Friday, July 29, 2016

Return of the Brain-Eating DNC Body Snatchers

Yeah, I'm aware that some of you check in here because you're quite taken with the car wreck syndrome -- where you drive by an automobile accident and you don't want to look, but you just have to, because maybe there's a human head or sexual organ or some other ghastly attraction smashed on the roadside.  That's okay, I welcome one and all, whether you find my entries, um, interesting, pathetic, irrelevant, just old and stale like a moldy French pastry, or brilliant in the same way that a bedbug is brilliant.

How does one begin to address the big Hillary hoedown in Philadelphia?  Hmm.  Oh wait, I know:  Hi Bernie Sanders supporters!  Wow, you folks didn't just get "Berned," you got "learned," and your schoolmarm was the Democratic Party. As those talked-to-death Wikileaks DNC e-mails clearly demonstrate, you poor bastards didn't stand a chance anywhere in the known universe.  Were I you, I'd be demanding refunds of every donated penny, followed by a class action lawsuit against the DNC, organized by a bunch of TV lawyers (maybe the ones getting wealthy off asbestos lawsuits).

Don't make us laugh:  When Donald Trump commented that perhaps Russia could locate Hillary Clinton's missing e-mails numbering some 30,000, I instantly recognized his attempt at humor, and particularly the rather obvious fact that he said what he said to urinate-off the more or less working press seated before him -- and his minimal effort worked like a charm.  The media and its fellows-in-arms the Democratic Party, went nuts, tweeting and otherwise blasting words of horror over what they perceived as Trump inviting Russia to hack U.S. information.  He was not.

First of all, considering the massive volume of DNC e-mails leaked via Wikileaks, isn't it already apparent that the Russians, Chinese and/or other international nasty players most certainly possess everything from Queen Hil'?  So let's get back to the content, shall we?

Second, this was the quintessential example of how a sense of humor doesn't exactly entice certain Democrats.  That is, their Demo buds staffing late night talk shows and other venues who delight at ridiculing people on the political right with all manner of jokes simply cannot entertain the laughter when the joke reflects back on them. 

If, as some suggest, Donald Trump has troubling connections to Russia, that will come out quick as a bunny once the attack dogs of media sniff out a potential story -- and, of course, the sniffing about is well under way.  Should Trump emerge unscathed, he'll likely continue media irritation by making its members swallow their own medicine.  But caution:  The leftists won't understand humor aimed their way, they'll merely be upset.

A word about Putin:  Ex-KGB, future KGB, murderer, spy, thug, varmint, dangerously lonely for the old USSR empire and too smart for Obama's or Hillary's own good.  Trump?  The unknown quantity.

Hillary and Bill:  Bill Clinton's speech portrayed Bill as a doddering old geezer who has clearly lost the charm.  His time has come and gone, and together he and Queen Hil' come off as a very questionable advertisement for the senior set.  He also seems to have left out a few details about the life he and the queen share, the part involving a few ladies from the past.  As I watched him speak, I wished I was in the audience, shouting, "Lock her up!  Lock her up!"  Why must we worship liars, frauds and elitists who deserve, not the presidency, but a prison cell?  How do you wake up a nation of pod people and make them heed multiple hazards just ahead?

And where was Billy Idol, perfectly qualified to sing "White Wedding" as Hillary Clinton entered the stage attired in a virgin-white pantsuit?  If this was her attempt to reflect political purity, I'm not sure it worked, though she definitely looked as though she belonged on an ice cream truck, peddling tangible treats to kids instead of selling cold, progressive nonsense to alleged adults. 

Notably absent from her blather session was talk of reforming the Internal Revenue Service and simplifying tax returns, nor, predictably, did she condemn "sanctuary cities," which we prefer to address more rationally as "stink-tuary" cities.  Further, though she attacked Wall Street -- nevertheless, her old buddies who should rightfully be wearing "I'm With Her" buttons -- and even though we occasionally dozed off to a better place while watching Queen Hil', we detected no similar war of words regarding garden-variety D.C. lobbyists.  Of course not.

She also muttered something I cannot quite recall regarding speaking out, and there was an implication somewhere in her words which put me on guard about whether she wanted to ban "hate speech" in some manner.  Oh well, maybe after she's through with the Second Amendment. . .

Hillary, wearing white, reminded me of television's early days, when an evening televised play (I don't remember the title, I was a child, but this was the era of "live" TV) was presented about a face-off between the devil and God, each in human form.  Viewers assumed that the man wearing white was God and he, wearing black, the devil -- but in the climax we discover things were the other way around.  So -- Hillary in white.  No, that's all I had to say.

THANK GOD, four nights of pod-people hell were broken up by the re-entry of what was reported to be burning Chinese space junk, momentarily diverting the press so people could concentrate briefly upon shiny objects in the sky before drifting back to shiny lies and fantasies.

Right before our eyes, Democratic zombie after zombie came forward during slickly-produced sessions, including NY megalomaniac governor and hopeless presidential wannabe Andrew Cuomo, speaking of plans and ideas to improve the U.S. Constitution by progressively  shortening the space it occupies.  Cuomo especially sprinted in recent years to burden New Yorkers with progressive demon legislation so he could savor moments such as this, and even as he invites the audience to look to New York for the results of progressive government, people and businesses continue to abandon the state in impressive numbers.  How do folks not see that every promised gift offered by Democrat hands diminishes a freedom we've cherished and all but taken for granted?  And so many mentions of Trump for four days and nights -- I think they fear his possible ascension to the White House.

Maybe to hell with Hillary and Trump, but in the voting booth remember the importance of Supreme Court nominees.  We may have less influence than ever in a gamed political system, but our ability to influence the courts is something, at least for now.  Later?  Who knows, maybe the day will come when arrests of the Washington corrupt can be made and legal action taken, if a fair majority of attorneys in this country get such an act together.  Looking forward.

Unfortunately, politically speaking, and to paraphrase from Carl Sagan -- currently, we are the stuff of which puppets are made.

Monday, July 25, 2016

A Sailing Ship Full of Turds

So, nomination domination nears completion. Political conventions usually come off like bad vaudeville, but without pies in the face, slapstick, pratfalls or even marginally funny jokes. Having concluded the GOP extravaganza, presidential candidate Donald Trump is now characterized in social media as everything from a new Mussolini, to Hitler himself, to a sociopath, or to the savior of all humanity.  The Democrats, on the other same hand, face the unenviable task of passing Hillary Clinton off not as an unindicted federal criminal, but as a misunderstood little flower who became caught up as victim in a brutal, unfair political system through no fault of her own.  Having seen all the eager young faces in her audience on numerous occasions, I'm all but convinced she stands a good chance of becoming president merely as a benefit of appealing to these profoundly uninformed mainstream media fans who wouldn't recognize a legitimate news story if it bit 'em in the ass.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns as Democratic National Committee chair.  Isn't it peculiar how some folks, nevertheless aware of their actions, wait until the last minute to check out, as if hoping all along for some miracle to save them or to keep damning information out of public view?  Too bad Bernie Sanders, his campaign destroyed by dirty tricks customary for the Dems, is keeping a stiff upper lip and supporting what probably ranks as the biggest enemy of his political career -- the Democrats.  In our opinion, Hillary Clinton's chief strategist, Joel Benenson, appearing on various TV news programs, has to reach pretty far to explain away the dirt circulating throughout his political party.  No matter -- the usual cascade of movie, TV and rock stars scheduled to appear at the DNC convention this week will do exactly what they're supposed to do -- look pretty and charm away rancid odors emanating from the tried-and-failed Democrat agenda. 

Never forget, these are the Democrats whose ancestral party originated to rid the plains of those troublesome Indians AND to assure that slavery continued far into the future.  Can you say Andrew Jackson?

Every time presidential elections roll around, I almost get weepy over the disaster of 1964, when conservative Barry Goldwater did NOT become president.  How could he, when his own GOP did little to enhance the options?  Of course, a ridiculous campaign film progressing from flowers to a nuclear explosion -- seemingly guaranteed in a Goldwater administration --    sealed the deal.  Nonsense, of course.

A bonus for, particularly, those of the millennial generation reading this:   Goldwater had no problems with gays wishing to serve in the military, and his statement can be found on the Internet.  Among his own words -- He didn't care if a soldier was straight, only if he could shoot straight.  All of this came out at some point before Goldwater died, when the gay military controversy served up heated proportions publicly and in Congress.

Again, I refuse to join worshippers at the UFO information "disclosure" altar of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.  You want government UFO files?  Should have boosted Barry Goldwater into the Oval Office when we had the chance, because I still believe he provided the best opportunity for anything resembling disclosure. Letters abound from his long years as U.S. senator from Arizona, from his very office, explaining to constituents and others that even in his position as a high-ranking Air Force officer he could not access UFO data and, in fact, was forcefully denied such information via the highest channels.

But one cannot elect the dead, can one?  Yes, we can elect the dead of mind and soul, and often do and may yet this time around, but not the finally, certainly, forever dead.  Instead, some of you are banking on Hillary and Podesta, clinging to promises initiated as political winds blow strong.  True, nothing invigorates the senses like a nice, fresh breeze of presumed integrity, yet even the most pleasant zephyr can experience a "fundamental transformation" into a giant smelly fart.

And speaking of the Obama we know, so fond in the past of blaming obvious Islamic terror in this country on "workplace violence," we simply ask the obvious question:  Since Obama never held an actual job throughout his entire life of high privilege, how could he possibly recognize or pronounce  judgment on anything happening in a "workplace?"  Can he even spell workplace?

Magician Senator Ted Cruz gives Trump the finger without actually showing it:  There may be fault on both sides, but despite everything we hope Cruz eventually can set his sights on a nomination for a Supreme Court position. More likely, however, is his quest for the presidency in four years.  Unlike "the smartest woman in the world" named Hillary, who apparently is not, Cruz is gifted with a brilliance absolutely in tune with American rights, laws and values.  No, I'm not waving a flag here, just being honest.  Too bad that Donald Trump reportedly plans to help arrange funding to defeat Cruz and others he deems enemies.  Looks as though The Donald might like a copy of Nixon's enemies list for Christmas so he can start a new column.

Speaker Paul Ryan:  On whose side is this guy?  He talks a good talk, but did he not just sign off on admitting 300,000 more Middle East refugees into the United States?  At the GOP convention, they booed Mitch McConnell, and perhaps should have done the same to this slippery fish.  Does anybody care a whit about what the American people want -- and don't want?  As for Ryan, news reports today indicate he was in no mood to meet with mothers who lost children to murderous illegal aliens.

Professional wrestlers looking to sue the WWE:  Oh, good grief, how is it that wrestlers, football players and all the other athlete types who spend their lives getting their heads pounded NOT realize from day one that what's happening to their brains may not be pretty?  We assume you folks are smart, since you were smart enough to get as far as you did -- why act the victim now?  Is it the money?  What is it?  Ya get hit on the arm and there's a bruise.  Ya get hit in the head hard and. . .what?  Marshmallows and puppy dogs are gonna rise up in those skulls and make everything all right?

Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam:  Considering Farrakhan's blatant calls for the killing of "enemies" -- and we know exactly whom he references -- how is it that he isn't in jail right now?  Isn't there a little thing about inciting violence?  How much longer must common sense spin in turmoil?

Erdogan in Turkey:  Watching news reports of Turkey's president rounding up thousands of those he perceives as enemies must be a real tear-jerker for the Obama bunch, who probably wish they could stage a reprise in this country.  Hang on, guys, if Hillary gets in. . .

Trump?  Well, far as we can tell, his decisions haven't been responsible for murders in Benghazi or anywhere else.  But Hillary as secretary of state, well. . .

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Friday, July 15, 2016

If Not at War with Islam, Then With Whom??

The Boyfriend is a movie musical from the eighties, kind of a bomb (pardon the unintended, yet appropriate pun) based upon a hit play, and among its songs is a vocal piece entitled, "It's Much Nicer in Nice," referring, of course, to Nice, France.

Today, things are no longer nicer in Nice, not nice in France or anywhere else in Western Europe.  Those who persist in making no connection whatsoever to radical Islam -- hello, loyal Democrats and others of a politically correct bent -- in the United States are, nevertheless, on the death list, like it or not.  Per the usual playbook, French government officials, like members of the U.S. political class,  are slow to blame radical Islam for the latest tragedy. 

(Side note:  A new book entitled Deception dives deep into the Benghazi incident, its findings compatible with those of the Benghazi Select Committee, and is said to be well-researched.  While Obama, Hillary and all the usual minions agonized over how to make events appear anything BUT extremist Muslim-related on that fateful night, it is alleged they were more concerned with maneuvers concerning You-Tube and Google than in sending help to rescue our people.  The author reportedly makes a case for the U.S. arming Syrians through a back door approach, and doing so with the same radical bunch which murdered U.S. personnel in Benghazi.)

Who needs radical Islam to kill off free speech in the United States when we have the FCC?  Anybody in search of one more reason to stand behind a GOP vote in November and avoid Democrat sedition at all costs should tremble with fear and anger at a story appearing in the June 30 Washington Examiner.  As reported by Paul Bedard:

Democrats targeting content and control of the Internet, especially from conservative sources, are pushing hard to layer on new regulations and even censorship under the guise of promoting diversity while policing bullying, warn commissioners from the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Election Commission.

“Protecting freedom on the Internet is just one vote away,” said Lee E. Goodman, a commissioner on the FEC which is divided three Democrats to three Republicans. “There is a cloud over your free speech.”

Freedom of speech on the Internet, added Ajit Pai, commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, “is increasingly under threat.”

Pai and Goodman cited political correctness campaigns by Democrats as a threat. Both also said their agencies are becoming politicized and the liberals are using their power to push regulations that impact business and conservative outlets and voices.

Almost eight years later. . .President Obama gets serious about pretending he cares about the race issue.  Great that he was having a hug with David Muir on ABC-TV last night, but he just seemed rather befuddled about why he was even present for the TV cameras.  Maybe 'cause he wasn't raising campaign money for Queen Hill'. So much hemming and hawing.

Which reminds me of the ESPY Awards this week, when several black athletes of star quality stood to speak about race.  My impression?  I'll defer to the excellent comments earlier in the week by Charles Barkley.  He encapsulated important everything in a few words.

Tesla's and other self-driving cars:  Do you among the electronic genius invention class ever -- ever? -- consider how worthless your pricey technology can become in a split second, should EMP effects occur?  All it takes is enemies with nukes, a mutually assured satellite destruction event or the sun itself, and we're gonna be begging for simplicity.  (Pokemon Go isn't going to help, either.)

Other Stuff:  Other news stories catching our cyclopean eye recently involves the very real possibility that health insurers, their profit margins stung by the un-workability of Obamacare, are perched to ask Congress for an enormous taxpayer bailout.  Like nobody older than an eighth-grader couldn't see this coming from the start?

We also note that at a recent festival in Sweden Muslim men were raping girls as young as 12, and other instances have surfaced throughout Western Europe.  The U.S. and other nations must find a way to deport human slime, especially the military-age young men from crap-hole countries who invade nations with a warm stupid welcome on the part of clueless government leaders.  There's obviously a reason why most Middle Eastern nations want nothing to do with housing these bastards. And no, this monstrosity cannot be cured with jobs and hopes for a better life -- these folks are born not only ignorant and brain-washed, but destined to kill and overwhelm cultures as well.  Nations of the current century, wake up or risk being thrown back by the throwbacks.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Barack Obama's America -- Uncensored

It's mourning in America, and President Obama offers sympathies from Poland -- appropriate, since he often seems to luck out by being anywhere but the  United States when things go to hell.

What did we expect?  You can't be president for almost eight years and spend your TV camera time using camouflaged language to blame white people for every ill suffered by black people since the dawn of time.  You can't assume Office and begin your tenure by knowing nothing about police incidents, yet pronouncing that police "acted stupidly" when a situation involves a white cop and a black citizen.

Any polling organization worth its space should, right now, poll every cop in the United States -- currently running for his or her life -- and ask whether they believe Obama's policies and comments have a bearing on the current violence against law enforcement personnel. 

Masses of black people filling the streets should be crystallizing into the realization that Democrats who have ruled their big city lives with an iron hand for decades are, to put it simply, criminals or no better than.  Yes, Dems, the original Ku Klux Klan supporters and members, the civil rights obstructionists whose efforts were finally squashed in the sixties when it was the Republicans who championed appropriate legislation.  Democrats, who magically absconded with the issue of civil rights and through intensive P.R. magically convinced city folk that their party was the actual trophy holder for black civil rights efforts.  Can there be any doubt in 2016 that LBJ's "Great Society" was a boondoggle costing trillions of dollars, its "benefits" currently obvious as great American cities face collapse after years of corruption and primarily hollow Democratic Party promises that did and do little but assure votes?

Those who prefer to be called African-Americans (if I live long enough, I suppose I can push equal demands to be referenced as a Caucasian-American with my own Congressional White Caucus in D.C.) should be particularly outraged that they have a president who currently allows in as many illegal aliens and refugees as he sees fit, many filled with hatred for all things American, but many destined to take away jobs that would otherwise go to homegrown American minorities.  By all means, vote for more Democrat rule as our Republic starts to grow bananas using the Bill of Rights as fertilizer.

And let's not forget Hillary Clinton, despite her wish for the grieving to feel the love right now, who would logically be doing cartwheels as national attention is momentarily focused upon something other than her incompetence and aura of criminality.  No intent?  Is she not an attorney who knows about laws?  Is she not the smartest woman in the world?  Is she not entitled to be president because, darn it, we had a black (sort of) president and now we MUST follow the liberal list of succession and elect a woman president, or the rhythm of the universe will go haywire?

If Hillary had any honor, she would remove herself from the presidential campaign.  But she does not and she will not.

Anybody who didn't get national security chills after FBI director James Comey's statement regarding Clinton's negligence is either dead or solidly Democrat, incapable of understanding or unwilling to understand the gravity of the evidence against her.  Comey's later questioning by Congress further amazed us, almost sounding like remnants of a "Who's on First" Abbott & Costello comedy routine.

So how many U.S. undercover operatives may have been compromised or murdered due to her acts of personal e-mail server convenience?   Independent voters may very well be the key to Clinton's well-deserved defeat in November, but when one looks at city streets overflowing with perhaps well-intentioned but, frankly, ignorant voters who will continue to drink the Democrat anti-freeze, it's hard to be optimistic.  What the street folk clearly believe now is that if Queen Hill' can get away with lies and crimes, why shouldn't they?

Yes, this is Hillary Clinton, largely responsible with Obama for the "Arab Spring" and all the refugee hell it continues to export to the United States.

And now cops across the country, their departments already scrutinized and regulated to pieces by Obama's Dept. of Justice for Certain People, are on the run, functioning on hair-trigger alert nerves ready to short out while they have to worry big time about being blasted out of existence by scummy little people who amount to absolutely nothing more than the length of their gun barrels.

NOW Barack Obama begins to make weak statements supporting, yet somehow condemning the police?  Between his too-late efforts and the incredibly stupid words of Minnesota governor Marc Dayton -- Democrat -- who openly questioned whether a black man shot dead by a cop in his state would have been shot were he white, it's little wonder that chaos continues:  The chaos that might have been tempered considerably, had Barack Obama done something, anything to promote harmony among the races almost eight years ago -- which, by the way, seemed to be doing reasonable well until Obama disgraced the White House with his pretty much deplorable presence.

We can't leave this topic without mentioning the Black Entertainment Television (BET) awards show a few days ago.  As now reports, the moron actor who spoke out so racist-eloquently and condemned white people and white cops during his acceptance speech proved very influential for the Dallas shooter, who had specifically endorsed the speech's meaning to him with family members.

Meanwhile, situations are heating up globally, as Iran threatens nuclear/EMP destruction in the U.S., the war of words with China regarding its man-made islands is growing -- and Russia, not content with "buzzing" U.S. Navy personnel by air, now allows one of its guards in front of a U.S. embassy to tackle and wrestle to the ground a U.S. diplomat (the sort of thing we'd actually rather see occur in front of the United Nations, inclusive of all diplomats.  Incidentally, have we shut down the Dept. of State yet?  No?  Oh, just curious.  And hopeful.).

Metallic hero:  We applaud every police officer who serves us honorably, and this week we especially wish to take that "extra step" by thanking the police chief of Dallas for unleashing an explosive(s) robot which faithfully blew up one of the most evil, demented mass murderers of the year.  Thanks chief, and thank you robot.  Obviously, sometime in the future -- if we have a future -- robots will simply kill all of us (we get in their way, you know?), but for now I'm techno-thrilled about this particular assemblage of blood and guts being instantly scattered to the wind in order to save lives.  We suspect the robot didn't fare well in the end, but perhaps city officials could say a few words of robo-kindness before dispatching fragments to the scrap yard.

Oh, lookee here:  Spain, when will you learn?  Aren't Papa Hemingway and the sick adventure of terminating cattle in the ring long dead?  After years of bullfighting -- that is, bull torture -- without a matador fatality, a famed 29-year-old bullfighter was gored to death this weekend.  Experiencing one's chest being ripped open is hardly a pleasant way for a guy to make his final exit, but repeatedly stabbing, angering and ultimately killing a bull for public entertainment and riches galore isn't exactly an act of love toward animals, either.  We like to think barbarism disappeared as centuries swept by, but recent ongoing events of terror directed toward both humans and animals remind us otherwise.  There exist places in Spain where this form of animal torment is outlawed, but it's time for this practice to see an end everywhere. 

A final word:  That "red star" everybody agonized over, the one showing up in the Donald Trump campaign?  Some called it anti-Semitism!  Are you kidding?  A star is a star -- and concurrently there's a Macy's TV commercial with a red star running nationally -- so is Macy's being anti-Semitic by incorporating a red star in their advertising?  Nonsense.  This bull crap is whipped up by the Democrats -- apparently desperate for something to throw out and see if it will stick before the elections.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bombshells for Lunch in L.A.

Breaking News:  Yes, Virginia, there is a. . . a politically elite.  FBI director James Comey flawlessly laid out the case against Hillary Clinton and her e-mail controversy, and though he threw in everything but the indictment rational minds anticipated, he did give conservatives a great deal to do battle with.  Calling her "extremely careless," Comey actually painted Hillary as untrustworthy and certainly incompetent as a presidential candidate.  Let's be clear -- if a U.S. Army one-striper sitting at a computer accidentally e-mailed even a tiny bit of classified information and it was discovered, he, she or he/she (Oh yeah? Get over it, moron. . .) would be busted and sent up the river for years.  The elite are the elite are the elite, and Queen Hill' is a member of the club, incapable of truly being held responsible for anything.  Were I Trump's people, I couldn't move quickly enough to extract enough talking points from Comey's announcement to fill up campaign videos for months to come.  Queen Hill' was not indicted, but she wasn't cleared of anything, either.  Guilty is as guilty does, despite one's "intention."

Radio personality and author Glenn Beck can be a little hard to take when he goes "all religion" on us, and we're sure he's lost listeners as well as sponsors at different times due to his outspokenness (he dares to take full advantage of that nasty First Amendment chink fouling up the armor of our pesky American Constitution. . .).  But love him or hate him, the guy knows what's up -- and he apparently hasn't gone unnoticed among some whom you wouldn't think could give a rat's butt regarding anything Beck says or writes.  Indeed, the agenda-prone on the progressive side of the cereal bowl routinely make a life's work out of misquoting and lying about his comments online, sometimes causing him to spend precious minutes explaining why malicious or simply stupid commentary about him doesn't stand up.

Beck was broadcasting from Los Angeles a few days ago, and I happened to catch a portion of one radio show where he briefly mentioned having lunch in L.A. with -- what??? -- Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg?  Yes, and I couldn't believe it, either, because each is as politically opposite as one can get.  Katzenberg is probably the biggest money raiser for Hillary Clinton this time around, too.

Nevertheless, Glenn Beck and Katzenberg met amiably, and I nearly swallowed my tongue when, according to Beck, Katzenberg commented that the country is in serious trouble -- and told Beck that he (Beck) had been right about so many predictions he had set forth about events unfolding in recent years.

Though we know there are voices in Hollywood -- mostly silent -- who subscribe to a conservative political cause, every once in a while the liberally progressive side takes a similar stand, cognizant of terrible issues festering and at risk of taking the good things about government down with the bad.  I've no illusions:  Perhaps the best we can hope for is that we, on whatever side politically, can all worry together.

Benghazi deaths live on:  Despite what some would have us believe, the final 800 page report about Benghazi does not launder and dry President Obama or Hillary Clinton into something smelling sweet.  Aside from the obvious -- that Hillary and Obama pretty much finished off the Middle East all by themselves with their stupid actions -- the fact that military personnel were forced to change uniforms four times because Admin reps were following some kind of protocol and didn't want to offend Libya's government as Americans were being slaughtered says everything we need to know.  Then there was the little matter of, just perhaps, not wanting to smear for Obama  upcoming elections at a time when he happily mentioned that terrorists were on the run (they were not, but they were getting bigger in numbers). The next president needs to dismantle the State Dept. without delay.

And so patriotic of Hillary to arrange her FBI interview to coincide with the Independence Day weekend. . .as much of the country's attention focused upon planning for holiday festivities.  Sadly, even pundits who weren't quite wrapped up in getting away for the 4th speculated that Queen Hill' is likely to walk away from her own mess scot-free, just in time to go campaigning with Obama's help.  The "chance" meeting of Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch at an airport, during which the camera and cell phone-carrying press was prohibited, remains an outrage.  Will FBI director Comey be the odd man out for the truth in this pile of poop, or will he become merely the king of nothing at the agency? (The answer lurks at the top of today's entry with breaking news.)

Further evidence of the wussy-fication of America:  We didn't want to believe our eyes when commercial network TV recently aired the somewhat dated Bruce Willis drama, "Mercury Rising," and -- like generally routine instances where naughty words are extracted and flashes of nudity blurred over -- we observed that scenes showing bloody residue due to violent acts are also blurred over, showing a momentary glaze instead of red blood.  What else could we expect, now that "they" are even taking World War II vintage movies and extracting the word, "Japs?" 

A politically correct society will be its own assassin.  Thanks Democrats, this sort of thing is on your hands, and we'll be looking for more turns of the sensitivity vice if you acquire political gold this year by hook or by crook (her).

A rather explicit example of why my current blog subtitle states I'm living it up in a fortress of quicksand:  The online journal, Live Science recently reported how some scientists postulate that clumps from underneath North America's tectonic plate are peeling away and sinking, replacing the empty space with an unstable ooze. The theory attempts to explain, in part, why the Southeastern United States has experienced a cluster of earthquakes recently.  More online.

Meanwhile, science's less honorable side was reflected by Fox News way back on June 1, when Fox spotlighted internal e-mails alleging that certain George Mason University climate professors plotted a petition encouraging the U.S. government to arrest and prosecute climate change skeptics using the RICO Act.  Advised of potential personal consequences, the profs (and there was big government money involved here as well) backed off -- but, as we mentioned here several blog entries ago, a number of rat-bastard state attorneys-general (mainly Democrats, surprise. . .) signed on to the prosecution idea -- and we can only hope, if they pursue this nonsense, that they are instead the ones held responsible under the RICO Act, intended originally to counter gang and conspiracy activity.  Big government is hazardous to our health, and it's high time that its practitioners experienced the heat.