Monday, October 29, 2018

Pray for Peace, Acquire Guns, Get a Net, Use Robots and Dress Up

Another Halloween looms, and I think my costume choice has been decided. This may require a little extra effort, but I hope to trick-or-treat as Megyn Kelly in blackface as Al Roker made up in whiteface as Al Jolson made up in blackface as both Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison (topped off in handcuffs for that last one).  By attempting to be all-inclusive, it's my intention to avoid offending anybody.

Bloodying the Fabric of Pittsburgh:  I regret that alleged murderer Robert Bowers and I even share the same initials in our names.  Is this guy a throwback to the 1930s?  In 2018, the last horror we should expect in the United States is some demented white guy consumed with killing innocent members of any Jewish community. 

To be blunt, if one has an itchy trigger finger and a head-pounding urge to protect himself  from an enemy, better to hook up with a militia and head for the Southern border, where a leftist-organized mob of young invaders on the march intend to illegally bring in an attitude, diseases, virtually no education or skills and numbers just large enough to threaten the foundations of our democratic republic merely by getting a rather large and dangerous foot in our border door.  Can our military alone handle the announced incursion, bridled as they may be by last-minute decorum changes in the form of Amy Vanderbilt-style battlefield etiquette?  Congress could quickly revise laws, but Democrats willing to sell their nation's soul for votes traditionally won't lift a finger.

May we suggest stopping the invaders with giant nets and perhaps have a go at using those "killer robots" we've seen sprinting across the countryside in test cases?  And once again, may we request of our U.S. Air Force to at last bring out and use its ultimate weapon, the "gay bomb," intended but rejected to turn enemy regiments absolutely and romantically bonkers homosexual in order to deflect their attraction from our border to one another?  Worth a shot, we say.

Meanwhile, the mourning people of Pittsburgh and others of good will around the country pray for peace, many still refusing to see firearms placed strategically within houses of worship, movie theaters and the like as the best option for protecting large groups of people.  Unfortunately, if they expect love or some similar quality to replace blind rage on the part of those with secret mental problems or with agenda-driven mindsets, it's going to be a very long wait.  I know what we are.

The Florida bomber:  Sayoc, the phony Seminole (as confirmed by Seminoles themselves) was a bad speller to say the least, and to everyone's good fortune quite good at producing 14 bombs that didn't kill anybody while in transit.  The only notable aspect of his brief time in the limelight was the interesting fact that he managed to target a veritable rogue's gallery of unindicted Democrats, major players of the United States leftist Politburo.  This fool couldn't spell very well, but he sure paid attention to names of the no good, the very bad and the coyote-ugly.

(Political statement:  ANY vote for a Democrat this time around is a vote for invasions at the border and a drop of invigoration for a resurrection of national Obama blood-sucking vampirism rule.  I'm an Independent voter and I approve this dire message.)

When will gender benders attack electronics stores?  Lately, I'm faced with the dilemma of finding a replacement antenna for a "vintage" HD radio passed along by a cousin who found it abandoned in a condo which he helps manage.  This shouldn't be difficult, yet I'm suddenly face-to-face with the necessity of searching for an antenna sporting a "male" connector which fits snugly into the radio's "female" connection.  If I ask a clerk for a male connector, will I be arrested for not being inclusive enough?  Are there lesbian, gay, hermaphrodite, transsexual and transvestite antenna plugs on the shelves, and if so should I purchase one of each just to be fair?  Life was so uncomplicated when you could just call somebody a sexist.

After Trump:  We reiterate -- at least provisionally -- our recommendation of Wall Street Journal reporter Jason Riley for President!  Anybody have a time machine so we can make him our first African-American President and erase any memory of the Obama bunch?

Monday, October 22, 2018

The Mice Know

Laboratory mice are a lot like us.  That's why researchers and scientists employ their generally unwilling services as various experiments are conducted.

Like many of us, mice also tend to, if we may use a kinder word, screw excessively, given the opportunity.  First comes the sex, then comes the realization during pregnancy that a birthing place must be found.  But not just a birthing spot -- a SAFE location to drop a litter and nourish the offspring is a necessity.  That's why mother mouse and her rodent kids ultimately end up in your house, warm, secure, ready and willing to steal the food and utilities you pay for in order to provide the young ones a life they may not have outside among their native wild spaces, a life unencumbered by nature's challenges provided either by predators or by sheer numbers of other mice.  Inside the walls of your house there are no owls waiting to swoop down and devour the kids, and the mice know it.  By residing in your home, at your expense, adult mice can eat your food, chew on your electrical wiring and screw their brains out to their hearts' content to make more baby mice that one can barely count as they scurry about and do what rodents do.  Inside your house, dozens, hundreds or thousands of mice, cute to look at, can all have a better life, complicating and displacing parts of your life of which you may not even be aware, at first.  And it will cost you. 

As we write this, some 7.000 (and growing?) Central Americans are slowly making their way to the Southern U.S. border, determined to make the journey (with assistance, unfortunately) here to give their families and children "a better life."  We have laws, ways of allowing people in according to our needs and their situation, but that seems so old-fashioned and irrelevant to our own national leftists and others with no intentions of respecting current or enabling revised immigration law.

Slowly and surely, they're on the way:  Young, unskilled men of military age who nevertheless should be staying home and fighting to protect their land; young pregnant women, crying on cue and holding their children up like guided missiles before the TV cameras; clueless children running about, imbued with lies by their parents about the United States.

The mice are coming.  Yes, in the strictest terms they are mice like us, but ours is a nation sensitive to an almost distinctly American notion of borders, language, education and culture -- and funding intended for our own citizens.  The hellish procession of outsiders, invaders guided along no doubt by organizers with a long-term agenda, continues a nightmare in the early stages.

What does a nation do when even more unskilled people are squeezed in, folks who can't even speak your language?  Chances are, many become the new drug dealers, the new prostitutes, the murderers, the thieves -- we become the new Honduras, the new Guatemala.  Maybe even the new Venezuela.

When invasion expects and particularly demands compassion, strong and perhaps previously unthinkable actions must be entertained, or we're going to lose our country.  Whether cloaked as either mice or humans, numbers can cause grievous damage.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Diseased Rats & Diseased People Are Equal Opportunity Killers

Strange, isn't it, how some people and a certain political party romantically infatuated with the concept of open borders are more than willing to accept what hurts or even kills us?  The thing is, there's a common sense issue out there which answers its own questions, but the agenda-ridden continue to ignore or defy the darkest of implications.

The Obama bunch seemed to care little when what we thought were previously vanquished or at last rare diseases such as tuberculosis returned in parts of the country unabated. Eventually -- seemingly concurrent with illegal aliens crossing the borders without consequences, thus increasing their numbers -- instances of the polio-like acute flaccid myelitis began popping up sporadically, apparently under random circumstances.

Now it's 2018. We don't believe a genius aptitude is required to place the blame for both the flare-up in previously rare AFM cases and the increase in measles and other illnesses on the unyielding progression of un-vaccinated illegal aliens -- many of whom were dispatched all around the country by the Obama administration, often under secret conditions keeping many U.S. citizens in the dark.  A recent Yale study discovered what many already suspected -- that illegal alien populations are "significantly" larger than previously thought.

It is of interest that Dr. Michael Savage, an authority in these matters of viruses and bacteria, discussed on his radio program that the basic elements for acute flaccid myelitis actually emerged from Honduras originally -- and guess who's on the way to the United States in a new caravan of 4,000-plus people as we write this?  Those speeding this way from Honduras, Guatemala and parts unknown won't just be bringing themselves.  They'll be accompanied by yet another renegade disease zoo, organisms which can only survive by finding their way from human host to human host:  You and your kids, essentially.  That children have been the primary victims of AFM, serious enough to have caused at least one death so far, and the fact that the CDC and every other government health watchdog agency has been negligent IN EVEN SUGGESTING that criminal border crossings are hardly irrelevant to disease processes is an outrage.  Trump's negotiation s with Mexico to stop the invasion and threats to send the U.S. military southward are at least some step in the right direction.

Which is to say, in addition, exotic diseases aren't being introduced into our homes or schools by something the cat dragged in from the field outside.  If we prefer instead to ponder whether these "mystery" illnesses are brought in by diseased rats, we might be closer to the truth.  Those who persist in telling us that people are just people, wherever they are from, are full of crap.  Consider the potential horrors of a little dose of Ebola to prove otherwise, as it became fashionable during the last administration to admit any and all of the world's truly unwashed with nary a thought about the country's vulnerable people and culture.  We don't believe Donald Trump will echo Obama this time 'round.  Survival in many forms will depend upon his actions regarding border criminals.

Or maybe we deserve what we get.  We still think there's a lot to sort out about climate change and its causes, but one dilemma we can't escape as we gaze upon its effects full-on is the disappearance of animals and plants across the planet.  Science appears to agree that during Earth's four billion year existence five mass extinctions of both have occurred, and as we currently experience what seems likely to be the sixth some 80 percent of plants and animals are believed to have gone extinct due to human civilization.  The brutality and destructive totality of which we are capable and expert is quickly taking away nature's wonders and our necessities.  Or as the late radio commentator Paul Harvey used to ask, have we outsmarted ourselves?

This reminds us of an Associated Press article from September concerned with the possibly significant and enigmatic reduction of insects around the world -- that is, beneficial insects, such as butterflies.  Not so much mosquitoes, cockroaches and the others we don't especially appreciate; they're doing great, apparently.

Whose news?  With all the current worries about censorship of news and opinions, nobody should ignore a September speech (see PJ Media, 9/25/18) in Vienna by European Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova, who warned in no ambiguous terms that media "regulation" may be required in the future to combat inequities and "exclusions" as determined by politicians and media members themselves.  Needless to say, this would truly be the end of journalism.

And Twitter helps the censors:  Twitter's brain power has decided that the term, illegal alien is "hate speech." Does anybody really need to ask us why we have never used and will never use Twitter or Facebook?  We never anticipated that our military years assisting the nation would count toward fostering and protecting fascism, otherwise known as politically correct speech.

Speaking of news management, we howled over a Breitbart report (9/18/18) pointing out that Google plans to strictly monitor air pollution in the United States with special equipment -- yet, integral to its cozy relationship with China Google will allegedly replace accurate pollution data on its new censored Chinese search engine with statistics whipped up by the Chinese government.  We wonder how long it will take before Google receives the same administrative ass-kicking that Facebook's inner sanctum currently reportedly wants to give its boy Zuckerberg regarding multiple f'-ups?

Defense News (on or about 9/7/18) reported that a Chinese company (once blacklisted by a world bank) desires to build an airport in Greenland -- much too close to an American Air Force base.  Fortunately, Denmark has the final say regarding this business venture, as many wonder whether this could be something far more disturbing, and we hope the final answer is no.  The Chinese government already demonstrates an intensive crack-down on its people with places which aren't anything different than concentration camps, and surely they will do anything to spread their influence.  Just say no.

Whatever happened to Fukushima?  Looks as though the Japanese government plans to release radioactively-contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean (The Telegraph, 10/16/18) because they've run out of room to store 1.09 million tons of water confined to 900 tanks.  Protesting claims by the government that the process will be safe, environmentalists and others calculating the dangers among many and varied kinds of radioactive particles are solidly against any such maneuver. Pacific fish and other native aquatic creatures would undoubtedly stand in agreement.

Houston decided a few days ago not to allow a robot sex brothel in the city.  What's the big deal?  We're sure the robots are perfectly capable of lighting cigarettes following completion of the same robotic motions one might find in a normal brothel, followed by a superb elocution of the words, "Was it good for you, too?"

Experiencing the worst cyber attacks ever is trouble enough for the U.S., but we hope Congress will finally pony up the money to ward off an electromagnetic incident caused by an enemy or via solar activity.  The expense is relatively insignificant, considering the money badly spent on foolish options every day..

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How Does One Say "Oops" in Arabic?

So, the death of the Saudi who wrote for the Washington Post was an "accident" as a result of interrogation?  And everybody involved just happened to have an array of suitcases to stuff body parts into just in case questioning went sour?

Of course, we're now learning that torture, suffering and murder were the high points of his "mysterious" disappearance.  Nobody deserves that.  The story yet evolves.

Our primary question of the moment is:  If you're a Saudi subject who calls himself a journalist because he writes a column for the Washington Post, but it also turns out you're one hell of a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and perhaps other questionable ventures, where does plain old murder and justice merge among brutal Middle East regimes striving for power and obliteration of dissension?

The more we learn about this, um, esteemed WaPo "journalist," the more questions we have about the darker side of the dark side.  Natch', the mainstream media won't dwell on anything much beyond the "murdered journalist" aspect.

We don't condone homicide, but nor should this situation put Donald Trump in the political cross hairs of the now-insane Democrat Party and its media accomplices, all desperately looking for a way to throw him out of office.  With so much at stake economically for the U.S. and other countries, as we depend upon the Saudis both for military purchases and (not to be overlooked) the Kingdom's dogged determination to destroy factions of Islam which both the U.S. and the Saudis and other Arab states consider enemies, this is a very muddled situation without an easy diplomatic solution.  One way or another, the best of the worst will have to be made out of this human train wreck.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Inferior Glitter Reflects No Sparkle

My agonizing tune-in to Saturday Night Live, a walking-dead NBC-TV corpse whose funny bone pretty much rotted away years ago, directed me to the "news" segment, often held together with the equivalent of juvenile fart jokes instead of the biting satire once proudly displayed.

I knew that Kanye West had been censored the previous week for his pro-Trump statements, so how much of a surprise could it have been when so-called funnyman Pete Davidson (Or is that Davison?  I can't be bothered to it.) broke into a rant about Kanye's mental state?  Pete D. can be humorous, but as time goes on and he, like so many others in the entertainment industry, becomes part of the very establishment they bitch about, his horse-faced routine chastising a Trump supporter doesn't fly very far among brains broken free of ever more crazy leftist indoctrination.  But, oh, oh, oh, they will enjoy TV rating scores among the rest.

However, there's something else I learned from watching SNL last weekend:  The Democrats are scared to death.  The "blue wave" may well become instead a black-and-blue wave, and the left can no longer easily hoodwink a large willing audience with smoke and mirrors.  Not enough Hollywood glitter to sprinkle about.  No sparkle in the campaign literature.  Ouch.

As days passed, the testimony of Professor Christine Ford began to sink into one's memory banks as convincingly as far more illustrious platitudes mouthed by the once-famous comedian, "Professor" Irwin Corey, he of late night talk show visits, attired in sneakers and essentially making so sense at all despite vigorous questioning put up against his rambling dialogue.

With the confirmation of everybody's favorite alleged rapist-sans-evidence Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, it's only a matter of time before another SC Justice either retires or "buys the farm" while sitting in the can some night.  In fact, it's not unlikely that the Court will swing so far to the right in the next couple of years that leftists may well experience spontaneous human combustion every time one of their perpetually stupid pieces of legislation gets overturned.

We neither support nor suggest the thought that scare-stick Roe vs. Wade be overturned (though a little more attention to birth control prior to those romantic moments would be a really, really good idea), but mobs of zombies solicited by the left see only a dark opportunity to sink their teeth into anything ensnaring power for the radical element.

By some unknown process or miracle, the GOP actually grew gonads to achieve a goal and overcome the chronic obstructionists this time around.  That Senators Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins and others found the strength to emerge from the cobwebbed catacombs of chronic Republican petrification to fight and win boggles the mind, perhaps enough to make even George Soros shudder.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Elevator Shaft

Despite the wisdom or lack thereof in regard to Senator Jeff Flake's gumming up of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation process, it's curious that female activists were able to approach Flake in an elevator within an area one would expect was crawling with security.  What if a weapon had been produced?  Was the elevator incident a planned exercise in #MeToo overkill?

We find it perfectly reasonable for U.S. Senate elevator doors to be equipped with heavy spring-loaded boxing gloves, so the next time a member of Congress is similarly mentally sucker-punched by rogue activists exuding the faint scent of Aroma de Soros, a certain defensive maneuver can be accomplished immediately.  At some point, social justice advocates begging for a war need to be accommodated, particularly when these loud community organizers get into Flake's or another's face and scream, "Look at me when I'm talking to you!"  Do we advocate hitting women?  No, we merely suggest using spring-loaded boxing gloves to deter in-your-face leftists interrupting one's elevator trip.  As our society sinks deeper into ignorant rudeness, the proud leftist folk don't want gender taken into account anyway.  Nevertheless, the absurd Kavanaugh-divorced drama played out at the elevators may quickly assist #MeToo to unwittingly become a caricature of itself.

So now the progressively enlightened are out for pure social justice:  Beat the man and you beat the system.  This is where truth exits and irrationality is embraced as a society bear trap set to snare any facts which dare get in the way.  Even the Arizona prosecutor brought in by the Republicans to question Dr. Ford has now written a clear but scathing report dismissing the case as ineligible for prosecution.  The story, as delineated by a host of fair critics, is just full of holes.

But we're ever so fortunate that the Democrat Party's U.S. Senate elite are watching this event and making sure every little detail can be twisted to their benefit.  First, we have Corey Booker, accusatory and so wide-eyed during questioning of Kavanaugh that we were afraid some demon might pop out of his head.  And Con-necticut's Blumenthal, making a point to Kavanaugh that one lie makes everything said a lie -- this is the finger-shaking perpetrated by a lying liar who let the country believe for years that he served in Vietnam though he did not?

Then there's constitutional authority Sen. Charles Schumer of New York who commented at some point that no innocence should be presumed for Kavanaugh!  As a society built upon the rock-solid belief that one is innocent until PROVEN guilty, we would suggest that Mr. Schumer go back in time and receive a failing grade for whatever civics class he took in high school.  If any.

Not to forget Sen. Durbin, who provided some hard questioning for Kavanaugh, but we couldn't help recalling his comments in years past about our military personal, referring to them as "Nazis."  Of course, he apologized, but how could he have made a comparison in the first place in his position?

However, our favorite leftist inquisitor of all was that grand old lady of the U.S. Senate, the inglorious she who started this fetid ball of slime rolling after withholding a now infamous letter from her colleagues and investigators until the last minute -- Diane Feinstein.  Yes, she of the recently disclosed report that her chauffeur and probable confidant of 17 years was spying for China.  Truly a potentially dangerous collection of years.   Why is Feinstein even present in D.C. anymore?

Imagine being Kavanaugh, interrogated and commented upon by a rogues' gallery of senators blemished by issues far more intriguing than Brett Kavanaugh's teenage years.  Hypocritical bastards, we say.

In the current atmosphere, here's Kavanaugh's true crime:  He's white, male and Christian, and I'm not the first to say it.  By evolving Democrat standards, that's a terrible combination.  This horrible statement I just made gains traction, however, when one looks at Minnesota's Keith Ellison, for whom evidence has reportedly surfaced indicating that he beat his girlfriend.  Yet, despite a current police investigation of Ellison, number two in the DNC (!), you don't see the Democrats pursuing this monumental event.  Nor has a flood of information hit the leftist news circuit, and why would it, since they hold the cards?  We're sure it doesn't matter that Ellison is both black and a Muslim, of course, and "god" knows, the Dems are desperate to keep such "good" people as the revered Ellison in their party.  Must be he's the future face of the DNC, like that Ocasia-Cortez or whatever her forgettable name is out of NY City (she IS the party's future, per Tom Perez, DNC psychic #1).

Meanwhile, Sen. Jeff Flake just couldn't make up his mind.  First he was going to vote for Kavanaugh and then he wasn't, and it only took a few minutes with Sen. Coons to convince him another week of delay would be imperative.  Was Flake promised something in return?  Will he re-emerge as a Democrat, since he's leaving the Senate and nobody in their right conservative mind wants him back anyway?

Would any of this Senate drama even be happening if the complainant didn't have a Ph.D. in front of her name?  What makes one's degree so special, if it adds up to a confused, error-prone witness who just can't get a story or its point in time right?  If "Dr." Sally Scrumbag showed up at the Kavanaugh hearings at the last minute, would she receive special accommodation because of a diploma?  And what of the latest accuser Swetnick, magically lawyered up by the porn star attorney?  Information regarding her own history of BEING accused of sexual crimes has allegedly surfaced.

Hashtag You must always be believed because you're a woman?  Hmm.  The justice system is all too familiar with nice ladies crying their eyes out over their "loss" who were eventually found to have finished off the old man with antifreeze cocktails.  Not to forget.

So. . .what are the possibilities with Dr. Ford?

1)  She's totally relating the truth as she believes it.

2)  She's nuts.  Oh yes, I've seen professionals in the psych industry who qualify.  Never disregard the old standby regarding people who become psychologists or psychiatrists because, foremost, they're trying to understand themselves.

3)  The Democrats have performed that which has always been their specialty -- creating a victim who had little idea how of much of a victim she was or could be if properly coached in time travel.  Be all that you can be.

4)  The CIA connections in her family and reportedly with herself are involved in some way, and a relative's alleged connection with the infamous Fusion GPS is worth a look.

5)  Etc., etc., choose anything.

In just months we've gone from advise and consent to revise and resent, thanks to the political left.  If they regain House seats in November, watch for more chicanery.

Was there a hero in the Kavanaugh hearings?  Yes, Senator Lindsey Graham and his eloquent make-sense statements.  Lindsey Graham?  Who would have thought?

Congressional hearings aside and on a more hopeful note -- Scientific studies continue to show a decline in human sperm production among clueless men.  We ask, what's it going to be like when men, generally and understandably jealous upon discovering that their spouses have given birth to babies via secret relationships, someday beg their wives and girlfriends to have affairs with still-able males just to produce children for the family?  It can't happen?  Neither could a nuclear disaster.