Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Lawless Cities Governed by Treason

All of this has been orchestrated by the now inescapably radical thumbscrew element of the Democrat Party, likely with more than a few Republican Trump-haters dancing a soft-shoe in the background, and it's all about a takedown of the United States government so a one-party system can emerge and bring the country more into balance with an historical litany of failed communist systems.

If governors, mayors and other elected officials who swore allegiance to the country with sober oaths stand firmly to violate federal immigration laws with every tool they can muster, these people must unquestionably be arrested and held personally accountable.  To let them get away with such illicit activity, a postmodern take on federalism, begs entire communities to break laws.  Advising illegal people already processed for deportation on ways to avoid I.C.E. while distributing pamphlets with similar instructions?  Our "leaders" do these things? 

You want to murder your neighbor without consequences?  Sure, it's against the law, but so what?  You want to steal from local merchants, or maybe hit up a jewelry store and take whatever you want?  Why not?  You want to sneak into the country with your pregnant wife and three kids?  Go for it.  The enemy within will look the other way.

The numbers game:  As people from geographical locations far away continue to swarm illegally into the United States with families in tow and dreams of either "a better life" or jackpot welfare and free health care, it bears mention that Northeastern University president Joseph Aoun, during a recent speaking engagement, warned that robots and other instruments of artificial intelligence will cause up to 50 percent of human jobs to become obsolete, and this involves the very near future.  So what happens when hundreds of thousands of additional, unwanted human bodies pour into the country?  With fewer jobs, a nation invites only desperation, leading to crime on a scale unknown in the U.S.  If you're up for a dramatic increase in murders, bodily injuries, thefts, animal abuse, filth, disease and the destruction of personal property, keep 'em coming.  Blind compassion can destroy the compassionate with very little effort.

The Squad:  We suspect, among other things, that four America-hating congresswomen have a good chance of losing elections next time around, as some of their own constituents have voiced concerns about having put them into Congress in the first place.  Will common sense, that rare entity which all but evaporated during the Obama years, prevail?

Apollo 11, fifty years later:  A small gathering of medical airmen sat on edge in a base housing day room at Sheppard Air Force Base (Texas), excitedly watching the first human moon landing on TV.  At least for a while, we had something to think about besides all the injurious trappings of the Vietnam Era.

The planned rush upon "Area 51" by thousands of morons in September:  This is the sort of conduct that awards legitimate UFO research a perpetual black eye.  Sorry, but I've been UFO-aware since I was a kid in the fifties, and despite a chain of bizarre conspiracy literature over the years I'm perfectly willing to accept Area 51 as an essential military test facility -- and speaking as a former Air Force member, I think I'm echoing reality when I suggest that "street mobs" planning to crash the party at Area 51 will be subject to arrest, an ass-kicking or death by circumstance.  Frankly, they'll deserve what they get.

Jolly old England:  Assuming that Boris Johnson assumes the reigns of considerable power, we predict that he and President Trump will develop a great relationship.  Maybe the troublesome issue of rapes of young women by gangs of imported Islamic males in England and throughout Europe will be addressed with backbone.  Where this leaves "Tommy Robinson" and his supporters, we cannot imagine.

A curse upon a butt load of Republican congressional members who voted with Democrats, approving HR 1044, to allow green cards for an additional 300,000 people from other countries, primarily India.  There's nothing wrong with India, but don't we in the U.S. have 300,000 young people, high school and college grads with high-tech abilities, who can do the technical jobs required in Silicon Valley and elsewhere?  Of course, the killing point is the fact that American workers would be paid more -- exactly what companies wish to avoid.

U.S. Women's Soccer Team wins:  I don't care.  Transporting a ball from here to there does not impress me, and for such formerly backyard or school athletic field activities to have progressed to multi-million or billion dollar hog trough festivities is absurd, whether involving men or women.  Nevertheless, the loudest and phoniest hair color among the soccer ladies certainly did her team proud by using the MF word in front of the adoring crowds and kids, whilst slamming America.  I'm all for women doing what they want, but I hold no special tolerance for women who, like men, act like naughty, foul-mouthed adolescents when awarded public attention for nebulous accomplishments rendered.  By the way -- in this soccer instance, is the World Cup a jockstrap?

Jeffrey Epstein's around-the-world tour:  Bill Clinton said he was on Epstein's Lolita Express plane only four times. . .even though flight logs allegedly show 27 times, not always with Secret Service accompaniment?  War on Women?

Nike and the Betsy Ross flag shoe:  Poor Betsy Ross, poor America.  War on Women?

The times, they are a-changin':  We've noticed that a number of people interviewed on news shows no longer start their sentences with "Um" or "Well."  Instead, the word, "so" is apparently in vogue.

Words we wish would go away:  Diversity and inclusive -- though we like "white privilege" because it sounds so damned hot.

TV shows we would like to see:  A spin-off of "Dead Like Me" called "Dem Like Me," a series about Democrat presidential candidates or congressional representatives who ultimately turn to dust and blow away once those around them realize they have no substance holding them together other than unquenched desires to "get Trump."

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Suggested TV and Radio Sponsors' Creed for the 21rst Century


                                                      Suggested TV and Radio Sponsors' Creed for the 21rst Century

(Not real. . .but if truth in advertising applied where it counts, well. . .)

Be it resolved that we, the sponsors who financially support all television and radio networks and programs, in conjunction with official representatives of said media entities, have entered into a mutual agreement beneficial to us both, though this presents a necessary but inescapable annoyance to the TV and radio audience.  However, looking at the bigger picture in this instance, for viewers and listeners alike life sucks and you BUY.

Above all else, we strongly maintain our long-sought and now successful ability to dictate that all TV and radio programs will strive to go to commercial breaks almost simultaneously, thus precluding the audience from flipping channels with an expectation of avoiding commercials altogether, even if sampling other programs instead of commercials might show the audience that far better programs exist on competing channels.

Technology's advancements also require that traditional fade-outs between programming and commercials should not be continued, as digital electronic recording devices can easily filter out or delete sponsors' crucial messages.  Instead, we now resolve to make it impossible for viewers or devices to comprehend a pause between programs and commercial content, thereby inserting advertisements directly at the split-second where a program is interrupted.  In addition, to hold audience attention until programs resume, staff must assure that programs both old and new are tailored so that commercials begin exactly at the critical moment when something dramatic or important happens.

Regrettably, ongoing attempts to determine a method to prevent TV viewers from taking traditional "bathroom breaks" when commercials appear have not yet achieved success, but millions of dollars will continue to be budgeted annually for research into this critical dilemma.

Nor can it be emphasized enough, and this regards television specifically, when evening newscasts and other programs run commercials for pharmaceuticals, and a lengthy list of side-effects (including death) arises via narration, that viewers must simultaneously be shown pleasing, non-stressful scenes of puppies, kittens, other lovable animals, children or scenic nature settings, thereby keeping them in a serene mood and more likely to ask their physicians to prescribe the drugs colorfully and lovingly displayed on TV screens.  Particularly when death is mentioned as a possible consequence of using a pharmaceutical, this is the moment reserved for peppering viewers with the cutest images of animals or children as a distraction.

Television advertisers selling over the air are reminded to continue offering inferior or useless products for the magic sum of $19.99, a number which seems to attract and hold viewer attention no matter what, resulting in major purchases among mesmerized viewers.  Further, profits can be enhanced simply by proposing that the buyer may obtain a second item at great discount by stating, "Just pay a separate fee."

Applicable to TV and radio, but particularly to radio, extensive use must be made of attention-getters at the very beginning of commercials, options such as contrived situations with ringing phones loud enough to wake the dead, screaming kids, women's voices blaming men for every evil under the sun or, frankly, any obnoxious sound certain to capture, inform and intimidate  listeners' ears and brains for as many commercial-drenched seconds as it takes to drive the message home.

Employing such measures, it is hoped, will prevent the TV and radio audience from realizing that competitors who DO NOT advertise on these mediums may indeed provide better products or services, may have more experience with their businesses and may indeed provide blissfully less expensive services because they aren't spending significant money on commercials which consumers will end up paying for in the long term.  In fact, TV and radio possess the ability to transform even the most reprehensible and just downright rotten-to-the-core companies and individuals into something akin to saints, and for this alone broadcast networks and individual stations should be utilized for maximum public relations effects when commercialization comes into play.

If possible, without violating FCC noise rules to a significant extent, commercials for dog food, feminine hygiene products, libido enhancements, prostate drugs, jock itch and almost anything of an embarrassing sexual nature should begin with audio briefly turned up, so as to command the attention of everybody in the audience household, whether they like it or not.  This, obviously, falls under the terms of freedom of speech.

Obviously, attorney-paid commercials regarding national class-action lawsuits should scare the stuffing out of targeted TV viewers while simultaneously intimating that payoffs galore may be on the horizon.  However, care must be taken to avoid actually informing the audience that attorneys ultimately receive much of any money received through class-action  lawsuits.

Millions of dollars annually will continue to be appropriated to conduct psychological research into what makes the targeted audience purchase sponsor products.  Every option just short of drugging viewers and listeners into insensitivity remains "fair game" and, at least for the short term until 5G progenitors and various upgraded mind control choices receive wide acceptance among the blissfully unaware, influence via specific pharmaceuticals will remain on standby. Otherwise, we reserve the right to exercise our intrusive intellectual property options on a willing or unwilling public as necessary.

We take seriously our obligation to overwhelm viewer and listener senses with commercial content, perpetually driving home the point that nothing is free, and making it subliminally clear that the minds of those who engage in seeking entertainment or information via electronic media become our malleable property.

Among other imperative steps which must be taken is the obligation to make certain that for every eight minutes of programming, there should be 3-4 minutes of commercials to follow.  This can be very difficult, since editing TV shows (particularly older shows) which have already been edited, cut and spliced to pieces lose significant continuity, making viewers suspicious.

Finally, we believe that participating commercial interests carry the profoundly sacred responsibility to get "out there" and sell, sell, sell, striving always to make the hideous, absurd or substandard lovable in the public mind.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Hey Nike -- He's Kaepernick, not Copernicus

"Bait and switch" at the border:  First. we can't let this go -- and it's all about our consistently devious friends, the Democrats (a barely detectable ode of respectability once wafted from the party's structure,  more recently transformed into a radical entity interwoven with something akin to insanity).

This won't take long:  So, there's Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (though demonstrably stupido-dramatica -- and yes, I just made that up).  I think she's bucking for a Hollywood career, perhaps eventually joining with Spielberg and the Obamas to produce movies tilting further to the left than left can go) and other Dems rushing to the Southern border, all puffed up and ready for camera ops as they muster enough anger to heat up the already heated up.  As expected, they use this precious taxpayer-paid opportunity to complain about death camp conditions for the "migrants," horribly abused by vicious camp guards and scarred forever by inhumane conditions (not).  That nobody invited these thousands of border-crashers to enjoy our expensive hospitality apparently means nothing.

But the main point:  For months, maybe a year, despite every warning from the President, Republican members of Congress and border personnel themselves, concerned about caravans filled with Central Americans rushing to the border, Democrats uniformly and consistently denied a crisis in the making.  NOW the crisis is very much here, Dems are forced to admit it -- and it's Trump's fault for allowing to happen what Trump warned from day one WOULD happen!

I'm not much of an humanitarian when it comes to illegal immigrants and approaching unstoppable numbers that won't quit, but even a paramecium would have the brains to realize that this whole fetid affair (that is, a shitty mess, for those who don't know that word) is caused, owned and furthered by Democrat operatives, among them Pelosi and Schumer.

And, if these horrible abused (in Dem words) people don't like the conditions, we remind them that this isn't Nazi Germany -- they can pick up and go back without fear of mean border agents whipping them back into holding facilities.

Only the Democrats could take a problem predominantly of their own making and turn truth around to blame President Trump.  That is so wrong -- and likely wrong enough to assure Trump's victory in 2020, and during those four years we hope he and maybe additional conservative congressional reps let loose and kick progressive butt into the next solar system before the whole country is taken down by radicals.

Note, too, how Democrat presidential hopefuls are blasting Trump for the border problems, especially for the status of "the children" -- when this is all the fault of their party.  Liars and hypocrites abound on the debate stage.

Some People:  We've noted with interest the repetitive use of two joined words in recent explanations of why certain things are.  For instance, the government's refusal to incorporate a question about illegal immigrants into the 2020 census was originated because "some people" might be apprehensive about the question.  As they should be!

The other reference grew out of Nike's need to at least say something about its decision not to offer Betsy Ross flag shoes:  Nike claims it was afraid of offending "some people."

Who are these "some people?"  They aren't me, they're nobody I know, and probably a lot of people I don't know aren't "some people."  Sounds like a pretty lame defense to me, if not a an altered racist view of some kind.  Which naturally brings us to. . .

Why Colin Kaepernick is not Copernicus:  Copernicus set the stage for a revolutionary change in the way we see our solar system, basically proving that the sun, not the earth, occupied the center.  Kaepernick, on the other hand, played football.  I believe he thinks himself the center of the universe.

That's about it -- except, oh, he did wear cop-hating socks and lower himself to a knee while the National Anthem played.

Unlike Copernicus, I don't believe Kaepernick accomplished anything much besides losing a chance to play more football.  Despite every privilege and golden future option available to him, he apparently prefers to pursue the social justice game instead.

Nevertheless, he must possess a very significant role as a spokesman for Nike, even wielding the power to determine what you and I can and cannot purchase.  Amazing!  Incredible!  One man, noted for transporting a ball from here to there or making grunting noises during encounters on the football field possesses the power to ban, censor, delete and punish all because of his personal whims and fantasies of wide injustices.

I have no plantation, nor black slaves, yet I must endure a decisive product-battering from this modern-day unelected rule-maker.  All of this over a shoe, not because Kaepernick is a black social justice warrior -- but because somebody who wasn't Kaepernick invented the football long ago, and that invention catapulted this ungrateful, privileged spokesman for a huge company to a position of fascistic authority over the drooling masses.

"Some people" indeed.

Thank you border agents and I.C.E.!  We wish we could say your work is done, but the excruciatingly dangerous and misguided left is poised to keep you folks busy until rational thinking returns and the border bull crap is stopped.  Meanwhile, illegals are slipping in from all over the planet and of course there's no way the U.S. can remain cordial and compassionate as invading numbers rise.  And by the way, whatever happened to the useless United Nations criminals?  Isn't this pathetic international mob supposed to make everything warm and fuzzy?  We imagine they are too busy concocting ways to steal everybody's wealth in the name of climate change.  Hey, the Elite have to eat, too.

Monday, July 1, 2019

From Collusion to Google-lusion?

It might be my nature to believe that the slight loosening of government silence about UFOs would count as one of 2019's biggest stories, but right up there with new ufological revelations may be the latest coup pulled off by Project Veritas.

Well known for candidly encouraging the extreme left to bust its lies, hidden failures and inanities wide open as words and images are secretly recorded, this time PV hit the jackpot by learning directly from Google's significant inner echelon that algorithms intended to exclude conservative references from the Internet are purposefully being loosed upon the Web, intending not only to ban conservative thought, but particularly to make sure that Donald Trump is not re-elected President.

Project Veritas and James O'Keefe must be on to something, for it didn't take long for PV's recording to be removed from YouTube and references to it from Twitter and other sources.

Which is to say -- not surprising to many on the right who use major Web players to impart vital information about leftist lies -- voices are banned simply for being on the "other" side of political thought.

All across the Web and its search engines, a frightening weaponization against the left's opponents has been on the move for some time, and the implementation of algorithms creeping step by step will, unless curbed, do more to encourage single-party rule than any propagandized system ever.

How strange, in fact, that the left, so wrapped up in fantasies of Trump's collusion with Russia, apparently colludes with insurrection in literally erasing or altering facts and history.  REAL collusion among the major Internet players, every one dedicated to socialist views!  Bad things which happen certainly aren't native to Facebook.

George Orwell should be alive today, because authoring "1984:  Part Two" could easily be based upon current events.  The concept of freedomless speech or speechless freedom is as far from American values as one can get -- yet, here we are.

(Google owns Blogger, the very entity upon which this blog appears.  Shall bloggers also worry about being banned or censored extensively at the whim of politically agenda-driven algorithms, as options for First Amendment freedoms are explained away or spirited away in silence?)

The Democrats' two-day debate & hate fest:  The first night proved agonizing, as expected, and watching the second easily exceeded the pain of an overnighter at a torture chamber as this joyless bunch of radical hopefuls joined together, unable to express love or appreciation for anything traditionally American.  Never has it been more apparent that a re-taking of the White House by the Democrats -- the radical bunch now in charge -- could end America as we know it and put us on a fast track to socialism (and those more in tune with politics than I will readily suggest that there's really no need to call communism socialism).

The second night was especially noteworthy when ALL candidates raised their hands to express support for giving illegal aliens health care -- paid for by American taxpayers, of course, who would be better off if the billions or trillions of dollars required to doctor border jumpers were instead put into education, infrastructure, saving Social Security, paying down the debt, and making sure returning combat veterans receive care instead of a road to  homelessness or profound mental deterioration.  Complicating second night debate matters of immigration was speaker Pelosi and her colleagues' stated goal to allow all immigrants to cross our borders freely, free of criminal charges..

Yet, just as no Democrat presidential candidate would say so much as one word about the thousands of homeless people populating Los Angeles streets thanks to Democrat policies ruinous to California government for decades, nor was consideration given to the hundreds of thousands of jobs set to disappear as artificial intelligence -- and robotics -- take over formerly human chores.  Welcoming endless hordes of people with no job prospects can do nothing but increase hopelessness and violent crime rates.

While some candidates (and TV news person Jose Diaz-Villard) attempted to impress, we assume, illegal immigrants by speaking Spanish briefly, no one addressed the importance of immense numbers of people, unwanted and unneeded, whose sheer volume threatens our culture.

Numbers, sheer numbers override compassion.  Those numbers include children appealing to our senses, intended fully as battering rams and free passes for entry into the country.  A father and daughter from Central America drown while trying to cross the border?  To listen to the media, one would think Trump himself held them under water, when the responsibility actually falls upon the father. 

Let us not be fooled by burglary tools from other countries disguised as children.  The national lifeboat will sink.

The appearance of Rachel Maddow as a co-moderator both nights was something of a surprise, yet it was probably just what the media ordered, considering that just days before the debates her national audience ratings were in the. . .the. . .so what's lower than a toilet?  Obviously, this was an attempt to re-assert her popularity -- and we say, good luck, considering that as soon as Trump's Russian "collusion" fantasy blew up in Democrat faces ratings for CNN, MSNBC and other bastions of fantasy journalism started and continue to plummet dramatically.

This incredible pack of leftist, single-minded lemmings will debate all over again in July, still offering no rational solutions to major problems whatsoever, but more than willing to tax and legislate useless control over nebulous "climate change" options, promise criminal aliens open borders, free health care, free college and Medicare for all (once you emulate England's national health care system, you're in serious trouble -- and ending private health insurance for 180 million people currently happy with their plans won't work out well).  The white middle class will be particularly targeted and without actually saying the words, Cloward and Piven (look it up) these dangerous and pathetic clowns will lay out a litany of ways to bring America to its knees so they can rebuild the country in a socialist image which has never worked anywhere on the planet. 

If one wants to become Cuba or Venezuela, by all means vote Democrat next time around, because a centralized government and iron-grip control over one's destiny and dreams is all they have to offer.  The crisis is here, and those who harbor doubts about the direction the country could take need only stay in touch with the two college campus news links we've included in the link list (Campus Reform and The College Fix).  The crisis is here.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Deportations Are Not Party Invitations

Could be that the President never intended to stage illegal alien apprehensions at all on Sunday.  His frequent changes of mind often seem part of a long-range plan, as opposed to simply changes in strategy.

Announcing days in advance when and where I.C.E. operations would commence appeared wildly ill-advised, almost staged for effect. Then again, reports surfaced that somebody in Homeland Security or I.C.E. blabbed to the press and that's why crucial data went public. Whether this or a phone conversation between House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Trump actually altered his plans is open to speculation, but we suppose all the whining from bleeding hearts on the left could have helped influence his postponement.  That families chosen for deportation were already processed, denied asylum and legally destined for deportation should have said it all.  Massive deportations -- of which only 2,000 bodies were up for grabs -- could certainly solve a major problem in American cities right now, which is. . .

Housing shortages:  If America's "sanctuary city" governors and mayors would do their jobs and help I.C.E. remove from society an ongoing number of border-jumping criminals and their families, housing problems could abate tremendously.  Additionally, because said governors and mayors, frankly, could not care less about aiding in the enforcement of laws regarding illegal people, these officials should be arrested and tried in court for subverting the oaths of office they solemnly took and face real prison time for committing a form of sedition.

More worries:  The discovery of many Congolese nationals who crossed the Southern border should have been the catalyst to make Democrats at last help Trump take action against the border outrage, now that Ebola cases in the Congo and elsewhere in Africa are dramatically on the rise.  Did these illegals bring us deadly Ebola gifts?

Reparations:  Until this nonsense once again reared its foolish head among Democrat presidential hopefuls, we were unaware that a significant percentage of slave owners in the U.S. were themselves black.  Nor did we know that only four percent of slaves were sent to the United States, while most went to countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Great Britain and Jamaica.  We agree with pundits who widely suggest that LBJ's "Great Society" and other absurd Democrat-initiated programs costing taxpayers trillions of dollars were reparations enough and, as history has demonstrated, these immense amounts of money accomplished little but to keep black people victims and slaves to government.

ABC-TV:  Notice that nowhere among all the exciting televised advertising for the Wallenda siblings' high wire walk 25 stories above the streets of NY City Sunday evening was there even one mention that these two accomplished professionals would also be tethered to a cable overhead -- just in case, you know.  Once viewers became aware of this precaution, the event became about as exciting as watching a bear ride a bicycle with training wheels.  If the TV audience anticipated thrills of risky behavior, it was never in the cards.  Then again, there WAS a risky moment, that split-second where an electronic billboard in the background "flashed" a quick view of the famous statue of David, with full genitalia on display, as a commercial for some product filled the screen.  Next time, maybe naked high wire walking can fill the bill.

Loved ABC-TV's interview with a pediatrician and attorney who visited the Southern border's migrant center, all tuned up to blame Trump and America for allegedly deplorable conditions where children are housed.  Our question, again -- so how do you blame either for the condition of people who aren't supposed to be here anyway?  Don't play the child card on us, folks, it's worn thin.  There's a reason, best exemplified at the border, why we often write in this blog, your babies aren't cute anymore.

Trump-hater Tom Steyer is running TV commercials for his organization, "Need to Impeach."  Wow, what a fresh concept.

Horny takes on a new meaning:  Physicians around the world have noticed children and young people long addicted to cell phone use requiring them to look down constantly have developed small "horns" or beak-like bone deformities at the base of their skulls posteriorly.  If your kid ends up looking like a "Star Wars" alien after a few more years of cell phone hypnotics, you'll know why.

Conservative-disliking and megalomaniac NY State governor Andrew Cuomo explains that it was just a mistake, an error on paper.  After state legislator Republicans noted that a new Democrat-backed law allowing illegal aliens to have driver's licenses was apparently followed three days later by another bill "mistakenly" giving aliens with new driver licenses the ability to VOTE, they went bonkers.  Oops.  The guv blamed all of this on an error in writing the bill.  As if this Democrat hack, doing everything he can to centralize NY government and remove power from the people, doesn't like the concept of illegal aliens voting.  The cascade of new legislation passed by NY's primarily Democrat legislature in the current session offers enough socialist gunpowder to hone a really nice freedom-wounding bullet.  And still they ask, why do folks continue bailing out of the state?

UFOs emerge from the Fountain of Youth:  I get it, yet I don't get it.  I'm watching some media members treat the subject like a newborn.  As if UFOs are new to the scene.  An uncle was telling me about this stuff more than 60 years ago, radar included, and UFOs weren't new then, either.  Nevertheless, since we live in a society now so badly informed about national history and uncaring about human (as opposed to alien) threats surrounding us all, maybe it's no surprise that a load of folks haven't a clue that the UFO subject isn't exactly something that the cat just dragged in this morning.