Friday, October 23, 2015

That Early Halloween in Pascagoula

                                                              The day the squirrel went berserk
                                                              In the First Self-Righteous Church
                                                          In that sleepy little town of Pascagoula
                                                 It was a fight for survival that broke out in revival
                                               They were jumpin' pews and shouting, "Hallelujah!"*

                   (*From Ray Stevens' song, "The Great Mississippi Squirrel Revival," music and lyrics by Carlene Kalb)

 The 11th day of October marked 42 years (1973) since something amazing is alleged to have occurred near a riverbank in Pascagoula, Mississippi. The great musical artist and comedian Ray Stevens once recorded a funny song about a squirrel on the loose in a Pascagoula church, but we doubt he ever envisioned a UFO abduction on the banks of the Pascagoula River.

Reports of temporary abductions by UFO occupants have long been accepted with skepticism among some inhabitants of the cautious and deeply contemplative parts of the UFO research community, and various theories have popped up which continue to fail in explaining the overall force behind or implications of the phenomenon.  The first time the American public was confronted with the serious side of the issue via mass media occurred when the late John G. Fuller produced his book, The Interrupted Journey,  extensive portions of which were serialized in a newsstand magazine.  Exploring in depth the alleged sixties UFO close encounter and physical examination of Barney and Betty Hill by presumed aliens, Fuller's book proved a sensation, and the man and woman on the street became profoundly intrigued by the possibility that we-are-not-alone right here on Earth (an early TV movie about the Hill case also appeared, and another is currently in production).

Of all the abduction reports I've read about over the years, a particularly absurd tale from Mississippi -- at first glance -- is THE one that leaves me wondering all the more.  Now, usually I try to do a special blog on Halloween for reasons of which there are no reasons, but I think the alleged UFO abduction of (the late) Charles Hickson and his younger friend Calvin Parker in Pascagoula deserves the telling, over and over again. 

We touched upon this incident in almost a dozen blog entries during past years (a  Pascagoula Google search at the top of this page will collate them nicely for you, all on one page).   However, new details emerged, thanks to an article by reporter Natalie Chambers in later years, and it seems quite possible that a car full of U.S. Navy personnel literally observed a strange-looking aircraft glide into the area of claimed abduction at the time it supposedly occurred.  Chambers' fascinating piece no longer seems to appear on the Internet, where it resided for a few years, but I referenced it more completely than I had previously in a blog entry regarding the incident entitled, The Extraordinary Witness (see link at end).

Further, a newspaper interview with Calvin Parker of recent vintage currently remains on the Internet at:

If true, the Pascagoula encounter's significance cannot be underestimated, and keep in mind that officials and other investigators who spoke with the men were impressed with their honesty, clarity and evident fear.  Unfortunately, perhaps because Hickson and Parker's description of the robot-like entities which terrified them looked TOO otherworldly, some folks were all too willing to write this event off.  But the surfacing of revelations about additional witnesses -- Navy personnel and their names, as documented by reporter Natalie Chambers -- adds an intriguing level of  credibility.

So happy Halloween,  and you, too, may agree that the disturbing report of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker fares way better than a plain old Halloween ghost story.  If you’ve not read our entry, The Extraordinary Witness,  you can find it right here:

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Faithful, The Fickle, The Flubbed Up

(ReadersThis was posted only briefly on April 17, 2008 and then withdrawn by me for reasons I cannot recall; maybe I had an attack of sensitivity, conscience or perhaps a hot flash of second-thoughtivity.  Anyway, there was a different pope then, a new pope now and quite likely there shall be more popes to come in the future.  What I wrote may also apply to that concept known as, "the ages."  Am I Catholic?  Heck no, you think I want to risk ex-communication at my age?  Communication alone is challenging enough, without the risk of getting ex'd.  The thought here involved UFOs, and why some things which seem outrageous are readily accepted. . .while others are most definitely notWhy is there no room in the bus for UFO evidence?)

I hear that the Pope is in town. wow.

Jesus rose from the dead, so the U.S. had to spend loads of money for security during the Pope's visit. Jesus rose from the dead, so you can bet there were
back-door financial dealings between our faith-based President and holy pickpockets concerned with stealing away Americans' funds for their own devices. Jesus rose from the dead and made future dreams of fame and wealth come true for a cottage industry of true believers.

Jesus rose from the dead, so The Church is entitled to deny intensive family
planning and birth control education to the world's peoples, who are doomed to
continue overpopulating in wretched excess while experiencing the obligatory
starvation, malnutrition and deforestation required of them so that The Church
can remain dominant and indispensable to their miserable lives. Building
hospitals and health care facilities internationally looks good on the surface,
but expanding the need for such services simply demonstrates that the status quo
required to institutionalize and assure perpetual human suffering is alive and
well. "Go forth and multiply" is a sentence with words missing at the end, and
those were likely removed long ago to guarantee the eternal assembly line of
human agony.

Jesus rose from the dead, so it was acceptable for ancient people to combine a
little history with a lot of fiction and fantasy to scare the stuffing out of
the gullible masses, thus assuring fear and obedience to the patriarchy from
generation to generation. The inventive fictional character Elmer Gantry was
nothing new, he merely acquired his talents from a very large and old extended

Jesus rose from the dead, so it doesn't matter a whit that runaway growth, like
any aggressive, self-respecting cancer, is eventually a deadly prospect.
Prolific human reproduction and our preponderance to destroy everything in our
path, while dismissing environmental objections with the words, "Hey, that's
progress!" kills voraciously.

Jesus rose from the dead, so that makes it okay to force-dump centuries-old
dogmatic poop on the heads of all people, not just those of one faith. As if
e-mailing spam to the unsuspecting. An old story. Compliance. Oh damn, the
compliance and obedience a religion and its leaders gain simply by taking young
brains barely out of the womb and messing with their thought processes virtually
from birth. And to think parents allow it, just as their parents had. Tradition,
freaking archaic monster thought-homicide tradition. We are screwed and religion
is the screwdriver. The world's masses, the world's inescapably ignorant, the
world's hope for an afterlife. We call this year 2008 and all of our mental
essentials are trapped as centuries of the past continue to dictate our future.
Human overpopulation is the cause of major ills, yet we dare not address the
dilemma and its various solutions. No, better to experience and nourish the
agony of it all.

Jesus rose from the dead, so all the non-human creatures of our planet must
suffer our torture, our appetite and our whims because humans possess "dominion"
over the animals. Yet we, late-comers to a world abundant in other forms of
life, address ourselves as the foremost and compassionate of all that is

Jesus rose from the dead, so here in the good old USA religious organizations
claim more and more territory in the health-care and elder-care industry so they
can keep everybody alive indefinitely while doing the money grab from
individuals' bank accounts and estates, all with the assistance of the
pharmaceutical industry and our increasingly pathetic faith-based government.
The incessant lobbying of faith-based organizations assures that the suffering
of the elderly and sick will continue far into the future, and any talk of one's
right to pre-arranged euthanasia vs. the living hell the faithful believe
everybody must endure is squashed. By the way, I wonder what religion
predominates amongst mental institution residents?

Jesus rose from the dead. This revelation somehow gives license to the country's
faithful who slobber over the Pope's presence as he insists that we in the USA
must open our borders and let everybody in because it's our obligation and our
duty to match his concept of God's will. He thinks he's herding sheep, and he
is. These men of so-called peace and assorted alleged religions of peace
routinely cost us dearly, particularly as we fight wars of peace. Deadly
religious wars of peace. We wander aimlessly in a planetary mental ward and the
crowds love it, they eat it up. For the industries of religion and insanity it's
a constant fight over which shall gain the upper societal edge.

Jesus rose from the dead and he loves borderline religious fanatic broadcasters,
otherwise they wouldn't be on the air. However, these people trip over
themselves to instill in their children that Jesus rose from the dead, but when
confronted with some pretty intriguing UFO evidence, the issue is nonsense!

Jesus rose from the dead, but Travis Walton, Hickson & Parker and Barney & Betty
Hill experienced nothing. Jesus rose from the dead, but Lonnie Zamora was wrong
at Socorro, New Mexico. Jesus rose from the dead, but hundreds of documented UFO
physical trace cases mean nothing. Jesus rose from the dead, but the mere
thought that UFOs exist and interfere with automobile and aircraft electrical
systems or have the ability to disable missile defense installations is too
incredible to believe. Jesus rose from the dead as convincingly as the morning
fog, but everybody at Chicago's O'Hare Airport was deluded when they reported a
what's-it that shot upward, blowing a hole through the clouds two years ago.

Maybe Jesus really did die for our sins, and maybe he rose from the dead. But he
never flew a luxury aircraft or dressed like a million dollar model, flying from
gig to gig in opulence. Seems, too, like there might be plenty of room on that
plane to carry tons of condoms around the world to provide some real help to the
hungry masses.

Look, I respect age and wisdom as much as anybody, and I truly never wanted to
bash or condemn anybody's religion, but an alarming number of those folks of
numerous religious persuasions strive to change my daily life by either imposing
their beliefs on me or dismissing my own, and I dislike them immensely for that,
and if I won't buy what they're selling they take the coward's way out and
influence my government's bonehead politicians behind my back, undoubtedly
making promises of paradise after death to the biggest givers.

With that said, I'll be glad when this icon of faith of the moment leaves my
country soon, and may I kindly add: Don't let our invisible Southern border
fence gate smack you in the butt on your way out.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This Failed President and "Gun Control"

 First off, unless Americans sweep an abundance of true conservatives into office next election, the current mix of do-nothing Republicans and the radically-infiltrated Democrat Party will almost certainly finish off the United States a few more degrees as the land of freedom and opportunity.  Having once embraced the Democrats as if they were warm and cuddly bunny rabbits with all the answers, I later discovered one basic truth about many of them -- they want zero to do with exploring what the conservatives have to say on major issues, hanging tough instead on agendas which have no relationship to facts or common sense.  They aren't much on a sense of humor, either, when the joke's on them. Nor, I suspect, will they acknowledge brand new re-calculations by climate scientists indicating that statistics and predictions regarding global warming / climate change were vastly in error.  And as Senator Ted Cruz expressed a few days ago, when he confronted and virtually shredded the climate change argument in front of the head of the Sierra Club (the man could barely answer a question without assistance from a minion) who appeared before Congress, satellite data provides the most accurate information -- and that information proves that warming has not occurred for the past 18 years.  Nevertheless, watch the man-made climate change hysterics continue as major corporations and governments stand firm in the face of documented opposition and attempt to make billions (at least) of dollars off victimized world taxpayers over what might be the hoax of the century.

Speaking of hoaxes and bad science, President Obama strangely comes to mind.  Frankly, his ongoing and now louder calls for "gun control" should disgust anybody remotely familiar with this fraud's actions.  Let's make no mistake, whether it's Obama, Hillary or other progressives, the ultimate goal is to take away guns, and for the first time ever we're in danger of becoming like England, France and Australia, where firearms are confiscated and denied.  What a great gift for international thugs and common street criminals!

Mr. Obama's pleas for tougher gun legislation can be dismissed as absurd when one merely looks to the Southern border, where members of the criminal and terrorist element have been crossing into the United States with their deadly gun possessions throughout the years this presidential role player has been in charge.  He apparently cares little about that -- but he does care about you and your Second Amendment rights, and he wants to take them away, a little here, a little there, until nothing is left.  In fact, it's just incredible how focused this president is on attacking American citizens' rights, while simultaneously praising the hideous functions of other countries.  Hello, Cuba?  The fact that he's all ready to implement an Executive Order regarding gun purchases is disturbing and craves an instant lawsuit.

Dr. Ben Carson and others are correct about gun-free zones.  Common sense dictates that responsible college students have the right to pack protection, if that's what it takes to stay safe on those gun-free campuses.  And theaters.  And everybody else in jeopardy in a society racked with increasing dangers.  Mr. Prez, why don't you use your pen and outlaw gun-free zones?

Further, law enforcement officers must condemn Obama's efforts because he is currently in the process of importing so-called refugees from Syria and other Islamic hell holes who are destined to bring hatred and crime with them, particularly among the many young men in the mix.  None of this will assist in making cops' lives easier on any level.  Heck, isn't it bad enough that we have to worry about the Obama bunch slowly initiating something like a national police force?

But there are places where an absence of guns is a wonderful thing,  and that involves any place where elephants are gunned down so poachers can take and sell ivory tusks to, primarily, rich Chinese who wish to flaunt their wealth with wretched ivory displays or enhance their sex lives with bizarre compounds, whatever.  That's why we should all be thrilled with the takedown last week of a Chinese woman who orchestrated a major poaching operation for years which devastated elephant herds.  May her punishment fit the crime, now that she's been removed from her "ivory tower."

The Democrats debated  or whatever that was Tuesday night.  Bernie Sanders may have thought nobody cares about Hillary Clinton's "damned e-mails," and he's right to the extent that voters in the far left pocket don't care.  The rest of us do and should, because when national security is threatened, we are all at risk.  I was also enraged, but nor surprised, by -- at least from what I saw, and I did not see the entire televised thingie -- the use of the word, "immigrants," where the participants find it impossible to put the word, "illegal" in front of the designation.  It's not immigrants, Democrat folks, it's illegal immigrants.  Didn't your parents teach you anything about the facts of life?  Great idea, too, that those who reside further and further to the left want Obamacare for all those illegals.  With what shall we pay for THAT?  With the federal deficit ticking up to 17-18 trillion dollars, we're already in substantially deep dept manure.  Anyway, I guess the CNN stage play was successful, with actual ratings, but nothing the candidates said was new or inspiring.  Hillary will probably get her wish to be top dog (sorry if I've offended dogs in any way with that comparison) at election time, unless she's indicted or honored in some similar way, well-deserved.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hillary and the Obama Bunch -- The Termites Continue to Chomp

And still we wonder if the usual suspects among the progressive political class will ever  abandon fantasies of grabbing absolute power and actually admit that each and every individual in the United States has the right of self-protection, with very, very few alterations along the way.  But don't hold your breath on that one.

Hillary Clinton, drinking from the same trough of hysterics the Democrats slobber over every time multiple shooting deaths and injuries occur, demands action and intends, if president, to hold gun manufacturers liable for mayhem (and drive them out of business, the real goal) caused using their firearms.  Nowhere, it appears, does she mention holding suspects, dead or alive, responsible for their actions this time around on the political trail, as if they have nothing to do with their actions.  Instead, blame the equipment, not the perpetrator.

Similarly, megalomaniac New York governor and fellow progressive bonkers Democrat Andrew Cuomo, who probably continues to harbor fond, yet utterly and laughably hopeless delusions of presidential aspirations, thought it would be neat and keen if congressional Democrats held the budget hostage until something was done about gun control.

The Obama bunch?  Hey, what d'ya expect from something uncomfortably Marxist-like?  Old story there.

Despite my gun-related blog chatter over the years, I'm not big into firearms (believe it or not) -- but I fully appreciate why they exist and why a free society needs and craves them.  Most mass killings by guns in this country in recent years seem focused upon the pride of the Democrats known as "gun-free" zones.  These are college classrooms, movie theaters and the like where primarily Democrat leadership has determined that such places shall be clearly labeled as such, even though there is always a remote possibility that they will become shooting galleries, and indeed they have morphed into that very thing.

As victims' families cry and grieve, progressive lawmakers always materialize with words of sympathy and promises that "something" will be done, and that "something" may consistently be interpreted as taking away guns a little at a time until there are no more guns in the hands of the people and the Second Amendment's intent becomes twisted and perverted into oblivion.  The result wished for is to give government more power over us as our own guaranteed rights fade into a very, very red sunset.

While one demonstrated and proven ass of a president bathes endlessly in what he believes to be his high ruling intellect, ripping the country apart with Executive Orders and incoming hordes of questionably deadly refugee populations and illegal aliens of unknown ilk, Hillary plays the gun card, alluding in the long term to deprive Americans of the weaponry we may desperately need at some future time. Hillary, the president and even wannabes like NY Governor Cuomo play dumb, but even they must realize that the purpose of the Second Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting in the woods.  It is about maintaining a state of readiness in case one's government turns on the people -- and if you think that's nuts, I remind one and all that World War II and the Nazis' murderous genocide of the unarmed and unprepared happened only a few decades, not hundreds of years, ago, and the ability of leadership to go rogue or collapse into chaos is as real as ever.  Never, never sacrifice something as deceptively simple as gun rights to legislators anywhere.  They won't stop there.  They never stop there.

Two separate tragedies fell upon that small community college in Oregon.  First, the dead and injured.  Second, the Democrats' race to national microphones and TV cameras to make political hay, blaming everybody and everything except the shooter, who conveniently removed himself from the story merely by exiting the scene in a blast of cowardice.  Maybe Hillary should campaign instead for laws to require individuals bent upon a suicidal rage to shoot themselves in the head first, before they take the lives of others.  Since many of these lunatics appear to harbor some allegiance toward the liberal (not, not, not the Tea Party) side of politics, laws of that nature might just work.

Saturday Night Live starring Hillary Clinton:   So, was anybody surprised last Saturday?  News, entertainment, theater -- it's all the same beast, folks, the same beast from a global hive of beasts.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Apprehend, Try and Convict NOW

 I'm nobody special, just a flawed human, like some / many / all of you.  As you know from my earliest blog years, our primary concern was UFOs, and I spent considerable time and space putting up documents acquired from decades of files.  Even as a teenager, I quickly realized that expressing a deep interest in the UFO subject -- and speaking out publicly about it -- easily attracted labels from "normal" folks whose instant impressions were often far from sympathetic.  Lunatic!  Hoaxer!  Liar!  Fraud!   A long time transpired before I dropped the hard edge which caused me to respond angrily or enthusiastically to such charges, and ultimately I discovered somewhat sympathetically that, indeed, you can lead a closed-minded human to the water of scientific mysteries, but you can't make him drink or swallow even a drop.  In fact, I sometimes took to signing correspondence with the words,  Sincerely, Robert Barrow, Prominent Local Crackpot and Noted Public Alarmist.  One skeptical newspaper editor, not entirely ready to buy UFO evidence raw and uncooked, at least got a laugh or two out of my sign-off and told me so. 

I don't do much, of course, with UFO information in this particular blog anymore, not because the story doesn't continue, but because I have little access to sources which used to be abundant and rife with documentation.  Far better it is to let others take up the cause, for my efforts are neutered, and these days echoes of whatever meager written contributions I made turn up as brief notations in occasional books authored by others who take up the fight.  If you have taken the time to read my blog entries all the way back from their inception in 2007, you know all there is to know about my attempts.  Well, most of it, anyway.

The thing is, however, that I never intended to write about anything beyond UFOs and a paranormal event here and there.  Yet, here I am -- going damned nearly bonkers POLITICAL, dwelling in a place I never, ever thought I would occupy.  In my wildest dreams, I never anticipated blogging about my utter contempt for a presidential administration.  Never did I think the nation in which I grew up and served militarily would someday be summarily weakened by an administration so evil, cunning and/or imbecilic.

And now Russia and Putin are very much on the scene, touting a new world power, if Putin has his way, and all of this occurs as President Obama & Co. continue to sit on their hands and cower in fear, stupidity or worthless pensiveness.  The deed in Syria is done, dude, done.  The only person looking presidential is Putin, and that ain't funny.  While Obama and Kerry entertain some weird concept of peace through negotiation and endless blah, blah, blah, Putin eschews speech for action, and as a result the Obama bunch grow even smaller right before our eyes.

I wonder about some things.  I wonder why the bigger players in the UFO research arena don't join the battle and publicly denounce this White House bunch in between writing or speaking about UFOs.  If they truly believe that this Democrat (and GOP, where applicable) nightmare currently occupying Washington like rats in the mist is about to dump a pail of  UFO "disclosure" on the carpet, I'm afraid they're sadly off the mark.  Remember, The Most Open Administration In History has become more secretive than any previously, and unless something drastic occurs, the only place open government has to go is down and away.

With Putin appearing miles more presidential than the failed president we in the states are stuck with, as segments of the American economy, military and society atrophy and decline, as of October 2, 2015 it cannot possibly be more clear to those who will look and see that Obama, H. Clinton, Eric Holder and other players in this grand Washington fiasco known as the administration require some serious legal attention.  Apprehension, arrests, trials and, could be, conviction?  No, I'm no attorney -- but I'm perked up enough as a mere human to realize the new U.S. normal ain't right, and that those who violate their oaths and discredit sacred official positions must be held accountable, stripped clean of any ol' boys network ingrained to protect the guilty.  A little treason in season?  Unacceptable.  If only security personnel, government and otherwise, could just get a new attitude and arrest some of those whom they protect -- those who are actively taking down the nation, brick by brick. . .and executive order by executive order.

Don't look to the Secret Service for help in this regard, however.   Some, too many members of this esteemed agency, appear embroiled in scandals regarding sex, hookers, bad driving and now unauthorized retrieval and reading of personal stuff they aren't supposed to access under penalty of law (. . .penalty of law, ho-hum, yawn -- who cares about that law stuff anymore?).  Maybe some agents fell off the honor wagon because they know the whole system is rotting to pieces.  And, good grief, just look at the swine they're forced to protect every day.

Calcium supplements may cause merely a little death:   Yep, it happened again.  All those calcium supplements your doctor insisted you consume for years reportedly don't do a thing to build stronger bones -- but can prematurely calcify arteries and put millions at risk for heart attacks.  NOW they tell us.  Yes, I also once had calcium horse-size pills foisted upon me by the medical establishment -- and even then I thought, wait, stop the music -- how do "they" know where calcium goes when you ingest it in pill form?  Now  we know -- calcium goes to all the wrong places and can cause Really Bad Effects, such as the perpetual six-feet-under syndrome.

The shootings at a community college in Oregon:  I'm reminded that gun-free zones are like taking a bath with no socks on (see what I did there?).  Were I back in my college days, I'd feel the need for speed in the classroom -- speeding bullets, that is, and far from blaming guns AGAIN, it's time for wussy legislators to develop the gonads to fully honor the Second Amendment and let young adult folks carry protection.  And we don't mean condoms.

Gun control, Mr. President?  You already have that in Oregon, and look what good it did you.  Go after mental illness?  Sure, but since news reports are filled these days with the tip-off that there remains a serious psychiatrist and psychologist shortage, looks like folks will just have to continue reliance upon those voices in their heads, the ones telling them to kill, destroy or run naked through the streets.  Some probably even believe they're President of the United States, and my dilemma might be that at this point I couldn't differentiate them from you.

Interesting, too, that the president emerged from his lair to vocalize sweet nothings regarding the college shootings, while otherwise remaining silent about Putin's single-handed emasculation of the invisible Obama foreign policy.  Now you see it, now you didn't.