Monday, July 31, 2017

Liars in the Night

Maybe it's my imagination, but clumps of political dirt in Washington, D.C. seem almost always to pile up late at night.

This time, it was GOP sweetheart Senator John McCain, arriving late, but arriving just in time, nevertheless, to dump a mountain of Obamacare-saving crud all over the Senate floor merely by voting no on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  McCain, a true American hero for his military bravery during the Vietnam conflict, and now enduring the trauma of a brain tumor, had the power to vote Obama's major artifact of evil legacy into dust -- but decided instead to betray his own past promises to Arizona constituents and voted to keep a quickly failing health care plan on useless life support.

A swing vote?  Yes, but probably considerably more.  We would almost bet the farm on McCain voting as he did to strike back at Trump, who questioned McCain's hero status during the presidential campaign and after.  Nice comeback, Senator McCain, except if this was a case of payback, he also dumped on his Arizona constituents, who, like the rest of America, now face the prospect of doling out much more for health care in premiums and deductibles.  Will John McCain and Barack Obama share a similar legacy of progressive hype?

Disgusting, too, that other senators who also promised on numerous occasions to repeal and replace Obamacare likewise voted not to kill off the ACA beast.

Liars lie, and party affiliation means nothing.  In a past blog entry, we likened Republicans to lazy house cats who let the mice (Democrats) do as they wish.  The failure to repeal and/or replace the ACA by this time actually puts those effete house cats into a coma, rather than a mere dozing posture.  The only true cure may lie with GOP and Independent voters, who need to take a second or third look at truly conservative government, as opposed to progressive ideals which, though popular, can only lead a society into socialism and worse.

A 16-year-old high school student from Mexico dies after border agents allegedly ask him to drink substances he was transporting in bottles as he entered the United States.  Unfortunately, the bottles of liquid contained a deadly suspension of highly dangerous methamphetamines.  Now the family in Mexico has lawyered up for big money, and the U.S. media (of course) is holding a pity party for the dead teen while attacking border agents' versions of what happened.  But we do know what happened.  Too bad nobody cares that the kid was trying to bring in enough drugs to kill other teens and destroy families on this side of the border.  As we continue dripping with compassion, may we just add that we don't care that he was 16 or a Mexican high school student.  He was a drug peddler, maybe a "mule" without maturity, but who cares?  A drug shipment was stopped, perhaps saving other young prople, and that's really all that matters.

In a related matter, Rep. Luis Gutierrez continues to blast Trump, calling him a criminal, and insisting that illegal immigrants are not criminals.  Even more of a laugh, Gutierrez reportedly put his wife on his congressional  payroll years ago and she has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from campaign funds.

Hitler Youth Who?  Crazed leftists, outraged about President Trump's speech to some 30,000 Boy Scouts, likened his political comments to attempts to build something akin to "Hitler youth."  Funny -- we feel the same about Al Gore's new movie, a second video attempt to hypnotize young people into sticking with his often rather dismissible environmental inconvenient "truth."  If you have kids, make sure they know the "other side" cries out to be heard -- and the other side has the real facts, not at all inconvenient.  Meanwhile, anybody building a "Gore Youth" program for the kiddies?

The Sky is Falling Department:  We love the media frenzy over Trump joking with law enforcement folk that they don't need to bother putting their hands over suspects' heads when escorting them into police cars.  Somehow, this was interpreted as "police brutality," giving the usual media bigmouths something else of pure fiction to hype up and squawk about.

As health care options continue to sink beneath the surface of affordability, legislators need to take a really, really close look at employing enlisted military medical personnel departing the service to help provide care when "basic care" is the word.  Military medical corpsmen often know as much as their civilian counterparts, it's just that hands-on training and experience with living patients suffering various forms of trauma took the place of classroom education.  These folks are ready NOW to take some of the strain off a patient care crisis, inexpensively and competently.  This solution make so much sense that you can bet it will never-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r happen in the U.S.  Insurance companies, paid-off legislators and "professional" medical organizations, established like predatory tree roots, will never entertain even the mere thought.  Too bad.

Your personal assistant robot may kill you, but it will be great around the house in the meantime:  We applaud Elon Musk for attempts to set Mark Zuckerberg straight about the potential horrors of artificial intelligence.  Zuckerberg apparently dismisses any thoughts of AI eventually turning against humans, believing it instead to be our beneficial assistant in every way. 

Me?  I'll take my robot with an on/off switch and easily detachable extremities, thank you.  One can't be too careful.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dripping with Compassion, July 2017

Cruel intentions aren't really what we wish to sprinkle around this month, but I must confess that I've apparently misplaced my compassion badge as I mull over the following stories:

First of all, while I'm puzzled and far from pleased with President Trump's displeasure with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who seems to be tackling illegal immigration and related crime with all the enthusiasm conservative voters hoped for, I do agree with Trump's new policy against allowing transgendered folk into the military -- at least until the facts shake out.

Breaking:  The military services will take no action until the President clarifies his intentions.

Yes, it IS too expensive and dangerously resource-consuming to bother propping this minute segment of society up whilst a country worries about fighting current battles and wars yet to come.  Transgendered people often present with the excessive baggage of insurmountable mental problems and suicide rates many times above the national average for the non-transgendered population.  The military is not a game and is not a party for social experimentation -- and this is the very definition of social experimentation.  At issue next will be the disposition of TG service members who already entered the military under legendary progressive community organizer Obama.  Yeah, we know -- some TG people have served with no problems.  But probably not all, if one depends upon overall statistics for society in general.

On the other hand, it appears that gays serving openly in the armed services do not present a problem, which is personally satisfying to me because, as noted numerous times in these blog entries, I fully supported legislation to allow gay military folk to serve, as they have in other countries without difficulties.

Believe it or not, TG folk, the decision is simple.  If you want to join the military, which must be action-ready at all times without taking a step back to assure your hormone therapy, surgery or physical/psychological healing, don't go through the Big Change.  If, however, you're dead set on becoming a different gender, avoid military life altogether.

In any case, watch for activists to enlist the assistance of extreme ACLU leftists to overturn Trump's decision, and knowing how radical Obama era attorneys still, regrettably, wield immense power throughout society, don't be surprised if a reversal happens soon, based upon little but emotion.

From the If We Could Save Just One Department:  Attempts to bring baby Charlie Gard to the United States from England were dramatic, but I fail to sign on with Glenn Beck (whom I admire greatly) and other celebrities and politicians who elicited money and public interest to accomplish this essentially fruitless chore.  Is the world not filled with infants, children and adults who "deserve" to come to the U.S. for treatments, experimental or otherwise, of their illnesses?  My math isn't the best, but I suspect we could easily inundate our country with sheer numbers of those who qualify.  Further, since when does the U.S. tell other countries how they can handle their health care, no matter how lacking, opting to spirit out and bring in patients whose health apparently fails due to crappy doctoring, nursing or whatever in any nation?  If the supreme do-gooders wish to care for the world's growing and increasingly sick population, they need to buy tickets and go where they need to go -- and leave it all over there.

Even more compassion:  Moron teens  near Miami preferred to make a video, instead of doing anything to save a drowning man who soon met his watery demise.  Should they have at least called 9-1-1?  Yes, of course -- then again, in our litigious society, there are instances of victims suing the very people who save their lives.  Good Samaritans, like baby seals in Canada, can get "clubbed" just for trying to do the right thing.  Nevertheless anybody expecting heroics among a disturbing proportion of the up-and-coming, self-absorbed youth of today may have a long wait.

How much compassion can you take?  Then there's San Antonio, featuring a tractor-trailer filled with hot, very hot dead and critically dehydrated people un-fresh from Mexico and who knows what other countries.  First, gather up survivors and the dead and send 'em back, then have a speedy trial, allowing an obviously guilty verdict and a quick death penalty for the driver who "didn't know" he was hauling human cargo.  The next step should be deadly serious government actions to shut down and ban the very concept of "sanctuary cities" in a country where laws allow for no such foolishness, and that requires arresting and putting on trial any governor, mayor or other public official who refuses to comply with established law.  Further, dare we say it -- those who paid plenty to journey to the U.S. illegally in this instance discovered "social justice" in its worst form.

The Ohio State Fair:  Death takes a ride.  Officials insist that the killer ride which literally fell apart was inspected "several times."  Who performed the inspection -- ISIS?

Speaking of ISIS and its many friends here in the United States, when are the Feds planning to take a pair of giant tweezers to California and extract from yet another mosque the latest Jew-hating imam calling for Jewish deaths all over the planet?  Born in Egypt and now making his home in the USA, this cockroach and his willing buds need to be kicked out of this country before another disaster happens.

Compassion we hate:  The Trump administration, despite the big talk, quickly issued 15,000 H2B visas to foreign workers.  This is how Trump is putting Americans to work?

New kid on the block:  Anthony Scaramucci enters the White House, apparently to shake things and people up as butts either get kicked out or self-kick themselves out the door.  Will he and/or Jeff Sessions be able to apprehend and hold responsible White House "leakers?"  Scaramucci's name reminds me for no reason of a villain named Scaramanga (portrayed by the great Christopher Lee) in the James Bond movie, "The Man With the Golden Gun."  Were the Washington journo crew younger, a few of them might have picked up on that little tidbit and made unfair comical comparisons.  Then (sigh. . .) there's Scaramouch, whom we assume without any self-evidence whatsoever could be the person referenced in the Queen song, "Bohemian Rhapsody." 

TV networks in the doldrums:  Really?  The best these folks can do is present endless documentaries about Princess Diana and, soon, dramatic episodes about the Menendez brothers' murders of their parents?  TV production crews already did Jack the Ripper to "death" and various time travel programs have explored pretty much everything from (useless) history with which millennials are familiar.  We assume they're just about down to producing only shows about the greatness of Obama or miracles performed by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Pathetic progressive "entertainment" and "news" hacks, one and all.

However, we do congratulate TV networks -- and now radio networks and stations -- in somehow getting together and agreeing that everybody will cut for commercials at the same time.  It's amazing, timed almost down to the second.  We hope program producers remain in good humor when assessing whether their shows fail because nobody can sample them "in between" sponsors, an activity barely possible.

Meanwhile, the media continue going nuts because their lady Queen Hil' didn't (pssst -- and couldn't) win the goodies, and any mention of dirt mucking up her political reputation just drives them deeper into a hating, depressive funk as they attempt to soothe the pain along with their Democrat buds.  And come hell or higher water, the left intends to preserve and keep the name Obamacare on the (un)Affordable Care Act -- The Obama Legacy, you know.  Obama's lies from the outset about keeping one's doctor and saving $2500 didn't quite pan out, but none of this matters in the left's fantasy world, where any scheme can be conjured and certified legit.

For sure, let's give Obama a round of applause for helping Iran reach its current potency level, as it skates across Iraq and other Middle Eastern territories with intentions of the highest radical Islam order.

Nor do we focus upon the left at all times.  The left and right comprise The Establishment in D.C. and we're always aware that these are representatives of the Elite -- the folks who shall have it their way, always and forever, and the rest of us simply don't matter when it comes to the big stuff on either side of the aisle.  We used to have a voice in matters affecting us, long ago.  We may still, but one gets a distinct impression that nobody seems to be listening.

Thanks, Senate Republicans, for lacking the will to make insurers do the insuring at fair rates, competing across state lines.  How many government officials' pockets are waiting to be lined to do the "right" thing?  The Democrats could hardly have a better campaign staff than these do-nothing fools, and I, for one, sure as hell don't want to guarantee another two, four, six,  eight or ??? years of progressive suicide, whether left or right, next election.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Don't Stop with the USS Gerald R. Ford

Over the weekend President Trump commissioned a brand new aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford, a massive, electronics-drenched sea vessel intended to ascend the heights of national and international security (though, as in other instances of digital technology, we hasten to estimate its electronics at a street value of only $1.50, should an electromagnetic pulsation device from either near or far destroy vulnerable instrumentation -- but we prefer to hope that exceptional EMP shielding will be effective. . .just in case).

The ceremony and ship itself serve as a fine tribute to President Ford's career, but if government authorities could somehow be imbued with a curious desire to honor Ford's memory to the max, they would re-initiate a scientific investigation of the UFO issue.

With more science and less government, if you know what I mean.

My 1968 letter from Ford, shown here (extracted from an article I wrote for what turned out to be the final issue of Argosy UFO magazine back in the seventies), represents a time when then-House Minority Leader Ford was inundated with demands for an investigation, as UFO reports poured in, not only from his home state of Michigan, but from across the country as well.

As press releases and TV interviews portraying Ford as nothing less than insistent upon a serious UFO inquiry saturated the national media, public interest eventually culminated in congressional hearings which led -- unfortunately -- to the inadequate and, dare we suggest, fraudulent government-funded Colorado University UFO project headed up by the late Dr. Edward U. Condon.  Indeed, Mr. Ford's suspicions turned out to be justified, and Look Magazine's bombshell revelations about negative project conclusions intended, despite scientific evidence suggesting otherwise, proved accurate.

Then again, the roughly $300,000 dollars appropriated for the study were far from adequate for the scope of actions required.

If the United States government really wants to honor President Gerald Ford, a new UFO investigation, this time properly funded, should be considered. 

A phenomenon observed time and again to put commercial and military aircraft passengers and personnel in danger during close encounters; a scientific enigma which repeatedly exhibits an apparent ability to produce electromagnetic-like effects on aircraft, automobiles and power grids; and a confounding mystery observed to leave behind instrumentation, radar, photographic, and ground indentation effects and other evidential traces remains wanting, crying out for a truly scientific inquiry.

Of all the congressional representatives who ever called for UFO studies, Ford was the most vocal.  Forging ahead with a fair scientific project having no connection whatsoever to the sloppiness and dishonesty of the ill-fated Colorado project could be as important to a new scientific golden age as the U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford should be to national defense.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Journo Apocalyptica

Maybe, just maybe something good did come out of my being caught up in the Vietnam Era military draft:  It interrupted my course of college studies in TV-radio broadcasting, thus preventing me from any possibility of eventually becoming one of "them" -- the corporate-manipulated Washington media caboodle whose jobs involve licking the boots of Democrats and risking everything to keep Obama and Hillary Clinton lookin' good, while simultaneously digging for the tiniest shred of nothingness to destroy opponents.  How pathetic, to be charged or hired with a major responsibility to overlook eight years of White House corruption, to say or report nothing to tarnish the image of the already tarnished.  Put on a happy face, unless condemning the opposition.

The concept of painting one's self into an inescapable corner through carelessness or lack of forethought is not new.  The idea of a free press doing the same to its industry hardly seems possible.  Yet, just look:  The mainstream media has gone bonkers in attempts to shield what's theirs and destroy what's not, credibility be damned. 

Frantic, almost pathological clawing and scratching by major media to come up with the slightest hint of marrow in the bone yard of Donald Trump Jr's meeting where Russians were present ultimately serves only to remind us how cherries are picked in the closed shop of reportage.

Americans who might otherwise be upset with congressional lack of action have discovered an entity even more irritating:  The media.  If they've kept score.

How can we take this presumed deep, heartfelt journalistic concern for some nebulous Russia/Trump/Russia/Trump/Russia/Trump wrongdoing seriously when the very same media protectors of liberty allowed eight years of Barack Obama and (even more years of) Hillary Clinton's horrible foibles slide by?

Why would anybody believe anything communicated by a Fourth Estate which has demonstrated a consistent unparalleled loyalty to the Democrat Party and an obvious pre-scripted hatred of the political right, conservatives, Independents and anybody else walking a divergent path?

Did a survey taken several months ago not reveal that Washington beat reporters were almost all Democrats?

Look how the press just gobbled up Hillary Clinton's likewise failed V-P choice Tim Kane's comment that Trump, Jr. may have committed "treason."  He's kidding, right?  Probably not -- but nor did he bring up the probable treason involved with Hillary's e-mail server or Obama's actions serving to weaken this country militarily, economically, educationally and culturally (that is, illegal immigrants allowed to cross the border for either welfare train goodies or intentions involving pure terrorism).  Just how does one define treason?

Did Donald Trump, Jr. make a bad decision by even attending a meeting drenched with Russian frosting?  Maybe.  But if somebody told me they were holding a bag full of dirt regarding the already corrupt Hillary I'd have attended that meeting in a flash, were I involved in an opponent's campaign.  By the way -- what WAS flapping in the wind about HRC?  We assume there was some sort of there --  there.

As for President Trump himself, his goals and policies seem to differ from all the destructive, force-fed bull crap of the Obama Era.  In fact, we suggest that he's a patriot -- and, trust us, the modern media has no idea what constitutes patriot status in the USA.

That said, yes, the President should consider making a bold move and disengage his family members from intimate presidential operations.  Image is everything and polls, though proven essentially worthless again and again, do suggest concern even among Trump's ardent supporters in this regard.

But again, all things considered, it is not insignificant that the mass media sold its soul long ago by establishing a close, often wink-and-nod partnership with the political left and all the crazies, dangerously agenda-ridden and deluded who attach themselves like bloodsucking deer ticks to the Democrat Party.  One might intimate, albeit cautiously, that a substantial portion of the American media has become almost indistinguishable from Russian-style "news" reporting -- and that's not a compliment.

Alfred Angelo goes belly-up:  Bankruptcy is a terrible thing, and that's why brides-in-waiting all over the United States are upset over the whereabouts of wedding dresses for which they paid handsomely.  This white wedding stuff is most peculiar, despite tradition.  Why not just get married in jeans and t-shirts?  The happy couple's only going to shed clothing anyway, intent a.s.a.p. upon jumping into the marital sack and screwing like mud hogs at an animal farm, an occasion followed by childbirth, and then he soon leaves for greener female pastures, as she blames men altogether for everything, after which she takes women's studies classes at college and becomes a man-hating professor of female studies at some progressive university.  Then, of course, will come the mutual animosity-ridden divorce and Order of Protection, which he violates as he crashes through the front door of what used to be their happy home and murders her with gun or knife.  So, I ask you -- is a wedding dress really worth all the fuss?

The return of Al Gore:  Yep, same old Al with a new movie, probably as wrong as everything he featured in the first one (it's those pesky predictions that never come true, you know).  This guy is so in hell now with no wiggle room, and unfortunately he takes everybody engrossed in his now-irreversible mantra with him.  Does the climate change?  Yes.  Does the climate change according to Gore?  No, because if it did we would all probably be dead and/or drowning now.  Still, we give Gore some credit -- the tree-cutting required for publication of his previous sh** in book form was probably enough to cause substantial erosion somewhere on this beautiful planet.  So yes, Al Gore, you DO make a difference.

Additionally, we note that the EPA just received some new figures from a scientific study determining that ALL global warming numbers are bogus due to irrational statistical re-calculations.  Or something. 

Between Gore and Bill Nye the "Science" Guy, I'm not sure I can stand all this "science."

Interesting, too, is Gore's new assertion that Donald Trump is ruining America's standing in the world.  Sorry, Mr. Gore -- Obama performed that little chore every day he was in Office, and it's left up to Trump to glue the pieces back together, no thanks whatsoever to your political party.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Solar Living Room Elephant

Maybe it's a human attribute, that it's so much easier to look askance than to look up.

For every misguided or debatable scientific article extolling the horrors of human-initiated climate change, very little time seems to pass before another appears to refute the whole idea.  I guess that's just the way it is, particularly regarding a phenomenon simply not understood or pinned down in every possible way.

Yet, as all the spin and bluster continues non-stop, few "experts" seem willing to ponder strictly the effects of the sun on climate.  This may be a key issue, as the sun is apparently ready to assume a "solar minimum" effect, a normal occurrence by way of the solar clock which can have profound effects on the Earth.  What wasn't anticipated, however, are new scientific measurements allegedly indicating a never before encountered disturbance in the sun's rotation speed, evidently slowing in some possibly significant manner best described by scientists.  Nobody really knows what's in store for our fragile planet, but as months pass we're sure to find out, being there's no place to hide.  Anyway, if one intends to push the climate change thing, they might want to contemplate the sun's power to screw with us before awarding the trophy of total blame to human history.  We're responsible directly for a lot of bad stuff, but I'm still not ready to embrace the Al Gore & friends religion, where updates can't possibly make up for past -- unfulfilled -- frightening promises of doom.

That stated, I'm pleased that President Trump didn't fall in with the (human-caused) climate hoax perpetrated by other countries -- and even if they got it right, what could we do about it?  As neither Republican nor Democrat, I see only a money grab here, and the USA would pay handsomely for this con.

Which reminds me. . .goodbye Obama, thank God, good goodbye Obama. 

Um, except we see he's returned to politics as we slept.  Bad things always happen while we're asleep.

A few weeks ago we recall that NASA announced a peculiar little discovery -- that certain radio waves generated by us on Earth create a kind of barrier around the planet out in space, something NASA assumes might actually be protecting us from solar and space radiation.  Just in time for that unpredictable solar minimum?

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bill Gates Warns Europe About the Obvious

One of the richest and smartest people in the world seems to have broken a bit from his progressive roots in an attempt to warn Europe of its own pending destruction.

Bill Gates, having already climbed aboard the bandwagon cautioning the world about the potential horrors of artificial intelligence one day becoming a human foe, just gave a speech in Germany, warning Europe that the current "generous" policy of encouraging non-stop migration from Africa can only lead to cultural disaster and the end of Europe as we know it.  It's all numbers, purely numbers.

The story comes from Breitbart, and its importance -- based upon the progressive Gates, who consistently seems to be an open borders proponent for the USA -- cannot be overemphasized.  Is the left coming around, finally realizing the danger we're all in, as a horrific human influx of people who will never assimilate continues to strangle European culture?  As anybody following the African/Islam immigration crisis FOR SEVERAL YEARS NOW knows, these folks are generally not your typical refugees, particularly because Islam is the influence of choice and upbringing among many, and their intent is often to conquer, not fit in with, their host countries.  Most reportedly come with no skills, no talents and no wish to assimilate, but it's not entirely fair to say they arrive with nothing -- indeed, they bring Sharia Law, which entertains no tolerance for sharing power or space with any other religion or form of government.

Yes, I know I'm over-simplifying the circumstances, but the fact is that FOR YEARS observers on the U.S. political right have been just about the only force attempting to warn Europe and Americans about the dangers inherent in the open door policy touted by such folks as the (should be) criminally liable Angela Merkel of Germany, an East Germany throwback socialist who never should have been allowed to wield the power she abuses with regard to unfettered immigration.  Her willing progressive associates in other European nations, of course, have helped bring Europe to the brink, just as the cursed President Obama force-fed the United States a potential Trojan Horse of "refugee" detritus which never should have left Africa and the Middle East (far better and cost-effective it would feasibly would have been to construct refugee camps over there).

If European leaders wake up (a handful did, surely, but their voices have been drowned out by voices of contrary agenda) as Gates has, maybe something of European culture can be salvaged.  But don't bet on it.

The photographed glee expressed by North Korean madman Kim Jong Un when his missiles launch depicts him as the typical "James Bond" poster boy villain.  If NK nukes are to fly, may the first somehow be diverted directly into his place of residence, perhaps causing a quick end to a terrifying beginning.  Without Iranian and Chinese support --and Russia is not blameless -- North Korea would probably not have advanced its nuclear capabilities quite so fast and, if little else, the West will now reserve absolutely no doubt about whom to label our enemies.  Who's going to save the day -- the utterly worthless United Nations?!

This time the Jews may be wrong:  Hitler's WW II menace resulted in a killing spree almost beyond comprehension, and its horrors continue to be acknowledged, as they should be.  I harbor no patience for historical facts being twisted, for my own uncles -- every one -- served during WWII or Korea, so early on I learned what was real.  Unfortunately, many of today's disengaged youth do not.  

However, supportive as we are toward Israel and Jewish organizations, we part company with groups expressing outrage over Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins' video selfie taken inside the oven area at Auschwitz.  In a world increasingly taught that the Holocaust did not exist, we believe that in 2017 it is certainly high time to reinforce the truth in ways compatible with the times.  Like it or not, personal videos are a matter of fact, and if video experiences of visits to crucial sites can traverse the planet to keep the truth from being buried by lies intended for the very same young people who engage in online activities, maybe it's time for a change in thinking among the Jewish community.

Monday, July 3, 2017

A Lesson Learned from Johnny Bago

Several years ago there ran a very short-lived weekly network TV show called Johnny Bago.  The series, exploring the realm of dark comedy, was almost doomed from the start because, predictably, anti-defamation pressure groups condemned the show as an unfair portrayal of Italian-Americans (the clueless need only start with the title, which, by the way, originated from the presence of a Winnebago vehicle in an early scene, when the title character fabricated a name for himself as he went on the run. . .so pronounce the last name as bay-go and what have you got?  Sounds like. . .oh oh). 

Aside from the outcome of a swift and unforgiving cancellation, the show had its moments, and for me one of the funniest was an event where an obviously transvestite (man as woman) news reporter showed up, feverishly asking questions and intruding upon a scene to get video footage, no matter what.

Beyond the comedic element, I started thinking, yeah, in some ways journalism does have its moments when it dresses up as something different, flavoring some news stories in a way contrary to reality. 

Despite my pedestrian TV ruminations then, no way could I have imagined the current media, so hating of a President and so dreaming of progressive rule in the country that its string-pullers would go to any lengths to bring him down.  If new revelations about frightening doings at CNN intended for ratings, but ultimately resulting in job losses and embarrassment, don't drive the point home, I don't know what will.  Is a progressive, right wing-hating media willing to push a fictional Trump/Russia connection all the way to the brink of war for ratings?  Apparently.  I think maybe CNN stitched itself together with too many transvestites.  Oh well.

The best gift to TV media last week occurred when Trump and the "Morning Joe" folk at MSNBC engaged in a war of sorts, assuring that at least a few more people might be added to a dismally unattended viewership.  National Enquirer intrigue?  We wish the N.E. would skip celebrities and get back to an era of UFO reporting, when they did their best work.

Congratulations to the State of Illinois, first to reach the we're-finished  finish line:  Flat broke?  No lottery payments, no school funding, no, no, no.  See what years of progressive Democrat rule accomplishes?  Now we await more belly-up results in California, Connecticut and other states ruined exclusively by agonizing years of Democrat failures disguised as yes-we-can.

The even darker side of this chaos spotlights state pension funds sinking into financial oblivion, a tragedy which will eventually force the federal government to step in and prop up with national tax dollars.  Yes, the government employee unions bear ultimate responsibility for holding let's-go-on-strike guns to heads of easily accommodating state officials, but why would union bosses care about this predicament?  Like standard progressive wish lists for "single payer" health "insurance," surely unions would be overjoyed with federal taxpayers picking up enormous pension tabs all over the country -- as unions continue to dictate the terms. S.E.I. who?  S.E.I. you.  Hello national socialism, what took you so long?

NY Physician tells Hippocrates to go to hell:  Disgraced NY doctor Henry Bello entered a Bronx hospital with a hidden AK-47 and blew away another physician, probably randomly   Not content to stop there, the good doctor shot and wounded several other hospital staff members before taking his own life.  Good grief, and we thought the hellish qualities of Obamacare in the hospital were bad!  The performance of ultimate physical examinations by air-conditioning human bodies with AK-47 blasts is not recommended under any medical insurance plan, so far as we know. Anybody who still promotes and believes in "safe zones" on campuses, in hospitals or in any facility that comes to mind is full of crap, and the only "cure" for blind violence is one's ability to confront it with the proper tools.  The father of an infant forced to hide his family as hospital chaos ensued later proclaimed that a hospital "should be a safe place."  Yes, and people "should be" able to defend themselves anywhere, anytime, but a well-placed cadre of leftists in control of too many lives consistently decide otherwise.

The Fyre Festival:  Unfortunately, I didn't have the money to invest in a trip to this epic failure, but it was sure fun to watch the well-heeled cry and blubber on TV news shows about their attendance at something akin to swamp property lacking promised amenities.  Anyway, we already know there was no food or entertainment at this luxury party -- but seriously, how was the sex?

Animals on the attack:  Sharks on the East Coast, sharks on the West Coast, sharks everywhere.  Supposedly, they're closer to shore because the yummy seal population is close at hand, as, unfortunately, are human legs and surfboards.  Even in the ocean, you take what you can get.

Peter Baker of the New York Times has written a book about Obama.  We don't know why he bothered, because soon enough Obama will spew forth a personal narcissistic account of his life -- missing, of course, the part about how he weakened and crippled the U.S.  Watch Obama cultists do all they can to promote a legacy built largely of fluff, invention and ignorance or twisting of key events.  They're already hard at work pulling out all the stops to make sure that the name Obama and the term health care are not torn asunder from one another as Congress muddles through repeal (?) and replacement(?).

Congress and health care:  For freakin' God's sake, Mitch McConnell -- throw the damned lobbyists out the door and tell the insurance companies to solve this thing by themselves, making sure to incorporate some good old American competition as insurance possibilities materialize across state lines for many different competitive prices.  Get rid of legislation prohibiting competition and let the free market work without government hands all over the pie -- particularly in view of the obvious fact that congressional representatives and senators don't know jack about insurance. 

Tranny crisis at the Pentagon:  It's a little late, but the war room warriors decided to delay transgender military enlistments for six months.  Sorry, but we outsiders still harbor concerns about the sex-and-gender change folk because there are evident just too many mental/emotional problems before and after.  And no, I am not a doctor -- and if I were, I'd probably be fashionably shooting up hospitals in the Bronx, so it's just as well.  Change your gender, change your sex, change your life, change your phone numbers, but don't change the military quite so much at a time in history when its traditions are paramount.  Isn't it enough to welcome gay people whose stability is generally accepted?

Fidget Spinners on the attack:  All was well until somebody decided to include electronics and charging abilities.  Now, enhanced versions catch fire and melt during a charge.  What's with these toys?  I've decided to market my own brand of children's toys, and I'll be right up front with consumers, because bags filled with little multi-colored pieces of plastic emerging from my factory in China will carry the brand name, ROBERT'S CHOKING HAZARDS.  Am I not a marketing genius?