Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rocking in Iceland

This was quite real, but it could just as easily have been comedy material for NBC-TV's Saturday Night Live.  Or maybe not, because most of every SNL show in recent years is neither funny nor particularly witty.  Still. . .

Exhibiting sheer TV viewing agony this week, I expected to worsen my condition by tuning in to PBS-TV news, an almost always superior emetic.  Instead, I stumbled upon what should have been labeled pure comedy.  Yet, this was obviously serious stuff -- no, it was stuff that took itself seriously -- dragged directly from the bowels of the hysterical GW/CC (global warming/climate change) crowd.

My wildest thoughts rarely, never, involve Iceland, but there it was, stone-cold and, as one might expect, rather icy in appearance.  The occasion?  A gaggle of, I don't know, scientists or lunatics, maybe a combo, explained to drooling TV cameras their process for turning CO2 into rocks.  Taking a tip from volcanic activity, which itself turns CO2 into rocky substances (I think basalt and other substances come into play, but my ancient bachelor's degree concentrated neither on deep science nor lunacy, so I can't be confirmative here), these enthusiastic Icelander science folk provided a guided tour of their equipment, designed not to turn lead into gold, but to transform CO2 gases into rocks, and once one eliminates the somehow troublesome CO2 "problem," rocks are buried deep in the Earth. Or somewhere.

Dedicated they are, apparently hoping one day to cover the planet in CO2 rocks.  As usual, however,I'm a tad confused.  Don't trees and plants require CO2 to provide oxygen?  Don't we require oxygen derived from trees and plants to survive? Isn't CO2 what gives our soft drinks a fizz?  Isn't CO2 a part of our lives and naturally occurring about the planet long, long before we showed up?  And if it's so bad, how come we humans and other life forms even exist?  Should we be taxed by the state for breathing, since the mere act of unforgivable respirations creates CO2 gases?

Of more importance, can a soft drink company bottle syrup and CO2 rocks in the same container and through vigorous shaking produce a fizzy beverage?

Let's not be confused here -- we're not talking about cow farts or other sources of flatulence, including your uncle Harry, where methane enters the discussion.  Nope, this concerns pure CO2, and loony Icelandic scientists and their crazily salivating colleagues around the world have some inner demons demanding that they "do something" about it.  Me, I wonder what gas or established element they'll pursue once they dispense with CO2 and, as mentioned, methane.

Nevertheless, as I watched the PBS interview, mesmerized as one is mesmerized by the sight of goose poop on one's shoes, I found myself shouting at the TV:  "Lunatics!" I yelled.  More science based upon questionable computer projections and incomplete science.

May I suggest that CO2 is not the enemy?  Lunatic scientists, either  desperate for grant money or, perhaps more than we know, attempting to justify their inner need to "do something" about X, Y or Z are the enemy.  And when we're told, often, that the-science-is-in, allowing fanatical access to changing our lives or environment "for the better," that is just nuts.  Beware, beware, beware, 'cause it's we who receive the inevitable invoice demanding payment for expensive frivolities.

Today's Racism Corner:  "Good Morning America" host Amy Robach apologized on the air for saying colored people instead of people of color.  An apology?   See how much trouble we're in, thanks especially to word-police maniacs of the left?  I, in turn, shall henceforth demand that my white privilege be called privilege of white.  There, that settles that.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Everybody Loves a Liar

Public apathy steers the course of this government substantially.  Who cares if Manafort allegedly had some shady involvement with Russia in the Ukraine situation?  Who cares if Hillary's Huma reportedly had more to do with the radical side of Islam than we knew?  Cops are routinely assassinated merely because uninformed street scum eschew the statistical fact that law enforcement personnel annually kill more white people than black people, but why let truth get in the way when you're street-smart but veracity-dumb?  And YES, we did pay ransom to Iran for hostages, despite official denials based upon an entire administration of lies via the Obama bunch, but whom among the citizenry will stand up and call them out (the major media won't) to the point of action?

Who cares if lyin' Ryan Lochte (with a little help from his friends) tarnished the U.S. image during Olympics follies?  Me, I don't care a whit about this athletic exercise in foolishness, but it's somewhat satisfying to know lyin' Ryan's face won't be on a cereal box -- and I doubt he'd even be hired to so much as advertise a funeral home on TV and promise potential customers with a caring smile that the undertaker staff will never have sex with their deceased relatives.  Then again, that's the thing about an apathetic public -- they move on to other subjects quickly and all is forgiven, if not forgotten.

We suspect apathy will continue, even as the president will tell the United Nations in a few days that we will gladly accept at least another 200,000 Syrian refugees, many of whom will never, ever accept our way of life and will instead strive to impose Sharia -- or make our lives a constant, living hell as they use every option to invoke terror in the USA and abroad.  When people filled with hatred for their host country come to America and educate their children totally through their own schools and religion of hate, what kind of population will we eventually have in the ol' melting pot?  These are the folks who procreate faster than any other group, so numbers DO count, a lot.  And with whom are all those military age Islamic men coming in droves supposed to hook up with to produce offspring?  Or maybe the "how" is more important, since rapes are on the increase in European nations overwhelmed by these "refugees."  Did we hear that Sweden's rapes have increased by 700 percent since being swamped with the "religion of peace's" finest young men?

Apathy.  How does one dig out? 

Our power?  We can only shower members of Congress with angry phone calls and e-mails and tell them hell no, no more incoming, and instead house the refugees near their own homeland -- where expenses to the world will be far less than the economic and social costs currently previewed among unsuspecting citizens of countries who have no say in the matter of who will rape their daughters and kill their Sharia-denying sons.

Oh, and don't forget to put Angela Merkel on trial for crimes against her own people's safety and culture in Germany.  What a shining example this could be to the rest of the rational world -- including the United States, where such trials are urgently required regarding the Washington, D.C. political mob and their contacts (including religious "relief" agencies making out like the bandits they are whilst moving "refugees" about).

Entitlements:  Hillary Clinton intends to enjoy the biggest entitlement in the country because she's. . .entitled.

Obama:  The president who will be remembered for major victories which, unfortunately, devastated the American people he was supposed to represent.

The Zika furor:  Nature's little way of nudging humans to put a curb on population, but nobody listens until the "big one" -- the surprise disease we've not encountered yet -- arrives.  TV commercials instruct us about the "need" to soon accommodate another billion among the world's population -- but scarcely a peep is heard regarding the need to prevent human excess.  Regrettably, when we refuse to use those gifts known as brains, we ultimately deserve everything we get.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

America Lost

Way back in the previous century, iconoclastic writer and mischievous anachronism Charles Fort wryly (or not) suggested that we might be the "property" of somebody or something unknown.  Today, life's rather a bit more complicated, as our very existence is claimed by all manner of passers-by, some visible and some not.  Currently, the Zika virus holds a patent especially relevant for a terrified birthing populace and wombs of war altered by microcephaly.

An even more virulent organism called Black Lives Matter just received donations of at least 100 million dollars, and with that we're sure some members will feel increasingly justified taking ownership of murdering innocent cops, even as the dangerously racist Obama Dept. of Justice continues to make big city police departments its own special property of federalization.  When did this chaos get a big push?  When Obama uttered those immortal words, "The police acted stupidly" early in his presidency.

Unfortunately, BLM, not common sense or facts, will influence the mobs of Milwaukee and other racially wretched cities, and the masses who least need one more day of rule under Democratic thugs will obediently choose the same slave master Democrats with smiling faces who have made their lives hell for decades.

Oh yes, Charlie Fort, we are property.  Of another variety.

Aetna and other health insurance companies falling under the weight of Obamacare could not have gone in any other direction, and the Obama bunch surely knew it.  Political operatives with an agenda had decades to put this guaranteed failure together so the United States can host the best socialized medicine system known to the progressive world.  When you vote in November, keep in mind how and why your health insurance rates are poised to climb way beyond reason.

Who do I want to lunch with?   The 19-year-old guy who climbed Trump Tower in a short-lived attempt to advise The Donald regarding his campaign.  No, I wouldn't anticipate genius, but all of this must be good for a laugh.  Speaking of laughs, how true to form the leftists are when Trump cracks jokes or becomes sarcastic -- these folks cannot take humor directed toward them and, when it comes to comedy, their ability for appreciating self-deprecation is about as absent as guffaws from ISIS when you make Mohammad jokes.

Delta Airlines and the Temple of Doom:  Well, at least the flying public has something besides TSA agent groping to worry about.  Yep, a little short, a little spark, a little fire -- and a lot o' digital in the mix, and what d'ya got?  Computer chaos.  Man oh man, I can't wait until we go totally digital, unless Yellowstone blows sky-high first and we need to worry about lava and rocks raining from the heights. 

The digital thing reminds me of a local resource recovery place that traded mercury thermometers for digital ones a few years ago.  I foolishly fell for the affair and traded in one of two cherished oral mercury devices.  Wish I hadn't, for the battery went dead and I had no replacement when it was needed.  Say what you want about mercury -- darned reliable stuff when you need to take a temperature this month, next year or 10 years down the road. In fact, when I was a kid a dentist gave me a small vial of mercury to play with. . .and so far as I can tell, I'm not dead yet.

Actually, I believe there are still a few unused rectal mercury thermometers around the house, but they seem to lack purpose currently.  Maybe I should donate them for insertion (so to speak) at the DNC convention in 2020.

The 2016 Olympics:  Funny thing, I still don't give a damn about these overwhelmingly pampered folk who spend years doing. . .perfecting. . .concentrating on. . .well, sorry, for me it's like watching amphibians cross the road.  And in the end, it's all about them, and don't we just love to pay big money to support and compensate ego?  Green pool water, floating corpses and violent robberies in Rio pretty much exemplify the concept of modern Olympics for me.  Maybe my Olympic torch burned out with brain tissue because I just don't get it.  If only people would put as much effort into defeating rat-bastard politicians. . .

Election News:  Try Voting for the Supreme Court in November, not so much for a president.  We are so in hell.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

An Inconvenient Muslim

Okay, let's not tarry, for the message is clear:  The Democratic National Committee, during its convention, whored out the memory of a battlefield-dead military officer of the Muslim faith to enhance its stand against Donald Trump.  Yes, just a week before, the Republicans had brought out a Benghazi victim's mother as a little reminder of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's pathetic leadership resulting in the loss of lives -- though, again, we emphasize that, as far as we know, Trump isn't responsible for incompetence leading to the deaths of American government personnel anywhere on the planet.

While the son of Mr. and Mrs. Khan obviously acquired hero status on that terrible occasion in 2004 when an IED ended his life, we were stunned to learn via an article by Walid Shoebat ( that the father allegedly has a very interesting history.  He is an immigration lawyer intent upon bringing in Muslims, apparently for pay, has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood -- and is a proponent for Sharia Law.  Questions have also come up about whether Hillary Clinton's assistant Huma was the brains behind bringing the parents in to speak at the convention.  Interestingly, attorney Khan just removed his Web page, though a snapshot of it can be found online.

We've little doubt that the DNC knew very well that a firestorm would erupt from the Trump side following stinging comments and accusations by Mr. Khan, and now veterans and Goldstar Mothers from coast to coast are upset with Trump's barrage of, shall we say, poorly considered responses.

Walid Shoebat's roots spring from his own confessed involvement with radical Islam long ago, but he escaped its wreckage and went on to spend his efforts warning the world about Islam's horrors.  Of interest to me is Shoebat's take on young Muslim men who join the military services of the U.S. and other countries, insisting that many of them join mainly in order to bolster Islam among fellow servicemen -- that is, there exists an aggressive agenda to spread Islam's poison throughout every aspect of society, even to the point of using the U.S. Constitution as a weapon against us.

How horrifying that we have a president and Democratic Party more than willing to accommodate Mohammad's Trojan Horse.  We long for eventual arrests and indictments of those on the "inside" who allow, encourage and actively participate in a mostly quiet, but overwhelming political insurrection in the USA.  We have laws.

Zika? Who cares?  The Obama bunch continues to maintain open borders and a policy of letting any and all disease-carrying folk into the country, gifting us with an ever-fresh bouquet of untreated and untreatable tuberculosis, measles, chicken pox, mumps, polio-like symptoms and exotic diseases generally alien to the U.S.  Not to be harsh, but the next time Mr. Obama passes you pregnant ladies on the street, be sure to tell him "thanks a lot" for helping put you and your passenger in spine-chilling jeopardy due to border "issues."

Incidentally -- we love how people are advised to apply insect repellent liberally to ward off mosquito invasions.  Does anybody care that pretty much anything one applies topically gets absorbed through the skin to some degree, leaving it up to internal organs to deal with poisonous consequences way down the road?  This is not rocket science.  How do you think nicotine (and a host of other) skin-applied patches function?  One's designation of "small" or "irrelevant" amounts of a substance probably depend upon the targeted individual's tolerance and genetics.

By the way, my personal repellent preference is flypaper designed to attract and trap stupid politically progressive ideas.

Megalomaniac NY governor Andrew Cuomo can't just stand by and watch the Pokemon Go craze continue without warning that children everywhere are in danger from sex predators, and he pushed legislation to make sure potential offenders can't play the game.  This jerk, who originally campaigned for his job by promising unsuccessfully to ban mandates driving people and business out of the state -- and now has enemies from all sides of politics -- just can't, like most progressives, keep his hands off any "problem," either potential or imagined.  I'm no medical professional, but I'm beginning to think the country needs a stable of psychiatrists to thoroughly examine the politically powerful who hover threateningly in high places.

The Olympic games:  Funny that games organized to reflect mutual respect and friendly competition are, in 2016, in sharp contrast to a world full of hatred, war, uncertainty and increasing panic. Oh -- and what was that news story last week about a corpse discovered floating in a stretch of water where competitors will be required to immerse themselves?  At minimum, we assume the cleanup crew made this little glitch disappear for the moment.

Sharyl Attkisson's syndicated "Full Measure" TV program continues to alert us about government horrors in small doses during each weekly half-hour show.  Put down the can of beer, turn away from Obama's blather and check it out.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Return of the Brain-Eating DNC Body Snatchers

Yeah, I'm aware that some of you check in here because you're quite taken with the car wreck syndrome -- where you drive by an automobile accident and you don't want to look, but you just have to, because maybe there's a human head or sexual organ or some other ghastly attraction smashed on the roadside.  That's okay, I welcome one and all, whether you find my entries, um, interesting, pathetic, irrelevant, just old and stale like a moldy French pastry, or brilliant in the same way that a bedbug is brilliant.

How does one begin to address the big Hillary hoedown in Philadelphia?  Hmm.  Oh wait, I know:  Hi Bernie Sanders supporters!  Wow, you folks didn't just get "Berned," you got "learned," and your schoolmarm was the Democratic Party. As those talked-to-death Wikileaks DNC e-mails clearly demonstrate, you poor bastards didn't stand a chance anywhere in the known universe.  Were I you, I'd be demanding refunds of every donated penny, followed by a class action lawsuit against the DNC, organized by a bunch of TV lawyers (maybe the ones getting wealthy off asbestos lawsuits).

Don't make us laugh:  When Donald Trump commented that perhaps Russia could locate Hillary Clinton's missing e-mails numbering some 30,000, I instantly recognized his attempt at humor, and particularly the rather obvious fact that he said what he said to urinate-off the more or less working press seated before him -- and his minimal effort worked like a charm.  The media and its fellows-in-arms the Democratic Party, went nuts, tweeting and otherwise blasting words of horror over what they perceived as Trump inviting Russia to hack U.S. information.  He was not.

First of all, considering the massive volume of DNC e-mails leaked via Wikileaks, isn't it already apparent that the Russians, Chinese and/or other international nasty players most certainly possess everything from Queen Hil'?  So let's get back to the content, shall we?

Second, this was the quintessential example of how a sense of humor doesn't exactly entice certain Democrats.  That is, their Demo buds staffing late night talk shows and other venues who delight at ridiculing people on the political right with all manner of jokes simply cannot entertain the laughter when the joke reflects back on them. 

If, as some suggest, Donald Trump has troubling connections to Russia, that will come out quick as a bunny once the attack dogs of media sniff out a potential story -- and, of course, the sniffing about is well under way.  Should Trump emerge unscathed, he'll likely continue media irritation by making its members swallow their own medicine.  But caution:  The leftists won't understand humor aimed their way, they'll merely be upset.

A word about Putin:  Ex-KGB, future KGB, murderer, spy, thug, varmint, dangerously lonely for the old USSR empire and too smart for Obama's or Hillary's own good.  Trump?  The unknown quantity.

Hillary and Bill:  Bill Clinton's speech portrayed Bill as a doddering old geezer who has clearly lost the charm.  His time has come and gone, and together he and Queen Hil' come off as a very questionable advertisement for the senior set.  He also seems to have left out a few details about the life he and the queen share, the part involving a few ladies from the past.  As I watched him speak, I wished I was in the audience, shouting, "Lock her up!  Lock her up!"  Why must we worship liars, frauds and elitists who deserve, not the presidency, but a prison cell?  How do you wake up a nation of pod people and make them heed multiple hazards just ahead?

And where was Billy Idol, perfectly qualified to sing "White Wedding" as Hillary Clinton entered the stage attired in a virgin-white pantsuit?  If this was her attempt to reflect political purity, I'm not sure it worked, though she definitely looked as though she belonged on an ice cream truck, peddling tangible treats to kids instead of selling cold, progressive nonsense to alleged adults. 

Notably absent from her blather session was talk of reforming the Internal Revenue Service and simplifying tax returns, nor, predictably, did she condemn "sanctuary cities," which we prefer to address more rationally as "stink-tuary" cities.  Further, though she attacked Wall Street -- nevertheless, her old buddies who should rightfully be wearing "I'm With Her" buttons -- and even though we occasionally dozed off to a better place while watching Queen Hil', we detected no similar war of words regarding garden-variety D.C. lobbyists.  Of course not.

She also muttered something I cannot quite recall regarding speaking out, and there was an implication somewhere in her words which put me on guard about whether she wanted to ban "hate speech" in some manner.  Oh well, maybe after she's through with the Second Amendment. . .

Hillary, wearing white, reminded me of television's early days, when an evening televised play (I don't remember the title, I was a child, but this was the era of "live" TV) was presented about a face-off between the devil and God, each in human form.  Viewers assumed that the man wearing white was God and he, wearing black, the devil -- but in the climax we discover things were the other way around.  So -- Hillary in white.  No, that's all I had to say.

THANK GOD, four nights of pod-people hell were broken up by the re-entry of what was reported to be burning Chinese space junk, momentarily diverting the press so people could concentrate briefly upon shiny objects in the sky before drifting back to shiny lies and fantasies.

Right before our eyes, Democratic zombie after zombie came forward during slickly-produced sessions, including NY megalomaniac governor and hopeless presidential wannabe Andrew Cuomo, speaking of plans and ideas to improve the U.S. Constitution by progressively  shortening the space it occupies.  Cuomo especially sprinted in recent years to burden New Yorkers with progressive demon legislation so he could savor moments such as this, and even as he invites the audience to look to New York for the results of progressive government, people and businesses continue to abandon the state in impressive numbers.  How do folks not see that every promised gift offered by Democrat hands diminishes a freedom we've cherished and all but taken for granted?  And so many mentions of Trump for four days and nights -- I think they fear his possible ascension to the White House.

Maybe to hell with Hillary and Trump, but in the voting booth remember the importance of Supreme Court nominees.  We may have less influence than ever in a gamed political system, but our ability to influence the courts is something, at least for now.  Later?  Who knows, maybe the day will come when arrests of the Washington corrupt can be made and legal action taken, if a fair majority of attorneys in this country get such an act together.  Looking forward.

Unfortunately, politically speaking, and to paraphrase from Carl Sagan -- currently, we are the stuff of which puppets are made.