Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cox Rocks

I hope you've kept up with the UFO blog updated frequently by journalist Billy Cox (see link), a.k.a. Blog de void. His recent reports about UFO documentation from military pilots and government sources in South American countries makes one long for the open government we're (sigh...) alleged to have in the USA. Keep reading Billy's entries, he won't steer you wrong the way those folks on journalism's Dark Side do on account a' they don't know any better (hint, hint, network TV news. hint, hint. . .)

ALSO, I HAVE SOME UNFINISHED BUSINESS in need of attention. In a few days here, I want to revisit an old article I wrote, because the time has long since passed when I should have provided a name (speaking of journalists. . .) previously withheld.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Air Show: Ripped From the Headlines

LAST WEEK IN THE NEWS: An American Airlines flight attendant was tackled and restrained by passengers after drifting into an hysterical 15-minute tirade about mechanical problems, a pending crash of their plane, 9/11 and all sorts of troubling subjects. She was said to be bipolar and "off her medication." Removed from the plane by a bevy of law enforcement and medical personnel, one assumes she will receive proper medical treatment, eventually retrained and rejoining American Airlines as a mental baggage handler.

MAYBE NEXT WEEK IN THE NEWS: A commercial airliner soars mightily overhead, slicing through occasional early evening clouds like a double-winged knife through melted butter. Everything on the flight seems to go just fine, but suddenly flight attendant Zinnia steps into the aisle from the back and startles everybody with her rant.

"Look out! Rats! All over the plane! Rats! Rats!"

Passengers and other flight crew members either jump from their seats or stiffen where they stand, as everybody anxiously watches for a rodent invasion. But there is nothing to be seen.

"My grandmother has a gun, watch out!" screamed Zinnia.

People looked up at one another and then at Zinnia, beginning to realize that something was quite amiss. A woman re-seating herself in an aisle seat looked up and asked Zinnia if she was feeling okay. Zinnia nodded. . .then continued her warnings as she paced the aisle. "Watch out! I see snakes in the baggage compartments! Oh my god, we're going to crash! I can feel the plane breaking apart,! Can you feel that!?"

Everyone on board soon realized that poor Zinnia had gone stark-raving mad, so they began humoring and sympathizing with her claims. After all, there was nothing to be done until the plane landed, and that wouldn't be for another half hour.

At last, Zinnia calmed down and retreated to a rear compartment, assuring silence for the flight's remaining minutes as two other flight attendants soothed her back into her work and administered medications she had failed to take. Promising no further outbursts, Zinnia returned to the passengers, slowly making her way up from the back, populated by people still on edge from her emotional words.

Midway up the aisle, however, Zinnia stopped cold, alerted by a flash of light to her right, a flash reaching only her eye level. Glancing to the side, she looked around the cabin, but saw nothing. She shrugged and continued walking, but then another dim flash reflected in her eyes. Returning her attention to the right, she suddenly discovered the light source -- pacing the airliner about 100 feet in the distance was a glowing reddish-orange disc, the most peculiar sight Zinnia had ever encountered. Fear instantly gripped her mind. "It's outside -- a flying saucer! It's after us!" she shouted, screaming in terror.

"Oh no, not again!" a frequent flyer exclaimed, rolling his eyes.

"She's out of control," whispered another to the stranger seated beside her.

"Hide! Hide!' advised Zinnia. "Sink down in your seats so it won't see you!"

Zinnia had every reason to panic, for the UFO was real and continuing to pace the large commercial aircraft, now just minutes away from the intended airport. But the mere thought of UFOs brought out the worst among passengers.

"Let's get her!" voiced a young man in the back, "She's nuts! Hold her and tie her up before she does something stupid!"

"Quite right," said another man approaching from the back. "I'm an air marshal and I'm trained to deal with these situations. Stand back!" commanded the tall, burly man attired casually. He threw Zinnia to the floor and handcuffed her, completing his chore by dragging her to the rear compartment.

"Stop!" Zinnia pleaded as loud as she could. "The saucer's right outside, we're doomed!"

Another passenger leaped from his seat. "Pay no attention!" he told the outraged passengers. "I'm from the Food and Drug Administration, and I think this woman is high on something!"

"And I work with the Justice Department," interrupted a well-dressed man in the front. "That flight attendant has obviously conspired to frighten everybody, and I'm sure an indictment is waiting in the wings!"

"Ahem! sounded a voice, clearing itself as if for a major announcement. "I'm a professional astronomer and I've never seen a UFO. I speak as an expert in my field and this is just poppycock, and this woman badly requires medical attention. I advise psychiatric consultation. Is there a doctor on the plane?"

A hand went up. "I'm a chiropractor. Can I help?"

"No!" was the resounding sound throughout the cabin.

"Folks," the pilot's voice crackled over the speakers, "I don't know what's going on back there, but we'll be landing in a couple of minutes, so fasten those seat belts and listen to the flight crew."

The UFO, unnoticed by anyone except Zinnia, now both bound and gagged, ascended and sped off into the night, disappearing in seconds. Zinnia would eventually be found criminally insane and ordered never to work as a flight attendant again.

(. . .And as almost everybody has heard by now, the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek remembered attending a scientific symposium attended by professional astronomers. During the evening session somebody interrupted the affair with an announcement that a UFO was being observed outside at that very moment. However, as Hynek wryly noted, not one astronomer would venture out into the night to see for himself.)

AUTISM UPDATE: The latest TV spot from the Ad Council now claims that one in 110 children is autistic, after new science caused researchers to back off from the one in 100 figure -- which previous to that was one in 125. I truly am disturbed by these numbers, not because I believe them, but because, if true, we all may as well go hiking until dead, leaving jobs and responsibilities behind, because the kids everybody claims are the future will have no future because there will be no future. If we're in as much childbirth trouble as these figures indicate -- and I find it easier to accept multiple birth defects due to decades of chemical exposure -- then autism will destroy us socially and economically in short order. I continue to stand in the open-minded shadows on this, wondering how much fudging is going on here as research communities of various disciplines fight for grants and tax dollars by inflating numbers or "crying wolf."

AFGHANISTAN UPDATE: How many more times can we apologize in a place where nobody apologizes to us? Tipping points exist, and an Army staff sergeant going murder-bonkers last week exemplifies the frustration of a military whose battle-trained hands are tied by our own leaders and whose trusted Afghan friends may just as likely be untrustworthy Afghan enemies. How many American lives is failing diplomacy worth in a region populated by religious extremist throwbacks, who patiently wait to reclaim what they firmly believe is theirs? Nice try, but our people are fatigued and edgy after multiple deployments, and who could blame them? With new threats of beheading U.S. servicemen, it's pretty clear that human cockroaches rarely ascend to anything better. How much longer will we force our military, now clearly in the line of fire everywhere, to nation-build us to hell?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maybe More Warp and Less Drive / Barry Goldwater Files Up

I don't want to be the Grinch who poisoned "Star Trek," but keep in mind that I'm messing around with UFO propulsion theories, too. Oh well, may as well be despised by one and all. . .

The Web site, quoting from Jason Major in Universe Today for March 1, lays out a pretty convincing theory from researchers at the University of Sydney for why "warp drive" travel may not offer the responsible way to vacation in or to sell vacuum cleaners to other galaxies in the future. Focusing specifically on the Alcubierre warp drive, designated as such because it was proposed by Mexican theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre in 1994, some in the scientific community claim that anybody or anything warping through space, though safely enclosed in a bubble of sorts, would consequently pick up all manner of space debris -- that is, cosmic particles. "Of course," states the reporter, cutely understating the humor in all of this, "when the ship reaches its destination it has to stop. And that’s when all hell breaks loose."

This instantaneous oh-oh moment assures that everything in front of the warp drive-ee is annihilated, gone to lunch, gone fishing. Gone. "When the Alcubierre-driven ship decelerates from superluminal speed, the particles its bubble has gathered are released in energetic outbursts. In the case of forward-facing particles the outburst can be very energetic — enough to
destroy anyone at the destination directly in front of the ship."

I'm not a scientist and I've never even testified at a stone-faced congressional hearing about my need for taxpayer-paid contraception, but I'm thinking this is not a good thing, particularly for Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. Think of future "Star Trek" franchise motion pictures or a renewed TV series, where every journey to each new planet by the Starship Enterprise results in the entire ecosystem being blown to Smithereens before anybody can even make awkward intestinal noises. There might p-o-s-s-i-b-l-y be a way around the chaos, according to some brave minds, but don't bet your quasars on it.

Where does that leave UFO propulsion theories? Dunno. Maybe ask British computer hacker extraordinaire Gary McKinnon and his mom, since they've surfaced in the news again in attempts to prevent Gary's long-pending extradition to U.S. government courts at all costs. I'm not sure if Gary McKinnon knows how to iron out the kinks in warp speed (though his mind was allegedly "warp speed" in comparison to whomever or whatever was entrusted to keep prying eyes far away from NASA's computerized secrets), but he's done a heck of a job in providing evasive air travel maneuvers for himself. 'course, the almost mythological lad IS rumored to be the most dangerous entity on Earth, capable of cyberfeats without limits.

BARRY GOLDWATER FILES AVAILABLE NOW: Grant Cameron at Presidential UFO (see link) has posted a number of files (letters) regarding the late Sen. Barry Goldwater and UFOs, and will continue to do so. I won't get to them right away, so by all means get yourself involved in the past now by downloading what appear to be some intriguing historical documents. More will be posted in the future. Thanks, Grant!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

"This is not your mother's Democrat Party."
-- A. Breitbart

The (former) Congressman Anthony Weiner scandal of lies about photos. The ACORN taxpayer ripoff. Brought to public attention by Breitbart.

Imagine 12 barking Andrew Breitbarts putting all that energy into getting the U.S. government to open up about UFO information, pilot films, official photos and the like. Trouble is, there was too much government corruption to wade through on the way to any such destination. Love him (generally conservatives) or hate him (generally liberals), the guy was a human mongoose who successfully brought government darkness into the cleansing light of public scrutiny during his brief time on earth. Breitbart leaves behind a wife, four children and our hope that hardcore investigative journalism will again flourish from coast to coast one day, perhaps when young jour-NO school grads, management and investors appreciate that TV's endlessly brain-dead and safe feature segments spewing fluff usually don't fit the definition of news stories.