Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Too Much, Too Many

Hurricane devastation can reach several levels of incomprehensibility, and the latest invader known as "Harvey" exceeds anything the rational mind can easily sort out.  The human toll in lives lost, emotions scrambled and dreams shattered won't be fully tallied for months or years to come, but the end result, no matter the form it takes, won't be pretty because everybody will wonder when a hell reinforced with wind, water and flood will return to do it all over again.

I've lived in Texas, and drove as far south as San Antonio, but currently have the pleasure of existing with bouts of snow and ice, not hurricanes or tornadoes.

But you wonder.  Or rather, I do.  I've never won a popularity contest for compassionate writing, so anything I tap out next will probably just urinate off a lot of folk.  It all starts with the men and women who say. . .

"Nobody is going to tell me how many children I can have!"

And that's correct, nobody can.  Well, unless you live in China, but even there the human numbers amaze.

Nevertheless, collectively parents or, more likely, people who just grind out human births because they can, produce one hell of a mountain of humans who need resources to survive and thrive:  More infrastructure, more superstructure, more crops, etc., etc.  In the process, we create societies which may as well look like targets as natural disasters go on the hunt for victims.  With so many of us scattered about in growing, expanding communities, the odds are not with us because nature's nasty surprises can no longer avoid the populated areas dotting a planet of finite land space.

"Nobody is going to tell me how many children I can have!"

True enough, and so the risks for natural disasters will increase and potential victims will be ever more in danger.  It's all in the numbers and, sadly, hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, floods, disease and a ghoulish plate of other threats to life on the planet have nothing to do but "go forth and multiply."  Just like humans, who thought those words applied only to us.

Mind you, we're not addressing human-caused "climate change," merely the effects of our numbers on Earth, period.  This is not brain surgery, I'm no brain surgeon and there is no space here for an Al Gore error-sprinkled global warming love fest.

A further word about tearing down statues:  Well, once they finish ripping down Robert E. Lee (we assume that'll make ESPN feel better, too, since the jock network apparently has a problem with some "L" words), I expect they'll be coming for everybody named Robert, and I'll have to change my name to something leftist-safe, something like Chelsea Manning or Woodrow Wilson.  Idea:  What to do with all that empty space once the statues are gone?  How about erecting statues of Sheriff Joe Arpaio?!  Since the Democrats are so wrapped up in destroying statues (and public memories?) of THEIR OWN historical figures, maybe it's time for the other side to get in on the fun by replacing them with something a little different.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Riding the Down Elevator

Another Navy destroyer tragedy:  The USS John S. McCain's fate invites thoughts of possibilities, none of them palatable.  The last thing we want to believe is that (1) incompetence or enemy activity aboard ship is the cause.  The theory that (2) navigation electronics were hacked by ???, leading to abject failure resulting in multiple deaths and injuries is a terrifying prospect.  The (3) hypothesis that bad actors aboard the tanker somehow caused the encounter, assisted by forces unknown, could predict a future of more collisions.  Whatever the eventual cause -- should we "out here" ever learn the truth -- high-ranking military minds will not sleep easy this week.

Jerry Lewis dies at age 91:  Beyond the comedy, beyond the acting and directing, he contributed substantially to the world of Hollywood film production, having invented new techniques to broaden a cinematic reach around the world.  Anybody familiar with his brilliance and quick-on-the-draw wit might have been lucky enough to catch one of his appearances on Steve Allen's sixties TV show, where Lewis anonymously phoned an unsuspecting food shop owner, and in the course of several minutes subjected the man to an uproarious question and answer session.  So commanding was Lewis's comedic approach, the bit ended up on one of Steve Allen's "Funny Fone Call" LP albums.  All those years with Dean Martin (who lost an Air Force Reserve son in a plane crash), his decades with the muscular dystrophy telethon and the fact that his son and performer Gary served honorably in Vietnam instead of somehow attempting to trade in on his father's influence and status -- well, this is a little bit of Hollywood we can respect and feel good about, and we don't often say that.  We'll miss him.

Charlottesville redux:  Eagle-eyed folk reviewing videos of the event say its indisputable that members of the "other" side (the side opposing white supremacists who actually had legal permits to organize and march, unlike the opposition) did indeed contribute heavily to the violence, going on the attack quickly.  The Antifa people allegedly, as the story goes, stand against fascism, but may actually be classified as violent fascists themselves, so beware of these folks at every opportunity.  Is anything what it appears anymore? 

It's not about statues:  The U.S. strangles upon hordes -- small in number nationally, but hordes nonetheless -- interested only in destroying the country.  Yesterday it was burning the American flag, today's it's taking down statues and obliterating history, tomorrow it's anything else the leftists and anarchists can do to destroy freedom while pretending to be freedom's friend.  We must ask perpetually -- why now?

Sick to death, we should be, of the extreme leftists, communists, Nazi-wannabees, fascists and every other evil group of dangerous bastards dedicated to changing our lives, not theirs.

The statues?  First of all, monuments serve a real purpose, since high schools barely teach anything about American history anymore -- and colleges and universities?  Forget it!  Second, any minority member who believes statue-goodbyes are a good thing might feel otherwise, should easily accessible history become hard to find and dependence upon images struck in bronze, cement or various other substances becomes almost essential to remember what used to be, good or bad.

However, there is something ironic and humorous about the statue take-down craze -- it's almost totally an activity of leftists taking down memorials to Democrats -- the same side demolishing its own!  This, of course, begs the question of whether these ate Democrat sympathizers attempting to hide their own nasty history from young folk who have no idea that Democrats were significantly the racists, slave owners and -- exclusively -- KKK members in American history.

The biggest take-down of all?  Oh, that's a no-brainer.  This bunch wants President Trump out, and they have plenty of supporters, both within and outside of the government.  Me?  I'll keep Trump, thank you, especially because there's no way I want any possibility of re-Obama-izing the Executive Branch.

I am not Albert Einstein.  However, I do have enough of a functioning brain to know what Trump meant when he spoke about Charlottesville.  He did not say the words others wanted him to say because, despite his strengths, being a great orator is not among them.  Once he uses up words like "great" and "win" and "very, very" in a speech, word-finding appears difficult for him.  This is not a criticism, just an observation, and in that vein I believe he MEANT what others wanted him to say against white supremacists by using the terms available to his way of thinking as he spoke.  Get over it.

Say what you will, but Obama and the Obama bunch are the monsters who mucked up any chances of racial harmony, as they constantly did things destined to be divisive.  Diversity and divisive were the same word to that motley crew of jackals, who put into effect damned nearly any orders they wished because Obama's race -- yes, his race, and he used it -- gave him a free pass.

If the current Republican Congress knows what's good for its chances of re-election, its members need to stop avoiding, crying and experiencing nervous urination and work with Trump to get his agenda passed.  The media, teetering upon mania and pure emotional collapse as Trump continues to do the unexpected, deserves what it gets, having been all in for everything the Obama Bunch perpetrated upon the nation, and large media entities should have little to no expectation of being believed or respected by now.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Charlottesville Junction

No matter what, goes the apparent unwritten media standard,Trump must be blamed right off the bat for anything that goes wrong -- and so he was when he didn't use the politically correct language during the aftermath of the Charlottesville, Virginia riot.  They wanted names, names, names publicized:  Neo-Nazis, the KKK, white supremacists and their ilk.  Why, oh why, didn't Trump mention each individually, shouted the morons? 

However, peculiar, yes? Nobody in journo land begged Obama to single out and publicly condemn specific radical black groups when chaos broke out in Ferguson, MS or Baltimore, MD.

I knew all I needed to know over the weekend when I saw a report by ABC via the Stephanopoulos show in which a photo of the 20-year-old alleged murderer was thrown up on the screen, with words in large letters underneath his name reading REGISTERED REPUBLICAN.  I wish I could remember the last time ABC similarly accommodated a criminal Democrat suspect, but I doubt there is such precedent.

Speaking of Ohio's "superior" white auto driver, said to have a history of mental problems (getting to be normal status in this country), we also note that he would seem to have been in elementary school when Obama came into Office, so the entirety of his school years from that point were filled with Obama's educational bull crap and racial favoritism (that's called racism by those who use the proper term).  As time goes on, we're sure to find a lot of screwed up adults who came to be that way as children growing up under Obama's ways.  Of course, all blame will fall upon Trump, whom the left, some on the right and their willing shadow buddies can't wait to toss out of Washington for their own reasons (not yours).

While we understand why some would wish to topple the statue of Robert E. Lee and other controversial figures, we also offer a warning:  Sometime in the future, perhaps in the distant future, preserving such reminders might be the only defense one has against others who wish to tarnish and insist for their own ends that certain episodes or artifacts of history were in error or never existed at all.  When we hide or destroy history's remnants, we may easily ring in our own demise simultaneously.

Which leads us to the mayor of some Kentucky town, who thought the best response to all of this is to remove two Confederate (?) statues in his own town.  Yeah mayor, that'll show 'em. 

Watching Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe speak against violent whities, sounding something akin to the politically correct valedictorian at a junior college graduation, left me uninspired, as did NY's governor Andrew Cuomo, who needlessly warned there was no room for white supremacists in the country -- a statement reminiscent of one he uttered some time back when advising that there was no place for politically conservative people in NY.  In Cuomo's world, there's no room for anybody but those who think like he -- and this man may have presidential intentions, so may his words return to haunt him.

Meanwhile, as radical groups of all sorts fret and fight in the streets over relics of the distant past, few pay attention to the sidelines, where members of a particular group of people plot and plan to one day take over the U.S. government using the steady and sure weapon called multiple childbirth.  Yes, deep within the United States are haters living in their own special communities who hate our freedoms and Constitution more than any other faction, and they both raise and educate their young as, not simply race haters, but as America haters.  And don't think they aren't appreciative of street riots, for such chaos participants are assisting the unseen more than "our" garden-variety hate groups could imagine. 

Who knows, the day may come when you beg the universe to send that damned asteroid.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

From Abraham, Martin & John to Che', Mao and Kim

 Breaking News:  American diplomat staff working in Cuba apparently suffered hearing loss due to what is thought to be sound wave interference.  I'm always amazed at uses found for sound in science, technology. . .and war.  We had our own ideas back in 1971, when we wondered if ultrasonics had any bearing on injuries allegedly caused during UFO encounters:

Harkening back to that old song, "Abraham, Martin and John," we find it all replaced with a new tune -- we could call it "Che', Mao and Kim."  The peaceful intentions of Abe Lincoln, the Rev. Martin Luther King and John Kennedy seem very much currently to have been stampeded by the self-perpetuating influence of such despicable, murderous bastards as Che' Guevara, China's Mao Tse Tung and Kim Jong-un.  I mean, isn't it easier to find a Che' t-shirt than a John Kennedy?  How long before kids return to school with "I Love Kim" backpacks?

The world's always been a dangerous place, but we humans offer it an inordinate amount of help to keep things that way.

Various factions among us long assumed that we would eventually meet our end as a species by way of nuclear war, an asteroid, cosmic rays, disease or -- it's painful to write this -- climate change.  But now, along comes yet another study indicating that men's sperm counts, especially among Western Europeans, continue to diminish in large numbers.  Some researchers believe it's caused by the chemicals and plastics we use (no brain surgeon thinking needed there), and I tend to agree they play a significant influence.

Then again, maybe it's just about time for Homo sapiens and everything like us to check out the way millions of other "ancestor" species -- be they insects, fish, birds, mammals, carrots or snails -- have exited over the millennia.  Maybe we've served a purpose and it's time for the old species heave-ho so Ma Nature can introduce the next circus attraction of the day.  As much as we like to think we're going to live forever, or that we can continue our living legacies by bowing to biological processes and "love affairs" by making children, that's only a short-term solution, and ultimately the evolutionary curtain closes in anticipation of the next act.

Trump confronts North Korea:  What's he supposed to do?  Offer Kim U.S. citizenship?  Trump, thankfully, is no Obama, and I'm grateful that he has enlisted the services of generals and other military personnel who don't have the luxury of sitting on their hands, attempting to wish Kim away to the cornfield.  The leftist media, so out of most rational loops by now, is hardly worth attention as its associates blame Trump for everything and the Obama bunch for nothing.

Don't expect Princeton U. to provide men of strength:  Nope, they're all in with hiring somebody to counsel masculinity out of male students, apparently because boys and men are just too, um, male-like.  When I read about this -- and when I read that Google fired the employee who spoke truth regarding an apparently secret fact that men and women are different -- I actually felt as though I had just received a quick hit of testosterone, causing me to feel fresh and ready about telling Princeton's administrative and faculty morons where to go.  Parents, if you're actually spending money to send, particularly, your sons to Princeton and other institutions of higher "leaning" like this, pull 'em out and get a refund.  This crap, like "diversity," will kill both mind and body, if you let it.

As a side note:  Last year, a college from which I received credits totally, absolutely and finally dropped me off their mailing list when I sent an e-mail and complained that a new "world peace" curriculum they were offering actually included in the introduction the words "social justice," and I suggested this was all about socialism and communism.  Another fine example of colleges and universities striving to tear this country down - to be replaced by what, exactly?  Hell by any other name is called Democrats.