Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hillary and the Gorilla

 Some of you continue to worship at the altar of Hillary Clinton, gazing upon her countenance lovingly, as one would feast one's eyes upon the Mona Lisa, fully anticipating that her questionable ascent to the presidency is equivalent to possessing the keys to some Pentagon (or. . .?) treasure trove of hidden UFO data.  Have you not watched the news?  Do you not realize how the bloom escapes this parched rose, especially with the latest revelations from the State Dept. Inspector General regarding her e-mails?  How many Americans died or currently live in jeopardy because of her negligence, incompetence and flat-out egotistical approach to her perceived queen-like position in government, in which she apparently feels a responsibility to Hillary first and everybody else when she gets around to it?  Remember when she promised the Benghazi victims' families that she would get back to them with answers they desperately needed – and then left them wondering, even after that absurd lie about the Benghazi tragedy having been incited by some obscure video?

With the Inspector General's report now in the wind, the ongoing FBI investigation of Clinton may rightly rev up and illuminate even more of Queen Hill's less than brilliant maneuvers as she used government regulations – and ignored basic common sense caution –  to her whim. 

Truth?  Truth is, U.S. military personnel currently rot and have rotted in federal prison for far less – that is, merely for doing their jobs and then being betrayed by their government.   Old Hill', on the other hand, apparently always assumed she WAS the government.   Oh yes, we can't wait for Hillary – or Bernie – to fulfill our national dream of becoming just like Venezuela.

Actor Clint Howard got it right recently when asked about Hillary Clinton, and he replied something to the effect that he wasn't going to vote for some “old grandma.”  As somebody within her age range myself, I can say without discrimination that I concur.  And she can take Bernie off to the senior farm with her and Bill,  where they can farm fields of socialism to their hearts' content.

“Klaatu” Obama offers unapologetic apologies at Hiroshima:   There are times when I wish Obama would stay put in Washington, despite the damage he concocts with other radical Democrats every day.  His trip to Hiroshima was wrong and, yes, an affront to the memory of every dead and injured veteran involved with the unbridled wrath of the Japanese government during WW II.  Fortunately, coinciding with the president's trip, the Gateway Pundit printed an online list linking readers to reports regarding Japanese atrocities, and in many ways the Nazis and Japanese were both in the running for acts of brutality – including, not to forget, medical “experimentation” conducted on captured American soldiers.

Obama's mere presence served as an apology, make no mistake, and the doofus, as usual, sounded as though he was performing the pre-departure scene from the movie,  The Day the Earth Stood Still  in the persona of Klaatu.  Fortunately, Obama as Klaatu is never accompanied by the robot Gort, for, if he were, Obama's Gort would do nothing but cry and express weak emotions, absolutely incapable of defending itself, the Democrat Party or any Obama speech.

The speech Mr. Obama might have given in Hiroshima:   “I stand before all of you here today with many thoughts on my mind, the foremost being that I'm probably more welcome here than I would have been at Pearl Harbor on America's Memorial Day.  Nevertheless, I want to emphasize that I'm not here to apologize for anything, except you can probably read between the lines and realize that just my presence today is indeed an expression of sympathy for that thing that happened with the bomb.  Where I'm from, my fellow Americans might harp upon a misguided assumption that some of your ancestors were cruel, kamikaze-loving rat-bastard imperialists whose many war crimes included medical experimentation upon, torture of and murder of captured American servicemen.  I don't know anything about that, but let me be clear – you know, I always say let me be clear whenever I'm poised to say something stupid that I want to verbally stamp in an authoritative tone.  Anyway, let me be clear when I tell you that I'm glad the United States and Japan will remain friends and partners as the future unfolds.    In addition, we in the USA understand that your little incident at the nuclear plant was just about as good a revenge as your dead, warring World War II ancestors could have imagined, for we in America and around the world will, for many years to come, experience the effects of eating 'Fukushima fish' and becoming radiated in ways we have yet to realize.  Let me conclude by saying, I believe the land under your feet will all be gone within five years due to climate change, and for that I hasten to add that the world must blame America first.  It's our fault, but I'm not here to apologize for that, either, because I can't.  The deal was, I didn't come here to apologize, as I'm sure you understand.  Thank you for coming today, and I'm sorry I was a little late.  Oops, I think I just apologized.  Disregard that apology.  Now, who wants a hug?  Who wants me to bow?”

Airport fun for everyone:   Whilst everybody hoping to board a plane performs acrobatics in view of TSA personnel who treat the innocent as criminal suspects, we ask:  What difference does all of this make as drones get small enough, insect size, so that terrorist Mo-Ham-Mad can easily guide a small explosive device onto a departing runway aircraft -- or cause a drone scouting lofty heights simply to crash head-on into a craft by surprise, causing instant annihilation?     I mean, really, the tiny flying drones are already out there, and their uses, overwhelmingly, will likely wax nefarious.  Russian roulette in the skies for an already anxious flying public is almost here.

No mercy for members of the current presidential administration.   We're hearing chatter here and there that after a new admin moves to DC next year – if not a Democrat – the subpoenas may fly, surprises included.  Well, what else should be done with criminals?  Experiencing a get-tough policy on those who have gotten tough in squashing our freedoms and ignoring the law of the land for eight years is a major component in. . .making America great  America again.

Remember one way how Obama became president?   I believe a number of voters thought they were   getting a Dennis Haysbert president – the president portrayed in a season of Fox TV's series, 24.   Yes, Haysbert's black president appeared everything we craved when the presidential race – and the presidential  race -- was important.  The TV prez was smart, in-charge, bold, thoughtful, handsome – he had it all.   America assumed it was voting for the TV president.  Uh uh.  Uh uh.  Uh uh.  Look at what we got instead.

Gorilla in the Missed:   Yeah.  Well, another parent who should probably burn in hell. Oh, I am sorry, is that too harsh?  Aside from stupid parenting – and these are probably the same kind of folks who sue a store when their kid gets hurt while touching something he or she shouldn't be messing with in the first place – there may be more to see here.  First of all, an early report regarding the shooting death of a male gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo claimed the animal was swinging the four-year-old boy and slamming him into a wall, and then tried to drown him.  Subsequently, refined stories varied just a tad:  That the gorilla appeared to be protecting the boy from harm.  Thanks media, a bang-up job as usual, from one extreme to another, from the new electronic media journalists encouraged to get a report in fast, no matter the facts.  Breaking news. . .

I think proper tribute must also be awarded to movie and TV studios which grind out animal-related cartoons and computer imagery every year, showing humans interacting with creatures of the wild – critters who talk and walk around just like us, often smarter and more likeable than any human most of us have ever encountered.  Why wouldn't a child wander off in a potential search for its video favorite?  Of course, we don't know the “why” of this incident yet, but it's a safe bet that cute little reality-distorting TV images played some role.

Meanwhile, sorry dead gorilla, nothing but nothing is more important than saving human children – though this hackneyed proclamation starts to become stale and indefensible, once logic is applied to events such as this.  By the way, would outrage have grown stronger, had the gorilla been a female?

A further word about CGI images in movies:   To just sit back and watch old motion pictures, produced when computer tricks were “virtually” non-existent, and to realize that production crews took great care to film backgrounds and occasions with as much “real” as possible can be a precious experience.  Fun and increasingly useful as the computer imaging experience is, in my opinion the flagrant visual substitution of realistic, yet totally concocted images, for any hint of the grounded and   actual is screwing up young minds as effectively as drugs, in many instances.  What killed common sense, aside from early education experiences engineered by progressives?  Pixels killed common sense.  Pixels decimated truth.  Pixels gave computers the ability to manufacture patently absurd predictions about “climate change” in the distant future, truth be damned, like some neighborhood psychic who trades what the gullible (think government bureaucrats) wish to hear (think lobbyists) for their money (think taxpayers).

We are the dust of comets,  according to a new scientific report which indicates that the “building blocks” of life may be prolific, in extraterrestrial terms.  Samples from the comet recently mined for analysis reveal the presence of  glycine, the most basic amino acid found in proteins and a major component of sugar cane.   In other words, glycine is the simplest of substances, and cometary analysis suggests its presence is omnipresent throughout the universe, a theory neatly co-existing with Carl Sagan's “we are star stuff.”   Did Earth get dusted with glycine, leading to abundant life forms populating every nook and cranny?  I guess this depends upon one's religion, science or combination of both.

Mindless TV observation:    Notice how they altered the  Febreze  TV commercial?  No longer is there a “Carl” whose mom walks in and comments about his unpleasant bedroom odor.  Now, same scene, but “Carl” has been replaced by “Josh.”  Yep, Carl was rather a bump on a log, emotionless and uninspired.  Josh, on the other hand, smiles and apparently expresses enthusiasm about Febrezing his bedroom before girls come to visit and fall in love, not with Josh, but with the way his room smells.  Wish I could have been a fly on the wall while corporate obviously agonized over a re-do of the very same commercial with a new actor.  Oh, the things over which we agonize, while ignoring essentials.  Besides, is a chemically-altered odor better for one's health than the honest aroma of stale pizza, dirty socks and reeking underwear in a bedroom?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Bits and Pieces for May 2016

Preakness Freak Mess:  Yes, two horses dropped dead during the Preakness Stakes last week, and it seems that some 500 racehorses die every year, all as innocent beasts of burden in the human pursuit of prestige and big money.  Sorry, but the older I get, the more I come to realize that a good share of us are just cockroaches with bigger brains.  Maybe it's not quite on the same level as morons in China who have exotic animals killed just because their great-grandfather's great-grandfather claims creature organs assure a better libido -- but we're not far off with the racehorse industry (. . .oh, but Robert, don't you know, the horses LOVE racing, they're made for it!  Heard it all before. . .).  Everybody was so-o-o-o-o-o sorry about the tragedies -- until next time, anyway.

Jeh Johnson, everybody's favorite Homeland Security apologist, appeared on Fox-TV News over the weekend regarding airport security.  Hey, it's so great to hear straight from the horse's (not racehorse's) mouth that airport security is a major concern -- but too bad nobody grilled him about our open  borders, where virtually non-existent security isn't quite as promising as airport pat-downs.

Trump vs. Clinton vs. Sanders vs. what real Americans want but won't get:  Names hardly matter by now.  The important issue is the Supreme Court, which must pick up a conservative member.  If that requires a Trump vote, that appears the only option remaining.  Um, no -- the Independent candidate Johnson is appealing, but stands nary a chance.

Obama's last day as President:  How has he NOT violated his Oath of Office?  We say, directly from the White House to arrest, trial and conviction, and he doesn't go off alone into that waiting judicial sunrise.  (Sigh. . .) If only.

Climate change continues. . .as it always has, throughout the history of this weather-dependent planet.  Yet, the fraud and unscientific science continues, intent only upon scaring and parting folks from their money.  There could hardly be a better circus attraction than the climate change bouncy house.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Obama Bunch Goes Pasolini

The slender figure, reminiscent somehow of a wispy Marxist ghost, and his willing, indeed fawning, hand-picked associates and advisers who currently infest the White House, have casually -- and progressively -- discarded administrative masks concealing the lizard countenance underneath.  This week?  Now it's a decree requiring mixed bathroom facilities in schools across the land in a bizarre quest to continue blurring the lines between male and female.  One's biological sex cannot be undermined, and therefore bad government chooses instead to focus upon gender, defined to suit the beholder's eye.

Decades ago, there was another Marxist of note, but at least his accomplishments were based upon movies, novels and poetry, not just the privilege of race, circumstance and political favor.

Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975) had already "gifted" his native Italy and the world with films, beyond moderation's norms, beginning in the 1960s.  By the seventies, the director was churning out a trilogy entitled Arabian Nights, Canterbury Tales and The Decameron, before making his final movie, Salo`, based on the Marquis de Sade's 120 Days of Sodom.

would be Pasolini's final cinematic effort, for in 1975, the motion picture's year of release, the openly gay Pasolini was murdered by a young male prostitute, who ingloriously topped off life's tragic cessation with the disfigurement of Pasolini's body.  In the end, the tabloid press did pretty much what they do to any star corpse, featuring gruesome front-page photos of the horror.

Why do I incorporate Pasolini into today's entry?  It's because I've been wondering about something to which the Obama administration's actions can be compared.

Pasolini's Salo` is, in the words of writer and reviewer John Powers, "a one-of-a-kind project that takes no little defending, and may indeed be indefensible.  It's the cruelest, most obscene, and most intellectually toxic work ever made by a major director.  Once seen, it is forever remembered."

Which is to say -- even if your neighborhood video store still existed, they would rather go out of business than carry something so vile.  However, I'm pretty sure that between the seventies and the current day a lot worse has graced visual media.

In basic terms, Salo` takes place in Italy during World War II's final months.  Four aging fascists, endearing of immorality and corruption in every form, retreat to a country house, enticing and bringing along for their every toxic pleasure an unsuspecting assortment of innocent young men and women from the streets of Italy.  Subsequently, we witness a number of disgusting scenes involving male and female rape, forced "marriages" between the old male fascists and young males, sodomy aplenty, an elegantly-set dining room table where young people are impelled to eat human excrement (relax -- the actors were actually given exquisite chocolate made to appear as. . .well, you get it. . .), and as terrible events progress the entire experiment in debauchery ultimately ends in the now corrupted youth meeting a horrible end -- again quoting John Powers -- "in which skulls are smashed, eyeballs sliced, and victims ritualistically slaughtered."

Again, you ask -- why do I mention this film today?  Because it's relevant to the dangerous social interference flowing from this tainted White House, its Dept. of so-called Justice -- and now HUD, which plans to conduct further social engineering by relocating undesirables to government-built housing deep within what remains of middle class neighborhoods -- just to, you know, make everybody "equal."  Not to mention home values, destined to dive equally.  Unless funding is cut by Congress -- always the perfect solution, yet so often ignored.

As my father once advised me in a distant year, as I tried to train a house cat to be a bit more gentle, "Robert, you'll never make a lady out of that cat."

He was right.  And by hook or by crook, or by wishes or by surgery, you'll never make a lady out of a man or a man of a lady.  Medical histories alone show the transgender thing, especially when surgical intervention is involved, to be a very risky business for mind and soul, bodies notwithstanding.  Disappointment and suicide levels soar, even as psychiatrists and surgeons pat themselves on their wallets. 

Unfortunately, today we prefer to concentrate on the gender one feels like, rather than one's sex at birth.

And there's that nagging little point indicating the percentage of trans folk is incredibly small.  So the Obama bunch, the USA anarchist entity,  really wants to screw, so to speak, everybody else of the vast majority?

Like the fascists in Salo`, the Obama bunch defies reality to create a world of make-believe, a world over which the individual possesses no control whatsoever, while the elite dine on their own vanity.  Skull crushing isn't in the mix yet, but how many bat-poop crazy D.C. decisions must come before we reach that point with this bunch? 

Yes, we, too, are the fascist experiment, modern day progressive style. The Executive Dictator issues an order based only upon a bastardized reading of sixties civil rights legislation, an absolutely bonkers decree creating everybody equal under the "law" and atop the toilet.  But, Mr. President, the male and female equipment is different, it's. . .Hey, don't say that!  You're wrong!  Shut up and conform! they respond in so many words, shaking tentatively endangered federal school funds in our faces.

When your eight-year-old needs to visit a public bathroom facility and discovers a more-than-interested adult of, apparently, the opposite sex following closely behind, that's likely to cause more than "bashful kidneys syndrome" -- it's scary and invites tragedy. But that's the 2016 version of  Salo`, Obama style, and we are not anxious to find out how much further rule by Queen Hillary Clinton would transport this policy.   Little by little, O's administration freaks will push all sorts of idiocy until the people revolt, a practice most haven't been very diligent about in the last seven years.  Lawsuits mounting across the country over the bathroom edict are not likely to abate soon.  Is that outrage we smell, as yet another presidential administration's progressive experiment crashes to the ground.?

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals will no longer supply drugs used for lethal injections.  Well, I'm puzzled.  What of drug companies continuously getting sued for supposedly non-lethal drugs which allegedly kill non-criminally convicted people, a.k.a. patients?  Why bother banning the witches' brew used for lethal injections when the "normal" stuff can't even guarantee success, "success" defined as non-death?  I say, if you drug company folks are going to do it right, put it all out there on the market, the more the merrier.  Quick, somebody fetch me a couple diazepam and a cup of water. . .and bring along some oxycodone, too, just in case.

Is John Miller really Donald Trump?  I don't know and I don't care, but even in the old days of the National Enquirer and competing publications analysts subjected audio tapes to the PSE -- psychological stress evaluators.  Surely somebody, right now, is running audio of both Trump and Miller on sophisticated equipment to determine once and for all if voice patterns indicate they are one and the same -- though perhaps not one and the sane:):)

Most discouraging thought of the day:  Our society, overwhelmingly enamored with celebrity, probably includes enough morons to put any celebrity into the presidency based on name alone.  And don't worry, that variety is already mulling over the possibilities.  Somehow, I won't feel very secure when White-Housed by somebody who runs and wins only because they can sing, dance or read lines from a script (in anticipation of brickbats here, let me just say that Ronald Reagan was an exception -- a disturbing portion of Hollywood's human real estate probably can't even speak coherently without a little help from the medicine cabinet, local drug dealer or friendly liquor store).

Hel-l-l-l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o Saudi Arabia -- Lookin' as though the U.S. Senate just cleared the way for 9/11 families to sue the towels right off your heads.  Fortunately for you, unlike in your country, nobody will actually LOSE heads, just the head wraps.  Wait for Obama to go ballistic over this option, muttering something about how other countries will sue the United States in turn for alleged crimes and abuses.  Unfortunately, we have enough America-hating attorneys and organizations right here at home who would more than gleefully participate.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Too Much Too Late

So John Kerry gave a graduation address at Northwestern University and told the grads, their heads already filled, cemented and sealed with progressive tomfoolery, that ours shall be a world without borders.  Kinda like what we already have way down South and up North, except Kerry seems to think a borderless world would somehow be a less bad idea than what the U.S. currently experiences thanks to the efforts of the something-in-chief, who just lets happenings happen.

Despite assurances from the White House, we still cringe at the thought of one B. Obama going to Hiroshima next week to NOT apologize for America's role in bombing some 80,000 Japanese citizens into oblivion during World War II.  This president seems incapable of passing up every opportunity to blame America for the world's ills, so I think we'll be a tad pessimistic about the optimism projected so far.  But why even go to Hiroshima in the first place?  There are plenty of places where dead U.S. military personnel could be honored by a president with WW II on his mind as Memorial Day approaches.

Then there's Obama confidant and speech writer Ben Rhodes (re NY Times article), along with other Obama speech writers, who casually and with pride admit to hoodwinking the public with words to get "Obamacare" and the deal with Iran passed.  To read their words and see some with Charlie Rose, actually taking credit for and laughing about lying to the public to leap difficult legislative hurdles makes one's mouth drop in awe and disgust.  Where is Congress?  Where is justice?

President Obama did not disappoint those among the "white privileged" when he spoke to black graduates at Howard University and played the race card the way he does best -- just a tad under the radar, but playing the them-vs-us race card without actually stating the message in detail.

Medical errors in the U.S. are now the third leading cause of death -- and you thought it was smoking?  Some call it incompetence, some call it an excess of drugs and some call it Obamacare's future.

Allegations that Facebook ignores and/or deletes postings by political conservatives have yet to be hashed out, but I'll happily continue to avoid its entrapments.  One only wonders how deep is the damage done to young people who get their "news" only from social media sites and members of academia whose minds swim in rivers of deceit and fantasy.

Going bonkers over the Zika virus:  Wow, aren't we?  Might the Olympic Games feature an insect-swatting competition?  Folks will be huffing cans of Raid way down there. . .if the entire affair doesn't collapse before it even starts.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Shaken, Not Stirred

There was dirt, there were dirty lies, and there was a win at any cost attitude served by immense wealth and faces unseen.  There was the whining, self-important Kasich, who received "God knows" what kind of political dirtbag promise for playing the game until. . .until Cruz waved goodbye? There was an obvious atmosphere, for anybody who cared to look beyond the glitz and an almost religious fervor, foolishly certain that a comic book hero was finally on the horizon, indicating that conservative Republicans were being led to the slaughter. And then there was Donald Trump, riding in on a white GOP horse. . . a horse of a different color.  Maybe.  Could be.

It would be so easy to stop right here.

Not too many years ago, when I still walked the Democrat side of the tightrope, blissfully unaware that a panacea was never to be found in that garden of lies, either, I was quite taken with a speech given at the Democrat National Convention by some obscure senator named Barack Obama.  As I've written on other occasions here, I e-mailed his office and suggested in my exuberance that, just perhaps, he might wish to run for president one day.  Guess what?

Heck no, he didn't make the move because of me, but in some small way I helped.  I helped.

By the time Obama actually hit the presidential campaign trail, I had smartened up considerably, then fearing that the prince I had envisioned via the words of hope and change he spun previously would turn into an executive branch demon.  I was subsequently not disappointed in that respect.

To borrow words from the John Boehner lexicon, to my utter shock and horror the son of a bitch went on not only to assume the highest office in the land -- he also went right to work crushing, sorry, make that transforming pretty much every path which makes Americans feel good about living in America.  Guilt through Executive orders.  American Guilt induced during speeches in foreign lands.  Transformational guilt.  Philosophical poison.  His progressive way or the highway. Blame America first.  You didn't build that.  Radical Islam is neither radical nor Islam.  The police acted "stupidly."  Stuff the country with hundreds of thousands of foreign invaders who will never learn English, will never desire to embrace American culture, will never get off the welfare rolls as they nevertheless reproduce like flies, and who will summon their relatives from afar to join them in a never-ending intrusion paid for by working Americans -- used against their will as financial supporters of a sustained madness which will ultimately impede and destroy American values.

Maybe it's just the sentimental veteran in me, putting this music to words here.  Maybe it's news of the death of a Navy SEAL in Iraq, as a little deja vu gets kicked up in the desert sands.  Will the Iraqi Army sons of bitches retreat again and leave the bleeding to our people?

More recently, I wrote another U.S. senator and suggested (will I never learn?) that he consider a presidential run.  This time, however, I did not act blindly, and had taken the opportunity to follow this senator's political career long enough to realize he stood out from his peers.  Yes, Senator Ted Cruz seemed too good to be true -- but his constituents seemed delighted with his service and, yes, it's accurate, he accomplished for fellow Texans what he promised he would do.  Refreshing, considering how we in other states often survive on politicians' vows of little more substance than dog poop tied up with a pretty bow.

So now it's Tuesday evening, and the Ted Cruz train just cruised into oblivion, having met up with Indiana's voting booths.  Maybe the good voters of Indiana's primary failed to notice the increasingly chummy relationship with Trump verbalized by the likes of establishment players such as Boehner and the usual GOP suspects.  As an Independent voter, it's easy for me to suggest that conservatives exit the filthy GOP soon, for the GOP and Democrat Party share the same infestations.  Now we know this for certain, and science holds no cure.

Uh huh, the road to hell is paved with media intentions, and the media wanted Cruz to go away, real bad.  The political-media establishment want Cruz out of the way so that, at the opportune moment, incriminating Donald Trump-related video and audio will likely be released like balloons at a stripper festival.

Ted Cruz may have been the best gift to the nation that we've encountered in a long time, and I'm not including his religion at all.  The gift will not be directed to Pennsylvania Avenue when January rolls around, but who knows?  A different national adventure, perhaps.  Supreme Court?  Attorney general?  Yes, I contributed a few dollars to the Cruz campaign -- and by a few dollars, I mean exactly that:  An amount so insignificant that the only thing one could afford during a stay at a fleabag hotel is the fleabag.

And now it's down to Trump and Bernie Sanders, except it's not.  Ol' socialist Bernie Sanders may have wowed 'em in Indiana today, but it's Hillary whose dark little heart sticks like black mold to the Democrat Party.  She's owed, damn it.  Unless.

Trump.  National Enquirer boss's buddy. 

Trump.  Win at any cost. Even if you have to drag in an opponent's family members with the help of media dirt.

Trump.  Be a bully, but what happens if you turn the bully factor on the people who think you're God?  Shall there develop an enemies list of which Nixon would have waxed envious?   Woe to those perceived as political threats or who dare to criticize the infallible Donald? 

Trump.  Boehner.  McConnell.  The establishment is destined to party on.

Trump.  The deal-maker -- fine for business relations, maybe not always so much when politics and the big money entities desire to marry in the "public interest."  Should Trump's book be re-titled, The (W)art of the Deal?

Trump.  His angry fans just voted to help keep the establishment running the show.  Trump or Clinton, it clearly makes little difference in that respect.

A Trump upside?  He won't treat military, Secret Service and law enforcement personnel like servile insects -- a novel change from some on the Democrat side of the fence in recent years.

Can Donald Trump's bluster defeat the crafty beast Hillary Clinton when the ultimate showdown occurs?  Whose flaws will shine the brightest?  Will elections even matter, since it's well known that the Electoral College is generally in the pocket for Democrats? 

Um, anybody remember the Tea Party conservatives?  This time, no matter what, we're again poised to get establishment dogma shoved right up our. . .

To again borrow a few words from the phraseology wit and situational eloquence of John Boehner -- may I say, there are more sons of bitches in politics than we can count.

The White House Correspondents Dinner:  Every year, on full display for the most skeptical of disbelievers to observe, politics, media and Hollywood mingle in a Petri dish of opulence fed by tidbits of privilege and corruption.  These are the folk who manipulate our lives and minds like master puppeteers.  That the Fourth Estate ever joined with a common entity intent upon holding the Third Estate under its vast thumb is a tragedy, and we should realize right away that all the dinner laughs recorded for TV news at eleven are THEIR laughs, not ours. 

And. . .wha??!!  A survey taken surrounding the affair determined that all members of the Washington Press Corps are Democrats?  Is this true?  It's not hard to know why Barack Obama is consistently painted as the best thing to happen to this country since George Washington.  They aren't news reporters, they're public relations agents.  Tasked sons of bitches whose primary role in life is to pretty up and support a son of a bitch, all the while attired in official Washington finery and decorated with deceptively glamorous press credentials.

Trump?  We'll hope for nice surprises, but cautiously wonder if he'll compile an enemies list to rival the longest ever scribbled.  To calculate the public image of Donald Trump, one need only watch a good share of bullying and violent supporters in the crowds.  And profoundly uninformed participants.  Yes, the frustrated and the desperate among them.  But we'll see, won't we?

However long the database of Donald Trump negatives, progressive views among them, a Trump presidency would likely be far more welcome than the venom Hillary Clinton intends for the USA.  For congressional elections to install additional Hillary sympathizers in the House and Senate only compounds the option of hell on Earth.  The mere thought of Hillary at the helm conjures an apocalyptic vision of Obama's policies on nuclear steroids.

Donald:  SMALLER government, please!  Can ya handle that?

Puerto Rico:  No bailout from Congress.  More than 300 million dollars considered by Congress would be better spent in the continental United States, and something needs to be done before all of Puerto Rico comes here for the welfare -- which they're already coming for in droves.  Cruz is right:  Teach them how to avoid the financial disaster they built around themselves.

Dennis Hastert:  Interesting that one of his former high school "victims" was shaking him down for big money to keep mum as years passed.  Society needs to take a really, really close look at the adult man / teenage boy issue, which is no newer or older than sex itself, certainly no surprise and even constitutes normal daily life in some societies, as it has for centuries.  Funny how money often fixes pain and emotional distress when sex is involved -- and when the press begins to cling in hope of a good, salacious story.  Note, too, that young men aren't necessarily stupid about such things. Regarding the National Wrestling Hall of Fame performing a hull of fame to remove Hastert's name -- well, wrestling, hmm. . .do you Hall of Fame folks believe his is the only name of mystery on your wall?  Wrestling associated with anything remotely youthful and gay, an impossibility?  Hmm. . .

Cleaning up New York:  Former NY State Assembly speaker and criminal Sheldon Silver was sentenced to 12 years in prison this week, thanks to the hard work of a very intent U.S. attorney, whose ongoing efforts have now roped in a former aide, a very close aide at that, to megalomaniac governor and presidential wannabe Andrew Cuomo.  While that particular investigation is ongoing, we also note that another former powerful and now disgraced "public servant" named Dean Skelos may also be sent to the slammer in a few days.  If a good share of political corruption is ever extracted successfully from NY, and if bitter rivals Cuomo and NY City mayor DiBlasio ever destroy each other politically like two giant lizards battling in a bad movie, New York may have a chance at becoming somewhat respectable.  But don't bet on it.  Nevertheless, any series of events that sour Cuomo's chances for higher office merely by orbiting around his sphere of influence are as welcome as sunshine in spring.  Meanwhile, the NY State attorney general, Eric something or other, has joined those in other states, determined to hold power corporations and related entitles LEGALLY responsible for denying man-made climate change.  Linked with the increasingly flawed science of Al Gore and Gore himself, this bunch is an extraordinary threat to the First Amendment and should perhaps be rounded up under the RICO Act and sued out of office, at the very least.  This conspiring bunch aren't scientists, and the science itself remains inconclusively mucked up.  This is all about parting us from our money and energy options, and THAT'S nothing new under the global warming sun. 

My favorite jokes:  That stuff WAS my favorite jokes.  Are we laughing yet?