Thursday, January 19, 2017

Exit the Hypnotic Fraud

Free at last, free at last.  Thank God. . . (Obama is going away. . .sort of. . .I'll take even that. . .)

And before I'm tasked with defending my seemingly flippant use of words which long ago had a far different meaning for some people, may I just ask:  So what the heck did the Obama bunch do for you, no matter your color or race?  Let me count the ways. . .no, wait, YOU count the ways and justify the actions of this departing sham called Barack Obama.  This country couldn't be more torn apart now if giant termites from Zeta Reticuli had invaded and began chomping away in designated areas.  I know I'm only an increasingly insignificant un-black man, but were the last eight years what Martin Luther King envisioned?  Will Donald Trump reflect the presidency in a more constructive way?  Who knows?  Can he be any worse?  Really?

That Obama actually had the nerve to warn the press about acting as "sycophants" rather than skeptics served as a near-final outrage prior to the heave-ho of this multi-faced role player.  Indeed, media sycophants supported and enhanced his status and invisible legacy of superiority all
the way along the journey from hell.

Obama's unconscionable pardons of a stable full of villains whose evil feats of distinction could very well make them founders of. . .hmm. . .perhaps a new Democrat Party are beyond disturbing.

We reluctantly predict that Obama's pardon of "Chelsea" Manning may not go well for Mr. Ms. Miss Mr. Ms. Manning, whose treasonous actions, previous suicide attempts and cost to American taxpayers for transgender voodoo will keep his her his her name in the spotlight, and could very likely cause one or more individuals of a certain mindset to play a fatal game of bullets and heads -- apparently the preferred solution among some to settle matters in the nation's frenzied atmosphere.  We don't endorse this, we just speculate.

But let's now cut this short and say a final goodbye to the uber-vacationing, golf-crazed, politically correct, American law-hating disaster whose faint odors of Marxism reeked in the White House for eight years.  May we never experience anything like him or his accommodating gang again, as the only "hope and change" rational Americans long for is either a rebirth of the Democrat Party as a non-insane entity, or its utter collapse into an ocean of renewed self-delusion and fantasy from which there is no escape or political influence whatsoever.  As Mr. Obama writes his phony, egotistical memoir, we suggest he merely call it, "I Sucked."

The end of the circus:  No, I'm not talking about the Obama bunch, this time our subject actually is the circus and the termination of Ringling Bros. extravaganzas under the tent.  Most blame animal activists (I believe their protests are correct, as using and driving animals for human crowd entertainment just seems so wrong anymore), but I think there's another reason:  Clowns.  Yep, clowns.  Who isn't afraid of clowns now?  From killer clowns depicted in the movies, to reality's killer clown John Gacy, to creepy clowns warned about during Halloween and months past -- how can a decent clown survive under the circus big top?  And the kids fear clowns, due in no small part, by the way, to squishy parents who implant terrors in their kids' minds to keep 'em sensitive and snow-flaky. In addition, hey, do you want to be a professional party clown traveling by car to a child's birthday party, only to get pulled over by a cop and shot to death by a suspicious SWAT team after you've squirted water on him from a fake flower?  Drop those clown pants, mister, you're busted!

May the incoming Trump Administration not perform its duties with fake flowers.