Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Little Springtime Love

Problem solved:  Had the American Airlines passenger allegedly head-bonked with a baby stroller been on the United Airlines flight where a physician had his own problems a few days earlier, police could have put Dr. Doom in said stroller and wheeled him safely off the plane. 

Easter parades and chocolate bunnies make the day for some folks, but I must admit, what warmed my heart this month was that photo of Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock at the White House, posing almost stoically in front of Hillary Clinton's oh-so-o-o-o-o "presidential" portrait as First Lady.  Time hasn't passed all that much since the 2016 election, but already Hillary's albeit colorful image looks like something out of the Dorian Gray playbook.  In contrast to Dorian's predicament, however, we suspect Ms. Clinton's reputation, not her portrait, will turn rancid as years pass.  And what about a new book out there, insisting that she spied on her own staff (e-mails and such)?  Allegedly, a very unflattering image of Queen Hil' emerges.

Yet, as merely a curiosity cat who chased the UFO subject for enough years to keep wondering, there's something I don't wonder about:  Had Queen Hil' and the Great God -- and welcome wagon for his own e-mail hacks -- John Podesta ended up at the White House this time around, the faithful among the UFO "disclosure" faction would still be waiting, and waiting a long time for decisive actions to end all actions.  One would have more success holding a seance and summoning the spirit of the late Dr. Edward U. Condon for his insider's opinion about UFOs.

Which brings us to Saturday's "March for Science," featuring sign-carrying science lovers gathered all over the country.  Also present was "Bill Nye, the science guy," not to be confused with the seance guy we mentioned in the last paragraph.  Anyway, isn't Nye an engineer, rather than the sort of person one beckons when conjuring the image of a scientist holding test tubes or looking through a microscope?  Nye's views on, oh, say -- climate change, for instance -- who should care?  I mean, wouldn't his vast knowledge -- as an engineer -- be better put to use building Trump's wall on the Mexican border?  Imagine how many scientific disbelievers in man-made climate change failed to attend due to fear for their lives and professional reputations.

We discovered that these coast-to-coast exercises in the support of "science,"  originally promised to be apolitical in nature, often ended up condemning Trump because. . . marchers appreciate his love of the scientific method?

Bill O'Reilly's big kiss-off:  Never doubt the power of women.  We don't know what happened per the alleged incidents, but we are starting to wonder WTF it is with more and more of these all-female "flash mob" lawsuits in which each participant receives at least a million dollars to make them feel better about instances of. . .of what? Words?  Crude comments?

And that brings us to tort reform legislation, which will never happen.  By the way, notice all the TV commercials for class action lawsuits brought against seemingly every product under the sun?  We can barely remember a time when the USA hosted so many greedy attorneys in pursuit of every banana that falls off the tree of life.

Another asteroid shoots past Earth, too close for comfort and presumably the size of three football fields.  Forget about marijuana, someday the whole planet may be properly "stoned" as we all make a hasty exit forever. Except for humans living on the moon and Mars, of course, depending upon asteroid trajectory.  In the meantime, we Americans patiently wait for Yellowstone to blow, showering lava, rocks and death over several states.  Its eruption, according to historical records, is way overdue.  Umbrellas will not help.

The return of Obama:  He's b-a-a-a-ck, as are my wishes that somebody should arrest and hold him responsible for his actions as President.  Surely, the difference between the oath of office he took and his "accomplishments" are astronomical.  So now he's returned to Chicago, appropriately an historical and traditional mob hangout.  He intends, among other things, to help shape the leaders of tomorrow.  Great.  We certainly need more Marxists and a refill of rot-infested leadership in a Democrat cult tempered by extremists more than invisible "blue dog" representatives.  Meanwhile, Obama worshippers everywhere have rejoined the hive.  Obama's return occurs just as. . .

Stink-tuary cities come under fire by the Trump administration.  Just as the Obama bunch labored to keep "sanctuary cities" sanctuaries, Trump now strives to undue progressive damage.  Though he seems to have caved on "dreamers" apparently allowing them to remain in the country, we hope he and AG Sessions toss out their parents and the uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents and whatever other relatives and friends their families brought into the country illegally.  AG Jeff Sessions -- do your job.  And don't forget anchor babies (Congress, are you listening?).  

UPDATE:  Seems that the courts just told Trump he cannot withhold funds for sanctuary cities.  Appeals will encompass a slow process, but this is further proof of how progressive government spider webs were intended to please only the crazy lib side of the aisle.

"Loss of habitat" for wildlife continues to be a subject favored in news reports.  Are we and the "developing" world smart enough to preserve a significant portion of this planet for creatures who are not us?  The answer is overwhelmingly no, in my opinion.

Media:  How many mutual sessions among TV network owners were held over the years to get it all just right -- to make sure that every broadcast station in the country offers its commercials at almost the same exact moment as the others?  Worse, even radio stations have caught on now, throwing in sponsor messages almost simultaneously with TV stations.

We truly appreciate sponsored programs, but the situation is well out of hand now, with commercials abundant and more annoying than ever.  How to get revenge?  There is no really good solution, though I suppose one can write stations and sponsors, promising to take one's business to competitors who (1) don't spend money on expensive TV/radio advertising consumers will have to pay for, (2) may provide better service and (3) may possess a better reputation.  When thinking of TV/radio advertising, contemplate multiple commercials which show up touting new movies -- new movies so bad that even excessive TV publicity can't save these box office disasters.  In essence, the more a movie is advertised, the worse it is.  As TV stations struggle to remain profitable while the audience enjoys so many other options, systematically shoving ads down viewers' oropharynx in every way possible, we suggest that this approach is neither good business nor capable of maintaining audience loyalty.

In somewhat related news, the purchasers of Clear Channel Communications and other broadcast entities are alleged in new revelations to be facing bankruptcy.  Again, we suggest that dive-bombing the viewers/listeners with commercials isn't necessarily the solution to success.  Options and alternative choices are too abundant to assure guarantees for any media player.

Chipping away:  You know that little chip you plan to let them implant under your skin, the chip allowing you do make all your transactions without cards, numbers or cumbersome carry-with-you documentation?  Have fun -- but don't be surprised when the chip sends your brain TV commercials 24 / 7.  No hiding or private time for yourself allowed, either.

The White House Correspondents Dinner will go on minus President Trump this year.  Good.  This annual event has always exuded the sleazy little odor of a media too cozy with government, an obvious display concealed somewhat with comedy.  But -- good news!  Obama seems to be available again, so why doesn't the national press bring him back to this by-invitation-only gala affair and pretend he's still the prez?  Just like old times, and leftists everywhere will thank the press for its accommodation.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

United Apart

Damn, my mistake.  I thought I heard them say somebody at the United Nations was dragged across the floor, screaming and bleeding, and I assumed YES, way to go, Trump had finally initiated an action to fumigate the place, emptying its bowels and evicting every globalist rat hindering freedom and costing the U.S. plenty to keep their diplomatic rodent nests pleasant and homey.

But no, all the hoopla merely accentuated an incident on a United Airlines flight.  I suppose I could join the pod people, blaming the airline for a passenger's injuries, but that's not what I observed.  Some of you saw a man whose rights were violated and paid a heavy price.  Fair enough, but I encountered instead a person asked to -- and refusing to -- follow a lawful order given by police personnel, screaming like a wounded animal in a swamp after he painfully encountered the inevitable.  If ya gets up on yer own two feet and walk, saving your venom for lawyers and judges later on, things usually work out.

How many times? How many times have we seen videos of people ignoring police orders, fleeing from or fighting cops or just acting disrespectfully or badly, thus inviting trouble?  Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but United Airlines' passenger Dr. Doom is to blame for a good share of his bad luck.  Too bad Chicago taxpayers and the airline itself will probably end up paying out millions to the "abused" doctor.  Just a side note, but what was this guy up to in his native Vietnam while American military personnel were being abused with torture and death?  Just asking.

Congratulations to North Korea's finest, now celebrating dead granddad and absolute turd Kim Il-Sung's 105th birthday.  To even imagine that this long-deceased douche had it in his genes to produce not only a fecalith son as corrupt as himself, but to similarly make it possible to lay way for the birth of NK's current Frankenstein monster, whose girth clearly shows why the North Korean people are starving, simply amazes.  Next time a test missile fizzles or blows up, may its debris seek him out and serve as his new "crash" diet.  And how about that celebratory birthday missile failure?  Did either the U.S. or China interfere with its guidance system, thereby causing a technological failure that even robotic Viagra couldn't fix?

Revolution in Wisconsin:  What was his name, Jakubowski or something?  He apparently had his little heart set on a revolution?  Hmm.  Must have been a very quiet one-man revolution -- we sure hope he completed it before the cops picked him up.  The genius of cell phone videos allows us to become anything we wish on screen, but it doesn't always work out so well in practice.  Which reminds us of. . .

. . .a violent protest last week on the Berkeley campus matching Trump supporters against Trump haters.  Ho-hum.  Who was paid to be there and who sparked the violence?  Likely the usual anarchists, communists and Democrats.  So-o-o-o-o-o boring, so anticipated.  The bag of tricks must have a hole at the bottom.

U.S. troops off to Somalia in quantity:  "America first" sure is taking on a global flavor.  Anybody longing for Ted Cruz yet?

Sean Spicer's big mouth:  Loosen up, media.  We all say things which come out wrong, it's just that we seldom do so before cameras and microphones.

The Mother of All Bombs pays a visit to Afghanistan's practitioners of the religion of peace:  Sorry folks, I would still have opted for my Air Force's experimental "gay bomb."  Taxpayers paid for development, let's use it.  Humor me, God, please, humor me.

Queen Hil' is reportedly hard at work on yet ANOTHER book nobody will buy:  This time, she may be blaming a long list of people for her election loss, still unable to comprehend that she was just a terrible candidate with nothing inspirational to say that didn't emanate from a dusty old Democrat playbook.  We've heard it all before and now, evidently, we're going to hear it again.  In print.  We suspect her publisher, as previously, will pay tons of money up front, even knowing, strangely, that nobody, except her hardcore delusional fans, is going to shell out for what should be entitled Tripe, Volume Two.  Side note:  Is this an attempt to keep her daughter's name in the spotlight regarding a political run?  Good grief, maybe we'll all want to live in North Korea soon. . .

The Penn Station human stampede:  A taser, merely a taser encounter. Yep, this is where we are now.  Did  terrorists of years past win?  Yes, the terrorists won.  We've become the scared and spineless, ready at the drop of a sound to run like hell -- but perfectly willing to turn our anger on cops when they try to do their jobs.  Conditions should only improve once we're all addicted to opioids.

Ohio's "Facebook murderer" -- now known as self-made dead guy in breaking news -- shoots and kills an elderly man because he apparently had woman and gambling problems.  Yes, the crazies are everywhere and, just as Queen Hil' blames the whole world for her election loss, disgruntled shooters blame their troubles on everybody but themselves.  Interesting, too, that the shooter reportedly had a job as a case worker in the social (social justice?) system.  Did his employment have a bearing on the bonkers worm invading his brain?  Reminds me of a hospital social worker I knew many years ago who asked me one day, "Why am I starting to hate people so much?"  It's a logical progression, I could have answered, but remained silent.  I know what we are.

April the giraffe gives birth to a male:  Thank heavens, anything but the televised birth of another human baby, as the world's useless people population climbs.  If one more lunatic assures me that animals were put on Earth by some god "for our benefit," I may go into anomalous giraffe labor myself.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Practice Always Makes Perfect

What a week to hide under the bed:  Missiles continued to fly from North Korea's demented haircut model, ISIS' most enthusiastic goons forged ahead in Egypt and Sweden with bombs straight out of Mohammad's turban-o'-surprises, and Syria's Assad (we presume) decided to resume blasting his people into infinity, even after Trump directed a few fashionably expensive rockets Assad's way merely to say hello.  And Russia?  Putin may well have asked, is that a bevy of explosives in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

From this mess the most reliable thing one may safely be able to say is that the Russians, as suggested by several sources, look either entirely foolish and incompetent or overwhelmingly complicit, because they previously assured the world all chemical weapons had been removed from Syria.  Updated news today suggests the Russians knew all about the chemical strike before it happened, and bombed a hospital to divert attention and cause a chemical weapon cover-up.


(Though Russia just passed a law forbidding its people from essentially saying or doing anything to clown up Putin's public image, we recall that artist's portrait of Putin and Medvedev from recent years in which each was depicted as wearing women's clothing.  Of course, the artist had no option but to flee or die, but we certainly harbor no objections to hanging the picture prominently at the United Nations.  If only.)

We do applaud much-neglected talk show host and author Michael Savage for taking to task those who believe saran gas was back in Syria, as he and his callers familiar with the chemical questioned how people wearing sandals, with exposed skin, were not affected, since saran reportedly takes out everybody near victims or in areas where saran lurks.  Savage, well-educated as a scientist who knows about such things, postulated in Friday's show that phosgene gas was a possible culprit, based upon video images.  The ultimate question here was, whose gas?

Talking heads continue debating Trump's Tomahawk Cruise Missile attack in Syria, but while international barbs are directed at both Trump and Assad, let's not forget. . .

. . .Sweden's prime minister.  Didn't this dude assure the world just weeks ago, despite abundant evidence gathered by investigators imbeded deeply in the situation, that Sweden was pretty much free of Islamic terrorist influence? Now look.  The trouble with socialist-leaning societies is an almost built-in welcome mat for practitioners of un-nice actions.

The Supreme Court(ship):  The Democrats' tantrum over Gorsuch's appointment to the Court with a simple majority -- thanks especially to previous rulings by their former and pathetic leader Harry Reid -- brought out crying and moaning like we've rarely heard when the Dems don't get their way (which happens rarely).  Indeed, so worried are the Democrats and sobbing Chuck Schumer over the current state of affairs that we're sure (uh huh) that when and if the Democrats ever regain power in the Senate, they will immediately revoke the nuclear option just to be fair :) :)

That Pepsi commercial:  Wussies.  Bring it back and stop accommodating communist protesters who, to my bewilderment, hold such sway over corporations pronounced guilty merely because they are corporations.  Environmentally criminal companies are one thing, but a Pepsi commercial?  Really?  Street morons are sometimes very adept at holding signs higher than intelligent reasoning ability.  In this instance, delete the cop/Pepsi scene and re-do to just pour Pepsi on protesting heads. That ought'a cool 'em off.

Andrew Cuomo builds his leftist dream paradise:  New York's megalomaniac and presidential wannabe governor just goaded the legislature into robbing taxpayer pockets more efficiently in his new state budget.  There seems little doubt among those who know that he's attempting to build a resume shouting a progressive ideology -- though we all know, or should, where that eventually leads.  Having already stated that there's no room for conservatives in his state, Cuomo appears all but ready for a Democrat presidential run.  We suspect, however, that if not for his late father Mario's last name (as former NY governor) and a large cadre of NY City voters, Andrew Cuomo would be hanging flypaper in a low-rent lawyer's office in lower Manhattan.  President?  VP?  Hope not.  If you loved Obama, you'll go orgasmic over Cuomo's aggressive and domineering progressive rule.  New Yorkers will recall that he originally campaigned on ridding NY of unfunded mandates, but said mandates continue to survive comfortably -- and far more expensively -- for NY taxpayers.  Oh yeah, this guy is a Democratic presidential dream.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Common Sense at the Cliff

Let me see if I have this right:  The transgender "community," infinitesimal in number when compared to the rest of society, demands to choose the public restroom of their choice.  Further, in their quest to gain this "right," the selfish aspect of their thinking cares not if criminals and sexual players of all types join the fun and pose as a real and legitimate threat to women and children specifically. 

Strangely, economically influential athletic teams appear eager to support this action, warning cities of dire consequences if Mr. Lady can't pee in a women's public bathroom.

If one wishes to play dress-up or dress-down on the advice of physicians or one's own desires, that's fine.  But the basic biological fact is that people and animals are, under overwhelmingly normal circumstances, male or female at birth.  It ain't magic, it just is.

Transgender folk, as always, can use restrooms REFLECTING THEIR OWN BIRTH GENDER (bladder/bowel relief is relief, so matter how you interpret it), but this obsessive-compulsive need to be the gender of one's choice -- and make the rest of society pretend instant acceptance -- is just nuts in itself.

Whatever is going on in one's mind, why would anybody want to force their gender issues on children and adults who follow what is (sorry to say, TG's) the norm?  And yes, there are people vicious enough to hurt and even kill transgendered individuals -- but diversity training (and, may I suggest, "diversity" training has become little more than a bad clown show) might only further inflame the already inflamed.

A society cannot succeed if it micro-manages the tiniest issues in order to transform them into mega-issues.

Yes, yes, yes -- I wrote the Clinton administration way back and supported gays joining the military.  But while the evidence has consistently shown that gay people can serve expertly (and always have, by the way), transgendered folk have a history of psychological problems and suicidal tendencies in society extensive enough to cause deep concern.

What do we do?  We remain compassionate, but unaffected by pleas for the kind of fake restroom equality which has already intimidated state and city governments, and corporations, throughout the country.  The obvious emotional and self-destructive qualities inherent among the transgender population are simply too overwhelming to dictate dramatic changes among public restroom facilities.  For Christ sakes, trans folk, look between your legs, pick the corresponding restroom, do your thing under cover of sufficient privacy and be on your way.  Oh, and don't forget to wash your hands after flushing.