Friday, September 30, 2016

TV News Media - Dedicated to the One They Love & the Party They Serve

Day after night after day, we turn to TV network news shows dominated by collective mouthpiece elements whose only apparent purpose is to report favorably on Hillary Clinton and to blast Donald Trump almost non-stop.  The latter option would be deliciously palatable if the TV media would award similar treatment to both candidates, but, sadly, journalism's yellow side has always favored the Democrat/progressive side of the fence in the USA.

Of course, the inglorious rat-bastards of electronic media's TV networks have consumed almost eight years successfully honing their tush-kissing efforts among White House staff, where the number-one occupant now maintains a high approval rating, thanks especially to the spinning cheerleaders of TV media.  Some of this is understandable, but only because it appears customary (particularly under this bunch) for POTUS info minions to play carrot-on-a-stick regarding which media sources receive juicy government tidbits for News at Eleven in a timely manner.  Still. . .

That recent poll among Washington, D.C. media folks, indicating that pretty much all are Democrats, says it all.  In a proper world of journalism, Queen Hil', as stuffed with political corruption as a fish with eggs, wouldn't have been allowed anywhere near the presidency.  Meanwhile, as badly as national TV media conducts its rancid quest to keep socialism alive and well and progressing in the USA, even local TV station news divisions, overwhelmed on purpose with fluff and poop of little or irrelevant substance, as station managers and news "editors" go all out to assure that no viewers are offended by a damned thing, lest the jackbooted FCC intervene, cower as if under Obama White House doctrine.  "Politically correct" doesn't just reference an annoying war of words -- it dictates an entire political system and government's daily operations, as we can plainly observe at every level.

Elections approach and we have -- Voila! -- two crummy candidates, yet only one is promised unquestionably to become an Obama clone, wed and joined at the steroid hip to twist and bend this country in horrible ways never intended by its founders.  Democrats, forever faithful no matter what, wear their own chains and have not and will not ever look to their party's history, original reason for existence or trillions of dollars worth of damage perpetrated upon the country ever since.  Both the Ku Klux Klan and early settlers dedicated to chasing Native Americans away from choice property (and plenty of it) have the Democrat Party to thank profoundly.

Oh yes, I know -- in the UFO research community it's proper etiquette among some right now to embrace Hillary Clinton and John Podesta as some nebulous teamed key intent upon opening up hidden government UFO files.  Bull crap.  I'll happily sacrifice That One Big Hazy Chance in Hell to instead vote to keep her away from the White House, away from the Pentagon and away from ill-advised e-mailing or any other self-serving maneuver that puts MORE American lives in danger around the globe.  Hillary lies, people around her lie to keep her public image fresh as a daisy, and the only contribution such people can make is the furtherance of establishing a mountain of lies whose size will at least rival that painstakingly created by the criminal Obama bunch (keep your doctor, health insurance will cost you $2500 less, "Fast and Furious," communicating with Hillary by e-mail under a pseudonym via the private server Obama said he knew nothing about, etc., etc.).

Internet becomes goner-net?  This is the day when the U.S. is expected to give the Internet, fully our invention, to the world -- mostly to a world of thugs and information squelchers, unfortunately.  As usual, Obama's fingerprints are all over this extraordinarily bad maneuver which China, Russia and all the usual suspects will cherish for years.  Someday, arrests and trials, please. . .

Meanwhile, Elon Musk plans to take us to Mars, an epic adventure planned for just a few years down the road.  Then again, fifties contactee Buck Nelson already told us about life on Mars, the moon and Venus in his book, so once again we're faced with the ever-evolving question, genius, huckster or crackpot?  Anyway, maybe jobs are more plentiful on Mars -- a veritable bonus, since dire predictions over job losses on Earth due to artificial intelligence appear to doom our working classes.

Scary clown sightings spread across the country, long before Halloween's debut.  Instead of frightening little kids walking to school or adults cruising down roadways, may we suggest that said clowns. . .

. . .invade football games and scare players who choose to kneel rather than stand for the American flag.  The First Amendment works in more than one way.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Klaatu Obama and Other Globalist Goons

When we witness an allegedly American-supportive (and unquestionably America-blaming) president addressing the greedy confluence of thugs at the United Nations, as we did this week, and said president insists that it's time for the United States to "bind to international rules," the phrase, enough is enough, doesn't quite cover the gravity of the situation.  "Klaatu" Obama (I call him that because, given a podium, he always sounds and appears something akin to an extraterrestrial emissary -- but unlike Klaatu from the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Obama's Klaatu lacks substance and simply mouths words of progressive fluff and says things guaranteed to rob the Treasury and oppress the will of the individual.), having done zilch for black or any other color of American, should be winding down his America-demeaning crusade, yet, instead he's ramping up the efforts.  Shall we have American issues tried by an international court of agenda-ridden thug judges from the Third World?

Meanwhile, the sickly-slick Hillary Clinton tells black Americans who live under the progressively enduring fantasy that all cops (especially white cops) hit the streets daily merely to kill colored people of color that maybe she can improve things by "talking to" white people.  Huh?  Lady, we've listened to you babble on for years as you solidified one international failure after another, and the only words any rational white person wants to hear from you are, "I'm guilty, cuff me" and "I'm dropping out of politics," preferably in that order.

Robert's ISIS Recruitment Corner:  Hey, pssst, over here, Mo.  Ya wanna join up with ISIS and enjoy the exciting, adventure-packed life of which you've always dreamed?  In just three easy steps, you, too, can do your part for the radical moron jihad movement.  Here's all you need to do:  (1) Get a gun and shoot yourself in the head.  (2) Enjoy as much time as you want in paradise with 37 virgins -- or 37 raisins, if that's what the actual interpretation eventually turns out to be.  Caution -- those virgins might be old male virgins, you never know.  (3)  Leave paradise and return to Earth to achieve your killing of infidels.  REMEMBER!  You must perform the required steps in this exact order, no cheating allowed.  Congratulations, you're on your way to being certified, and we do mean certified.

UFOs in the Mist:  As some of the "old reliable" UFO-related Web sites, blogs and publications fade away, keep in mind updated reports that the U.S. is poised to register hundreds of thousands of new drone operators in coming years.  Obviously, increased drone traffic will fill the skies with all manner of peculiar sights, and separating legitimate UFO activity from drone maneuvers may well become a chore unresolved in multiple instances.  Issues move quickly in today's world -- will the entire history of UFO observations become little more than a brief footnote in modern mythology?  Once again, I wish to indict science itself, because had science tackled the UFO issue long before the subject was both adopted by honest people and nonprofit investigative organizations AND offered a home to crackpots and hucksters, we might have known much more.  Mark my words, drones will cloud UFO research -- and public interest -- substantially in ensuing years.

Skittles on Parade:  Well, were I offered a bowl of Skittles candies and I was told three were poisonous, would I accept a handful?  Depends on the flavors involved, and maybe the colors.  Or maybe I'd dump them all out, mail them to ISIS and keep the bowl.

The transgendered military experiment continues and I still cannot embrace this attempt to welcome everybody into the fold.  The literature demonstrates far too many psychological problems (including suicides and suicidal attempts) to risk jeopardizing decisive military actions dependent upon split-second thinking.  And because the Navy seems particularly involved in current publicity, may I also suggest that we not provide burial at sea for one's private parts, gender and personality in exchange for phony baloney psycho-babble intent upon satisfaction rather than serious body and mind treatment.

Speaking of psychological horror stories, Judicial Watch (September 8) re-informs us how the Obama White House hired such mind-gaming "professionals" to help convince Americans to accept their bull crap:

"The Obama administration quietly hired 20 social and behavioral research experts to help expand the use of government programs at dozens of agencies by, among other things, simplifying federal forms, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch. The controversial group of experts is collectively known as the Social and Behavioral Sciences Team (SBST) and it functions under the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)."

Charlotte, North Carolina:  Yes Virginia, there are morons.  While all the rioting fun continued after a black suspect who wasn't doin' nuttin' but reportedly pointing a gun at cops  was shot dead, the usual Muslim and Black Lives Matter cultists showed up to blame whitie.  Trouble is, the shooting cop was black, the mayor was black, everybody involved was apparently black.  Sorry, enlightened BLM folks, but there was a time when rioting, looting and  threats to life and liberty via mob rule deserved and received rubber bullets, rock salt buckshot and, if necessary real (gasp!) bullets directed to the perpetrator class.  The return of law and order, as has recently been demonstrated repeatedly, will not occur through negotiation, because we clearly live in an era where ignorant and/or stupid people with neither truth nor common sense on their side demand everything on the table.  As this is also a time when an uncomfortable number of those with the ability to choose education and integrity over welfare checks and trouble-making prefer to remain fat, dumb and uninformed, solutions won't be pretty.

Nevertheless, we ARE extremely gratified to learn of a lawsuit (finally!) that makes sense.  Quoting online from  The Blaze  of September 19:

A Dallas police sergeant has filed a lawsuit against Black Lives Matter and President Barack Obama, alleging that they and others are “igniting a race war.” Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, a black 17-year-veteran of the Dallas police force, filed the suit in a Dallas federal court Friday. According to the Dallas Morning News, the suit seeks more than $500 million in damages.

In addition to the Black Lives Matter movement and Obama, the lawsuit also lists Al Sharpton, Louis Farrahkan, George Soros, the New Black Panther Party and even Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as defendants.

“Defendants incite people to violence and cause violence by telling those people that they are under attack. Defendants are encouraging disaffected blacks, Black Muslims, Muslims and others allied with them including certain whites to ignore, disrespect, and assault law enforcement officials, and commit violence and lethal force,” the 66-page suit reads, according to the Morning News.

The defendants “have repeatedly incited their supporters and others to engage in threats of and attacks to cause serious bodily injury or death upon police officers and other law enforcement persons of all races and ethnicities,” it goes on to say.

We couldn't have said it better -- and "black" definitely says this better than white could.  We wish not to sound racist, but the state of current society seems to have forced us into a place where none of us wishes to go -- i.e., "diversity" as currently defined in the court of progressive opinion means there's little room for those wretched, privileged white folks, and we had better just smile and accept it.  The mask of so-called "diversity training" has now fallen clean off, and it doesn't require a genius to view what progressive horrors lurk behind the mask.

Oh, and the obvious answer to the question posed in the visual above regarding robots is -- robots won't buy the cars they produce, they'll simply kill human drivers and abscond with theirs.  So who's gonna stop 'em?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pneumonic Metaphor

Hillary Clinton battles pneumonia caused apparently by a vast right wing conspiracy, and both major political parties are ill as well.  Clearly, no political entity is going to experience relief, reform and appropriate government health by puffing along with the same infected, corrupt lungs, and there's no antibiotic readily available to perform miracles for either Democrats or Republicans.  The outrage which should encompass President Obama's current 58% approval rating just isn't there, leading one to the obvious conclusion that few care or understand what this man and his party of cultural assassins have battered and wounded during eight years of hating American values.  Maybe we don't know about Trump, but for certain we know that a Hillary Clinton presidency could make Barack Obama look like George Washington.

UFOs and artificial intelligence:  Some wonder if occupants involved with various alleged UFO encounters might be robots -- i.e. artificial intelligence dispatched from some extraterrestrial civilization(s).  Concurrently, scientists who study A.I. and make this their life's work postulate that our own ever-evolving robots might one day kill all humans simply because they're smarter and find us an impediment to their activities of daily "living."  Might we expect, then, that some reported UFO entities have indeed come to study us, but probably murdered whatever sentient beings created them long ago?  And wouldn't that make us next on the menu?

Billy Cox hangs up Devoid. . .for now:  Billy has assumed a new and, we assume, higher position with his newspaper (something god-like, we hope), allowing him less time to delve into the UFO topic and write his excellent, oh-so-superb blog.  Until he returns to the chore one day (and maybe he won't, but one never knows), we say thanks for great common sense UFO reporting.  Good things to you, Billy, and thanks for every carefully considered word (newspaper journalists are so darned hard to find anymore, so his absence in the UFO realm means more than we can imagine, saddled as we often are with a "basket of deplorable" UFO TV reports).

Give me lithium or give me death:  Wow, don't be buying winter underwear warmed with lithium batteries.  Can you believe the problems Samsung encountered with its oh-so-new batteries?  We're so-o-o-o-o-o proud of our technological base, the science that finally makes our ancestors look like dinosaurs in the mist.  Yet, those who came before us invented such devices as the telephone, the TV, the radio, the refrigerator, the. . .and by the time these were purchased by a modern-hungry population, at least one could go to bed or live every day without worrying that some newfangled machine would set a house or family on fire without warning when instructions were followed to the letter.  Oh yes, we've come SO far.

Survivalists:  Sure, they're collecting food and ammo, but who's stockpiling brainpower to help us survive after the EMP comes?  Intelligence seems available at a premium lately.  Notice how some among your friends and family increasingly "joke" about hoping a gigantic asteroid destroys the Earth?  (Oh yes, they do.)

Child molesters:  A New York child pornographer was, this week, sentenced to 235 years in prison for promoting and producing child pornography videos -- some involving a baby aged six days!  Federal prosecutors, unhappy with the sentence, wished to invoke a sentence exceeding 500 years, but we guess that sanity prevailed and everybody decided 235 might work.  Whether 500 or 235 years, we suspect the legal side was performing the usual service by "sending a message."  Yes, and the message to child pornographers and the child sex trade everywhere was -- never leave witnesses.  Great work, folks.  Next case?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's a Rotten World After All (September, 2016 update)

Women of the year?  First, a few days ago featured an article noting that the American Communist Party fully supports Hillary Clinton's candidacy -- and then the September 1 Washington Examiner's featured headline turned up as "Angela Merkel admits Germany, EU bungled refugee crisis."

While we fully support women ascending to their highest goals, in these particular cases it would surely be refreshing to see both Clinton and Merkel secured under, not a glass ceiling, but a ceiling of prison-cell concrete.  Hillary Clinton's "careless" handling of classified e-mails probably put Americans and U.S. agents all over the world at risk, while Merkel's abandonment of her own citizenry, choosing instead to be politically correct and welcoming to dangerous hordes intent upon domination rather than assimilation certainly qualifies as a major crime of the century.

Yet, none of this may matter if robots continue to "serve" humanity.  The Sun (UK) of August 23rd mentions an upcoming conference in which researchers warn that robots are poised to become criminals without limits, quickly discovering a whole world of offenses they can build upon -- even to the point of dispassionately killing humans who stand in their way.  Apparently, robots will become even more problematic than Black Lives Matter and anything George Soros can pitch.

Spraying Paradise to Death:  The Miami New Times of August 11 raised the obvious question about attempting to spray away Zika fears, when everything comes down to preserving human lives by sacrificing common and environmental sense.  In government we trust?  Quoting the piece:

Judd Allison, owner of 305 Films and Wynwood event space Toejam Backlot, was already upset about Gov. Rick Scott's handling of Miami's Zika outbreak. And then he read about Miami-Dade County Mosquito Control spraying naled, a controversial pesticide linked to disorders in fetuses.

During a meeting between Wynwood business leaders and Mosquito Control experts yesterday, Allison says, he asked why the county would choose to spray naled — and the county told him, again, that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims the pesticide is safe.

"That's such a crock of shit," he says. "It's banned in the European Union."

The Web site, Climate Depot took Al Gore to task on August 17, admonishing him for blaming excessive California wildfires on global warming -- when the real culprit was a serial arsonist eventually taken into custody.  Whether fire or flood, Gore and his goofy supporters continue to justify their reason for existing in this very, very scientifically unsettled controversy of climate change.  AND the "solutions" always involve taking your money whilst somebody else's riches become enhanced (hmm, like, um, climate change proponents involved with U.N. criminals?).

UFOs:  The latest concerted attempts to explain away a fair amount of UFO activity from the 1940s as related to government intelligence efforts are just another yawn for me, but to each their own.