Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stink-tuary Cities and the Dripping Putrefaction of Leftist Rule

 "Sanctuary cities," illegal by their very nature, are overwhelmingly run and defended by Democrat administrations, and one need only look at the immense social and economic failures racked up to date amongst the squalor.  Illegal aliens who populate such environs are often rather like shoplifters, working under the radar and sending the goods -- U.S. currency -- back to families in their native countries.  That Mr. Obama quickly threatened to veto any attempt in Congress to de-fund such places, of course, speaks unsurprising volumes from a very established leftist library of fascist rule.

When and if we finally get a presidential administration in possession of the will and courage to re-engineer these unconstitutional freak show cities once and for all, assuring that people here illegally and knowingly are at last relegated to official invisible status and denied benefits to which they were never entitled (perhaps encouraging a significant exodus), maybe America can journey back on the road to sanity and reality.  Too harsh?  Nah.

As the first Republican debate scheduled for August 6 (Fox-TV) nears, it's a hoot watching Donald Trump breaking all the rules of phony GOP etiquette and continuing to emerge smelling like a billion-dollar rose.  The man seems indestructible when faced with tried and true political weaponry.  We continue to be impressed with Senator Ted Cruz, who not only argued numerous cases before the U.S. Supreme Court in the past, -- believe it or not, a certain refined intellectual capacity is required -- but who also successfully counters opposing views with logic time after time.  We fear, however, that he's far too smart to be chosen by a generally uninformed electorate which prefers sugar-coated lies over words of substance.

Kudos to Cruz, , too, for unmasking Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell in front of the American public as a liar, not a leader.  We've heard for years that McConnell is very unpleasant to deal with, and the lie he allegedly told Cruz and other Republicans in order to get them to vote for a part of the trade bill they otherwise would not have touched with a ten-foot pole is an outrage to all Americans.  McConnell should step down as majority leader. . .but you know how that goes.   Interesting, though, that the younger conservative faction among Republicans is slowly and surely breaking out to become a formidable force against old guard archosaurs such as Sen. Orrin Hatch.  Yes, Ted Cruz was out of order and did the unthinkable, according to Senate rules attacking the so-called leader -- and considering the result, fresh and open air, we say  go Ted go!

Charges arise throughout the GOP that Donald Trump will destroy the Republican Party brand.   Really?  What's to destroy that useless folk (such as Boehner and McConnell) haven't already torn down by a total lack of action against illegal immigration, Obamacare and everything else folks on the right anticipated, especially when certain keys of authority changed hands last November?  Forget predictions by presidential candidate Rick Perry that the GOP may become the Whig Party, because they already are Whigs -- and wimps -- and only true conservatives have an opportunity to reinvigorate this "walking dead" entity to battle establishment Democrats and RINOs (Republicans in name only).

Big doings regarding Iran:   Yeah, great move, Obama & Co. go and shop this promissory turd to the United Nations first and ignore Congress totally until they could get around to the obligatory chore.  Now what?  Nobody cares what Congress ultimately thinks and, as usual, the prez offers only warnings and threats to America, a familiar maneuver he always uses whilst generally praising other countries uninfected by our presumed failings.  Honestly, there really are people in this government who should just change their names to  A. Hole.

Meanwhile, Senator Charles Schumer of NY, blessed with a huge Jewish following in NY City, now has to take seriously a protest by some 10,000 to 15,000 Jewish protestors in the city who want him to have nothing to do with an Iran deal.  Schumer, of course, is a loyal Democrat who craves Harry Reid's position as minority leader in the Senate, so expect a few simulated protestations from him as he, nevertheless, votes YES for Iran's giant contest winnings.

News sources, too, buzz with speculation that Secretary of State John Kerry may be in line for a Nobel Peace Prize, based upon implementation of this dark Iran deal, and that he may use his "success" as a stepping stone to a run for president (of the U.S., that is, not Iran -- hard to keep score, isn't it?).  Good grief, will our nightmare never end?

Hillary Clinton:   Going. . .going . . .going. . .seemingly almost gone over the horizon. . .her shrieking voice alone has probably sunk a thousand ships.

Republicans in the bedroom:   My opinion has not changed.  If anybody on the right wants to continue shooting oneself in the foot, keep messing around with women's right to choose.  But if you really, really, really want to decrease abortions, then encourage the pharmaceutical companies and the marketplace in general to invent and offer 50, even a hundred  easy, safe and effective NEW methods of birth control.  Ha, as if.   But treating Planned Parenthood like Nazis or Dr. Frankenstein's mirror image will not gain the GOP as many points as it endlessly hopes, a lesson unlearned election after election.

The trouble with  tribbles  Muslims:   Believe it or not (you won't) I try to be fair to all religions, but what does one do with a religion -- Islam -- encompassing a book -- the Koran -- peppered with calls to kill or convert the infidel (that's you and me) AND an ancient prophet who said it's okay to (um, in so many words) lie your ass off to the infidel to lengthen and solidify the religion's reach?  So how do we tell the peaceable from the radical?  Is there a subtle difference in beard color or in the hang of a woman's burka?  Can I purchase some kind of radar detector or protect myself with a lively sprig of Aconitum lycoctonum (wolfsbane)?  Unfortunately, all answers to essential questions for the United States appear to lie within the mosques, always and forever.  When is the last time anybody saw a huge march in American streets of peaceful Muslims protesting the extremist element?

Make automobiles simple and cheaper again or die.   New experiments re-demonstrating how easily computer-enhanced cars can be hacked -- and ditched -- are giving outrageously expensive headaches and recalls to Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep, but also show how foolish we are to embrace digital technology at the expense of everything we used to know and file under  common sense.   When the car battery fails, isn't it nice to know you can just open the door handle to make an exit, rather than hunting for some emergency latch device (a recent hot-car death involved a man who forgot where his emergency latch was located)?  Is it so inconvenient to roll car windows down with a handle, rather than with some electronically designated button?  Is it really worth adding hundreds of dollars per luxury to a machine on four wheels, when each labor-saving component has the capacity to fail and cost you plenty?  Do you really feel great about that new car when you look under the hood, struck with the delayed realization that you can't check or repair a single thing by yourself anymore (unless maybe you've the brains and tools of an exotic safecracker)?  Everything -- and I mean everything -- we think about digitally-controlled devices and machinery should always be preceded by a cautionary term:  Electromagnetic pulsations.  Much like chants of  hope and change, an EMP destroys everything it touches.

To Turkey --  As you folks march into Syria, intent upon the annihilation of ISIS, please try to take it easy on the Kurds, who we in America kinda need as friends and fellow ISIS haters.  I know you and the Kurds don't hit it off so well, but maybe y'all could go have a pizza or something and chill out?

Hey, what's new in the drug store?   Glad you asked.  Looks like it's some concoction called, Praluent  or something.  Yippee!  This one's for "bad" cholesterol, bad bad.  You give yourself an injection once every two weeks and the annual cost is -- only -- about $14,000.  Yep.  Well, anyway, while we all wait for the customary class action lawsuit, which always seems to erupt after a new drug hits the market, my thought is, if this involves the patient being provided clean needles (unless the stuff comes pre-injectable in a disposable device), seems you'd have to sell the needles on the street to gain some fraction of that $14,000, and then you may not have any needles left with which to inject yourself.  I wonder if one can just drink this stuff or use a suppository, and where would you get a suppository, anyway?  Well, I'm genuinely thrilled every time, every minute of every day, when Big Pharma invents another drug -- and fortunately, we don't even require that archaic doctor-patient relationship anymore.  We just have to shut up and take some damned medication.  One size pretty much fits all, and the computer screen hiding your doctor's face will guide you along, every step of the way.

Local TV nightly news show people:   Isn't it high time to stop the banter between news anchors and weather forecasters, and between anchors and sportscasters?  Come on, you know that we know that you folks see one another all day long, so stop pretending like you just met for the first time in years and have to outdo each other with happy talk about the weather or what your cat did today.  Just the news, weather and (ugh) sports, please.  The commercials are annoying enough without those phony interactions, unless, let's say, an anchor says something like, wow, Veronica, that outfit you're wearing sure makes you look fat today!  So what's the weather gonna be?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trump: (Re)public(an) enemy number one

We almost might have thought that actress Jane Fonda was back in Southeast Asia, lounging around on a communist Vietnamese tank and badmouthing America during the Vietnam "conflict."  Except Hanoi Jane  was nowhere to be found and it is still 2015, and according to the mainstream leftist media Donald Trump is the new Jane Fonda.

As soon as Trump mouthed off about John McCain, I knew it was basically his way of responding to McCain, who just days earlier had referred to Trump's political followers as "crazies."

Don't worry.  John McCain's a big boy.  He can take it.

Trump's military deferments during the Vietnam Era, of which there were several?  As I age, I think more and more, yeah, that was certainly a war to hang around for, wasn't it?  That roof fell in for the last time when the late former defense secretary Robert McNamara apologized and damned near cried like a baby -- in later years -- over the mistakes for which he held himself personally responsible as the mess dragged on, killing somewhere around 53,000 American military personnel.

Yes, I'm a Vietnam Era veteran, and during my years in Air Force hospitals I experienced things and functioned in situations which left me no doubts about the suffering of both prisoners of war and service personnel who returned missing parts and missing minds.  Yet, I bear no hostility toward Donald Trump, because I know where his bluster originated, and the source was John McCain's earlier comments.  In fact, McCain and Trump haven't exactly had a buddy-buddy relationship in recent years, following Trump's substantial contribution to McCain's campaign and McCain's loss in the presidential election.

This is politics, nothing more or less.  That's why so many Republican candidates jumped on fellow candidate Trump like dogs in a pack.

Yet, everybody ignored the audible sound fact that Trump, during the initial interview where McCain was mentioned, did say four times that McCain was a hero.  Ah, details, details. . .

And, oh, the outrage of the leftist media -- they, whose members despise anything remotely military (and increasingly, anything involving police and law enforcement); they, who would outlaw and confiscate every gun in the country, had they only the power.  Yet, these folks are almost crapping their pants over Trump's refusal to back down, apologize and --most important, of course -- drop out.  They simply can't believe this, because in their tightly knit little world life simply does not work this way.

On one issue, Republicans, Democrats and the mainstream media can agree:  All are scared to death of Trump, the only contestant who won't dive in and play the game their way.  Whether this ultimately helps or hinders his political plans, it's much too early to say.  He may end being the class clown and little more. To be sure, Trump, historically shooting from the hip with his comments on a variety of subjects, should have scolded McCain on his actions in Congress and not picked on his POW status, but what's done is done. 

But of course Trump's attitude and comments resound with a huge number of Americans, because he at least appears to have something more on his agenda than sitting like a bump on a log, like the current Republican Congress, which has gone all out to renege on or pretty much ignore every promise they made regarding "Obamacare,"  illegal immigration, etc.  Trump's persistent lead or near-lead in national polls to date, I should think, tells the story.

Good grief, I'm stressed just typing this.  Maybe, now that we all have Lindsey Graham's phone number, thanks to The Donald, I should just call Lindsey up and unwind.   I mean, who else would call?

All the veterans groups, newspaper editors (hello-o-o-o  Des Moines Register) and others currently chomping on Donald Trump's vocal cords would be better served by laying off on his First Amendment rights and instead attack the real enemy, and the true adversary is the Obama bunch, whose members at several levels generally seem to consider military personnel of any rank or stature an inconvenient presence, and the very existence of military weaponry an imposition.  Random and token expressions of respect by this leftist brood mean nothing, and even if some active duty personnel are slow to realize it, the veterans sure do.

Meanwhile, Republicans should be very much troubled by another unmistakably visible elephant in the living room -- the possibility of Trump going rogue with a third political party if improperly shunned.  The likely result?  Can you say the words,  President Hillary Clinton?  Or President Al Gore?

The Islamic rat-bastard who murdered four Marines and a Navy sailor was born in Kuwait, resided  in Tennessee, had a good education, was said to be just an absolutely great, rock-solid guy -- but his heart obviously belonged to the Koran's favorite homicidal passages.  Now,  the media beguiles us with family member reports of his problems with alcohol, drugs and depression, nothing more to see here.  ANYTHING to divert us from the Koran, Mohammad's lunacy and other effects of the so-called religion of peace on yet another of its followers.  However,  'twas only domestic violence, and with a bit of a stretch by the Obama bunch we could have called the carnage workplace violence.  Unfortunately, none of the military folk was named Michael Brown, otherwise the criminal in the White House -- who wouldn't so much as order national flags at half-staff -- might have had tons more to say following the murders.  Today, obviously besieged by complaints from coast to coast, our sorry-ass, delightfully charming and impeachable president finally ordered flags lowered to honor Tennessee's fallen five, fully five days after the carnage.

Meanwhile, I contend that all those virgins awaiting Allah's newly mowed-down servant in the afterlife will be old man virgins with long beards and goat breath.  Enjoy your virgins, dude.

When we get around to amending the U.S. Constitution again, someday, may I suggest three little amendments?  (1) Confirm that Sharia Law will never, ever be allowed in this country, and order an immediate ass-kicking for future judges who try to allow or impose it -- which has already happened on a few occasions.  (2)  To, um, assure the safety of all  Muslims, all mosques will be monitored.  Just in case.  (3)  All Islam households must adopt at least one pet -- hey, it's not dogs' or cats' fault that Islam's goofy, badly in need of reform religion doesn't recognize that the intelligence of animals seems to rival and probably exceed whatever Mohammad had going for himself back in the day.

The Obama White House:   The United States drowns in attorneys and nobody whispers the word, impeachment.    Can't some of you use your talents to collect this criminal, anti-American bunch for eventual arrest, trial and conviction with prison and fines?  Surely, integrity existing for the good of the country yet lingers somewhere in the morass.  Otherwise, who fancies a future of lawyers dedicated only to "social justice," as we slide into a form of democracy exemplifying a banana republic?  AND now that the week's news headlines scream with disclosure about the Obama administration's extensive race-designated database on everybody and every place in the country, why are the guilty not grabbed by the seat of their pants and hauled off to face American justice as it was meant to be?  As it used to be?

New link added today:   For the UFO-minded and others interested in all kinds of enigmas, I offer The Big Study, hosted by Dr. Michael Swords (known particularly for his work with CUFOS).  He writes as "The Professor," and serves up some great writing, memories and stunning visuals.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Skiing on Pluto

Everything we thought we knew about our planetary system is destined to change dramatically, according to at least one scientist, regarding incoming photos from Pluto.  Far from the tedious ice chunk anticipated by some NASA personnel, the mighty bantam and still-evolving Pluto reveals intriguing surface features, among them a gigantic mountain range suitable for exploration by the widest-eyed of suicidal mountain climbers. 

Too bad more of these mind-changing scientists won't also alter their impression of the (gasp!) UFO phenomenon, because even more fireworks have crept into that issue with Col. Charles Halt's new assertion -- that is, Col. Charles Halt of the Rendlesham Forest / RAF Bentwaters UFO event (1980) -- bringing radar evidence into a very complicated mix.

The BBC reports (July 13)  that during a speech in England a few days ago Halt claimed knowledge of statements obtained from radar operators at RAF Bentwaters and Wattisham Airfield indicating that an unknown object was tracked, as the infamous Rendlesham UFO encounter unfolded.  This was a multiple witness experience, with base security personnel involved along with Halt, and there are multiple accounts of the affair all over the Internet for one's perusal.

From Halt's presentation before a British audience on July 11, quoting the BBC report:

"I have confirmation that (Bentwaters radar operators)... saw the object go across their 60 mile (96km) scope in two or three seconds, thousands of miles an hour, he came back across their scope again, stopped near the water tower, they watched it and observed it go into the forest where we were. . .At Wattisham, they picked up what they called a 'bogie' and lost it near Rendlesham Forest. . .Whatever was there was clearly under intelligent control."

As might be expected, British military people involved with the Rendlesham affair wished not to go "on the record" until retirement, and that's how these stunning new revelations came to be.  Obviously, new witness corroboration regarding radar tracking should put absurd "explanations" (such as witnesses mistaking a lighthouse for a UFO) to bed forever.  However (sigh. . .), the debunkers and skeptics of opportunity will undoubtedly continue their rant, because the only "truth" of consequence to them is their truth, true or not.

President Obama races along haphazardly, eager for a legacy of agenda at any cost:   President Obama is dangerously wrong about a deal with Iran. He expressed as an example of mutual cooperation that the United States and Russia (as the Soviet Union) worked together to resolve a conflict during John Kennedy's  administration.  However,. Kennedy was dealing, at least, with rational minds.  The Iranian government's ultimate decisions and operations, on the other hand, are prescribed and carried out by the most radical of religious fundamentalists, and in  this case it is absolutely and grievously true that there is no fanatic like a religious fanatic.  As a member of the Air Force's  medical service during Vietnam, at a time when Iran was on friendly terms with the United States, I both attended classes  with Iranian civilians at the USAF Medical Service School in Texas and later treated Iranian military pilots at a clinic I  operated at a pilot training base in Georgia.  This was a time when Iranians dressed in Western attire and had an  opportunity to at least experience some degree of freedom.  That's a far cry from today, when the Iranian people are  captive to bullies, thugs and profoundly fanatical "leaders."  No, you can't trust anything Iran's usurper leaders tell us -- but  I don't believe we will be able to verify the essentials, either.  The President said nobody had offered a viable alternative to  the current plan?  Here's one:  Keep the hammer on these thugs, deny them their funds and continue current restrictions  until they crack.  And yes, the matter of four American hostages should have been addressed as part of any negotiations.   Iran's actions and weaponry have murdered Americans and others as a matter of course -- and that some actually believe a bureaucratic corral will both  hold and eventually temper Iran's appetite for exercising its extremist and violent ways reflects some nutty college classroom theory carrying enormous consequences if failure ensues.

One would think, by now, that members of the U.S. Congress and public would be outraged at this president's tendency to threaten and warn us every time he wants something accomplished, while he gushes and bows politely to the whims of other countries. We so appear to border upon fascism in this country now, and one just wishes this outlaw bunch -- soundly defeated during last year's elections, but ignoring the results nonetheless -- could be grabbed by the scruff of their necks, arrested, put on trial and convicted.  I rather did enjoy video of Obama's visit to a prison in Oklahoma, and as he stood near a jail cell I was thinking, yeah, go for it, just a few steps more, Mr. Prez, inch yourself right on in.  Probably lots of room for other White House perps, too. Keep dreaming.

Don't take your eyes off HUD   (Dept. of Housing and Urban Development) as it stealthily plans to bring not only low income, but low-life housing to more affluent neighborhoods in the name of fairness.  Rational minds here would assume that the failure of LBJ's "Great Society" and other spectacularly failed Democrat-inspired programs have caused this administration to further put its profound lack of success on the backs of accomplished Americans, as if making those who actually earn a living and accumulate wealth babysitters for the lesser of the less.  Wow, how these White House criminals detest capitalism and pretty much everything else about America which won't accept their square pegs into round holes.  Fortunately, there is some movement in Congress, and we hope it grows, to withhold funding from this devious and un-American project.

The Tennessee Murders of four U.S. Marines:   We're saddened and angry as hell, and I believe we should pound Capitol Hill with demands that ALL uniformed military personnel be allowed to pack weapons for their safety and the safety of others at once.  Thanks to the Bush administration, followed by enhancement via the military-hating Bill and Hillary Clinton in the early nineties, this necessity was taken away from service folk serving domestically.  The cops can't be everywhere, and American military  -- whose members occupy one of the last bastions of integrity -- need this basic right immediately.

And thanks, Mr. Obama, for helping foster an atmosphere of Islamic violence (which this latest event almost surely was) and unrest within our own shores, and thanks for giving all those Muslim Brotherhood folk jobs in your administration -- people who would be imprisoned if this were Egypt, where MB members are considered criminals for good reason. 

Also, we wonder if convicted multiple murderer Major. N. Hassan will get the magic needle of death before the big O leaves office?