Monday, November 30, 2020

When The Mutual Aberration Society Escapes the Asylum

 So here we are.  Damn.  The apparent scattering of Dominion personnel like rats from the proverbial sinking ship when asked to testify before Pennsylvania officials about their vote-counting equipment does not give one solace.  Where did they go?

Nor do we feel warm and fuzzy about the blame-Covid popularity mail-in ballots this time.  Too many affidavits, too many claims of naughty.

I was thinking about recyclables this week, where one plunks down an extra five cents or so to purchase something in a returnable bottle.  Plenty of people spend a fair amount of time collecting discarded roadside bottles to get a little cash.

Mail-in ballots might hold a similarity.  Imagine hundreds of thousands or millions being sent out -- or hand-delivered in multiples -- to folks who, frankly, could not be bothered previously to vote at all.  Maybe they suffered from perpetual laziness or detachment.  Maybe, and this may not be a rarity, they were just too ignorant or stupid to know anything about candidates or issues.  Maybe a fair percentage can't think beyond screwing and producing crack babies.

Take that percentage, gussy it up with flowery promises from local community organizers who show locals how to mark a vote with a D and never, never an R, and its conceivable one would have a large number of voters thinking they're darned nearly entering a Publishers Clearing House contest with free goodies waiting when "their" candidate wins.  The only step left is to mail that entry in before midnight.

Nevertheless, we may indeed become infested with a Harris/Biden Presidency, and we're spelling that in exactly the order it will actually be.  Biden already seems to take delight in squelching Trump's "America first" policy which brought the country so many good things before Covid-19 escaped from its Chinese cage.

Will Biden, like Trump, promise the American people that this country will never become a socialist nation?  His fans on the radical left wouldn't go for that.

Joe Biden's televised Thanksgiving message appeared rather out of place for somebody who hasn't even been sworn in yet.  When he mentioned an empty chair at his table, and then went on to describe all the (Covid death-related) empty chairs across the country, the only empty chair we sarcastically could think of was the one displayed on national TV by Clint Eastwood while empty-suit Obama hovered around the presidency as he simultaneously divided the nation racially.

Our luck.  47 years of a do-nothing Biden in Washington, and now we hit the electoral jackpot with this waste of space.  I'm reminded of that famous cartoon lampooning the return of failed presidential candidate Ross Perot,  where a skunk with Perot's face walks into a couple's kitchen, obviously exuding an odor, and the wife exclaims to her husband, "Honey, look!  It's Perot!  He's back!"  Like horror movie dwellers, some just never go away.

Which brings us to Obama.  Hardly ready to disappear into the background as other former presidents have, Obama is out there front and center, acting with authority as Biden re-staffs his administration with Obama's villainous faces of the past.  Believe it, super heroes are officially dead. One and all, we're sure this bunch will dive right back in and continue fighting racial discrimination with tons more racial discrimination.

Remember -- As Biden himself said, if you don't vote for Joe Biden you aren't black.

If there lurks widespread fraud to be uncovered from the election, that's a matter yet to be resolved.  However, we'll almost make this an iron-clad guarantee:  The complicit mainstream media, leftist activists disguised as journalists, will develop a daily love-fest with the Biden administration, and he and his puppets will do little or nothing wrong in the eyes of major press entities.  In no way will press coverage mimic the never-ceasing, day by day barrage of attacks on Trump.  As far as the major media is concerned -- mission accomplished.

Worst virus of the year?  Covid-19, of course.  Second worst?  Hunter Biden's laptop, filled with e-mails, sex stuff and info which might possibly point to a very interesting connection involving daddy, China and wherever other doors may lead.

Third worst virus?  The Conqueror Virus, otherwise known by me as the Harris/Biden scheme, cooked up by leftist radicals and all ready to go.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Bits and Pieces for November 2020


Gimme the vaccine, gimme, gimme!! 

We're interested to know that at least two new vaccines "effective" against Covid-19 are just about ready to go, but killjoys that we are, may we throw a little caution to this wind?

When I served in Air Force hospitals during the Vietnam years, I had a not-necessarily desired opportunity to see things that many physicians and nurses may never see throughout their careers.  One of these was not one, but several patients afflicted with the rare Guillain-Barre' syndrome.  In general, according to medical data from recent years, the United States only sees 4,000 or so G-B victims a year.

G-B appears to be an autoimmune assault in which one's immune system attacks itself while over-responding to a separate physical infection, resulting in one's own system attacking nerve sheaths and the nerves they protect.  Usually, the victim notices a systemic paralysis beginning in the lower extremities and advancing all the way up to the point where people sometimes require machine-assistance in breathing because respiratory muscles are themselves paralyzed.

Fortunately, full recovery generally occurs after many weeks or months, requiring in the meantime extensive physical therapy to protect joints and muscles from adhesions and atrophy.  The toll such attention requires from nursing and therapeutic personnel can be immense and tedious to the provider.

Why do I bother to mention all of this?  Simply because when the "Swine Flu" erupted, a small number of people receiving immunizations did indeed acquire the G-B syndrome.

And, therefore, we ask -- with these new Covid-19 miracle vaccines coming forth quickly, despite all the safety tests touted by the pharmaceutical industry, does anybody have any idea how many self-attacking immune systems may react badly to the introduction of this foreign material?  If, as we are told, these vaccines are produced under newer and better circumstances, maybe everything will be just fine.  Yet, a substance so new -- so "novel," like the virus itself -- has hardly enjoyed the benefit of working with the clock to observe long-term effects on auto-immunity following a coming plethora of immunizations.  A vaccine may indeed be 95 percent effective against the virus, but what potential percentage of those vaccinated are in jeopardy of neurological problems?  None?  Some?  We suspect that nobody can yet predict numbers of consequence.

The Social(ist) Network:  Were I once again handing out RB (Rat-Bastard) Awards, the current crop would need to go to the arbiters of "truth" at Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and among lesser players.  When you exclude, willfully censor, twist and manage news and information to suit a political agenda, that's when your identity as a platform goes away and your editing style as a publisher rushes in, altering your Internet benefits as a social network player. Slapping warnings upon and omitting conservative-based messages isn't right.  Certain politicians and globalists, of course, are in love with the diminution of our freedom of speech in the U.S.

On a much brighter note. the left itself is stoking a building rage over the existence of, a new and quickly growing alternative to the above entities which DOES NOT CENSOR thoughts, and welcomes members of both the political right and left.  Parler must be considered a threat to the current social Internet kidnappers because voices are on the rise calling for squelching of this free speech option.

Andrew Cuomo attempts to publish an ass-covering:  New York's classic dictator-in-waiting, currently disguised as governor, did what anybody dripping with self-denial and guilt would do -- he wrote a book exonerating himself from thousands of Covid-19 related nursing home deaths leading back to his own executive order.  So far, this idiocy has resulted in the paltry sale of approximately 11,000 copies, and we suspect that most of these byproducts of wasted forest trees were snapped up by family members and other associates of New York's omnipresent and failed leftist rule.  This elitist fool of privilege who reportedly never held a real job in his life need not have bothered to pen (or to have somebody ghost-pen) a book, because historians of worth will eventually record Cuomo, his failed leadership and his accommodating sycophants harshly, truthfully and with finality.  NY representative government and Cuomo have nothing to do with one another.

Like a bag of rotting fish everybody thought had been relegated to the trash heap, but somehow fell off the garbage truck, we note the return of Barack Obama, Iran's favorite economic gift horse.  He, like Andrew Cuomo, writes books in an attempt to assure a leadership legacy which never was. Interesting, isn't it, how ancient figurehead Biden seems to be re-introducing Obama Era names and faces so we can experience that horrible national two-term episode again, this time on mega-steroids?

Don't fail to visit the, where the plans of even more privileged jug heads such as Prince Charles and others have crafted "The Great Reset" for the world, an American constitution killer if ever there was one.  We must not allow this insanity and its reliance on the discounted "critical race theory" in education systems to go forward.  The Great Reset IS World War III to a free society.

"The first woman to. . ."
"The first black American to. . ."
"The first _______ to _______"

If we're all supposed to share equality, when is this nonsense going to stop?  It's disgraceful enough how The New Racists are doing all they can to erase white European accomplishments and history.  We're pretty certain that the Biden bunch will accommodate 'em in an attempt to kiss up to the radical left element which, we fondly hope, will just return to the sewer from which it emerged someday.

Trump's post-election rage:  So why wouldn't he raise hell?  Look at what the left and members of his own party have perpetrated upon him day after day, the lies, the banalities.

The Durham Report?  Attorney General Barr?  Where are-e-e-e-e y'all?  Remember indictments and arrests in waiting, etc., etc. . .?

Predator's corner:  Here I go again, stepping in it.  If only I had played it safe and remained wrapped up in the UFO subject.  Anyway, here goes. . .

 If some 90,000 former members have joined to sue the Boy Scouts of America for sexual violations, there are likely thousands and thousands more out there who want nothing to do with the whole, if you will pardon the expression, affair.  Taken together with voluminous charges against the Catholic Church, one really needs to ask?  Is this behavior, after all, normal? 

In the distant past on this blog, we touched (inappropriate word) upon the fact, fact, fact that there were ancient societies which not only condoned, but insisted upon sexual relationships between men and boys right down to, yes, the exchange of bodily fluids.  Such encounters were believed by these cultures to assure that boys would grow to be stronger men. 

Don't blame me, blame the ancients.  So. . .is there something genetic here?  Is it a case of, not the devil made them do it, but that genetics cause males to take liberties with the younger set?  We already know how that works with men who "lust" after young girls, but the undeniable truth that there appears to be a great deal of this behavior occurring in the older/younger male-to-male segment causes us to wonder about the actual difference between deviation and acceptance.  Don't throw the brickbats at me readers, it's the numbers which pique my curiosity.

In the remote past, when I reviewed unusual books for various publications, I encountered a good deal of writing on this subject, and while I've forgotten so much by now I still recommend the book, The Spirit and the Flesh to those intrigued by the issue.  Man/boy (unwanted) sex seems not to be a simple black-and-white matter, but when we witness law firms and politicians distorting events in order to acquire vast corporate fortunes, careful contemplation goes far, far away.  Whether in the tabloids or in the courtroom, sex sells, all kinds of sex.  Always. 👀

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Deprivation -- Key to the Pod People Victory

The Joe and Medusa saga begins.  To me, Kamala Harris and her radical pose fit the bill, and I intend to watch carefully for snakes replicating hair.  And Biden?  47 years worth of do-nothing in Washington and suddenly he's going to be the geriatric wunderkind?

Is this the trade-off so that cities won't burn and riots won't become standard street fare?  Vote Democrat to assure peace through welfare checks?

Hordes of Democrat voters and Trump haters (Haters exist on the left? Hmm.) are ecstatic.  At last, the orange man may fade and go away.  Or not.

A tremendous effort was exerted on the left in changing election rules before Covid-19 even became an issue, and just look at the results as confusion and vitriol muddy up the U.S. voting process this time around.  Will state electoral representatives "do something" about the chaos?  We doubt that.

So now the country can dismiss an America-loving Trump (his major "crime") and return to rule by professional politicians who never, ever entertained the notion that they could be swept away by a man who isn't one of them.  The pods must be protected, and millions of pod people who don't know or care very much about electoral consequences made pod security possible in the revised voting process.

Some folks apparently have short memories, while newly accumulated young voters benefit from no memories at all of the difference between Obama socialism and Trump's American freedoms.  Strange how a virus not only infects and kills, but simultaneously wipes away recollections of all the great things accomplished for a country and all of its people in the past four years.  All of this, even as a phony impeachment sucked the air out of political integrity and specific government personnel conspired to remove a sitting president through hook or by crook (mostly crook).

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden's laptop computer (apparently confirmed as genuine by both government officials AND Hunter's friends and associates whose computers contain the same legitimate messages) is summarily ignored by the so-called news media, even as evidence suggests that the Biden family's financial affairs may be as dirty as the contents of a cat's litter box. China plays big here.  Does anybody care?

Black Americans who did not vote for Trump, sad to say, may now slide right back into the Democrat plantation, the one which has kept slavery alive in several forms since the days when cotton-picking and the KKK exemplified the Democrat Party.

So what do we do now?  Embrace emotionally disturbed Greta Thunberg's crazy climate change religion?  Kiss up to Biden's fave China (follow the money?) and allow public schools to return to damning America instead of teaching about the good things?

Rotten to the core is still rotten to the core, no matter how radical Democrats wish to paint their existence otherwise.

Some deserve exactly what they are about to receive, as the rest of us will hope to be saved by the courts and U.S. Senate.  Beware as executive orders fly like bullets through the heart of established American values and traditions.  Will Georgia save us with two senatorial runoff elections scheduled for January 5, or will radical Democrats have free rein to transform the United States?

What happens in January?  The swamp will get swampier, the Deep State deeper and the radical leftist decay incessantly gnawing away at the national fabric will continue on steroids.  The Biden -- scratch that -- the Harris administration will do everything short of marrying the United Nations' radical elements and power to the people will mean power to a government which believes it knows better than the people.  Better than what the Constitution and Bill of Rights laid out.

Worst of all, "The Great Reset" (available for shocking review via the World Economic Forum) lusted after by globalists intent upon dismantling the United States has a good chance of simply walking into the national living room and taking over daily operations of the whole house.  It will all be about what one is allowed to have as opposed to individual initiative reaching higher and higher for one's own dreams and desires.

The mainstream media and established mega-Web players clearly managed, distorted and excluded important information which should have been available to all Americans, all in a more than obvious attempt to hide Trump and conservative accomplishments from public view. 

Their attempts to shield a generally clueless people from the last-minute revelations about outrageous and possibly criminal Biden family corruption via son Hunter's laptop computer -- confirmed as real and NOT a Russian trick of some sort -- succeeded beyond their wildest censorship dreams, effectively keeping Democrat voters who should rightly have been sickened by the revelation out of that particular loop.  Of course, a significant number of the pod people just didn't care.

Make no mistake:  The mainstream and not so mainstream media elected Biden and Harris, constantly ignoring and excluding facts and performing a daily beat-down of the Trump administration.  All they needed the American people for was to follow suit and use millions of fingers to select the abomination of a pre-determined choice.

Maybe the Democrats won't get us into another war (their specialty), but the leftists' serrated ripping apart of our national bowels will turn out to be battle enough.  The agenda is not only laid out, it's been waiting in the corner for years.  Pod people of good conscience probably have no idea what they just voted for.

We were sold democracy in all the fancy Democrat speeches, but when conservatives countered by warning that Venezuela, Cuba and all banana republics are democracies the pod people laughed and could not have cared less that America is a democratic republic, not a mere democracy.  The profound difference between the two terms means everything, as we may soon realize by stark confrontation with elected practitioners of leftist democracy.

We have now reached a point where the only entities possibly able to protect traditional American values from the seething hatred and clinical insanity of the left are the U.S. Senate and the Supreme Court.  The latter may bask in jeopardy if packing the court becomes an option.

What happens to a number of investigations currently underway against Trump's true enemies and, in breaking news, the effort to determine just what kind of a rating the Biden bunch allegedly deserves as a political crime family?

It's so pleasing to know that the radical leftist bunch is preparing lists of enemies based solely on who preferred Trump over the hell we're soon to witness.  I hope they spell my name right.

Once again, sober people from the right will need to step in again, should thoughtful elections bring them back, just to clean up the mess about to be created by extremists intent upon closing up America.

Unfortunately, it won't take a magician to make the most justified of inquiries simply disappear under the new Administration.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Sagan's Prediction

Tuesday was the poster child demonstrating that elections, apathy and putting one's trust in evil disguised as good have consequences. From (to date) the hundreds of Web pages comprising George M. Eberhart's profoundly educational online (free) .pdf, "UFOs and Intelligence:  A Timeline" I found this, noting something "timely" from 25 years ago -- though we hasten to mention that we strongly disagree with Sagan's views about UFOs:

1995 — Astronomer Carl Sagan publishes The Demon-Haunted World: Science As a Candle in the Dark, in which he aims to explain the scientific method to laypeople and encourage them to learn critical and skeptical thinking. He explains methods to help distinguish between ideas that are considered valid science and those that can be considered pseudoscience. Sagan states that when new ideas are offered for consideration, they should be tested by means of skeptical thinking and should stand up to rigorous questioning. He argues that the chances of extraterrestrial spacecraft visiting Earth are vanishingly small. However, he does think it plausible that Cold War concerns contributed to governments misleading their citizens about UFOs, and writes that “some UFO reports and analyses, and perhaps voluminous files, have been made inaccessible to the public which pays the bills ... It’s time for the files to be declassified and made generally available.” He cautions against jumping to conclusions about suppressed UFO data and stresses that there is no strong evidence that aliens are visiting the Earth either in the past or present. He worries that fake news and conspiracy theories will become the reality of the future, predicting: “I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or grandchildren’s time—when the United States is a service and information economy; when nearly all the manufacturing industries have slipped away to other countries; when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues; when the people have lost the ability to set their own agendas or knowledgeably question those in authority; when, clutching our crystals and nervously consulting our horoscopes, our critical faculties in decline, unable to distinguish between what feels good and what’s true, we slide, almost without noticing, back into superstition and darkness.” ( )

(Again, we remind readers that Eberhart's .pdf may be accessed at both the NICAP and CUFOS Web sites.)

Friday, October 30, 2020

The Self-Flushing Mainstream Media Toilet

TV networks, in particular, seem poised to pay dearly for politically one-sided, self-destructive behavior following the elections.

It's been a long haul for the TV folk, and what's been hauled is a steaming pile of leftist lies and the exclusion of truth required by every voting or at least aware American.  Viewers are already holding the leftist-dominated glitter box responsible for societal ignorance.  

We suspect that certain clusters of people are becoming "woke" in a way that members of the radical, so-called woke rodent nest won't appreciate.  Whether those clusters become self-enlightened enough before Election Day is a toss-up.  One can hope.

Meanwhile, the dangers lie among Democrat voters who innocently host no clue that this time around it isn't the routine Democrat Party chomping at the bit to gain power, but instead a cadre of extremists locked and loaded to end the United States as we know it today.

"The Great Reset," as touted by Time and others infatuated with United Nations dominance, will be the fetid prize won by American voters who choose Biden and, most especially, Harris over Trump and Pence.  "The Green Deal" is nothing more than The Greed Deal, and guess who pays?  Sooner rather than later, a nation runs out of rich people to tax relentlessly.

Should the worst happen at the polls, don't fail to remember what TV, Google, Facebook, Twitter and a plethora of leftist radicals slickly accomplished in order to change the country.  

The Chinese Communist Party could hardly be more proud of the way this has all been going down in, of all places, the United States. Are American voters going to accommodate 'em on November 3?