Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bits and Pieces for March 2016

Donald Trump, shape-shifter:  If his dramatic and quick turnaround on the abortion issue wasn't crazy enough, imagine him ordering the firing of a nuke -- if he knows what that is -- somewhere on the planet, and then saying 10 minutes later, oops, never mind.  This guy may be great at running a business, but is he destined to give our country the business as president?  There's a load of disturbance piling up around Trump the candidate, cute and sassy though his banter may often be, but derailment of the Trump train starts to look plausible, maybe inevitable.

Should Trump flame out on the campaign trail and lose to Ted Cruz, I wonder if he would be impertinent enough to insist he was intent upon passing the torch all the time and never really wanted to be president?

A consistently gaffe-spoken candidate who offers a bonus of threatening lawsuits whenever life or media comments fail to satisfy him may not be anywhere near what his supporters expect.  But that's a decision for them.

Tip of the Day:  Why don't you conservative candidates just leave women's reproductive issues the hell alone?  However you twist the subject, their bodies are not yours, and just as most of us prefer not to live under Sharia law, nor should women and their decisions on abortion be placed under politically conservative thumbscrews.  Sorry boys, but if you think you're getting a fast track to Heaven by attempting to own and manage the very physiology of females, I think you're more misguided than you know.  Leave the ladies alone with their choices and instead take care when and where you use your prized penises.

Battle of the radio talk show hosts:  As the New York Times aptly laid out earlier this week, national radio talk show hosts of a conservative bent are going bonkers over current presidential campaign intrigue.  Most noticeably, Glenn Beck is firm for Ted Cruz, while Michael Savage is hot for Donald Trump, a frequent guest on his program.  I do believe that Savage has been patently disingenuous regarding Cruz, of whom he raises the question, why won't Cruz appear on his show?  The answer, Michael, is easy to come by -- for months you have done nothing but ridicule and condemn Cruz, even making up absurd images, such as asking the Savage audience if Cruz's looks give him the appearance of a vampire.  Were I Ted Cruz, I, too, would avoid you like a pregnant woman avoiding the Zika virus because (1) such comments were not intended as innocent humor and (2) you're so in the bag for Trump now that you couldn't escape through a 10-foot hole, so deny what you will.

Black  lives  presidents matter:  Someday, depending upon whether there's still a recognizable United States, we'll have another black president, a man or woman so great that history will all but forget Obama and perhaps embrace "the next" as actually the first black prez, Obama having exited only as a non-presidential constitutional adversary installed by clueless voters as a fraud and a cruel joke.

Speaking of our Marxist-in-chief:  This two-term con job seems dedicated to bringing in another 100,000 Syrian refugees of personal mystery this year.  Far as I'm concerned, this unapologetic dolt of fractured intellect continues to play Russian roulette with our lives.  Surely, one day, the words Obama and federal prison might experience a long-lasting marriage, the product of real justice, not social justice.

We were rather tickled a few days ago when Obama spoke before a collection of media folk and lapsed into what he always does best -- scolding them for not doing their jobs to his perfection.  This fool consistently lectures others on what he considers their failures, while he simultaneously refuses to consider what a pile of dog crap his own administration's heritage will leave.  It's no wonder this administration, originally guaranteed to be the most open ever, quickly became a journalist's nightmare and bastion of secrecy.  We suspect you won't find better candidates for prison life and enormous fines than certain key administration personnel who made this happen.

Self-driving automobiles:  Hey, great idea.  Because they're supposed to be ever so safe on the highway, it only seems right that parents will no longer need to secure their kids in those annoying car seats.  After all, when our government and the industry with which it travels hand-in-hand promises safety, how can we not believe the assurances?

Words, just words:   This week we paid special attention to the fact that Donald Trump's pal, owner of the National Enquirer, is named David J. Pecker.  That reminded me, back in my Air Force medical corpsman (or as Obama pronounces it, corpse-man) days, hospitalized airmen routinely referred to us as "pecker checkers."  And as long as we're being crass today, ladies, I haven't forgotten you -- the service caps (the ones you can fold flat) we wore on our heads were, and probably still are, unless communist diversity classes banned offensive speech, called "cu** caps."  Oh c'mon, you know all the words, no need for me to be that explicit.

Reason no. 1,482 why I will never be on Facebook:  Mark Zuckerberg wants to solve the Islamic problem by spreading love around the world.  Wow, imagine that -- love mixed with Sharia law.  Best you'll get? Black-hooded executioners whisper sweet nothings just before lopping off a head.  Mark, sweetie -- with this attitude about the world, all you're gonna build is Faceless & Headless Book, and I don't intend to become a member.  You can just go. . .um. . .go love yourself.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tommy Kirk: Born too Early

Ultra-conservative readers might want to tune out today, because I don't want to be held responsible for certain people dying when they swallow their tongues from shock.  That's right, today we're returning to a subject we visit on occasion -- we're going gay.  Forsooth!

A few days ago, tripping across TV channels, I happened upon an older, un-watchable movie whose title I can't even remember now, thank god. Nevertheless, I did notice an adult actor who looked familiar, yet I couldn't place the face.  Curiosity forced me to wait for the end credits, and it didn't take long for a familiar name to flash by:  Tommy Kirk.  Then I remembered.

Most kids growing up in the fifties and early sixties would know his name, for Tommy Kirk (born in 1941 and off to an acting career by age 13) appeared in a number of family-oriented movies produced by the Walt Disney studios.  Described as "scrappy," personable and photographically engaging, Kirk the kid must have served as a tremendous boon to Disney bank accounts.

As is my frequent practice when I see a name from my TV or movie-watching past, I brought up Kirk's name at the International Movie Data Base, which you can see here:

Though expecting that Kirk's private life as a teenager might have been difficult -- a fate befalling many a young actor and actress in years gone by -- I was taken by surprise when I read details provided by both mini-biographer Gary Brumburgh and Kirk himself.  I had no idea that Kirk's career came crashing down at age 21 when Disney and Hollywood in general discovered he was gay, his status having been revealed when he was found to be having a sexual affair with a 15-year-old boy he met at a public pool.

Now, I realize there are laws -- but I also realize that back "then" there were newsstands and magazines making a good living off photos of naked young boys and girls -- AND local and state governments benefited from what must have been a treasure trove of taxes.  It's the money, not the morality.

The only reason I'm focusing upon Tommy Kirk here is the fact that the Disney folks made a business decision to reflect the times, and those times demanded that any actor who came out of the closet was perceived as instant poison to the motion picture industry - though, obviously (yes, OBVIOUSLY) even in those years homosexuals were hardly insignificant to the movie biz, as long as they remained anonymous, gay-wise.  Yes, I know, being 21 and caught with a 15-year-old of similar gender didn't help Kirk, either -- but the man/boy relationship thing is another subject in itself, and we aren't going there today.  By the way, can you say helo-o-o-o-o-o, Rock Hudson?

The point is, here we are and it's 2016, and I kinda think that to get a job with the new Disney studios and their affiliates, being gay is one fine selling point -- maybe it's almost mandatory!

Tommy Kirk, by his own admission, made some exceptionally bad films as post-coming out years passed, and finally gave up on movies, having embraced drugs and almost dying from an overdose on one or two occasions.  We're glad that he eventually cleaned up his life and went into business for himself -- but, darn Tom, you should have been born a few years later.  Hollywood would have loved you for yourself, not merely as a movie reviewer's pressbook icon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The I, Me, My Guy and Other Stuff

Violence?  Riots yet to come?  1968 was the last time America exploded in massive street violence, much of it among leftists, using the Vietnam conflict as an excuse for carnage.  I can't really speak to those times, for the summer of '68, for me, was personally turbulent, having burdened my young senses with the assassinations of both Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Robert Kennedy, followed in short order by the Air Force enlistment I chose over the military draft, whose "final" notice arrived in the mail just a week after I departed for USAF basic training.  I missed a lot on the "outside" back then, but what did I really miss?

While some people are apparently going to battle (literally) over Donald Trump and various detractors as his presidential campaign continues, one becomes inclined to ponder whether a man ensconced in the use of words such as I, me and my nearly every time he speaks a sentence has the fortitude and patience to take the advice of others best equipped to educate him on matters of expertise of which he may not be proficient or even aware.  Surely, we seek not another chief executive grounded in the spirit of a dictator?  We've already tried that for almost eight years, and I suppose a capitalist dictator could ultimately turn out to be as bad as a Marxist dictator.

Trump changes his mind a lot, and his solutions for national and international ills may sound good when expressed in a few choice words, but hard and fast outlines of the how and why consistently go missing.

If Donald Trump assumes the presidency, maybe he'll be the best damned president since George Washington -- but I really fear and anticipate far less, maybe an aggressive, damaging bull in a china shop, or even the deflated personification of Millard Fillmore, after the oath is taken.  So surprise me already, Donald -- otherwise, full speed ahead, Ted Cruz.  I'm not quite THAT conservative, but nobody gets everything, no matter what you do in the voting booth.

As for a highway being shut down by "protesters" (that is, leftists who only embrace the First Amendment when its THEIR turn to speak), maybe next time cops should have their vehicles towed safely to the roadside and have 'em blown up.  Let those who think it's okay to close off a public highway argue with their insurance companies over replacement vehicles.

Whoa!  John Kerry, Barack and the folks finally got around to announcing that ISIS is committing genocide on, particularly, Christians in the Middle East?  We dare suggest that even somebody in a persistent vegetative state would have been cognizant years ago of this little factoid.  Good work, guys -- now that several years of persistent Christian slaughter, torture and rape have taken place, it's great to see you're on the ball.  Dunno, maybe there had to be a quota of dead Jesus followers before the White House was supposed to take off the self-blinders.  War crimes don't all occur on the battlefield, do they?

Speaking of Obama, how comfy and, well, just perfect he looked in Cuba.  His posture, his comments -- it must have been just like going home again to a Marxist paradise.  Did they give him a Che! T-shirt?

By the way, doesn't "diversity," American style, encourage genocide in its own little way?  Hmm.

Another American, this time a student, is held hostage -- make that "convicted criminal" and prisoner for years -- in North Korea.  We all know that dictator Kim Un Cockroach is hoping to make a trade for something significant from our side, and he'll probably get it.  The question, however, is -- why don't Americans stop going to North Korea?  Nothing good usually comes of the practice.

Lead in the Water:  So you think we oldies didn't grow up drinking water from deteriorating pipes and wells?  Let the water run a few seconds before you drink -- that was the advice decades ago and it holds now. 

Will Hillary be indicted?  FBI director James Comey seems to elicit high praise as perhaps one of the last honorable higher-ups left in Washington.  If true, we'll bet he'd rather get dolled up in one of J. Edgar Hoover's old party dresses or evening gowns than let Hillary escape the consequences of her alleged actions.  That ball may end up in Loretta Lynch's liberal court, and just what will she do with the Hillary Clinton mess, so as not to irritate Boss Obama and the Demo-n party?  There is much talk about Hillary getting a big fat nothing regarding charges.

14 airman at the F.E. Warren AFB in Wyoming are caught up in a drug scandal.  Did you guys really expect to leave it all up to the officers to watch for UFOs monkeying around with the nukes?  Disgraceful!  It's  either drugs or UFOs observing nuclear missiles, choose wisely guys. . .

Brussels, Belgium:  Yikes!  Right in the front yard of all the good worldly libs who think negotiation and sweet talk solves everything.  You folks have been served, and served but good.  Will nobody in big-boy pants understand that Islam is a political movement, not merely a religion?  Islam conflicts with all national constitutions and can never, ever be allowed the upper hand -- which is exactly what's happening across Europe, sadly.  Fight or die, there never was a third choice.

Bling?  How come so many people weighed down with jewelry are often flat-out dumb?  Is all the glitter subconsciously intended to hide one behind ignorance and stupidity?  Wow, some of that stuff hangs like golden or bejeweled stalactites from a vacuous human image.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Thugs on Parade

A few years have passed since a presidential candidate, instead of accommodating and expressing sympathy, has simply thrown rowdy protesters out, dismissing their antics with a middle-finger attitude equivalent to what they themselves brought along.  Could be that the radical left element was blind-sided: The thug element, so well-tolerated and gushingly beloved by Obama bunch disciples and others far more interested in changing America than supporting its values, may at last be forced to acknowledge that it is its own worst enemy.  Donald Trump's supporters, say what you will, are rolling up the welcome mat when it comes down to attacks by the Move On and Black Lives Matter crowd, and university  "student" populations intent upon squashing First Amendment rights of conservative guest speakers on campus after campus must eventually come to grips with the glaring fact that many of their liberal professors are little more than classroom commies acting like spoon-feeding mommies.  Shall we expect politically-driven violence to increase as its practitioners become increasingly nerved up, fed up, drugged up and given up to a yet intangible newness on the horizon?  Beware the ides of March, we were once advised, though every month in succession this year will undoubtedly offer plenty about which to be cautious.

Ted Cruz continues to impress, for he does not shoot from the hip as Trump, and Cruz demonstrates a clear insight into what government was intended to be.  Will such skills matter to the masses?

Who's on the phone?   If you watched  Sixty Minutes  (CBS-TV) Sunday evening, you might have seen the young Russian man (currently on the run) who invented his own encryption service for "smart" phone users.  Of special interest was his calm, unqualified statement that any terrorist group -- even ISIS -- could construct their own non-hackable phone messaging network.  Looks as though back doors aren't what they used to be, or what we once thought they were.

Reason 427 why I am not on and never will be on Facebook:   Earlier this month, Mark Zuckerberg reportedly evidenced concern about "hate speech" regarding new immigrants in Germany, and wondered if something shouldn't be done on Facebook about keeping such opinions -- words -- off his little piece of the Net universe.  I know this occurred in Germany, yet I must say, how very, very First Amendment-not of Facebook's lord and master.  Looks like you Facebook users may get "Zucked" again. 

The concept of diversity is usually in the eye of the beholder -- proven this go-around by the alleged non-Establishment Establishment's boy wonder.  I liked it better when Z used to stand for either Zorro or a movie title.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What You're Really Thinking

During a time when the nation honors the memory of former First Lady Nancy Reagan, an elegant woman whose message of "just say no" to drugs helped sculpt a whole generation of youngsters who took her advice either to heart or to nose & bloodstream, we, too, wish to take a moment to remember Mrs. Reagan.  Bonus:  She didn't make school cafeterias serve healthy foods that kids won't eat.

Nevertheless, I think I know my readers well enough to suggest that, while we should be thinking about Mrs. Reagan's accomplishments and expressing our sympathies. . .

. . .the year 1988 and President Reagan is what many of my readers will be remembering. . .

(Obviously, I'm not popular at funerals)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Gulping Down the Hillary Clinton UFO Cult Elixir

It had to happen.  Every time John Podesta quotes Hillary Clinton, regarding opening up government UFO files if she's elected prez, gleeful newspaper and TV stories pop up like dandelions -- or is that hemlock? -- and some in the UFO "community" echo sentiments of  Oh Boy  and  Gee Whiz, Can't Wait.   If that's your sole litmus test for giving old Hil' the presidency, you've been drinking too much Fool-Aid.   Her potential legal entanglements, perched just over the horizon, may settle the presidential issue even before it starts. Nevertheless, if she actually held office, why should we expect a better bang-up job at UFO file  “disclosure” than her extraordinarily devastating efforts in the Middle East?  There's no need to re-hash that here, assuming the reader is familiar with Hillary's “Arab Spring” resume'.  Granny Hillary's UFO fans can coo and sigh all they wish, but at the end of the day, we're more likely to know intimately more about socialism at her hand than about hidden government UFO files.  Also, anybody lonesome for her hubby, ol' Bill, would do well to remember the origins of NAFTA and exactly how and when the Chinese communists gained monumental access to U.S. missile and satellite technology.  If some folks would put as much effort into striving for a scientific study of UFOs as they do in worshiping at the Hillary altar. . .

Meanwhile, over at Jack Brewer's web site,  The UFO Trail  (see link), I hope you've read parts one and two of excerpts from  The Abductionist's Wife:  A Memoir,  by Carol Rainey, who was married to the late UFO abduction researcher, artist and author, Budd Hopkins.   Obviously an intimate part of Hopkins' daily life and his work with alleged abductees, Rainey nevertheless paints an often unflattering picture of Hopkins' efforts, even pointing out a dramatic instance of “leading on” an alleged UFO abductee during questioning.  Rainey's writing style captivates, and her revelations about the memory of a man many of us respected and honored for his UFO abduction investigations and books suddenly takes on a considerable tarnish.

For me?  The most fascinating report of a UFO abduction continues to be the Hickson-Parker incident, about which we discovered years later that a car full of active duty U.S. Navy personnel saw a strange, airliner-size, lighted-up object descend in the same area and at the same approximate time as the alleged Pascagoula, Mississippi river event.  Taken together with the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek's favorable impression of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, I will continue to believe there was a bizarre, yet credible incident in Pascagoula on that October evening in 1973, when two men just wanting an enjoyable fishing experience had their lives changed forever.

Transgenderin' around at the CIA:   Oh my, how far we've come since the test I took to get a professional level job with the federal government in the eighties was thrown out because some agenda-driven system of judging deemed the exam unfair to minorities.  Yes, forget black and Hispanic, the new buzz word is  transgender  – and the CIA is hiring!  Really, I don't now what's up with the tranny thing, but since some studies seem to question emotional stability and the like, I hope they're hiring carefully.  What intrigues me, however, is the government's current concern that some CIA employees may be exhibiting “unconscious bias” toward the transgendered folk.  Maybe the gov spooks would prefer conscious bias?  By the way, I can only guess what unconscious bias is, but you can bet that a myriad of unfortunates will end up being tortured in communism-style  diversity class  because some genius tech-boy's new black-ops mind control device determined a mass infection of unconscious bias.  Is that as bad as the Zika virus?  Can you get it from mosquitoes?  Should transgenders even think about getting pregnant?  Um, wait a minute there, I don't think that. . .

From sex change to climate change:   Seems that satellite data might indeed indicate global warming, and satellite data is what, hopefully, rational minds have waited for.  Trouble is, the source where I gleaned this tidbit goes right for the throat, calling climate change man-made or human-made, with nary a shred of evidence that humans are the main impetus.  Interesting research, but sloppy attribution regarding “us.”  Let's at least clean up oceans and rivers and be environmentally aware of the trashing which we do so well internationally.  Want to keep the planet pristine?  Okay, then. . .

No kids for you, Leonardo DiCaprio!   This guy's speeches on the environment crack me up in the same vein as trying to endure a Justin Bieber song.  Anyway, Mr. D, if you're so fired up about the enviro and willing to tell me how to live, then be an example, okay?  First off, produce no children.  You  know what pigs we humans are, as The Worst Polluters in the Universe , so you'll have to sacrifice this option.  Next, deep-six the luxurious water craft and airplanes – and convince your Hollywood buddies to do the same.  Finally, get out there with a few leaf bags and start picking up trash in the streets.  Who knows, maybe they'll make a movie about you as you graze among the dumpsters.  More Oscar cred, you know?

A final mean-spirited word or two:   Following school shootings and similar mayhem, why are affected areas suddenly populated with “grief counselors?”  In my day, when tragedies happened and somebody died and terrible things happened, you lived with it, because life was recognized automatically not to be a sweet little bowl of cherries and **** happens.  Grief counselors?  Who came up with this?  It's just one more option for turning kids into little porcelain dolls, untouched and unfazed by life's horrors or controversy, unprepared for The Real which awaits all.   Grief counselors?  It's more like good grief!