Friday, October 28, 2016

A Very Hillary Halloween


(Breaking News:  FBI director Comey says they're reopening Queen Hil's e-mail investigation.  What that does or does not mean, who knows?  May she receive, not a basket of deplorables, but a basket of felonies in the spirit of the trick or treat season.  Boo!)

What could be scarier than a howling graveyard ghost on Halloween as midnight approaches?

How about a list of 65 (and probably growing in leaps and bounds) TV and print journalists. identified by name, now confirmed to be "compliant" with the Clintons and the Democrat Party -- willing to report in a party-friendly manner anything they are TOLD to report by their good Democrat buddies?

What about the Wikileaks release of e-mails from and to John Podesta regarding Hillary Clinton?  Pay attention, UFO "disclosure" hopefuls:  These folks are your heroes in waiting.  Do you still think they're your best bet?

What of her expressed plans to all but eliminate the borders, allowing unimaginable hordes of invaders, unfamiliar with and uncaring about our culture and language, into the country?

And, whoa!  What of the new revelation by a key Clinton operative that he was responsible for creating violent encounters at well-attended Donald Trump speeches?  When ducks can fly. . .

Anybody care about new Wikileaks revelations about how Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation amassed millions of dollars?  It's all about power, influence and, particularly, how one pays to play.  Access to Hillary while she was Secretary of State?  Pay to play, it seems.  Corruption in the Clinton Foundation, in the Clinton family, would seem more than worthwhile for investigation -- if the DOJ and FBI weren't, as it appears, in the pocket of the Democrat Party's finest.

Then there's Hillary parroting campaign speeches where she confesses undying love for the U.S. Constitution -- whose meaning and Amendments she appears to squander during opportune political occasions. 

Not to forget -- her ideas about disregarding established law got her fired when she was working with the Watergate committee to bring down President Richard Nixon.

Dr. Frankenstein had Igor to help out around the monster laboratory, and Hillary has Huma, Sidney Blumenthal and a few others to nurture a creature known as her image.  It's all in the e-mails.

Hillary's graveyard ghosts are real, straight out of ignored and executed Americans in Benghazi, Libya.  A little deadly reminder of her extremely scary maneuvers in the Middle East -- she, the princess of the Arab Spring's very existence.  She, and Obama -- who own a significant percentage of the international refugee crisis.

What average Americans haven't seen, security people closest to Hillary do, every day.  Secret Service, FBI and other security folks apparently receive the brunt of her bad temper routinely -- and it's no Halloween surprise to know that military members, cops and other law enforcement personnel despise the very thought of a Hillary presidency.

Perhaps the biggest Hillary Halloween fright arrives after Halloween -- when presumed President/Queen Hil' goes to work on scaring the pants off Constitutional Amendments First and Second.

So just when do Hillary and other radicals and progressives remove their Halloween masks?

What masks?

Monday, October 24, 2016

We're All (Dis)Con n e c t e d

Cyber-attack keyboards exhibited a frantic clicking last week, and they owe much of their success to those OH-so-very-futuristic households where everything but the toilet paper (and maybe even that, somewhere) absolutely must be computer-controlled.  Thanks to digital doorbells, baby monitors, refrigerators and a host of other devices intended to tell the world, "We're all connected," cyber-spooks assumed control of those many and varied Internet-ready assets to temporarily overwhelm and crash Web sites which serve as the life and blood for major companies, including, causing a denial of service in the U.S. and elsewhere for half a day.  Who wouldn't have seen THAT coming?  The experts who can't prevent this sort of thing, apparently.

Digital is all ready to drive your car, digital is poised to send us off to Mars, and digital lurks restlessly as we humans allow its dominance over every essential public function.  Digital wants to possess us, too, and eternally busy hackers demand influence on the whole operation, dedicated to shaping all things digital and everybody else's personal digital to their own liking.  This is the future?  Pretty cozy relationship -- hackers lust for power over our meanderings on the Internet, while progressives in the Democrat Party work diligently to build a bigger government by usurping our rights and making us wards of the federal state. This fetid, seemingly unintended partnership, taken together with the rise of a non-indicted criminal running for president, could eventually change the two-party political system so that our choices become Democrat Party One and Democrat Part Two.  The spineless GOP helped make the hideously impossible possible.

This is your TV on drugs:  We are their tools.  The major TV networks aren't only feeding us palpable journalist-flavored lying political crap every day -- their news divisions support this addiction with a parade of drug company commercials.  What could be more metaphorical?  After the elections, one hopes a significant share of viewers have smartened up and won't soon forget the outrage perpetrated on us all by these pharmaceutical-financed, mind-manipulative bastards who couldn't explain true journalism if its very definition was tattooed on their butts.

Those well-established Obama White House psychologists, so proficient at molding receptive minds to the Democrats' way of thinking, must be working overtime to convince the country that Queen Hil' "deserves" to occupy the Oval Office (with ol' Bill in tow to keep an eye on the female staff, cigars readily available).  And while Mrs. Obama's speeches promoting the queen sound great on the surface, it's too bad she can't bother to apologize for the extravagant vacations she and the family have taken at taxpayer expense, as her husband concurrently sent the national deficit higher than a space shuttle on the fringe.  Also, what First Lady ever acquired such a large personal staff to assist in condemning, allowing or regulating what people can, can't, shouldn't or should do?

Continue to ignore 'em, Bob Dylan:  His refusal so far even to acknowledge receiving the Nobel Prize puts him squarely on the plus side for me, a real "hoot" as they used to say..  Those ultra-huffy members of the committee, the same kind of nutty folks who awarded Barack Obama the Nobel even before he actually did anything to deserve it (and he still hasn't, as some voices suggest taking the award back from him), appear outraged at Dylan's silence, quiet as the tomb, regarding their issuance of this honor.  We're just suggesting, but maybe he could go another six months and then send them a postcard acknowledging the action.  Make it postage-due, too.

Stories I hate to read:  A toddler in Washington state died in a fire last week, the deceased family dog curled up next to him, reportedly sacrificing its own life in an attempt to protect the boy.  Such incidents answer the question, why shouldn't people who engage in dog fighting for "sport" not be executed on the spot?  Trial by jury is the way to go, of course, but we all fantasize about a little "star chamber" justice on occasion.  As if animals don't have it badly enough, now we're importing thousands of followers of Islam, whose religion evidently dictates no pets in the house, as animals are "unclean."  Funny thing, my definition -- designation -- of the term, unclean regarding these folks is a little different.

Goodbye, Bobby:   Just received word that singer Bobby Vee died today, age 73 I think.  A hit singer at age 15, Vee delighted the teenage crowd for years with many popular singles.  Somewhere in my dusty record remnants I think I still have a 45 record of a popular song from the early sixties, with his photo on the cover.  Time passes quickly as one ages, it seems, and the mention that he died with Alzheimer's doesn't make the end any more palatable.  Thanks, B.V.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Season of the Witch -- A Gathering of Sheep

Even though I once experienced a delusional period in my life where I pretty much voted for nothing but Democrats, what I see now is just one big corrupt party infiltrated by the worst of humanity.  The Republicans?  I don't know -- the GOP has worked so diligently at making itself irrelevant that I'm not even able to classify the depth of its own manure pile.

I remember an earlier time when being a Democrat was "cool," when all one needed to do was light up a cigarette couched in a cigarette holder, wave it around arrogantly and -- whether you even bothered to draw a solitary round of smoke -- espouse meaningless platitudes which somehow thrilled the most moronic of your friends and members of the curious.  You looked "cool."  Maybe you fancied yourself to look just like the movie stars. 

It's hard to know whether the country is populated now by large numbers of Democrats who actually believe in something, or whether those who vote for the donkey image (an "ass," to be sure) in November will simply be a wealth of folks looking for freebies.

Hillary Clinton will probably win the presidency -- though she may also be ripe for a grand impeachment soon thereafter, depending upon what kinds of people and integrity populate the House and Senate.  In any event, this truly will be an election upon which the United States rises or falls under its own Constitution, and merely because a great majority of Democrats have not and will not take the opportunity to explore the "other side" and discover the radical changes its agenda intends, when and if it grasps the power, a real and clear sense of doom among the rational is not unreasonable.  This time around, the threat isn't just hearsay, and all it takes is an electoral college and a consequential bulk of preferentially ill-advised Democrat voters to throw their own country under a dangerously radical bus. 

"Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a," bleated the good sheep, slowly but obediently sauntering off to enjoy another Election Day immersion in sheep dip. . .

Mars or Bust:  Word is, if you plan to be on the first ship to Mars you better plan to die there, no return ticket available.  Then again, employing the best in contemporary computer technology, if We send along a few Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices for communication, nobody's gonna need to worry about making it to Mars.  Ah yes, in digital technology we trust.  Someday, we're all going to beg for a return to automobiles and appliances with simple, very non-digital features.

On a similar note, scientists have again emphasized the health problems involved in a trip to Mars or anywhere outside our planetary comfort zone, as solar radiation may alter or destroy astronauts' brains in lieu of an extremely thick metal barrier -- and such "heavy metal" would prevent a spacecraft from a successful launch in the first place.  Dunno -- so maybe Hillary or The Great God Podesta can explain how UFOs get here without experiencing all this fuss.

The failure of a lawsuit against Remington arms by the Sandy Hook parents who lost children to a madman was destined to fail, despite the tragedy, and that was the right decision.  Can one sue the Earth for providing the rock thrown through a car windshield?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Breaking News - Media Discovers Donald Trump is a Man

Feigning outrage over the insignificant is a favorite maneuver utilized by the practitioners of Democrat Party dirty tricks -- said practitioners, of course, exemplified by the mainstream media, a disturbing number of whose members betray themselves as something akin to anxious socialists in waiting.  Thanks to these folks, unbiased journalism, as once defined, hovers perilously in the United States, its implications limping along in both the modern media and in journalism schools whose progressive professors tow and teach the party line.  If true journalism and a good, non-corrupt national government existed today, the Obama bunch (including Hillary, who allegedly had her own special way of treating women -- Bill's women) would be safely tucked away in prison cells, unable to perpetrate the immense domestic and foreign damage which will truly be their legacy in future historical records.

So, oh-wow, Trump had a conversation recorded 11 years ago during which he talked like millions of men talk every day about women and sex -- and, as a matter of fact, talked the way women do about men in military barracks and colleges, with only the gender changed.  Trump, a Democrat in 2005 when The Big Mouth-Off occurred, made the mistake of talking in the presence of a microphone, true enough.  Yet, the TV show, "Access Hollywood," featuring Trump's appearance (hosted by Billy Bush, a cousin of THOSE Bushes, by the way...), surely owes a lot of its success to actresses who do nothing BUT sell and promote sexual attributes.  See any female music videos lately?  But I guess it's perfectly acceptable, and indeed paramount that we witness spirited conversations about transgendered body parts.

What was this all about?  We'll find no mystery here. It was about poisoning Trump's water in advance of Sunday night's debate.  Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, commands both props and "journalists" who serve to prop her up when things look bleak.  Who wouldn't jump at the chance to defend an attorney (Queen Hil') who once successfully won a court case, dismissing charges against a child rapist?  Who cares if Queen Hil' wanted to kill Julian Assange with a drone?

Meanwhile, Wikileaks released more about Hillary Clinton, including e-mails hacked from Hillary pusher John Podesta.  From Hillary's own long-unavailable speeches we now learn of her professed desire for OPEN BORDERS in the U.S.  Where was the media on that piece of news?  How about her admitted preference here for saying one thing in public and another version behind closed doors? Most enlightening is information regarding Hillary's meetings with bankers, where she praises Wall Street movers and shakers because in her view they are the folks who understand the system and can best fix it!  And how about her little comment about her and Bill's wealth effectively separating them from the middle class?  If anybody leaps out of the darkness as a poster child for social engineering and self-privilege, it's Hillary Clinton.

But. . . Trump?  Oh dear, dear, dear, what to do?  He spoke dirty 11 years ago and it's on tape.  Hillary Clinton's lies and indictable crimes vs. Donald Trump's vocalized indiscretions?  Trump, mind you, is not responsible for American deaths, as is Clinton and the Obama bunch in Benghazi (nor do we know how many other lives were placed in jeopardy due to Clinton's "careless" e-mail actions).

Unfortunately, predictably, a gaggle of GOP senators, House members and other Republicans stepped forward to support hyped-up Democrat indignation regarding this otherwise fizzled matter, playing right into the slimy hands of Democrat operatives.  What spells success more than manipulating leaders of the opposing political party into condemning their own presidential candidate? Will they never learn?  Is it any wonder that the Republican Party endangers itself on a regular basis?

The question to be asked here is, who released this ancient video and for what reason?  The second part seems obvious, but the rancid odor of agenda so prevails here that it comes as no surprise that the agenda-infested mainstream media would be all over this non-issue.  More to come, no doubt.

As long as we're (sort of) bringing Hollywood into the mix, I've been thinking about lots of old, mostly deceased actors who appeared in so many memorable movies from the forties, fifties, sixties and seventies -- and the interesting fact that a good percentage of them were World War II and Korean conflict veterans, often decorated for their roles in combat.  Their unique war experiences -- about which many of them would never speak in detail publicly -- somehow gave them an edge on practicing their craft.  What a sad comparison to the current lot of actors and actresses, where pre-stardom life "experience" often seems to encompass little more than carefree childhoods, video games and dating relationships.  How many can perform Shakespeare?  How many even know who Shakespeare was?  What do they know beyond money and bling?  What have they sacrificed?  And why in the hell are the rest of us expected to listen to them babble on off-screen as if they're experts on the environment, climate change and life in general?

Hack Attack:  Russians, Chinese, North Koreans accessing American intelligence via computer break-ins?  In this case, the "whom" doesn't matter as much as the "yes, we can," and the "can" part means the ability to hack into our elaborate Internet system.  "We're all connected," claim the TV commercials, and it's true -- we can control home thermostats from the office and set up cameras in the nursery.  The side-effect, however, is the well-established shocker that almost any ol' hacker can zero in and mess with everything others believe they control, independent of outside influences.  Yes, we're all connected.  Isn't it great?  It is until we're all disconnected, until electrical grids and even basic communication facilities are taken down, along with other necessities and options which also disappear courtesy of digital puppet masters, both foreign and domestic.

Be truthful with yourself:  If you had little to do but sit around all day and night in front of a computer screen, site-hacking your life away, wouldn't you be encouraged, maybe just one teeny-tiny time, to take over the guts in a digitally-enhanced automobile a hundred miles away and send its anonymously hapless occupants over a cliff?  No?  Sure about that?

We ask, too, that if millions of people needed to evacuate the East Coast because of Hurricane Matthew's potential, should we not consider that, just maybe, there are too many people, period?  Services have become not only stretched, but nebulous as well when disasters occur.  More is not always better, particularly when "more" references us.

Regrettably, we are led by a gang of, as yet, un-indicted criminals, supplemented by a cavalcade of morons, all consistently re-elected by adoring, uncaring, ill-informed voters.  Beyond all of this. . .

...some scientists now suggest that human genetics prevent us from the ability to live beyond 115 years, taking the most optimistic viewpoint.  That means a significant cross-section of humans can individually and  comfortably enjoy a little over a century to continue turning this planet into a garbage dump.