Monday, September 30, 2013

Bits and Pieces for September 2013

When one party (Democrats, performing their best imitation of utter socialism) and one party only in the House of Representatives passes a major health care bill affecting a commanding portion of the national budget. . .when Rep. Nancy Pelosi tells what she assumes is a gullible public that we have to pass the bill to know what's in it. . .when a president lies to all by promising we can keep our same doctors and health insurance. . .when a president considers granting exemptions for various political friends and associates and donors. . .when special legislation allows congressional staffers to have 75-percent of their health care subsidized by taxpayers. . .when the employer mandate is delayed for a year, but not the individual mandate. . .when James Hoffa, Jr. and other major union leaders start screaming like hell about how the Affordable Care Act will destroy health care plans for, not thousands, but millions of their members. . .when Supreme Court Justice Roberts twists, turns and gut-churns the definition of what a tax is in order to give the president what he wanted. . .when a society suddenly realizes that the Internal Revenue Service will be given license to lord over them like a jackbooted team of thousands to assure that you and your health care money are spent the way the government wants it spent and directed. . .when you come to the understanding that some 2700 pages of legislation did not get written overnight, but took years for primarily one political party to write. . .and when congressional staffers making six figures demand exclusions and taxpayer subsidies because they don't feel they can afford Obama's Affordable. . .you have Obamacare, so shut up, accept it and like it.  Nice, huh?  Things could have been so much easier with American-style competition over state lines, perhaps warranting a grand total of one or two pages of government legislation.  As things stand, both a shortage of medical personnel and a wave of experienced medical folk jumping ship may complicate this mess all the more.  As mental health problems worsen in the country, I think doctors and nurses might be counted among the newly-crazed class.

I'm no political genius, but when I see Democrats, Republicans and the mainstream media absolutely hating Ted Cruz (a former prosecutor, by the way, who never held political office -- refreshing. . .), Rand Paul and Mike Lee, and ridiculing the Tea Party in utter terms of non-endearment, I know wha's up:  The old guard is scared to death, fearful that its power, wealth and god-like self-image could indeed be sacrificed on the altar of public opinion come election time.  Meanwhile, typically, the media and the Dems predictably throw out the only tattered and nearly mummified cards they have left -- Clinton hags Bill and Hillary.  Notice how, at least, the Republican ex-prezes usually go away after they leave office and not pretend they still rule?

Things could change, but at this moment, frozen in time, I would much prefer to see Cruz and Paul as presidential and vice-presidential candidates, and #$@^%$# Chris Christie and #$*&$%  Marco Rubio as far as I'm concerned.  Of course, chances are Hillary will try again, as she tried previously (Remember?  She wasn't particularly impressive during previous debates), but this time she'll have the well-deserved baggage of Benghazi and consistent failures clocked up as secretary of state as her ball-and-chain.  Will America remember?  Will nitwits absorbed in little more than electronic this-pads and that-pads, bad movies, games and sports (where fans are too busy murdering one another) even notice?

A NO-UFO ABDUCTION?   Why does ol' Robert (that's me) back off from so much of the  contemporary UFO, etc. "scene?"  Well, this sort of thing helps -- Various accounts suggest that when Dr. Steven Greer and his bodyguards arrived to speak at the "Contact in the Desert" symposium in August, they locked the doors and refused to let anybody out during the session.  Kinda hot in the desert, too, we're told, even in the room.  You can get further details on the Web, but for my money I doubt it would have been a bad thing if the whole building and most of its occupants had been abducted and propelled far, far out into deep space.  Why would I write something so cruel?  Because I hoped the "New Age" claptrap went away with molasses-thick hair gel.  If one wishes to use the term UFO and the word science in the same sentence and expects the media and world to take you seriously, it isn't likely to happen at something called "Contact in the Desert," nor did it happen at Giant Rock.  So-called UFO conferences often become little more than meet-and-greets with a carnival atmosphere, prettied up as clowns galore sell and impart their wares, all dolled-up with artistically haunting images of wide-eyed aliens used for background decorations. 

HOMELAND INSECURITY:   Why is a Homeland Security higher-up a proud and active member of the internationally and deservedly condemned Muslim Brotherhood?  This is starting to make some news in the states.  For those who need to know, the MB despises Western values and wants you, your mom and your kids to either convert to strict Islam or die as they rebuild the empire -- the Caliphate.  In no way have these folks been neutered in world influence, and it's right here in our front yard.  This White House has a funny way of showing trust.

Thanks a lot, John Kerry for signing a new %$*&#$% United Nations arms treaty, which I'm not about to believe won't affect American gun rights somewhere down the road.  Fortunately, the U.S. Senate tends to defeat these sweet little U.N. dictums which often seem intended to interfere with our constitutional rights, sooner or later.

Just wondering:   If enough military personnel become disenchanted with the Commander-in-Chief (you know, the one who thinks corpsmen are pronounced as corpse men) and bail out when their service comes up for renewal -- would the military draft be reinitiated?  I guess then we would find out how much young people "love" their president, to say the least.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Job Interview

As October and Halloween approach, I discovered that it's already Obama-ween, and it's been Obama-ween for nearly five years. . .

The Job Interview
by Robert Barrow
Copyright 2013 by R. Barrow

"Okay. . .and are you married, divorced or single?"


"Oh, I am sorry, sir.  I didn't think you. . ."

"Don't worry about it.  It happens all the time.  I don't look old enough to. . ."

"Yes, well, have you any children?"

"Not anymore."


"A boy and a girl -- they died young."

"They. . . deceased as well?  That's, that's tragic beyond words.  Illness?"

"Not exactly.  But something, I guess you could say, terminal."

"How. . .how long were you married?"

"My wife and I were together for almost eight years."

"Where did you wed?"

"Well, we weren't married by society's rules.  It was a common law relationship."

"Then you and your family aren't listed in any public records?"


"So, you two had children during those years."

"That's right."

"Surely, they attended school?"

"Home school."

"I'm sorry to sound as though I'm prying, sir, but I have to ask these questions?"

"I understand."

"What happened to your wife?  Was she ill?"

"No.  We merely parted ways."

"I. . .I'm a bit confused, sir.  First you said you were a widower, and now you tell me you parted ways?"

"Correct.  Our time together became unpleasant as years progressed.  There was no other solution but separation."

"And. . .your children?"

"Very, very disappointing.  A man has a right to expect his children to be good."

"What happened to them?"

"When my wife and I broke up, the children broke up as well."

"But you said they were ill."

"No, you said they were ill."

"So your wife and children left at the same time, before her death and theirs?"


"You broke up and considered yourself divorced?"

"I prefer to say that we ended the relationship first, and then did the breakup after parting."

"Yes, the breakup. . ."

"Yes.  You might call it a separation, the ultimate separation."

"Can you be any more specific about the termination of your -- common law? -- marriage?"

"Only insofar as our lives changed and her. . .and their. . .obligation to me was split asunder."

"Obligation?  You look upon your family's actions as an obligation to you?"

"Of course."

"But you say your former wife is dead -- and your children, too?  How?  Why?  What happened?"

"I think we just sorted that out, did we not?"

"Then. . .you. . .murdered your. . .?

"I never used that word!"

"Sir, this all sounds very suspicious and. . ."

"I told you almost everything!  We parted ways and we separated, then broke up and our relationship was split asunder!  My wife, my children, they all hated me!  To hell with them!"

"Almost everything?"  There was more?"

"It was the end!  After all was said and done, the relationship was dissolved and that was that!"

"Sir, I don't know if you're joking with me or -- well, in any event, the job may only be 15 hours a week, but I don't think we can hire you.  I have to insist that you leave.  Now."

"To hell with you all!" shouted the man, storming out of the office. 

Two hours later, still unemployed, the man drove his old pickup into the junk-filled yard next to his isolated cabin in the woods.  Walking toward the doorway, he paused, grumbling incoherently, as he fixed his gaze upon a section of a field several feet away.  Even at a distance he could plainly see the axe, sledgehammer, hatchet and numerous empty containers originally filled with both sulfuric and hydrochloric acid.    Despite the insects he felt, and was convinced ,were eating the very brain inside his head, angering him all the more, he made a mental note that tomorrow he needed to come up with a few precious dollars to purchase some bags of lye to finish a special task in the garden.  But no matter.  He had gone through this same routine, over and over again,  the partings, the separations, the breakups, the dissolved relationships.  He knew everything would get better, if he could just nail down some decent employment before the next time.  Jobs had been so hard to find since President Obama's failed policies and Affordable Care Act began spreading like a zombie virus set at force-feed, driving an insane nation even crazier.  Under this bunch in Washington, horror stories no longer confined their actions to the silver screen.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Guns of September

His name sounds like a car.  Ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to the showroom as we unveil the 2013 Alexis. 

But Aaron Alexis was not a car, just another human monster in a world going increasingly mad without permission.  Crazy used to mean talking to yourself in crowds or walking nude down the street.  The good old days. 

12 people dead, older folks working as government contractors on a Washington, D.C. Navy base that doesn't seem much like the Navy bases most of us remember.  Kinda depressing to watch a Navy commanding officer relate how he went into hiding to avoid getting shot.  Funny how the upper echelon doesn't much want military people carrying weapons anymore.  Guns, you know.

General George Patton, I wish you could return from the dead, visit Congress and every legislative body in the United States, and slap the crap out of the people determined to neuter us all.  Um, I think you might need to make a quick stop at the White House, too.

By the way -- and I've not heard this discussed anywhere yet  -- while microwaves and voices and violent video "games" were ruling the mind space of one Aaron Alexis day after night after day, what did those voices tell him to do to the Navy computers with which he was intimately familiar as a trusted computer technician?  Did he add any goodies to spread among hard drives without end?  Did his work entail any "adjustments" intended to screw the digital pooch someday soon?  Did he download any sensitive information, remove it from the Navy installation and offer it up to the voices as a peace offering on some devious Web site?

And now the investigations begin.  12 innocent folks are still dead, but the government will explore post-disaster to see if anything went wrong with security.  If.  Meanwhile, Sen. Feinstein (big scandal about her husband selling post offices via a no-bid contract right now, and the far left media are burning hot about it) and the usual debasers of constitutional freedoms scream for more gun control -- joined also by celebs such as Henry Winkler, whom I thought was too busy taping those heartfelt TV commercials where banks try to sign up senior citizens for reverse mortgages.  Creepy, just creepy.

President Obama, currently the most impeachable commander-in-chief a rational mind can imagine,  loves his Executive Orders.  Indeed, he just violated U.S. laws (primarily the Arms Export Control Act) by allowing some heavy weaponry to be sent to the "rebels" in Syria -- you know, the ones recent estimates claim to consist of at least 40 percent Al Qaeda.  Members of the bonkers Islamic faithful  who hate the United States and want to kill us all.  The prez sent weapons to our own enemies.  My opinion:  This man might do better to rule from a federal prison cell, where, incidentally, extravagant vacations at taxpayer expense and frequent golf outings are rare.  We consistently smell the essence of impeachment.  When will Congress do its job?

The "Executive Order" president should, right now, get serious about something else -- go before the national TV cameras, swallow really, really hard and tell the nation that he approves of all law-abiding, apparently stable adult citizens and active military personnel to carry firearms for personal and public protection, whether they work on military bases, other government institutions, or in the mom-and-pop store on the corner.  AND there will be no lawsuits against businesses which end up in the middle of firearm protection actions.  Doing more to deprive citizens of firearms is increasingly a very bad, short-sighted and dangerous idea.  From coast to coast, Americans find their daily lives confronted by the possibility of life-and-death decisions formerly unfathomable, and obviously there can't be a cop stationed on every square foot of America.  Why should we all not have the same opportunities for self-protection as the president, celebrities and others of influence?  Answer:  Those with the power have no intention of sharing it with you.

But, of course, our president won't do that.  I think he's too busy right now watching the progressive world collapse around him, so many of his plans unlikely to fly, while so many others did indeed take wing, but the wings are of wax a la Icarus and a major melt may be in store.

Did we learn nothing after Fort Hood?  Why are the frauds and schemers in Washington, sworn to defend, rather than twist the Constitution and the country, not in prison yet?  No, not just thrown out -- prison and nothing less.  The reasons are surely legion.  The latest reasons encompass 12 dead on American government soil, a place which should rightly be the safest in the country, if not the world. 

Ultrasound Update:   I read that ultrasound is now used to treat anxiety and cause pleasurable feelings when applied to specific brain areas.  Not only does this beg the question of its possible use during UFO abduction incidents -- now I'm curious whether Aaron Alexis may really have been exposed to microwave invasions.  Seems nuts, I know, but look at big government's quickly rising wealth of technological interference toys.  If we can invent a gay bomb to render enemies gay and (passionately) sexually active with one another on the battlefield -- and the Air Force has, though, we are informed, the bomb never went into production --  why not microwaves to the brain?  This is my ELF weapon is part of what Alexis etched into his gun, perhaps to signify extremely low frequency.  Or maybe it just means ELF and nothing more.  We sometimes like to add mystery, bells and whistles to chaos and tragedy, but sometimes perpetrators are just mentally going, going and gone, nothing more.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Are You Syria-ous?

Vladimir Putin, according to global accounts, is a brutal, calculating former KGB thug, make that Colonel Thug, probably responsible for far more deaths than one can count on a centipede's fingers.  It's generally accepted that he's gone so far as to kill his enemies, even Russia's own agents of betrayal, with polonium hidden via an Atomic Number 84 Lunch Special of the day.  In Russia, he currently has no shortage of enemies and critics, many of whom end up in notorious Russian prisons simply for not showing the love.  Remember the teenage female rock band which dared to dis' Vlad?  Whilst Miley Cyrus swings nude on a ball and chain for a video, these teens face a ball and chain, prison-vintage, for many years to come, with hard labor -- and we're not talking childbirth labor.

Vlad?  Hmm.  Well, he's not actually Vlad the Impaler (no fangs, Dracula), nor is he exactly  Grigori Efimovich Rasputin, the Siberian "mad monk," though when you take away the "Ras" you still get Putin, so maybe by name alone there's a little of Czar Nicholas II's religious advisor in his DNA after all.  A rose by any other name. . .
Still, he loves his country, clearly.  And he leads -- in his own way.  Some so-called leaders don't quite love their countries so much, and they don't really know much about leadership.  They're more about fundamental transformation.  Oh, silly me, but this is about Putin, isn't it?

Yet -- Here's a strange, as the late news commentator Paul Harvey might say.  The New York Times printed a letter from Putin this week, a very well-written letter which brilliantly humiliated both Obama and the United States -- and the crowds went wild!  Well, not the political class, but "just plain folks" sure saw something of interest in Putin's words.  A murderous thug!

Why?  Why were Americans from coast to coast hypnotized with brazen statements Putin and/or his own PR folks concocted to condemn U.S. efforts in the Middle East and elsewhere?  I think there's a simple answer:  Unlike the increasingly diminutive fraud acting the role of president in the United States, Putin sounded, well, presidential.  He didn't communicate in the meaningless platitudes we are consistently fed by Mr. Obama and his pathetic minions, no, instead Putin expressed himself clearly and without clutter.  He communicated.  Good for Putin -- and a tragedy for my country.

Russia stepped right into the Syrian crisis with resolve, made Secretary Kerry look as useful as a stopped clock, and simultaneously made hay out of chemical weapons and a fool out of Obama, whose reputation domestically and internationally is now so weak and probably irretrievable that his every appearance before the TV cameras will seem equivalent to a puppet show.  This should not be a surprise, however.  The fraud in the White House simply had to be found out eventually.  Obama is obviously not the smartest man in the world, maybe just one of the most arrogantly incompetent.  He gets away with things because the media and his friends in Congress, Hollywood, academia and parts of the corporate world let him.  But the worm is, we suspect, turning.  In the words of the street, some folks are wising up.

So, the New York Times gave us a letter from Putin, strategically adept at humiliating and pissing off a nonetheless surprisingly grateful nation, while Obama honored us with. . .a speech (yawn. . .) telling us everything we already suspected he would say.  Flapdoodle and stuff.  Mere seconds elapsed before his explanation about Syria was almost supplanted by the mention that children had died because of chemical weapons.

Mr. President, as always it's a shame that children died and it's a shame that anybody dies in a war, and it's a shame that there is war at all.  Bu'cha know, a lot of Americans would like to know --  when do you intend to go on national TV and blame the swine of radical Islam for killing a little American boy when bombs exploded in Boston a few months ago?  Sorry about Syria, but when are you going to do something about our porous borders and all the killers making their way inside the U.S. to murder -- our children -- and us as enemies within?

I, for one, am g.d. sick and tired of having some politician or TV mouthpiece throw a dead child in my face or name a law after one every time they want something accomplished.  The art and success of playing on society's emotions through such devious means tends to apply shackles to the future.

The unions say jump and Obama asks how high would they like:  Apparently, when the union bosses stood solidly behind passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act with their good Democrat buddies, they neglected to realize their members would become entwined in all the same spider webs intended for non-union Americans -- and now they're screaming like chickens at the slaughter.  No problem -- the Administration quickly jumped on this one like flies on. . .well, you know.  Obama & Co. instantly rushed into action and suggested various concessions for union members -- just union members -- if the upper echelon would simply be good and shut up.  "Obamacare" deserves nothing less than defunding and repeal, and readers here would do well to remember what their congressional members did come election time.  The Republicans aren't any better than the Dems (which voted 100 percent for the bill with no Repub support whatsoever), because it came to light that Eric Cantor is writing House bills that both allow Republicans to defund Obamacare -- and then, in a separate bill, allow the Senate full authorization to fund the stupid thing, thus allowing congressional members to tell their constituents, well, I voted against funding (before they voted for funding!).  To borrow from George Orwell, in America all men and women are created equal -- except some men and women are created more equal than others, when it comes to "Obamacare."

Voyager I leaves our universe at last and scientists calculate that it could reach the next star system in 40,000 years.  I hope Voyager continues to transmit signals to earth so the cockroach-tapeworm people descended from humans by then can know what's up "out there."  Who knows, maybe Captain James T. Flatworm of the parasitic Starship Cestode will be cruising the galaxy by then.

I've rarely heard or seen so many promotions for motion pictures as I have for "The Family" the past few days.  I have no interest in seeing it, but I would like only to observe that, generally, the more a movie is advertised, the worse it is.  Just ask the critics (the ones who aren't paid off to say nice words).  You'll have to be the judge.

The Tesla Automobile Co. has made headlines in recent days because they're going full speed ahead on the electric car -- the critter that requires recharging stations all over the country.  Same old problem, though -- while all the "green" folk herald this up-and-coming technology, there's still a requirement to produce energy the old-fashioned way because when you plug in the car the juice still comes from conventional means.  Complicating reality -- Obama and his vicious EPA just announced new, harshly stringent requirements for coal-fired energy plants.  Combine that with his original promise to make coal plant licenses so expensive and regulation-burdened to acquire that they'll go out of business and -- voila!  We get what we get.  I don't know about the electric car (I must be a moron, because I think something else will replace it in the future), but anybody can see what's coming with electric bills for home and industry once a major source of American energy (coal) is beaten to death by government regs.  Hmm, who was it who said  energy prices must "necessarily skyrocket?"  Oh yeah, now I remember. . .

Monday, September 9, 2013

Gas and Gasbags

Has the world ever appeared more insane (yes, but. . .)?  Yep, I'm just about ready to swear off the damned broccoli, turn over a newer leaf  and dive into tobacco, booze and shooting anything that moves within 10 yards, even my own foot.  To quote the most intriguing words from Hillary Clinton as she exercised her Benghazi-isms, what difference does it make?

So Mr. Obama's taking to the TV airwaves tomorrow night, intending to romantically whisper yes, yes, yes into our ears, even as our consciences say no, no, hell no.  We've been here before.  You remember Iraq, Afghanistan -- and I (intimately) remember the Vietnam draft.  Nobody ever intends to go to war, it's just a little thing, some little action.  It won't take long, just a few strikes or deployments here and there, and presto!  It'll all be over before we know it. 

D.C. gasbags all, voicing farts and ultimately casting truth and nothing but the truth to the wind.  The established TV networks, complicit and willing, bravely stand ready to spread and cheer on the propaganda.

The American people are overwhelmingly against action in Syria, but it doesn't matter.  The House will sort of, a little bit, maybe a lot, be against it, too, but it won't matter.  That nebulous entity known as the international community will approve and some Arab states will even contribute a few bucks, and we'll send off a few missiles and that will be it, except that won't be it.  What could possibly go wrong?  Oh, nothing.  Except planners still seem to have left the door open for troops on the ground.  Our troops, as usual, for the most part.  Estimates of 75,000 Americans going in if nerve gas needs to be secured and removed.  Just talk.  Since when did ours become soldiers of Saudi Arabia and co?

Tell me again -- who set off the gas in Syria, and what kind of gas was it?  What about the Russians' lengthy report about all of this?  Who was this rebel who came forward and said the rebels set off the sarin gas?  How do we know some videos of "victims" aren't frauds?  Al Qaeda and co. have a history of providing all sorts of tomfoolery.   And if everything is real as claimed, just what are we going to do about it?

Or is this less about Syria's actions and more about Iran's potential threat?  If one drifts off in that direction, other wish list subjects come into focus -- such as oil pipelines intended by competing national entities.

Will Russia's Putin save the day by reaching an agreement with Assad to gain control of a bounty of horrible weapons?  If so, will Obama take credit for all the good stuff and blame Congress for all the bad?
One wonders about Mr. Obama's stable of psychologists, said to be successful in influencing the vote.  As we write these very words, mere musings beyond the Ethernet, could a team of psychs be actively engaged in making sure the president speaks exactly the right words Tuesday evening?  Words and thoughts designed to gain support for his goals in Syria -- and beyond?  A slew of university psychology graduates roam the planet, hungry for brains, your brains and mine, so it was only a matter of time until government found a use for their talents in manipulation and influence of the mind.  Of course, they've long been part of the government, but their usefulness to the Obama White House in pulling mental strings among those whose thought processes range no further than celebrity worship and sports scores confounds.

In the meantime, I've watched a succession of news shows about Syria, and I'm reminded of that TV commercial aired a few months ago where a family's cable goes out and, in order to sell satellite TV as an alternative, the ad shows the family and a little kid sitting on a sofa who proclaims, in response to the  (alluded to) question, what are you going to do about it, "You gotta do something!"

Yes, Mr. President, you gotta do something.  And that's why he will.  Something will happen.  Maybe even a hollow something.

And speaking of television,  I sometimes turn the sound off and just watch the actors and visual premise of various programs, and suddenly some shows silently appear more vacant and stupid than they actually seem with audio.  And as we've mentioned before, we're not encouraged by the new TV season, particularly because TV continues to reach into the past for fairy tales and the like.  Vampires have been done as much to death on TV as cop and hospital shows, and much of the remaining ammunition of production values involves recycling old stuff or updating fairy tales or bringing in Sherlock Holmes and -- soon -- the "legend" of Sleepy Hollow (we doubt that the ghost of Washington Irving will be coming around for residual payments).  Either there's nary a creative brain left in Hollywood or, more likely, new brains are forbidden to enter Hollywood, what with attorneys, agents and the like protecting the old breed as well as the new clueless breed whose life experiences, necessary for success, constitute nothing of consequence.  Then again, the younger up-and-coming TV audience stands on equal par, so perhaps the new TV season will sparkle after all. 

Which brings me back to TV news.  I don't know how to put this gently or without offense, but I have to say -- NBC, if the White House ever, ever needs to advertise in the job market for butt-wipers, you folks should be at the top of the list.  In fact, maybe NBC already provides that service, augmented with powder puffs. considering the stuff they throw out every day and night about this White House bunch, which can apparently do very little wrong as far as NBC's divisions are concerned.  Baby wipes are purchased by the ton, one suspects.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Grim Red Line

Nerve gas in Syria vs. the nerve of a president to say something stupid about crossing a red line that put us right where we are today.  Now what?  A three-hour air war?  Something far more devastating to U.S. ground forces?  And later? There's a "chill wind" blowing, said actor Tim Robbins when George Bush held Office, and now with Barack Obama in the Oval Office there's a hot red line advancing right up our butts.  Great Britain wants nothing to do with this mess, most of the American people feel the same and Congress is going to waver and waffle on a decision until they determine what it means for elections.  Boehner already caved, no surprise there.  Will this be a line of bureaucratic red ink, or a line of red blood spilt by American soldiers?

Flashbacks. . .of liberals who condemned George Bush. . .as they should have. . .but who now feed hungrily at the war trough of Barack Obama. . .and Internet postings by members of the all-volunteer military services, wondering why they're being asked to support Al Qaeda and other terrorists in Syria as we lean toward action in support of these (including cannibals) so-called rebels.  The true answer can only come from the Muslim Brotherhood-loving Barack Obama, and he's not talking that talk. 

By the way, where is the "red line" when people such as Robert Hastings and former Air Force captain Robert Salas consistently come up with current and ex-military personnel who watched UFO activity over nuclear missile bases, invasive activity sometimes reported to affect numerical missile codes?  Now that's national security territory!  I would suggest that's the sort of "red line" that should have White House personnel screaming from the rooftops.  But, oh, silly me, we aren't supposed to pay attention to that kind of news, only the pap fed to us by our government-friendly TV networks.  Anyway. . .Syria. . .

Pardon my immense cruelty, but if we rush off to destroy something on a continent every time a dead child's face shows up on the evening news -- and TV performs exceptionally well at showing such inflammatory images -- often jeopardizing thousands of our own young military personnel sooner or later, we will never get out of the jams we currently endure and pay big money to operate.  In the meantime, poison gas or not, the U.S. military has undergone severe cuts and more are coming in the weeks ahead, and I think we know who to thank for that.  Treaties and poison gas and death and destruction -- it's always been left up to us, but "us" can't continue attempting to solve the world's nastiest problems anymore -- and there's seldom anything but more trouble in store for the U.S. and its economy now.  Yes, our valiant efforts were nice while they lasted, for us and the world, but the reservoir, the bank and the bag of good intentions are almost fresh out of goodies to fight the planet's human ills, which continue to thrive and infest societies ruled by dictators, poverty, illness and ignorance.  The right thing to do may already have taken a back seat to just do something. 

Yes, Syria's Assad is a monster who gasses his own people, and the rebels are composed significantly of Al Qaeda and also cannibals who have been witnessed to rip out and eat the organs of Syrian soldiers whom they've killed.  Now, if John McCain, Lindsey Graham, the president and his supporters wish to put their children into uniform and send them over to Syria to deal with this living horror movie, feel free. 

Discovery of sarin nerve gas in Syria -- and are we really certain exactly who released it, and did we help faceless antagonists along the way? -- caused Obama to specify the situation as "a menace which must be confronted."  We might suggest that, indeed, Mr. Obama's entire fraud of a presidency is a menace which must be confronted in terms of economic failures, invasion of privacy to an extent almost beyond comprehension, increasing use of the IRS as a billy club, health legislation guaranteed to strangle rather than heal a system which was already working pretty well, an expensive and cumbersome energy policy of sorts, environmental legislation seemingly crafted by lunatics, executive orders prepared as if Congress doesn't even exist, and regulation after regulation peppered at all levels throughout government which serve to oppress, depress and obfuscate via extensively required paperwork and agenda.  Our stateside menace is Obama, and he needs to be impeached.  Meanwhile, he'll focus our attention on other matters so as to remain squeaky clean and unnoticed regarding what he has done to the American people and to the American spirit.

And he's going to do everything he can to keep his word about that damned red line, in hopes that history will regard him wisely for keeping his word.
Some wonder whether Saudi Arabia is pulling Obama's strings here, while others suggest an agenda from Israel. 

Mr. Obama -- and Hillary Clinton, let's never forget -- were significant influences upon the "Arab spring" and all the hideous domino effects which sprung forward as a result.  Panic over death caused by sarin gas in Syria?  Lots of murders?  Well, one logically supposes we'll perform "limited" bombing in Syria and then move on to North Korea, Iran and China, other geo spots known for indiscriminate killing?  Hey, whether nerve gas or bullets, death is death.  So where to after Syria?

Jesse Marcel, Jr. dies:   President Ronald Reagan declared, in response to the Challenger space shuttle disaster, that the dead astronauts "touched the face of God."  We might say the same about Jesse Marcel, Jr., who, at age 10, recalls holding what he consistently and staunchly believed was a shred of alien technology -- a strange piece of something, some peculiar material imprinted with symbols akin to an unknown language.  Extraterrestrial evidence?  I confess, Roswell was never my "thing," but that's only because I had zero to do with researching the case.  To those researchers who pour their hearts, souls and money into establishing the who, what, when and where of it all -- though the journalistic "how" remains elusive to this day -- we must offer our sincere gratitude, for otherwise the story and its historical legs might have remained buried.  As for Marcel, whose military father brought the material straight from the alleged crash site so his family could see something likely never to be observed again, his credentials as both a physician and military officer clearly portray him as somebody who knew. . .something of note.   Dr. Marcel, 76, was found dead in his home on August 24.  His loss will be keenly felt by those who knew and worked with him.  It's sadly true, time waits for no one.