Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Out of Your Head and Into Your Genitalia

When the late educator Dr. Max Rafferty wrote a popular national newspaper column many years ago, he never backed off from his opinion that some in the professional mental health community were little better than fraudsters, and in fact he referred to them as "these birds."  We wrote a little about Dr. Rafferty on this blog way back, and you can read this by using the search engine at the top and typing in Max Rafferty's name.

I thought of Rafferty a few days ago when the uproar started over an article in the American Psychological Association's January journal in which the concept of masculinity was not only called into question, but attacked as if a monster on the prowl.  Referencing what is claimed as 40 years of research data, the mind squeezers responsible for this, um, breakthrough piece expressed difficulties with certain attributes of masculinity such as a focus upon achievement, stoicism, competitiveness, disliking an appearance of weakness, being aggressive and having a potential for violent acts, a risk for adventure and anti-femininity (not wishing to be considered feminine).  Conclusions of this breathtaking project apparently point to the startling determination that traditional masculinity -- that "man thing," don'tchaknow -- is bad, bad, ever so bad.

Strange, too, that the report seems to look askance at men dependent upon self-reliance and therefore are less likely to seek out psychological treatment for their problems!  Wow, do we sense a feared loss of income in the old psych office?

I suppose, with all the fireworks lately about "toxic masculinity" that such research was bound to surface, and if leftists and globalists aren't involved with this claptrap in some way I would be very surprised.

The thing is, there are people out there who are brought up with pretty decent lives, never experiencing much in the way of trauma, who eventually climb the ladder of education, and once they achieve a certain maximum intellectually, they have little more to do but conduct research, often with government funding, so they can produce not only something solid that puts their names in the history books, but something that will be set loose upon the unfortunate masses who have little or no say regarding its effects.  Usually, projects are conducted "for the good of humanity," which turns out to be utter nonsense once humanity becomes, generally, the unwilling or unwitting recipient of project findings -- which may be evidenced in the form of local or national laws.

So, the psych folk, some of them, would seemingly prefer to extract masculinity from men and boys, as if its very nature is something akin to "The Tingler" in that old William Castle/Vincent Price horror movie from the fifties?  What the hell is wrong with us?  More than that, what the hell is wrong with these freaking head people who obviously have nothing better to do than attempt to engineer our lives, along with all the crackpot AI/robot manipulators currently experiencing similar success in their own way?

Wars wouldn't have been won without masculinity, police couldn't accomplish dramatic feats every day without it and firemen wouldn't save people from burning buildings without masculine qualities.  So, what, we suddenly don't need or want masculine role models anymore?  How convenient!  How dangerous to the survival of the species and to the individual.

We know the psychological and psychiatric fields host many, many good people dedicated to helping others.  But that said, may I just reiterate a point I have noted in the past, and that is that during both my military time working in hospitals and in hospitals outside the military, I encountered a number of these particular medical professionals, and a fair share -- to me -- were just as strange or bizarre as they come.  And I wonder if folks like these had a hand in the masculinity research. 

Freedom of speech and open-ended publication are great, but a significant segment of our society -- government -- eats this psycho-blah-blah stuff up as if food from the gods, and its representatives (primarily on the left) tend to go bonkers in instituting new rules to further turn the thumb screws on individuals, corporations and schools. 

Good grief, can we please, please just be people, unencumbered by mad scientists and credentialed foolishness?  Can pompous know-it-alls who, somewhere along the way, separated themselves from the rest of society and decided they know best, stop finding ways to emasculate boys and men or to make some very dangerous assumptions about gender identities and the often radical solutions to alter gender?  As almost anything considered male is being shoved off into an ignored corner and t-shirts adorned with the words, "The future is female" proliferate, an extreme leftist concept much more frightening than masculinity lurks.

But. . .psychologists afflicted with penis-envy -- research -- take heart!  New studies indicate that men's penises may be a half inch shorter if their parents were exposed to non-stick chemicals (who wasn't???), PFCs, such as Teflon.  Between this and lowering sperm counts, it may not be long before the "problem" of masculinity will be as extinct as the dodo bird.

More science at work:  If true that United Nations (oh, Jesus Christ. . .) research indicates that the world's oceans are warming 40 percent faster than expected (oops), what does that say about the quality of climate change research in general?  Computer projections and bull crap agenda-soaked allegations will destroy us all, and in the end nobody knows anything.

Congratulations to those who voted some very, um, interesting Democrats into the House.  Anybody expecting the next round of extremely beneficial tax cuts from the Trump administration can forget it, for the Dems will do all they can to obliterate any further Trump-initiated tax reductions for the American people -- and will likely make Trump look like the bad guy in the process.

Meanwhile, extreme elements of both political parties should be watched carefully as plans for increased Internet surveillance of individuals like plain ol' you and me and the small business down the street could be on the political agenda.  We know this sort of thing is bad for China's people, and anything similar in the USA and eventually everywhere would be a disaster for human freedom.  When big government and high-level corporate interests exercise their cozy relationship to spy on us for reasons not necessarily favorable to us, beware and trust carefully.

The masochistic voting bloc:  The mystery remains -- why do Democrat voters even exist, since the party for which they vote, as has been more than demonstrated recently, cares far more about illegal invaders than the American citizens who vote for them?  This is not an infantile observation, but we believe the question of sanity and/or one's personal decision to be educated about their actions in the voting booth is valid.  Their rage at Trump coming in as an outsider to shake the system up in Washington confounds, for Democrats should be delighted at the prospect of seeing the Establishment finally (if perhaps only momentarily) receiving a nasty, unanticipated blow to its self-serving function -- or in writing this, did I just make a case for Democrats being profoundly elite and establishment material themselves?

Lowering Higher Education 101:  We are extremely gratified to learn that a number of educators have condemned Asao B. Inoue, Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Director of University Writing and the Writing Center at the University of Washington at Tacoma.  Aside from whatever all of that professional bull poop designates, the good professor appears to be bent upon changing how students write because current rules accommodate white folk and not so much other peoples.  Prof. Inoue has a problem with "white language supremacy" and prefers "alternative" grading standards for students' writing — such as "labor-based grading contracts."

Some teachers apparently consider this half-baked level stuff which can only steer students into illiteracy (not that they aren't already there) and ill-preparedness for their future.  We concur, though we expect this line of New Think will easily complement a November survey revealing that one in five millennials see the American flag as “a sign of intolerance and hatred,” and two out of five believe burning the American flag is just fine. I understand that flag-burning is a basic right under our ability to protest, but where does this rank in conjunction with dangerous teachings injected into young American heads held hostage by a troubling public school indoctrination system devoid of civics classes?

Our credit cards take prisoners:  Slowly but increasingly reported by various news sources (Breitbart, for one) is what questioning minds might believe is a conspiracy among major credit card companies to deprive businesses and individuals from exercising their Second Amendment rights via card purchases.  Worse, political views sometimes seem to exert a bearing on who can and cannot use credit card payment services.  If anything requires a new look at card-issuing financial institutions by Congress, this may be it.

Were I some lethal, unknown organism on Mars, undetectable by Earth's exploratory devices and knowledge, wouldn't I be drooling at the prospect of unwitting transport to Earth by deep-mining equipment operated by any number of countries eager for the first and the most?

How to make one big, happy political party:  Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) has introduced a bill to end the Electoral College.  It's hardly surprising that this would be one of the first idiocies the Democrats would sponsor once they regained the House because, for one thing, Hillary would have been President without the EC's grand influence.  Democrats and easily led millennials may think ridding us of the Electoral College is a great victory for all, but the primary advantage will be an endless cycle of only Democrats elected to key positions.  Once you have the popular vote from California, New York City and other high-population cities known to have the Democrat tipping point, these will be the folks getting their leftist gift after every election, effectively shutting out smaller states with right-leaning populations.  The Electoral College is not perfect, but so far it's the only method we have to assure a modicum of fair elections dominated by no one state.

Russian murderers and Chinese Thought Thugs:  We understand that Putin and Co. has raised the stakes on murdering homosexuals, one-upping  China, whose monster leaders merely force Muslims and others into "re-education" camps.  Do any of these criminals realize that centuries have passed and it's no longer cool to act like throwbacks?  Guess not.  So United Nations, you worthless piece of over-funded excrement, where are you on these issues?

Monday, January 7, 2019

Obama's Eternal Gifts

(Readers:  Today I added links to Campus Reform.org and The College Fix, excellent sources which demonstrate how institutions of so-called higher learning "dumb down" the young and prop up the absurd and intolerable.  Trade school looks better all the time and cheaper, too!)

As we watch New York's government speeding down the road to all soft communism, all the time, it's fun to think back on other gifts awarded American society by Democrats.  For instance, now that China has put a spacecraft on the moon's dark side, equipped to perform unknown chores probably detrimental to the United States in one form or another, we cannot thank Barack Obama profoundly enough for pretty much gutting NASA support during his eight years of national ruin.  Is China doing pure science, attempting to gain the edge on helium-3 and/or trying to hide its agenda from U.S. surveillance?  Obama's failure to keep the U.S. space program superior in nature left the door open for other countries to overtake and put our technological space security in jeopardy, but his loyal clueless fans haven't even noticed.  We wish the U.S. and Russia could gravitate into mutually friendlier terms eventually, both keeping a very cautious eye on China, which may not give a damn about using space for peaceful purposes.

Trump's wall:  Badly required, but at what price to Democrats AND Republicans who put self-interest above national interest and security?

Grab-bagging with Kevin Spacey:  This national preoccupation with who touched, fondled or explored whom has become ever so annoying.  Look, if an 18-year-old man -- emphasized as still a "teenager" -- can't fend off an older Kevin Spacey in Nantucket (hmm, reminds me of a limerick. . .), who allegedly accomplished a dive into his pants at a bar, and then has to be defended by his mommy, a former member of the TV news crowd, then so what?  To be polite, I strive to avoid the man/boy sexual element which boasts a long and not unusual history in the world, but at least in the states we endure such an on-again/off-again attitude about touching and feeling (essential attributes of the animal and insect world) to the point of paranoia that a conversation devoid of hoary religious dogma and "breaking the law" is virtually impossible.  But to return to the original point -- an 18-year-old man, reportedly claiming to be 23, allegedly being felt up by A WEALTHY ACTOR in a bar, and the guy suffered, what, permanent brain damage or something while or after recording the incident on Snapchat??  Give me a break.  That judges coddle this bullshit in their courtrooms turns the legal system into a legal cistern.  "Sex abuse" is such an all-inclusive term, and taking it to the limits of either hilarity or hysteria is tearing human interactions apart.  Thanks for this, too, radical psychoneurotic Democrats.

Vaccines and autism:  The Full Measure TV show produced a brief but powerful report about information regarding the dark side of vaccinations being kept from the public by the government.  If you missed it, visit the Web site and check out the few minutes of this must-see feature.  Incidentally, we have spent time now and then discussing with medical personnel the controversy over giving infants MULTIPLE vaccinations before they've even had a chance to develop natural immunity on their own.  Big Pharma and "established medicine" are not always our friends, especially when huge money sours the point of view, and it's a shame that physicians who don't necessarily follow "traditional" medical practice can lose everything when they try a little ingenuity not strictly accepted in the establishment's witches' cauldron.

While new Rep. Ocasio-Cortez demonstrated on 60 Minutes her flair for drama and ignorance, it was interesting that Rep. Rashida Tlaib demonstrated a foul mouth probably instructed by a foul brain. 

That one new Muslim congresswoman took her oath of office on Thomas Jefferson's copy of the Quran seemed an idiotic move.  Jefferson obtained a Quran not because he cherished the religion, but because he wanted evidence of the religion's horrors and dangers posed to a civilized society repulsed by the worship of death, dismemberment and the religious conversion of others against their will.  For my money, they should'a made her take the oath on a polygraph.

Mitt Romney:  Welcome, Mr. Senator.  Too bad you have that Trump flip-flop going on.  Romney has become like a sock which may be worn inside-out or outside-in, but one can't tell what side is what side.

"Mistaken identity" is the reason suggested for why the initial description of a suspect in the shooting murder of seven year old Jazmine Barnes was of a bearded white male (with blue eyes?).  As we now know, the primary suspect is very black and not white at all.  Mistaken identity.  Right.  And all the usual players in civil rights and community organizing were out there in the customary anti-white cheering section as this drama played out.  So now the truth emerges and the attitude is, what?  Oh, never mind, it's just mistaken identity.  It's amazing what some people get away with and what some people don't.

The Academy, Ellen and Kevin Hart:  This situation seems as phony as a nine-dollar bill.  We're not certain how big a role Ellen D. played in this game, but we're pretty sure the Academy Awards folk had trouble finding just the right host for the Oscar presentations and needed to backtrack gracefully.  We wish Hart would stop apologizing for a damned thing and would, indeed, continue to refuse the hosting job, because his good buddies in Hollywood will continue to act like a buzz saw next time he utters something which offends their twisted sensibilities.  Everybody else is the problem because they know better than the rest of us.

Nun abuse:  News services now focus upon lesbian nuns and damage they inflict upon the Catholic Church's reputation.  All well and good -- but why don't you crack journalists concentrate just as heavily upon female circumcision, gay murders and other atrocities still practiced routinely by Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood's cache of sub-humans from centuries way past?

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Can a Box of Rocks Get Even Dumber? (Plus: Roswell Redux Alert)

Disconcerting might be the right word.  It's disconcerting to watch ardent Democrats, blissfully unaware or self-ignorant of the blatant way a growing number of party faithfuls are semantically redefining their lot.  Once known merely as Democrats, now they are burdened with the more accurate definition, as the masks fall off, of Democratic socialists or socialist Democrats.  By admission!  No, the term isn't universal yet, but just be patient.

If traditional Democrats can't put a lid on their party's rush to something just this side of communism on a slow bake in the oven, they'll need to depend in large part as usual upon a significant number of illiterate border-jumpers, progressive ex-cons, public school dropouts, young clueless idealists, teachers' unions and other zombie-like labor unions for electoral success.  Democrats want true border security as much as they would champion an outbreak of leprosy.

That's why it was so un-refreshing to watch New York's progressive megalomaniac governor Andrew Cuomo spew out his manic re-election speech this week, promising to give NY the most progressive agenda ever.  If anybody speaks the language of putting government in total control of your life and taxing success and ingenuity to death, it's Cuomo.

While it's true that Cuomo and the New York State legislature now firmly control the political process, there's one little disparaging detail not touted in Cuomo's loud dictator-like/banana republic speech:  The inescapable fact that New York residents are fleeing the state faster and faster for reasons easy to comprehend.  The dramatic exit of heavily taxed New Yorkers will ultimately leave a vacuum destined to be filled by illegal criminals who seek "sanctuary cities" and all the fantastic welfare benefits promised by Cuomo and his gaggle of Democrats. Or is that Democratic socialists?

If one wants to destroy the fabric of a culture, Stink-tuary cities are the most lethal poison to be administered, and the Democrat Party injects this toxin like no other. 

Does the progressive aspect of society give a damn about a legal immigrant from Fiji who became a California police officer and was brutally murdered by an illegal piece of Mexican gang trash?

As artificial intelligence continues to claim formerly human jobs at a wildly increasing rate, the last thing the USA needs is more people invading against our laws "for a better life," because their only ultimate resources will be an engagement in serious crimes and a lapse into poverty as welfare dries up. 

We especially love how faded SNL star Jane Curtin and other celebrities accorded automatic genius stature in every realm by their theater colleagues and drooling fans have come out to attack political conservatives.  OF COURSE they do, because one progressive "pod person" leads to another until everybody sleeps, blissfully dedicated to nothing but growing more pods as every freedom held dear by the individual collapses.

Pod people?  Check out Sen. Elizabeth Warren's new home video, released in conjunction with her announced intention this week to run for President.  That's a pod video, baby, phoniest piece of politically energized bull poop we've viewed in ages.

All of this progressive nonsense floats to the top, even as Trump has to deal with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and a host of other threats helped along and nurtured over the years by, yes, Republicans, but arguably enhanced on steroids by eight years of the feckless, yet cunning Obama bunch.  While we fret and urinate and focus over proper medical care for invaders at the border, our foreign enemies use our concentration upon ill-fated border hospitality to work and weaponize against us.

Thanks Chuck Todd, NBC-TV's bearded genius:  What a journalist!  The science is all in, so nevermore shall voices from the opposing side on climate change be allowed to muddy up his Sunday morning marvel of intellectual excellence.  Haven't we heard that some 30,000 scientists, at least, are indeed not "in" with the accepted "conclusions" about climate?  If this is Todd's attitude about science -- which, by its very nature, is always subject to change -- maybe the right thing to do is for viewers to exclude Todd himself on Sunday mornings and go take a walk in the rain instead.

What would TV do without Roswell?  As folks continue to cut their TV cable services by the ton, one would expect a rise on free commercial TV in anything which could, without laughter, be called intellectual property.  Alas, the pathetic continues.

Just as the legend of the Roswell UFO crash was played up on a fictional TV series years ago, clueless TV fiction writers, unable to think about anything that doesn't feature a superhero, have returned to the mire with the CW network's upcoming Roswell, New Mexico on January 15.  No, I haven't viewed an episode, only the preview shown liberally on the CW network. I saw everything I needed to see. 

But why stop there?  Perhaps the CW can whip up a series about the long lost Judge Crater, where a group of heartthrob teens finds him every week, only to have him disappear mysteriously on a foggy street until the next episode.  Or how about a series where Bigfoot joins forces with the visiting Loch Ness Monster to fight crime in Los Angeles?  To really energize the base, why not a three-part biography on the brilliance of Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, so much smarter than the rest of us that she could not correctly name all three branches of government when asked?  Her intended economic policy for the country alone will leave adults rolling in the aisles with laughter and clueless teens worshiping her like Jesus.

Considering all the good research performed by Kevin Randle (see link list) and others regarding the facts about Roswell, to now see uninspired TV writers apparently think, oh, wow, let's re-exploit another series about aliens at Roswell interacting with humans is just so-o-o-o-o-o sappy, except maybe for 13-year-olds and vaping teens.  If outrageously slanted commercial TV network news doesn't kill off TV as we know it, all too frequent eruptions of pustules such as Roswell, New Mexico may.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Compassion Misappropriated

Scream.  Scream for the gasbag whiners who blame Trump and the United States for another Guatemalan child's death at the border.  Want to place blame?  Try the parents and then try it on the paid-off drug cartel thugs and hard line socialists who vector the world's impoverished and -- especially -- ignorant population to our borders.

When I think of all the expensive antibiotics, free medical care and emergency time spent with the child before he died, the only people "my heart goes out to" are American children and adults who can't even afford a visit with a doctor, let alone be offered freebie medications.

Increasingly, I'm ever so uninspired when the media and various socialist "aid" organizations tell me I'm supposed to be sad for tragedies at the border simply because I'm an American and what happens at the border caused by invasive diseased criminals and their children whom others have put in physical danger is all my fault and Trump's.

Close down the medical facilities and let the invaders fend for themselves and perish with their own diseases outside where our own children can't be accessed and infected.  A perilous journey undertaken by the uninvited is not our problem in any way.

My New Year's wish for 2019 is that numerous execrable legislators of all political ideologies this side of the border grow a pair and start fighting for our safety and security, not crying and slobbering over the planet's less privileged who feel somehow entitled to break into the house and start eating its walls from inside out until the entire framework collapses.

The wall?  Yes, because after decades of time available to control the borders, nobody in Congress accomplished anything, not even the few minutes it would take to rid us of the national "anchor baby" albatross.

Senator Schumer's hatred of Trump and Rep. Pelosi's negative air-headed responses to the idea of a wall speak unwell of Congress.  Wall money must be secured now, so why must we suffer the bellowing of obnoxious congressional fools?

It's chaos, shout media voices who know and use the meaning of the word all too well when border issues provide fodder.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Bits and Pieces for December 2018

Aching Breaking Broken News:   Arghhhhhhhh!  Right in our faces and before Christmas, too, a perfect example of why nobody should support a specific political party.  No thanks to the Republicans (we already know where the Democrats stand on securing potential voters from the swamp of illegals) President Trump's border wall appears all but dead.  He should have followed through and shut the government down, but instead he apparently caved to his party fossils and the conglomerate of self-serving bastards from both parties who have no intention of either "draining the swamp" or furthering what Trump was elected to do by his loyal and legal voters.  Will Trump ride in on a (dare I suggest the standard color?) white horse like a knight in shining border wall armor at the last minute and maybe procure funding for a wall from the Pentagon's budget or. . .?  Adding extreme insult to the situation, billions of dollars were already approved for both Mexico and Central America to assist in providing "opportunity" at home to supposedly make their people stay put.  How will that fare, when rational minds know in advance and by experience that all of that money will simply be gobbled up by corrupt politicians?  One more outrage for the pile -- and one to keep in mind when U.S. elections roll around again.

To those who celebrate the true, intended meaning of Christmas, may this year's be your best.  To those who watch satellite photo after satellite photo indicating that we live on one tiny rock floating in a universe teeming with rocks and UFOs feel that when we die we're as gone forever and irrelevantly as last fall's crumbling dead maple leaves, party on! 

It's a woman's world:  Well, maybe the outlook isn't quite as bright right now for women seeking employment.  Reports crop up occasionally of men in board rooms scared to death of hiring women, for fear that some innocent male-initiated action will be misinterpreted or that a man will say words offending just one female person -- and boom!  The consequential multi-million dollar lawsuit hovers nearby, ready to pounce and eviscerate both individuals and corporate bank accounts.  In a world increasingly devoid of common sense and congeniality as folks scramble to be the next victims "entitled" to an economic windfall to make what are often invisible wounds all better, such fears are not unfounded.  In desperation, maybe some enterprising attorney will come forth and suggest that women not be hired by companies for their own (the women's) protection from a host of possible real or ethereal threats.

In a society where boys have been all but alerted in writing that girls matter and they don't, how interesting it is also that at least some fragment of Great Britain's education system has begun teaching young students that both girls AND boys experience menstruation!  As established science is upended by leftist frauds with a deep, dark agenda, perhaps there should be a re-evaluation of who the real enemies are and the best ways to either convert them back to truth or dispatch them into oblivion.

In a related situation, it's refreshing to see some young men actually taking legal action against universities over Title Nine policies, which seem to have effectively shut a lot of young men out of their collegiate and professional dreams since its inception decades ago.  They have a point, of course, and if we really value "diversity" (we don't), calling Title Nine and its determined blind-siding enforcers into question is a good place to begin.

Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson:  Okay, so he had toxic feedback from a crummy joke and what's-'er-face won't marry him after all.  His friends feared for his life and intervened -- too bad they don't suggest he step away from the leftist side of the comedy tracks so he can laugh at himself, because as everybody knows Democrats can't tolerate being the butt of jokes.  Pete, don't drive off the cliff, just back away from the crazy left, which can't possibly offer you anything except a continuing infusion of delusion.

EPA chief Ryan Zinke bails out (or was deleted) of the Trump Administration:  Good.  There were questions about him from the start, and what constitutes "environment" really needs to be considered piece by piece, lest ambitious people reach too far.

Seven wasn't a lucky number for a seven-year-old child from Guatemala.  While the media and every Democrat with mammalian vocal cords sought to blame U.S. border personnel and Trump for her death, the fact is that her parents and the money-stuffed organizers of this particular "caravan" are directly responsible for her condition and demise, period.  It's bad enough that so many U.S. border hospitals have gone bankrupt and closed over the years because of an inundation by non-paying illegal immigrants, but to see our overstressed border people and facilities blamed for not doing enough for folks who aren't supposed to be here in the first place is absurd.  Yeah America, keep voting Democrat and keep this nonsense going.

Thank you Donald Trump for considering a pardon for former Green Beret Maj. Matt Goldsteyn, possibly serving a life sentence for killing an ISIS operative, a very bad ISIS operative.  Though warned about the dangers of pardoning military folk in military prisons, we think it's a great idea for the President to take a close look at everybody the military services have put under lock and key because of questionable acts.  I'm former military myself, and I have no illusions imagining military lawyers hoping to make rank and advance upward based upon convictions of whomever happens to be convenient.  Strong words, I know, but let's never think military politics are any less slippery than the civilian style.

Panic over "Obamacare":  Why does everybody panic over this mess being deemed unconstitutional when it was doomed to collapse no matter what?  Take far less government input and subsequent forced competition among health insurers all over the country, and we might just have something everybody can afford and cherish.

The Hypocrite of Megalomania Governorship:  New York's governor Andrew Cuomo gave one of his usual energized, I think a better word is manic, speeches this week, promising New Yorkers (that is, those downstate stupid enough to vote for him consistently and to accept his dogma) a "rebellion" from federal government policies.  This would be a great speech, if Cuomo weren't exactly what sane people with brains would actually rebel against.  We loved his embrace to legalize marijuana in New York, while his people alternatively express concern about a rise among young people and teenagers engaged in "vaping."  Both marijuana and the ingredients in electronic cigarettes contain a harvest of toxins, but Cuomo apparently prefers to tout one poison over another.  Last time we checked, everybody is born with one set of lungs and caring for them seems a tad preferable to interior- decorating them with toxic or questionable substances of permanent consequence.

A slick bunch of incoming representatives of NY government seem pre-immersed with plans to spend precious tax dollars and time pursuing the Trump family.  Maybe New Yorkers will get a really good sense of the socialist effluent they just elected.  Or re-elected.

CBS-TV's "60 Minutes" offered a shocking report on plastic in the world's oceans.  Yes, we've seen reports before, but this good piece emphasized animal deaths and habitat ruination caused by vast expanses of plastic substances above and below the surface, all the more troubling when plastic breaks into tiny pieces eaten by fish -- and, of course, eventually by us (revenge).  We believe that cleaning this disaster effectively will take far more effort than a new method proposed and put into motion by a Dutch man.

We don't know if science will save the oceans, but we aren't too happy about scientists poised to infuse the something-sphere overhead with sun-blocking substances.  Don't just-simple-people like you and I have a voice in who messes with our sunlight, forced instead to bow to the whim of mad scientists and bonkers governments?  Contact your members of Congress.  As if.

Africa calling:  Unfortunately, China's answering the call, and the United States needs to continue making inroads quickly.  My immediate concern is the animals of Africa, because if anybody expects the Chinese to show respect and avoid wiping out elephants and other wildlife so elite trophy hunters from back home can procure penis enhancement qualities valued by their superstitious ancestors, that's not likely to happen -- and African dictators will help if the price is right.  Human populations of the Congo and Nigeria are predicted to skyrocket in coming years, but growing humans in quantity appears far easier than protecting other species, unfortunately.

Facebook:  Oh, you folks are something.  I wouldn't trust you with a trilobite, let alone a byte.  Facebook, Google, Twitter, you're all the same to me.  If we ever find out in which direction to run, we all need to run for our lives, far away from perilous social networks of distinction.