Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Living Rent-Free at the CIA

Many years have passed since I actively pursued the UFO issue, so as a bystander I applaud the efforts of researchers who strain their eyes and miss dinner as they endlessly pore through old government files and tattered private documents.  I believe the last time I delved heavily into an inquiry of consequence occurred in the eighties when the late Bob Warth of the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained (SITU, now long defunct) talked me into exploring documents at a university library for some project whose end-game was best known to himself. In the seventies I spent considerable time in Rochester, NY where I researched files at Kodak and the George Eastman House for a firm involved with the production of Kodak's centennial edition of Studio Light, a favorite of professional photographers.

With that behind me, it's fair to say that my lack of hands-on involvement with UFO inquiries these days causes me to miss a lot.  Yes, I have occasionally run into some minor thing I wrote or was written about me in old files released by private concerns or government agencies, but I tend to happen upon such soon-forgotten things by chance.

Therefore, it was no surprise, yet intriguing, when I stumbled upon something on the Internet last week that made me blink twice, or better make that three times.  Apparently, it has been out there since release by the CIA -- yeah, that CIA -- in 2003 with its own government file number.

As a teenager in the sixties I wrote plenty of letters to editors of numerous newspapers and magazines regarding UFOs, and most of them were printed.  A particular newspaper letter, typed out in January of 1967, listed important UFO reports from the previous year, and we all know that 1966 was a stunning year for interesting UFO cases.

Thing is, it seems my comments referencing the CIA perked up official eyes somewhere because the entirety of the letter ended up in CIA files.

I've only included a small portion of the newspaper piece here, but as you can see there is a small underlining where I mentioned the CIA.  Apparently, somebody making this mark determined the letter-to-the-editor appropriate for filing in the Spook House.  For almost 35 years, my teenage composition about UFOs remained concealed in CIA files for reasons best known to the person or persons who made the decision to throw it into the pile.

Why?  Simply because it mentions the CIA?  Because UFOs in 1966 were of considerable concern officially?  A reference to the (not specified at that time) Robertson Panel report?  And if one wishes to file away a letter of this nature from a homegrown writer, why not at the FBI?  Was I considered a global crackpot?  International terrorist? National security threat? Merely a curiosity?  Was I Billy the Kid?  John Dillinger?  Clyde Barrow (sorry, no relation)?  Half human and half dog?  Was it clipped from the newspaper and just squirreled away for "later," much like when your grandma cut out pie recipes for pies she never baked?

Really, I don't comprehend the total picture here because everything I wrote was public knowledge by that time.  I'm betting there was increased high-level government concern about UFOs, particularly after 1966 flooded the nation with disturbing sighting reports, so maybe everything in print was fair game.  Still. . .

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  I do so compassionately hope, as somebody in Officialdom was running breathlessly across the floor in 1967 with scissors all sharpened up and poised to clip a newspaper op-ed letter, intended for either the creation or augmentation of a darling little WATCH-FILE NAMED IN MY HONOR, that they didn't trip over the sports page and sustain an injury.

Of course, a potential complication now is the CIA trolling the Internet, finding this blog page and supplementing the old file with (sigh. . .) a new entry.  If only they had stuck with the front page in 1967 and read no further.  Argh!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Any Which Way They Can, 2019

Sticky webs of flapdoodle hopelessly spun by the Democrats, compromised intelligence officials and their complicit media friends have the side-effect of making President Trump and the United States appear weak and feckless in the eyes of the world.  As a result, China and Iran become even more emboldened. Our Kurdish allies in Syria were abandoned this week by a Presidential administration perhaps too wrapped up in contrived leftist sniping and bull crap to effectively lead and consider long-term consequences of radical actions.  Yes, Mr. Trump was wrong this time.  The American-loyal Kurds deserved better.

As you may know, I really couldn't care less about professional athletics and who can direct a ball into a hole, basket, net or an alternate universe.  Nevertheless, I was profoundly grateful that the Houston Rockets general manager possessed the gonads to publicly comment on and support the poor people of Hong Kong, Chinese victims one and all.  The NBA, at first condemning him, and only later kinda sorta backing off, is truly deplorable for taking big Chinese money instead of standing up for human rights.  The NBA is hardly alone, for major corporations in this and other countries have sold their souls to the Chinese communists, be it contractual economic policies or allowing China to steal intellectual property.

The people of Hong Kong do not need the Chinese communist party, and that's the last thing China wants advertised to the world.  Hong works, China tortures, murders and "re-educates."

Even in Philadelphia, people attending a 76rs game and holding up a pro Hong Kong sign, were ejected.  I guess that's free speech in America -- but don't dare criticize Chinese monsters.

As China seeks to undermine, quell and kill off with deathly finality Hong Kong's brave opposition to its communist policies, the controlled mainstream media in the U.S. hypes up apparently inconsequential whistle blowers, hoping, as always, for a hit on Trump's presidency.  Never mind, of course, China's 70th communist anniversary and parade in which they unveiled an allegedly hypersonic nuke missile capable of reaching the United States in 30 minutes.  Why make the news about a society responsible for the murders of 40-60 million of its own people (thanks to insect dictator Mao Tse-tung and his merciless successors) and power-mad enough to destroy anybody and any nation in its way when bringing Trump down on behalf of America's socialist Democrats is the desired prize?

American journalism as practiced among the largest players who remain standing in today's news climate is all but dead, supplanted frequently with agendas, lies, unsubstantiated fluff and vomit-inducing feature stories intended to shield the public from truth that matters.  On national TV news programs, mention or invent negative stories about Trump and the barely hidden and smarmy smiles on the faces of complicit reporters can barely be concealed as they bask in an electronic stew of carefully chosen words.

Democrat loons: 
They are played out.  This should have been evident when Adam Schiff mouthed what he later claimed was a "parody" about Trump's call to the Ukraine.  One would automatically believe that somebody holding as much serious leverage as Schiff has no opportunity for "parody" when attempting to implicate a government official for an impeachable offense.

Over the weekend we suffered through TV interviews with Florida Rep. Val Demings (House Judiciary committee) and NY Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, obvious Democrat hacks unlikely to convince most thinking minds that Trump deserves what he's getting from the Dem Party pod people.

Meanwhile, at great expense implementing a REAL practice of journalism, Glenn Beck and staff consistently uncover evidence proving that dirty tricks in the Ukraine go far beyond Joe Biden and son.  In fact, it's more than obvious now that "everything the Democrats falsely accused Trump of doing with Russia was done by the DNC in Ukraine."  Names, places, events and the mysterious disappearance of seven billion dollars of American money in Ukraine fuel Beck's reports, the most detailed of which is a new TV documentary entitled, "The Truth Behind Ukraine," which is/was available for free viewing on Facebook and YouTube, rather than just on Beck's Web subscription TV station.  Unfortunately, as with many conservatives, the gods of the Internet are screwing with Beck's material, decreasing or outright censoring its availability ("shadow banning") via algorithms put into place by leftists for exactly this result.  When Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are eventually seen as publishers and not platforms, things may change -- but for now we're not much better off free speech-wise than any ol' communist country trying to make sure the truth "they" want us to see is the contrived truth we get.

How we kill
:  Looks as though you gun folk have a little catching up to do.  FBI statistics released a few days ago show that FIVE TIMES as many people were murdered with knives than guns in 2018.  Further, maybe hard to believe, but gun deaths continue declining from year to year.  We suspect a shocking number of victims are taken out with kitchen appliances and sex toys each year, too, but who's keeping score?

Vaping:  At the moment they're banning the unknown, but if and when authorities figure out exactly what to leave out of vaping materials we're still betting that bureaucrats from the Official Agency of Censorship and Banning will find other reasons to deprive Americans of their right to use these devices and (horrors!) flavored inserts.

Interrupting Greta Thunberg's teenage fantasy:  While young Swedish climate activist Greta made her impassioned, um -- okay, while young Greta cried like an hysterical banshee at the United Nations' Global Climate Summit last month, her bothersome whining apparently overshadowed 500 international scientists, engineers and other notables who stepped up to insist there is no climate emergency (Valerie Richardson, Washington Times, 9/29/2019).  The European Climate Declaration, produced by Amsterdam's Climate Intelligence Foundation, condemned leading climate models as "unfit," urging U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to apply "sound science" to any emerging climate policy.

The United Nations?  Good luck with that.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Dead End Derangement -- The Party of Banning, Censorship, the Modern Plantation and Obfuscation of Individual Rights Suffers its Ultimate Psychosis

Oh, they have him now!  When you're sitting around the old fishing hole every hour of every day for three years, waiting to catch anything, even something as tiny as an amoeba, a mere tug on the line can send those who restlessly fish into a frenzy.  Strange thing is, 'twas the deep state swamp association itself doing the fishing, desperately hoping to hook something of political value flying by in the open air.

Oh yes, they have old Trump now, don't they?

Pity the Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  They constantly seem to be making an attempt to flush one little thing out of their lives, just one, yet each time they jiggle the toilet handle a little differently everything backs up and floods the place with their own rivers of hatred and disappointment.  This time, looks as though they may have broken the handle clean off, resulting in a deluge of stuff they may be powerless to stop, dispose of or explain.  A recent poll indicating that 65% of Democrats approve of socialism won't help, either.

When the current impeachment "inquiry" subsides, or even after an actual impeachment, President Trump will still be in Office, and chances are he'll be more popular than ever in the 2020 election.  What we currently see before our eyes is a political party in mental distress so intense that it's just about ready to fall off the cliff of sanity on which it has been precariously perched since Trump beat Hillary Clinton fair and square.  Dems don't believe in fair and square, it seems.

Life sure is funny when the politically and media Elite join forces to defeat the will of the American voter. Regarding Ukraine, Trump merely appears to have communicated as the leader of one country to another, something all Presidents do.  Maybe he could have handled the situation regarding Biden & son differently, but this whole affair becomes murky at this point and the Democrats' (and others') dreams of removing Trump from Office via yet ANOTHER way will likely go nowhere.  How many contrivances can be thrown about before crying "wolf" annoys, rather than excites the panting and howling leftist masses?

Meanwhile, as expected, there's a rise in Americans wanting impeachment.  Of course -- when you get all your news from TV, the Internet biggies and a Web traffic jam composed vastly, mostly of leftist sites, there is no "other side."   Losing one's country takes very little effort when communication is so dangerously flawed.

Particularly interesting in this contrived mess, however, may be a track-down opportunity for Republicans on Trump's side to pursue alleged connections the DNC, Hillary, Obama, the deep state and others may have had in Ukraine for years -- and yes, ultimately a Democrat "Russian connection."  The revelation that George Soros is all over this thing, too, stirs things up.

Adam Schiff's invented self-pleasing interpretation of the Trump/Ukraine phone transcript before the House was shameful enough, but we've every confidence the Democrats will muck up everything else, cleverly converting truth and fiction alike into accusations sweet-smelling enough to use as the 2020 elections approach.  Really, what else can they do, having absolutely no sane agenda to sell to the American people?

Apparently, it remains a crime for Donald Trump to love and work hard for America and attempt to do good things for all Americans, including and especially ripping apart the deep state "swamp."  We have no doubt that the Washington, D.C. swamp people are working furiously behind the scenes to diminish Trump's power and increase their power -- while they strive to remove ours by overwhelming the nation with illegal aliens (more votes for the left).

Trump needs to continue doing particularly what his heel-nippers hate the most:  Continue appointing Federal judges (over 150 so far) and get ready for almost inevitable Supreme Court appointments in the near future.

Gotta Be Joking Department:  The Anti-Defamation League considers the A-OK sign (index to thumb and three fingers stuck in the air) a depiction of white supremacy and it should be banned immediately?  Man oh man, my love fest for the left just grows larger every day.  When does this hokum stop?  How?  This is exactly how you cruise toward communism, little by little.  I'm going to keep my A-OK sign, ADL -- and I'll raise you a middle finger.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Bits and Pieces for September 2019

Breaking Broken-Down News:  The Dems and fellow media accomplices got what they've  craved. The Democrats will open an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.  That ought to assure his re-election in 2020.  Great move, heel-nippers of the left!

 Glenn Beck goes UFO-ing:  There exist people who would rather sniff dog poop for hours than listen to one minute of radio/TV's Glenn Beck. Mostly it's because he's politically conservative, and his being a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints (formerly known as Mormons) probably turns off a few already-closed minds anyway.  Sorry, not every Mormon can be Donny and Marie Osmond, and I don't think Beck even sings.

Aside from friendships with famous mystery/adventure writers and sometimes unnamed celebrities (for their own protection), Beck has taken on the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, the deep state and all good and bad (mostly bad, we suspect) things regarding artificial intelligence.  But he's evolved further and now samples a path I never expected him to pursue:  UFOs.

Not once, but twice Beck has interviewed Luis Elizondo on his radio show, and occasionally breaks into no-nonsense discussions with his broadcast sidekicks about the serious side of the phenomenon.  Who saw this coming?  Sure, you get this stuff on Coast to Coast A.M., Ground Zero and on plenty of other shows groomed to explore UFOs and such mysteries.  But Glenn Beck?  We're gratified.

We hope Beck's interest is another turn of the page for a subject craving an inquisitive attitude, and let's hope he continues to put nuggets of truth out there.

On the other hand. . .

What is it with these congressmen, so-called TV journalists and others who can't seem to fathom the established fact that pilot-UFO chases and encounters backed up by visualization and instrumentation are nothing new?  How does one make them understand that NO! it's not the Chinese or the Russians or your grandma in a flying machine?  Anybody looking at UFO history -- if they bother at all -- will know in short order that apparent high-tech gyrations and speeds were reported decades ago and continued on and on.  NICAP.org and Project 1947, as two examples, can educate the uneducated quickly.

Disclaimer Day:  Readers should know that, except where it's obvious per the web site itself, I have no knowledge of or interest in the political leanings of people included in my link list.  Links are included because they may be of interest to you as they are to me, and I receive no remuneration for posting them.  Damn.

Biden & Son:  Forget President Trump's (second-hand?) "whistle blower," though the extent of potential disloyalty exhibited here by somebody close (?) to the President might be a story in itself.  Detailed allegations regarding Joe Biden and son Hunter's Ukraine adventure, perhaps extending into China, appeared long before now, and the only thing this hyped-up controversy may bring forth will be more lurid details of what is said to be a very sordid affair regarding foreign interference and influence -- and not by Trump.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi's demand of Trump to get a transcript of phone conversations is interesting, but even we on the outside would be forced to admit that the Biden-Ukraine-China situation could backfire on the Democrats quickly as investigations continue.  In an era when Democrat partisans seem best equipped to repeatedly shoot themselves in the ass with rock salt bullets, we ask. . .should we expect never-ending investigations and truth twists to make Trump look guilty and magically make the Bidens squeaky clean?  TV media:  Be original -- do your job.

World climate march:  First of all, don't bring some Swedish teenage girl to the U.N. and throw her in my face as a climate expert.  See the look on her face?  Mean-looking, ouch!  Too bad that millennials, so screwed up by the education system, are seldom growing the brains to distinguish between sky-is-falling climate fantasies and real science.   The trouble is, these swollen populations of young people have been spoon-fed sugared agenda cereal since they were little kids in school.  Climate scientists on the "other side" are almost never interviewed or included in any way by the left who control media reporting and education, thus allowing no-nothings to claim a "consensus" regarding human-caused climate change.  This consensus of scientists, by the way, does not take into consideration that many on the list are researchers in specialties other than climate.

A babbling, brainwashed, ignorant 16-year-old girl from Sweden, peddling vocalizations suitable for a robot, might better serve the planet by returning to her country and demanding that European leaders take action regarding all the young imported radical Islamic filth currently engaging in a rape fest among innocent young Swedish girls who, apparently, can barely depend upon the police to keep them safe.  That's the real human-caused "climate change" affecting the lives of teenage girls in her homeland.

A 9/16 report in the Daily Telegraph references Greta Thunberg, depicting her as a climate activist who, among others, are frightening other teens into an epidemic of climate fear.  The implications of a clueless "motor- mouth," obviously, may be incredibly harmful to young people more dependent upon scary bromides than scientific truth.

My wild conjecture:  When ABC-TV premieres Emergence this evening some viewing audience members may at least subconsciously associate the young girl apparently at the center of the story with Greta Thunberg simply because of a bad UN-induced taste against screaming youth -- and they won't like her or the series premise.  We already suggested the show will be a failure, particularly when folks realize this will just be another ongoing story facing season after season with no ultimate solution until the very last episode, and if the show gets cut short, there may not be a closing episode at all.  Better to turn off the TV and stare at your cat all evening.  Of course, I could be wrong.

Woke:  Strange how those who consider themselves "woke" are actually asleep with dreams devoid of the real.

Taking the crazy way out (wa-a-a-ay-y-y-y-y-y out!):  Some Canadian researchers believe that U. S. State Dept. personnel and others who experienced neurological problems in Cuba in 2017 (the "Havana Syndrome) after confrontation with strange electronic-like sounds and other possible percipients had actually encountered pesticides which may have inflicted brain damage.  Wha-a-a-a. . .?  One wonders, could brain damage also affect those who conjure up such explanations?  Could Justin Trudeau's multiple appearances in black face have influenced Canadian researchers in some delayed fashion, causing them to choose pesticides as the culprit after a dart wheel took a fateful spin? 

Then again, neatly tying up this package of international gremlins and hoping everything will quietly go away even as alleged victims continue to suffer in silence might not be out of the question for those who pull the strings.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Get Naked, Justice Kavanaugh

Instead of fretting over the alleged life and times of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's media-notorious penis (and being dead wrong, by the way, particularly when supposed "victims" remember nothing), you'd think the New York Times would concentrate on more substantive SC issues such as, oh, I don't know -- perhaps the Court's retirement age?  Just as the NYT eventually blamed some editor for deleting the all-important section of its absurd get-Kavanaugh article pointing out that the "victim" herself remembered nothing about the exposed-himself allegation, even ABC-TV News (9/16) waited until the very end of its report about the NYT article to throw in that the woman supposedly victimized knew nothing of the allegation.

Man oh man, this is modern big box journalism at its best?  One cries for journalism's truly intended and its glorious veterans, their reputations sullied via guilt by mere association with a profession barnacled by the uncouth.

My advice for Justice Kavanaugh:  Get naked, put on your running shoes and streak silently nude through the streets of Washington for a few minutes. Then return, re-attire yourself with the black robe and go on as if nothing happened, thereby getting this he said/she-said exposed-it nonsense done with once and for all.  Say nothing and give no interviews.  There's no point, because the usual barnyard media chickens will continue to cackle the same old tune, the only one they know.

Beto the magnificent:  I rarely have cause to use the biological term, d. bag, but this guy is just all of that and less whenever he spouts political talk.   The entire Kennedy family should be insulted when drooling hopefuls suggest he's a new Robert Kennedy, an absurdity if ever there was an absurdity.

"Hell yes," Beto warns, promising to actually, no-nonsense, come and take people's currently popular sporting rifles beginning with the letter A followed by a number.  Soon thereafter, he received a message from a legislator, joking, "Beto, my AR is ready for you."  Next, proving once again that those who dwell on the left generally have no tolerance for humor when it's directed toward their side, Beto not-Hispanic-in-the-least O'Rourke expressed shock, awe and outrage, proclaiming this a "death threat." Obviously a member of the "dish it out but can't take it" club, Beto reminds me of somebody bullied in fourth grade -- and deserving of it.  He'll be President the day I turn into a Delphinapterus leucas.

Drone attack in Saudi Arabia:  Way back, we mentioned with no mental exercise at all how appropriate cheap drones would be for delivering explosive devices.  Considering the volatility of Middle East factions, this should have come as a surprise to nobody -- and because it appears that missiles may have been involved, that adds to the fun.  We hope that primarily the Saudis handle this probable Iranian-fingerprinted attack because we don't fancy the idea of sending American sons and daughters to the region for engagement in out-and-out war accompanied by an almost inevitable high death toll.

Green energy makes its mark again (unfortunately, the wrong mark):  The press in some instances seem to be noticing that those giant wind turbines create an immense dismantle & disposal dilemma once they fail or outlive their service.  At least birds in flight will appreciate this.

5G and you and me:  Notice how those towering structures carrying numerous microwave antennas resemble weird upside-down chandeliers from some horror movie?  We will continue to wonder (the TV show, Full Measure just presented a great report, check the link and watch the episode online) what influence a multiplicity of MW energy transmitters might exert on cases of childhood leukemia, depression and other major health issues.  Literally a case where time will tell.

Zantac falls off the pharmaceutical merry-go-round:  Folks cautious about what goes into the pie hole, to put it bluntly, would be way less likely to find a need for this gut bacteria-altering medication.  Our view is that ingredient ranitidine as a potential cancer danger may be far less worrisome than what this sort of med's function does to one's "friendly" stomach and digestive bacteria and enzymes.

Pharmacy products we'd like to see:  If we had Oxycondoms instead of Oxycodone, maybe there would be better birth control.

NBC, wow:  A whole week on TV about climate change (1) destined to exclude or make light of weather and climate precedent showing that change is normal and (2) intended most likely to make everybody hate President Trump.  After all, elections are coming. . .

Democrat presidential hopefuls:  Is Tom Perez pulling all the tangled strings?  Has the DNC realized yet what a mistake they made in excluding the only possible candidate, woman and military veteran Tulsi Gabbard, capable of even coming remotely close to defeating President Trump?

Nanny me more:  Proactive progressive megalomaniac New York governor Andrew Cuomo has banned flavored vaping materials to deter children from vaping.  Why do these leftists, already dedicated to banning, censoring and saving people from exercising their rights, fail to care that adults, not just kids, want flavored vaping?  Vaping is not something I would ever do, but this is still America and adult choice counts.  I think.

UFOs:  I think I was in my pre-teens when the father of a family with whom my family was friends alerted me to a new restaurant run by a retired Air Force major and his wife.  He knew the major and suggested that he and I have dinner there so I could ask the man questions about UFOs.  Obviously, my mind whirled and I began lining up questions which must be asked.

Turned out the major was a great guy, his restaurant inviting, the haddock dinner superb, and the UFO inquiry -- well, not so much.  Asked about his Air Force contacts and UFO knowledge, the former military officer was very stand-offish.  I guess noncommittal is a good word here.  I know that he knew something of interest about UFOs during his Air Force years, but he simply wouldn't relate anything to the likes of me, a kid.  But I could have been 80 and I'm sure he wouldn't open up.

The point?  Retired military personnel, in large part, remain loyal to expectations placed upon them during their careers, and in many ways there's no mystery when it comes to their refusal or reluctance to disclose information they may not believe optional.  Such as. . .UFOs.

Saturday Night Live's edge falls off the cliff:  Producer Lorne Michaels just HAD to fire new cast member Shane Gillis because of racist and homophobic statements?  Hmm.  Ever notice what non-Caucasians get away with on TV and radio every day when it comes to freedom of speech?  I am so fed up with political correctness and people offended by words.  Words!  These days, there also seems to be an additional penalty involved at some level if one happens to be white.

If somebody doesn't cater to words stated and takes offense, then they should merely say something back just as intense or refute the issue, no matter how stupid or silly.  Achieve an equal footing and let it go.  That some with authority have literally become word police (particularly in colleges and universities), hanging threats of unemployment or academic grades over certain heads, is outrageous and wrong.  To face censorship by Facebook, Twitter, Google or other alleged "social" media platforms is frightening.

Keep on firing folks who say things and soon there won't be anybody left to hire, except maybe for the blindly obedient types ingrained with robotic speech so craved by the current Democrat Party.  First Amendment be damned.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Islamic Terrorists and Presidential Candidates Share This Goal

Americans have changed and, most unfortunately, lost a lot of simple options taken for granted as the last 18 years unfolded. The day after 9/11/2001 brought the country together and there momentarily seemed that we all had something precious in common.

If that sounds a bit syrupy, it is.  Truth is, as months and years passed certain known factions in the country ramped up what had previously been only moderately effective efforts to encourage national hatred from within.

So here we are.  And on 9/11 this year I can't help making a comparison between radical Islam and the current -- and, we hope, soon to be utterly forgettable -- crop of radical (oops, did I already use that word?) Democrat presidential candidates.

No brain surgery here -- both are dedicated to collapsing our capitalist system.  No sir, no ma'am, n-o-o-o-o-o-o free market allowed.  A central socialist entity, be it an actual form of government or brutal rule based upon religious dogma, controls everybody's everything, including personal wealth and conduct.  Personal intellectual property?  Forget it.  Punishment?  Terrible, even death, and one need not even be guilty.

Heck, look at the "Green New Deal."  Right out of the United Nations.  We won't belabor this unaffordable multi-trillion dollar monstrosity which can only drive a nation to socialism and worse, but will mention one little tidbit, that family electric bills would, by necessity, instantly rise by hundreds of dollars a month.  A month.  Meanwhile, the so far unworkable fantasy of totally green energy would kill billions of birds and other wildlife influenced fatally by killer wind turbines and fast-fry solar panels which look invitingly like lakes.

As the remaining bunch of Demo-lunatics are scheduled to conduct yet another insane asylum-style debate Thursday evening, we ask, where oh where are the Democrats with whom we grew up, the rational variety whom at least said things that made a modicum of sense?  Now we have race-baiters and Trump haters with all the enduring substance of bug-infested whipped cream.

It's a little late, but maybe somebody should form a search party to make sure that what few sane Democrats remain aren't lost in the woods somewhere.  The Democrat Party may want them eventually -- say, after the 2020 elections, when an almost inevitable shock wears off.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

If We Can Save Just One (All the Others Won't Matter)

Our hair-trigger society continues to go bonkers over mass-shootings perpetrated by mentally deranged people, chronically blaming guns instead of the minds behind them.  Thanks particularly to the loud left, which increasingly never seems to have seen a constitutional amendment it cares to leave alone, corporations such as banks and Wal-Mart listen to a minority of all the wrong people and make snap decisions to the detriment of a majority of its customers.  Has no one yet learned that voices of boycott, banning and censorship are generally leftist pressure groups with no other goal than to suppress rights of the individual?

The real domestic terrorists of the moment happen to live under cover of the now-decimated Democrat Party, in my opinion.  Total control, absolute power over us all, this is all they can offer, for they truly are democratic socialists and that eventually spells communism, no matter how fragrant the odor exuded from each potential candidate.

Here's a legislative idea for the crazier representatives in the House:  The Odessa, Texas shooter, like others, went even more nuts than he already was once he was fired from his job.  Surely, a member of "the squad" or some other House faction can advance a bill that outlaws firing from one's employment?  Maybe call it the "Save a job, save a Wal-Mart" bill.  Obviously, potentially fired employees must be protected and kept un-fired by an act of Congress -- otherwise businesses will fold under the slightest media and other leftist pressure influences.  If we can save just one person from being fired, imagine the benefits to society.

Flippancy aside, I want more people walking around with legal guns in stores, not less.  The measure of extra protection offered to shoppers who may end up as little more than police chalk line models when one or more lunatics wield total power could be incalculable.  And if anybody thinks background checks keep bad guys from obtaining firepower, the Odessa shooter, who failed a proper gun purchase inquiry already because he was crazy, proved otherwise.

The left should also ban boats immediately:  While congressional lawmakers eagerly contemplate an anti-firing law, why not legislate a boat ban as well?  Did 34 people not just die in a horrible diving boat tragedy off the coast of California?  No guns, no bullets, no Wal-Mart, no psychotics (as far as we know) to blame, so indeed this is another matter altogether.  That many of those aboard were also celebrating birthdays, any bill walking out of Congress should explicitly ban not only boats, but birthday celebrations on any bodies of water.

Speaking of Congress, we hope some serious investigations are going on into the current and past activities of Rep. Omar, who seems to have quite a connection to people and groups involved with terrorism.  N. Pelosi, above all, needs to be immensely cognizant of the implications here.

Where guns should grow like weeds:  Hong Kong.  We hand out compassion sparingly these days, but what's left of our heart goes out to the freedom-craving residents of Hong Kong.  China is everybody's enemy and communist party puppet Xi is just one more throwback monster in a long line of Chinese monsters (hello, Mao).  The complicating factor now is the use of technology in its most evil form (hello China helper, Google).  We wish every protestor in Hong Kong had instant access to the enormous firepower required to at least slow China's bullying murderers down.  Then let Taiwan in on the action; the more the merrier.

No saddle required:  An American Airlines passenger boarded a flight with a small "comfort horse" a few days ago.  While we fully understand and appreciate the need that military veterans and the like have for service dogs, we cast a very wary eye upon other members of the flying public who demand the right to be accompanied by their own variety of "comfort" animals due to real or phony anxiety issues which would probably best be addressed by mental health personnel who don't encourage this nonsense or a "scared straight" program guaranteed to shock them out of their need to become infantile depressives aboard an aircraft.  The Wright Brothers would slap these folks in the face mercilessly.

Bedbugs at the New York Times:  Good place for 'em.  All the bugs that's fit to print.  Unfortunately, a NYT columnist became enraged when another writer called him a bedbug and he took it oh-so-personally.  Good grief, are there any thick skins anymore?  Does everybody require a comfort animal to get them through a day?  Or maybe a comfort bedbug?

Hurricanes:  Despite the cackling out there, there is precedent for large, catastrophic hurricanes, and evidence exists even long before modern records were kept.  The climate change bunch lives and dies for weather events, as if meteorological events never happened before they came along to save us while blaming Donald Trump.  As we always prefer to note:  Of course things seem worse because there are more people, more buildings and more human-populated areas, so the hit-or-miss option is constantly in jeopardy.

Sports:  Too big, too important -- especially when we're exposed to a never-ending stream of casualties involving highly paid and pampered people.  So now it's  newlywed baseball player Tyler Skaggs found dead with a mixture of Fentanyl, oxycodone and booze in his bloodstream.  Naturally, the network news shows concentrate on this self-induced tragedy instead of, oh, say -- congressional rep Omar and her alleged connections to terrorist folk.

Wal-Mart was just sued in El Paso by a couple asking why there was no armed security when the massacre took place there.  We will answer that here:  Now that Wal-Mart will no longer sell bullets or a variety of firearms because of all the bitching, this is a question with a ready response -- nobody wants guns, so why this quest for armed security in the store?

Vaping:  We don't vape and we don't smoke, kinda having this crazy idea that we're born with one set of lungs and they really need to last a lifetime.  Nevertheless, Michigan just banned flavored vaping ingredients, even the menthol variety, in order not to hook children on vaping.  Also, nobody really knows yet why a sudden spike in lung illnesses have occurred, but here's panic in progress.  Question:  What about adults who want flavored vaping?  Must everything in this society be tailored "for the children?"  The kids aren't voting and they don't pay taxes, so it seems lawmakers could concentrate on doing things for adults instead of banning everything that might influence today's crop of, frankly, wussie-fied children whose pathetic lack of parental upbringing will mess up the national thought process for years to come.  Should kids be vaping?  Of course not, but parental control has gone to Saturn or some place far away, so good luck.

Smart phone radiation:  New studies suggest smart phones may leak more radiation than previously thought.  Now what?  Now nothing.  Tomorrow is another day of discoveries too plentiful to handle.

Back to (commie) school:  We remain astounded at the grasp so many leftist college professors have on American youth now.  Parents footing the bill really need to be aware of the rat holes (and rats) swallowing college tuition used pretty much  to teach their kids how not to think and to embrace the socialist party line.  This dangerous foolishness is sure to be hyped up on campuses across the country as 2020 elections near.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Beyond the Clamor -- If Not Now, Then Never

Compassion can overwhelm the compassionate, as we've often attempted to point out.  It's true at our chaotic Southern border, and human kindness going beyond normal standards can also backfire -- as in the lax attitude the U.S. initiated back to at least the seventies where international trade is concerned.  In terms of trade with China, the compassionate trade scale has long been unbalanced in China's favor, and by now our Chinese trading partners have become as comfortable with cheating, robbing and stealing from the United States as a rodent taking up comfortable residence in the warmth of an old sewer pipe.

As the current trade "war" continues, one thing is clear:  We Americans are a far, far cry from the resolve demonstrated by our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents during World War II, an era where sacrifice was crucial to the war effort.  From "Rosie the Riveter," who exemplified women
leaving the home to take on factory work men couldn't do because they were deployed overseas, to families and entire neighborhoods collecting aluminum, steel, cooking grease and other substances essential for U.S. military operations on the war front, this was a time of immense personal sacrifice.

Fast-forward to 2019.  Have things changed?  Yes, oh yes.  We've become as soft as a cushion in a cat bed.  Children and adults can almost be too fat to walk across the street, let alone meet basic military qualifications.  Students are often too buzzed-out on electronics or drugs to learn, while teachers and professors often teach about irrelevant, stupid things.  "Sacrifice" carries a different meaning now, as our progressive friends of both parties have decided that it means sacrificing your hard-earned money to support illegal immigrants, their families and friends with few limits.  Sacrifice is allowing government agencies at all levels to increase your taxes with one hand while waving in empty promises with the other.  Sacrifice is having the guts to give up your smart phone for an entire day to declare some kind of social victory.  Sacrifice means getting out of the chair to follow a path to the refrigerator 20 times a day instead of 22.  Sacrifice is allowing the state to restrict or prohibit your use of firearms in the name of "doing something."

Sacrifice is 10,000 things -- none having the slightest bearing on the actions those who came before us initiated by necessity.

If the U.S./China trade war continues, how many among us have the resolve to willingly tighten our belts and accept or demand less in the short or long term?  We are not optimistic. 

Knowing that this is the one and only time there may be a chance to put the brakes on China's enormous appetite for all-inclusive world domination, would enough Americans care? 

With a disturbing proportion of college students and other young people apparently more than ready to accept socialism with nary a clue about its workings, we fear that "sacrifice" in their view would mean giving up all of our hard-fought precious rights to a central government for "protection."

China?  We suspect that China would love this brand of sacrifice in the United States.  Russian dictators would swoon in adoration.

Defining politicians today:  So many of these folks seem to prefer a feedbag over feedback.

Congratulations to the Obamas, ever so concerned about poverty in the black community.  To this end, they are now the proud owners of a $15,000,000 estate in Martha's vineyard.  How do you start off a presidency with college debt, move on to a house worth 8-9 million, and just a few years later you're really into the big money?  Or check out Congress, where it pays especially well to be a Democrat. No poverty concerns there.

Burning down the house -- The Amazon Rain Forest in flames:  Fires caused primarily, some suggest, by farmers clearing land. Our sympathies lie with the flora and fauna.   Clearing land for more farms to support and encourage the births of more people to remove more resources to build more places to support the births of more people. . .and solutions will eventually be the worst for every living thing on the planet, 'cept for those ingenious cockroaches.  In the rain forest, your babies aren't cute anymore.  By the way -- notice how celebs and others enjoyed a tweet-fest, sending along fire disaster photos which weren't even taken in the rain forest?  It's no wonder that nobody believes these phonies anymore.  There's a huge difference between being a true environmentalist and just a fraud adhering to the concept of never letting a good crisis go to waste (where have we heard that before. . .?).

The Second Amendment:  We quake to realize there are still political sorts out there who would have the gullible believe this Amendment is all about freedom to hunt and target-practice, when it was actually formed to deal with neither.  Should government tyranny ever catch fire in the United States, we would hope that our unique position as a democratic republic would lead to solving the unthinkable with the cooperation of both police agencies and military members with cool heads who realize it is an out-of-control political class, not the common people, which must be addressed, even with extreme measures if necessary.

Former Venezuelan dictator Chavez banned gun purchases by his nation's citizens in 2011, demonstrating that socialism demands the removal of firearms from the people and leaving them helpless, guided along by a gun-heavy military dictatorship in order to function. 

Worst part is, up until a few years ago the Second's importance was pretty basic knowledge.  Returning civics classes to schools would go a long way in helping the misinformed understand issues such as this.  An Amendment to guarantee your right to hunt?  Absurd -- and "they" know it.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Jupiter Receives Social Justice

Well, THAT should teach those jolly Jovians a lesson they're not likely to forget.  Did you see that brief video last week, showing a large object hitting Jupiter?  Known casually as our solar system's giant protective vacuum cleaner, Jupiter took quite a hit as a significant something or 'nother crashed through its seemingly boundless atmosphere.  Wouldn't care to be a Jupiterian walking down the street, nor taking a stormy flight inside the planet's Great Red Spot, lacking even the most basic of head gear.

Chances are really good that someday it will be our turn to settle international social issues once and for all eternity, not with all the brainpower assembled in the United Nations, but instead with the biggest freakin' mother of all asteroids in the known or unknown universe.  Yes, a chunk of dumb rock bringing along neither college degrees nor diplomatic experience will likely determine our exit, obliterating all human accomplishments, cute animals, world dictators and daily panic over climate change.  No negotiations, no counter-offers, no hugs or handshakes, no artificial intelligence -- just brutal, all-encompassing termination.

Oh, wait -- I forgot, we'll all be living on Mars by then. Unless Mars gets the killer asteroid treatment first.  Or after we move in, barely able to unpack a fleet of galactic moving vans before chaos rules.

But not to be negative. . .except. . .unfortunately. . .

Hong Kong needs King Kong:  Maybe just a temporary lizard-loan from Japan?  As China remains perched on Hong Kong's doorstep, characteristically ready and willing to viciously subvert the slightest spark of freedom among those under its hawk-eyed watch, the world observes.  Contrast Hong Kong's people, waving the American flag and singing OUR National Anthem in a desperate quest for a measure of freedom, to invaders on our Southern border, brandishing high the flags from their countries of origin and loudly condemning the United States because these phonies can't access our welfare and free stuff system as quickly and conveniently as they want.  There comes a point when President Trump may need to be far more outspoken about Xi's savage regime.  Meanwhile, the best words of Mandarin to learn are those telling China's government to go to hell if its manipulators can't look beyond torture, murder, mass imprisonment and world domination as a plan for the future -- and planning way ahead for every surface of the planet is exactly what they do.

Fake of the week:  Rep. Tlaib, crying crocodile tears for the TV cameras as she decides not to visit her Palestinian grandmother via the kindness of Israel.  You'd think this bad actress hiding under congressional privileges would cherish a trip to old granny before granny, oh, I don't know -- chances to set off a bomb and exits forever?  Tlaib had no reason to cry, except maybe for failing to whip up enough Jew hatred.  The fact that she and Omar were elected to Congress sure says a lot for the quality of their constituency.  Doesn't Sharia smell better all the time?

Periodic gender count: 
As a public service, we wish to take this opportunity to count the number of human genders as determined by scientific research.  Today's count:  Two genders.  Suspiciously, the number never seems to change unless fiddled with by morons whom, in most other instances, love to shout, "The science is in."  Apparently, gender and science have no relationship.  Go figure.

Woodstock's 50th anniversary:  Missed it.  Too busy helping to fix patients in the Air Force's fifth largest hospital in 1969 Texas.  I hope those freakin' hippies smoked a joint or drank a beer or two in honor of the kids sent off to die, receive wounds or corrode mentally in Vietnam.  And speaking of that era. . .

Peter Fonda dies:  Fonda was known best for the movie, Easy Rider and for being part of a famous acting family. We dare suggest, based upon a rather distressing wish Fonda angrily uttered publicly some time back that -- well, all we can say is, Barron Trump should sleep better tonight.

New York, New York:  (Sigh. . .) Once upon a time, long before the Democrats filthied the place up, education accomplished an important job.  Now they want to screw with the upper levels and high school curriculum, as they always do, by teaching a segment on "symbols of hate." Do those symbols include a donkey, by any chance?  The Democrats, having absolutely nothing to run on in 2020 except race and guns, always go for the obvious.  If these fools really wanted to influence young people and the education system positively, they would return to incorporating civics lessons emphasizing American qualities instead of hate-America-first classes.

Television:  While we find the CW's summer series, Two-Sentence Horror Story interesting, last week's episode in which the ultimate "monster" turned out to be I.C.E. agents at the door of an illegal family simply proved that the TV medium, as never before, has become a blatantly obvious vehicle for leftist political ideas.  Further. . .

We watched brief, recurring previews for two new fall series on ABC-TV, Emergence and Stumptown,  and will reluctantly predict their quick demise.  First, did ABC learn nothing with the cancellation of The Passage last season, when this murky hodgepodge of confusing episodes featuring a young girl, monsters and her older companion failed to gain a foothold?  So what do they do?  Here comes Emergence, this time again involving a young girl as the center attraction among the adult class.  The major alteration, from what we can see, is that The Passage story involved a black girl and the new series integrates a young white female into a sci-fi story.

Then there's Stumptown.  Hoo boy, what was that ABC series last season that bombed, the one about two government agents, one male and the other female?  Whiskey Cavalier?  So here comes Stumptown, another reason to show everybody that a woman can do everything a man can do, even being featured in an improbable smarmy TV series unlikely to snare a viable fan base simply because even the most basic of TV audience members know pap when they see it.  If there's a war on women, putting them into televised nonsense like Stumptown and Emergence isn't going to win the battle.  On the other hand, the CW Network's launch of Nancy Drew based upon the old and time-tested book series may do quite well among the young and generally faithful CW audience.  Anyway, we'll see -- or somebody will, because I can't be bothered tuning in to most of television's evolving foolishness and visual mind cancer (as we've suggested before, try watching the current crop with the sound muted; without audio to prop up the view, the vapid jejunity is enhanced).

By the way, we remain appalled that all forms of media concentrate so much on women and girls now that boys are almost invisible, ghosts.  Maybe it's little wonder in specific instances why some grow up, go nuts and shoot people.  The rot dripping from segments of contemporary society almost warns males to stay in the background.  Never be afraid to be a boy in a village of reverse-sexist idiots.

Universal puts the motion picture, The Hunt on hold:  We doubt it's a concern over the movie's violence as much as it reportedly shows kidnapped political conservatives overpowering progressive types and emerging as the winners.

The Jeffrey Epstein saga:  Here today, and out with the simplicity of a bed sheet with no significant thread count tomorrow.

Working against America:  Five senators on the left including Gillibrand and Blumenthal apparently can't play nicely in the sandbox because, reportedly upset by recent Supreme Court decisions not to their progressive liking, they seem keen on adding many more than nine SC seats to gain, um, a better degree of fairness.  This is the kind of dangerous nonsense one votes for when elections come around.

Not to forget NY's Senator Schumer, who wants purchase of body armor by the public authorized by and registered with federal law enforcement.  Is there no end to Democrat interference in perfectly legal commerce conducted by the innocent?

Suggested refrigerator magnet DEMOCRATS DO NOT TRUST YOU EVER

The FCC wants a three-digit suicide hotline number:  The suggested number would be 988.  It may as well be 666, because the massive suicide phenomenon won't be solved with a call-in.  The problem is society itself, and as we tire of suggesting, human numbers play a role.

Money cures sex abuse:  Like a cattle stampede, attorneys are thundering across the sex abuse flatlands, hungry for money but couching their natural instincts as concern for the victimized.  If you're alive, dead or not certain and maintained even a hangnail connection with the Catholic Church or the Boy Scouts of America, watch out -- the New Inquisition is here!  Anybody who thinks religions, organizations, Epstein and others brought something new to the world with underage sexual encounters is naive indeed, and if you've read enough history one finds a normalcy about it.  Surprised?  Don't be, because a society as ours, so enthralled with the "roots" of human civilization, will find peoples who characteristically had and continue to have some very interesting relationships and activities with and between adults and children.  Evil?  Wrong?  Roots, it's the roots that everybody loves.  And as always, somebody needs to pony up the big money, though we've never understood how it is that money somehow decontaminates bugs in the allegedly victimized psyche.  We are, however, aware that attorney fees serve quite another purpose.

Dem candidates Warren and Harris hit a new low by claiming Michael Brown was murdered by police officer Wilson.  Even Obama's DOJ determined that thug Michael Brown, high on drugs, attempted to kill officer Wilson by grabbing his firearm, and had the officer not taken extreme action Wilson would have been dead.  Even as Brown's father initiates a new lawsuit (!!!), it should be obvious that Michael Brown, who heavily outweighed officer Wilson, received exactly what he deserved.  Warren, Harris and their fellow political liars should drop out of the race over their incredible race-baiting lie, obviously intended to gain votes from the. . .let's just say ill-informed masses who believe anything and act accordingly.  Who are the racists?  Who?

A new report claims that 50 percent of the world's forest animals have disappeared.  If true, this is another surprise that shouldn't be a surprise.  We wish Trump would evidence a lot more concern for environmental matters -- the ones that can actually be perceived, not those wished for or fantasized over by the agenda-ridden.

Plastics:  Particularly alarming is a recent report of an amazed scientist whose water samples far away from the grind of civilization displayed microscopic pieces of plastic, some in color, leading him to determine that plastics now exist everywhere, in everything and in every human and animal.  Of course, we already knew about ocean contamination.  Solving this evolving problem, if anybody cares at all, is cursed by time itself.

I.C.E. "raids:"  We're disgusted by the way TV news shows use videos of crying children at the border -- and children are truly the battering rams of the illegal border invaders.

Illegal aliens coming by the endless thousands are like guns -- they kill things in their own way, such as American culture and language.  Leftists abhor gun violence, but embrace the slow-cooking explosiveness of an invading horde.

"Red flag" legislation regarding the taking of guns from certain individuals without due process:  This is so unrelated to constitutional freedoms and the Bill of Rights that minds should be boggled.  Who will save us, if not ourselves?

Monday, August 12, 2019

UFOs? You're Welcome

Once the congressional fun starts with a UFO inquiry, we generally end up plodding down a well-worn path to the town of Nevermind, otherwise known in some circles as Politically Taboo Village. 

Aside from former Sen. Harry Reid's kick-off of the newest UFO football game (taxpayer-funded in secrecy). Sen. Mark Warner (VA) was next to run with the ball and raise concerns about UFOs encountered by military pilots.  Now it's Rep. Mark Walker (NC) demanding a sober answer from Navy secretary Richard Spencer about the possibility of UFOs representing, hmm, perhaps a Chinese military threat. 

A Chinese threat bouncing about in our skies since the 1940s and even prior to that?

Pardon my skepticism, but we've seen it all before, every act of this pretentious Vaudeville-Era performance.  It starts with congressional outrage or curiosity and ends with either no government action noted publicly and/or press releases assuring one and all that there is no threat to national security.  And, oh, um, government folk can wash their hands clean by throwing a few dollars into a Colorado U-style "investigation" designed to make everybody feel enlightened and prone to just go away.

During the early years of this blog -- you know, before R. Barrow went insane and began concentrating more on political issues and little teeny-tiny concerns about government people dedicated to diminishing the established rights of every American? -- we dealt almost exclusively with the UFO issue and our small part in research and investigations.  In those pages are scans of letters from a number of congressmen and senators responding to my queries (going back to the early sixties) about the importance of the UFO issue.

But my inquiries were not unique.  Indeed, we now know that government agencies and personnel were taking UFO reports seriously in the forties and fifties.  By the time the 1960s arrived, particularly after the 1964 Socorro UFO encounter and later on reports from Michigan, precipitating then-Congressman Gerald Ford of Michigan to demand an investigation, congressional offices were inundated with anxious constituent letters begging for answers.

The point is that Congress was aware long ago that UFOs were real and worthy of scientific examination -- a phenomenon so bizarre and apparently posing such an obvious danger to air travel that its very nature demanded a look.  If you check out NICAP's 1964 document, The UFO Evidence, given to EVERY member of Congress (see link to NICAP and click on free books section), there's a section quoting numerous congressional members going back to the fifties, most of them expressing interest in the evidence.  And -- so what?

Throughout the decades, it wasn't a congressional majority or scientific consensus keeping the UFO subject in the spotlight:  Proponents familiar with evidence extending all over the world were instead the private research organizations and individuals who knew, despite the skeptics and debunkers, that, indeed, here was an enigma not to be ignored.  Sad to say, even the crackpots and book authors who claimed visits to Venus and Mars accompanied by elegant extraterrestrial beings helped keep the issue alive, even as so-called members of the scientific community did little but ridicule UFO witnesses and throw up various roadblocks to serious investigations.

The names Dr. James McDonald, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, Richard Hall, Jim and Coral Lorenzen and hundreds, probably thousands more, both living and dead performed the hard work resulting in extensively researched files long available to any serious congressional entity truly interested in exploring what seemingly constitutes the greatest scientific mystery of our times.

Yet, here we go again, and this time the nameplates read Senator Mark Warner and Congressman Mark Walker.  Oh well, at least they share the same initials and each is named Mark, making it easier to remember their, perhaps, just momentary visitation to the land of sky conundrums.  Deja vu, howdy do?

We hope Congress will someday thank all the fine and talented people (and maybe the crackpots, too, for their interesting lunatic efforts!) who sacrificed decades building an extensive science-based international library of UFO documentation which all may behold and from which all officials should have learned THE FIRST TIME.

Who knows, maybe someday a Ken Burns type will produce a multi-part TV documentary exploring the importance of specific individuals and organizations to the enormity of a mystery whose identity may or may not be right around the corner -- a "thank you" of sorts at last to a class of characteristically just-plain-folks whose echoing ghostly retort of You're welcome, we did our best blowing in the wind will be their only reward.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Blasting Away the Inevitable

Because Democrats have nothing workable in their crazed platform, white people and guns are the major issues upon which Democrats seem to be running, and at least for the moment they almost salivate like dogs hearing Pavlov's bell.  White folk?  Whether you like it or not, we white folk are quickly on the way to becoming a minority anyway and, assuming nobody nukes the planet, releases the mother of all lab viruses or a magical kill-all asteroid doesn't eviscerate Earth, we're destined to become "toast" as skin colors and facial features change.  Shooters beware, you cannot blast away the inevitable. The world is on a path to producing at least a brownish-hue civilization, according to scientific predictions.

And now, all of this:

Unfortunately, when mass shootings occur nobody smells blood in the water and goes on the attack like progressive Democrats, and they can hardly wait until spilled blood coagulates on the floor.  Like yellow jackets protecting a nest of anti-American honey, these frauds go off on the Second Amendment, Trump, gun owners, the NRA, firearm and ammo manufacturers and on and on, self-claiming a trophy of societal superiority.  The only decent thing they've done in the past few days is to criticize all-around good guy and profound presidential failure Obama during the Dem debates.  Oops.

Speaking of Obama, how predictable that he just had to throw in his two cents regarding the unnamed Trump and racism.  Obama -- a failed, nation-weakening, race-baiting former president whose own term included some two-dozen mass murders, and the accommodating media did not lift a finger to place blame on him.  Trump, on the other hand, is blamed 24/7 by the left for everything.

Did Mr. Obama know or care before slithering back into the limelight that both the El Paso and Dayton shooters are/were way, way out lefties?  "White supremacy" had as much to do with the El Paso moron as his concern for the environment in lunatic terms, and apparently loving the Al Gore b.s.  The Dayton shooter, who set about to kill his own sister and friend, was just bonkers and race seemingly had no bearing on his actions.

Who is to blame?  The shooters.

We wish President Trump had not invoked the term, "white supremacy" in his brief speech Monday morning, because this unnecessary wording just gives the left more to chew on.  There is no catastrophic outbreak of "white supremacy," but that argument could certainly be directed at other colors significantly, per college campuses.

Beto (who always moves about as if something in his pants is attacking him), Mayor Pete and the rest of the Democrat prez hopefuls already bask in nonsense, so it was no surprise that they jumped at the opportunity to blame Trump for the shootings.  Never let a (good) crisis go to waste, once said a prominent Democrat, and when elections draw near, wow, go for it.

We shook our head when NY's governor Andrew Cuomo made light of Trump's comment that there is no room for hate in this country, because we immediately recalled Cuomo's comment some time back that there is no room for conservatives in New York.

Astronomer Neil Degrasse Tyson received a sound clobbering from the left when he dared lay out statistics regarding some 500 people who die every day for various violent reasons, thus making these current mass murders not quite so massive by comparison.  Does Tyson not realize that facts and logic are poison to the leftist thought process?

Whatever the left says, its goal is to empty every American household of every kind of gun, all in the best tradition of Nazis, fascists and, yes, Venezuela.  The planet is littered with societies which willingly gave up firearms "for the common good," only to learn while defenseless that those in power will murder the unarmed by the hundreds of thousands, unopposed.

So now politicians, urged that they must "do something," are climbing on the "red flag" bandwagon, and we cringe in response.  Who will decide whose guns must be removed and why?  Can Democrat judges be trusted to not work a gun-removing agenda in mass?

Background checks?  They're already common, but how does one check out somebody whose intentions fly under the radar because they have a pristine past with no alarm bells to sound?

Will gun license applicants, we wonder, eventually be forced to spend a few hundred dollars to sit in some "mental health professional's" office who will determine their firearm fitness?  What is the mental health person has a problem with guns in general?

What "shall not be infringed?"  What are arms?  Will AK's and AR's become a major issue as the left works toward making the country a gun-free zone ruled by people with guns?

You may hate Donald Trump to the bottom of your soul for some reason, probably one hyped up by TV talking heads.  But anybody who thinks replacing him with any of the current media-endorsed boobs running openly or not as Democrat socialists is on a fool's errand.

When we occasionally write the words, your babies aren't cute anymore, we mean it and it all comes down to numbers of everybody.  Within that context, some babies grow up to be mass-shooters while others grow up just to add to the numbers.  That's why we shake our head in frustration when we watch primarily Democrats placing the blame for everything on Trump, when the Democrats would not lift a finger to stop thousands of ILLEGAL immigrants criminally invading our borders.  Numbers, not colors.  Their babies aren't cute, either.

How can potential shooters NOT go nuts when they observe a government totally unconcerned about a non-stop influx of people gifting us with diseases, poverty, no education, entire families, no language skills and basically no skills period?  Don't whine to me about compassionate Democrats, the sympathizing media and all the relief (Catholics high among them) organizations making big money off the "refugee" issue while U.S. taxpayers reluctantly footing the bill for this outrage can't provide adequately for their own families.

Meanwhile, you can bet that most, if not all gun-hating Democrat officials and presidential contender blabbermouths (some, racists in their own right) have around-the-clock security involving firearm power instituted by (gasp!) men and women carrying guns.

As everybody twirls in a dither over "white nationalism,"  we again invite readers to regularly consult our links to two Web sites exploring daily activities on college campuses, where anything BUT love for white people takes a front seat.  Anybody talkin' about anti-white nationalism?  Certainly not on your TV news shows.  What's graduating from these educational institutions of higher indoctrination when a curriculum encompasses its own special form of hate?

The El Paso and Dayton shooters:  Were they already on drugs self-prescribed or offered by "mental health" people whose failed efforts helped twist their minds into pretzels?  Video game addiction damage?

The word for both shooting massacres is not guns -- it's crazy. Brain cells are required to pull a trigger. If you can't understand the mind behind the gun, the guns don't matter.  If not guns, it's automobiles plowing through crowds and racking up a high death toll.  Knives and machetes wielded by perpetrators hosting a dose of insanity can do a pretty effective job, too.  Then there's pressure cooker ingenuity.

Infestation:  Another word to ban from the dictionary?  Before the lesser but loud politically correct segment of society makes this one equivalent to the "n" word, we wish to remind the overzealous that conservatives just found a recording of Rep. Elijah Cummings himself using the word, "infestation" a few years ago when discussing drugs in his district.  We know the word police were just chomping at the bit when they thought they could pin the word solely on Trump.

Multiple shark attacks:  Don't forget, the water belongs to the sea creatures, it's their world.  Considering the fine job the "international community" has done of mucking up the oceans with debris and aquatic poisons, it's amazing there's still anything remaining under the surface with the energy to stage a proper attack on humans.  We aren't the only ones who "go fishing."  Surfboards a la mode seem especially popular lately among shark diners.

China:  Xi and China's policies for conquest and domination are a danger to the entire world. Just ask Hong Kong. Any country playing nice with this devious, murderous regime lacking any vestige of conscience plays with fire.  President Trump's methods to deal with this brutal entity appear to be the best we can expect, as we are aware of no other solutions.  Previous U.S. Presidents allowed this disgraceful state of affairs to fester until we've reached a very difficult juncture.  A bumpy road now stretches for miles.  Without Trump, who?

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Their Cold Sweat

When the Supreme Court gave President Trump a 5-4 victory on his border wall last week I needed to remind myself of the reason why Democrats are just bat-poop crazy in their determination to rinse Trump out of their hair and down the drain.  Simply put, it's the Court.  Assuming he returns to Office next time, he's likely to appoint one, two, maybe three new SC justices, presumably balancing the Court with a conservative viewpoint drawing upon the U.S. Constitution and not progressive notions of "social justice."

That the left currently drips with a cold sweat was obvious, as the so-called (try Un-) American Civil Liberties Union and other leftists immediately went frantic and promised legal action, likely wringing their hands in frustration over this gigantic -- but far from unencumbered -- Trump victory.

The left is acutely aware that every Trump win, every triumph has the potential to raise Trump's rep higher as the 2020 elections slowly approach, and whether Democrats keep the House (maybe) or take the Senate (unimaginable), they may actually care most about one issue: the President is the only one with the power to screw Democrat hopes and dreams for decades to come merely by putting rational people on the Supreme Court. 

Ouch, that must hurt.  Too bad the Democrats welcomed among their ranks enough rabid dog-style "diversity" to put non-delusional party members on the run.  And it's probably way too late to change the script and hypnotize reasonable voters into believing the Democrat Party is something else.  Additionally, we can't forget that House speaker Pelosi has been all but bound and gagged by four congressional nitwits who enjoy and take full advantage of their right not to be thrown out on the street for being obnoxious and/or stupid.

Elijah's pedestal tilts:  As soon as Trump criticized Rep. Elijah Cummings' the predictable, pre-packaged media/Democrat screams of RACISM! reverberated across the country.  Racism?  Nonsense. 

The thing about Cummings, John McCain, Robert Mueller and others of a high standing is their "then and now" status.  We honor them for past accomplishments and hardships and their backgrounds often help them ascend to positions of power. However, once in prominent positions they need to be evaluated for their current actions, not held up merely because of their notable history.  Depending upon one's past laurels to solidify one's current status, sometimes in conjunction with pomposity, is not admirable.

Cummings (and he's not alone) seems to love life on a "racial" congressional pedestal, seeming almost untouchable and beyond criticism no matter his conduct.  Enter Donald Trump, who just fractured a little part of that pedestal, and just maybe affected that entity known as the Congressional Black Caucus, whatever meaning that absurdity has to a country expecting equal and not social justice.

A few days ago, as we mentioned in a previous entry, Cummings shouted down the Homeland Security official, blustering about kids sitting in their own human waste and such at the border -- even though Cummings has not personally visited the border in a long, long time.  Basically, like a good Democrat Cummings has his eyes set on destroying Trump, so why should anybody be surprised if Trump returns the verbal attack?  But racial?  No way.  Bonus:  Trump also managed to interject a word about Al Sharpton, calling him a con man and troublemaker.  America still awaits Sharpton's apology over the Tawana Brawley hogwash.

We wish American black people on a quest for leadership and an end to "the new slavery" perpetuated by the Democrat Party would choose honorable heroes such as Clarence Thomas to direct their lives.  Putting their faith in the Congressional Black Caucus and various overpaid and attitude-ridden sports, music and Hollywood "heroes" is obviously not working out well.

Is Trump right?  Is Baltimore "a disgusting rat and rodent-infested mess?"  Well, Baltimore's native son and movie director John Waters made sure, in his iconic motion picture, Hairspray, (the original version) to prominently give a few seconds to a Baltimore rat, thus setting the scene for all the human dirt and failings yet to be exposed, albeit in comedic terms.

By striking back at the people who strike out at him, Trump is proving that there are no sacred "cows of color," not in Congress and not in the entertainment industry, and for anybody to think they can hide behind color and shouts of racism when plans go awry or to gain political or social points is just so wrong.

(By the way, a survey by the Orkin Co. finds Democrat-run cities are the most rat-infested.  We needed a survey?)

The biggest loser:  We regret to learn that the courts have thrown out young Nicholas Sandmann's 250 million dollar case against the Washington Post for allegedly portraying him as a racist though confronted by an actual stable of race-baiting morons in Washington D.C.  Sandmann stood to make millions of dollars had justice prevailed, and in this instance we believe a win would have been right.

The biggest winner:  Three million dollars to the 16-year-old winner of the "Fortnight" championship game.  Methinks our fast journey to entrapment in screen zombie-land is almost complete.  Tragic was the day we traded the sweet smell of flowers outdoors for the inescapable glitter of an electronic monster intent upon reconfiguring us.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Orchestrating a Blunder -- The Well-Tampered Democrat Clavier

(For those not old enough to remember:  As electronic music became all the rage when introduced commercially in the 1960s and 1970s, a famous LP record album of classical music emerged entitled "The Well-Tempered Clavier."  Today's entry title is borrowed from that album, though we've substituted the word tampered for tempered.  After all, we're talking about the political left here, so there was no other option.)

To what lengths will an already compromised political party and its pompous hacks go to revive a dead chicken called Russian collusion just so party hopefuls can initiate impeachment proceedings based upon nothing? 

Apparently, it was worth dragging in Robert Mueller who, to be honest, seemed to be dragging slowly along all by himself in a display before the House Judiciary Committee and the American people best described as pathetic.  Democrats, already insulting Americans by assuming we're too stupid to know what was in the "Mueller Report," somehow thought a televised spoon-feeding of (to them) significant portions would be just the remedy for our lack of comprehension.  We particularly were "impressed" with Nadler waiting until the last few minutes of the first TV session to allow a succession of Democrats, one after another, to drive home the pointless points they thought would be a great way to convince Americans that all is doom and gloom in The Land of Purported Collusion.

Now confronted with a failure of monumental proportions over TV gone wrong, a giant electronic cigar having exploded in their devious truth-twisting faces, the Democrats now move on to other absurd options, and for Nadler himself, just as a zombie craves human brains for lunch, Nadler now harbors a dream of pursuing the grand jury testimony involved with Mueller's report -- but he shouldn't be able to obtain it because grand jury proceedings are, by law, confidential.

Despite the hoopla, those with feet planted firmly on the ground must realize that Russian interference in the last election -- as in many previous elections -- did not result in so much as one alteration of votes.

Noting all the "African-American" Democrats participating in this grand delusional inquisition, we wondered how it is that so many colored people (we see no logical reason for wasting the preposition "of" here, nor do we prefer the ridiculous words, color or colored anyway) continue to remain with or latch onto the Democrat Party, home of the original Ku Klux Klan and obstruction to former slave rights throughout American history.

If the intent to hold this exercise in bad TV drama was partially to serve as a commercial for Democrat Party recruitment, we suggest the folding tables be folded up and put away.  They won't be needed.

Calling Dr. Vape:   We've regarded TV ads with doctors telling kids not to vape with some interest, wishing they would also call people out for requesting from physicians dangerous drugs "as seen on TV" during news shows.  Addiction to drugs one may not actually need and may cause harm certainly ranks with vaping, if not more so.   Vape 'em if ya got 'em.

Places around the country are banning the music group, Confederate Railroad from performing because there's a confederate flag in their presentation.  Really?  Yet, the same outraged and sensitive-oh-so-sensitive people will gladly accept rap "artists" spouting non-stop obscenities, cop hatred and profound sexual references.  If these progressive folk continue to have their way with the First Amendment (and thereby all the ones that follow), we'll all be wearing tapes on our mouths or forbidden to use any words not approved by a special tribunal.  Thanks, radicals.

Congratulations Great Britain:  Boris Johnson as your Prime Minister should offer one hell of a show.  I believe I've seen that hair somewhere before. . .

Congrats, too, to radio & TV's Glenn Beck, who just marked 10 years since he infamously announced on Fox that he thought President Obama could be a racist.  When Beck offered up that suggestion, he was clobbered by broadcast and newspaper pundits everywhere for daring to say such a brutal thing.  On Friday's show, however, Beck played a litany of CURRENT media voices flat-out insisting that President Trump is a racist, no apologies in sight.  Ah yes, the accommodating progressive media which traded in the ethics of journalism long ago and sold their souls to work for the left. 

From the Department of Duh:  New studies have finally reached the conclusion that any thinking mind should know -- chemicals from "sun screen" (absurd to me)  products are absorbed through the skin and sent into the bloodstream.   So what did those who drown their children in sun screen several times daily think nicotine, cancer drug or other such patches do?  They dispatch chemicals inside of us, and all along the way vital organs get to say "hi" to an abundance of chemicals, for better or worse. Or worst.   Should'a had a clue when it was discovered some time back that chemicals in sun screen are destroying coral reefs.  We humans, we're so damned smart.  Make more babies.

UFOs:  We understand even more witnesses have come forth in support of the 1973  Hickson-Parker incident.  That's great, but we wonder if even another 5,000 witnesses would matter to a society electronically wrapped up in utter nothingness day and night.  Yet -- just suggest a suicide rush on Area 51 and you can't hold 'em back.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Bits and Pieces for July 2019

UFOs Through the Lens:
  Among months of UFO information piquing the interest of both press and public, we seem to recall occasional references from former military personnel describing strange objects, not well-defined, which appear to blur, wobble or vibrate rapidly in place, sometimes disappearing in an instant rather than smoothly advancing from one spot to another.  For these descriptions, Adrian Vance comes to mind.

Vance, a former editor of Popular Photography magazine wrote a book published in the 1970s entitled, UFOs, the Eye and the Camera.  Drawing upon both his vast photography experience and a science education, Vance "focused" upon an intriguing series of photos allegedly showing objects which, among other things, appeared to disappear and then appear in other locations instantly, sometimes leaving behind a "dissolving" of the former image as it reappears elsewhere.

Vance impressed the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek with his theories, including the possibility that time travel may account for this appearance/disappearance phenomenon.  In any case, Adrian Vance used science to promote his ideas and our brief mention here can't do him justice, but we do notice that copies of his seventies' vintage book aren't going cheap on Amazon.  We suspect and assume that government folk perpetually keeping an eye on the potential mechanics or highest-tech involved with UFOs are well aware of Vance's theories.

A crowd's shouts of "Send her back!" rank on the same scale as "Lock her up!" and because one involved a white person and the other not, we fail to see how R A C I S M can be introduced.  Truth is, thanks especially to newspaper journalists in recent days, there's a lot of highly disturbing information coming out about Rep. Omar -- such as alleged lies written on government applications potentially felony-level actions.  We wonder whether any of this will ultimately be pursued by the legal system, stocked as it is by the left, which takes care of its own wherever possible.  If reportedly well-documented allegations and photos get into the courts regarding the slippery Omar, "Send her back!" could become "Send her up!" as in up the river.  Are you hearing about any of this on TV network news shows?  No.

We applaud sheriff David Clark for renaming the "squad" as "The Goon Squad."  Their four faces belong on Trump campaign posters next year, touted as images reflecting the progressive Democrat Party.

The death of TV journalism:  On ABC-TV's July 18 evening newscast, we were frankly disappointed to watch a video of reporter Jonathan Karl in the White House, doubling down on President Trump about an audience of Trump supporters shouting, "Send her back!"  This is journalism?  No, it's not, and we're fed up with Karl and other reporters' just-get-Trump approach, and this formerly credible reporter has basically become another member of the pod-people electronic press.  Perhaps ABC/Disney will soon have their TV news personalities -- no, we did not say personnel -- wearing Mickey Mouse ears. 

Of interest -- we're quite taken with some on the right who refer to radical Democrats as "left-leaning socialist drones."

Anchors aweigh:  Congress could sit down and rid the nation of ridiculous "anchor baby" privileges in 10 minutes.  If even that can't be accomplished, a lot of Capitol Hill folks should be tossed out next time, from both parties. 

The award for best exercise in drama and absurdity last week goes to Rep. Elijah Cummings, who took to shouting at border personnel for allegedly deplorable conditions at the border.  If only he and his fellow Democrats would put as much energy into helping Americans more and caring less about criminals who invaded our Southern border.  Hey, Mr. Cummings -- we did not invite them or the squalor they imported.  And we love it how you bitch and moan about a situation your party wouldn't lift a finger to prevent, even though you knew for months that big trouble was arriving in endless caravans.  It's increasingly difficult to respect the increasingly unrespectable who see racism behind every corner and use the word as a weapon that keeps on giving.

Let's define racism:  If the right says something the left can attack, it's almost always called "racist."  Now you know.

My international diplomacy:  The essentially worthless Canadian hack Justin Trudeau found it media-necessary to criticize Trump last week, as did Germany's Angela Merkel, whose legacy will ultimately be her decision to admit thousands of Islamic refugees into the country, many of whom have wormed their way into German life and introduced their hatred for German citizens and culture.  We wonder, incidentally, how long European countries and others will tolerate the mass rape of young women by Islamic men who have no more concern for women than cattle.

Donald Trump on the moon:  Though Democrats might love to send him there permanently, the big news is his promise to return Americans to the moon in the next five years.  His intention to include a woman on the journey raises another question, however:  How can you satisfy everybody?  How long before special interest groups insist the trip must include a black woman, a gay person, a transgender moon walk "first," old people, the first cat on the moon, and etc., etc?  Open up in the name of "diversity!"

The Mueller hearings:  Wouldn't anybody like to wait until the Inspector General's report comes out, likely to sling some pretty intriguing dirt upon the left?  If Democrats perspiring over Russian interference were really hot on the trail of national security issues we would be grateful; however, because a number of them would just as soon tear the country apart for their own reasons, as would any shadowy foreign player, we see all of this as just a continuing campaign to take Trump and the country down prior to the 2020 elections.  2020 definitely requires 20/20 visualization as a box of frauds prepares to spring the lid off a very grimy jack-in-the-box.

(Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal for President in 2024!)

Iran:  Again, if the craziest of Iranian Mullahs are waiting for 'the 12th imam" to climb up and out of a well, thus heralding the ultimate world chaos, wouldn't the world be a better place if we just threw the other eleven DOWN the well first?  Thanks Obama, for releasing pallets loaded with cash, helping Iran continue its adventures in terrorism as a consequence.

Take your medicine -- or don't:  The German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care conducted a study encompassing the benefit of new drugs on the market.  The surprising result?  More than half of brand new pharmaceuticals entering Germany's health care system demonstrate no added benefits whatsoever.  We assume in this instance that as goes Germany, so goes the world.

Crazy about you:  As more people than ever before are receiving a diagnosis of mental illness. a new study out of the University of Liverpool in England suggests that psychiatric diagnoses are "scientifically meaningless" and absolutely useless as tools to specifically identify and address mental problems on an individual level.  Just as a significant portion of physical medicine dunderheads continue to ignore patients' individuality in favor of prescribing "one size fits all" medications and treatments, mental health professionals often try to fit their patients into neat little boxes predetermined by diagnostic manuals or the like. Obviously, psychiatrists and psychologists are poised to be driven nuts themselves over this study, but unfortunately, according to the Liverpool findings, traditional diagnoses will be irrelevant, should mental voodoo practitioners themselves go bonkers.

Asians stealing vegetation:  The Washington Post reports that foreign nationals, mostly from Asian countries including China and Japan (you, too, South Korea), are undermining West Coast ecosystems by visiting the U.S. to tear succulent plants from the ground at state parks and then absconding with them to sell at high prices back home.  Arrests are becoming more aggressive, fortunately.  Funny how foreign "anchor babies" are planted here while native U.S. plants are un-planted and stolen away by the same caliber of folks.