Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Compassion Misappropriated

Scream.  Scream for the gasbag whiners who blame Trump and the United States for another Guatemalan child's death at the border.  Want to place blame?  Try the parents and then try it on the paid-off drug cartel thugs and hard line socialists who vector the world's impoverished and -- especially -- ignorant population to our borders.

When I think of all the expensive antibiotics, free medical care and emergency time spent with the child before he died, the only people "my heart goes out to" are American children and adults who can't even afford a visit with a doctor, let alone be offered freebie medications.

Increasingly, I'm ever so uninspired when the media and various socialist "aid" organizations tell me I'm supposed to be sad for tragedies at the border simply because I'm an American and what happens at the border caused by invasive diseased criminals and their children whom others have put in physical danger is all my fault and Trump's.

Close down the medical facilities and let the invaders fend for themselves and perish with their own diseases outside where our own children can't be accessed and infected.  A perilous journey undertaken by the uninvited is not our problem in any way.

My New Year's wish for 2019 is that numerous execrable legislators of all political ideologies this side of the border grow a pair and start fighting for our safety and security, not crying and slobbering over the planet's less privileged who feel somehow entitled to break into the house and start eating its walls from inside out until the entire framework collapses.

The wall?  Yes, because after decades of time available to control the borders, nobody in Congress accomplished anything, not even the few minutes it would take to rid us of the national "anchor baby" albatross.

Senator Schumer's hatred of Trump and Rep. Pelosi's negative air-headed responses to the idea of a wall speak unwell of Congress.  Wall money must be secured now, so why must we suffer the bellowing of obnoxious congressional fools?

It's chaos, shout media voices who know and use the meaning of the word all too well when border issues provide fodder.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Bits and Pieces for December 2018

Aching Breaking Broken News:   Arghhhhhhhh!  Right in our faces and before Christmas, too, a perfect example of why nobody should support a specific political party.  No thanks to the Republicans (we already know where the Democrats stand on securing potential voters from the swamp of illegals) President Trump's border wall appears all but dead.  He should have followed through and shut the government down, but instead he apparently caved to his party fossils and the conglomerate of self-serving bastards from both parties who have no intention of either "draining the swamp" or furthering what Trump was elected to do by his loyal and legal voters.  Will Trump ride in on a (dare I suggest the standard color?) white horse like a knight in shining border wall armor at the last minute and maybe procure funding for a wall from the Pentagon's budget or. . .?  Adding extreme insult to the situation, billions of dollars were already approved for both Mexico and Central America to assist in providing "opportunity" at home to supposedly make their people stay put.  How will that fare, when rational minds know in advance and by experience that all of that money will simply be gobbled up by corrupt politicians?  One more outrage for the pile -- and one to keep in mind when U.S. elections roll around again.

To those who celebrate the true, intended meaning of Christmas, may this year's be your best.  To those who watch satellite photo after satellite photo indicating that we live on one tiny rock floating in a universe teeming with rocks and UFOs feel that when we die we're as gone forever and irrelevantly as last fall's crumbling dead maple leaves, party on! 

It's a woman's world:  Well, maybe the outlook isn't quite as bright right now for women seeking employment.  Reports crop up occasionally of men in board rooms scared to death of hiring women, for fear that some innocent male-initiated action will be misinterpreted or that a man will say words offending just one female person -- and boom!  The consequential multi-million dollar lawsuit hovers nearby, ready to pounce and eviscerate both individuals and corporate bank accounts.  In a world increasingly devoid of common sense and congeniality as folks scramble to be the next victims "entitled" to an economic windfall to make what are often invisible wounds all better, such fears are not unfounded.  In desperation, maybe some enterprising attorney will come forth and suggest that women not be hired by companies for their own (the women's) protection from a host of possible real or ethereal threats.

In a society where boys have been all but alerted in writing that girls matter and they don't, how interesting it is also that at least some fragment of Great Britain's education system has begun teaching young students that both girls AND boys experience menstruation!  As established science is upended by leftist frauds with a deep, dark agenda, perhaps there should be a re-evaluation of who the real enemies are and the best ways to either convert them back to truth or dispatch them into oblivion.

In a related situation, it's refreshing to see some young men actually taking legal action against universities over Title Nine policies, which seem to have effectively shut a lot of young men out of their collegiate and professional dreams since its inception decades ago.  They have a point, of course, and if we really value "diversity" (we don't), calling Title Nine and its determined blind-siding enforcers into question is a good place to begin.

Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson:  Okay, so he had toxic feedback from a crummy joke and what's-'er-face won't marry him after all.  His friends feared for his life and intervened -- too bad they don't suggest he step away from the leftist side of the comedy tracks so he can laugh at himself, because as everybody knows Democrats can't tolerate being the butt of jokes.  Pete, don't drive off the cliff, just back away from the crazy left, which can't possibly offer you anything except a continuing infusion of delusion.

EPA chief Ryan Zinke bails out (or was deleted) of the Trump Administration:  Good.  There were questions about him from the start, and what constitutes "environment" really needs to be considered piece by piece, lest ambitious people reach too far.

Seven wasn't a lucky number for a seven-year-old child from Guatemala.  While the media and every Democrat with mammalian vocal cords sought to blame U.S. border personnel and Trump for her death, the fact is that her parents and the money-stuffed organizers of this particular "caravan" are directly responsible for her condition and demise, period.  It's bad enough that so many U.S. border hospitals have gone bankrupt and closed over the years because of an inundation by non-paying illegal immigrants, but to see our overstressed border people and facilities blamed for not doing enough for folks who aren't supposed to be here in the first place is absurd.  Yeah America, keep voting Democrat and keep this nonsense going.

Thank you Donald Trump for considering a pardon for former Green Beret Maj. Matt Goldsteyn, possibly serving a life sentence for killing an ISIS operative, a very bad ISIS operative.  Though warned about the dangers of pardoning military folk in military prisons, we think it's a great idea for the President to take a close look at everybody the military services have put under lock and key because of questionable acts.  I'm former military myself, and I have no illusions imagining military lawyers hoping to make rank and advance upward based upon convictions of whomever happens to be convenient.  Strong words, I know, but let's never think military politics are any less slippery than the civilian style.

Panic over "Obamacare":  Why does everybody panic over this mess being deemed unconstitutional when it was doomed to collapse no matter what?  Take far less government input and subsequent forced competition among health insurers all over the country, and we might just have something everybody can afford and cherish.

The Hypocrite of Megalomania Governorship:  New York's governor Andrew Cuomo gave one of his usual energized, I think a better word is manic, speeches this week, promising New Yorkers (that is, those downstate stupid enough to vote for him consistently and to accept his dogma) a "rebellion" from federal government policies.  This would be a great speech, if Cuomo weren't exactly what sane people with brains would actually rebel against.  We loved his embrace to legalize marijuana in New York, while his people alternatively express concern about a rise among young people and teenagers engaged in "vaping."  Both marijuana and the ingredients in electronic cigarettes contain a harvest of toxins, but Cuomo apparently prefers to tout one poison over another.  Last time we checked, everybody is born with one set of lungs and caring for them seems a tad preferable to interior- decorating them with toxic or questionable substances of permanent consequence.

A slick bunch of incoming representatives of NY government seem pre-immersed with plans to spend precious tax dollars and time pursuing the Trump family.  Maybe New Yorkers will get a really good sense of the socialist effluent they just elected.  Or re-elected.

CBS-TV's "60 Minutes" offered a shocking report on plastic in the world's oceans.  Yes, we've seen reports before, but this good piece emphasized animal deaths and habitat ruination caused by vast expanses of plastic substances above and below the surface, all the more troubling when plastic breaks into tiny pieces eaten by fish -- and, of course, eventually by us (revenge).  We believe that cleaning this disaster effectively will take far more effort than a new method proposed and put into motion by a Dutch man.

We don't know if science will save the oceans, but we aren't too happy about scientists poised to infuse the something-sphere overhead with sun-blocking substances.  Don't just-simple-people like you and I have a voice in who messes with our sunlight, forced instead to bow to the whim of mad scientists and bonkers governments?  Contact your members of Congress.  As if.

Africa calling:  Unfortunately, China's answering the call, and the United States needs to continue making inroads quickly.  My immediate concern is the animals of Africa, because if anybody expects the Chinese to show respect and avoid wiping out elephants and other wildlife so elite trophy hunters from back home can procure penis enhancement qualities valued by their superstitious ancestors, that's not likely to happen -- and African dictators will help if the price is right.  Human populations of the Congo and Nigeria are predicted to skyrocket in coming years, but growing humans in quantity appears far easier than protecting other species, unfortunately.

Facebook:  Oh, you folks are something.  I wouldn't trust you with a trilobite, let alone a byte.  Facebook, Google, Twitter, you're all the same to me.  If we ever find out in which direction to run, we all need to run for our lives, far away from perilous social networks of distinction.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Great, Wonderful, Congrats -- So Now Where's the Collusion with Russia?

Cohen's ready for an orange jumpsuit and others acquainted with Donald Trump prepare for a particularly filthy left-cheered perp walk -- all of this as Democrats crouch in wait for a chance to fill their calendars with endless Trump investigations, activities which will so fill their precious hours that nobody will have an opportunity to go back to the previous eight years when all kinds of alleged Democrat-caused offenses were committed.  Looks like that slate will probably be wiped clean by digital magic and everybody's favorite dark search engine for the history books as time marches forward.

Despite the noise out there, the fact is that Trump is attempting to  accomplish exactly what he promised his voters, and it doesn't hurt that by his side stands one of the most elegantly intelligent First Ladies the White House has ever hosted.  In a nation populated unfortunately by so many stupid, ignorant or gently misguided people, it's a shame so much jealous media rage has been unleashed upon her very existence.

We realize that the televised (yes!) encounter among Trump, Schumer and Pelosi regarding border wall funding is claimed as "winning" for those of either major political side, but when Schumer obviously lost his cool and Pelosi later stepped before the news cameras and sounded as if she just arrived from some other planet, it could hardly have been more clear that the Democrats have nothing, nothing, zilch to offer for TRUE border security.

If that were not enough, the latest Islamic terror episode in Strasbourg, France demonstrates beyond any shadow of a doubt the trouble border security personnel will have now and down the road.  We're becoming very non-plussed about "terror watch lists" loved dearly by European countries, something they whip out every time a mass killing occurs, lists which are somehow intended to comfort both the living and, apparently, the dead victims.

The world needs a Donald Trump now more than ever, and factions of his own country intent upon destroying him piece by piece could place us and our European friends in significant distress.  Considering what he has accomplished, with his sights now set on China, Iran and Russia in a way we've never seen, the petty "justice" stuff needs to be curtailed.  The United States cannot, under current circumstances on a global scale, suffer its own leftist fools, who never, ever, admit to their own crimes or human shortcomings. Impeach?  Hey, Democrats and others watering at the mouth for The Big Congressional Noose to tighten:  Impeach your own ass, you have it coming.

So?  So?  So -- where is the collusion with Russia?  Wasn't this the dog bone an eminently respected, god-like prosecutor was supposed to dig up, on some mission to save the country from conservatives?  Oops, make that just save the country. . .

Monday, December 10, 2018

No Matter What: The Corrupt Left Interprets its Own Stench as Justice Pursued

I suppose that when members of a political party, consumed with hatred and vastly misguided feelings of electoral betrayal, spend every second of every day in pursuit of charges against a sitting President and finally discover a stale crumb upon which to feed, it's a big deal.

Basic truths so far:  The Democrats cannot and will never get over the fact that Trump beat Hillary Clinton during a fair election.  Nor can they accept second place in a system they simply assume belongs to them.  They don't like Trump coming in and attempting -- with considerable success, by the way -- to do everything he promised, particularly when it comes to shaking up the old, familiar, filthy dirty and outmoded aspects of government.  Unfortunately, in this respect establishment Republicans have often joined in, throwing a monkey (oops, forbidden word. . .) wrench into various proposals merely by sitting on their butts and accomplishing nothing to little of what Trump's voters expected.

And for somebody who was assumed to have "colluded" with Russia, Trump sure appears to have implemented ways to bite the Russian bear's ass.  If, as some voices suggest in the background, Trump is also working under the surface to collapse China's monstrous communist government in ways unexpected, what could be better?  We remain skeptical about that one, but are willing to be amused and amazed.

Meanwhile, the left impatiently waits for Mueller to lay the golden egg, as he appears to shift focus from Russian collusion to the Trump family business, which makes no sense at all in the context of why he began his taxpayer-funded, Democrat-endorsed boondoggle in the first place.  Much of America, realizing now what a liar prison-bound Cohen is, could not care less if Trump paid off 10,000 women for services alleged, as long as it was his own money.

The stock market?  China aside, we believe Trump has enough enemies of the establishment, the "deep state" crowd and others to negatively manage stocks and funds in their own way in attempts to engineer his political demise. 

But what "justice" do the Democrats want?  Eternal hell and damnation, obviously, as they overlook a litany of instances on their own side that should have been investigated even half as diligently as the firestorm bestowed upon Trump.  Instead:  Nothing.

So now New York prosecutors are smelling rich blood in the air, hoping to arrest, try and imprison Trump sometime in the future.  Yes, the usual bunch, including Schumer and Nadler, just can't wait to do the deed, no matter what, in a state that just approved raises for NY's governor and legislature members, making those holding these positions the highest paid in the country.

Getting Trump is the primary concern of Democrat socialists everywhere, apparently finding this pursuit more important even than new missile site activity in North Korea, or the arrest of China's Huawei company CEO, herself perhaps the epitome of the term, "telephone operator."

Then we have Comey's congressional testimony last week, in which he reportedly said words to the effect of "I don't know" or "I can't recall" some 245 times.  Sounds like some bizarre form of mental political dementia.

French bread is apparently something even the French can barely afford as taxes rise on top of new taxes imposed, and the working and rural populations of France and other European countries are standing up using the only tool left when politicians don't care:  Violence.  We suggest that the only sure-fire evidence of dangerous warming via the "Paris Accord" right now takes place on some very emotionally heated Parisian streets, and we suspect that street mobs outraged by elitist rule have finally realized what a grand fantasy has been woven to encapsulate them in lifestyles dictated by the untouchables who dictate.

More than 7-in-10 households headed by immigrants in the state of California are on taxpayer-funded welfare, a new study reveals.

Bodies and numbers:  Of course, readers here know how fanatical I am about human population numbers (much too high), as I see human quantities as the force behind most global problems -- though expressing this view instantly qualifies one as either demented or a modern Nazi.  Obviously, I may be old, but consider myself neither.  Nevertheless, non-believers, on December 4 Breitbart quoted the latest U.S. Census Bureau statistics as analyzed by the Center for Immigration Studies, and it was determined that in California alone "about 72 percent of households headed by noncitizens and immigrants use one or more forms of taxpayer-funded welfare programs. . .the number one immigrant-receiving state in the U.S."  As we know, a majority of these folks and their growing remain on welfare forever.

This is the sort of thing Democrats and some Republicans prefer to overlook, because some regard this group as voters for the left or as low-paid employees for businesses all too happy to look the other way when illegal immigration breezes on in.

A lot of politicians still fail to realize that Trump's electoral success was based in significant part upon his promises to attack illegal immigration.

Kevin Hart's lesson in tolerance and diversity:  We hope he learned fast and hard how Hollywood progressives are damned nearly insane, having no taste whatsoever for comments made even years ago by unsuspecting individuals.  By the time Hollywood communists and their political heroes deprive everybody in the country of freedom to speak their mind, self-serving Oscar presentations will need to be hosted by a barking dog whose voice utters not a hint of controversy.  Let's not allow these pathetic frauds to speak for the rest of us or to entertain us into a leftist coma.  Yes, we know Hollywood denizens include those of a conservative, rational mind, and we express our sympathies for those forced to work under a lie.  And when one references a significant Jewish segment of La-La Land, we really are puzzled why they, having had parents and grandparents who suffered and died under totalitarian horrors, would wish to embrace a mini-legacy of sorts of the monsters responsible for the chaos condemning their own families in the past.

By the way, speaking as a white folk member, I can't express how gratified I am to learn that California's very own Cal State San Marcos hosted a "Whiteness Forum" a few days ago (per a report by Drew Van Voorhis of San Diego State Univ, via The College Fix)).  Intended to offer a "critical look at whiteness," organizers included some real gems.  For instance, "The Christian cartoon 'VeggieTales' is racist because the villains are vegetables of color. The NFL is racist since most players are black and most coaches and owners are white. White women advance white supremacy when they support President Donald Trump."

My joy at seeing so many Democrats elected to the House is just overwhelming, because I know we can eagerly anticipate much more of this white forum RACIST nonsense once they all get past -- if they can -- attempting to put Trump in the electric chair for daring to do his job as they demonstrate their own congressional shortcomings and time-wasting blather.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Revenge of the Caravan?

Oh, so word is reportedly making its way among the "caravan" folk and extending all the way down to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala that there are no jobs automatically waiting for people desperate to cross the U.S. border easily and illegally.

Were I a caravan member, horribly betrayed by organizers with a political, not humanitarian agenda, left only to remain in Mexico or return to my home country, I don't believe I would be averse to organizing a mob back home and killing those responsible for lying and using me for their own ends (which is basically to defeat our borders and destroy United States laws using migrants).  Perhaps "reaching out" with weapons to the higher-ups behind this outrage is out of the question, but one can sure as hell ascend and annihilate several levels of management leading to the brain prize in Central America.

Is Paris burning?  Macron, whose name in English, I believe, translates to Micron, is just one more foolish head of state embracing the climate change disaster bandwagon, almost all of which is orchestrated by computer predictions no better than a gypsy fortune-teller on steroids.  The world's determined elitists, often with the assistance of a disgraced media, continue to torture populations with absurd taxes and contrived threats, and we suspect that eventually even police and military divisions will realize what a load of utter bull poop is being dumped upon their services and talents.  Even if half of what climate threat soothsayers claim could be true, there's little to be done by now.  Meanwhile, rest assured that some folks are making huge money off the climate "disaster" gravy train.  What a pity that Trump's own people released a new sky-is-falling report, likely based largely upon hyped-up computer prognostications.

Stuffing the U.S. Space Force into a larger container:  Looks as though Trump's desired Space Force will be integrated into the regular U.S. Air Force after all.  Anybody wondering who's going to be up there, ready to track or attack UFOs and then deny their existence, can return to panic mode again.  The USAF will be too busy keeping an eye on enemy satellites.  Oh well, at least we still have SETI (sigh. . .).

The Thieves of China:  Remember how proud you were when your kids graduated from college and then went abroad to teach innocent young school children in China so they could lean more about the United States?  Then the kids grew up and came over here to be educated and spy for China to this very day?  All of this to support a brutal Chinese regime, its top thug and thief no less than President Xi himself.  Engaged in extraordinary construction of "re-education" facilities with no tolerance for religion or alternative thought, Xi and his fellow punks are using every electronic weapon they can muster out of Chinese laboratories, and if any compliment can be sent to China right now it's the fact that the Chinese military is to be feared far more than Russia's, though everybody seems to delight in playing catch-up.

Which brings us to Google and its attempts to do ANYTHING to remain in China's good business-like graces (suggested revised slogan: DO be evil) as they roll out their own, what is it called, Snapdragon or something that assures censorship to the liking of the Chinese leadership thuggery?  Sorry to say this, but Google -- which owns Blogger and can therefore remove bloggers like me at their whim -- and Facebook and Twitter eventually need to account to somebody regarding their tendency to cut off communication carried on by those of a politically conservative nature.  This has happened too often to be marked up to coincidence. So many young people holding the keys to the Web site opinion kingdom were hopelessly born with leftist infections eating their brains into perpetuity that we fear government interference will be the only viable solution to keeping freedom of thought free on the Net.

Freedom of speech applies even to ignorant people:  We offer this assurance in particular to fans of the outspoken Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and performer Rihanna, both of whom have demonstrated through their comments in the past few days regarding the caravan "refugees" that they have absolutely no concept of either history or current events.  I hope people such as these have a true appreciation for the First Amendment protections awarded them in America, though we doubt they have a clue about how such freedoms were achieved.

Republican Congress Gets Stupid:  Intent to drastically increase the number of H-2B visas issued to foreign workers just as U.S. unemployment is beginning to spike in key areas is as boneheaded an idea as one might anticipate.  The GOP wearing Democrat wolf clothing is not what folks expected when they voted for Trump and a more conservative government.