wandered on in against our laws -- but humans are among the easiest creatures on the planet to produce, and if we aren't careful, offspring of "the family of man" will keep coming until no crisis can be averted.  It's not just criminality, it's numbers.  Big numbers.  Big, big illiterate numbers equipped mostly to wage crime, collect welfare, hook up and reproduce to multiply hell on earth.  Not precisely what the nation's founders had in mind.

Starbucks temporarily saves patrons money as 8,000 stores close down for an afternoon, teaching privilege for some, submission for others:  Look, anything, ANYTHING involving Sharpton and Holder isn't anything a human being should be exposed to, given a choice.  Unfortunately, Tuesday's "racial bias" classes were described as only the first step in god knows what future hell Starbucks and its willing race-champion accomplices have in mind.  We suggest that what Starbucks should have done is to close down for the afternoon and, instead of this solve-nothing bull crap almost guaranteed to do little but bolster hostility, invite its patrons to come in and discuss among themselves why they insist upon spending outrageous sums of money at the stores rather than brewing their own coffee at home.

Regrettably, it won't be Starbucks executives who will need to clean up after mentally ill folk pop on  in to poop in the sinks and generally filth-up restrooms now that everybody's welcome to hang out.  But, hey, it's all about d-i-v-e-r-s-i-t-y, another word for backwards discrimination and the application of muzzles, human-style.  We're sure that even ACLU communists are pleased as punch at this turn of events, as they sip their brews at Starbucks, carefully watching to make sure everything goes as planned.  Welcome to another nail in the coffin.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Gun Dogs: Sometimes Bad Boys Ride the Bullet Train

Face it.  When you're a teenage boy looking to impress a girl, your friends, perceived enemies or strangers who already fear you, gun metal reflects in the sunlight as a pretty hot, sexy thing, almost like gold.  A gem of status.

Guns have always been with us in this country, a society which never would have survived or held on to a particle of freedom without their potentially terrible but necessary qualities.  You don't think George Washington possessed, cherished and used a gun at age 13, when boys, men and women acutely knew the difference between being firearm-safe and firearm-stupid?

This weekend I gave a gun-toting friend a book gift, a used volume I found in a bookstore, entitled, Guns of the Old West.  Published in the mid-nineties using plates from the original 1960 edition, the volume was prepared as a special edition for National Rifle Association members.  Apparently, these books were big doings for the NRA some 25 years ago, for the book was bound in pigskin and page edges decorated in gold leaf.  The publication itself was replete with illustrations and descriptions of many a firearm which built and ruled the Old West. a history we cannot and should not deny.

Yes, of course guns have a dark side, otherwise they wouldn't serve two sides of the constantly throbbing coin of life.

When I was a kid riding the school bus one morning, so long ago, I noticed the absence of a particular boy my age.  Later that day, we classmates learned he had engaged in an argument with his father, a public utility company executive, and shot his dad dead.  Obviously, we never saw the boy again.

Years later, when I served in the Air Force, an airman whose family resided in Georgia near our base went off to visit an uncle one weekend, engaged in a vicious disagreement and the uncle shot him dead, shotgun style.

Wow, talk about keeping it all in the family. . .

But that was then, and now we experience a steady diet of school, college and other institutional shootings caused pretty much by young people hosting no familial relationship with their victims.

Which reminds me -- with the latest school shootings in Texas, we see that young instant TV personality and constitutional authority David Hogg has once again taken to his hamster wheel of commentary, exercising off even more words of whatever wisdom might be anticipated from a 17-year-old.

But what's up with these contemporary young folk, primarily boys with guns?  It's not the Russians or the Chinese killing American school students, it's Americans killing Americans, and that's a little difficult to comprehend in the larger sense.  Kids murdering kids and teachers, children and adults blown away in seconds by the juvenile psycho of the day.  A little child shall bleed them?

We suspect these horror stories are not all that enigmatic.  Extreme actions perpetrated by "nice," "quiet," "sweet" boys either on the spur of the moment or as a result of rigorous planning substantially reflect a don't-give-a-damn society built over a few decades.  For one thing, the tendency, an almost desirable trend toward single parent families, or relationships where one parenting partner goes all but missing seems to have produced offspring with no concept of values or rules.  The border between right and wrong is never established, particularly when a big-screen TV or super-violent video game placed in front of an impressionable youth can distort or add mind-numbing visions 24 / 7. 

At the very least we wish Hollywood's denizens, currently so outspoken about gun carnage, would acknowledge it's their very industry whose employees can't work diligently enough to outmaneuver one another in producing the most violent -- and violently appealing -- motion pictures intended to satisfy -- or is that to entertain? -- minds both young and old which have grown to crave the hit.

We also wonder about the womb and chemical exposures, influences which affect miniature brains slowly growing in the assumed safety of embryonic fluid and nutrients passed from environment to mother to fetus (oh, I know, I'm destined for hell because I did not use the term, baby. . .).  Our lives are increasingly awash in artificial chemicals adjusting us to artificial lives, and sometimes we think the only solution will be that damned killer asteroid waiting for us somewhere just beyond the horizon.

Generations of people, young and old, possessed firearms with few behavioral problems, but most of them were solidly grounded in some vestige of organized structure, be it family, religion or even military protocol.  Today, all of these categories have gone bonkers and even the people we look to for answers have few answers.

But drugs, oh baby, we have drugs for everything, and we consult "mental health professionals" by the butt-load, they just itching to explain and help and treat and anesthetize and analyze and suggest and charge people and governments big dollars for all of it.

A gun case used to be a place to store a firearm, now it's a shooter's mental situation.  Maybe a mind goes crazy when there's nothing to believe in anymore, or at least that's the premise.  However, perhaps it's an instance of so goes the society, so go the youth.  Are these mass-homicidal events evidence of a bitter societal end, or will somebody or something come to the rescue until occasions more destructive materialize?

Like it or not, bullets and gunpowder comprise a substantial amount of the mortar which established the USA's foundation.  That a disturbing number of young people have commandeered traditional bullet train etiquette coldly and with insidious calculation begets a whole series of questions which may never be answered, but if answered, never solved.  We are humans.  We are the most incredibly devious entities temporarily anchored to the planet.  Good luck with that.

What TV news barely reported about this week:  When your televised advertising revenue depends tremendously upon a treasure chest of commercials touting class action lawsuits against mesothelioma, the bad product of the week or some injury acquired by somebody's sister's grandmother's aunt's nephew's dog, you're not about to give this goldmine up willingly.  Unfortunately for TV stations throughout the land, this week the U.S. Supreme Court effectively, except where unions are involved, ruled that individuals are not required to take part in class action lawsuits -- which, as we all know, enhance attorneys outrageously while individuals usually get a few cents or dollars in return.  We aren't attorney material, but as we understand this five-to-four court ruling, businesses and corporations can now breathe easier in the knowledge that class action lawsuits will no longer be initiated at, literally, the drop of a hat where a handful of people get together and concoct a lawsuit almost guaranteed to ruin a business and, at the very least, cause it to raise consumer prices substantially to recoup the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars unscrupulous lawyers have drained from their bank accounts.  In other words, frivolous lawsuits conducted by attorneys and law firms no better than thieves and thugs are suddenly in more jeopardy than ever, and that's a very, very good thing for America and we who, one way or another, pay for their "legal" robberies.

Obviously, TV ad executives watching the bottom line will probably faint dead away, because a significant source of income may need to kiss TV screens goodbye, or so we believe.  As for those progressively liberal lawyers out there, claiming to be do-gooders with no ulterior motives -- looks as though it's back to chasing ambulances and handling bitter divorce cases, or running for public office in hopes of gaining revenge against us all.

Annoyances that won't go away:  Hillary Clinton, the eternal electoral victim, is still out there speaking, though a lot of Democrats wish she would simply go away.  Then there are the Obamas and their deal to produce "documentaries" and "features" for Netflix.  We can hardly imagine how history will be distorted and enhanced to make the Obamas look like George and Martha Washington basking on a pleasant beach peppered with Marxist sand castles and associates of a similar mindset.  If class action lawyer commercials aren't enough to make the innocent turn off the TV, this might just do it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bits and Pieces for May 2018

Like you, maybe like you, all too late I discover a pile of news articles intended as fodder for the blog, but there are so many -- too many.  So, today I decided just to throw out some headlines from recent weeks and, depending upon my May laziness factor, perhaps a comment is worthwhile here and there.

First, though, a word about North Korea's Kim Jong Un and his possible / apparent / rumored decision to dispense with a meeting with Trump:  This is a surprise?  To Whom?  Since when does this pampered ass, his father or grandfather deal honorably with anybody from the West?  Seemed good on paper, but taking a pathetic non-action figure from the page of a June calendar to the world stage takes a lot of exertion and expectation.  This manipulative sociopath with the brain and looks of a bloated road kill toad will never raise his status higher than that of a common thug, and if he wishes to reach into North Korea's traditional treasure chest of lies in the face of Trump's best efforts, this particular Kim and his associates deserve whatever will follow.  Nor, of course, is China innocent in this matter, all the while pulling puppet strings.

Now, from the desk of things:

Climate change dials down Atlantic Ocean heating system. (BBC News):  This is good, yes?

Dying Gulf Stream may trigger a global nightmare. (Fox News):  This is bad, yes?

Creating clouds to stop global warming could wreak havoc. (USA Today):  Good, bad, whatever -- I lost track of my senses after the first climate change article.

Climate skeptics more eco-friendly than global-warming alarmists: Study. (Washington Times):  Yes, the difference between rationality and bat-poop nuts is quite obvious.

Department of Homeland Security to establish monitoring system that tracks journalists in live time. (The Blaze):  Intended primarily to track foreign journalists who say bad things?  Hmm.  I think it comes down to, you speak out with the wrong words, you're on the scope.  Thanks a lot, DHS, nothing shouts First Amendment freedom like a "monitoring system."

Conservative news tycoon Matt Drudge, a prominent supporter of Donald Trump, hit out at the president Wednesday following a tweet in which he suggested that journalists' credentials could be revoked. (Newsweek):  Please, Mr. President, banish this thought from your mind.  We've already been inundated with enough "help" from the Democrats regarding ways to manage news reporting.

Germany set out to delete hate speech online. Instead, it made things worse.
(Washington Post):  Angela Merkel and her fellow dolts should have seen this one coming.  You can't delete "hate speech" without deleting the good stuff, too.  But what should one expect from a government which welcomed every terrorist and loon available with open arms?

Iran Threatens to Restart Nuke Enrichment Program in Matter of Days. (Washington Free Beacon):  Old news by now, but just another dirty fingerprint left over from the fine diplomatic work performed by the Obama bunch.  Period.

Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles. (The Guardian):  At last, great news, and maybe we can make this enzyme eat other things, too.  Political entities come immediately to mind, of course.

A team of scientists says it has created a pig that can be used in transplantations in humans. (The Yomiuri Shimbun):  I live for the day when animals no longer sacrifice their lives for us, but that day will commence after I'm long dead, if ever.  We are what we are.

Soros-Funded Group Launches App to Help Illegal Aliens Avoid Feds. (Judicial Watch):  Why sacrifice pigs, when one can pick and choose among traitors and international criminals, some may ask?

Students storm library to denounce conservative 'hate speech.' (Campus Reform):  Ah yes, Columbia University, like so many other fine institutions sucking money from parents who assume an education is what they're paying for as their kid's mind transforms into a swamp creature's thinking process.

BLOODIED AND CHAINED Thailand zoo horror revealed in sickening snaps showing emaciated animals shackled in tiny cages. (The Sun):  How could one ever believe our role is to care for the animals, when we obviously don't?  There are people who need to die on the planet, and a good share of them include those who mistreat animals.

Weed killer found in granola and crackers, internal FDA emails show. (The Guardian):  Hmm, and all this time I thought that funny taste was caused by the trans-fats and perhaps a few fingernail clippings.

Whistle blower leaks harrowing footage of sheep baking to death on board overcrowded slaughter ship.  WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: The suffering animals were crammed together on the boat which was bound for the Middle East. (The Mirror):  Ditto re abused animals.  The Middle East?  Of course.

Yale College braces for expected influx of student ’emotional support animals.’ (The Blaze):  Kinda makes one wonder whether we should reinitiate the military draft just so these young combo snowflakes / emotional train wrecks -- mostly caused by liberally progressive upbringing, natch' -- can experience a few weeks of basic training.  May I suggest intensive "blanket parties" as an added benefit?  Then the poor "support" animals can return home and be animals again, rather than enduring the role of stuffed teddy bears.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

When Power Over Women Means Power Over Us All

Not an hour had passed after I posted Monday's blog entry, when blaring headlines in red hit the Internet about the fall in disgrace of NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman, swallowed and spit out by the very entity he claimed to champion -- abused women.  I suppose at this point we need to pepper accusations with the word, "alleged" because the hard evidence still resides in the pages of The New Yorker, but the fact that (at least?) four women have come forward to charge Schneiderman with a box full of horrific allegations makes it almost impossible to dismiss instances submitted publicly.

The thing about Monday's entry is my concluding paragraph, where I (nothing new) condemned NY's governor and a state government dominated, in my opinion, by the worst segment of society just outside of prison.  Then, wow, bam!  The great and iron-fisted Schneiderman, good buddy of Cuomo and other progressive head cases determined, above all else, to rid the nation of Trump, collapsed into a puddle of dirty water, very dirty water.  Funny -- while Donald Trump makes great strides regarding North Korea and Iran (and we hope, very soon, on the Supreme Court, in multiples), Cuomo and the Democrats' great white hope, the seemingly indestructible Super-Schneiderman, goes down in flames.  Oh dear, dear, DEAR!  What will the NY legislative frauds and their weak-minded supporters do now?  They really should have been prepared for this scandal, because similar events of disrepute have graced Albany's/NY City's greatest among Democrats on numerous past occasions.

One clear thing:  Have no doubt, when our government hosts a monster who treats dates like sex cattle and/or whipping posts, that fine example of social justice will do the same to constituents under their thumb, using all the powers of a system in which the intent was intended to remain honorable.

We are humans and we suck.  It's just that progressives suck more.  New York?  California?  Oh, Mr. President, keep doing what you're doing.

Meanwhile, returning for a moment to NY's Cuomo:  As this authoritarian mistake of a governor continues doing everything he can to take guns away from law-abiding citizens (voiced not exactly in those words), we again ask when he plans to unburden himself totally of a weaponized security detail, as he travels the state and beyond, espousing platitudes of stupidity.  If firearms are worthy of forfeit for the people, surely this stuffed suit shouldn't have objections to leading by example.

Iran on the verge?  We believe Trump did the right thing because Obama's screwing of the U.S. by going along with a horrible deal costing U.S. taxpayers alone almost two billion dollars (in addition to the other goodies Iran received) added to another $150 billion or so was a monumental blunder..  As Iran's religious crazies concentrate on funding nukes and terror while letting the people wallow in increasing poverty, we hope the good Iranian people who still remember Iran's golden days of peace can help their youth rise up and destroy the filthy beasts who usurped their power and took over their country.  Trust us, extremist pinheads. there's no imam waiting to come out of a well to bolster the fantasies of mullah twits.  A firm partnership among Saudi Arabia, Israel and other nations acutely aware of Iran's intentions may provide the silver bullet to destroy savages cloaked in radical robes of death.

Monday, May 7, 2018

The Trouble We're In

Mainstream media's infatuation with the "Stormy Daniels" matter exemplifies not the news we receive, but moreover the important stories left wanting in the dust.  As November elections approach, journalism's partisan compass of doom points ever closer to the right, locked, loaded and determined to destroy the Trump administration's agenda, success and the Trump presidency itself.  Yes, there's Iran, a volcano and hate in the streets engineered by haters of the streets, but we are almost commanded to focus at length (maybe that's the wrong word here) upon issues of sex, payoffs and all the usual alleged failings associated with, not one, but many presidents and other government leaders.  This is new?  Certainly not.  But this time the name is Trump, and Hillary Clinton's and the Democrats' spectacular loss in the elections must yet be avenged.  Welcome to journalism for the masses in 2018, where news is seldom what the game is about.  Shameful, indeed, that this simmering trauma takes root in the USA.

Sue the volcano:  As Hawaii's volcanic eruption carelessly spews sulfur dioxide and a host of pollutants into the air, destined under the best of circumstances to make life on the planet a little more toxic, we wonder if the United Nations and its bat-poop crazy climate proponents can find a way to bring lawsuits against this environmentally naughty vent.  Or maybe just do the progressive Democrat thing and tax Hawaiians for the chaos because, after all, it is THEIR volcano and they should have done something about it years ago.

Up with people (not):  Volcanoes will be nothin' compared to a planet poised to host some 10 billion humans by 2050, and still we hear the chant, oh how, HOW will we feed and care for this additional poor billion and those who come after?  Um, maybe we should find a way, while we still can, to keep the numbers from growing beyond outrageous excess?  We suspect this will happen, as it must, but we still have a choice as to whether human population will be managed the easy way or the worst way.  We realize that many consider such talk crazy, but we warn that if anybody thinks it's just the family cats who get spayed and neutered, some folks will eventually have a big inevitable surprise coming.

China, forward-looking, yet backward-dwelling land of cruel dog-eating, endangered animal-murdering, human-enslaving, intellectual property-stealing brutes:  Looks as though the Chinese at a base in Africa have been shooting laser beams into the cockpits of American military aircraft, affecting at least temporarily the eyesight of pilots and flight crews.  Before this becomes a habit as the Chinese escalate on other levels, maybe it's just time to blast somebody's laser toys into tiny pieces.

Stick 'em up! (Your DNA or your life):  Funny how things work out.  We just learned how a serial killer/rapist was apprehended years after his crimes because DNA submitted innocently by distant relatives helped lead the cops to his door.  Yet, last week the government invited a million Americans to donate DNA to support a health project.  Hmm.  Seems to me, now that we're acutely aware that our publicly available DNA can be used in ways about which we had no idea, that maybe it's time to sit back and. . .just. . .say. . .no.  Besides, future technology will only find better ways to know more about us tomorrow if we give them the golden keys today, and that doesn't necessarily mean anything good for the DNA donor.  Not that "they" won't just soon take our DNA samples against our wishes, anyway.  The future?  Will probably suck.

Iran:  Even know-nothings should realize by now how Obama screwed this country and the peace-loving world.  Giving Iran an obscene flood of cash dollars to subsequently fund terrorism, to likely conduct nuclear weapon research and to perform nefarious activities unknown was a disastrous maneuver.  Donald Trump's move to exercise strength in the face of Obama's calamitous legacy of roll-over diplomacy could almost be viewed as inevitable, given the world and our lessened Obama-orchestrated position in it.

The most dangerous fascist-like membership of the elite in America should include presidential wannabe NY governor Andrew Cuomo, who now takes a very public front-door approach in appealing to banks and financial institutions to be reputation-cautious about supporting the firearms industry.  This, of course, is a threat backed up by the power of his administration, and Cuomo seems to have few misgivings about using government clubs to beat private concerns into cooperation.  If America were still America as it was meant to be, Governor Cuomo would be out of office and, we would hope with considerable enthusiasm, enjoying prison life.  Unfortunately, November elections approach and this governing Democrat parasite's extremism is in full bloom as he attempts to fight off an equally radical candidate in his party (actress Cynthia Nixon) and whatever weak candidate the Republicans tend to put forth, as they generally do.  Another term of warp-speed progressive evils will only increase the exodus of tax-paying New Yorkers who suffer every day to accommodate and finance, for the most part voicelessly, the leftist bullies, thugs and punks riding herd on New York, wrapped in a pathetic costume of supposedly fair government.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Gift Rap

I appreciate a variety of music, and throughout the years have even shown more interest in motion picture music than in the movies upon which the scores are based.  The emotional blessings involved with turning off commercial-infested TV networks and substituting a few hours of mood-appropriate movie music should not be underestimated.

But, um, then there's rap music.  I guess I've kinda liked a little of what I've heard, but generally -- well, I still value my Cannibal Corpse CDs, and rap isn't on that list, so. . .

Kanye West.  Kanye?  Yes, Kanye.  Up until a few days ago, I would not have recognized a Kanye West song were it blasted in quadraphonics from the sky.  Come to think of it, I still wouldn't know a Kanye song.  But no matter.

Mr. West has apparently ingratiated himself somewhat to Republicans for Trump and conservative-friendly tweets, and some of his fellow rap artists are angry, very angry.  We hasten to wonder whether West's thoughts in this direction will be picked up by black youth and others badly in need of encouraging words, as opposed to the same old destructive leftist crap espoused by gang-bangers and politicians with hidden self-serving agendas.  That the likes of Maxine Waters also criticized West for stepping off the leftist reservation speaks volumes.

Arriving almost hand-in-hand with West's thoughtful messages comes a new Reuters poll demonstrating a phenomenon among millennials, something previously hinted among various conversations with young people:  Millennials are abandoning Democrat Party "values" in large numbers.  A substantial percentage evidently believe also that the reduction in taxes by the Trump administration is definitely a selling point for taking a fresh look at conservative standards.  If millennials figure out that true conservatives are and always have been the best and true conservators of wildlife and environmental concerns, November's elections might turn out a bit differently from Democrat expectations.

Those bastard macrophages!  Medical science historically taught that macrophages, those teeny-tiny cells believed to engulf and digest bloodstream debris and dangerous invasive microorganisms, were our friends.  Instead, research in recent years demonstrated that these microscopic little traitors might even assist cancer cells to grow and grow.  This and other health-related topics are explored in the book, Natural Causes:  An Epidemic of Wellness, the Certainty of Dying, and Killing Ourselves to Live Longer, by Barbara Ehrenreich.  This new book is reviewed in some depth in the May issue of The Atlantic by Victoria Sweet, herself a medical author.

We mention this because medical science has a way of turning itself upside-down just as Your Huffy and Arrogant Physician insists that a medical fact is a medical fact and you had better respect everything laid out so handsomely and so finally in expensive medical books and education.  This sort of thing is why we miss the quickly-vanished doctor-patient relationship which once gave the patient a voice in determining a course of "treatment," whether for good or ill.  Now, it's all drugs and mirrors and whatever agenda the American Medical Association and a ton of other scientific fists demand must be implemented.  Meanwhile, the old remedies depended upon by generations of healers either disappear or become banned or swallowed up by major drug companies insistent upon making us use their lawsuit-material poisons.

Which reminds me -- there's lots kicking around out there right now about pesticides and a variety of hazardous chemicals being found in every food we consume, and our old friend, Monsanto is again being looked upon with wary eyes about potentially not-so-nice effects of Roundup on crops which make their way into our bodies and the pollen bees depend upon.  Me?  I'd just ask the bees.  The bees always know.