Saturday, October 28, 2017

Our Execrable-tronic Media

The darkest clouds and the greatest storms -- when we're not talking about the weather -- organize when the U.S. news media come together to ignore, bury or substantially fine-tune stories to the liking of some political agenda.

We appreciate the New York Times making an issue of the DNC/Clinton/Obama/FBI  "dossier"scandal.   We also quake with wonder at a national give-away wherein 20 percent (take a little time to let that soak in -- TWENTY percent) of America's uranium was sold to Russia, allegedly resulting in millions of dollars going to the Clinton Foundation -- among others.  The "dossier" revelations were bad enough, but the uranium scandal mixed into this fetid pie would appear ammo enough for future indictments of some very prominent people, if allegations reach confirmatory rage stage.

The usual TV media coverage has been scant to nearly non-existent, probably with hopes for a quick six-feet-under burial.  But as we've learned from earthquaked graveyards and dogs with a remarkable sense of smell, it's sometimes hard to keep things buried.

ABC-TV, not surprisingly, as we've come to expect, allotted only a few seconds to the blockbuster dossier incident, a prime example of Big Progressive Democrat Media's dedication to keeping the whacked-out Democrat party and its politburo safe and sound, untouched by horrors always of its own making.

Yes, we now know that a conservative organization started the dossier ball rolling, but abandoned its efforts just in time for the Hillary Clinton/DNC folk to latch on and blast off.

But getting back to nuclear issues, a question:  If everything in the uranium scandal is as it is reported, right down to Hillary's incredible denials about knowing anything about it, does this make Bill and Hillary Clinton -- and friends -- the modern-day equivalent of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg?  And if so. . .well, you, dear reader, can finish the sentence.  And what of Eric Holder and the FBI?  The Obama Justice Dept?  Where does this put "old hand" special prosecutor Mueller, poised to name names Monday?

Few would know it by watching the ABC-NBC-CBS-CNN-fellow traveler accommodated and amalgamated electronic media, but our country, our way of life bask in dangers sufficiently under-reported every day as "news" is managed with all the expertise of members of the body politic swinging sledgehammers selectively in a slaughterhouse (I think I just wrote a follow-up to she sells seashells by the seashore. . .).

Things being what they are, it's amazing how sponsors continue signing on to support the daily electronic debauchery of what used to be called journalism.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Bits and Pieces for October, 2017

Question:  What sustains a rather substantially whacked-out segment of the Democrat Party?  Answer:  Marvels such as Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson, a Trump-hating, race-baiting activist who experienced a brilliant flash of glee while she described herself as a "rock star."  Democrats routinely offer nothing of non-socialist substance, but they sure gather like moths at the flame when the publicity wagon comes to town.  We hoped it wouldn't get any worse once Obama resurfaced before the TV cameras recently, but Ms. Wilson's fashion sense and trashy sorta-cowgirl head wear that neither mad hatters nor Roy Rogers' horse "Trigger" would have awarded a second glance takes the cake.  It took General Kelly's heartfelt comments to remind us that all of this was really about dead military heroes, not about an arrogant, cartoon-ish congressional representative who apparently cares more about getting a hat centered on her head as she scolds Trump and plays the race game than about tragedies of national security.  And no, we don't yet know what's up with our mission in Niger -- which seems to have begun under Obama's watch, it is alleged.  She wants --wha...? -- an apology from General Kelly?  He may have innocently misspoken about her role in a speech, but a pathetic, publicity seeking creature of her ilk isn't fit to lick one of the general's medals. 

Dog gone, doggone it:  According to CBS, a 15-year-old miniature pinscher brought to a veterinarian to be euthanized was discovered to be alive five months later.  What happened is, a veterinarian had allowed an employee to take the dog home to see about improving its health status.  What outrages me, if true, is that the dog's original owner discovered the dog still lived and breathed, but nevertheless had police retrieve the dog, which "seemed to be in good spirits when it was brought back in and there were no signs of neglect."  Say what?  So the owner was totally urinated off because her canine friend had another chance at life, and insisted that said euthanasia be carried out almost a half year later, even though "Caesar" was apparently comfy and thriving to some extent?  Something is very, very wrong here.

Speaking of just plain wrong, beware of former Federal Elections Commission chair Ann Ravel and a sympathetic, never-ending merry band of Democrat troublemakers who, like snakes which refuse to release their prey, are all on board with punishing online political content -- paid or unpaid -- considered "fake news."  The Washington Examiner of October 18 nicely lays out the threat posed by Ms. Ravel and her cohorts, all Democrats and all apparently wiling to go to any lengths to tackle, particularly, subjects involving the political right.  OF COURSE, the current springboard for essentially censoring Internet content revolves around the increasingly tiresome topic of Russian influence in the elections -- yet, from acorns mighty leftist oak trees grow, so one really needs to be aware and incensed about Ms. Ravel and her willing leftist accomplices in this matter.  Wow, it's amazing how certain folk consistently refuse to embrace the First Amendment and insist upon "improving" it in strange, self-serving ways.

George W. Bush attacks:  Oh good grief, is this the same former President who let Obama skate by for eight years without saying a blessed thing about that two-term evil?  Now he speaks out about Trump -- without actually naming him -- with no holds barred.  How courageous!  How news-making!  How. . .irrelevant?

The REAL hard Russian influence:  The icing on the cake of horror this month comes via October 17's New York Post article, a wrenching piece demonstrating how the Obama bunch knew very well that the Russians employed bribes, kickbacks and blatant extortion in a profoundly successful effort to gain access to U.S. atomic resources.  Despite the facts on its doorstep, the Obama administration approved a 2010 agreement that gave Moscow an astounding 20 percent of U.S. uranium.  The Clintons also profited from this deal, an aspect covered previously by author Peter Schweitzer and others.

Feudin' over gluten:  Everywhere one looks in grocery stores, the demon is gluten.  A small but significant percentage of Americans share celiac disease, prohibiting them from consuming gluten in any form.  The usual "if we can save just one" phenomenon took over long ago in a society which loves to panic, and far more foods than ever anticipated became "gluten-free," the pronouncement printed on multiple food products as if promising safety from a mad dog.  Even people who could not care less about and were unaffected by gluten sometimes found it difficult to locate customary food sources.  But. . .

Oopsie.  Now we learn that a scientist who provided the primary evidence of non-celiac gluten sensitivity has published a paper renouncing his own findings.  If you feel hammered by ad agencies' depictions of gluten as a demon from hell, you might want to check out the story of researcher Peter Gibson of Monash University in Australia, who reversed his position on a crucial segment of the gluten controversy.  Does this mean that some of us who cowered under the dining room table can exit and feel guilt-free about eating spaghetti again?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Oh Hell Yes They Did

Seems as though every time some person or group comes forward, promising to "do something" about UFOs, we ultimately get kicked in the. . .well, it's not a pleasant experience.  Disappointing, certainly.

Here we go again.  Except maybe this time we're starting out with brain power and talent assuredly bonded in the concept that yes, Virginia, there are UFOs, and scientific hardware must supplant bureaucracy, flippant denials, lunatics and word games conducted by the book.

Apparently and vastly under-reported was a momentous little affair which took place last Wednesday, October 11, when Blink 182 singer-turned-ardent- supporter of UFO studies Tom Delonge publicly joined with a few impressive individuals who have joined forces to investigate the science behind UFOs and other "exotic" technology.

Reporter George Knapp, among others, enlightened his audience with details of DeLonge's partnership with former government intelligence and national security personnel and others with a solid science background.

The greatest stunner here -- which, if we had a national media concerned about more than destroying Trump or making Harvey Weinstein a circus attraction -- is the revelation that the government never stopped investigating or maintaining a concern for UFOs, despite the heralded closing of Project Blue Book decades ago.

Among a series of shockers related by Knapp and other sources is a dramatic UFO encounter as recently as 2004 involving the USS Nimitz.

I won't rehash what can be read in other reports, but I recommend that you consult George Knapp's October 11 report from or Nexstar Broadcasting, and a report may also be found at and, I'm confident, on a host of other sites which tend to report on such matters.  The mainstream press otherwise?  Forget it.  Pathetic.

"Taking a knee."  Aside from going through various athletic gyrations to transport a football from here to there, wouldn't it be great if those dropping to a knee during the National Anthem actually invented something useful for society?  Then again, not to be cruel, but if one is too unlooped to understand from basic instinct that getting your head slammed repeatedly on a playing field doesn't exactly fortify brain cells, I guess we shouldn't expect much more.  Not a fan.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hollywood Democrats Stripped Naked

The lesson appears simple enough.  Harvey Weinstein is Hollywood and Hollywood is Harvey Weinstein -- and, for the most part, both represent the modern Democrat Party.  Excess, no apologies and place the blame on somebody else whenever you can.

These are the "entertainment" folk established as movers and shakers, content, entitled and screwing perceived enemies and potential sexual conquests in every way possible, night and day.

And these are Washington's major contributors to the Democrat Party.

But suddenly they are eating their own.  Some, anyway.

This is the industry churning out not only sex and violence in movies, TV shows and music as a matter of course, but also enraptured by its very own talents in producing slick digital images and CGI cartoons subliminally intended to re-educate kids and young adults of powerless intellect. 

Just harmless entertainment, backed up by the casting couch, rapes and drugs, all hidden with charm by the best attorneys and PR firms money and other amenities can buy.

Hollywood thinks it is Washington, D.C., and have no doubt that some of its most famous "stars" and executives sincerely believe it is their right and obligation to supplant members of Congress and other legislators.  Maybe they can't do it with words, but they surely can with monetary contributions.

The more I observe the Hollywood crowd -- which I used to admire and respect to some degree -- wearing its true face, the better President Donald Trump's agenda looks.  Wow. 

Hollywood has its "Walk of Stars" and Washington has its celebrity "Walk of Swamp," and this is certainly a swamp Trump and legislators of integrity can drain merely by ignoring the pampered Democrat crybaby infestations of Tinsel Town, home of so much talent, so many drugs, so much sex, and so little time.  Run, Harveys of Hollywood, run!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Today's Compulsion

Just as criminal killers feel compelled to murder by forces erupting within their own minds, so it seems that our friends on the left are perpetually influenced by squirming brain tissue, causing them to obsess with controlling everybody's life by legislating away our rights, as they must, and we become like zombies, doing their bidding. 

"Obamacare" comes to mind -- the voluminous document which, rather than being written overnight, had actually hung around, rotted and grew like a cancer with the decades, while Democrats patiently waited for their chance to pounce and inflict this diseased entity known as the Affordable Care Act upon the nation's unsuspecting.

The left's other darling is "gun control," whatever that is deemed to be, and it was certainly no surprise that the same, predictable voices shouted out those words almost before the gun smoke cleared in Las Vegas.  The politically ambitious were on board, right along with the usual stupid Hollywood celebrities who actually believe their employment as script-memorizing, robotic zombie puppets -- whose strings are pulled by directors and myriad forces dominating their lives -- qualifies them as national mentors and constitutional experts.  Which leads me to late-night TV tear-shedder/political helper/occasional comedian Jimmy Kimmel, but why go there?  When one comes right down to it, the most notable thing about him might be his having two consecutive "m" characters in both his first and last name, but maybe I'm missing something.

Good grief, if it's not Harris and Klebold, cat beheaders, deceptively young and friendly folk and other crazies doing the murderous honors, now it's the grandpa geezer class in Las Vegas.  What's to be done?  Nothing's to be done.  As society continues to become peculiarly unraveled, we may be on our way to becoming what we once were.  Wouldn't that be priceless -- reversion as the wave of the future?

Same old story with the Democrats:  Never let a good crisis go to waste.  Now they want to legislate more, for the sake of saying they did something.  And they DO do something -- every time some horrible incident happens, they are first in line to take away a little more and tell us what we can't have.

San Juan's mayor and her baggage:  I guess it's beyond irrelevant that American taxpayers now have to pay to rebuild a territory whose officials could never be bothered to implement at least a sound infrastructure, choosing instead to drive Puerto Rico into pre-hurricane bankruptcy through corruption and graft. 

Adding to the fun is the mayor of San Juan, indicting Trump from the start for his invisible lack of response immediately following the catastrophe of all catastrophes.  As Kerry Picket of The Daily Caller (9/30/2017) reminded readers, vocal Trump critic and San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz previously praised FALN terrorist leader Oscar Lopez Rivera.  FALN was a Puerto Rican separatist group which conducted more than 100 bombings in the U.S. during the seventies and eighties, and in 1975 four people were killed when a FALN-created explosion occurred in NY City.  Three NYPD police officers received serious injuries as a result of several bombings on New Year's Eve in 1982.

Apparently the darling of mayor Yulin Cruz, Rivera -- whose sentence was commuted last January by former President Obama, who rarely seems to have seen a criminal he didn't believe should be unleashed and released upon the American population -- was originally sentenced to 35 years in prison.  Don't think that the good mayor didn't give a shout-out to Obama when this particular deed was accomplished.

Isn't it just amazing how every city, every state and, apparently, every U.S. territory touched by the popularity of leftist politics turns into a disaster?  Truth is, Puerto Rico, bankrupt and corrupt to the hilt, was flattened long before two hurricanes knocked on the door.  Hurricane no. 3, just becoming visible over the horizon, arrives as a storm of opportunity, predicted to devastate American taxpayers' wallets.

The question:  Into what form will island officials, comfortable with their privileged past, allow Puerto Rico to be rebuilt?