Friday, November 27, 2009

Scare Pegs in Round Holes: The Fine Art of Global Warming

Eeeeeowwwww! It's almost like re-visiting the Colorado University UFO project.

Take the money and then do whatever you want. Preconceptions. Overlook the proper evidence. Make square pegs fit -- no, wait -- make that scare pegs fit into round holes. Memos. Written proof of ill intent. Winks and nods.

Now I understand what former VP Al Gore and President Obama mean when they say the debate over global warming is over. Apparently, they base their conclusions upon a proliferation of non-science and straw-man scenarios peddled by groups more intent upon the construction of a movie fantasy than actual facts. Critics with a science background already denounced Gore's first book and movie as seriously flawed, and he produces yet another book of . . .?
But now a new scourge upon honest inquiry pops up. Should politicians and scientists who reportedly betrayed our trust (and accepted government research funds to do so) be held accountable for misinforming the public? Are there crimes here? Will those who stand to benefit most from "green" projects involved with fat cash receive a second look as the truth unfolds?

I'm no fan of computer hackers (though, as mentioned months ago, I really think "they" should loosen up on Gary McKinnon -- while, of course, the U.S. government should explain what's up with the UFO evidence he claims to have found when he hacked into the gov), and this may actually be the work of a whistleblower, but whomever busted open 61 megabytes of confidential files and e-mails at the University of East Anglia's (England) Climate Research Unit (CRU) may have done the world an enormous favor. A wealth of documents allegedly demonstrate (in my own words) a manipulation of information, destruction of scientific data counter to preconceived notions, cooperation in fudging the facts, a campaign to resist disclosure of scientific findings which negate the CRU's dogmatic approach, conspiracy, and interpersonal communication admitting to inaccuracies in claims foisted upon the public. Yeah, allegedly.

Is the climate changing? Yes, and with or without our help it has always done so, and will continue for better or worse. Should we continue making the world greener? Yes, but at a comfortable pace. In the short term, sorry, but we need fossil fuels, and we need them more than we need the CRU's supposed distortion of facts and, for example, attempts to shove under a green rug the significance of naturally occurring planetary warming during human history's medieval period.

We must not underestimate the profound significance of the CRU story. These are the people relied upon by the United Nations and much of the world's so-called climate industry and think tanks, and it now becomes curious that every bit of misinformation passed along the rat trail simply repeats and emboldens itself, building upon alleged lie after lie until we reach a point where a treaty intent upon creating basically a one-world government (in the opinion of some) or, at the very least, sacrificing a lot of individual national control, awaits the signatures of international leaders. What sounds like science fiction at last stares us in the face, and it's all biding its time in Copenhagen as the world's elite gather in eager anticipation. After all, many billions of dollars are at stake, as international corporations and various other economic interests stand in line to steal away with whatever share they previously agreed should be theirs.

Years have passed, and the constant goal was fear, global terrorism with an identity unsuspected by many. The global warming mongers, as either shrewd, fact-twisting, wealth-acquiring geniuses or useful idiots, have gone all out to frighten schoolchildren into crying tears over a fantasy planet earth (predicted to do everything just short of catching fire), and their tactics worked equally well on university students and professors who should have known better -- alleged intellectuals who forgot that science is almost never "settled," and debate is a prime component of the scientific method.

So now these folks behind presumed lies are slowly becoming unmasked, and maybe the coast at last is clear for real scientists to come forth and explain that, indeed, carbon dioxide is our friend, that coal can be used cleanly and that "acid rain" isn't necessarily responsible for what we've been told all these years.

In the United States, every congressman who voted for "cap and trade" legislation, and every senator who still intends to do so, owes an apology to the American people for such haphazard actions. The Obama Administration, tragically, is apparently filled with like-minded people, and it remains questionable whether any of them will do anything to destroy the "carbon credit" exchange/pricing plans which now appear catastrophically bogus and whose existence may bankrupt the wealth of nations in the name of non-existent jobs or nonsense jobs or whatever labels are thrown out for the people to lap up like clueless cats at the milk bowl.

As one gazes upon the environmental dirt sure to emerge from the CRU mess, how can it not be crystal clear that governments, with the help of well-funded "scientific" institutions anxious for a never-ending money stream, sometimes go all out to lie? We currently live openly in an era of lies, the largest being the cover-up and distortion of whatever immense truth lurks behind the UFO mystery. Perhaps disclosure will creep nearer with these revelations, but don't bet your life on that.

I used to write letters and articles with an occasional warning about global warming, but somewhere along the way came to realize that planetary changes will occur despite our efforts for or against them. Then, when data emerged a year or two ago suggesting that not only earth, but Mars and other planets in our solar system were warming concurrently, well, one must consider these things. Now we learn that "global warming" ceased years ago, and a cooling cycle apparently rules the planet.

Yet, the President, publicly but surely not privately oblivious to the CRU firestorm, still intends a journey to Copenhagen, possibly intent upon passionately embracing a dangerous and, quite likely, irrelevant climate treaty based uncomfortably upon fraudulent data badly in need of meticulous peer review. Remember -- somewhere around 1,500 international scientists are said to be highly skeptical of the presumed science associated with the warming issue, and those are just the ones who dared to step cautiously forward to date, frequently in fear of their colleagues' scorn for refusing to be part of a wretched the-debate-is-over sheep herd.

But, hey, if you're the Prez and the world's toadies are going to award you a Nobel Peace Prize right after you affix your John Hancock (not to offend John Hancock's place in history, nor to offend anybody offended by the merely offensive thought of offensive United States history, which is offensive to those who are easily offended, pardon me) to a questionable phony baloney treaty, it might be worth taking the plunge, and the Nobel will obviously be a great addition to the eventual presidential library built with the help and deep appreciation of powerful industries, union bosses and their associates.

Mr. Obama's signature upon this absurd document (with or without congressional endorsement) may become a costly embarrassment for the United States, an expensive puppet show for the world, and an action that history books may record as a colossal error. He really should decline, otherwise we'll be forced to depend upon Congress and perhaps even the Supreme Court to sort out this mess. Instead, let us allow the climate debate a proper airing -- and tell anonymous puppet masters who eagerly anticipate countless billions of "green" dollars to fall into their hands via trumped-up climate legislation to go eat grass until they turn their favorite shade of green.

Under proper circumstances in connection with the CRU's hacked or whistle-blown goldmine of alleged self-incriminating deceit, we might expect global criminal charges to be filed without hesitation (in legal terms, hacking is bad but whistle-blowing can be very, very good). In the meantime, however, as always, one need only follow the lies and the money. It's just that simple.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Going Nuclear at the National Press Club

Maybe this time things will be different.

In 1964, many of us pinned our hopes on a document entitled The UFO Evidence, published by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). The late Richard Hall, Maj. Donald Keyhoe (USMC, Retired) and a team of dedicated UFO researchers worked at a fevered pitch to produce and edit the lengthy report so that every member of Congress would receive a copy. This was important stuff, filled with reports, science and technical information about the UFO phenomenon gleaned from impressive military, government and civilian witnesses. Unfortunately, though many in Congress found the document of interest, and even urgent in its warnings, one could almost hear the sounds of a collective yawn throughout the House and Senate when the concept of everybody getting together and taking some sort of action actually reared its dubious head. To this very day, The UFO Evidence stands tall, and to this very day widespread congressional interest does not. Maybe because UFOs don't vote.

The Next Big Thing arrived a few years ago in the guise of The Disclosure Project, via a meeting held at the National Press Club in Washington. There were problems, a major glitch being a still troubling loss of Internet visualization and audio when the connection to viewers all over the world failed. But at least many among the media commented politely and lent credence to what they heard with their own ears, close up and personal, from competent witnesses who encountered UFOs, sometimes under dramatic circumstances.

Now, as some of you may have read in Frank Warren's UFO Chronicles (see link), it appears the National Press Club will again host a UFO conference, next fall in Washington, D.C.
When that happens, history will be made and -- if inquisitive ladies and gentlemen of the press react as one would hope with weathered anticipation -- the proceedings could exert a major influence upon the process of open government in the U.S. The event, apparently scheduled to include at least a dozen former and retired U.S. military personnel who experienced UFO visitations at crucially important nuclear weapons installations, will be organized by UFO/nukes connection researcher Robert Hastings and former U.S. Air Force Capt. Robert Salas (himself a witness to such activity and a participant at the previous NPC conference mentioned above).

Salas and Hastings have thought this out, fortunately, for by announcing the event a year in advance they hope to attract other former military personnel wishing to appear and/or write accounts of their UFO/missile base experiences for inclusion in the 2110 conference. According to their press release, UFO encounters at Air Force and Navy nuclear installations may still be occurring.

Everybody's fond expectation is that ultimate disclosure of UFO information by the U.S. government will materialize, as it has increasingly in foreign countries. My personal wild speculation suggests that NICAP's major fatal flaw in 1964 was an inability to enlist the amount of serious media interest necessary to influence congressional sources into exerting definitive action. It remains the misfortune of the people's right to know that the UFO and UFO vs. nukes issue stays below the public radar while simultaneously evidencing itself on government radar screens. The real question is whether Mr. Hastings, Capt. Salas and associates can convince media representatives, who are sure to attend their presentation in abundance, that First Amendment practitioners and all the tools at their disposal are urgently required.
Salas and Hastings may be contacted per their individual e-mail addresses:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A 1972 UFO Report from Hanoi

Just a little history here. During the Vietnam conflict, private United States UFO investigative organizations received reports from their own members who happened to be in the military, stationed in Southeast Asia. APRO's Coral Lorenzen confirmed to me many years ago that APRO members stationed in that part of the world stayed on top of UFO incidents, and indeed various newsletters and journals occasionally reported on S.E. Asian UFO activity. For the most part, news services either remained blissfully uninformed about these incidents, or simply didn't care. But sometimes. . .

This one certainly wasn't among the best reports, but I did find a curious and widely reported September, 1972 news account from Agence France-Presse about an object observed over Hanoi, the capital of North Vietnam. According to a reporter with binoculars, a bright spherical "luminous orange" object appeared high over the city in a clear blue sky and seemed to remain in one position. The thing's mere presence caused Hanoi officials to sound air raid sirens, and barely as soon as warnings ceased three surface-to-air missiles were launched toward the object.

The missiles apparently failed to locate their extremely high target, and nearly an hour and a half later the object was still visible, though not as bright.

I have no further information (nor specific time of day) about this incident (more of an unidentified aerial object encounter than a flying one, so it would properly be called a UAO and not a UFO), and of course our first thought would be that Hanoi officials observed a bright planet, though the color noted suggests otherwise. Something about this affair made it newsworthy, and because no other media reports surfaced with an explanation, and because astronomers apparently did not come forward with a solution, we might assume that this case baffled one and all.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

UFO Newspaper Headlines 1966

By 1966, the quality and abundance of UFO reports left a massive public impression, and reports submitted by law enforcement personnel all over the country added to public concern. Close encounters with lights or apparent objects in the sky no longer seemed a rarity, and ultimately Michigan Congressman (and later President) Gerald Ford demanded a congressional investigation after his own state was clobbered with nationally publicized UFO activity. The mid-sixties allowed newspapers from coast to coast to shine because, whether their UFO reporting reflected sobriety or humor, all the "good stuff" was out there in print, often on the front page, for an interested readership to judge, recorded in the archives for posterity.

UFO Newspaper Headlines 1964-66

The recent death of retired Socorro, New Mexico police officer Lonnie Zamora reminded me of the influence his 1964 UFO close encounter experience had on national newspaper reports of the day. For old times' sake, I'm posting a couple of entries showing some typical headlines, and this one highlights the Gary Wilcox (the farmer who claimed an encounter with UFO entities) incident from New York State (information available on the Web), and the four-state UFO sightings mentioned a few blog postings ago. Argentina UFOs were also in the news, a complement to other international activity. UFO evidence on the ground began to receive much more publicity and, not to make light of this, but even observing UFOs could sometimes require rocket science -- or at least a rocket scientist.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Audacity of Ill-Advised Diversity

Here we go again. A horror story, this time at Fort Hood in Texas, and having once lived in Texas as an Air Force airman, I can tell you that Texans don't take kindly to this sort of thing. But no matter the state, we grieve for the murdered and their families, as we grieve for all servicemen and servicewomen who, all too often, sacrifice everything they have to give and everything they will ever own.

I once worked in a large Texas military hospital known for an impressive psychiatric section, so I certainly experienced no lack of psychiatrists running around every day, and some of them seemed crazy beyond crazy. If you reading this are, indeed, a psychiatrist or, even creepier, a psychologist, well, you already know about your personal demons and how screwed up and even crazy you may be yourself. So my first thought when the media reported that the good very bad doctor may be a psychiatrist was, oh no, a psychiatrist, no wonder this happened. After all, a local prominent psychiatrist I used to see around the hallways of a city hospital went bonkers and stabbed his wife with a big ol' conflict-solving kitchen knife in recent years, got off with a hand-slap and went back to emotionally cleansing patients under, um, minimal supervision, so very little surprises me anymore.

But we now know much more, and, surprising to almost nobody, radical Islam is the culprit. As in film noir, over the years we have come to realize that all we need do is round up "the usual suspects" because that's who we're dealing with in real life. You know, the ones who everybody knows should be checked at airports instead of the rest of us because government officials realize darned well who they are.

My government seems to have a problem understanding the significance of the term, the enemy within. This "alleged" mass-murdering medical professional was reportedly under official surveillance for quite some time and, frankly, should have been relieved of his duties months or years ago because my government knew exactly what reptilian skin this individual wore. Don't enlighten me with nonsense about him being the real victim here, not after my country paid handsomely for his medical education, not when he knew from day one that he signed up for an obligation. During WW II and other wars of the past, people like this would have been tried (maybe) and shot in the head, hanged or might experience a mysterious disappearance from which there would be no return. No excuses, no fancy lawyers, no audacity of dopes.

The overwhelming number of Muslims in the United States are good people who want no part of the monsters intent upon twisting and distorting their faith and if you read this blog regularly you know that I recently urged the young people of Iran all the best in their own fight with such devious, cunning and evil rulers.

The truth is, diversity isn't looking too hot right now, Mr. President, just in case you're reading this (well, that'll be the day). Just what do we want to tolerate as Americans? I believe most Americans have had it up to the proverbial here with exclusively university-trained, lily-livered legislators and negotiators who never spent a day in the military and have not a clue what real danger is. Somebody in Washington needs to hear, loud and clear, that there are folks in our country who need to be located, ripped out of their hiding places, quickly tried and, when warranted -- frequently, one hopes -- deported or destroyed with extreme prejudice. Imprisonment is such, oh, "old hat" in current circumstances, particularly because these little Islamic terror incidents crop up more and more here and abroad. Of course, I'm no expert, but it seems that justifiable executions of rabid vermin which can't even rise to the dictionary definition of cockroach are warranted.

The lone gunman. The lone psychiatrist. The lone radical Muslim. Add it up any way you wish, "lone" seldom means what those with a political agenda try to spin. What a wonderful time to not waste a crisis, to quote, um, somebody or another, and instead to tell Washington officials to take political correctness and shove it up where the sun doesn't shine -- if there's still room with some leaders' heads and brains clearly shoved and lodged so far up those crevices already. Lives will depend upon it.

Oh, just an afterthought, but, while you legislative folks are at it, start thinking of nice, polite ways to deny anything and everything to illegal people who really to need to pack and get their criminal butts out of my country. I know, I know, different subject, same time of day.

The games are over, and before one more dedicated young military officer or enlisted person, cop, fireman, or FBI agent puts his or her life up for grabs in the service of his or her country, the appropriate factions of this government must go all out to assure maximum safety. If that means putting a little "diversity" aside, that's just too bad. What good are diversity and pleasantries exchanged during Washington cocktail parties, when the most truly and dangerously diverse amongst us here in the USA endeavor 24-7 to destroy us? Do something, and do it quickly. The time for hand-wringing and worrying about sugar-coated official legacies for the history books must wait.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Come Back to the Five and Dime Barry Goldwater, Barry Goldwater

As a recipient of letters from Senator Robert F. Kennedy in the 1960s, I can assure one and all that he did not harbor an intensive public interest in UFOs, a bit of fiction helped along by a phony letter with RFK's signature which continues to make Internet rounds.

But then there was Arizona's Senator Barry Goldwater, a Republican who might have become President in 1964 if not for the endeavors of an opposition successfully and absurdly depicting him as a madman whose efforts would result in a nuclear holocaust. I felt an immense respect for Goldwater, particularly because he wasn't afraid to speak his mind (for example, many among his congressional colleagues and military personnel went spastic with outrage in later years when he suggested that openly allowing homosexuals in the Armed Services is no big deal) and didn't walk the politically correct tightrope which concerns so many public servants anymore. I'm not saying I wanted him to nuke the world, but at least he would have been forthright enough to announce on TV, folks, tomorrow morning at 8:00 sharp I'm blowing up the world, and that's how it's gonna be. You just have to respect that refreshing, take-charge attitude.

Many "pro" statements about UFOs made by this late senator happen to be true. We printed one of his letters about the subject a few months ago (put his name in the on-site search engine above and that entry should pop up), and it's hardly the only one out there.

Back in the sixties and seventies, when UFOs were hot stuff and the national media stayed awake and alert, throbbing with a palpable pulse, notable events sometimes happened or were reported about almost simultaneously. During the first two weeks of November, 1973, Senator -- and retired Air Force Reserve Brigadier General -- Goldwater told students during a speech at Washington State College that UFOs are real. According to an Associated Press story that echoed throughout the nation, seasoned pilot Goldwater stated, "I've been flying for 44 years, and I'm the last guy that's going to say I don't believe they're up there." Asked about UFOs during the question-and-answer session, Goldwater replied, "I've never seen one. But when Air Force pilots, Navy pilots and airline pilots tell me they see something come up on their wing that wasn't an airplane, I have to believe them."

However, the ink regarding Goldwater had barely dried on newspapers from coast to coast before the AP coughed up another gem, the bizarre story from Canada of an Ottawa family pursued by a UFO sometime during the same week when Barry Goldwater gifted the U.S. with his insight. These were the days, mind you, when UFOs not only tended to take the high road, they also took the roads less traveled during darkness, and on this evening occasion an object with flashing white lights was reported to have chased a family's truck along Highway 417 at speeds up to 100 miles an hour.

"I noticed these bright lights in my side-view mirror, claimed Rick Bouchard, 25, driving with his wife and three small children aboard. According to his account, the object seemed to be about 10 feet wide and even at speeds up to 100 miles per hour the UFO approached within 15 feet of the truck and hovered about four feet above the road.

"The children were petrified," said Bouchard's wife, Donna. The UFO finally disappeared behind trees and police were notified.

Adding to the mystery, a family friend returned to that stretch of highway later in the evening to investigate and reported pursuit by a similar object. Ron Hamelin, a 19-year-old who knew and worked with Rick Bouchard, said when he turned off his lights the object disappeared. "I know what I saw," Hamelin insisted. "If people don't believe me, that's tough."

Enter The National Enquirer. Though a significant percentage of almost any population would roll their eyes and bemoan the Enquirer's long reputation as a sensational tabloid, some of us know a not so secret secret -- that the Enquirer of particularly the seventies and eighties offered a wealth of well-researched reports on UFO activity. This I learned personally, when the publication dispatched one, and eventually a second reporter to Central NY to investigate some major UFO activity, and I had an opportunity to watch them hard at work, practicing honest-to-goodness journalism (for more, type National Enquirer in the search engine above).

So UFO sightings and close encounter reports became nearly as commonplace as moths near a flame in 1973, all in the absence of the Air Force's long-dismantled Project Blue Book, and despite the subject's presumed banishment from common sense via the non-science performed by Dr. Edward Condon and his merry debunkers at the University of Colorado.

The thing was, however, watchdogs at The Enquirer had not neglected Barry Goldwater's November surprise, and when the January 6, 1974 edition of the tabloid hit national newsstands, grocery stores and pharmacies, Senator Goldwater returned with a vengeance: "I Believe Earth Has Been Visited By Creatures From Outer Space," screamed the quote above the Enquirer's exclusive interview with the senator. "I'm not convinced," Goldwater told reporter Allan A. Zullo, "after having been around for 65 years, that human beings are the smartest creatures in the universe. . .They may not look or talk like us, but I have very strong feelings they have advanced past our mental capabilities."

Admitting to cases where military and commercial pilots revealed to him instances where UFOs approached them and then would "just zoom away at incredible speeds," Goldwater regretted his inability to examine UFO research files at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. "I asked Gen. Curtis LeMay, who for years was head of the Strategic Air Command, for permission to check into the files and he told me: 'Hell no, and don't ask me again.' I think some highly secret government UFO investigations are going on that we don't know about -- and probably never will unless the Air Force discloses them.

"But someday soon," advised Goldwater, "someone's going to have strong UFO evidence that can't be explained away."
And so we wait. Meanwhile, Sen. Goldwater, Richard Hall, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. John Mack, Dr. James McDonald and a host of others who explored pathways to the unknown are gone. Too bad that the passage of time can't confine itself to the face of a clock and not intrude upon our brief flirtations with life and curiosity.

(Thanks to playwright Ed Graczyk for naming his play -- eventually a movie -- "Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean," which I knew of but never saw, and went bonkers over when I needed a title for today's entry.)