Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanks-grieving, 2014

If we're really, really lucky, the only thing President Obama will pardon before Thanksgiving Day will be a turkey or two.  Last week, he executively ordered enough trouble to last for years, and he did it without proper time-tested authority, and against the wishes of most legally established American citizens.

It's making the rounds that some school system curriculum teaches that the pilgrims were terrorists.  Hmm, I never realized the pilgrims were followers of radical Islam.

Sunday night, I was watching Sixty Minutes and occasionally flipped over to the American Music Awards.  What a contrast!  The popular entertainer who calls himself "Pit Bull" was apparently referencing Obama's immigration order, and I turned to the awards show just in time to hear him say, "President Obama says we can stay." 

Then I switched back to  Sixty Minutes,  featuring a segment about a team which travels to islands in the Pacific to locate, often successfully, military aircraft and the remains of crew members lost at sea during World War II.  The team, composed in fair measure of modern military veterans, takes the responsibility quite seriously.

And then I switched back to the awards show.  Now, I know I'm getting older, and it's no surprise that the world changes before my eyes with every succeeding day.  Yes, it's even normal for older folks to look upon the young as a bit too arrogant and ignorant.  However, making allowances for the obvious, just looking at some of the "artists" and a disturbing cross-section of utterly inane performances by people who probably can't even get dressed without the assistance of their handlers, I'm worried.  This illustrates the generation coming out of school ill-educated and, worse, uninspired, except for the ability to whip up stupid music with lyrics penned by idiots -- recorded imbecility doomed to be forgotten in three or four years, if that.  These, the performers and their songs, heroes of the young who worship only the young and want nothing to do with the past because they were taught that the past was wicked.  That America was always wicked.

President Obama says we can stay, proudly remarked the televised celebrity known as "Pit Bull." 

Switching back to  Sixty Minutes  and watching divers actually touching submerged U.S. fighter aircraft from WW II, a thought came to mind -- that, with all deference to Mr. Pit or Mr. Bull, whichever he prefers (and I do hope and suspect he has another name), I somehow can't imagine that those young American pilots and crew members of so long ago, roughly the same age as viewers and participants at the award show, would like to know they sacrificed their lives to save a world and a country which one day would forget and even trounce upon their efforts.

Nor would they entertain the thought that a U.S. president would serve as something renegade to the Constitution they all took an oath to defend, back when Germany and Japan threatened the world.

Those who perished in those watery graves of the Pacific would have a very difficult time attempting to understand why a president -- the commander-in-chief -- would embrace and welcome border-jumping criminals who not only came and stayed against our laws, but whom overwhelmingly have no wish to exemplify what Americans are supposed to be. 

No matter.  Mr. Pit Bull and his colleagues will continue to entertain the youthful masses who have not a clue nor a care about what they lose or trade away a little more of each and every day.  Sometimes, I wish I was too young to notice.   

Despite the obstacles -- happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bits and Pieces for November 2014

Yeah, I've received a few barbs about my apparent abandonment of the UFO issue (". . .and what's that thing under your name about a fortress of quicksand. . .").  But I haven't -- it's just that I've little to say after so many years (50-plus) of essentially saying the same thing.  I usually leave it up to others (see links) to update you because they stay in touch with stuff minute by minute.

UFO conferences?  They've come and gone, some serious and some bonkers, since the 1950s.  Some have matured in substance and reflect UFO information better than ever -- such as the one held a few days ago at American University.  No, I wasn't there, but I understand the right people spoke and imparted plausible information.  Now what?  Or do I hear the sounds of crickets chirping?

You must forgive me.  I thought the world was going to flip for solid, scientific UFO investigations in 1964 when the organization NICAP compiled its hefty volume,  The UFO Evidence,  distributed to every member of Congress and to numerous members of the media.  Congressmen and senators were impressed and newspaper articles seemed kind and inquisitive.  Believe me, I was right out there pushing the agenda.  NY Senator Robert F. Kennedy's office assured me that he received his copy , after I inquired to make sure.

And after a bit, crickets began chirping.

They ceased their lonely song just long enough for Dr. Ed Condon & associates to conduct what was expected to be a comprehensive scientific UFO study out of the University of Colorado.  Infected by insider lies, distortions, arguments, public controversy and an apparent intention from the get-go to dismiss the entire UFO mystery, however -- despite instances which seemed "pro" UFO reality -- a final report was produced, released and. . .and. . .and the crickets returned to chirp for another day.

As a disturbing segment of society focuses less and less upon subjects of importance, trading brain power for entertainment hook-ups, we tend to look upon UFO conferences, symposiums, meetings, presentations or whatever appropriate designations pop up as something akin to the movie,  Groundhog Day.  Despite the best of intentions, these affairs rise and fall like teenage acne, impressive one moment and unobserved the next.  This is not criticism, merely an observation -- and unfortunately, one held closer to the vest among skeptics and outright debunkers than among folks like me who see a real scientific mystery here.

The conundrum?  UFO conferences will continue, but most of the people who need to give a damn will ignore the subject, worrying far more about energy, water resources, clothing and food prices, college education costs -- and where to access naked photos of some Hollywood "actress"  of the moment.  Unlike anarchy, manipulation conducted by government progressives and communist-inspired street riots, UFO research just isn't sexy enough.  Throngs prefer to flock to movies such as  Interstellar,  rather than conducting a fair intellectual fight over UFO evidence and its potential "interstellar" meaning.

And that's my other reason for pursuing the UFO issue less:  The street organizers and communists in the White House.  Or maybe they're just wannabees.  These folks are like nothing I've ever seen in U.S. government of my era, and I find them as dangerous as they seem to find Americans who speak out against them.  I don't think UFO "disclosure" tops off their agenda, but ridding our lives of this bunch by legal means could someday get us closer to the "open" government promised, but quickly destroyed in Washington by the Obama bunch.

THE SOCIETY PAGE:   We extend heartfelt congratulations to the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Charles Manson.  A prison wedding between the infamous 80-year-old master murderer and a young woman of 26 years who never stopped believing in Charlie's purity fits right in with our contemporary bonkers society.  As it turns out, I still have the 1987 Awareness Records CD release of  Lie,  a collection of 14 pre-murderous rampage songs written and performed by Manson.  Oh, yes, the performances suck, but I think Charlie could have made it to at least no. 25 on  American Idol.  To quote from the compact disc (I believe there was an LP released first) liner notes:

"This compact disc represents recordings made by Charles Manson prior to the Tate-Labianca murders.  There was some speculation at the time that a record producer who had previously owned the Tate home and who had earlier rejected Manson's recordings was the intended target.  Every producer Manson had approached with his recordings ultimately received death threats at one time or another.  It was subsequently shown that Manson had targeted for assassination a number of famous recording artists whose only crime was their success."

Wedding music?  No problem.  Charlie can choose and sing from his own repertoire, perhaps including such Manson "hits" as,  People Say I'm No Good;  I'll Never Say Never to Always; Don't Do Anything Illegal; Sick City  or, my personal choice for the non-conjugal visit bride and groom, a piece also remarkably suitable for performance in the current White House:   Garbage Dump.

I will support voter identification every time I vote because when election personnel ask, "Do you have any ID?" I can reply, "About what?"

Which kinda reminds me about TV shows.  Have you noticed a sentence so hackneyed in our time that we almost cringe when it's spoken -- over and over again?  You have no idea.   No, really, THAT's the one.  Or it might be,  I have no idea.   Annoying!  To me, anyway.   Even the dictionary definition of the word, idea, fails to adequately cover this one in the course of normal conversation.   Nor is  you don't want to know  among my favorites, because we DO want to know, it's that curiosity thingie.  Why are we so curious?  You have no idea.

NBC's Saturday Night Live continues an appeal only to the comatose.   It's truly sad to observe the slowly ongoing death of a show which should have compassionately been euthanized years ago, populated by far too many mediocre hosts, performers and, especially, bands and singers whose talents and work will endure about as long as a jet trail in a clouded sky.  Program content has become nearly as topical and relevant as dog poop on a hot New York City sidewalk in July.  Last Saturday, as videos and outrage continued to emerge about MIT economist Gruber and his statements about Obamacare and stupidity of the American people, SNL should have made this the spotlight of the opening segment.  Instead, they put up a predictably lame skit about President Obama and Mitch McConnell.  The lesson?   White House butt-kissing NBC will always loosen the leash just enough to poke fun at the White House and seem fair, but to ever indict the Obama bunch with serious, devastating harpoons is a beautiful thing which, nevertheless, will never happen in NBC's peacock cage.

Freeze your. . .  A former NASA scientist believes global warming is nonsense and predicts our current descent into a 30-year freeze.  These aren't uncommon, but it's been a long time since the last.   So-o-o-o-o-o glad that Obama ponied up three billion dollars more to energize the theory that climate never changes unless it's with our help, and I'm just thrilled that Obama demanded nothing, but gave the Chinese liars and thieves everything as USA business and industry had more brakes applied due to more and more government regulation.

Pope Francis will visit the USA.   Yes, now and again the Catholic Church sends a representative here to beg and accept money or favors from the U.S. government, and I fear that congressional reps of that faith in particular lean more toward their religion than the demands of Americans of  all  beliefs.  I have few problems with the Church except they love to dump within our national borders the world's trashiest, often U.S. hating masses with the wink-wink assurance that U.S. taxpayers -- and non-Catholics -- will foot the bill without challenge.  Brad Pitt WW II adventure movies aside, why the hell don't we just loot the Vatican to pay for their own actions which affect our nation?  And just imagine the Catholic influence in our illegal alien mess, which they totally encourage and support.  I wish Vatican officials would stick to exorcisms, pedophilia and warding off vampires.

United Arab Emirates issue a list of terrorist organizations  and it includes our old buddies, C.A.I.R., the Muslim-American Society and the Muslim Brotherhood, easily found in the United States.  Too bad our FBI, military and other key entities aren't officially allowed to acknowledge that if something quacks like a radical, bat-poop-for-brains jihad duck, it most likely is.  I guess it's a good thing that Obama declared some time back that the war on terror is over, and that official law enforcement handbooks have been stripped of language regarding radical Islam.  If ya can't talk about it, it doesn't exist.  Someday, heads will roll over this.  Oh, wait. . .

State Dept. computers hacked, presumably by Russians.   See, I told you and told you that the U.S. should have hired England's fave UFO photo-searching hacker, Gary McKinnon, to deal with this sort of thing.  Now, just look!

Another Ebola death in the USA:   Still a bad idea, transporting victims here.  The Shadow  may well ask who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, but I'm more concerned about how,  where and how long  Ebola lurks in a dormant state.  Considering the way organisms cleverly  mutate, I'm not about to listen to any "medical professional's" final word.   Again, we plead for White House arrests. . .

Street mob love on hold in Ferguson:   As if waiting for a free garage band performance, everybody's watching for a grand jury decision. Comments by Obama and Holder are not irrelevant in this situation, either.  Meantime, nothing has changed.  Based upon just a few seconds of one video, Michael Brown is still a thug, still a bully, still a thief who rightly could have been shot into oblivion by an assaulted shop owner who would probably have been fully justified to accomplish a "cure," and, hmm -- oh, right, and Michael Brown is still dead.  There are black people of distinction to admire and hold up all over this country but, sad to say, Brown wasn't among them in any way, quite the opposite.  A reason to riot, harm and loot. 
What happens next will just serve as icing on the cake for dumbass street demonstrators intent upon causing violence, no matter the truth.  If violent revolutionaries become involved with this mess the words, shoot to kill  must not be taken off the table by law enforcement agencies and police personnel under attack.  Obviously, among many protestors observed to date, there's nary a rational, functioning brain to be shared among them -- a fact not lost on street organizers with perpetual America-hating evil directing their own wild  it's us or them  agendas.

He's Gonna Do It:   The president who took an oath and swore to defend the Constitution and America will apparently give away a little more of our country and culture Friday when he announces his latest evil from Las Vegas.  Call your congressional representatives in protest, and if you don't have any just buy some like everybody else.

Water wars erupt as world population doubles:   Seems like the best common sense solution is to stop the world's human numbers from achieving a dramatically useless increase.  Surely, this emergency among emergencies can be handled painlessly and directly?  Attacking numbers is the only solution (notice I didn't say  final solution -- not playing  Nazi  here. . .) around the globe.  And we have the United Nations to help.  Oh yeah, we have the United Nations. . .yucch. . .

A special word of thanks to talk show host Michael Savage:   Some folks, mainly on the left politically, would rather spend the night vomiting up vital organs than sampling his "Savage Nation" radio show, and that's too bad because the nonetheless gruff Savage isn't at all the monster he's painted to be by those who prefer to hide truth and avoid controversy.

Last week, aware via the  New York Post  that a U.S. Army soldier and his service dog  Matty,  each a victim of the same exploding IED in Afghanistan, had become separated upon their return to the states Savage took action. 

Federal law allows returning servicemen to adopt their dogs, but somehow bureaucracy tore two mutually loving hearts asunder, and we're talking about a love between man and dog so great that the dog had even tried to chew through metal bars on his cage during the return flight from Afghanistan in order to be at the side of his mutually injured companion who rested nearby.

Michael Savage donates generously to animal causes, such as elephant rescues, and in that respect he could be likened to a  Bob Barker  of radio.  When he learned of the Matty case, he sprung into action and alerted his national audience, even speaking by phone with the serviceman's father.  In the meantime, alerted by Savage, the newspaper and other outlets, ranking military officials and others began exploring and searching the whereabouts of the serviceman's "lost" dog, locating and returning Matty to his rightful owner within days.

Savage happily shared credit with mostly anonymous sources who helped arrange the happy reunion, but during his show, after the fateful weekend, he again spoke by phone to the serviceman's father -- and promised to buy his son a fully-equipped van, capable not only of allowing trips with Matty, but adapted to accommodate his son's war injuries.

Savage, the often irascible Savage?  Yes.  A heart of gold is sometimes found where some folks least expect it.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Whose Country?

As precious years elapse, now and then I watch some errant TV newscast or program briefly taking up the issue of "anchor babies," those tots whose foreign mothers, here in the USA by either intention or happenstance, deliver them as instant American citizens.  Similarly, I've witnessed talk of congressional legislation to end the practice of assuring citizenship simply because of birthplace.  Legislation, for some peculiar reason, has gone nowhere.  Maybe because it makes sense.

Anchor babies may be the least of the worry list, however.  President Obama is poised to grant early Christmas -- sorry, make that holiday -- gifts to millions of illegal aliens  through executive order, perhaps in the next several days.  Green cards, amnesty, pardons, refugee status -- who knows, anything could be simmering in that soup.  Whether he can get away with his and his associates' obsession beyond all obsessions remains to be seen.  Depending upon Republicans and the justice system to defeat a mad agenda which almost no American citizens desire is still a crap shoot, despite the elections.

The definitive elections which, nevertheless, seem to matter to nobody, least of all to the Republicans.  As if a grand illusion was performed and then faded into the night.

Meanwhile, Obamacare comes off as more of a fraud than anybody knew, and all it took to find out were dated videos of loudmouth / loose-mouthed MIT economist Gruber, integral in some manner to the Affordable Care Act's creation, laughing off his apparent belief that the American people were too stupid to swallow Obamacare straight from the bottle; instead, lies and half-truths needed to be told.

Perhaps he was on to something.  Lots of Americans enjoy and soak up fabrications issued 24/7 by news, entertainment and sports outlets.  If the truth hurts, choose brain candy instead.

No matter, multiculturalism will change America forever because there won't be any Americans.  The invaders persist.  And thugs with signs and middle fingers raised, having no intention of becoming Americans or understanding the concept of being one.  I think outrageous amounts of money are involved here, and when big money's in sight treason and its traitors come out of the corporations and universities without a second thought.

From the White House on down, there should be arrests, trials and convictions.  I know, I know -- but maybe if we repeat it often enough it can happen.

Treason is a perfectly good word.  Shall the leftists remove that one from dictionaries?  One need not be a flag-waver to protect its meaning and intent.

Obama promises poor nations three billion dollars to help combat the pseudo-science effects of climate change, the calculated and lucrative fraud which used to be known as global warming until the theories didn't quite meet up with thermometer readings.  Our money, presumably freshly printed, three billion. 

Taxpayers continue to indulge schemers, illegal aliens and presidential fantasies, and in the context of all of this the sound beatings inflicted upon radical Democrats during the elections are all but ignored by those who still don't care what legal American voters demand.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Head Man Walking: Elections May Cool Obama's Hoodoo Agenda Until Zombies Attack

Pollsters can gussy up the figures and their assumed meanings however they wish, but for John Doe, Jane Doe and me, plain old Robert, the 2014 election results were the only weapon desperate Americans could employ to reject President Obama's policies.  And to reject Obama.  Too bad spineless Democrat party huggers, sheep and elected representatives didn't have the gonads during at least the final weeks to stand up and gain respect -- and perhaps re-election -- by publicly proclaiming what many of them already know darned well -- that the Obama bunch is a dangerous invasive organism, and no rational individuals want any part of a White House out of control.  Instead, they avoided Obama as if his name were Ebola, silently, yet motionlessly complicit in maintaining the fantasy and the fraud.

If law enforcement officers and military members across the land weren't applauding Election Day eve's outcome to a deafening degree, I'd be surprised.  Egotistical college intellectual lib professors raised on the same poop they feed students, not so much.

Welcome to the spectacularly vibrant Joni Ernst of Iowa, and say goodbye to a fading Hillary Clinton of the political junkyard -- her dinosaur bones are showing.  And Jeb Bush, please go away, it's not merely you, it's the name.  Surely, future phone directories shall list names other than Bush, Clinton and Obama?

Will Republicans climb off their hamster wheel to nowhere and perform some real fiscal and legislative magic with either the welcome or unwelcome assistance of Tea Party members whom, like it or not, had a lot to do with Republican gains?

New black representatives join Congress Republicans.  Why are the NAACP and similar organizations not heralding this worthy accomplishment?  We suspect it's because this is an alien event for those who live, die and acquire funding only while beating the drums of racism.  Maybe they're busying themselves with plans to raise senseless hell in Ferguson.

Barry Goldwater, Barry Goldwater, we miss you and "they" were wrong about you, if only you could come back and see what's transpired.  We had you, we let you go, and now we're left holding thin air as the environment is populated with Zuckerbergs and others who.  And others who.

An executive order regarding immigration?  De-fund it in January and sue, sue, sue.  Funny how the presidential spokesman parrots disparage that the House didn't take up a Senate immigration bill, while the disturbing Harry Reid continues to sit on something over 300 bills regarding all manner of issues sent up by the House.

Meanwhile, over at the Federal Elections Commission, a Democrat member among three Democrats and three Republicans is just itching to put controls on political speech via Internet and other electronic media.  Hardly amazing.

The president?  That's King O, assuming responsibility for no national or global ills.  His post-election press conference, during which he made no concessions whatsoever, portrayed him as perpetually arrogant, consumed by bags full of self-interest and, all things considered, Obama appeared before the cameras and microphones as a selfish child intent upon doing as he wishes, and screw everybody standing in his way.  Hmm -- rather like the fawning mainstream media members who clamped on and butt-kissed his agenda since day one.  One wonders just exactly how many copies of  Rules for Radicals  float around Washington as guidebooks for so-called official business and media relations.

Methinks that gaggle of rumored White House psychologists who work diligently at ways to keep the Democrat vote amongst national brainpower might instead focus their attention upon a president who apparently fails to properly realize how thoroughly spiflicated his policies were on Election Day.  I'm tellin' ya, if this man continues to live in his university intellectual world of conjecture, and not America's world of gritty reality and real needs, day will come when EMTs visit Pennsylvania Avenue with a straitjacket.  Hmm, better make that several. 

What a coincidence, more troops announced for deployment to Iraq  after  the elections.  This, from a president who pulled us out of Iraq much too soon, leaving perhaps forever incapable Iraqi troops in charge to save themselves.  As numbers of "advisers" increase, I harken back to the Vietnam years and military draft with which I was all too familiar. 

New nominee for the soon-to-be blessedly vacant Attorney General position:  No thrills here. Ms. Lynch (um, are we still allowed to say  that  word?) has a record which, so far, portrays her as little more than Eric Holder in female attire.  Chosen, of course, by the most racist president in memory.  Good going, Mr. O.  Now let's see if they can wait until the new Congress takes over to either confirm or deny her the job.  Her position on immigration alone may not endear her to reps looking for decisions in America's best interest.  Lynch's comment about serving "all" Americans just tickles my funny bone to a scream, especially in light of Holder's peculiar journey as AG to Ferguson, sympathizing and bonding with professional street protestors to whom he reveals that he, too, is a black man.  Wha. . .?

Speaking of AG Holder, that must have been quite a paper avalanche when his department finally got around to releasing nearly 65,000 pages of documents relating to the "Fast and Furious" affair -- and even that tidy amount is only a small portion of documents demanded by the congressional committee investigating this sordid issue.

Neither fast  nor  furious was the release at last of a U.S. Marine from a Mexican prison, where he endured threats and beatings.  If life were perfect, no U.S. citizen would visit or vacation in Mexico for the next decade, sending a message to a corrupt government which cares little about the U.S. except to send unwanted, unskilled and just plain ignorant people here to consume our resources and assist in weakening a country built originally by immigrants with essential talents and personal resourcefulness.  Continuing illegal immigration merely dumbs down  a nation already strangled by massive human incursion, assisted by political traitors who rightly deserve prison cell occupation for a long, long time.

So when should charges regarding criminally negligent deaths reach the White House?  Remember, the Obama folks knew months in advance that "children" and the like were coming here from Central America.  Of course they knew -- there were ads placed for caretakers through government channels. What did we get, in addition to a continuing wave of thousands of illegals dumping their butts across our border?  We seem to have received an uptake in tuberculosis cases -- and even more outrageous, an enterovirus which not only paralyzes American children, but can apparently kill them as well.  Surely, these diseases can be checked to determine if their tracers lead back to Central America, but I'm not sure this has been done (probably not).  It's simply too damned coincidental that these eruptions have no relationship to foreign border-busters  whom we know already  are giving us a big shout-out with diseases and head lice.

If we can successfully entertain and treat Ebola, we can handle anything.   Well, yeah, that's the opinion of some, but as an ignored American , just like you, I have to say that I worked in the medical field just long enough to have a very bold respect for diseases, particularly those which mutate at the drop of a  hat  fruit bat.  Despite all this talk on "Sixty Minutes" this week by and about medical personnel who courageously step in to attempt to curtail Ebola, I have much sympathy for the poor medically-educated sonsofbitches who want nothing to do with this disease, but are forced to endure the risk by virtue of superiors who threaten them with their very jobs.  I can't BUT sound harsh when I say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and what happens in Africa should stay in Africa -- oops, almost forgot, the Chinese are grabbing up African resources, and the U.S. isn't about to let 'em go whole-hog, so. . .now I get it. . .

Two Americans were released by North Korea this weekend, and despite comments otherwise, I'll continue to wonder how much it cost us THIS time.  For Pete's sake, can't you folks who just itch to travel the globe stay away, far away, from North Korea??!!  Every time, this costs us something considerable for a solution, mostly stuck in secrecy mire so we will never know enough to become appropriately pissed.  Now, I don't know about the older guy, but the other, Mr. Miller, I believe -- those videos, those photos -- how come his eyelids appear to be tinted with blue or dark eye shadow? Why isn't he talking?  Was he a spy?  And since he tore up his papers, demanding asylum in North Korea, why didn't we just leave him there?  If a feller believes life in North Korea's going to be a jewel compared to the daily grind in America, certainly the NK folks could accommodate him?  I don't know, maybe  that's  something the United States could pay for, just to allow the boy to continue his life-long communist prison fantasy.  Any  prison time has to beat those awful haircuts. . .

Hack it up:   Within the past three days we've heard of  assumed Chinese thugs hacking into the U.S. Postal Service computers, and the Russians gaining access to the U.S. energy grid (!!!).  Surely, advancing technology is always our friend, yes?

Pillar this, pillar that:   It seems disturbing that there's an interest in teaching school kids about Islam lately.  I watched a televised high school quiz show this weekend and there was a question regarding the five pillars of Islam.  Well, I don't know exactly what that means, but let me try to sort out what I believe these pillars might represent, in consideration of the 9/11 bunch, etc.:

Pillar 1:  Intolerance of other religions.
Pillar 2:  Beheadings and other forms of murder.
Pillar 3:  Pedophila and underage marriage.
Pillar 4:  Always cover women from head to toe and treat them like livestock.
Pillar 5:  Even stupid and pathetic men of Islam can feel superior when they treat women who are     more intelligent than themselves as brainless.

I hope I got that.
Republicans step in it again.   There's a clear faction among Republicans who live for nothing but the end of abortions and the power to "lord over" birth control and a woman's right to choose. For all the things I like about conservatives, this little self-righteous gem drives me bonkers.  Will you folks please stay out of the bedroom?  There are already enough future intellectual morons being conceived between sweaty sheets every night of the week, and I promise -- as long as humans walk the planet, we'll never run out.  So -- no religiously-driven bedroom invasions and definitely no Shariah Law, and maybe we'll all find some contentment.

Oh, and just one more thing:   Automobile manufacturers and government, please, go back! Start making vehicles easier to produce, repair and manage.  Just because electronic marvels impress, that doesn't mean we should continue making cars more technically complicated and expensive.  Bells and whistles of amazement won't count for anything if a dreaded EMP takes a split-second to catastrophically destroy each and every proudly manufactured electronic "breakthrough"  under the hood. Trust me, AAA won't be coming to save you. . . and. . .and  you won't be able to call them, anyway.

HAPPY VETERANS DAY, AND THANKS PARTICULARLY TO THOSE VETS WHO ENDURED THE EXTRAORDINARY AND SACRIFICED SO MUCH ON FIELDS OF BATTLE (and I haven't forgotten you folks involved with Rendlesham and other UFO-related military incidents, either, because your stories have yet to be told officially, and the very concept of "closure" for you is something else again).