Friday, June 28, 2013

The Non Compos Mentis Government of the United States

There were two little things missing when President Obama spoke to folks at Georgetown and invoked omnipresent man-made climate change demons:  A spaceman helmet and uniform similar to what Klaatu wore in "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (the original with Michael Rennie, not the quickly forgotten remake cluttered up with Keanu Reeves and a badly digitalized Gort).  Frankly, I'm surprised Obama didn't begin his speech with an almost obligatory, "People of Earth, I've come here today to warn you of perils of your own making, perils far beyond your ability to understand as individuals, and dangers way, way beyond anything posed by the Tea Party. . ."

One of the first quotes I remember from this president was his promise to deal with green vs. non-green energy, and that energy prices would "necessarily skyrocket" once he fined and punished the stuffing out of coal plants and components of the fossil fuel industry.  Conveniently, Obama excludes newer research indicating that "global warming" has stood still for years, and utterly ignores mountains of fraudulent university research already duly noted by competent members of the media.  What's he going to do about "it" when nobody really knows how to address "it?"  Why, tax, tax, tax, naturally.  He'll tax them, they'll tax us and we -- well, we don't matter.  The economy will decline just as it begins (possibly) to rebound and energy bills will strangle consumers everywhere.   If this plan takes wing via a series of Executive Orders, Obama's one-man, one-rule method of shutting Congress out of major decisions, watch for lawsuits galore by energy companies, and surely higher energy prices at all levels until things get settled.  Or worsened.  True to form, our increasingly contradictory second-term wonder condemns the United States coal industry, yet mumbles little to nothing about China's explosion in coal-burning power plants -- constructed at the amazing rate of two a week, last we heard.  I'm always willing to consider the man-made climate change evidence, but there must be a pretty solid consensus among the scientific community, and the hard science needs to come from scientists, not from an empty political suit of any party, and surely not from ringmaster Al Gore.  Meanwhile, climate change and weather anomalies roll on across the globe as always, with or without our assistance.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama's poll numbers continue to plummet, and I enthusiastically hope part of this is because young people are catching on, realizing that political interests falsely claiming ownership of the country often rely upon liars and betrayers who promise that which cannot truly be promised without shape-shifting us into another kind of government. 

The day I discovered that Mr. Obama's good buddies / immigration proponents / White House visitors La Raza had a name which translated into English as The Race was the day I knew everything I needed to know about immigration "reform:"  Don't bother.  We're under no obligation whatsoever to legalize criminals by countless -- yes, countless -- millions in a bonkers maneuver destined to transform legal citizens into members of a lesser economic class. Remember that when elections roll around later and the votes of your representatives today come to mind.

GAY MARRIAGE RULING -- POISED TO ALLOW GAY PEOPLE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO BE AS MISERABLE AS TRADITIONAL COUPLES, as divorce attorneys throughout the land rub their palms in frantic anticipation of gay post-nuptial crashes.  My new newspaper and online want ad shall appropriately read as follows:  
Older gentleman wishes to be adopted by young married gay or lesbian couple with endless monetary reserves.  Not likely to spend virtually any time with you, due to my harried existence, but your mature adopted son will insist upon an exclusive villa or two just for me, numerous automobiles of my choosing, a few dozen credit cards (of which you are responsible for all charges), and a generous cash allowance of many thousands of dollars per month.  In return, I can assure you of my utmost and profound loyalty as it relates to my perpetual  absence from your lives.  Spurious inquiries only, please.

Military suicides have doubled since last year.  Aside from multiple deployments to the Middle East and the deterioration of basic rights in the United States in the name of and excuse for security, the absence of leadership at the top and what often appears as only a grudging respect for the military by the current Administration might have a tremendous bearing upon the problem.  While military psychologists and psychiatrists labor over the why of it all, maybe we should just try getting us the hell out of the Middle East to effect a cure.

An 18-year-old at the George Zimmerman murder trial can't read cursive writing, doesn't pay attention to the news and only watches news programs to get the weather forecast.  Wonderful.  There's the result of the education system in a significant chunk of America, and these are the folks who stop partying and worshipping rock stars just long enough to vote for the Democrats -- or just for Obama merely because he represents a racial ethnicity and says brainy stuff like "yes we can."

Yet another IRS commissioner "takes the 5th" and refuses to answer questions.  Is this the government or the mob?  Again, where is the leadership in this country?  One pathetic excuse for leadership currently escapes to Africa, where nobody asks questions of him about America's decline and his role in its ongoing misery.

Some ask how many more government scandals can the country take, but I wonder how much longer security personnel of integrity can continue adequately protecting government thugs in high places.  Security folks' stomachs must churn over what's happening to the country thanks to those they serve.  When are attractive paychecks no longer enough?  When do they just throw up their hands, lay down their weapons and say, "Sorry fools, you're on your own."

Hey, Paula Deen -- no, no, your worst mistake was campaigning for Mr. Obama.  Notice how he jumped right in there -- not --  to defend you while you twisted in the winds of public and corporate racial hysteria?  Or maybe he was just too busy preparing for that fabulous 100 million dollar trip to Africa, another excuse to avoid questions about his scandal-ridden Administration? 

The U.S. Senate passes its version of an immigration reform bill.  What courage!  How brave!  How characteristic in defying the will of the American people!  La Raza and corporate lobbyists must be very pleased, indeed.  Me?  I couldn't possibly be more proud of the well-connected senators who just trashed my country with their bloated, mostly unread bill reflecting a  pathway to damn-nesty.  Can we trust the House to snip immigration reform into nothingness?  Since nobody bothered enforcing the last immigration reform law, there's ample reason to mistrust and doubt House representatives this time as well.  When this fiasco ends, however it ends, the electorate will do well to remember those golden words directed toward politicians who serve anybody but you:  Throw the bums out.

Leaks R Us:  I still quiver over my decision circa 1969 to appear on a local TV show to discuss UFOs while home on leave from the Air Force -- a risky venture for military personnel back then -- even though neither men in black nor helicopters with nukes pursued me afterwards.  But (sigh...) move over, Ed Snowden, here we go again.  Now, according to NBC News, former Marine general James Cartwright, who worked closely with the Obama bunch on the Stuxnet program, is being investigated for leaking info about the hybrid computer virus which invaded and successfully mucked up Iran's computerized nuclear operations some time back.  I contend, still, that a profoundly disturbing absence of leadership at the top in the USA helps drive whistleblower decisions, bad or good.  Persistent chipping away of morale among government and military personnel by an Administration often unimpressed with success and accomplishments of the individual can do a lot of damage.  Maybe it starts when a sitting president, blatantly unaware of facts, finds it necessary to shoot off his mouth to announce to the country after an incident several states away that police "acted stupidly."  Watch for leaks to pop forth from even more outlets within a government out of control, as political bickering continues -- while nobody's steering the ship of state away from destructively submerged rocks waiting just ahead.

I can't believe I'm praising somebody in Hollywood, but I was pleasantly surprised when young actor Frankie Muniz commented via a tweet (there's that word again) a few weeks ago about what a bad president Obama is.  He gets it?  Maybe there's hope yet, and word has it that the entertainment industry hosts no shortage of folks who realize the dangers, nuances and phony actions of this Administration of frauds. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Because

When you were a kid and asked a parent why you couldn't do something,  they probably dismissed you with the words, Just because, and any further protests were usually rewarded with, "Because I said so."  And then came the beatings, bone fractures and concussions, but not to digress too much. . .

Well, "Just Because" was good enough for a song by Elvis Presley, so I guess it's good enough for me, because I'm about to address some of my readers' concerns and would prefer to respond with Oh, just because. . .

Okay, here we go, a little Q and A and FAQs about the blog:

Why don't you allow reader comments on your blog?

Um, just because?  Well, originally I did allow comments, but encountered some problems, and then I was unable to effectively monitor comments or respond in a timely manner.  I only access computers every few days, or sometimes weeks, and I've many things to accomplish at one time during a brief period.  But my e-mail address is available, should readers wish to contact me and are willing to be a bit patient.  Oh -- and why would I wish to wade through hundreds of messages telling me I'm a moron? I already know that.  Repetition about how one hates both my writing and my thoughts is hardly the sincerest form of flattery.

Robert, why aren't you on Facebook?  Do you use Twitter?

I've never subscribed to Facebook and, while I understand there are others on that site who share the same name, none of them are me.  If I'm ever on Facebook, it will probably be because I'm dead and somebody wishes to make the gleeful announcement.  Twitter?  Now, I ask you -- would a real man actually have anything to do with a venture called Twitter -- particularly when you have to put into actual words that you just tweeted somebody?  To me it's like announcing to a wide network of dangerously pathetic people that you just urinated in your pants.

What happened to the UFO subject?  Isn't that what your blog was all about?

From the very start, I spent a few years scanning personal letters and documents and discussing my interest and role in UFO research and publicity of the issue, and all of that can and should be accessed by readers beginning at -- the beginning.  What happened?  Simple.  My story was told and most of the documents I wished to scan were posted for your reading interest (including my separate linked blog about the 1956 motion picture, "U.F.O.").  And, by the way, if you've been poking around the various UFO-related Web sites for a few years, I think you'll find that even the best among them sometimes now have a difficult time saying something new.  Years pass by, details disappear, researchers and UFO witnesses die, and now we're all enveloped by a world of drones, lies, and secret government and private industry flying things so weird in appearance and maneuvers that folks with too much time on their hands see non-UFO UFOs endlessly, often making digital photos and videos that may prove dramatic, but little more than that when all is said and done to death.  That's why I. . .

. . .That's why I still feature the UFO issue, but only if I've something to contribute.  In the meantime, I happened to notice, hmm, the world is going to hell and, worse, the United States is just about ready to become a mental case from coast to coast as our country is nudged and prodded and lied to by an ever-growing, out-of-control government.  I think potential dangers posed by the established, bloated political parties are immense, and if I can spend some time using my minimal literary talents to put the rot and thugs up there for all to see while I opine about things as I interpret them, that's what I'll do. 

You have a blog about your Air Force years.  Did you see any UFOs while enlisted?

I'd love to have a UFO story or two, but no.  I flew a little, but during 99.999 percent of on-duty time I was working inside Air Force hospitals, where the only things in high flight were some fellow medical personnel who propped themselves up with drugs.  Then again, as I wrote during this blog's early years, I did have an instance or two where my prior and ongoing interest in UFOs -- of which the military was fully aware, because I had to list organizational affiliations -- may have precipitated an official response.  Incidentally, should you wonder if I look like an alien or some bizarre critter, a few photos are readily available when you click on the Air Force blog.  Then again, in today's world of deception and lies, maybe I photo-shopped 'em.  You'll never know.

Robert, what's up with the dog blog?

I intended more commentary, but ended up with a parking place for a few photos of my long-departed Pekingese.  I could have added an abundance of animal photos from a long line of family pets which included horses, German Shepherds, poodles, cats, hamsters, a bird, white mice and chameleons -- plus beasts in the field -- but what's the point?  I had no desire to be like those well-intentioned folks who lovingly take videos of their cat stepping out of a litter box after pooping, jumping directly onto the dining room table and walking across the dinner plates just before affectionately rubbing its butt across somebody's face.  Mmmmm-mm! Yummy!  When I was a kid, I knew a woman who ran a little bar / eating place / illegal gambling establishment and she had a cat named "Smokey" wandering around.  Smokey was a nice enough cat, but more than once I watched that cat jump up on the counter and walk on uncooked hamburger patties.  So -- who wants a video of that?

Any plans for the future?

Death, eventually.  Did I miss something?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Class of 2013: Tasseled Sheep Marching Blindly to the Cattle Call



I downloaded these visuals from the Internet years ago and by now do not recall sources in order to offer credits, but I appreciate the talent of the artist and photographer responsible.

In 2013, the "congratulatory" cartoon reaches closer to truth than fiction.  The world's on fire while, simultaneously, the mighty keys of freedom and liberty forged in blood, sweat and turmoil by those who came before us to create the United States and escape tyranny appear to be rusting to dust, one by one, at least temporarily.  Good teachers -- great teachers -- and students populate every state, but statistics still warn of the perilous status of secondary school, high school and college education in the United States.  If anybody really thinks increasing the power of the Department of Education and initiating Common Core and other big brother systems into local education formats is the solution, good luck.  In the meantime, some teachers can't teach, a disturbing number of students can't learn, learning disabilities seem to abound and dropout rates soar.  The educational dilemma's essence, however, is centered firmly in the solid and secure family unit -- which is well on its way to disintegration, and what remains of it (one parent families, for example) is all too quick to blame schools and educators for their children's learning problems.  Taking personal responsibility has almost gone the way of the dinosaur -- our president certainly doesn't hold himself responsible for anything in his Administration except maybe for almost single-handedly killing bin Laden -- and for not firing Eric Holder.  Birds of a feather, etc., etc.

But you're wondering about the other illustration, the cryptic image in the photo shown above.  I wanted to include that in stark contrast to the humor image, because this is a now apparently weather-beaten memorial in Russia, dedicated to boys and girls murdered by the Nazis in Leningrad during World War II.  I guess this photo seemed appropriate because, while on one hand we can condemn the state of education in this country, during WW II children seen as obstacles were deprived not only of opportunities to learn, but of their very lives. Forever.  Opportunities to learn in one's youth vs. opportunities to die young.  As the world turns, such choices continue, choices often unfortunately manipulated by circumstance.  An advanced society indeed -- advanced in what?

MORE ABOUT EDWARD SNOWDEN:   If an IRS official can get away with clamming up and taking the 5th, thus negating her unique responsibility as a government employee to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by default before Congress, I guess Snowden can do whatever he wants.  No?  Well, maybe let's do this:  Various members of Congress are screaming for his head and demanding he be captured and questioned as a traitor.  First of all, yes, he violated his oath, but he doesn't appear to have revealed much that wasn't already known or suspected -- and certainly enemy forces were far more aware of government operations than the man in the street.  If Congress wants Snowden, and if the president wants Snowden, all one has to do is issue either  an Executive Order or legal promise of immunity from prosecution if Snowden returns to the U.S.  Impossible?  Outrageous?  Well, how badly does the government want Snowden?  Otherwise, it's probably going to be a cat-and-mouse game with the Chinese, and he may also have time to think about disclosing more essential information publicly -- or to the Chinese communists.

The interesting and almost obvious thing is that Snowden, though said to have been a third party voter, at first was all for Obama until he discovered the president wasn't anything he anticipated, and frustration grew from there.  I'm thinking that Snowden represents a time bomb of sorts, and can almost hear the ticking in expectation that more disappointed young people will start emerging from the shadows of phony and irresponsible existence in which they've dwelled since Obama hypnotized them and claimed their souls in the process.  Lies and evasive P.R. maneuvers from the White House don't make good umbrellas once the inevitable storms move in.

Get it?  Snowden IS the Obama generation, and that generation hosts plenty of members. Or did, because his poll numbers are dropping like flies in an insecticide factory.  If young and impressionable folk aren't already upset about their choices, they soon will be because this Administration has been applying the silent shackles for years, and those entrapments are about to surface via "Obamacare" and other serpentine directives.  And if anybody should fight new immigration legislation tooth and nail, it's the young American citizens who might be starting to get a clue that Obama is nothing more than a Wizard of Oz, an empty suit stuffed with special interest agendas destined to "fundamentally transform" youth into the new slave class.  The new USA.

SPEAKING OF CONGRESS:  If wisdom comes with age, I wish a bucket load of those old bastards affiliated with any and all political parties who have "served" longer than a dog's life span in Congress would exhibit the wisdom to just retire and get out.  Two terms is enough for anybody, and while it's easy to say people should have the option of being elected for as long as the voters will have them, it should be clear currently that a lot of voters are just too lazy to research any other name on the ballot, and choosing the familiar, well-established incumbent name in the booth is all too easy.  The USA desperately needs new, younger blood in the driver's seat -- and I have every confidence that young folks in the age range including Edward Snowden would agree.  Same old deal, Mr. or Ms. member of Congress -- the youth are running short on trust regarding your actions.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's a Rotten, Crummy, Filthy, Scummy World After All


Devil or angel,
I can't make up my mind
Which one you are,
I'd like to wake up and find
Devil or Angel,
Dear, whichever you are,
I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. . .
(from the song Devil or Angel, famously recorded by Bobby Vee in 1960)

If you plan to become a government whistle blower, I'm not really sure that the proper course of action is to run to China for asylum after the fact.  While you run for your life.  As if things aren't all messed up enough already. 

Edward Snowden  -- very much a liberal and former Obama supporter who now (rightfully) sees the president as a liar -- may be a candidate for the Bradley Manning Civics Award of 2013, perhaps bestowed by Julian Assange at some fancy global black-tie affair  Or should Obama's grossly unearned Nobel Prize be taken away and awarded to Snowden? 

What may have tipped toward boldly disclosed information to the American people on a very gray line becomes particularly muddled once one seeks out communists to hide behind.  Yet, Snowden is neither the despicable Assange nor the errantly misguided Manning.  He seems to care deeply about American rights, no strings attached.  Is he the nouveau patriot, warning us that our constitutional rights are severely jeopardized?

As many of you know, I'm no fan of a world increasingly ruled by digital anything.  Genius can be a tremendous asset or it can present itself as pure evil.  Our reliance upon the gamesmanship and constant one-up maneuvers necessary to stay ahead merely to stay ahead will eventually impact a world unprepared for even incidental electronic chaos.  Yes, it's all so wonderful and clever and convenient, but ultimately so deadly.  What could be more internationally appealing than a recipe calling for a mixture of nukes and digital guidance?

If all the government digital expertise couldn't prevent terrorism in Boston, even with considerable help from Russian warnings in advance, what good is it?  Apparently, it's good enough to keep tabs on everybody in America with the ability to dial a phone.  Good enough to store everybody's e-mails and keep tabs on web sites visited.  For our own good.

One suspects that Snowden realized that raising a plethora of complaints within the system would serve no purpose, predictably destined to fall upon deaf bureaucratic ears.  Maybe he truly believed a leak was the only way.  Maybe we've reached a new plateau in terms of loyalty oaths vs. the public's right to know.  Obviously, there are no winners here.  Um, except maybe the American people.

Arguments about progressive fascism take to the airwaves across the country.  Is this the alternative to that "chill wind" conjured by actor Tim Robbins a few years ago?

And some hear echoes of Hitler’s secret police. . .when houses were searched, premises violated and people told, if you haven’t done anything wrong, there’s nothing to worry about. 

Fast and furious.  Benghazi.  Border security.  Lies. Gun control. The IRS expands to control us.  Syria.  The Fort Hood Islamist murderer who skates along while Sgt. Robert Bales gets swift justice in a military court.  Eyes on Internet control.  Threats to whistle blowers.  Make us fear our government before our government fears us.  Military services  instructed not to let members read about White House scandals.  Treasonous actions conducted by those who themselves threaten good people with treason.

It should and must become crystal clear who and what defines treason in the current era.  Prime examples appear to cower and plot in unreachable heights, cloaked falsely in national colors, but the fall may now simply be unstoppable in a nation intended for the people’s will.
I suspect many of us cheer Snowden on because we know the decades have given us government lies and fabrications, on and on until our very heads spin in utter dizziness and consternation.  We've reached a point where we simply don't know who or what to believe anymore -- and the shadowy portions of the government like it just fine that way.  The egg must crack, it was unavoidable.  We just didn't know how or when.  Or who.

Snowden runs for his life, having provided evidence worth its weight in gold, warning that we should all take steps either to repair a government out of control or blindly accept the worst yet to come.  Really, his actions should hardly come as a surprise -- young people lovingly, yet clueless, took Obama quite seriously when he promised openness and transparency in government.  Then he removed the mask and displayed the countenance of a political lizard.

Why is it more important to spy on innocent Americans than on Islamic terrorists?  Why does Homeland Security worry more about nebulous dangers from returning Middle East military folks than  terrorists?  What are all those hollow point bullets for?  Why the purchase of all those tanks, apparently anchored firmly in homeland soil?

What happened to the Fourth Amendment?

Neither the Obama bunch nor Congress are blameless.  This mess needs urgent cleansing.  Maybe before everybody goes bat-crap bonkers over young Snowden, members of Congress who attained extreme wealth for no apparent reason after assuming office -- and "assuming office" means serving the people, not themselves -- should explain their riches.  All the usual congressional big mouths are calling for Snowden's head, of course.  If they want guilty heads, they need only look at their own reflections in a mirror.  How did the Patriot Act get so far out of control?

The U.S. government hires the best and the brightest for positions of note, and Snowden apparently fit the profile, and racking up an annual $200,000 job as a brilliant and articulate high school dropout with eventual military experience is nothing to dismiss.  In fact, he's likely far more brilliant than the lying dolt -- propped up by the crutches of party politics -- we currently tolerate as president.  Which of the two, we might ask, conducts activities bordering on heroism, and which precariously walks a tightrope bordering on treason? 

Sooner or later, the balance between national security and extreme surveillance of Americans had to go over a cliff, and this may be the episode.  Yes, some of this started under George W. Bush, but Mr. Obama promised transparency in government -- well, here it is!  Obama merely turned up the system's volume control and directed more juice toward the citizenry's personal electric chairs. 

Mr. Snowden may be the new Patrick Henry for our times, breaking open the hard-boiled domestic spying egg before it could realize the horrors of its full potential.  But this time our enemy is not the British.  The enemy is among us.  Or, as the late radio commentator Paul Harvey would frequently offer, have we outsmarted ourselves?  The plague now upon us cannot be cured with violence, but only with truth and a willingness among Americans to see the truth.  I say, good luck with that.

What's my government going to do, kill Snowden?  Will he merely disappear?  Don't do it.  Don't.  We need time to determine a patriot's pedigree in the current era.

The Democrats and Republicans. as never before, are looking out for their party interests, not ours.  It seems pretty clear now that neither wanted the Tea Party to gain a foothold anywhere.  Thanks, IRS.  Thanks, White House.  Thanks, political party fascists.

Our government, drunk on evolving digital technology, has become akin to the neighborhood enthusiast who plants cameras in a locker room shower area, able at any time to have a look at everything we reasonably expected could be held private.  We may not be so outraged about government access to telephone records from Verizon and other phone companies as we should be about a faceless agency's power to track every American e-mail, conversation, Internet visit and keystroke.  And the technology only grows faster and more reliable, as we hear official voices in the background promising that digital monsters will never be used against us.

As so often happens anymore, we needed to learn The Real News from the foreign press, this time from The Guardian of Great Britain and reporter Glenn Greenwald.  Among U.S. media, an abundance of toadies catering to every White House whim effectively keep us endlessly in the dark, as our own lives become so increasingly entangled in government-created regulations and paperwork that we can hardly see straight.  The only winners are the politically elite and faces the rest of us have no tools to recognize.

One wants the country to thrive and succeed -- but based upon founding principles, not based upon the political whims of lobbyist hacks and lucrative payoffs to the D.C. elite.  Business as usual has evolved into unusual business, and the terrific world of government technology, in conjunction with a hungry Administration,  seems just about ready to put a jackbooted thug under the bed, if not on the throat, of every true American in the country.  Are whistle blowers the cure?  Have we no other recourse in 2013 as government grows too big and unresponsive? 

If. . .if. . .his reports are true as laid out by The Guardian --wouldn't it be ever so peculiar if Edward Snowden just helped save the USA?  Imagine, an American who did more for his country than simply park his ass in front of the TV and agonize over how to imitate some Hollywood drug abuser, drunk or whore of a fashion model.  Impressive!

In this case, it might be a good idea to take a really, really close look at those who condemn his actions, because there are few wearing either black or white hats here. 

GOODBYE HILLARY FOREVER?  Shocking new findings about sex abuse, prostitution and drug use in the State Department all over the world under Hillary Clinton's watch should effectively cancel her out for a presidential run, though life is strange and she may turn up anyway when her handlers believe the time is right and old times' sake comes back into style just in time for 2016.
TRANSPLANTS R US:   With all the new attention placed upon organ transplants for both young and old, what are we going to do -- become China and harvest organs from prisoners who die mysteriously?  Sounds weird, but "product" demand and supply are always so at odds in cases like these. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Seeing the USA by Hamster Wheel

Memorial Day weekend reminded me that some 2,000 World War II veterans die every day, and I'm thinking, what a shame how those personally familiar with the definition of liberty are forced to witness a good part of the world they set free slip-sliding back to rule by tyranny, corruption, incompetence and even subservience to an extremist religion prolonged by human monsters and their willing brain-sandblasted associates..  What a shame these vets have to witness Congress actually considering a "path to citizenship" for border-jumping criminals, instead of convincing them to leave or, at the least, writing them off as if they don't even exist, until and unless in violation of more laws.  Whose country is this?

We need to (start) stay(ing) the heck out of Syria, but over the weekend Sen. John McCain, obviously in conjunction with the Obama don't-know-a-thing Administration, spoke with the "rebels" of Syria regarding a little armament help (or, we should say, more help, but this time not covertly) from the United States.  Because common wisdom suggests that the U.S. was already running guns to the "rebels" through Benghazi, Libya -- against international law, it would appear -- is McCain's role simply to make it look as though providing armaments to these people has been just fine and ongoing?  The Muslim Brotherhood and its malignant blood relatives Al Qaeda would almost certainly be the beneficiaries, in the long run, of any arms shipped in by the United States.  George Bush started the ball rolling, but Barack Obama seems to have gone out of his way to replace every Middle Eastern dictator with something ultimately worse and more extreme.  History may not be kind to Mr. Obama beyond noting his accomplishment as the country's first black president, but for the moment the mainstream media still love him and hold him responsible for nothing but beautiful flowers growing in quiet fields of bliss. 

Meanwhile, the damage control folks are out there, invisibly doing their part to make sure that Hillary Clinton remains blameless in Benghazi, intending to keep it that way as the next presidential elections creep ever closer.  Trouble is, this scandal has not yet begun to boil over, as it should.  Patricia Smith, mother of a Benghazi victim, continues to tell reporters that The White House has still told her nothing, though both the president and Ms. Clinton promised to get answers for her months ago.  Maybe it's just hard to get answers from people who are the answers?

The alternate universe of "go (blank) yourself" is an interesting place, and when somebody speaks those words the intentions usually aren't kind.  However, if you happen to be Attorney General Eric Holder, President Obama performed a unique twist on that phrase for him by saying, in effect, "Go investigate yourself," regarding the Dept. of Justice spying on journalists.  Talk about a fox in the henhouse!  Perhaps the IRS can investigate itself as well, just as soon as certain members of that particular brood cease using the Fifth Amendment the way organized crime figures fashionably did in decades past.

The Internal Revenue "Service" has demonstrated beyond a doubt that its operations have been significantly relegated to a thug atmosphere, and consequently should and must be deactivated within, perhaps, two to three years, and tax collections should rightly be replaced with a flat tax, fair tax or something simple and unencumbered.  There's no repairing the IRS, except back to its original form, and that's generally what we currently endure and abhor.  It's all gotta go, right down to imaginary hot lines and secret e-mails connected to the White House.

They oughta keep the immigration bill out of sight until the people realize how Obama's Unaffordable Care Act, rearing most of its ugly head in 2014, will cost far more than its proponents promised.  Armed with that information, it won't be difficult for critics to understand that projected costs associated with immigration "reform" will likewise charge forth in an unwielding manner.  Seems as though the Administration will keep its stable of behavioral  psychologists working overtime to emotionally win friends and hypnotically influence people into buying this mess -- hook, line and sucker.

Keep freedom of speech free and do not kowtow to special interest groups who swing our government like a hatchet to deny our rights.  I'm sorry as hell that some members of the Islamic community just go to pieces -- or make other people go to pieces, literally -- when its bonkers  radical Islamist element is criticized and condemned, but in America that's just the way things are.  We don't do the Caliphate thing here (hello-o-o-o-o-o Sweden. . .), and we must not sacrifice the religious principles and established beliefs of others to cater specifically to a dangerous sect of nuts or misanthropic throwbacks from centuries long forgotten, which deserve no respect whatsoever. 

Tornadoes, floods and earthquakes tragically remind us that we live each day as guests on the planet, guaranteed not a second more of life if natural forces so dictate.  Too many people now?  I think we were too many long, long ago.  Will gun law lovers Obama and governors such as megalomaniac Cuomo (and mayor Bloomberg) opt to outlaw inclement weather because children died as a result?  And -- we'll all be living happily ever after on Mars when, exactly?  Then again. . .

The Chinese will probably claim Mars, too, as they cheat, steal and lie their way to the top of the heap.  Writing in the Los Angeles Times of May 30, analysts Gordon G. Chang and James A. Lyons, Jr. warn of China's growing military influence and desires among a significant military element to wage war with the United States.  You know, I just couldn't be more proud of all those parents who swoon in ecstasy because their kids learn Mandarin Chinese -- sometimes directly from sweet little ol' Chinese teachers happily provided by China --  in grade school as we march toward globalization of every particle of human life.  It's always so much more convenient when slaves can converse with their masters in the latter's native language. 

Who needs "World War Z" when we already have World War III?  Brad Pitt shouldn't dirty his hands with a zombie war fantasy, when the real thing is current and ongoing.  Just substitute the Muslim Brotherhood for zombies, and you can transform a boring run-of-the-mill zombie death march romance concept into an extremist Islam love story.

SEX ABUSE IN THE MILITARY:   It's been said that sex is the #1 preferred stress reliever among the masses.  Frankly, our current military is stressed out beyond comprehension due to multiple deployments and a chain of leadership topped off by an Administration whose thought processes I wouldn't wish on a rat's brain.  Add nation building to a lengthy list of military chores and responsibilities under the Obama bunch and explain how there can be any degree of cohesiveness.  The Senate needs to play hands-off and let the military take care of its own people regarding sex abuse, and even though critics will protest that such a system isn't working now, Senate intervention will just muck up a bad situation.  Wait, I know -- maybe Washington and a public of the clueless could return to those daring days when military members were treated with respect -- and not subjugated to being waiters and waitresses for Congress and the Administration.

We'll never separate sex from military functions, considering all the testosterone necessary to maintain a strong military (sorry to sound so basic, but it's true), but reducing the enormous pressures driving some members to both sex abuse and suicide would certainly help.  And  just how can they maintain self-respect and concern for others when the commander-in-chief and his collective are increasingly under congressional scrutiny as liars and frauds?  Kinda makes you want to go out and f*** anything in sight just to relieve the pressure of knowing what dangerously agenda-ridden progressive forces dictate your daily activities of life and death.  Except for the very chilling thought of Biden as president, I suspect an Obama impeachment would do wonders for the military.  Won't happen, though, because the very concept of impeachment would tip toward racial intolerance in the current politically correct atmosphere.  So prepare to be screwed to the very last minute of this liar's term.

"We will punish our enemies."  Yes, Obama himself during a speech way back.  Prosecutions have increased and, obviously, revenge using the Internal Revenue Service and a box full of thug -- oops, pardon me -- Chicago-style politics is apparently commonplace.  If you voted for the Obama bunch and still fail to see the unsavory element, the frauds propelling the United States toward a very bad place, I guess I should feel sympathy for you, yet you had a second chance and performed a repetitious movement, and as we all know, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of. . .well, I'll let that go.

Teach tolerance -- and, in turn, learn how easily you can be conquered by those intent upon taking away everything you have and everything you are, with government cooperation and mandates where necessary.  The political left sold out long ago, and I only regret how unaware I was of the eventual consequences.  Or as R. Ripley would have said, believe it or not.

Give 'em back their guns.  New polls indicate that the British want their country's ban on personal firearms lifted.  This comes about in light of the brutal murder and beheading of a soldier in the streets by an Islamic radical whose savagery ultimately proved only that false prophet Mohammad really must have carried a bomb in his turban (remember the cartoon and the rage following its publication?).  Of course the British people should have access to guns as they once did.  England's violent crime rates reportedly skyrocketed during the years since the original ban. 

And guns in school?  I think playground sessions should by mandated to include sessions of cops and robbers, war games and the like, making available toy guns and other pretend weapons -- just to keep the kids aware of what they have in terms of freedom and self-protection, what a repressive government wants them to lose, and what may never be again, once confiscated by a government out of control.  Tick. . .tick. . .tick. . .

Death Panels do appear to be on the agenda for Obamacare.  I'd consider serving on a death panel, though insistent upon making final decisions on who goes and who stays -- oh, and my decisions wouldn't have anything to do with one's health, just, um,other considerations.  Let me at 'em. . .