Monday, November 30, 2015

"Klaatu" Obama Lands in Paris, Warns World

 Oh, it's creepy enough, those times when President Obama stands before a podium or camera, mouthing warnings of future climate turmoil and chaos, appearing for all the world as if he just exited a spaceship in the persona of Klaatu, interstellar traveler, bereft of either Uranus jokes or Venusian cookie recipes.  What -- still no public alliance with the robot, Gort, or is Obama-style, beaming caution-light Gort secreted away in the White House?*

Even as satellite data -- the most dependable indicator of all regarding climate alterations -- shows no degree of "global warming" worthy of concern for years, and even as Rep. Lamar Smith (Texas) continues to be rebuffed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in obtaining what may be crucial "insider" information casting doubt upon much-ballyhooed climate horrors, Obama yet persists.  He's offering what -- three billion U.S. taxpayer dollars toward some clouded international effort intended to nebulously solve a nebulous junk science (seance?) problem?

Seems as though those three billion dollars should stay put in the U.S. (Hello, Congress?  Anybody there?) and the president firmly be told to return to his spaceship and fly away.  If anybody thinks that China, India, a wealth of other cheating nations and all those troublesome volcanoes around the globe which spit up toxins like nobody's business (literally like) will be part of this madness, they are freakin' bonkers.

The Colorado Planned Parenthood shootings:   Here, I'll save the analysts some time and money.  Look at the photos of this idiot.  What do you see?  Crazy, drugs, crazy, booze, crazy, even Krazy with a K.  Just nuts.  Politics and abortions would appear to comprise a second thought in this instance.  Hmm -- looks like a real fun guy for parties, however.  BTW, we hear he has no political side, but liked to involve women in S & M activities, which certainly seems political to me.   You kinda get the feeling that all the women he has known in ?? years would describe him with one word at the end of each sentence:  Loser.  Now confirmed.

And we still have ISIS, and after just a few more days I have no idea who is the good guy and who plays bad in this turmoil.  Any among all sides may not be whom we think. 

(*Klaatu and Gort,, of course, were characters in the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still -- original version much preferred over the remake, of course.)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Refugee Shape-Shifters

 Videos show swarms of young men, military and college-aged men, traipsing across Europe.  Yet, the president and his willing accomplices speak more of women and orphans.  Is there a significant amount of human shape-shifting among various public relations factions here?  As for the women, I think we already learned in Paris, the latest example, that the female of the species can be as deadly as the male. 

The only particularly striking sense of audacity about this president in foreign affairs is his role in ignoring ISIS -- until Russia. and now France made it all problematic for Mr. Cool -- and consequently helping foster human population chaos in the Middle East.  Not that we should also include Hillary Clinton, for in her position as Secretary of State she was basically held hostage and made to do President Obama's bidding -- or at least that's what we should think, as she attempts to distance herself from any responsibility for incubating the bedlam which arose in Libya, Egypt and in other Middle East pockets as the "Arab Spring" bloomed and spread like a virus.

As Obama currently stews in juices of his own making, hell-bent upon importing people whose flaws and intentions we cannot determine for the most part, we must not forget that he, the pseudo-intellectual fraud consistently using the White House as a battering ram contrary to the wishes of the American people, deserves major blame for the scope of the refugee crisis.  Particularly amazing, even at this juncture, is the number of Democrat Party sycophants who continue to stand behind this man -- and now the New York Times  (Sunday) raises new questions about whether Central Command was messing around with intelligence data to make the unsuccessful appear successful to the public.

Obama's stubbornness on the refugee issue is not only profoundly disturbing to skeptical Americans who hover in a majority  -- his determination also results in mountains of work for security personnel already pushed to the limit throughout the country.  Any president recklessly determined to bombard this country with people of questionable backgrounds and intent is just crazy, unless that president has a hidden agenda hardly in the best interests of the nation.  What is it with this man?  Who is he?   Is it true, according to a recent (CBS, I think) report, that he actively ignores intelligence information regarding Islamic terrorism?  Why even risk importing people whose religion is not only an anathema to the U.S. Constitution, but whose centuries-old faith instructs them to kill those who refuse to believe and accept every scrap of their hoary dogma?

U.S. military pilots themselves allegedly insist that President Obama refused to allow them to bomb some 75% of ISIS targets because he wants no civilian casualties.  What clear sailing this attitude must be for ISIS fighters who, by their very nature, depend upon civilian shields to keep their efforts undeterred.  And with massive air strikes now undertaken by France, causing our presidential fool to at least pretend a strategy, we learn that intelligence was available to him 24/7 and crucial ISIS fuel targets and the like could have been obliterated by Obama months ago.  Liar, fraud.  Think an Obamacare state of mind for this devious, self-agenda serving clod.

And why, why, why aren't other Arab states taking refugees in, deciding instead to make them a problem for the West?  Our Middle Eastern allies?  Really?

Meanwhile, I never thought I would see the day when I would appreciate the efforts of both Russia's thug Putin, as he bombs ISIS and anything clinging to its tentacles (despite "civilian casualties"), AND the hacking group, "Anonymous" as they destroy ISIS Web sites and Twitter feeds.  At least somebody is doing more than uselessly sitting on their hands and pondering a hands-clean Cinderella version of their historical legacy.  And now the Mob insists it will protect NY City from the Jihad boys and girls?  Wow.

I wish every senator, congressman and congresswoman could be forced to answer their office phones personally for eight hours daily over a three-day period, at least every month, so they could actually hear the angry voices of constituents.  No more sending out meaningless form letters, impersonal e-mail responses or allowing telephone-answering minions to take the brunt of what they themselves should receive.

Mosques, mosquitoes or mesquite, who cares?  Monitor all of them, especially the mosques where the best of terrorist finery is stitched together by those who live comfortably in America, yet hate its existence as they build better bombs and extend more hate outreach.   Freedom of religion is a wonderful thing, but freedom to have your asses covered by American law whilst some plan and plot the country's destruction is something else again.  We are at war -- from mosque to college campus, we're at war with those who harbor no wishes for peace and goodwill in a nation founded at some point upon Judeo-Christian principles.  Unfortunately, the president and a surprising number of Democrat Party operatives can hardly be bothered with basic fundamentals in this regard.  I guess they just want more voters to lap up the perpetually lethal political poison they foist.  How some U.S. politicians can welcome the concept of female genital mutilation, death by beheading, stoning, cutting off of hands and the like is astonishing.  That is Sharia Law, and in America there is no place for this ancient madness.  Sorry mosque-ees and mosque-ettes, but when folks laying claim to your religion started flapping the pages of your faith's book around as they murdered and tortured at will, a perpetual and close lookee-here became mandatory for places of plot worship.

To protect national security President Obama needs to be removed from Office.  Quickly.  Impeachment?  Citizens' arrest?  Psychological testing?  Yell "FIRE!" and lock the door after he exits the White House?  I don't know.  Surely, a country populated by tons of attorneys can come up with the brainpower to accomplish the necessity.  On the other hand, his stable of psychologists (who really need to evaluate Obama, not the rest of us) and lawyers will repel essentials, all for politics.  The  Muslim Brotherhood must be celebrating its success every day in its ongoing partnership with the current White House, both inside and out.  What's to stop them?

Hillary Clinton and UFOs?   Some of you with an interest in the UFO subject -- and I rank among you since the late fifties and sixties, by the way -- still cling to a hope that if Hillary Clinton becomes president she will somehow allow "disclosure" regarding government UFO information.  Obviously, we have no way of knowing whether this would or could happen.  However, if you base your love and affection for this lying political demon solely on this basis, you're as daft as a rabid bat.  Accepting a political infusion almost guaranteed to be as bad or worse than Obama's two-term toxicant merely because you "think" The Forbidden Answer "might" accompany the coronation of a devious monster hiding behind a lizard face is both foolish and dangerous.  Let's maybe try to save the country first, okay? 

(Incidentally, it's generally known among conservatives that hard leftists have no sense of humor when the laughs are on them, so remember that, it's important.)

Speaking of UFOs. . .   I am late in mentioning that November 9th marked the 50th anniversary of the "Great Northeastern U.S. power blackout" of 1965, when from state to state there were UFO reports aplenty, particularly in New York.   As a NICAP (see link in link list)) member then, I was awash in UFO reports from witnesses of all manner.  I was ultimately disappointed when a conditionally anticipated, high-ranking power official, for whatever reason, bowed out of an occasion to tell me something presumably important about the event.  However, it was more than interesting to see the late atmospheric physicist and UFO proponent Dr. James McDonald appear before a congressional committee later on to make a case for possible UFO involvement (a transcript is available online).  As a teenager during those hours of darkness, I gained a special appreciation for the grid going black.  Funny how, 50 years later, we're all concerned about EMPs, terrorism and the like, which could literally take us back into centuries of darkness, both of light and of intellect.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

World War We

Even as the dangerously pathetic Obama administration and its ever so liberal associates continued to plot, by hook or by crook, the importation of thousands more Syrian Muslim "refugees" into the U.S., a select few among what Obama himself initially called the ISIS "JV squad" -- an absurd term that this cheapened, clueless tyrant will own forever -- were kicking ass and murdering in Paris and beyond.  And when Obama stepped briefly before the TV cameras shortly after the chaos began, he couldn't bring himself to so much as hint at who was likely responsible, as in the words, Islamic terrorists.  However, as usual, we knew and the rest of the world damned well knew, too.  No, those behind this well-planned strike were not nuns, nor deniers of man-made climate change, nor animal rescue workers, and not wild-eyed vegetarians  -- they were extremist Muslims. nothing more and nothing less.  And at least one terrorist carried a Syrian passport.  A "refugee." Oopsie.  Obama's declaration during an interview by George Stephanapoulis on ABC-TV, broadcast earlier in the day before the Paris attack, that ISIS was somehow "contained" in specific areas served only to emphasize thought processes sadly lacking as they bounce off rubberized White House walls.  By the time Monday rolled around and Obama felt pressed to say a few words before attending the G-Joke Summit, he came off as a bitter, self-important fool.  Not that we're talking about anything new here.

Great humanitarians, these liberal folks.  Radicalized Muslim youth just need employment opportunities, it's poverty that drives them.  As if.   No, the real issue is their need to achieve world Islamic domination with the planet's highest mosques and by killing everybody who refuses to drink in their established madness.  It's not compassion they seek, it's Caliphate. Period.

Taking full advantage of the kindness of strangers, Muslim refugees currently strangle Europe with a slow dance of death targeting Western European culture, and they've already entered the United States with intentions and backgrounds we can't possibly detect.  The Democrats will not back off intentions to continue saturating the United States with Islam's followers whose minds we cannot possibly know.  Particularly disturbing about the influx is that radical Islam's worst will not evidence itself immediately.  It takes time to infiltrate a society properly.

Tick, tick, tick. . .Can't we just imagine Obama watching the clock, hoping his term expires before thousands of American troops need to be re-deployed to the Middle East to deal with ISIS?  Just wait, this genius of the intellect, who, with Hillary Clinton's handiwork in the mix, helped engineer the very Arab Spring evil which produced ISIS, will do everything he can to dump this pandemonium on the next president -- and with the help of his always-willing media, Obama will walk away with clean dirty hands. 

We watch college and university students protesting their respective in-house leadership factions, thinking they can bully their way into some nebulous universe of change.  But their real enemies are the ultra-lib professors and far-leftist activists infectiously pushing them over a cliff from which there may be no climbing back, once the radically inspired practitioners of death come a' calling, accompanied by the only textbook they have ever required throughout centuries of darkness.  Do we call this World War III or World War We, a social media-encompassing war from which no human society on Earth is immune?  Do we suppose, just days after the Paris attacks, that liberal extremist university professors and their either brain-scrubbed or brain-dead students have any greater appreciation now for U.S. military and law enforcement personnel?  Of course not, and that's because they're intellectually special -- they understand the plight of the Islamic extremists and their need to, um, express themselves  --  and they can't possibly conceive of their own disembodied heads rolling merrily along campus sidewalks in the end.

Maybe one day Hollywood will produce a motion picture entitled, The JV Squad, but it will concern sports, not government, and expect Barack Obama to be portrayed as the hapless coach who can't accept that his team of Syrian refugee synchronized swimmers just isn't good enough to go far, until they suddenly surprise him with a splash felt around the world.

By the way, there's still time  for Mr. Obama to produce his ghostly college grades, which we've never seen.  It's pretty difficult to accept his superior intellect and constitutional expertise without something more substantial than his use of long sentences and arrogant bluster.

Meanwhile, V-P Joseph Biden travels the college circuit, lecturing -- shouting -- about rape on campus, seemingly directing his verbal blows at everybody unfortunate enough to be equipped with a penis.  Because rape hysteria has apparently been more than overblown by those who traffic in scare statistics for their own means and ends, it's far more than peculiar and distressing that Biden and the administration find it necessary to accuse and berate young men in mass audience settings -- and one would suspect that much of this is whipped up by radical feminists and the ladies of the White House and Senate who remain undeterred by facts and encouraged by political hearsay.  Perhaps vice-commander Biden would care to address how male Muslim "refugees" storming Europe -- and coming to America, thanks to his good buddy, the prez --  are already treating nurses and other women they encounter as something less than insects?  It's all coming to the USA, folks, special delivery courtesy of our culpable  president, who peculiarly appears to favor Islamic refugees over Christian refugees any day of the week.

George Will has uttered some interesting thoughts regarding young Americans, curious that apparent societal and parental actions have produced human "snowflakes," children and young adults of tender emotions, incapable of tolerating controversy and paper-thin regarding their own beliefs.  Don't bother them with the facts.  A disturbing preference among this clueless group apparently favors freedom from speech, rather than freedom of speech, a display which concerns and puzzles Will and others.  Of course, this is exactly the kind of young man or woman the left craves, always obedient to the master politic and unquestioning of usurping authorities, and absolutely intolerant of the opinions or truth laid out by others of differing opinions.  They cry, they stomp their feet, they scream to drown out any voices but their own, and they are self-deporting themselves into a form of slavery from which there will be no escape.

The Big Question?  Speculation has long endured about whether there can actually be enough jobs for all the people seeking work, but because recent conversations apparently revolve around the possibility that robots may eventually consume up to 50 percent of employment, won't that, by necessity, leave unemployed/unemployable Islamic refugees and illegal immigrants in a terrible situation which makes societal danger even more likely?  Idle hands, etc.

Free hint:  Hillary Clinton,  either as president, queen or object of infatuation in a termite colony will only be Obama on steroids.  Anybody intent upon voting for this tried and proven leadership disaster simply doesn't know or doesn't care about her record.  Next election, we only have one opportunity to get it right, and the solution is not the coronation of a clueless vision entertained by a Jurassic Era dinosaur queen.

Ted Cruz for Attorney General!  We're almost willing to bet that if he achieved such an appointment in the next administration (if not president himself) a very lengthy list of deserved and successful prosecutions would take place, especially among beltway folks who have "served" the country into near disaster.

Saturday night socialism's three-for-one event on CBS-TV  was a debate to yawn for.   While Bernie, Martin and Hillary collectively mused about tightening gun control in the USA, we wondered how many of the dead in Paris would still be with us, had the whole city not been a gun-free zone.   Aside from the usual tirade, the only thing the Democrats can offer is the same old song -- spend, tax more and, perhaps most important, chip away at restricting the power of the people in small, seemingly routine doses of legislation.  Strange how the Saturday night lefties, like Obama, can't manage to say the words, Islamic terrorists.   Their excuses for not doing so chill common sense to the bone.  When Bernie Sanders blamed (the established religion of) climate change for the world's ills, failing to consider there are scientists on both sides of this issue, it's amazing that the nation's televisions and the heads tuned to them didn't explode.

Immigration overreach on hold:   Two district courts have told the president no-no regarding his sleazy attempts at essentially creating and initiating his own immigration legislation -- a maneuver absolutely forbidden by the Constitution.  Then again, now that Mr. Obama is throwing everything into the Supreme Court's jack-in-the-box for an ultimate decision, we hardly know what to anticipate.  I'm not exactly for trusting anything coming down from Chief Justice Roberts, since his nonsensical Affordable Care Act decision set the course for medical insurance, deductibles and co-pays that few can comfortably afford.  However, should Obama lose this round, as he richly deserves, and millions of potential Democrat voters need to leave the country, self-deportation should be an immensely effective method, when employers who knowingly hire illegal people are fined and jailed, thus causing folks who shouldn't be here to pack up and return to their countries.  We're hardly just picking on Mexico here, for Mexicans have lots of border invasion company from all around the globe.