Thursday, June 30, 2016

A White House Infested With Leftist Bullies and Thugs

Oh, poor Robert!  All those years he wrote about nothing except UFOs, so dependable, and now he's just whacked out, turning most of his attention to rumors of the radical destruction of his own country from within. . .

Do Americans know how much trouble we're in?  At the very basic level, free speech, practice of religion, gun rights and other liberties we take for granted hover precariously on a ledge constructed primarily by the political left.  No longer is the Democratic Party populated comfortably by inmates possessing at least a modicum of reason -- now it's radicals from end to end in the upper echelon, and these are people who have little to no interest in preserving the nation we've known since its inception.  Some of the rest of us have learned to cringe when we hear terms such as progressive, social justice and diversity training, because they have nothing to do with our basic freedoms and everything to do with extracting or chipping away at everybody's guaranteed rights. 

Will the young, schooled in progressive lies and historical inaccuracies by liberal hack teachers and professors throughout long years of "education" ever be able to recover from mass zombification?  If they plan to vote, we surely hope so.

Every rational mind should hope, even if it doesn't happen until after a new presidential administration takes charge, that President Obama, his hand-picked associates, henchmen and minions, complicit in the disasters of "hope and change" and the "fundamental transformation" of the United States are arrested, tried, convicted and punished accordingly via legal statute.

How can a President take an oath to protect us and then knowingly allow in thousands of people, both legally and illegally, carrying and therefore re-introducing diseases (such as TB, now super TB) that were all but wiped out in most of the USA long ago?  Today, we learned that Homeland Security's Jeh Johnson is assuring air travelers that airport security has been stepped up substantially -- yet he says nothing of the continuing influx -- invasion -- of throngs of illegal people through the borders every day, quite likely bringing along unknown dangers.  How -- how is the President protecting Americans?  He isn't, and the government is not.

Transgendered military:  Great, more medical procedures the government will have to pay for.  Gays in the military?  Yes.  But the transgendered folk, as we've observed previously, often bring along an alarming amount of psychological baggage, not the least of which involves deep depression and  suicidal tendencies.  I know I'll be slapped around for this but -- don't seat 'em too near the nuke buttons, okay?  We already experience enough trouble with UFOs around nuke bases, let's not add transgendered uncertainties.

Great Britain:  Congratulations for respecting your heritage and identity.  Daniel Hannon of England's Parliament seems to be your hero, certainly a hero of proper and inspiring English language.  Beware of the USA's current dirt bag political leadership, which wouldn't be adverse to throwing a wrench into the EU separation deal, hand in hand with the United Nations and the European Union's most devious thugs.

Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met in an empty airplane on an Arizona runway. . .and discussed what?  Sweet nothings?  Sorry, but I find it difficult to accept that the female version of Eric Holder and old Bill didn't bring Queen Hil' into the conversation.  Good grief, we hope the FBI director truly is an intensely honest man in Washington when it comes time to hand up damning evidence on Queen Hil'. -- and loudly informs the American people if chicanery and truth-burying occurs at the DOJ.

The most more or less kinda scariest thing we've heard all week is the Idaho case of teenage Muslim immigrants sexually abusing and then urinating on a five-year-old girl and putting it on camera.  Now, according to a Breitbart news organization report of June 28:

The refugee program in Idaho has been in the news recently after it was reported that two young refugees from Sudan and one young refugee from Iraq were arrested and charged with sexual assault of a five year old girl at an apartment complex in Twin Falls, Idaho.

“Police Chief Craig Kingsbury of Twin Falls, Idaho, confirmed Monday that three Sudanese and Iraqi boys allegedly sexually assaulted a five-year-old girl, and that two of them have been sent to a detention center after allegedly brutalizing the American child,” Breitbart News reported of the incident that allegedly took place in early June.

Breitbart News asked IOR’s Reeves if he could confirm or deny that the suspects arrested in that case had been resettled in Idaho as part of the refugee resettlement program, but received no response.

The U.S. Attorney for the District of Idaho, Wendy Olson, however, has not been reticent in offering her comments on the alleged sexual assault.

“President Barack Obama’s top legal appointee in Idaho is threatening to prosecute Americans who criticize the federal immigration policies which enabled Sudanese and Iraqi Muslim migrants to perpetrate a vile sexual attack against a five-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho,” Breitbart News reported last week.

Say what???  Ms. Olson, while this is still at least a shell of America, we'll continue to criticize anything we wish -- especially the policies of a rogue presidential administration whose associates (like maybe you?) deserve and, we hope, will eventually encounter close encounters with a truly American justice system.  The federal immigration "policies" causing everlasting chaos in this country cannot and will not stand, for the Idaho case in question obviously underscores an almost sociopathic predilection for importing and placing among the good people of the United States a plethora of insects disguised as humans.  Seems to me that a "vile sexual attack" against a five-year-old girl, at least in more thoughtful times, called for a party where refreshments of bullets were served to the heads of the guilty.  How much longer must we suffer the pinheads of this administration?

As Independence Day approaches, we yearn to be free from excessive rules, regulations and the Executive Orders of tyrants.  That's really the only "hope and change" we need.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Two Definitions of "Packing"

It seemed deplorable enough when the Democrat side of Congress held a "sit in" this week, its participants writhing, squirming and twisting on the floor, as if either mimicking children at a day care center or re-enacting a mob scene from  Planet of the Apes.  Worse, however, was the stunning observation that these folks, sworn to uphold the Constitution, were blatantly attempting to hack into its Second Amendment -- and the fact that veteran civil rights champion Rep. John Lewis appeared most vocal in this effort to actually squelch the meaning of a specific, guaranteed civil right of Americans in 2016 led to plenty of outrage among conservative Republicans and others.  Chants of that old fave, "We shall overcome" degenerated into an unspoken spirit more akin to, "We shall overcome your constitutional rights."  No matter that the Senate itself had already rejected what these folks in the House craved as a useless re-do vote.

This shameful congressional conflagration of mass moronics, taking place as Americans by the thousands, further troubled by the murderous antics of a dedicated Islamic extremist in Orlando, went shopping for guns, was followed by an event far more significant than foolishly clowning around in Congress:  Great Britain's vote to amputate itself from the evil empire known as the European Union.  Had it not been ever so helpful when Klaatu Obama visited England weeks ago to instruct Brits on how to run their country, believing his always-hypnotic charm would seal the deal?

For us in the States, watching England's failed Cameron promising to resign in a few months (and wishing we might see similar and more instantaneous results at the White House), the "Brexit" vote held a special meaning -- the roaring and no longer ignored indignation expressed by Western European people of many countries who demand both their own identity and an end to mass immigration of Islamic followers intent upon conquering the very cultures they invade, whilst riding in on the Trojan horse of European Union compassion.  Germany's Merkel belongs in prison for the ultimate in complicity.  Today.

In other words -- Obama's, and now Hillary's impassioned plea for more and more and more Middle Eastern and North African refugees (Hillary wants to increase numbers by more than 500 percent!) has just taken on a big, stinking load of hell-no, condemned by lessons tragically learned in England, France and other countries ruled/destroyed by socialist/progressive rule, determined to somehow solve problems by infecting national borders with a 7th century disease more virulent than the Black Plague.

The winning politician?  Donald Trump, unwavering this time, firm that Great Britain should exit the European Union, whatever that is.

Meanwhile -- hmm, what's this?  A five-year-old girl in an Idaho apartment complex, raped and urinated upon by a group of boys -- allegedly Muslim immigrants?  We don't believe we saw this on the evening network TV news, maybe we were just dozing when it appeared.  Aren't we Americans always dozing off? 

Pseudo-lawmaker Obama's Executive Order goes down:  As Americans, fed up after Orlando's gun-free zone calamity, continue rushing to gun stores to purchase a cure otherwise known as rifles, shotguns, handguns and the like, the 4-to-4 Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling that the president cannot make law -- regarding immigration, in this case.  The absurdity here is that Obama, on numerous occasions, publicly admitted that it wasn't in his power to make a law to appease illegals and amnesty wannabees -- yet, he produced one anyway.  Following the Court's decision, Obama blubbered angrily on TV about the decimation of his Executive Order -- which shouldn't have existed in the first place -- and seemingly blamed Congress for not supporting the "law," spawned solely and irrelevantly by himself.  Talk about a "straw man!"  If a conservative can ascend to the Supreme Court, and if a Republican with conservative gonads becomes president, throngs of people here illegally should be sent packing and spending zero time criticizing the USA for treating them "unjustly."

Truth is, as England speaks, so does the USA.  We have long been the "welcome wagon" for the world's refugees, and we take in more than any other nation on Earth, but the Islam folks are another story, a majority wishing for the outrageous establishment of Shariah Law and government overthrow by throwbacks of our established national cultures.  By conversion or death, there is no third choice, and sometimes there is no choice but death under Islamic rule.  Nobody in the West with a rational mind wants this -- and thus, England's far-reaching choice, the only action they could take if they did not wish to lose its culture and dissolve into a society of filth and regimented hopelessness.  The good people of England have already had a taste of a potentially abominable future dominated by Islam and United Nations fools, and they said go to hell. What follows will be interesting to watch.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Anton Yelchin: The Good Immigrant

Man, I hate it when I have those dreams where Hillary is president, the ones where she makes her Secret Service detail and all members of the military dress in maid and butler apparel as she sits on a golden throne, cradling the two grandchildren in her arms and whispering in their ears, "Someday, all of this will be yours, too. . ." But then I wake up, return to reality and Vladimir Putin is U.S. president.  Wait, did I say that?  Wow, as if the Hillary dreams aren't terrible enough.  Of course Putin isn't the commander-in-chief, is he? Another nightmare?  Maybe I need more sleep.

Forget Putin, but today's entry does focus for a bit on an American with Russian roots.

You know how I feel about Hollywood -- about the same as I take away from professional sports.  Nevertheless. . .

Actor Anton Yelchin died last weekend, 27 years tragically extinguished when his Jeep Cherokee rolled backwards and pinned him helplessly against a gate at his home.

I didn't see the last "Star Trek" movie and have no interest in viewing this summer's release, where Yelchin plays Chekov, but I did remember Yelchin from one of those dreadful teen movies that popped up on TV a couple of years ago, after the film had already been several years post-release.  The title and plot escape my memory now (I am not online as today's entry goes down, so I can't look anything up), but young Yelchin's wide-ranging personality as an actor was impressive.

So, I had not given a thought to his career since that occasion, but I did realize that his Russian parents, professional ice skaters, moved to America when Anton was but a child.  He started acting as a kid and to date had appeared in many movies.  Yelchin admitted in the recent past that his parents always wanted him to earn a living as a figure skater like themselves (by his own admission, he could not skate and was not very athletic) and, despite his success, never approved of his acting craft.  To quote him, his parents "were pissed" -- though we can hardly imagine what they feel about those aspirations since his tragic demise.

The point?  The Yelchin family came to America as immigrants and made some major contributions.  And yes, this is where I contrast everything in terms of both USA border invaders from a wealth of dirt bag countries and Obama's "refugee" program, each strangling this country with hundreds of thousands of people who will never assimilate, who will never abandon the welfare rolls, and who, with their future offspring, will most certainly engage in violent crimes from coast to coast simply because they either don't give a damn -- or the rest of us don't meet their 7th century standards of submission to a vile faith.  If some among us (hello, progressives. . .) continue to believe that the Orlando shooter, American but radicalized by self or through other sources, was just troubled and not influenced by extremist Islam, that may be their eventual undoing.  We've never had to deal with an absurdly and dangerously large population of refugees whose numbers host those who believe they are here to dominate via brutality, not to assimilate and become "us."

How astounding, though, to understand the vision of a United States constructed piece by piece by immigrants who came here to build and not destroy.  How great to think back upon those times when a flood of immigrants, fleeing brutal oppression, journeyed to America under the harshest of conditions, and then helped  establish with experience and determination a powerful country worthy of global respect and honor.

And how wonderful that America and its motion picture industry, albeit briefly, reaped the benefits of immigrant Anton Yelchin, by all accounts an intelligent, beautiful, friendly, and energetic young man, loved by many friends and associates in the movie industry, whose legacy shouldn't have ended as it did.  The good die young?  Sometimes, and we all notice.

Animals on the Attack:  No, I'm not referencing Obama's trash immigrants, nor members of his administration.  Seems a mother in Maryland had to rescue her little son from a mountain lion attack, fortunately with success.  At least one TV commentator suggested the incident happened because human civilization is encroaching upon wildlife territory.  Ya think?  The planet seems to shrink before our eyes, in many ways, and that's not a good thing.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Washing Away the Blood with Damage Control

So he -- President "Klaatu" Obama -- took to the podium in Orlando early Thursday evening, shortly before boarding Air Force Spaceship One so he could be whisked away from this tragic place.  After all, he has a lot of American transformation to effect as his potentate months wind down.

Of course, it's no mystery that Democrats in the House and Senate rose to the Orlando mass-murder occasion earlier in the day, blaming guns and asserting, insisting, that something MUST be done.  Gotta have that something so there's a place to start in one's quest to delete the Second Amendment in total.

Hours before Obama spoke, CIA director John Brennan warned us that ISIS is growing, will infiltrate the refugee population and will be a threat to the entire West.  Yep, that's us, too. No matter -- in Orlando, Obama again promised that ISIS is on the run.  What???

How strange, though, to see the President offering a tribute to the dead, when his own policies are at least partly responsible for the current carnage -- and, true to the script, he wasn't about to dwell on the radical Islam thing, which is so, so "old hat" by now.   Heck, Omar Mateen did what came naturally to his radical lot and, we assume, now enjoys an eternity with 73 raisins (some researchers believe martyrs receive a gift of fruit, not virgins -- joke's on you, Omar).

Yes, the U.S. abounds with Muslims who chose a life of peace, but our gaze drifts to the other side -- and how does one tell the difference?  Generally, the knowing about who's who comes just after you're dead.  Statistics indicate that 99 percent of Afghan refugees want Sharia -- and 50 percent of all Muslin refugees want it, too?  What the hell is going on in this criminal administration?

Isn't it bad enough that media darlings are out there this week adding the human factor to the shooter, making him less evil and more "troubled?"  Gay America:  If you ever vote Democrat again, there's something seriously wrong with you.  Conservatives of note are correct -- People on the left will never, ever explore the truth on the other side, determined at all costs to drink the progressive fantasy guaranteed to bring the USA to its knees.

Despite all the warning signs, how is the FBI supposed to do its job efficiently when it was the Obama bunch who deleted references to radical Islam from department manuals, thereby making Islam almost irrelevant whenever a crime most likely involving Islam was on the horizon?

This dangerous and absurd policy and the branches sprouting from its roots probably have a cozy relationship with the fact that Mr. Obama has members of the Muslim Brotherhood placed strategically throughout his administration -- yes, the same M.B. deemed illegal in Egypt, and if Obama's Brotherhood members journeyed to Egypt, sans immunity they would be caged like criminals.

If the Obama bunch really want to help potential victims in a country whose pockets of violence spring up like weeds in spring, and because police cannot be everywhere and often show up only in time to draw chalk lines around bodies, they would encourage governors of all states to allow gun owners with carry permits to also conceal.  As you know, the Orlando club was another gun-free zone.  As is usually the pattern.

Not at all coincidental was the push for gun control in Congress Thursday, and it seemed Obama and the Democrats were chomping at the bit to re-introduce memories of the children gunned down at Sandy Hook by a calculating, evil young man -- anything, it appeared, to avoid putting a laser focus on the man who killed 49 and injured dozens as he professed allegiance to several entities wrapped up in radical Islam.  The press even obediently threw Dylan Roof into the anybody-but-Islam discussion of the day.

And then there's Jeh Johnson of Homeland Security, who stated with total seriousness that Americans of the far-right wing are as dangerous as ISIS.  ???  Well, if I have to make a choice. . .oh, and thanks for keeping us consistently unsafe (shhh -- it's those pesky radical Islam folks) and treating Americans like criminals at the airport, Mr. Jeh J.

Donald Trump is having his troubles, brought on mainly by Donald Trump, but we must keep our eyes on the Supreme Court.  Whomever chooses its members may inadvertently determine whether Sharia Law and the wild, deadly escapades of the jihad boys and radical Islam's covered women get a substantial hold in the United States.  It confounds one to realize that few Americans seem to appreciate that saying goodbye to the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution itself becomes less far-fetched all the time.  Let's start by kicking the Muslim Brotherhood's finest out of the White House and other crucial areas of government, and most definitely voting Democrat will not accomplish this goal, as Hillary Clinton stands ready to bring in far more Muslim "refugees" than Obama hustled in.

A tragic year for. . . animals:  If it's not somebody's kid jumping a fence to connect with an endangered gorilla destined to become endangered only one last time through protocol, it's people wading in water on Disney digs in Florida where "No Swimming" signs clearly state the obvious, except several alligators need to die to avenge a two-year-old's termination by 'gator. Disney plans to put up "beware of alligators" signs, presumably, we trust,  not going "Peter Pan" on us with additional signage regarding the cartoon crocodile who swallowed a ticking clock, Captain Hook's heritage, etc., etc. Parents, please protect animals and children by putting collars and leashes on your kids every time you visit places where land and aquatic critters dwell.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Look to the White House, Not to the Rainbow

I tend to be blunt about some things, and doing so can draw me into trouble with people who interpret my impudent comments as either a moronic rant or the claptrap of an uninformed jerk.  Fair enough.  But why change now?

First, let's have 15 seconds of silence to honor, not only the dead, but yet another "gun-free zone," where the criminal or the demented can easily pick off victims like toy ducks at a field day.  Though we're about to be inundated by Democratic Party bombast about more senseless gun control, wouldn't it have been great if a few people had been packing and augmented an opportunity to become heroes?  In this situation, a single enforcement officer at the door wasn't the answer. 

Omar Mateen, dead at 29, many dead and injured too late, chose the "Pulse Nightclub" in Orlando to do his mind's violent work.   He was divorced and had a current wife or girlfriend and child, and apparently beat his first wife enthusiastically.  His father -- Omar was a citizen of parents who came from Afghanistan -- of course claimed no knowledge of his son's intentions, but did offer that Omar was angry about seeing two men kissing in Florida.  Dad also believes homosexuals should be killed. Perhaps Omar's anger arose because somewhere in his explosive head he wanted a gay kiss, too?  Wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened.  Maybe Omar was a secret rough trade candidate who might have reversed the letters in his name to a gay street a.k.a. of Ram-O.

As investigative and medical personnel busied themselves at the scene of Sunday's tragedy, President Obama, the podium personification of Klaatu himself, made a brief statement of sympathy, predictably implementing just enough measure of speech to blame the gun over the perp, then nothing more.

One wonders how many of the dead and injured voted for Mr. Obama.  Most, I'll bet.  They believed in hope and change, and maybe they took him at his word when he pronounced ISIS merely the "JV" squad.  ISIS, which bloomed exponentially despite the casual dismissal of Obama, happened to be exactly whom Mateen pledged allegiance to in a 911 phone call just before his carnage began.

So here we are, and the words remain the same:  We must rid ourselves of hate and guns and come together, etc., etc.  A significant number of those who mourn and those who ponder still don't get it, any more than they did after 9/11.  The words are  radical Islam, and radical Islam has no room for expelling hatred, no appetite for shedding guns or explosives, and the concept of "coming together" means that this is what body parts do when people are blown up and pieces torn asunder.  The  religion of peace  is all too often the religion of death.  How many mules need to kick us in the head before we drop the hash tags of friendship and love toward those dedicated to murdering us?  When will specific furnaces of hatred called mosques be put under surveillance like insects or dangerous bacteria under a microscope?

At the White House, as we've seen time and again, its slender occupant, who never held a job in his life, but instead consumed the years filling his head with progressive sugar plum fantasies, again evades blaming Islam itself for the latest death plague.  Indeed, he -- and Hillary Clinton -- displays every intention of bringing even more Islamic trash into the country so they, too, can reproduce human-like flyspecks taught to hate and kill in the name of a throwback monkey religion incapable of reformation.

How can the FBI and other agencies possibly keep up with this chaos, this treasonous insistence upon destroying the U.S. from within, thanks to a president in violation of his oath of office?  This is one more black mark on his watch.  Obama's legacy.  If terrorism can be effected physically, it can certainly also be fostered merely in the speech of a president who refuses to speak the truth and instead carpet-bombs the people with government policies untenable to a rational mind

Meanwhile, the organization, C.A.I.R. condemns the Orlando horror.  We'll say one thing -- they always show up pronto to express sorrow and defend what they defend.  How's about C.A.I.R. and the Muslim Brotherhood get the hell out of the United States, since this country isn't exactly their cop of Koran?

Which reminds me -- the Dalai Lama advised Europe a few days ago to get the Islamists out before they take over, and they surely will take over if not curtailed now.

Anybody expecting that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats will provide a solution to Islamic violence against gay people must understand that these folks embrace the so-called religion of peace at every turn, and to leave the fate of the country and innocent meeting places in jeopardy, totally at the mercy of terrorists because guns may become even more unavailable to law-abiding citizens, is absolutely unconscionable.  Democrats, while in the embrace of or embracing Islam, seem incapable of acknowledging publicly the horrible ways gay people are killed in Islamic countries -- thrown from the tops of buildings, stoning, being skinned alive. . .must we go on?

Too bad this White House and its buddy Hillary Clinton aren't overly concerned about invasions at the borders, where guns, explosives and terrorists are likely transported routinely with administration blessings.

At any rate, gay people now have their new and historic "Stonewall," this time drenched with blood and death, courtesy of the "religion of peace," and one can only hope they realize, as the clock ticks away, that a vote for Hillary in November is a vote to keep radical Islam in this country and overseas as happy as a clam.  Hillary, you see, wants to bring in tons more of Islam's finest crustaceans. 

Democrat LGBT voters longing for a way to go conservative can always join with the "Log Cabin Republicans."  They're still around, aren't they?

Gay folk:  Do yourselves and the country a favor.  Bite hard and vote conservative Republican next time around.  If Donald Trump is the choice over Hillary, choose Donald, maybe.  

A few more of these incidents, and we suspect some communities will take things into their own hands and ride the irrational path, burning mosques to the ground.  Panic begets panic.  It doesn't take much when a society labors under a presidential administration which persistently violates federal laws and exhibits extreme favoritism toward the worst of society's worst with careless abandon which really isn't careless at all.  Indeed, deep and long-term political planning abounds, and we can only hope that arrests, trials and convictions with extreme penalties will eventually decimate one of the most divisive and dangerous administrations in American history.  Who ever could have imagined that the words, "Never again" could be borrowed from the Nazi era and applied to our current political realm in the United States?

The greatest option one day soon might be legal action taken by federal security agencies against the Obama bunch, but the very fact that unions would probably be involved rather sours that possibility.  How so many of these agencies and military personnel must be counting the days until a new president brings at least a modicum of respect back to the White House.

Particularly vexing about these radical Islamists, who refuse to have dogs, cats or other pets in their homes because the creatures are seen as "unclean" obviously got it wrong.  Animals are far and away cleaner, smarter and more innocent than Muslim minds infested with the filth, ignorance and caveman fury that should have been cleansed away with the ages.  Clearly,  the cure for this disease won't be found in any psychiatrist's office.

Best wishes, Orlando.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Blowing in the Wind with Yesteryear's Leaves

We've all read the stories or seen them depicted on TV -- true-life accounts of a family whose pet cat disappears just as they're packed and ready to move way across the country to new digs.  Kitty, of course, fails to show up, and the tearful family members are forced to depart without their precious  Felis domesticus  (I hope you ladies out there appreciate my nevertheless reluctant avoidance of the obvious word).

Months pass and the family, now adjusted to their new home, hundreds of miles away, had all but forgotten about the possible feline fate of their missing cat -- when, all of a sudden one morning, just as somebody opens the patio door, in walks the long-lost pet, and to everybody's amazement kitty seems hardly worse for the wear and, strangely, unburdened with either a road map or helpful change-of-address card.

Reminders of our past, both living and inanimate, don't always fade away.

This point was driven home to me when I recently explored an Internet search facility specializing in blog entries, and discovered a small social network phenomenon involving one of my old magazine articles.  Apparently, a number of blog sites, maybe considered more peer-to-peer than anything, have taken to featuring a page from Argosy UFO from May, 1977.  The newsstand publication vanished in the late seventies when its parent company, Popular Publications, was purchased by a foreign entity and the new folks discontinued a number of formerly established newsstand and subscription titles.  Chances are, individuals populating the blogs in question weren't even born in the seventies.

Included in this very blog on a few occasions, the page heralds my article, "How to Conduct Yourself Inside a UFO."  Truth be told, the article was nothing special -- the illustration prepared by the publication's art department, however, is a visual masterpiece.  I came to realize this a few months after this particular  Argosy UFO  hit the newsstands, when the page turned up briefly as a prop in Spielberg's movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

To discover now that the bold image hatched by Popular Publications' graphics department so long ago, towering above and almost making irrelevant any trace of my name at the bottom, still makes the rounds, whether depicted as a curiosity, a badge of UFO research conviction or an historical marker of sorts intrigues me.  As far as a cohesive, though small, legion of bloggers is concerned, even UFO art can be timeless.

In other words, my long-lost cat keeps coming back.

Trump and the Judge:  Maybe not as cut and dried and racist as it seemed from Donald Trump's initial comments.  The judge involved with the Trump University lawsuit allegedly has a connection to the organization,  La Raza ("The Race"), a force dedicated to reclaiming land its followers consider was stolen from Mexico way back.  Trump's poorly chosen words, satiating the media like water to a thirsty rat, may not have meant what they seemed. At any rate, think first and speak later, Mr. T.


Wading in hazardous waters:   Recent news headlines do not entice us into the horrifying thought of a Hillary Clinton presidency, arguably destined to surpass the Obama bunch's evils many times over.  22 percent of refugees resettled in Minnesota tested positive for tuberculosis.  New Canadian research finds an increasing number of young people suffer from hearing loss, much of it thought to be a result of loud music passing through ear buds.  In Europe, the jihad-prone are accumulating and hiding explosives, according to international police agencies.  The Obama bunch is spending millions of dollars to find summer jobs for refugees, so you can just forget those hopes you had for your own teenagers this season.  Or maybe they can learn to speak and write Arabic, since new statistics reveal this is the fastest-growing language in the U.S.  Remember when assimilation kept America American??

Monday, June 6, 2016

But So Not A Hero

The death of Muhammad Ali is receiving as much media coverage as the funeral of a president, and while I don't get that at all, nor am I impressed with a handful of media types who refer to Ali as a "hero."

Call Ali a champion, a celebrity, call him a leader for civil rights, call him the world's best father and husband, call him a man who suffered tremendously since his boxing days -- or call him "The Greatest."  But he's not a hero.  Who is he?  Well, his adherence to the Nation of Islam sure isn't a selling point.  Otherwise, Ali was a boxer who bulldozed his fists into heads, causing brain trauma to others -- as others awarded him the same treatment, all in the name of money, glory and the mine-is-bigger-than-yours syndrome upon which the world of sports depends and thrives.

Um, does anybody care about people of any and all races who actually invent something useful around the house?  Why does it always need to be blood splatters, bone crunches and pain developed pretty much through commercially-sanctioned and televised sadomasochism?

I wonder if Muhammad Ali might have saved soldiers' lives in Vietnam as, perhaps, a medical corpsman, had he not become a conscientious objector who refused to serve?

Go ahead, have the funeral and honor Ali's athletic achievements, but must we dwell on this death far beyond the way we grieve for others?

Why doesn't the media bestow the same honors upon, say -- a black man who died in Vietnam while serving courageously?  This would truly be the hero, defined.  A hero, not a champion showered with trinkets.

America is a country obsessed with the "glamour" of death as it applies to dead athletes, rock stars and actors, and we know all the reasons why.  But while so many focus upon the glitz and glitter, few seem willing to descend from a sky filled with balloon fantasies in order to attempt a repair of the human heart's and brain's infrastructure.

Meanwhile, radical morons continue burning American flags while raising Mexican flags, assuring exactly the variety of public concern they hope NOT to foster.  Violent crowds will only get worse as the political season forges ahead, and one wonders when and if these thugs will receive what they truly deserve, should worse become worst.
Wishing a fast and safe return of the legendary Frank Warren to THE UFO CHRONICLES (see link).  We miss his frequent updates regarding UFOs, science and technology.

I should also take this opportunity to reiterate that I have no idea about the politics of those to whom I list links.  I originally compiled the list when I wrote exclusively about UFOs, and links remain because I feel each is important and informative in its own way.

No, no Hillary!   I'm not voting for president, I'm voting for the Supreme Court's next justice.  If Trump is the answer, that will have to do.