Thursday, March 12, 2020

Dedication's End

By now the world realizes that Covid-19 isn't some program streaming over the Internet.  In brutal affirmation of its true identity, the World Health Organization now describes this newest coronavirus as the root of a global pandemic.  Maybe the worst is ahead for the United States, or perhaps we'll be lucky.  In the meantime, the nation closes down many key areas and functions, the full consequences of which are yet unknown.

But epidemics and pandemics come and go, and so do health care workers.

Married as many are to their professions, when infections rise beyond the point of properly caring for patients based strictly upon high numbers,  physicians, nurses and supporting personnel with common sense may simply walk away.  They have families to protect, too, and when there comes a point where sticking around to care for high-risk patients becomes impossible or hopeless as well as dangerous to health care workers prone to multiple viral exposures in hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices, it's simply time to grab your sensibilities and get the hell out.  Left behind are not "the walking dead," just the dead.  This, at long last, is not just a television series with similarities.

Medical personnel tolerate a lot of crap from patients every day, some of it enhanced by lawyers looking to sue at the drop of a scalpel.  You think an attorney is going to wander around an emergency room as human virus incubators are wheeled in one after another?

If we take the abuse administered by unruly or frantic patients and add it to the incredible risks involved with approaching and staying close to vectors of new and perhaps untreatable diseases, one wonders how long it will be before virtually no health care personnel stay involved. 

When the only thing to do is to wait until bodies of the dead can be retrieved weeks or months later.

As always, the depth of nearly every crisis is all about the numbers, and the numerical black hole respects neither patient nor medical professional. We may just be in the early stages of forced self-education regarding this matter.

Bernie on the gurney:  No, it wasn't a lethal coronavirus, but the Democrats somehow gained common sense and put everybody's favorite communism fan in the back of the bus, at least for the moment.  Biden isn't really a cure, but at his age and mental state it's no secret that leftist people way behind the scenes would totally be puppeteering his nevertheless unlikely presidency. 

SETI cuts back:  After two decades SETI has terminated its popular universe-scanning project which involved the collection of information via personal computers by private citizens  -- and once again we say, hey SETI, everything you're searching for may already have been witnessed in the skies as UFOs.  Why shop for milk at the dairy store when the cow's been sitting in your living room, flatulently insisting upon its presence all these years?

Monday, March 2, 2020

Little Things Mean a Lot

The only good thing about ever-evolving viruses is their reminder that we humans are not the masters of the universe, never fully in control of our own destiny.  Their worst quality is the advantage of premature public invisibility, causing illness and death, while also causing panic in the streets due to a rational or irrational fear of the unknown.  Will daily life become unbearable for weeks to come -- or will the latest viral eruption disappear as quickly as it arrived?

Viruses are sort of like UFOs.  Unless viral illnesses can undergo quarantine, there's little to be done about them until an immunization is developed, and even then the anticipated cure may not be all that effective.  Regarding UFOs, UAP or whatever designation one wishes to apply to the untouchable, these, too, have a way of confounding and ridiculing current scientific knowledge -- and despite recent official revelations pretty much nailing down military concern about the enigma, the "cure" appears nebulous.

Because talk of the Covid-19 coronavirus occupies minds everywhere. . .

Here's another reason for the uninfected not to wear a mask:  Health officials have emphasized the futility of non-infected people wearing masks to protect themselves against the virus, and the shortage of proper masks across the world obviously puts the health and very lives of hands-on medical workers in jeopardy.

Having once worked in hospital health care, encountering instances where I needed to don a mask for either my or the patient's protection, I often wondered whether the mere presence of an enclosed device on one's face wouldn't put the wearer in danger because usually harmless bacteria and viruses living on the face could temporarily be nourished by respiratory moisture expelled into the mask and facial environment -- thereby causing them to flourish and enter the mask wearer's system, stronger and able to cause harm to health care workers who might unknowingly be vulnerable to infection.  And then there are. . .

Beards and mustaches: For some, facial hair is merely fashionable, while others follow religions which require a covering. For some men, hair conceals blemishes, either physical or emotional.  Some guys are just too lazy to shave.

No matter.  In the past we mentioned a small study, a sampling of miscellaneous beards which yielded, surprisingly, a disturbing number harboring microscopic bits of fecal matter.  That's alarming enough, to be sure, but with the arrival of a new coronavirus come new warnings about beards.  Essentially, medical professionals caution that beards may allow tiny openings between facial hair and face masks, potentially allowing viruses and bacteria to barge in unannounced and undetected.

How strange that some options may come down to choosing between the beard and the mask.

All may be futile anyway, because any virus can enter the body through the eyes, which conventional masks do not protect.  

In the meantime, we'll hope that viral uncertainties don't escalate out of control.  The world apparently owes a debt of gratitude to the Chinese doctor who blew the whistle regarding Covid-19 -- but, of course, he's dead now, a victim of both the virus and the disease of Chinese communism.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

India Ink

Watching President Trump's visit to India immediately raised our eyebrows as he strolled among the masses, for news reports had already alerted us to a DOUBLING of work visas allowed for foreign workers this year -- and a high percentage of those workers will journey from India, likely saving high tech companies big money as foreigners working for less money again will displace American workers who should rightfully train for and enjoy these domestic job opportunities.  While we marvel at all the positive things Trump has done for the country, casting Americans aside and importing "guest" workers in return for god-knows-what international favors or agreements is inordinately wrong. 

We also believe that the Trump administration needs to be very, very careful in allowing and encouraging activities potentially hazardous to environmental quality, and one need not be a bug-eyed leftist to embrace such concerns.

Congratulations, Democrats:  You did it!  Whilst you folks pursued orgasmic fantasies of denying Trump the Presidency through lies aplenty, you either ignored or allowed a little old "democratic socialist" (try substituting the word, communist) buddy named Bernie Sanders to hijack a significant part of your party, thereby sacrificing any vestige of sanity as both he and a cattle car full of cartoon-ish Democrat presidential wannabees vie to become the most inane candidate on display.  Guess who the thoroughly brainwashed college students want because all they hear is free, free, free stuff?  "B.S." stands for more than a person's name in this case.  Well done.

The Future is Female:  This phrase appears over and over again on TV shows and news features, and we wonder what impressionable boys think when they see four words almost guaranteed to send a message, and the message is that boys are useless, irrelevant and their dreams of the future will likely be eclipsed by women.  Apparently, destroying the Boy Scouts of America and decreasing the population of males attending college wasn't enough, and there exists a four-word sentence to prove it.  Ah yes, d-i-v-e-r-s-i-t-y, ain't it grand?

American Idol and the Democrat debates seem almost indistinguishable from one another.  Somebody performs their fantasy, questions are asked and judges or alleged journalists rank the performances by way of questions and responses.

Horse-faced reporters:  Unless they really love Bernie Sanders, and it seems many do, they need to expose his true intentions regarding destruction of the America we know.  Who needs Russian interference when you have Sanders in the race?  The only Russian collusion I want is to see that infamous painting of Putin and Medvedev attired in women's clothing touring the world.  Who says there's nothing funnier than a polonium sandwich on rye?

Coronavirus on parade:  Right across the Southern border with illegal immigrants from around the world, we suspect.  At least, it's not impossible.

2,000 Maniacs isn't just an old movie:  How many of those former DOJ folk who signed a statement asking for Atty. General Barr's removal are Democrats -- or, more likely, just garden-variety Trump haters?

Goodbye, China:  The rest of the world and especially the U.S. need to go into high gear to avoid relying upon China for important future products involving medicine, manufacturing and other tools of anticipated global domination wielded by China.  Once upon a time, we needed China for very little, and it's high time to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear.  Thanks Bill Clinton, thanks NAFTA, thanks naughty politicians on both sides of the aisle for our current position.  As things stand, I guess it takes a Trump to raise a village.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Infection Redirection

The emergence of a new coronavirus in China may not result in the ultimate pandemic, but better options for prevention in the U.S. would be reasonable.  First of all, if you happen to be an American living in or visiting China, we should not be sending airplanes to bring you back.  We may believe we're champions of the quarantine process, but it only takes one tiny error to promote medical chaos.  What happens in China should stay in China when world health becomes an issue, and Americans in foreign lands should immediately become as eligible for quarantine as anybody else.

Nor does sending potential disease victims to military bases in the U.S. for quarantine make any sense, no more than housing illegal aliens, all of whom threaten American military personnel merely as incubators of infection.  We need our military personnel healthy and strong, and despite assurances from multiple government agencies, opening military locations up to even the tiniest quarantine error could spell national disaster in a world of American haters anxious for pandemonium here.  Yet, new reports indicate that the military, perhaps taking a clue from China, is assembling quarantine centers near several bases.

Instead, like "refugees" as widely defined, why not transport potential virus victims to sanctuary cities, obviously crazy about accepting anybody, no questions asked?  Or how about housing these folks in palatial Hollywood edifices and estates, many of which exist merely for the self-worship of utter celebrity?

Congratulations to the Obamas for being awarded an obligatory Oscar regarding a factory docu- something or another they put on film.  This momentous occasion reminds us fondly of the Nobel Peace Prize Barack Obama received early in his presidency for doing absolutely nothing -- an accomplishment eerily, we fear, about to be reproduced as Sweden submits the name of Greta Thunberg for a Nobel.  We wonder if the poor child, now apparently 17, can even pour and drink a glass of water without her parents' managerial intellectual input and consent.

We offer young Greta some advice before she continues to go whole-hog on the climate change issue:  If scientists affiliated with NASA and other research ventures are correct in their assertion that a regularly scheduled "solar minimum" phase (we're talking about a paucity of sunspot activity as the sun sort of takes a nap) may be about to influence and cool down the Earth and neighboring planets for several years, "global warming" may not only be desirable, but absolutely crucial for our survival.  Or not.  Never mind.

Save the planet?  The Earth will be just fine, with or without us, particularly without.

The Oscars presentation on TV did not bomb out, but viewership was millions less than last year.  Too bad, all that brainy content espoused by the smartest people in the world missed by a television audience obviously too not-woke to tune in.  Unimpressed as we were with sheep-herded political comments by the stars of cinema, we at least had hopes that Brad Pitt's interesting comments would be inspiring and uplifting -- until he had to throw in regrets about John Bolton's lack of an interview during the Senate impeachment doings.  For Chis'sake Brad Pitt, don'tcha know the man just wants to sell a book like any other normal celeb?

Rush Limbaugh receives the Medal of Freedom from President Trump:  Why stop there?  If one wants to offer profound thanks to radio hosts who influenced public opinion in their own inimitable way, don't forget Long John Nebel, Frank Edwards, Brad Crandall, Gene Reynolds, Joe Pyne and, oh, so many more -- not to mention talk show hosts whose range extends no further than their home communities.

Police shootings in New York City:  Attempts at police "assassinations," according to mayor De Blasio who, strangely, has not been very supportive of law enforcement personnel in his city, perhaps echoing similar attitudes in other cities perpetually ruined by long-term Democrat subjugation-by-administration.  Having cautioned his own son that police officers are an entity to fear, De Blasio's sudden turnaround seems political in nature, nothing more, nothing less.  NY City:  Kick these phonies out of office, from NYC to Albany.  Criminals now own the streets with the help of an unyielding Democrat legislature.  Nice to see NYC cops mad as hell at this fool of a mayor.

Frankly, it's amazing how law enforcement personnel, who protect gun-hating NY politicians with the very weapons which ordinary citizens are often denied without great difficulty, can continue to protect officials who apparently despise the tools of their trade.

Oh, Canada:  Blackface freak Justin Trudeau wants to license members of the press, apparently in some lame attempt to clean up the news.  Not only is this frightening, it's also a maneuver we in the states should probably expect in the near future.  Beware Canada, beware USA.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Meanwhile, as the Democrats Caucus in Iowa. . .

Meanwhile, as the Democrats Caucus in Iowa. . .