Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Global Warming Freeze Alert

If you're away from snow and frigid cold right now, congratulations!  If you're me, however, I'm enjoying both against my will.  Should I sue?  I'll return someday soon, when It's All Over, but for now here's a new visual for your interest, and this 1862 comment really seems to suggest it IS all over!

Friday, February 6, 2015

An Infectious Presidency?

It should have been obvious by last summer that something more than thousands of illegal immigrant "children" from Central America was likely to crash the U.S. border -- compliments, in no small part, of President Obama's gelatinous border policies, and what might be perceived by some as an open invitation to potential border jumpers. 

That something more was disease:  Bacterial and viral diseases of dangerous repute, and in some cases diseases we thought were eradicated from our country long ago.

Only now -- and this is almost beyond comprehension to me -- are some members of the media starting to question whether, indeed, measles, mumps, a highly dangerous form of tuberculosis and other "alien" illnesses sprouted from the border, from whence came thousands of uninspected, unvaccinated, untreated individuals, medical histories thoroughly unknown -- people whom the Obama bunch proudly and quickly dispersed all over the country like demon seeds from unlabelled packets acquired from trash cans.

This is not brain surgery.  All one need do is look at  early  maps displayed by media sources just days ago, where the Southwestern United States, including California, indicated the origin of multiple illnesses -- which subsequently spread all over the country.

Predictably, however, mainstream media mouthpieces, for the most part, remained off  trail, focused instead upon troublesome hometown parents who just won't vaccinate their kids.  No, it matters not WHY diseases which disappeared long ago have resurfaced.  Better to blame parents first.  Think this is bad?  Wait until the really good infectious stuff grows feet and walks over the borders.  Expecting to be saved by the Centers for Disease Control or the Food and Drug Administration?  Okay, trust whom you wish.

Meanwhile, stories surface about government plots regarding pre-planted diseases and (again) autism's possible relationship to childhood vaccines. 

Of course, you're familiar with those stories about crazy people who write letters to the White House all the time?  Well, since allowing e-mails years ago, I'm sure the nut material continues to grow, and I'm sure I could be thrust into the mix because I sent an e-mail (unanswered, natch') to the White House bunch wayyyyyyy back,  last mid-July,  and my first draft (which actually is pretty much the same as my final copy) looked like this:

I'm a Vietnam Era veteran, subject to the military draft, who instead enlisted in the Air Force, and over the course of four years assisted in treating thousands of patients in USAF hospitals.  What I am NOT is a U.S. president of considerable privilege, engaged in a hissy-fit because I can't get my way regarding immigration -- and taking it out on essential border security personnel and valuable health care workers, exposed to a range of profoundly serious diseases and chores for which their talents were never intended -- as adults, children, gang members, probable terrorists and invading nationals from countries not even on this continent flaunt our laws in apparently well-organized waves.  Worse, Mr. Obama is shipping these folks all over the country, exposing Americans, near and far, to potential untold illness, crime and expense, all with the consequences of changing this country and plunging it into chaos with characteristics of the Third World.   The evidently established fact that this onslaught was anticipated back in January or previous to that puts this Administration in a very bad light.  President Obama could end most of this in days simply by putting the National Guard and/or other military personnel on the border to stop these folks from even encountering our convoluted legal system -- and we do have laws which this Administration merely chooses not to enforce.  Mr. Obama took an oath as president and appears unwilling and/or unable to carry out his duties and responsibilities to protect the USA and its people, and as this becomes increasingly clear, I must confess an inability to understand why people both high and low in this Administration haven't yet been arrested, led away in handcuffs and put on trial for reasons and actions best known to the legal system. There's a word for the appropriate accusation, but I won't use it here. Obviously, this president, who claims a background in  constitutional law, needs to come forward and explain to the American people exactly which country's constitution he currently references, as he may harbor a little confusion or intent over the differences between acting as a U.S. president and dictating as a king.  In the meantime, it is my opinion that every military veteran or active duty person who ever served this country honorably has been slapped in the face by this president's actions and possible lawlessness, something that not even the temporarily unrestrained rabidity of Executive Orders can fix.

Again, that was sent last July.  I should not have needed to engage in such strong language, but we apparently host an administration intent upon doing its own bidding, and to hell with the ("elections have") consequences.  Impeachment?  Why impeachment?  Why not just cut to the chase and make some arrests of folks who, when it comes to the borders, have gone all out to place the citizens whom they swore to protect in medical jeopardy?  This isn't just Obama-bashing -- he has a whole community of collaborators willing to jeopardize us all to attain goals of which most of us wish no part.  And it's not merely a Democrat vs. Republican issue.  As we can see by the apparent breakdown of all the tough talk we heard from Republicans before the elections regarding immigration and Obamacare, promises are lies and lies can be promises.

Children and adults die from diseases that should not exist within our borders, and I doubt that one can place blame strictly on international airline flights or the like.  But I am confident, simply as a plain old moron American who sees what he sees, that we can blame this administration for much among current health issues, and when it comes to exposure and death, maybe a little consideration of negligence, criminally negligent homicide, manslaughter or even murder should be entertained and administration entities arrested, tried and, we hope, convicted with a ticket to long prison sentences.  Impeachment?  Seems as though the justice system would be obligated to step in and accompany the niceties involved with that slick, but imperfect process.  As if we currently have a legitimate Department of Justice to do the job.  So surprise us already.  We, the American lab rats and human Petri dishes.

(What if, by the way, the seemingly frantic push to pour "fresh" people into the U.S., no matter what, relates to fears that just a few years down the road most Americans might be consumed either by autism or Alzheimer's?)

The current definition of White Privilege:   Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.  That just about covers it.

Valentine's Day arrives this month,  and we remind those of us getting along in years that eventually love is right around the coroner.  Right around the. . .see what I did there?

The Jordanian Pilot:  Death by Fire.  The expressed anger and outrage on the part of Jordan's king over the savage torching of his military's pilot is encouraging -- at least Jordan has a national leader who holds nothing back and acts appropriately, unlike "some" who seem unable to make a move without worrying about following to the letter what some university textbook or leftist foreign policy booklet dictates.  ISIS, a highly extremist Islamic hive representing terrorists in some 11 countries, has presented to the world the ultimate torture video, and one hopes Arab states and other countries which, until now, seemed unconcerned, unaware or scared to death of this herd of maniacs will step forward and vow to stomp this brutal Muslim Brotherhood offshoot tentacle to pieces.

Among my duties in Air Force physical therapy  way back when  was the treatment of burn patients, and once you find yourself engaged in taking a scalpel and painstakingly cutting layers of blackened, burned skin off charred human beings who suffered severe, life-threatening war injuries or fire-related incidents, one gains an appreciation for the degree of hell the Jordanian pilot must have endured.  Personally, I'm a proponent of holding grudges, and I hope the human scum colony responsible for performing this horror upon the pilot and a multitude of other folk enjoys an equal-opportunity favor returned someday soon.

A vast majority of millennials can't even name one of their own state's two U.S. senators?  So we're told.  Who will save them?  The military that some profess to hate?  Who will save them?  The police that some profess to hate?  Who will save them?  The firearms that some profess should be taken from every American for some greater good?  Bitter may be the lesson learned by uninformed young dreamers who think they can talk or charm their way out of every occasion, or walk away from life's threats as if successfully ending a video game.

Brian Williams:   Good grief, can we just use science to resurrect the late Tom Snyder, one of the last good things about NBC, and try him on the news desk again, as they did in Los Angeles?  Sometimes I regret that I'm old enough to remember David Brinkley and Chet Huntley.  News was news and journalists were journalists.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Attack of the Climatic Soothsayers, Disease for the Common Man & Guns Without Guiilt

Sympathetic I am with meteorologists (and accommodating political hacks) whose winter storm o' the century forecast was a bit off the mark, a blizzard event which bypassed the primary NY City target for locations a bit more northeast.  However, like so many others whose heads fill with question marks, I'm reminded that an abundance of bandwagon man-made climate change scientists who routinely predict the sky will fall in fifty or maybe 100 years don't have a clue what they're talking about -- sadly, they're the last to come to grips with this fact of nature's ever-changing bag of weather tricks.  And didn't some Al Gore boot-lickers guarantee just a few years ago that snow would disappear from the face of the Earth within a handful of years as  human-derived  global warming progressed?   Well now, just exactly who are the crackpots, as a particularly snowy morning dawns in New England?  Can you say, and you did,  historic?

Measles, mumps, resistant tuberculosis, a virus which leads children into polio-like symptoms and death, etc., etc., etc.   One need not be a physician, quack doctor or theoretician to assume that exotic diseases either returning to or infiltrating our borders for the first time ever make their journey by incubating in humans illegally invading the USA.  As far as Disneyland and states currently jumped by measles go, just look at the map of states affected, all in the Southwest, gateway to the USA for border invaders.  We won't even mention Ebola, which apparently provided the perfect opportunity for White House progressives and pharmaceutical interests to use the nation's citizenry as a giant lab rat.  For all the reasons why the Obama bunch badly requires arrest, trials, convictions and imprisonment, this is perhaps the most serious.  A president who looks the other way, while both human detritus and disease continue to conquer border and legal safeguards, is hardly beneath contempt.

Congress invites Israel's Netanyahu.   Good.  While the prez prepared to visit and kiss up to the new king of Saudi Arabia -- a country so integral to most of the 9/11 terrorists -- Boehner had taken it upon himself to invite a real national leader to the U.S.  The fact that this maneuver likely urinated off a good deal of the Muslim community, both radical and otherwise, is just too darned bad.  Now, if Boehner and McConnell would actually follow through on their bold promises regarding immigration and Obamacare, instead of caving in and demonstrating that Republicans and Democrats have more in common than Americans should be comfy with, we might have something of substance working for the legal constituency.  Fat chance.  Tea Party, anyone?

Guns without guilt?   Now that 3-D printers and necessary peripherals are able to produce untraceable firearms, which logically dictates that every criminal in the U.S. will soon be packing effortlessly for every occasion, isn't it time to change all state laws and allow every law-respecting American over age 18 to carry firearms for their own protection?   "Shall not be infringed"  seems to exemplify that hackneyed phrase,  It is what it is.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ted Cruz in Space -- Can the UFO Question Be Far Behind?

Be the first on your block to ask Senator Ted Cruz about UFOs.  After all, the question seems inevitable.  As Hunter Walker and Jessica Orwig report in  Yahoo Finance  (Jan. 14), Cruz soon undertakes new duties as chairman of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Science, Space, and Competitiveness, a powerful position allowing oversight of  the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  Cruz wasted little time in distributing a press release on January 14, delineating plans for NASA's future  In a statement entitled, "Focus NASA on Its Core Mission:  Exploring Space, and More of It," Sen. Cruz assured Americans of his intention to expand the US space program.  How utterly refreshing, compared to the nonsense and non-science we endure currently under the Obama bunch.

When somebody assumes government-directed outer space duties, it's almost obligatory for a media representative to ask The Big Question about his or her interest in the UFO subject:  Do you believe in flying saucers?  Why are UFOs here?  Are space beings here to help us?  Why do crazy people see alien spaceships in the sky?  If they were real, wouldn't aliens land on the White House lawn, and then run across it until gaining easy access, after passing dozing Secret Service agents and dispatching attack dogs with death rays?

I fully support inquiring of Cruz about his UFO views, but the problem -- as usual -- is likely to emerge because the first media person to take the plunge will probably wrap his or her questions in words of absurdity, the big throw-away opportunity, therefore making a joke of the issue and creating a field day for debunkers and skeptics from the get-go. 

We hope, at least, that Cruz becomes aware that a certain population of former and current NASA scientists are not only familiar with reliable UFO evidence, but that some have even written books on the subject.

In the meantime, Senator Cruz, should your efforts happen to get us back to the moon,  would you kindly have somebody procure for me a few buckets of helium-3?  Nothing increases the profit margin at garage sales like a little helium-3, and the stuff's much too important merely to be gobbled up by Chinese communists, who won't share.

But wait -- ABC-TV News breaks in to wring out the UFO mop, right over our laps.   David Muir's evening edition on January 19 blew off a blurb about Project Blue Book files now housed at The Black Vault  (see link) and, try hard though he did, John Greenewald, Jr's gallant efforts to assure viewers that those files ultimately have little to do with the enduring UFO mystery, the impression left with a TV audience whose members barely know that Joseph Biden isn't a street sweeper dictated that the UFO enigma is an enigma nevermore.  If, in particular, you've followed Kevin Randle's (see link) recent posts, the real story behind the story comes down to a U.S. Air Force division more concerned with explaining sightings away than in chronicling legitimate evidence of a mystery in need of pursuit.  In other words, if one is too unconcerned or lazy to make the case, ultimately statistics released to the public look pretty darned good.  Nothing to see here, folks, except for all the stuff we didn't get to see because Project Blue Book wasn't the main attraction, just something pretty and shiny to keep the legit media off the track.  It worked, too.

And as UFO reports continue all over the globe, this disturbing news:   Fox-TV intends to resurrect The X-Files.  Great! I disliked it before, and now I can work up to thorough disgust as Fox scours the program bone yard for something, anything, to bring back cherished ratings and profitable commercials.  The worst UFO drama I ever viewed is still Dr. Ed Condon's performance, an almost  Oscar-worthy portrayal where he pretended to be a dispassionate UFO researcher at the University of Colorado -- but I wouldn't want a Condon redux any more than I'm looking forward to an X-Files  rehash, which will mold and twist real UFO evidence and reports into something indistinguishable from the truth -- which is still "out there," but not "there" at  TXF.   Talk about a deflated football. . .

President Obama's Mistake of the Union speech:   Unremarkable, except for profound self-congratulatory language.  The customary Obama hocus-pocus POTUS.  His climate change nonsense was particularly grating, because NASA has allegedly backed off a bit about 2014 being the hottest year on record, as a figure of 37 percent "certainty" has since emerged, which the mainstream media won't bother to bring up.  Ms. Ernst's Republican response, on the other hand, establishes her as a strong, solidly credentialed representative, in need of a little more televised outrage, but she won't be complete until she emerges as hard line Tea Party all the way.  We really can't take any more of the Democrat/Republican twins, identical in so many ways.

I don't wish to be a Muslim-basher here, but the ongoing question begs -- how come, ever since the 9/11 murders by overwhelmingly Saudi-affiliated Islamists, we in the USA have been encouraged, if not forced exponentially to cozy up to Muslims?  Even Duke University almost got into the act with a Muslim "call to prayer" from the heights of a Christian chapel, after, apparently, it wasn't enough just to allow Muslims to worship at a lower level.  Fortunately, clearer Christian heads prevailed (and did not roll down the street -- yet) and this silly little practice of attempting to hold one's religion literally higher in the sky than other religions failed.  This time. One would think Duke U. would have been on its best behavior after that little episode a few years ago of condemning its hockey players based upon the words of a deceptive prostitute who lied about being raped and abused (and she, recently, was arrested on far more serious charges in another incident).

Nevertheless, if this is the route we're following in the USA, maybe Satanists could get away with blowing up a building or two, killing thousands of folks in the process -- and, after a few years transpire, some pathetically progressive university in a forgiving mood will allow devil worship services inside its chapel as an act of good, um, faith.  After all, not ALL Satan worshipers are bad, you know -- it's just that the good ones won't speak out against the worst of the lot.  Where have we heard that before?

Paris Goes Bonkers  for  from Islam:   Fox News feels compelled to apologize for reports pointing out places in France where Islam is pretty much in control and non-Muslims tend not to go?  Hey, other media have said the same for years.  Were I France or Great Britain, I think I would spend less time trying to sue the press for exposing the obvious and instead contemplate how and why European countries have allowed Islam to consume parts of those nations without any responsibility to assimilate.  If Euro-moron state politicians can't bother to make certain populations convert to native ways, rather than the other way around (hint:  Shariah Law's archosaur status, regurgitated from the ninth century), don't grouse about and sue over reports substantiated over time by far more sources than Fox.  Looks like somebody wants to stamp out legitimate "Islamophobia" by once again inexplicably cozying up with a concept destined to kill off the Europe we know and love.  So, France -- in the future, will life really be much nicer in Nice?  Would you like French fries or Freedom fries with your nice cup of Caliphate?

Somewhat vaguely on the same subject, Al Sharpton comes to mind.   Now  the reverend of race is bitching about Hollywood and the Shocking Notification that no black people are up for an Academy Award this year.  This is his complaint of the moment?  Or is he trying to divert public attention away from the race-baiting he helped stir up in Ferguson and beyond recently -- which didn't quite work out for his Best Face Forward after cops were executed?  Got news for Rev. Al -- when history is written, he should properly be exposed as the black man who did virtually nothing on the soapbox to prevent an influx of illegal aliens, destined by numbers alone to steal jobs from that nebulous entity known as  the black community. 

But if Sharpton is really serious about the Oscars, before next year's nominations he should write, produce, direct and star in his own motion picture.  May I suggest:  The Real True Tawana Brawley Story.  Try that one, Reverend Al -- and no fibbing allowed.  He should tell the truth about his words and actions with this police case and how, to his very day, he has not issued apologies for his substantial promotion of what turned out to be lies and utter fiction (look it up).  And the Oscar goes to. . .

The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven  didn't really go there, as the best-selling book's young author, Alex Malarkey, disclosed last week.  Looks like we have to play a little game of  Allegedly   here because daddy allegedly may have helped perpetrate this publishing fraud which was touted as a true story.  The publisher has recalled remaining copies and The Faithful are rightfully urinated, with some True Believers likely thinking perhaps they might have experienced more truth by handling and fondling Baptist rattlesnakes in the deep South.  As a result of this mess, I feel encouraged to write my own book, we'll call it  The Man Who Lived a Hell on Earth  and see if I can peddle that to the masses.  Ain't gonna feature God in that one, though, just politicians who make our lives a living. . .well, you know. . .

Morons attack American Sniper:   During and following both World War II and the Korean conflict, Hollywood was grinding out war movies on a fast track, and Americans couldn't get enough.  Military personnel were heroes, respected and admired on every street in the country.  Unfortunately, the Vietnam Era's political movements and the mainstream media, through no fault of fighting men, whipped up a far different attitude, an ugly, sustained national mood infesting folks who found it easier to blame soldiers and Marines than untouchable politicians hiding behind patriotic symbols in Washington.   Fast forward -- and "shock and awe" have greeted Clint Eastwood's movie (and the book) about the late Chris Kyle, most of the comments bleeding favorable.  I can't add much to the current publicity swirling about, but would suggest to the lesser of mind among the negative Hollywood and blogging bunch that (1) they would be first on the menu for head choppers, should they ever invade Hollywood and other environs of the wretched, and (2) Chris Kyle and men like him would have done everything they could to save even your pathetic asses, as you sit cowering uselessly in fear, soaking in pools of your own urine.  'nough said.

The pope may be socialist of the year, but, by George, he knows his animals.  Upon, to everybody's surprise, his advising Catholics that they need not breed like rabbits, residents of rabbit warrens all over the world expressed their outrage, angrily shaking their lucky feet and exclaiming an intent to continue producing large quantities of baby rabbits, no matter the prattle.

SUBWAY chooses a personal digital path:   Subway appears to have borrowed a page from other Internet-lovin' corporations, whose overly curious marketers think making you give up personal information (your name and e-mail address  are  personal information) on your personal computer to continue getting points toward a free meal is a lovely idea.  Instead of providing a choice, Subway has taken choice away in the spirit of a food politburo. Apparently, the old system where the customer  anonymously  swiped a card near the register to gain points just wasn't good enough -- now they even request customers' birth dates.  When I visited a  Subway  store a few days ago, my old card was confiscated  with kindness, and an employee  kindly   issued a new Subway Card From Hell  (well, that's what I would call it).  Of course, if you fall for this new online bluster,  Subway  automatically "gives" customers additional points toward a freebie meal, but they want personal info, and they're darned well going to get it their way -- and the loyal customer, will just have to like it.   Me?  Goodbye  Subway,  I'm off to spend at greener sandwich pastures which don't force-feed customers with digital sprinkles, whilst simultaneously withholding the goodies unless one fesses up about personal identity -- not even a teeny bit.  True enough, my name and an e-mail address appear for all to see on this very blog – but that was my choice, and the  Subway  change provides no choice.  Bad enough that we continue to gag over news reports from months ago, exposing that a substance used in the production of gym mats allegedly turned up routinely in sandwich bread sold by  Subway,  a little recipe detail reportedly corrected by now.  Delectable!

I was a teenage gynecologist:   I didn't catch the state or city, but apparently a teenage boy dressed as a physician and claimed to be a gynecologist, as he walked the halls of a hospital for a month!  Eventually, his act was discovered, and "they" claim he never actually examined a patient.  Well, he may as well have.  Listen kid, in Air Force hospitals I worked with doctors who somehow managed to pass themselves off as doctors, so your portrayal didn't fall far from the caduceus.  Looks like you went by the code --first, do no harm. . .but then have a lot of fun deceiving medical and administrative "professionals" who obviously don't have the brains to unmask you.  News reports indicate no charges will be filed against the teen -- understandable, since he wasn't the horse's butt among a hospital full of them here, was he?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

French Toast

 Like water, we among the human species seek our own level, a level resistant sometimes to ascending its flow toward the high road.  Everybody seems to need an enemy, one of those strange little requirements comprising our fabric, and much of the time the enemy is real.  The mosquito, for instance, or the cockroach.  If we run out of enemies, we build them from scratch -- such is the case with football games and other competitive sporting events.  In religious terms, the bad guy often wears Satan's garb.  In the streets, the nameless and faceless come and go, each shadow a  reason for curiosity or warning.  And not to forget -- men and women can find the perfect enemy in one another.

During the last week, France and its courageous policemen experienced a self-invented, flesh-and-blood enemy, an irrationally rational evil sprung from the robotic minds of  indoctrinated young adults whose reading lists apparently narrow down to a single book, The Koran.   Moderate, nonviolent Muslims would insist that the Paris killers are not following Islam -- IF moderate Muslims said anything at all -- and that's a major part of the problem.  If moderates don't publicly and strongly condemn their darker side for the continuing procession of brutality occurring all over the globe, rampageous events will never stop.

And if President Obama can't manage even to throw out the words,  radical Islam terrorists  in front of the TV cameras, it's just a matter of time before trouble on a giant scale visits the United States with little fuss.  Heck, the makings and fixings are already here.  The open borders, you know. 

Meanwhile, we in the states await the long-delayed execution of Fort Hood jihadist poster boy and serial killer, Maj. Nidal Hasan, but authorities instead busy themselves imprisoning U.S. military personnel in federal facilities simply for doing their jobs as soldiers in the Middle East.  Or make that  Missile  East?

We hope it won't be left strictly up to the international editorial community to condemn Islamic terrorist-inspired murders of French journalists, cartoonists and others throughout the world whose work reflects and helps preserve that rare and precious gem called freedom.

Jeb Bush in 2016?   If we must have another Bush on the presidential ticket next time, I'll opt for that dog on the Bush's Beans TV commercials.  Apparently, this is a well-groomed canine of few words and, by virtue of his family relationship, already recognizes that his camp is "full of beans."  The perfect Bush candidate?  Woof, I say, woof !