Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Ties that Bind (plus Golfing in Helsinki)

I hate ties.  I've always hated them. I hate trying to knot them correctly and I hate needing to color-coordinate them with everything else with which one is attired.  In restaurants, I hate watching some who dine, inadvertently sweeping the ends of their ties through food.

In hospital cafeterias, I especially used to hate watching doctors drag ties and/or stethoscopes across their plates just before rushing off to see patients, without washing either hands or loose ends.

But there's another, more substantial reason why I prefer to eschew ties, and it's nice to see that science is finally taking a closer look at these human-style dog collars.

On the street we've all seen red-faced business executives all prettied up with colorful neckties intended to convey various images, shirts buttoned to the top and necks constricted to the max.  In hospitals, I don't think there is any question that some of these folks arrive by ambulance as victims of a stroke, often seeming "too young" to have experienced the life-threatening rupture or occlusion of blood vessels in the brain.

We humans weren't built to wear restrictive devices around our necks.  Depending upon where we were born on the planet, we were either intended to go pretty much naked in warm climates or to pile on with animal skins and vegetation to insulate us from the cold.

The necktie's arrival only served to hasten our medical problems, in my opinion, including restriction of blood to the brain, facilitation of clot formation and even causing an effect on the cervical vertebral column.  Why not just put a noose on your neck and tighten it until your eyes pop?  Ouch.  Okay, call me a crank.

Except you'd also need to call the mayor Of Lancaster, CA a crank, because (per the Los Angeles Times, July 12) Mayor Parris wants to make ties optional for city employees, citing particularly health concerns.

And there is scientific precedent.  Researchers at Germany's University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein scanned brains of thirty men, half of whom wore neckties, and results indicated that at least a ten-percent decrease in blood flow affected a third of the tie-wearing subjects.

"The study does not explain how the 7.5% average decrease in blood circulation might affect brain function," states the article. "But generally speaking, poor cerebral blood flow can lead to brain tissue death and result in stroke, hemorrhage and other conditions. . ."

Also of interest is mention of a 2003 study published in the Journal of Ophthalmology, suggesting that wearing ties tightly may increase the risk for blindness and glaucoma.

So, considering the crazy social climate in the country, maybe next time somebody gives you a tie as a gift you need to call the police and have them arrested for assault?

The Trump-Putin Meeting: Putin presented Trump a ball from the World Cup affair, but in the eyes of many Trump dropped the ball of effectively dealing with Russia's favorite and, um, colorful dictator.    It's probably unfair for me to second-guess Trump, but I'd almost rather the President had met with Putin nemesis Pussy Riot instead of Mother Russia's main squeeze(r).

So what happened in Finland?  Trump was being Trump, an America lover to the core, but sometimes words spoken publicly get him into trouble.  Few apparently ponder this, but aside from poorly chosen -- and as of today, mistakenly worded -- comments, what was Trump to do?  Insult Putin before the cameras, causing Russia's leader to drop his ear piece and storm out of the room, effectively closing the door on any vestiges of reasonable peace talks?  Brennan, Schumer, Flake, McCain and all the usual Trump-hating suspects wasted no time going on the attack in "collusion" with mainstream media automatons thrilled to publicize their barbs.  The press wanted a fight and asked provocative questions to force one -- and how about the "journalist" removed for carrying an anti-nuke message, which he claimed wasn't really a. . .oh, who knows?

No, the President didn't endear himself to our intelligence agencies while speaking in Helsinki, so call him out on it, accept today's apology and let's move on.  But to threaten him with accusations of treason and scare the country by turning Donald Trump into a frightening monster via elite members of both government and media who carry their own curious baggage assures a pretty stupid scene.

Trump's reference to Pakistan and the missing DNC server, make that servers, frankly, should receive concerted attention, but since that turns everything back to the Democrats and their adoring media, who excel at burying their party's poop far away from the public eye, well, good luck.

Maybe nobody's noticed, but as the newest chapter in the "Cold War" marches forward (thanks Obama) Russia, not to mention China, has developed some really scary weapons.  We've two choices:  Want to engage Russia militarily and enjoy a lovely calamitous war, or should we maybe work around Trump's comments a bit and try for cooler heads? 

Cody Wilson won his long, long war with the Feds, and 3-D printer instructions for manufacturing the kind of one-shot firearm he posted online are deemed not an illegal download.  Further, the government was forced to admit that AR-type firearms fulfill the description of a sporting gun, not a military weapon.  Funny, but not unusual, how the MSM can't bother to shout out this victory for both the First and Second Amendments.

The ACLU are little more than extortionists and thugs, as far as I'm concerned.  Any group of activists weaponized with law degrees who insist on forcing hard-working, tax-paying Americans to accept, house, feed and pay for illegal alien families are a scourge of the country.  The accompanying involvement of "relief" organizations raking in obscene amounts of our money adds to the blight.  Before gangs with pitchforks and torches storm the White House to rid the nation of Donald Trump, they really need to think twice and then a third time, because actions initiated and expanded to clean up immigration corruption currently are a gift we may never see again.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Don't Hurry to Bury Roe v. Wade

Just hours before President Trump names his Supreme Court nominee (and may there soon be more), we continue to watch hard-core Republicans and members of the far right almost shouting with glee, convinced that Roe v. Wade will be overturned.  I, of course, am an Independent voter who, nevertheless, detests almost everything the left has offered and proclaims to offer as its brain trust turns ever more radical.

Still, I'm not on the list endorsing a reverse decision for Roe v. Wade.  Once we start overturning issues already decided by the highest court, does it not become easier and convenient to start busting all kinds of decisions assumed to be the "last word?"

Abortions are not going away any time soon, no matter what courts decide.  Would it not be nice if they all but disappeared?  Well, maybe so, but wouldn't it be astonishing if science invented 50 new methods of safe, effective and inexpensive birth control for males and females, substances whose manner of absorption presented no obstacles or side-effects?

Our disclaimer, obvious to those who follow this blog, is that we are not proponents for excessive human population growth whatsoever, and prefer that the ultimate solution, short of dreaded wars and grinding military action, is social responsibility.  We simply adore repeated utterances from organizations with an agenda, stating that human population is actually on the decline, but we're rather skeptical about what these assertions mean, depending upon world locations chosen for conversation.  If world hunger is bad, just wait until water wars step up and we witness how a lot of people are a lot of people.

Meanwhile, our Democrat friends persist in attracting the most outrageous leftist tripe ever, the most fantastic being calls for the abolition of I.C.E.  Frosting that cake was the win for congressional Democrat candidate and avowed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of whom DNC chairman Tom Perez remarked is "the future of our party."  If one couldn't get enough of this pronouncement, there was also the not widely reported news tidbit announcing that one Gregory "Shoaib" Jones of Alaska plans to run for Congress.  Enhancing his resume' is Jones' membership in the radical group, Muslims of the Americas, investigated since the seventies by the government.

We, who wrote letters to newspaper editors years ago promising water on the moon (you're welcome, NASA) purely via common sense, were hardly surprised at NASA's revelation last week confirming the existence of organic molecules on Mars. 

Unfortunately, our expectations and dedicated faith about science in general were slammed to bits when a researcher recently used strong language to suggest that most -- most? -- scientific studies are simply wrong.

But aside from all of this, even as the Chinese announce production of a super-powerful rocket (among other fast-track weapons), many of us while away precious moments blubbering over uninvited adult criminals bringing or sending their uninvited children over the U.S. border, hoping to make things even worse by closing down I.C.E. 

The left and their beloved Hollywood supporters have gone mad in America, mad beyond belief, and it's a terrible sight to behold.  No matter the name Trump puts out there in a few hours, we'll be listening for the sounds of leftist lunacy turned up to high volume.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Filling a Blank Space with Invisible Ink, June 29 2018

Really, I thought I had seen almost everything until I happened upon photos last week of young gun protestor David Hogg, walking the streets of New York during his book tour (oh god yes, his book tour) with apparently armed guards.  He joins several tons in weight of celebrities and politicians who crab about firearms, yet can't seem to muster the firmness of their beliefs to shun human protectors with guns.

I wish somebody had been armed and ready when a pathetic little nothing named Ramos emptied bullets, blind rage and the darkest of evil intent into unsuspecting members of a newspaper staff in Maryland Thursday.   With estimates of, what, some 400 million or more guns in America,  it seems a lot of them should be posted in a myriad of places where the best of intentions can be carried out quickly when necessary.  Not that the political left will go for that, of course.

When I was at least semi-respectable and wrote for some national magazines a few years ago, there were those rare occasions when correspondence from the crazies would arrive in the mailbox.  They weren't threatening, just pretty much void of sense or logic.  The kind of mail you don't care to answer because there's nothing to say.  Yet, some letters, though on the edge, were also accomplished by people of apparently immense intelligence -- but the word, "disturbed" could not be excluded.

Whether the conversation involves schools, newspaper offices or movie theaters, we hasten to suggest that the solution to gun violence is indeed guns.  We cannot pretty-please our way out of human irrationality, seasoned grudges or situations where society's dangerously squirming brains go on the attack.  Some events can only be confronted in like ways.  Period.

The Supreme Court:  Whew!  If you lean conservative, look at it this way -- if you tire of your vote counting as virtually meaningless in "blue states" where radical leftists hold the reigns, Trump's determined appointment of traditional judges to the Court will be the vote you couldn't make, and this one's gonna count in bigger ways than many will suspect.

Meanwhile, it didn't require consultations with a psychic to know that NY's governor Andrew Cuomo and other state officials accustomed to being fed election funds to the point of gluttony by the public unions would go absolutely bonkers by the Court's decision stating that workers can't be forced to join unions or pay union dues.  A third party is no party at all, it turns out.

No, I'm not all in on the right's wins, but as July 4 approaches I feel a lot better about the country than I did under eight years of the refreshingly now (mostly) silent Obama.

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Mother-Child Battering Ram Invasion

We've come a long way from the mother-child reunion to the mother-child border invasion, and we most definitely can't put a tune to this song.  Furious words, maybe, but no music.

Remember the Republicans.  And, oh most certainly, remember the Democrats.  The border issues should have been solved decades ago, but instead of keeping us safe the political crowd fails and/or calculates like clockwork.

This week, monetary figures have been tumbled about, reiterated and resurfaced, totaling up national health, education, prison and welfare costs annually for illegal (that means criminal, for the uninformed) immigrants in the United States, and the shocking, grand sum of more than 38 billion dollars shines like neon lights in a forest.

The mainstream media and politicians anxious for a little face time on camera seem unable to focus upon anything but the carefully screened video portraits showing mothers and children invading America via teardrop tickets.  It's rather like a run of foreign exchange students who exchange nothing in return except demands for a new life paid for by U.S. taxpayers.  It's like, it's like, it's. . .like. . .a mouse infestation, overwhelming every stick of wood and foundation materials in the house, chewing up your stuff until the whole house collapses.  Until the whole country collapses.

Compassion can kill you.  I'll happily be the bad guy for writing that.  There truly is a limit to services available and services able to be rendered to the world's masses, as they come here uninvited, carrying diseases unknown and possessing absolutely no education or skills upon which our society depends. We're certain, though, that they know who pays the bill. 
Men, mothers, children, the specifics don't matter,  All that matters in the end is numbers, and the numbers both observable and yet to come -- yes, and still coming -- are worse than a horror story featuring zombies.  Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and all the other places from which people escape various evils have turned their populations into zombie nomads, and their journey north is assisted and encouraged by Mexico, a country with which we should be on friendlier terms, but these days whose government acts no less outrageously than the wicked drug lords already giving the country a bad identity.  And through Mexico also journey the terrorists.

We've all read of bird species which lay eggs in the nests of other species on the sly, thus letting other parent birds do all the work, exactly the same scenario occurring at the Southern border with invaders weaponized with their own babies, children and, doubtless, pregnant mothers who arrive -- just in time.  Sorry, but the kids aren't adorable, the babies aren't adorable, the pregnancies aren't adorable, the men and women making this tale of terror possible are not adorable.  Americans are tired to death of solving walk-in problems with welfare paid by us all.

How many times have I written in so many words over the years, your babies aren't cute anymore?  Maybe now you realize the meaning in those words, pounded into emphasis at the border, the damned border.  It's people, it's numbers which automatically drive consequences, nothing else.  We must simplify laws enough to give new arrivals a quick hearing and, we're hopeful, a quick goodbye as most are refused.  Compassion, yes, it's wonderful, but we can't afford it anymore, especially because it now seems pretty obvious that the rest of the world will just keep coming, without end.  What rational nation on this planet wants to watch itself being eaten alive by an invasion prettied up with moms, babies and demands beyond reason or comprehension?

Brigitte Gabriel, an actual LEGAL immigrant who heads up and speaks for Act for America is making the rounds this week, noting that her Facebook page was taken down when she started criticizing illegal immigration.  Must be that mean ol' hate speech thing.  The best thing to happen to Facebook would be its demise, because it surely appears unable or unwilling -- unwilling -- to serve the free speech expectations of its subscribers.

Gotta run now.  Maybe I'll wander on down to that famous Red Hen restaurant for a quick bite -- and after they bite me, I'm sure I'll be told to leave.  And just why is that hen red?  Hmm.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Killing a Country - The Suicidal Left

Isn't it interesting how the press and public organizers currently focus upon celebrity suicides, but few apparently care a scintilla about the slow and predetermined intellectual suicide of a country happening right before our eyes?  Anybody truly caught up in the spider web of leftist compassion for "the children," believing this agenda is pure, plays a fool's game.

Compassion, either legitimate or phony, blindly driven by the thirst for political power is a very dangerous thing.  Yes, we're referencing the border which separates and protects the United States from a majority of the world's human misery, evils, detritus and invading numbers that won't stop coming unless we enforce our laws.

Unfortunately, speaking of national suicide, religious organizations of several faiths believe it their duty to overwhelm national borders with the world's masses -- and converting all of this into obscene amounts of money for their own coffers along the way.  Who pays?  We pay.

Donald Trump, on the way to possibly becoming one of our greatest Presidents (sorry, but I'm not alone in that opinion), is our last and best chance to protect the border and kick out a hell of a lot of people who have no business being here AND CERTAINLY DESERVE NO COMPASSION FOR SUBJECTING THEIR CHILDREN TO THE HAZARDOUS JOURNEY NORTH.

Trump's "America first" policy may not bode well for the "blame America first" cult on the left, and we would hope his administration will hold firm on the immigration issue -- though we harbor fears about Speaker Ryan and his colleagues who are pushing an absolutely dreadful bill pretty much mirroring the "Gang of Eight" attempts from last time.

We condemn the Pope, Pelosi, moron celebs and others crying their eyes out and blaming the government for the inescapable fact that the "poor children" are here because their families brought or sent them here.  We don't care about the reasons, we care about the laws.  That AG Jeff Sessions has announced that domestic violence will no longer be an option for entry into the U.S. is logical:  That is to say, if a woman from some Central American crap hole arrives at our border with four children in tow and demands admission because a pit bull ripped her arm off, why would this be any less of a reason than if her husband beat her?  We cannot and never should have embraced the world's domestic problems.

And speaking of Central America, isn't it generally accepted that "refugees" must be taken in by the first country they reach -- which would be Mexico?  So how is it that Mexico helps their journey along to the USA?  Refugees, illegal aliens, undocumented border crossers -- I say tomAto, you say toMAto, let's call the whole thing off.  Oh, if life were indeed song lyrics.

We now have all sorts of information hidden during the disgusting Obama years demonstrating how statistics were fudged and actions kept out of public view when it came to depositing illegal "children" (criminals, too) all over the country, and the particular shame of it all is that the Obama bunch are not in prison for a litany of illegalities and enshrouded maneuvers.  Sadly, too many young people poised to vote do not understand that the left is the crazed beast and its basic makeup is not up for change, no matter what its inner circle says.

AT THE VERY LEAST, Congress could solve in one day the pathetic issue of "anchor babies," whose mothers strive to give birth in the USA so their children can become instant citizens and thereby open the door for the whole mother-freaking trash family to enter the country and help suck the welfare cow dry, courtesy of stupid American taxpayers and members of Congress who allow this travesty to continue and grow out of control.  By the way, how's that Social Security account doing these days, abused as it is by a cascade of folks who should have no access to it?  Get rid of anchor babies now!

So where is my sympathy for the global masses?  I guess at the same place where it might have been even before various societies became aware of the existence of other peoples -- blissfully absent.  Frankly, I expressed my ultimate compassion during four Air Force years working in a medical capacity as the Vietnam years rolled forth, helping care for thousands of patients, so I don't mind saying that I'm darned nearly fresh out of tears for the border-invading rest of the world.  Hey President Trump, hey House, hey Senate -- just roll through these unresolved thousands of "claims" for permanent residency in the U.S. and kick what appears overwhelmingly to be either the dregs of the planet or baby machines with little in their heads except the will to reproduce an excess of more unfortunate poverty-stricken beings out of our country.

Incidentally -- anybody remember those folks waiting at the gates for years who applied for citizenship via the legal process in the first place?  The "Invasion First" policy demonstrated by criminals accompanied by safety valves called children is hardly a good way to make America great again.

Which means, if you don't want your babies and older kids subjected to U.S. laws, don't bring or send them here in the first place.  The families, not our laws, are the absolutely dirt bag perpetrators here, helped along in no small way by the Mexican government which looks the other way as the transit of unending hundreds of thousands continued over the decades.

The U.S. political left wants no part of any of this because they need new voters, new dues-paying union employees whose campaign contributions fill their coffers and people eternally grateful to the Democrats for making the mean old conservatives with national values go away.  To that end, the left will jeopardize all of us and always has.

Unfortunately, new polls suggest millennials have no problems embracing socialism, even though most have no idea what socialism is.  We'll make it simple:  Socialism is what leftist conduct leads to, and the Democrat elite are leftists -- their ranks infested as never before with radical players who would like nothing better than to mold a country whose finest parts will, as always happens, degenerate into a country like Venezuela.  The misplaced yet hard-sought image of Utopia will forever remain in the fiction books.

The Fabulous Four:  Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, according to an investigation conducted by The Daily Caller (June 6), are assisted by the Southern Poverty Law Center in determining what entities are "hate groups."  Amazon is particularly singled out for pretending to be unbiased while simultaneously giving the SPLC "the most direct authority" to identify hate groups.  The SPLC, affirms the investigation, has a history of inaccuracies, so this appears a marriage made in hell for sure, in our opinion.  Because the Center has a strange and questionable habit of listing conservative organizations as hate groups, the issue here is hardly minimal in scope.

Get out the Crayons!  Reuters (June 12) reports that the Freedom Party of veteran Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders will hold a cartoon competition depicting Mohammad later this year.  Because violence always seems to be invoked when these contests occur, we can only hope that cartoon images of Mohammad really take the cake!  We're not sure about this, of course, but once we've seen cartoons of Mohammad depicted with a bomb in his turban (as in years past), that pretty much says it all.  Wilders himself desires to ban the Koran, stating that Islam is a totalitarian faith with tolerance for no other religion and no desire for freedom of speech.  Hmm -- a religion which believes in throwing gay people to their death from roofs and stoning women to death has no tolerance?

Welcome to the United States Space Force:  This is an idea whose time had come years ago, and we applaud Trump for publicly endorsing the concept and forging ahead, as he explained that we must have "dominance in space."  While many insist, correctly by the way, that future skirmishes and wars will significantly involve access to clean water, it's no secret that China, Russia and lesser up-and-coming space race players harboring less than friendly intent toward competitors constitute a growing threat to neighboring satellites and other devices sharing deep space.  A USSF, unquestionably, is another ultra-expensive asset we can't afford, but nor can we sign a national death warrant by ignoring the deadly obvious possibilities which lurk increasingly in space (such as satellite killers and lasers equipped to devastate entire cities)  -- and this time we aren't talking about alien invaders from Tau this or Zeta that.  As a side note, we're curious to see if a whole new standard regarding military rank, uniforms and uniform insignias emerge from this forward-looking plan, once it takes off into the wild no-longer-necessarily-blue yonder.