Monday, June 24, 2019

Deportations Are Not Party Invitations

Could be that the President never intended to stage illegal alien apprehensions at all on Sunday.  His frequent changes of mind often seem part of a long-range plan, as opposed to simply changes in strategy.

Announcing days in advance when and where I.C.E. operations would commence appeared wildly ill-advised, almost staged for effect. Then again, reports surfaced that somebody in Homeland Security or I.C.E. blabbed to the press and that's why crucial data went public. Whether this or a phone conversation between House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Trump actually altered his plans is open to speculation, but we suppose all the whining from bleeding hearts on the left could have helped influence his postponement.  That families chosen for deportation were already processed, denied asylum and legally destined for deportation should have said it all.  Massive deportations -- of which only 2,000 bodies were up for grabs -- could certainly solve a major problem in American cities right now, which is. . .

Housing shortages:  If America's "sanctuary city" governors and mayors would do their jobs and help I.C.E. remove from society an ongoing number of border-jumping criminals and their families, housing problems could abate tremendously.  Additionally, because said governors and mayors, frankly, could not care less about aiding in the enforcement of laws regarding illegal people, these officials should be arrested and tried in court for subverting the oaths of office they solemnly took and face real prison time for committing a form of sedition.

More worries:  The discovery of many Congolese nationals who crossed the Southern border should have been the catalyst to make Democrats at last help Trump take action against the border outrage, now that Ebola cases in the Congo and elsewhere in Africa are dramatically on the rise.  Did these illegals bring us deadly Ebola gifts?

Reparations:  Until this nonsense once again reared its foolish head among Democrat presidential hopefuls, we were unaware that a significant percentage of slave owners in the U.S. were themselves black.  Nor did we know that only four percent of slaves were sent to the United States, while most went to countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Great Britain and Jamaica.  We agree with pundits who widely suggest that LBJ's "Great Society" and other absurd Democrat-initiated programs costing taxpayers trillions of dollars were reparations enough and, as history has demonstrated, these immense amounts of money accomplished little but to keep black people victims and slaves to government.

ABC-TV:  Notice that nowhere among all the exciting televised advertising for the Wallenda siblings' high wire walk 25 stories above the streets of NY City Sunday evening was there even one mention that these two accomplished professionals would also be tethered to a cable overhead -- just in case, you know.  Once viewers became aware of this precaution, the event became about as exciting as watching a bear ride a bicycle with training wheels.  If the TV audience anticipated thrills of risky behavior, it was never in the cards.  Then again, there WAS a risky moment, that split-second where an electronic billboard in the background "flashed" a quick view of the famous statue of David, with full genitalia on display, as a commercial for some product filled the screen.  Next time, maybe naked high wire walking can fill the bill.

Loved ABC-TV's interview with a pediatrician and attorney who visited the Southern border's migrant center, all tuned up to blame Trump and America for allegedly deplorable conditions where children are housed.  Our question, again -- so how do you blame either for the condition of people who aren't supposed to be here anyway?  Don't play the child card on us, folks, it's worn thin.  There's a reason, best exemplified at the border, why we often write in this blog, your babies aren't cute anymore.

Trump-hater Tom Steyer is running TV commercials for his organization, "Need to Impeach."  Wow, what a fresh concept.

Horny takes on a new meaning:  Physicians around the world have noticed children and young people long addicted to cell phone use requiring them to look down constantly have developed small "horns" or beak-like bone deformities at the base of their skulls posteriorly.  If your kid ends up looking like a "Star Wars" alien after a few more years of cell phone hypnotics, you'll know why.

Conservative-disliking and megalomaniac NY State governor Andrew Cuomo explains that it was just a mistake, an error on paper.  After state legislator Republicans noted that a new Democrat-backed law allowing illegal aliens to have driver's licenses was apparently followed three days later by another bill "mistakenly" giving aliens with new driver licenses the ability to VOTE, they went bonkers.  Oops.  The guv blamed all of this on an error in writing the bill.  As if this Democrat hack, doing everything he can to centralize NY government and remove power from the people, doesn't like the concept of illegal aliens voting.  The cascade of new legislation passed by NY's primarily Democrat legislature in the current session offers enough socialist gunpowder to hone a really nice freedom-wounding bullet.  And still they ask, why do folks continue bailing out of the state?

UFOs emerge from the Fountain of Youth:  I get it, yet I don't get it.  I'm watching some media members treat the subject like a newborn.  As if UFOs are new to the scene.  An uncle was telling me about this stuff more than 60 years ago, radar included, and UFOs weren't new then, either.  Nevertheless, since we live in a society now so badly informed about national history and uncaring about human (as opposed to alien) threats surrounding us all, maybe it's no surprise that a load of folks haven't a clue that the UFO subject isn't exactly something that the cat just dragged in this morning.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Florida Experiences Temporary Sanity

One bread crumb thrown out of a whole bag isn't much, but it's a start.

Florida becomes the first long-affected state to ban so-called "sanctuary cities," with a law now requiring police agencies to cooperate with federal entities in the perfectly legal quest to detain and deport illegal immigrants.  A butt-load of criminal aliens impressed with the weather and other amenities in the Sunshine State are now fair game for encounters with agencies dedicated to tossing them out of the country.

At least, that's the intent.  Far and wide, groups pressed with assisting illegal immigrants threaten lawsuits and any other actions available to them.  A familiar concern among social entities warning of dire consequences is that illegals will now "fear" the police.

In our opinion, people here illegally, haphazardly sucking national resources dry, certainly should fear law enforcement personnel, as apprehension and deportation will help to -- we can't resist -- make America great again.

If Florida can weather the inevitable babbling legal storm, and if the state successfully carries out the arduous process of extracting foreign outlaws as if removing infected ticks with tweezers, maybe other states will also develop a sense of rationality regarding this serious issue of invasion.

Polls on parade:  Elections may be far away, but that isn't stopping pollsters of every description from sampling public opinion.  Fortunately for most, the public has a very short memory and voters are sure to forget how badly and unreliably polls reflected what would turn out to be President Trump's victory to claim on Election night.  Sweetheart polling indicated time and again that Hillary was the top choice.  Oops.

Killing the Electoral College:  Several states have already decided to change their election rules, driven to make the traditional Electoral College almost irrelevant.  We hope more rational states, the Supreme Court (good luck!) or some other official entity steps in here, because placing the fate of elections primarily in the hands of voters in a few big cities would assure Democrat Party "winners" for generations to come.  The thought of a one-party system, of course, horrifies.

Is anybody surprised?  The New York Times is not committing treason (per the President) by disclosing United States maneuvers to implant malicious digital code within Russia's computerized infrastructure.  Why wouldn't we wish to know, assured as we certainly must be that Russia and nations such as Iran, North Korea and China have inserted similar potential disrupters into our own power grid in recent years?  Best estimates indicate that a sudden and long-lasting national power failure in the U.S. would result in the deaths of 95 percent of the population over just a year, so the importance of this subject cannot be more evident.

Carrie Lam must go:  Hong Kong's leader, obviously a mainland China hack, will receive no love from the (latest estimate, next day) two million people (out of a total population of seven million) in the streets protesting proposed legislation allowing China to remove and interrogate (and likely imprison) those alleged to have perpetrated crimes (such as speaking out against evil Chinese dictator punk Xi, we assume). While the protestors' goal is total retraction, not just postponement of the bill, maybe Hong Kong should beg a return to British rule before the almost inevitable occurs.

Police in Phoenix go mad-dog on a couple suspected of shoplifting and resisting arrest:  Well, we know how it looked on camera -- but it wouldn't be the first time a mom or dad was hiding a gun behind a babe-in-arms, though this pair was not -- yet making things difficult nonetheless.   NATURALLY, there's a 10 million dollar lawsuit in the mix to make everything go away and be all better.  OF COURSE Phoenix mayor Kate Galego instantly took the side of the alleged perps, blaming cops for ramping up the already ramped-up.  Why is that mayors, city legislators and even some chiefs of police go absolutely Milquetoast when they should actually stand behind the defenders of law who patrol the streets at their own peril?  We suspect the missing words most of the time are -- "social justice."

Social justice reminds us of an event planned for last March at the City University of New York, via the Graduate English Center, entitled “Refusing Institutional Whiteness: Possibilities, Alternatives, and Beyond.” Yes, it's as bad as it sounds, warning that “whiteness continues to be a crucial problem in our English department.”  Refusal, dissent and protest are words used as potential methods to overcome "whiteness" in academia. 

We, almost ashamed to admit our own whiteness lurking behind the keyboard, assume this is "diversity" at its best in the nation's educational institutions and, man oh man, is it ever time to take another look at how universities receive federal funding.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Bits and Pieces for June 2019

Ascendancy:  As popular or vital sources such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google and other Internet giants continue to censor, ban outright and delete information -- much of it dealing, strangely enough, with politically conservative issues -- the drumbeat continues for government intervention.  This may indeed be required, but not to the extent some would prefer.

Facebook's Zuckerberg and others are said to almost be salivating at the prospect of government-induced action, perhaps resulting in making larger institutions smaller.  Wha...?

The explanation for what seems bizarre thinking on the part of those who might be most affected by a comprehensive government inquiry apparently comes down to a basic framework:  That government attempts to exert regulation and further control over the Internet's major players would actually allow the giants to consult and help write the regs, and in so doing could either tie up in endless red tape or simply exclude potential competition.

Why is government almost destined to address social media issues?  According to legal minds, social media hosts are defined as either platforms or publications.  Platforms allow free and open thought, but Web sites which allow people to freely post communications but then engage in editing in any form meet the criteria as publications -- and Internet publications, unlike platforms, apparently lose a considerable degree of government protection.

Whatever the legal ramifications, immense changes may come to social media, but we hope Congress won't allow major players to call the shots, inadvertently assisting a colossus in becoming an even bigger threat to freedom of speech.  How do you make things fair?  Probably by having no government regulation at all.

Commercial TV as a bright shiny object:  Summer is almost here in North America and, we must say, commercial television stations have rarely placed before viewers a more vacuous or fetid platter of choices.  From glittering quiz shows dependent upon gimmicks and forgettable celebrities to multiple sing-offs no more meaningful than sequential jerk-off sessions, to sexual hog-calling episodes disguised as Beautiful People soap operas scrounging for marriage mates, all of it reflects the slow-motion suicide of TV as we once knew this household staple.  Recent determinations suggesting that millennials have little or no money to purchase sponsor products may plant the kiss of death on what little movement remains of commercial TV's actual brain-inspired programming.  It's enough to make viewers long for the return of video porn arcades.

Hong Kong rebuffs China, good luck with that:  A million fearful Hong Kong residents took to the streets to protest proposed legislation allowing suspects of "crimes" to be sent to mainland China for questioning (or is that interrogation?).  We wish we could find a million or even 500 brains among Bernie Sanders supporters which would make them rise up to refuse his attempts to make us the new Venezuela-in-ruins via his desired presidency.

Which reminds me to ask myself -- if I had a choice of gaining membership in either the Center for American Progress or the American Communist Party, which would I logically choose?  Never mind, I don't think it matters.

Lara Logan confirms what everybody should know:  Former CBS News foreign correspondent Lara Logan remarked on Fox News last February that the liberal media basically runs the journalism show:  “Any journalists who are not beating the same drum and giving the same talking points,” she related, “pay the price” for not joining the liberal crowd.  As an independent voice in the profession, Logan has become a target of the leftist media -- no surprises there.

Down on the border:  We hope long-time Democrats recognize the monster which has consumed their party in 2020 when the choice is either Trump or an evolving leftist creature which has the power to destroy the country. . . for real.  What rational entity would allow one million-plus invaders to cross the border, bringing diseases, poverty, no skills and an attitude very much NOT American?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Gun Violence vs. the Left's Attempted Murder of a Nation

Internet immediacy makes it difficult to pose questions or information not already thought about and posted by others, so in many instances I can't take full credit for things I write here.  Nevertheless, if I can break down and refine the "buzz" currently making the rounds, that's probably a good option.

I don't know where rational Democrats hide these days, apparently drowned out or afraid for their very political longevity as their party is hijacked by dangerous, if not fully straitjacket-style insane people bent upon national chaos.  Every last presidential candidate on the left is selling nothing less than a socialist fantasy whose apparent bright spots will eventually lapse into the best current example of failure on the planet:  Venezuela.

Once the prosperous jewel of South America, populated by happy, well-educated people, Venezuela, like America, was romanced, sexed up and promised hope and change by a seeming diverse segment of would-be U.S. presidential candidates. 

But there always is one little detail high on the minds of leftist wannabees:  Guns.  Your guns.  Your right to possess guns.

Guns?  No problem.  After Chavez and his thugs claimed Venezuela for their own -- their public status helped along by kind words and visits from Hollywood faves Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Oliver Stone and others, by the way -- trusting but unsuspecting Venezuelans across the land were "convinced" that in order to assure their ultimate safety firearms must be turned in.  All firearms.

By 2019, two thug administrations later, Venezuela's wealth and spirit have been stolen, leaving its people starving, tattered -- and defenseless against brutal military rule.  If only. . .yes, if only.  But the people's guns, their last defense against an evil never anticipated, had been removed by a clever, malevolent gang.

We in the United States still have the right to keep guns.  Yes, a plethora of especially state laws have perverted the "shall not be infringed" portion of the Second Amendment all to hell, but something akin to original intent still exists.

Unfortunately, as another mass shooting horrifies the nation, the usual voices and polls have gone on the attack against "gun violence," customarily blaming firearms before considering the people behind the triggers.

Aside from appearance and function, guns haven't changed much over the years.  But people have, a lot.  And there sits the dilemma.

It's easy to blame guns for violent acts, for unto themselves they are inanimate objects like trees and rocks.  Firearms don't get up and walk away.

We, on the other hand, have become versatile in our rudeness, our concerted engagement with electronic devices and the realization -- in my opinion -- of what we are and our place in the universe.  That is, human life is cheap individually and the "collective" is what counts, either as something to be ruled or something to be annihilated by corrupted minds.

So there's evidence today that many more Americans want the President to "do something" about gun violence.  Yes, something must be done, and every time we ask government to "do something" about anything all of us are likely to be on the losing end.

To actually "do something" about guns and those who use them unwisely is an impossible task.  Ultimately, to paraphrase from an old radio serial, who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?  Or women?  Should we hire psychics to produce the appropriate Minority Report for people acting a tad different?

The trouble with the current pod of Democrat presidential hopefuls, aside from the fact that every one of them knowingly or unknowingly harbors a pathway to Venezuela within their map to socialism, is their dedication to "do something" about guns, just as they intend to "do something" about ridding us of basic rights, chip by chip, for our own good. 

If socialism was a failure elsewhere, believes the new breed, perilously intent upon repeating the unworkable, that's just because those who failed simply didn't use it correctly.  And on and on the tragedy goes.

Trump and Tariffs:  While attack dogs from both parties condemn Trump for his plan to place tariffs on Mexico until it stops hordes of Central Americans from invading the USA, note that neither party offers an alternate solution.  Meanwhile, the illegal immigrants advance, bringing epidemic-style diseases tailored by nature to threaten all Americans previously thought immune.  Epidemic possibilities, of course, are owned by the do-nothing Democrats in every way.

UFOs and religion:  As U.S. government objections to the release or discussion of UFO information appear to be loosening a bit, we wonder whether the tendency of some organized religions to be more accepting of UFO existence might be accommodating such maneuvers, though not intentionally.  Decades ago, members of the clergy such as the Rev. Barry Downing and those affiliated with NICAP's board of directors, for example, expressed thoughtful belief about the phenomenon's reality, while others were quick to attribute UFO activity to demons or psychological illness.  Blanket condemnations of both the enigma and the observer seem to have eased, as we watch "normal" society now taking another look at the UFO subject and its potential.  Perhaps my observation here is as nebulous as other ideas I throw out, but I do see a change -- certainly evident in media reporting.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

5G -- Eat it and Like it (You Don't Matter)

BREAKING BROKEN NEWS:  Impeach Trump! Mueller speaks!  Impeach Trump!  No Russian collusion!  Impeach Trump!  Impeach!  Impeach!  Impeach!

The United States has become a nation of lawyers, not necessarily laws.  Trump, of course, is not an attorney.  Some folks can't deal with "not our kind."  And some folks will never, ever get over the fact that the pre-packaged Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton did not become and never will become President of the Open Borders of the United States of America.  Thank God (whether you believe in a deity or not).

I believe President Trump's "crime" is the realization on the part of both corrupt political parties that he's almost as unconventional a President as one can imagine.  Unlike Obama, who sat by passively and let our global enemies build and hone aggressive forces dangerous to the whole world, Trump is willing to take on nations such as China, truly the intellectual property  vampire and weaponized threat at the top of the list.

"Draining the swamp" in Washington must be an immensely difficult chore for the Trump administration when the swamp actively responds by organizing a gaggle of leftists intent upon draining the energy of a sitting President who rarely caters to elitist puppet strings.

evertheless, should Pelosi, Nadler, the other usual Democrat suspects and a smattering of Republicans wish to advance an impeachment agenda -- the only campaign issue the left has to run on, by the way, as they've effectively cashed in their chips for endless Trump investigations and a litany of potential presidential candidates wound up to express insane ideas and a conspicuous rush to embrace communism's little sister, socialism -- we say go ahead and have fun.  Considering the faces behind any such move, Trump's re-election should be a piece of cake in 2020.

Now, on to the original reason for today's blog entry. . .

Telecommunications executives and technological magnates throughout the world of The Next Big Thing must be absolutely thrilled as 5G networks are destined for expansion, first in big cities and then in areas of lesser populations.

5G.  Five gee. 5G sounds like some new breakfast cereal, doesn't it?

Yes, we're familiar with reports blaming the Russians for spreading misleading "research" about 5G energy all over the Internet, supposedly (according to some) because of Russkies' jealousy over the exceptional quality of American 5G.  Then again, there do appear to be legitimate concerns out there.  I'm not a scientist, so I can't expertly address 5G issues.

However, to throw in my two cents of knowledge -- In Air Force hospitals during the Vietnam Era, we (enlisted) physical therapy specialists (at that time, the Air Force only trained about 30 of us at most annually for this critical field) conducted many patient treatments with various forms of energy, including but not limited to ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ultraviolet, infrared, shortwave diathermy and -- get ready for it -- microwave diathermy.  Yes, microwaves, the same thing making your MW oven a cooking success, and in medical terms the generation of therapeutic heat deep in the body's tissues via the action of high-frequency electromagnetic waves.

To be dramatic, some form of microwave energy has often been thought a likely culprit in automobile or human UFO encounters where various electromagnetic (EM) effects such as burns, vegetation damage and at least temporary automobile electrical system and engine failures are reported.

Microwaves can be either devastating to one's environment or important in healing the human body.   Microwaves also remain a primary suspect in brain injuries apparently suffered by U.S. State Dept. personnel in foreign countries recently, though I continue to wonder about ultrasound or infrasound frequencies as another possibility. 

But no matter how you cut it, energy is key in contemporary society, and it slithers through our lives in many forms.

A major component of MW energy, and a reason why microwaves are currently the darling of the telecommunications industry, is its nature to go absolutely wireless, and in fact medical practitioners who implement microwave treatments must take care to know locations of and be cautious around patients' metallic implants so that MW radiation doesn't cause overheating and internal damage.  Decades ago, and I doubt much has changed, just as a matter of caution therapists were instructed to avoid subjecting the eyes or men's testicles to this energy source.  Care must also be exercised when wet areas are involved.

Indeed, another concern was the inability of some patients to "feel" heat produced by MW therapy because deep-heating occurred where surface nerve pathways could not detect radiated warmth.

We who used microwave diathermy routinely discovered that it wasn't uncommon for patients to ask whether the treatments were working, because they couldn't feel anything.  Our standard response was to keep nearby a small fluorescent bulb, and once we placed the bulb near the device it would glow intensely, thereby proving to suspicious or fearful patients that invisible electromagnetic energy was very much in evidence.

Several years after departing the Air Force, I was surprised one night while watching a 1970s TV movie entitled, "Ohms," where the title character (portrayed by the late actor Ralph Waite), attempting desperately to convince town folk of the dangers inherent in high-tension power lines, lifted a common fluorescent bulb over his head and the bulb beamed as if plugged into a wall socket.

Such concerns are not fiction, for in my conversation with a power company official months ago I was informed that power corporations strongly advise land developers against building too closely to high-tension lines because of potential dangers spawned by invisible waves of energy.  Unfortunately, for some large developers and town boards, the lure of money far surpasses the logic in avoiding possible health hazards.

And where does this take us with the introduction of 5G all across the country? 

I don't know.  Does anybody, really?

But I do wonder, despite studies apparently embracing 5G, how much is enough?  Yes, the small (?) microwave transmitters planned for attachment to power pole after power pole will produce MW radiation going, supposedly, short distances, and that's why so many are needed as the next and the next take up the slack to allow even and reliable performance of 5G.

However, in a world already rife with microwaves plunging through our bodies from all directions and from giant towers perched all over the country, will 5G not increase the radiation flow exponentially?  Will you, your kids, human reproduction, the family dog and cat, birds, bats and insects be influenced negatively in the long run as we strive to test the limits of microwave energy?

The authorities, whomever they constitute anymore, tell us that 5G is extremely important to the future and function of artificial intelligence.  So, we must "guinea pig" ourselves to please, essentially, an AI which will, sooner than later, dominate every aspect of our lives, while concurrently the masters of public relations and ad campaigns falsely goad us into believing that we will actually have more control over our lives?

How's that AI thing working out in China, where every citizen is now watched 24/7 with facial recognition and various daily life monitors?

What of a continuously self-generating preponderance of electromagnetic waves blasting about in all directions from an unavoidable network of evenly spaced transmitters and other sources of EM radiation?  In the long run, will fears and concerns be unjustified in a brave new world from which there literally is no escape?  We, the test dummies whose opinions matter nothing to people consumed by "the science is in" corporate dogma, may ultimately be the first to know, one way or another.

Tornadoes everywhere:  The devastation is immense, though the number of tornadoes this year so far does not surpass all-time records.  A major problem which, as usual, remains un-addressed by the media, can be summarized in one word: Development.  As human sprawl continues to invade more areas, making human targets and homes increasingly plentiful, how can tornadoes and other natural disasters avoid communities of destructive opportunity?  Numbers tempt chaos, always numbers.  Cold air colliding with Gulf Stream heat in a parked air pattern is the most vicious of weather events here.

The Mt. Everest lemmings scramble:  Sorry, but I have too many other things to cry over.  If you wish to be a damned fool and exercise your manhood or womanhood in a manner flirtatious with death as a human cattle drive moves ever upward, that's your business, but somebody who expires while "doing what he wanted to do" in these mountain instances doesn't extract a single tear from me.  And the Everest follies hardly deserve intensive media coverage, when the press really should be on the U.S. Southern border every day, reporting about the continuing invasion threatening to take down the nation as we know it.

Traditional Democrat outrage continues:  Democrats never had a problem trashing U.S. officials on the Republican side overseas, so the energized circus on the left emerging because Trump agreed with North Korea's Kim about Biden having a low IQ is a non-story.  How should Trump and the Republicans respond to Biden's reported outrage as elections near?  With four words:  Hunter Biden, Ukraine, China.

The Supreme Court visits America's restrooms:  School students in Pennsylvania may continue to use bathrooms according to the gender they choose.  We say, this is just wrong.  Can't everybody just drink less and hold it until they get back home after classes?  And no pooping during school hours, either.

UFOs:  The issue has made a tremendous and almost revered comeback in the media, and government officials no longer seem keen on dismissing the phenomenon in public.  Does this mean TV presentations will trend toward the serious side, bypassing opportunities for cheap laughs and bad research?

Monday, May 20, 2019

Bits and Pieces for May 2019

UFOs:  I honor the passing of physicist and UFO researcher Stanton Friedman.  As I recall, I only had one contact with Friedman, when I wrote him years ago about something now forgotten, and his brief response included publicity material about his lectures, writings and (I think) his movie.  Some researchers found his easy acceptance of issues such as MJ-12 problematic, but in general his tendency to match his UFO knowledge with a comprehensive scientific education and background was much appreciated.

Not to take anything away from Friedman's legacy, but I've been around too long to watch people such as George Noory refer to Friedman over the years as "the grandfather of ufology" without scratching my head and saying, Whaaaaat. . .? Obviously, there were UFO researchers and investigators, now long deceased, connected with serious UFO studies prior to Friedman's public entry into the UFO quagmire.  To place some nebulous mantle of authority and longevity on any one researcher may sound great on radio or TV shows, but in the long run I believe it's far better to reward (or condemn, and you know the names) one and all equally.

That's why (Warning: Here comes the blasphemy) I've never put a lot of interest in most UFO conferences, grandiose affairs where participants offer kind words and awards to one another.  What do they really accomplish, other than becoming more and more an entertainment vehicle as years pass?  Has anybody at these affairs ever solved the UFO issue?  Of course not.  But these spectacles look great on posters and in media reviews (and god help anybody set upon by reporters harboring no intentions of serious reporting).  Hotels, restaurants and hawkers of often questionable UFO "literature" become at least as important as the events themselves, and then what do you have?

The exception, in my view, is the sort of thing Robert Hastings has presented, spotlighting former military personnel willing to put their reputations on the line when they describe UFO activity over nuclear missile bases.  When people actually have something to say, contributing more than a party atmosphere and endless lectures of no significant consequence to the UFO research arena, that can be a very positive turn of events.

Nevertheless, true to the pattern, one by one UFO researchers die off, unrewarded with a solution to decades of work accomplished, and that, like life itself, just seems so unfair.  Do I expect real answers before I shuffle off to the great blogging void in the sky (or underground, take your choice)?  Nah.

LED light:  Who saw this coming?  Just as LED light bulbs and backlighting become all the rage internationally, here comes a new study from French government scientists, warning that a good share of the LED light spectrum has the potential to inflict serious optical damage, especially upon the eyes of children and teenagers.  That old devil ultraviolet apparently plays a significant role. Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to consign those tungsten filament bulbs to the trash can after all.  Thomas Edison would be proud.

Unions manipulate the kids:  Rebecca Friedrichs, for 28 years a teacher in California's public school system, warned in an op-ed for Fox News a few weeks ago that teachers' unions constantly pour money -- union dues -- and effort into the far-left indoctrination of impressionable young minds in the classroom.  That is, we suggest, the really crazy, nut-hatched stuff harboring no reason whatsoever to show up in class.  We love the rare but no longer unlikely public appearances of school teachers sick to death of union interference in policy.

China behind the smiles:  As the Trump administration continues to consider China's spy technology a deadly serious factor when the issue of cell phones and other communication formats comes up for discussion, the surfacing of Chinese dissident writer Liao Yiwu could hardly be more welcome.  Warning that his nation is a threat to the whole world, the author of a new book entitled, Bullets and Opium, (published in France and banned in China) offers accounts of the horrors of Tiananmen Square, when the Chinese military slaughtered thousands of protestors.  His ultimate desire seems to be a hope that growing superpower China eventually breaks up into a number of countries to deter global war and conquest.

Which reminds us of Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman General Joseph Dunsford's appearance before the Senate Armed Services Committee recently.  Dunsford strongly excoriated Google for working with China and consequently benefiting its military.  Peculiarly, as Google buddies up with China in an assumed pattern of darkness, it refuses to work with the Pentagon on crucial U.S. defense projects.  Is this really a mystery, though, in this or any entity populated by far left dogma intent upon globalization at any cost?  (Update:  Google has reportedly just backed off with helping China, surely a positive development if true).

Two darlings of the left, solar panels and wind turbines, may be causing big trouble for farmers, according to the Daily Mail Online.  Protesting French farmers, discovering hundreds of cows dead in the absence of disease or other usual possibilities, apparently found that solar panels and wind turbines were releasing large amounts of energy into the ground, negatively affecting cows (whom, as we recall, wear no protective footwear from the local shoe store) to the point of demise.

How refreshing -- we thought the only victims of "clean" energy were millions of birds killed annually by reflective solar panel oven-like heat and wind turbines capable of shredding bird bodies like paper dolls.  The more the merrier.

Diagnosing the mental snake oil practitioners:  Well, here we go again. This time, out of Baltimore, a Johns Hopkins University study strongly suggests that up to HALF of people diagnosed with schizophrenia may only be experiencing anxiety!  Honestly, from one day to the next I have enormous difficulty determining which side of the psychiatric couch needs the straitjacket.  I guess the ultimate determination on this issue will involve who makes the most money off medicating patients into oblivion -- the schizo drug companies or the anxiety pill pushers?  In related news, apparently there exists a dramatic shortage of mental health professionals to help vulnerable children and others believed to require a mental tune-up.  Wait, just hold on a minute  -- isn't that what they do in Scientology?  Problem solved!

Impeaching Trump:  We wonder how long it will take the Democrats to figure out that they have nothing to offer in 2020 except endless investigations of Trump and his family?  Some suggest that the party will self-destruct if this continues.  Not that the Republicans are geniuses, because. . .

. . .aside from Amash (R) shouting IMPEACH. . .

The Republicans are tempting a dig into their own electoral graves by jumping on the ban-abortions bandwagon.  How many times have we been told that Roe vs. Wade is "settled law?"  A year and a half before elections, for the Republicans to take another stab (no surgical pun intended) at dominating women's decisions on this delicate matter doesn't seem very smart.  Of course, the idea is for the Supreme Court to revisit the legislation -- but should this happen, we predict that the very most the Republicans will get is an end to third term abortions where a fetus becomes or nearly becomes a live baby birth.  To wish for an end to every scrap of Roe vs. Wade legislation in the shredder would seem an overzealous expectation.  The religious right, whose extreme practitioners probably assume people like me are destined for hell nonetheless, isn't always a great match for the Republican Party.  But what do I know, I'm an Independent.  More or less.

Today's visual -- yes, we were thinking of illegal immigrants, the criminals importing our own destruction and gobbling up national wealth as they march like fire ants over our border.  Democrats, I hope hell exists, for your refusal to act has put your own (legal) U.S. neighbors in economic and medical peril.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Vectors, Heel Nippers and the Toxic One Percent

One percent of anything toxic in your glass of drinking water is never good, and the revelation a few days ago that fully one percent of the population of Honduras and Guatemala has made its way past United States borders -- with more on the way -- should scare the hell out of any American who can count and consider the odds of losing our culture and the freedoms upon which we depend.

Further, and we offer no thanks to the complicit leftist media, reports arise of U.S. border agents and other personnel out of work due to measles, mumps and a number of other diseases imported by diseased illegal immigrants.  And do we still labor under the fantasy that American children taken down by a mysterious paralyzing, polio-like illness became infected by circumstances unknown? 

Organisms long thought banished from the United States are making a dramatic comeback, slowly filtering through the country and seeking out more unwilling human vectors.  After all, who will stop the process?  Obstructionist Democrats?  How about terrorists crossing our border anonymously with the rest?  Drugs?  Have Democrats helped initiate safeguards?  No, better just to nip at President Trump's heels every day.

The border crisis, at last acknowledged by the New York Times and ever so slowly by some favored leftists, is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Democrats, and it's really the only campaign banner they can wave when elections return, for they have nothing else going on besides Trump bashing, an insane green wish list and a rogue's gallery of unlikely presidential hopefuls composed of people I wouldn't rely upon to tell me if it's raining outside (or in Ukraine, Joe B.).

In any case, Americans fed up with the progressives' unconditional love for people entering the country illegally -- a prominent and disturbing share of them from places way far away from Central America or Mexico -- are destined to become deservedly furious once crime spirals out of control, initiated by invaders who discover they have few or no options here, or whom are here merely to destroy our government.  Remember to thank Democrats and, frankly, Trump haters of both parties when things get bleak due to their inaction.

We chuckle over the Democrats' panicked sky-is-falling assertion that the country quakes under a "constitutional crisis" due to the Trump administration's refusal to provide fodder -- oops, we mean documents -- for their fair-minded perusal.  The only constitutional crises we observe is the Democrats' quickly growing realization that the 2020 elections may burn their out of control party to a crisp.  That Nadler and his clown show persist in trying to acquire grand jury testimony to which they legally have no rights exposes their in-party chaos.  Twenty ongoing investigations of Trump, all emerging from a lie?  Who's crazy now?

Funny how Nadler and the Dems had a reversal of opinion in 2012, when former attorney general Eric Holder was ordered to release documents regarding the "Fast and Furious" project in which an FBI agent was killed.  Back then, Nadler and others threw a tantrum, though documentation was eventually ordered released despite their protests.

Colorado school shootings:  Students attending a memorial and grieving session for friends killed in another school shooting walked out when a Democrat senator and a Democrat congressman spoke, attempting to turn a special sad occasion into a predictable gun-hating opportunity.  It's refreshing when young people understand there are people out there whose threats can be more destructive than the firearms they condemn.

China will do anything -- to help China and screw the rest of the world.  We applaud Trump for at least making a concerted effort to do something about Chinese government thieves, these thugs who steal from us in so many ways.  Their abduction of American intellectual property alone should wipe the slate clean of any debt they claim we owe.  I once had a Pekingese whose lineage obviously originated in Chinese territory, but other than my beautiful little pup the only impression I currently hold of China is all the cheap shipped-in Chinese crap overflowing in U.S. landfills.

No doubt, American farmers, more than anybody, are suffering through the tariff war/negotiations.  We hope the trade issues can be settled soon, as we keep in mind that the Chinese have done nothing but rob us for decades.  Trump, the rare presidential bird, forges ahead with a valiant effort for which he is both admired and condemned regarding an enigma which former presidents ignored despite fancy speeches.

Quick note to the right-to-life folks, and a special hell-o-o-o-o-o to Alabama:  We said long ago that Republicans and conservatives should leave the abortion issue alone when it comes down to undoing Roe vs. Wade legislation, no matter their feelings, because they will lose critical support.  That said, may I just suggest, well, if you really go gaga over saving every human fetus ever conceived, shouldn't you be thrilled about hundreds of thousands of invaders at the southern border?  If you really cherish each and every birth product of a penis casually bouncing about in a vagina, should you not take in all invading humans, no questions asked?

Of course that's a ridiculous assumption, but I'm attempting to point out the futility of messing with women's personal decisions.  Yes, I would love to see fifty new safe, effective and easily administered methods of birth control which could provide a multitude of options other than abortion -- but until that day comes, it's a real mistake to "speak for the unborn" while either condemning or sweet-talking the women at the center of the issue with religious dogma.  And do we often smell intentions to proselytize when the abortion issue crops up?  Leave the ladies be and let them make decisions with their families and/or physicians.

While you were gone (forever):  I've never imagined a species so concerned with an afterlife as ours.  Does a field mouse or a falling leaf worry and fret incessantly about ascending to rodent Valhalla or leaf heaven?  Do cockroaches harbor expectations of enjoying 37 virgin cockroaches after death?

A brief explanation of how ridding the U.S. of the Electoral College would make the country like New York:  Democrats foam at the mouth over the prospect of dumping the Electoral College, and if successful they would assure perpetual election wins via just a few big cities which would determine absolutely everything. 

The state of New York already reflects that pathetic image of the future.  During almost every election, the majority of voters who populate NY City and other established leftist areas overwhelmingly choose Democrats, leaving Upstate voters of fewer numbers, but scattered over much larger areas, high and dry politically.  This consequence of a privileged few making the major decisions is exactly what would occur, should the Electoral College go away.  Are you comfy with NY City, Chicago, Los Angeles and other big cities determining elections, as votes issued by "flyover states" consistently become irrelevant?  We've no intention of gifting the Democrats with this precious "wish list" component, and we hope the rest of the country agrees.

Blatant injustice:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other members of social media have been caught red-handed (and we do mean red) numerous times in censoring or dumping conservative speech and programs.  We absolutely do NOT want government regulation of these sources because they will become a monopoly unto themselves with no new competition.  However, fairness and true freedom of speech must be allowed, no matter how controversial or unpleasant to various special interests or individuals.  We also wish that the Southern Poverty Law Center would list ITSELF as the most dangerous entity on its list of naughties.  The pot calling the kettle black, to quote an old chestnut, just isn't right.

Iran:  Crazy bastards, volatile, nothing new.  Stoning women and throwing gay people from rooftops, what humanitarians.  Obama had a golden opportunity to support the Iranian people when they tried to rise up, but he said nothing to support them.  Instead of (as a part of Islam believes) waiting for a 12th imam to climb out of a well to initiate the ultimate terror, we wish the other 11 would just jump into some well connected with an ocean and sink forever into Davy Jones' locker.  And say hi to Osama down there in the deep, should his body actually be there.  We reiterate: Bastards.

Monday, May 6, 2019

How Quickly Deflates the Inflatable Balloon

Just when destiny seemed to assign the U.S. Navy as a new fountain of public UFO information, factual and as untainted as a mountain spring, the old script kicked back in.  No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o, hell no, sayeth the Navy:  We're going to make it easier and a tad more sociable for military personnel to report UFO encounters, but no way is this highly confidential information intended for public viewing.

If this is how things go, we'll say this much:  Navy public information officers will have a far better go of responding to public and press inquiries than the Air Force did during Project Blue Book.  That is, the USAF was charged with conjuring explanations for sightings reported to them, whereas the Navy need only insist their policy is to say nothing.  No need to make up phony explanations nobody will believe, anyway.  No doubt, the final word.  Unless the Freedom of Information Act does double duty.

For conspiracy theorists and folks merely interested in hard-earned UFO research history, looks as though that old devil word, "censorship" may be back to stay, even if its shadow apparently left the government stage for 15 minutes.

England's "Baby Sussex":  So, um, is this kid going to be raised as a boy, a girl, both, or maybe as an exotic animal?  I only ask that because Great Britain seems ever so wrapped up in people's choice of gender now.  Should he be raised as a girl and some hapless subject of the Queen refers to her as a "he," will there be extensive prison time, or perhaps a public execution by Guillotine?

Coincidentally this week, further warnings emerged regarding the price paid by other species due to human over-reproduction, and we're apparently destroying everything in our path, being that our path extends almost everywhere. We therefore advise Prince Harry and I-can't-spell-her-name-right-now to keep pants zipped up and undies secure in order to prevent yet another human birth planetary disaster.  As we often suggest on a planet uncomfortably infected with more and more of us:  Your babies aren't cute anymore, neither products of royalty or riffraff.

Food:  Why are there constant recalls of corporate chicken and other factory foods due to discoveries of metal, plastic, glass and rubber-like substances?  The accommodating media dutifully announces these massive recalls, but remains too aloof or warned off to explore where these foreign substances originate and how they end up in supposedly inspected food plants.

Venezuela struggles to be itself again:  This is the ultimate unseen socialist vision of Bernie Sanders and others on the left.  That socialism never, ever works and ends in poverty and mass murder doesn't matter a whit to people who defend socialism because somebody else just didn't do it the right way, and they intend to. . . make socialism great again.  And, again we ask -- where are Sean Penn, Danny Glover and other Hollywood geniuses who visited Venezuela in the past, hung out with former dictator Chavez and other thugs, and gave the world glowing comments about socialism?  Surely, the good people of Venezuela whose lives, wealth and families crumbled under brutal dictator rule would love to throw these celebrities a party and thank them profoundly.

Democrats attack Barr for one reason only:  As we await Inspector General Horowitz's report and others currently in the wind, almost guaranteed to put Democrats in a very bad light, the party has no option but to go on the attack against Attorney General Barr, charged with investigating the dirt and scum poised to come out publicly.  They hope to graven his official image into something without honor, minus any integrity at all, and in so doing they can attempt to dismiss his future efforts, a probe almost certain to uncover crimes and criminals on the left deserved of prison time.  We think the Democrats, having absolutely nothing to offer except Trump hatred as elections near, are shaking in their shoes.  Their infamous personal attacks (per Judge Kavanagh, for example) pretty much prove it.

Trump speaks with Putin on the phone and the press has kittens:  Really?  Were it not for Hillary and others infused with a Hate Trump/Hate Russia gene, relations may have been a little less cold between our two countries.  Chasing Russia into the arms of now best buddy China wasn't smart.

And speaking of China -- Imprisoning and mass-killing innocent Muslims in China isn't exactly a way of showing the world you aren't barbarians.  Unfortunately, technological progress (stolen from the United States) aside, President Xi and his brutally methodical government have little intention of living in the current century when human rights are concerned.  Perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise, since we already know how the Chinese treat animals and cook dogs Not to forget Tiananmen Square, where the Chinese government's version of "rock and roll" meant tanks rolling over bodies.

The Kentucky Derby:  Animals again.  Well, maybe the folks destined to make big money off a "sport" which has already seen too many horses die at race tracks in the last year could just race their own kids or other relatives.  Oh, but how many times do we hear, "But the horses love it!?"  I'm not up on my horse whispering lately, and it's been decades since my family had horses, but I think, if you could ask some horses, they might say just let us live, keep our beautiful legs intact and eat grass.

Doctor drops baby:  Yes, we saw the delivery room video showing a doctor, having just delivered twins, accidentally dropping one, catching it before it spiraled floor-ward.  Oh yes, the lawsuit was born right along with the twins, we have no doubt.  But know that these things happen.  Slippery, squirming babies, particularly when there is more than one, can be unpredictable.  So yes, lawyers will sue and get fat, and again potential OB-GYN physicians will say, I'm not doing this, the risk is too high -- and thereby lies the reason who so many doctors choose NOT to deliver babies anymore.  Good luck ladies: Call the midwife, the mid-husband, the monkey or the robot you'll need to perform deliveries in the future.

Fascist Book:  Facebook, Twitter and YouTube -- and they are not alone -- increasingly are not your friends.  I swore years ago never to be on Facebook, and now that the blatant censorship of conservative or "different" content has become a regular occurrence, I'm glad I stayed away.  Suggestion:  Conservatives with mega-bucks need to start their own social media sites, available freely to all and welcoming of all views.  And for integrity's sake, make sure the site appeals to all the young people badly in need of an education reflecting the good things about America.  They surely aren't getting it in school, where young minds are almost hopelessly sandblasted with leftist crap every day of the week.

Here's a dumb idea:  Just leave the Internet alone, the way it was.  If users aren't informed enough by now to avoid the pitfalls, whose fault is that?  And if parents can't monitor their kids' use of the Web, whose fault is that?

Amazon's Deplorable Censorship: Catching up on older articles, we were astounded to learn from Breitbart on April 8 that Amazon is literally and consciously removing books by right-wing writers from its store.  As the dominant bookseller responsible for almost 50 percent of hard copy and 83% of e-book purchases, Amazon's move is said to be a result of pressure from leftist journalists and activists. 

As well, a March 20 report by Breitbart, and there are similar stories from various sources, points out the scary relationship between banks and the left, influencing immense corporate decisions not in the public interest.  Gun purchases, for instance, became disallowed by certain credit cards, and a growing "shadow banking" system may have a dramatic influence upon the ability of the individual or businesses to make otherwise legal purchases in the future.  One more liberty revised according to the power brokers.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

U.S. Navy Goes UFO-ing Because it Can't Not

So, the elephant sitting on Earth's celestial sofa could no longer be hidden under government regulations, official denials and threats of fines and imprisonment for military personnel who dared reveal their personnel stories of strange encounters?

The barn door has been unlocked and forced open at least a crack, just wide enough for the horsepower of military UFO videos and official eyewitness accounts of the extraordinary to pass through.  The uncounted chickens have hatched.

As the Pentagon appears to bring UFO evidence into the mainstream to whatever extent, we presume that the work of Robert Hastings, Robert Salas and others who strive to document considerable UFO interest in nuclear missile bases will also find their evidence elevated and appreciated by the mainstream press?  Hmm.  

The preparation of new guidelines for pilots and other Navy personnel to report encounters with unidentified aircraft is worthwhile, but far more interesting is the now inescapable fact that "unidentified" is no longer a word to be hidden from public scrutiny forever.  No, the Navy isn't claiming alien spacecraft are behind their decision, but this branch of service can no longer laugh off the term UFO, either.  To confront sort of kind of publicly at last the long observable fact that unknown objects, involved apparently with extreme technology and intelligence of which we can only dream, continue to invade our skies is an amazing step forward.  Will the customary sequence of official denial and/or ridicule exit forever, thus encouraging more reports of an airborne enigma?

Thanks in large part to government policy for decades, UFO witnesses' lives have been ruined, military relationships destroyed and the very mention of UFOs was, we guess you could say, politically incorrect.

Now lacking the old taboo, will science and military investigators link up to share and digest UFO information for real?

Public bonus:  Frequent flyers or mere one-timers may now contemplate with screaming trepidation the visual/radar evidence demonstrating that there really ARE strange objects in the skies, potentially endangering passenger flights all over the world with near-collisions and blinding lights, adhering to no particular schedule.

Tic-Tac, tick-tock, what will tomorrow bring?

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Real Kate Smith

More on this:  The NY Yankees and Philadelphia Flyers, their upper echelons and public relations departments apparently staffed by superb ignoramuses, apparently failed to look beyond song titles and lyrics before killing off the memory of the long-departed singer Kate Smith.  Her song from a 1930s play entitled, "That's Why Darkies Were Born," was co-written by the son of a runaway slave, and the piece was intended to make fun of racists.  Smith's other "questionable" tune was similarly innocent, but that won't stop the America haters who constantly look for any and all reasons to incite and conjure racism.

"God Bless America": Having recorded thousands of songs during her career, Kate Smith also raised millions of dollars for U.S. War Bonds to help defeat the Nazis, but even that won't matter to people whose thinking seems to be at least a tad possessed by Nazi spirits.

Just one more tick-tock on the countdown clock to the end of Western civilization, American style.  Despite fancy speeches and promises, there's not a Democrat running for president who will bother to stop and reverse that clock.  Don't believe me, believe what unfolds every day right before our eyes.

Check out:

Dems throw Biden in again, hoping to hide party radicals, idiots and a total lack of good ideas behind the day before yesterday's no-starter political icon.  This is what they're down to, a presidential candidate pegged with multiple and consistent political failures and, while some might overlook the mere return of this washed up politician, he faces plenty of trouble ahead once he and his family's allegedly shady involvement with Ukraine and China flows into public view (not that the usual media suspects, absolutely protective of the left, will become fountains of disturbing information).  We suspect there are some things you simply can't kiss and hug away.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Take Me NOT to the Ballgame -- NY Yankees and Philadelphia Flyers Join the Scrub

Corporate boardrooms, inexplicably, still don't get it about the radical left.  Basically, a few individuals get together and launch a massive campaign intended to weaken the country and destroy pride in its history, all in an attempt to collapse the culture and undermine the government.

This is exactly what I observed when long-departed singer Kate Smith came into question last week, her famous song, "God Bless America" now banned by the Yankees.  The usual radical busybodies apparently delved into history useful to their side and discovered that Smith recorded music in the 1930s that could be considered racist by today's standards.

Today's standards.  Yes, other eras had different standards, and for better or worse the sum total is called history.  To hide history or tear it down is just wrong.

Nevertheless, announcing they were pulling Smith's recording of her trademark stadium song due to "sensitivity" issues, the baseball team held firm.

Of course, the Yankees represent the American pastime, while Kate Smith was an American icon for her time.

Following the song censorship, the Philadelphia Flyers followed suit by covering and ultimately removing a statue of Smith.

What's going on here?  Simple. No surprise.  "Somebody" searched out and found yet another way to condemn not merely Kate Smith, but the concept of American freedoms and the Christian God integral to the nation's founding and prosperity.

With whom shall we replace Kate Smith?  Black rap songs in which every line is a hate-white-people call to arms demanding death, destruction and that nebulous concept called reparations?  Should Kate Smith, who innocently joined the rest of the entertainment industry at a time when black/white relations were still evolving, have her statue replaced with one of Louis Farrakhan?

Knowing as we should by now how radical leftists continue clever attempts to take us down in every way possible, I'm surprised the Yankees embraced banning the historical best of America, because there are always flaws.  Until mighty organizations such as the Yankees come to an understanding of a predictable pattern and the dangers inherent in acting in a frenzy on hair-trigger subjects like this, American values and the Christian religion with which so many of them were intertwined since America's founding will continue swirling down a drain from which they may never return.

(We suspect this morning that Sri Lanka knows a little more than we about the destruction of Christianity and Christian lives.)

Teaching Trump:  I don't believe the Democrats did themselves any good by treating the absence of Russian collusion -- the reason for all the hoopla, based upon a phony document -- as the impetus to pursue an even bigger crime.  These people are incredible!  But now they pursue Trump for "obstruction."  Per a James Bond movie title, may I simply suggest, "the world is not enough" for Democrat "investigators?" 

Schiff, Cummings, Nadler?  How about that?  Are these three the axis of evil I've heard about?  Oops, no, I guess I'm confused. . .

Here's how I see much of this alleged obstruction:  Unlike so many previous Presidents, Donald Trump is not a lawyer by trade.  Instead, here's something different -- he's a businessman.  Business executives enjoy a certain lifestyle alien to the rest of us because they can actually bark out orders and demands and expect them to be satisfied by those under their control.

If a person familiar mostly with the world of business ascends suddenly to the American presidency, how much will he or she actually know about this awesome job?  Yes, there will be mistakes -- and should one be inclined by virtue of his business background to order people to perform various activities, that is exactly why a President is surrounded by people with legal experience, as a buffer to explain why certain options are either illegal or impossible within the scope of the Office.  Fortunately for Trump, per the Mueller report, staff members surrounding him usually possessed both the will and knowledge to stop him when he attempted maneuvers he clearly shouldn't -- things he likely hadn't even considered were out of his hands legally.  Seems to me, when you're new to the presidency, figuring out the finer points for a dynamic or driven personality doesn't happen all at once.

Democrat border sympathizers:  By all means, send your families to greet border incursions, let your kids be exposed to diseases we thought were long conquered in the United States.  With effective antibiotics dwindling to almost nothing, surely you folk would harbor no objections to risking your own kith and kin among walking border infection incubators, as we welcome in everything that would be condemned in a rational society?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Lightning Round, April 2019

Bizarre science: Who could have imagined that one of the greatest discoveries in modern medicine is the fecal transplant?  If you thought the greatest gift one person could give another is either a kidney or dinner, you're only partly correct, and thus enters the person-to-person fecal transplant to quickly cure specific internal medicine issues. . . . . .If Julian Assange is extradited to the United States, his attorney should insist that his interrogation be conducted in Chicago, using something similar to a Jussie Smollett defense, whatever that is (but nevertheless apparently successful). . . . . .We assume Chelsea Manning will greet Assange at the airport, decked out in "her" party-atmosphere finery. . . . . .Did we hear on "Full Measure" that, even though the foot-dragging FDA is "studying" the curse of televised pharmaceutical commercials, the FDA may indeed allow drug companies to provide LESS televised information regarding side-effects?  We hope Big Pharma is not allowed to stomp out cheaper generic drugs and time-tested remedies in order to promote newer medications which haven't even been tested long-term for their efficacy (or publicly unreported deadly consequences). . . . . .We also tire of dumb TV commercials with people who are or portray physicians with stethoscopes around their necks to make an identity point.  Should they also show doctors' colorful ties infested with mashed potatoes from lunchtime at the hospital cafeteria, where we ourselves have witnessed such activities? . . . . . .Nancy Pelosi attempts in interviews to make the case that the Democrats are not socialists.  WTF?  Now that the party has drifted into utter lunacy, there's nary a Democrat candidate running who isn't as radical as they come.  Even Indiana "Mayor Pete" Buttigieg, despite a litany of accomplishments, is cruising on the radical treadmill -- and friendly old Bernie Sanders isn't only shouting "democratic socialist," he's about as communist as one can be in the U.S., determined to make everything big government. . . . . .we like Trump's idea about sending criminal aliens to criminal "sanctuary cities," and we would look forward to a day when the governors and mayors of these highly illegal places are hauled off to prison while aliens in hiding are found and deported.  Funny how taxpayers of sanctuary cities are never given a vote, a referendum on whether they want to pay enormous sums to support this dangerous fantasy while their own kids, education, health care and other benefits intended for CITIZENS decline. . . . . .Meanwhile, the Democrat-dominated NY State legislature ponied up millions of dollars to college-educate illegal aliens, while denying the children of military service members killed in action free college tuition at state colleges and universities.  Megalomaniac Democrat NY governor Cuomo gasps in shock, insisting he wants this overturned, but laws would first need to be changed.  Truth is, the damage has been done, and even if Democrats reverse themselves, the first move they made is the one that counts to forever darken their already evil image in NY. . . . . .Oops, what is this with cops mistakenly pulling out guns instead of tasers to take suspects down?  Do the right thing and get rid of tasers altogether so the police can keep some mighty fine firearms and know with confidence that when they need to shoot somebody they have exactly the right equipment. . . . . .College hazing deaths on the increase:  Yeah, but aren't the persons being hazed all part of the same fraternities of morons?  Equals among equals?  We thought the word, "NO" was all the rage on campuses now, and if you're smart enough to be in college you should be smart enough to decline potentially fatal drinking contests or cleverly stupid ass-wupping fantasies. Sue?  Sue who?. . . . . .The Cathedral of Notre Dame:  Yes, we know, but the fact is, there have been numerous attempts by radical followers of Islam to destroy the structure, so who knows?. . . . . .The evening news programs on major TV networks are merely half-hour commercials for the Democrat Party.  Congrats, sold-out journalists. . . . . ."Some people did something" on 9/11.  Yes they did, Congresswoman, and Trump's release of the video is needed to educate young Americans who have not a clue about the people or the something, and no matter how you couch it, extremist Islam is the face of evil. . . . . .Automation continues to assure fewer jobs in the future, so what are we supposed to do with the invasion of illegals who will be a nation-destroying burden?  Black Americans should be especially outraged because (1) they have been let down horribly by the Democrats, as usual, by this tragic influx and (2) illegals will take jobs that poor black people need, particularly in the South and Southwest. . . . . .Looking so-o-o-o forward to Barr's release of Mueller's report AND the Horowitz report due soon, and if all of this spikes even more investigations of LEFT-affiliated national crimes, good.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Fungi Justice

(Who's in Charge?  Maybe you hate Glenn Beck for irrational reasons best known to yourself, but put those ill-gotten feelings aside.  He and his researchers have reportedly overturned a lot of rocks and discovered names and places widely responsible for the border invasion, and what we allegedly have is communist revolutionaries pulling the strings in conjunction with other mindsets.  The masses of people on the way to overwhelm the system are merely pawns in a well-organized, well-oiled campaign and its roots, according to Beck, are firmly planted in Chicago among some very interesting and dangerous people and groups.  Beck and company aren't merely throwing out worthless allegations, mind you, but doing what real journalists are expected to do -- revealing names, locations and evidence, and the Beck people have just gone a long way toward answering the who, what, when, where, why and how of traditional journalism.  We understand that the White House has been kept informed as an invasion intended to take the United States down continues unabated.  Remember when talk of this nature used to be chalked up to paranoid visions?  In at least a sliver of the bright side, some Democrats are finally coming to their senses and taking a good look at what -- in no small way -- their party has helped whip up leading to border pandemonium.  A You Tube video of the April 9 program may be accessed at

I know a little about hospital administrations, good and bad.  Several years ago, ABC-TV presented a news special focusing just upon VA hospital administrators and how a number of them had been led away from their offices in handcuffs because they essentially were criminals.

Whether decent or less so, hospital administrators are all about the bottom line, and above all else those in charge of for-profit hospitals need to laser-focus upon making money for their institutions.  Yet, a question might be asked:  Is it possible that hospital administrators, board members and/or stockholders, so protective of profits, could actually withhold from the public information detrimental -- or even catastrophic -- to their medical facilities and the very patients they serve?

The answer may be yes.

On April 7, the New York Times carried a blockbuster piece headlined, "Fungus Immune to Drugs Quietly Sweeps the Globe."  The culprit, productive of a deadly mycotoxin, is called Candida auris, a fairly new member of the Candida fungal family.  Fungal members of the genus Candida are common, capable of preying upon compromised immune systems of the weak, young and elderly, but the difference with C. auris is its immense power to kill infected victims quickly, within 90 days at most.  Having invaded other countries without prejudice, C. auris has now reached the United States, landing first in Illinois, New York and New Jersey.  The specifics and speculation regarding its origins, where and how it may have been hiding for thousands of years and why it has erupted tragically now are covered in the newspaper article, but the main point seems its ability to spread to hospital ceilings, equipment and medical personnel quite easily.  "Special cleaning equipment" is needed to keep C. auris at bay in hospitals, and sometimes ceiling and floor tiles must be ripped up in order to eradicate its presence.

There is no cure.  Our liberal use of fungi in human and animal antibiotics over the decades may have brought us here.

Dangers aside, we're only finding out about the depths of this Candida horror now because apparently medical centers and even the CDC have been lax in making the information public, and there seem to be instances where facts were hidden by hospital administrations so as not to frighten patients off, screaming into the hills.  Ethical?  I don't think so, particularly when the Candida auris ("auris" designated because it was first discovered in a patient's ear) kill rate is quite impressive and growing around the globe.

Indeed, as much as the world has depended perhaps too excessively and often needlessly upon antibiotics made from fungi, the fungi appear to be getting revenge on us, a sort of final revenge.

Measles, measles, we got measles:  Oh, don't dare suggest measles have made a big comeback because infected human bodies are pouring over the southern border like mosquito larvae in a flood.  Common sense, wherever that went, dictates that if we have new tuberculosis, hepatitis, head lice and other serious disease cases walking on in to the national living room without observation or consequence, disaster is almost inevitable.  There are many ways to take over a country, and this is one.

Our invasion by way of Mexico reminds one of Fidel Castro's plot during 1980's Mariel "boat lift," when he emptied Cuba's prisons and mental institutions, thereby sending the worst of the worst to U.S. shores.  The intended takeover through the southern border echoes Castro and the communists, as we become inundated with people good only for making babies and having no education or skills even in their own countries.  How long will we remain stupid enough to pay for this outrage as Democrats gain future voters to make us essentially a one-party nation?

Motel 6 is fined for reporting human cockroaches:  12 million dollars?!  Just because they cooperated with I.C.E.  We think our government should offer at least token financial "bounty" rewards for turning in illegals -- of course, they'll need to be alive and unharmed, not thrown over the hood of a car like road-kill deer.  The left would never stand for that.

Fake news?  It's more like, NO news.  Night after agonizing night, it's the biggest televised and irrelevant crap-fest imaginable, now dominated by tales of presidential Democrat candidate "front runners" who exemplify only disorganization in their ranks overall.

Ambulance chasers grab private parts:  Especially in New York, now that victims of child abuse can sue and confront their abusers even years after the encounters, attorneys' commercials run almost non-stop, dripping off TV screens on all stations at every opportunity.  Looks as though drunk drivers may find themselves abandoned in the courtroom due to a wildfire lawyer shortage.

Better living through chemistry -- not:  According to Cox Media Group, a new study focused upon the effects of medication directed to teens with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder illustrates that some teens and young people may be susceptible to a higher risk of psychosis.  Fodder for the study included amphetamines (sold as Adderall and Vyvanse) and methylphenidates (sold as Ritalin and Concerta).  Obviously, I'm not a mental health professional (thank god), but once one sees the state of so many young people on various drugs -- both prescribed or street-bought -- currently, it's not hard to reach an unpleasant layman's conclusion about chemical substances and young brains.  Were food as nutritious as it once was, and not replaced or supplemented by junk food and snacks overwhelming store shelves, we suspect a proper diet would solve a lot of mental issues.  "You are what you eat" still makes a lot of sense, as should we are the chemicals we ingest or inject.

And just in time for this research is a report appearing in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology warning that the percentage of young Americans afflicted with mental health disorders, including suicidal behavior, has increased "significantly" over the past decade -- but with no corresponding jump among older adults.  A "generational shift" in mood disorders is suggested, rather than an increase in age.

No Catholic bashing today:  Instead we'll reference Vatican Cardinal Robert Sarah -- said to possibly be a successor to the current Pope -- who warns that the West will disappear due to mass migration, overtaken by the invasion of Islam around the world.  Dire words from his new book: "My country is predominantly Muslim.  I think I know what reality I'm talking about."  Sarah blames the European Union for attempting to globalize the world, warning that nations need their distinctive qualities and identities.  At any rate, it is Islam which will become enriched and predominant throughout the West if nothing changes, if nations fail to awaken to the evil long prepared to pounce.

And to that we add -- did you hear about the Italian town whose officials cover graveyard Christian crosses in order not to offend "other religions?"  Other religions, hmm.

Wake up, somebody, wake up.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Why, Explained

Today I say little (lucky you) but recommend much.  Steven Travers, his article hosted by Michael Savage (, doesn't require volumes to lay out how and why it is that Republicans and Democrats have become engaged not merely in differences of opinion, but in mortal political combat.  Hint:  Historically and in the current atmosphere, the left doesn't come off looking good at all.  The undeniable lives in Travers' piece, and if you care to pass this link on to high school and college students who might have the patience to learn something seldom taught in the current climate, that might be a very good thing.

You can find, "Why the Left Hates Trump (and Republicans), Why the Right Has No Respect for the Left. . .and the Revenge to Come," by Steven Travers at:

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Why They Still Have Jobs

Ann Coulter asks in a March 27 article why none of the well known reporters have lost their jobs, asserting that they should all have been fired after two years of turning Trump/Russia collusion rumor, hearsay and fiction into The Naked Truth.  Choosing just MSNBC from a litany of network choices, Coulter listed instance after instance of such pseudo-journalism examples.

We, little old we, wish to augment Coulter's legitimate concerns by suggesting it's not just the TV reporters playing gods of truth -- it's also the handful of people who actually own the networks and other news divisions, most of whom reportedly hate Trump and conservatives as much as the next suit-and-tie.

As Democrat operatives lust for the release of pre-packaged leftist talking points called the Mueller report, we also want to take this opportunity to congratulate MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who won the New York Post's bracket contest for, apparently, whomever was the most consistent, loudest and just dead wrong about Russian collusion -- and because it is our understanding that she also cried on camera when The Big Nothing was revealed, we suspect this may have allowed her bonus points.

All of this goes down, of course, as TV ratings for MSNBC, CNN and others of a similarly annoying ilk are declining faster than the temperature of a female neck kissed by Joe Biden.  By the way, seems this guy should be walking around with a mouthful of hair, should news reports offer accuracy.  And isn't it funny how these ladies are showing up after years pass by, just in time for the elections?  Love to know what candidates they support.

Thanks again, Ted Kennedy:  I had not realized that LEGAL immigration was all but stopped from the 1920s until the sixties, when TK used his position to start it all over again, and here we are today.  Thanks TK, and, oh, thank YOU Democrats for helping keep the current border hell in progress as you count new potential voters whose own countries were glad to be rid of them because they have no skills or education, just functioning sex organs producing misery and increased demands for U.S. taxpayers to pay for the whole damned mess.  Sanctuary cities don't pay for themselves.  Oh, and desperate invaders who want your stuff will hurt or kill you. 

Republicans are not blameless:  Once again, they had the House, the Senate and the Presidency for a couple of years, and did nothing about illegal immigration or health care.  Give us conservatives or give us independents, but the two major political parties can do little but create chaos (Democrats) or let the clouds roll by in the face of danger (GOP).

The Republicans and health care:  For freakin' sakes, make, make, MAKE insurance companies throughout America do the work and compete with one another for business via low prices and costs.  How can this NOT be done?

Schiff and Nadler:  Jokes the Democrats have given us.

Judge Jeanine Pirro:  Well, I don't suppose she could attempt again to ask Muslim congresswoman what's-er-face what's up with the hijab, and whether that means she's on the side of either sharia or the U.S. Constitution, as neither is workable with the other?  A very valid question, especially since oaths were taken and must mean something.

60 Minutes did a piece about Siberia's permafrost and what its loss means to the world -- you know, the climate change thing.  Even as icebergs become larger elsewhere in the world, the climate folk continue trying to convince us of the unsupportable -- and since decline of the permafrost areas demonstrate animal bones and plant remains underneath, this obviously indicates that the earth has warmed and cooled before, and so far as we know there were no SUVs or cow farts to affect nature's hits and misses.

Hitler's "master race" is born, this time as brain-warped college students, leftist faculty and social media participants whose driving force is to prevent the free speech of others, online or in public.  Trump's executive order regarding government college funding affiliated with the ability to speak freely on campus will go a long way toward keeping rights solid.  For too long, leftist thugs have successfully squelched conservative views by violence, threats or orchestrated ridicule.

Democrats and the Electoral College:  I can't believe these manipulative fools really think the nation should scuttle an Amendment and go for this.  If you want all Democrat rule all the time, I guess it's a great option.  For the rest of us, it's a lonely world, a lonely, fairly rational world.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

(S)Pin the Tail on the Donkey - No Trump Collusion Means a Really, Really Unhappy Left

The Democrat Donkey is a horse's ass, and the party's spin will not abate.  These folks and their complicit media tend to dig in.  Apologize?  Verboten!

Oh yes, yes, the comfortable buddy media, manipulators of public opinion and liars of opportunity without consequences.  It wasn't always this way.

Treason is where you find it, and its definition certainly isn't on the right.  Try looking leftward as socialists and radicals move in to win, whatever it takes.  What is termed essentially a "vindication" for Trump -- despite a foggy inability to provide full "exoneration" per rigid yet somehow arbitrary interpretation of law -- won't matter a whit to the dangerously extremist left.

Make no mistake, the entire Mueller investigation, prompted by Hillary and a lie, was a Democrat studio production called something else.  In fact, Mueller's team was dripping with confirmed Democrats.

Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Schiff, Nadler -- names of inspiration for whom?  Over-ripe vegetables hand-picked from a garden of douche bags.

Anybody -- anybody -- taking some time to listen to conservative talk radio for the past two years would have had a giant step up over the lies, hopes and wishes dished out by leftist TV network darlings and decidedly left-leaning Internet sources.  They would have known within weeks that Trump was not sacrificing the nation to Russia, and that a number of people associated in several ways with Obama, Hillary, the DOJ and FBI were the real ground zero for absurd allegations and wild rumors, all in an attempt to bring down a legally elected President.  May true (not social) justice be administered once the phony Trump-related dust bunnies are swept away and people of particularly shady interest are held under the spotlight at long last.  This chore will not be accomplished by the Democrats.

Russians?  Yes, as usual the Russians did everything they could to screw with our elections last time, and they will again -- but not in any way with Trump's help.  Want to talk real collusion with Russia?  Why did those with short memories forget Obama's promise to be more "flexible" regarding Russia  after his first term -- you know, the words to Medvedev recorded when Obama didn't know a "hot" microphone was nearby?

Writing a blog doesn't make me special.  I'm just like you, probably far less in many respects.  Nevertheless, from the day Robert (not called "Beto," I wonder why) Mueller began his "investigation" of Trump to the day it was concluded, I never entertained for a moment the thought that the President was selling the country out to Russia.  In fact, if Democrats were sincere, focus would have moved initially and swiftly toward Hillary Clinton's involvement with the "dossier" and the gaggle of low-life government officials intertwined with the basis -- lacking any credibility whatsoever -- of the collusion hoax.  And what of Obama and his bunch?

Abuse of power?  Democrats, look to thy mirror.  Media?  Look to the same mirror -- many of you are the supreme failures of contemporary journalism.  Shame, shame, shame.

Millions of dollars were wasted investigating a hoax, yet leftist instigators express little interest in spending for -- effective -- border security.  Quickly becoming the party of flagrant idiocy, trapped increasingly and seemingly inescapably in a spider's web of pure socialist fantasies, the self-strangling Democrats evidence total shell-shock with the release of Mueller's report.  Denizens among the pod people somehow thought Christmas gifts secured in piles of guilty judgments were right around the corner, but instead received one humongous lump of no-go coal.

President Trump and candidate Trump did not collude with Russia.  Period.  Isn't that what this was supposed to be all about from the start? 

Left with multiple traumatic events encompassing Trump's unexpected (to them) election victory, shrinking opportunities to impeach the President and now a report apparently detailing no collusion with Russia, the Democrat Party's hand-wringing expectation of shiny anti-Trump Christmas gifts is all but dead.  In the vacuum left by a disintegration of get-Trump dreams, the only bridge left unburned by the left is a push for socialism, and it all starts with Bernie the communist.

Oh, oh, oh, how badly an elitist group holding no particular love for the United States in its current form wanted and anticipated Hillary as President.  Really, how "open" could open borders be, had she chomped down on the golden ring?

Had the Dems not been dedicated 24/7 to destroying Trump, maybe some internal element could have concentrated on kicking out the radical varmints now so heavily involved that not even Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea can appear before them in public without getting a shout-down.  How the extremism, apparently popular among a significant portion of the blissfully and eternally unaware, will convert to votes in 2020 will be interesting.

Isn't it a knee-slapper how, for almost two years, the Democrats held Mueller in a god-like status, anticipating collusion indictments galore, when all they received were legal proceedings against former Trump associates for reasons having no relationship to Russian collusion?  Now, of course, per the wistful, wishful movers and shakers, Mueller is equivalent to Satan, unworthy of trust and perhaps in need of congressional scrutiny himself.

No exoneration for obstruction of justice because the evidence to sway Mueller's investigation in that direction just isn't all that apparent?  I'm no attorney, but I think that tends to wrinkle out as pretty much a verdict of not guilty.

The magical word for Dems and the accommodating media won't happen, and that word is IMPEACHMENT.  Inside the DNC, they must be going crazy, squealing and biting their own tails.  Unless one speaks of human-induced climate change, Trump's blue sky is not falling, it's rising high.

Trump should immediately call for a special counsel himself, to give the Democrats what they gave him -- and this time we feel confident that serious crimes will be discovered.  We already know most of the names, after all.

Yet, frenzied hope springs eternal as Rep. Nadler (of NY, not a compliment) and others on the left step forward in a huff, promising to continue propelling the fidget-spinner known as The Trump Investigation, and no doubt, just as thirsty men dig until they find a well, Nadler and his fellow pod people will turn up something, no matter its lack of a Russian collusion connection.  Elections near in 2020, and therefore panic must ensue until something thrown against the wall might stick.  Pathetic, yet hardly unexpected.

The left has escalated to a level where they blatantly wish to claim the country for themselves, whether it requires hoaxes, lies, subtle deceit or happy faces, and what we see is a slow-cooking takeover attempt.  In banana republics, it's called a coup. 

Democracy is in vogue for the left, but not for the democratic republic which distinguishes the United States from nations sustained by violent oppression.

If there's any pathway to still-rational Democrats, and there must be a considerable number out there, Trump would benefit by attempting to reach out to the sanity holding that population together.  But how?  It's the Democrats who savaged him from day one, so what modicum of respect is he capable of offering at this point?

Now Nancy Pelosi informs her flock that Attorney General William Barr simply cannot be trusted?  Of course she does, the rhythm of the drum beat must continue at least until the elections -- when we personally hope Democrat voters in districts lorded over by radicals will have seen the light and vote for somebody rational.

Jussie Smollett ducks all 16 felony charges in Chicago:  We smell an Obama influence here, aside from the obvious aura vibrating with the specter of celebrity/fame/black/ gay.  The chief of police has every right to be angry, for this stroke of incredible injustice sends a message that in Chicago and beyond, one can do almost anything and get away free.  Chicago's corruption is the single best answer for why Smollett was sent on his way almost with honors, but now we wait and see if the Feds move in to examine this situation. They should -- had Smollett pulled this act on a hot August night, streets, buildings and possibly people would be burning all over the country. Some might wonder if Smollett should expect backlash from black people, but we don't think so. 

The real problem for Smollett may come from a corner least expected:  the gay side of the street.  Gay folk can be very effective in handing out vocal "gay justice" when they feel betrayed, and if anybody speaks naughty gay betrayal right now it's Smollett's now-sealed incident, though no exoneration is involved.  The smugness and unapologetic comments Smollett uttered after five minutes in the courtroom won't help, either.  In any case, to social justice warriors who always claimed there are two systems of justice, one for whites and one for blacks, I suggest they are correct -- but not in the way they intended, not this time.  I think here we might have black privilege.  We wonder, are there Emmy Awards for this sort of thing?  Suggestion:  Hire Smollett for the leading role in a TV remake of some dismal failed sitcom series guaranteed to fold after four episodes, after which he'll be forever condemned to become a TV commercial spokesman for products such as hemorrhoid medication, light bulbs or flashlights just big enough to do the job.

A measles epidemic in New York and other places:  Immunizations aside, let's not continue to dismiss all the infections accompanying border-jumpers and asylum-seekers arriving daily, many bringing the worst diseases in the world, unseen in the U.S. for decades.  To re-do words from the Bill Clinton era:  It's the border, stupid.

Out of Syria:  Nice if true, but doesn't that mean that Russia and Iran will now claim territory, resulting also in the genocide of Kurdish elements friendly to the United States?  Everywhere, no matter decisions, trouble lurks.

Old movies from the World War II years often displayed a little blurb at the end, urging theater-goers to buy War Bonds, which helped purchase the goodies to conduct and end the war.  That was an era when enemy identities were clear, so unlike today when they come and go and switch sides.

New Zealand's mass gun surrender:  Oh yeah, NZ, all the people who sit and wait for a crisis did it up proud.  Should there be some future invasion of that beautiful piece of real estate by any number of those desirous of invasions and claiming territory, New Zealanders will just have to ask for patience as they put in a billion dollar gun order on the Internet (hint:  progressives have already forced some banks and credit card issuers not to accept firearm purchases, so good luck).

Nobody in the U.S. Senate voted in favor of the "New Green Deal" this week, but trust us, the Democrats -- devoid of any not-insane issues to set before voters in 2020 -- will keep trying.  New face, new name, same old irrelevant bull poop.  Beware.