Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Living Rent-Free at the CIA

Many years have passed since I actively pursued the UFO issue, so as a bystander I applaud the efforts of researchers who strain their eyes and miss dinner as they endlessly pore through old government files and tattered private documents.  I believe the last time I delved heavily into an inquiry of consequence occurred in the eighties when the late Bob Warth of the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained (SITU, now long defunct) talked me into exploring documents at a university library for some project whose end-game was best known to himself. In the seventies I spent considerable time in Rochester, NY where I researched files at Kodak and the George Eastman House for a firm involved with the production of Kodak's centennial edition of Studio Light, a favorite of professional photographers.

With that behind me, it's fair to say that my lack of hands-on involvement with UFO inquiries these days causes me to miss a lot.  Yes, I have occasionally run into some minor thing I wrote or was written about me in old files released by private concerns or government agencies, but I tend to happen upon such soon-forgotten things by chance.

Therefore, it was no surprise, yet intriguing, when I stumbled upon something on the Internet last week that made me blink twice, or better make that three times.  Apparently, it has been out there since release by the CIA -- yeah, that CIA -- in 2003 with its own government file number.

As a teenager in the sixties I wrote plenty of letters to editors of numerous newspapers and magazines regarding UFOs, and most of them were printed.  A particular newspaper letter, typed out in January of 1967, listed important UFO reports from the previous year, and we all know that 1966 was a stunning year for interesting UFO cases.

Thing is, it seems my comments referencing the CIA perked up official eyes somewhere because the entirety of the letter ended up in CIA files.

I've only included a small portion of the newspaper piece here, but as you can see there is a small underlining where I mentioned the CIA.  Apparently, somebody making this mark determined the letter-to-the-editor appropriate for filing in the Spook House.  For almost 35 years, my teenage composition about UFOs remained concealed in CIA files for reasons best known to the person or persons who made the decision to throw it into the pile.

Why?  Simply because it mentions the CIA?  Because UFOs in 1966 were of considerable concern officially?  A reference to the (not specified at that time) Robertson Panel report?  And if one wishes to file away a letter of this nature from a homegrown writer, why not at the FBI?  Was I considered a global crackpot?  International terrorist? National security threat? Merely a curiosity?  Was I Billy the Kid?  John Dillinger?  Clyde Barrow (sorry, no relation)?  Half human and half dog?  Was it clipped from the newspaper and just squirreled away for "later," much like when your grandma cut out pie recipes for pies she never baked?

Really, I don't comprehend the total picture here because everything I wrote was public knowledge by that time.  I'm betting there was increased high-level government concern about UFOs, particularly after 1966 flooded the nation with disturbing sighting reports, so maybe everything in print was fair game.  Still. . .

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  I do so compassionately hope, as somebody in Officialdom was running breathlessly across the floor in 1967 with scissors all sharpened up and poised to clip a newspaper op-ed letter, intended for either the creation or augmentation of a darling little WATCH-FILE NAMED IN MY HONOR, that they didn't trip over the sports page and sustain an injury.

Of course, a potential complication now is the CIA trolling the Internet, finding this blog page and supplementing the old file with (sigh. . .) a new entry.  If only they had stuck with the front page in 1967 and read no further.  Argh!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Any Which Way They Can, 2019

Sticky webs of flapdoodle hopelessly spun by the Democrats, compromised intelligence officials and their complicit media friends have the side-effect of making President Trump and the United States appear weak and feckless in the eyes of the world.  As a result, China and Iran become even more emboldened. Our Kurdish allies in Syria were abandoned this week by a Presidential administration perhaps too wrapped up in contrived leftist sniping and bull crap to effectively lead and consider long-term consequences of radical actions.  Yes, Mr. Trump was wrong this time.  The American-loyal Kurds deserved better.

As you may know, I really couldn't care less about professional athletics and who can direct a ball into a hole, basket, net or an alternate universe.  Nevertheless, I was profoundly grateful that the Houston Rockets general manager possessed the gonads to publicly comment on and support the poor people of Hong Kong, Chinese victims one and all.  The NBA, at first condemning him, and only later kinda sorta backing off, is truly deplorable for taking big Chinese money instead of standing up for human rights.  The NBA is hardly alone, for major corporations in this and other countries have sold their souls to the Chinese communists, be it contractual economic policies or allowing China to steal intellectual property.

The people of Hong Kong do not need the Chinese communist party, and that's the last thing China wants advertised to the world.  Hong works, China tortures, murders and "re-educates."

Even in Philadelphia, people attending a 76rs game and holding up a pro Hong Kong sign, were ejected.  I guess that's free speech in America -- but don't dare criticize Chinese monsters.

As China seeks to undermine, quell and kill off with deathly finality Hong Kong's brave opposition to its communist policies, the controlled mainstream media in the U.S. hypes up apparently inconsequential whistle blowers, hoping, as always, for a hit on Trump's presidency.  Never mind, of course, China's 70th communist anniversary and parade in which they unveiled an allegedly hypersonic nuke missile capable of reaching the United States in 30 minutes.  Why make the news about a society responsible for the murders of 40-60 million of its own people (thanks to insect dictator Mao Tse-tung and his merciless successors) and power-mad enough to destroy anybody and any nation in its way when bringing Trump down on behalf of America's socialist Democrats is the desired prize?

American journalism as practiced among the largest players who remain standing in today's news climate is all but dead, supplanted frequently with agendas, lies, unsubstantiated fluff and vomit-inducing feature stories intended to shield the public from truth that matters.  On national TV news programs, mention or invent negative stories about Trump and the barely hidden and smarmy smiles on the faces of complicit reporters can barely be concealed as they bask in an electronic stew of carefully chosen words.

Democrat loons: 
They are played out.  This should have been evident when Adam Schiff mouthed what he later claimed was a "parody" about Trump's call to the Ukraine.  One would automatically believe that somebody holding as much serious leverage as Schiff has no opportunity for "parody" when attempting to implicate a government official for an impeachable offense.

Over the weekend we suffered through TV interviews with Florida Rep. Val Demings (House Judiciary committee) and NY Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, obvious Democrat hacks unlikely to convince most thinking minds that Trump deserves what he's getting from the Dem Party pod people.

Meanwhile, at great expense implementing a REAL practice of journalism, Glenn Beck and staff consistently uncover evidence proving that dirty tricks in the Ukraine go far beyond Joe Biden and son.  In fact, it's more than obvious now that "everything the Democrats falsely accused Trump of doing with Russia was done by the DNC in Ukraine."  Names, places, events and the mysterious disappearance of seven billion dollars of American money in Ukraine fuel Beck's reports, the most detailed of which is a new TV documentary entitled, "The Truth Behind Ukraine," which is/was available for free viewing on Facebook and YouTube, rather than just on Beck's Web subscription TV station.  Unfortunately, as with many conservatives, the gods of the Internet are screwing with Beck's material, decreasing or outright censoring its availability ("shadow banning") via algorithms put into place by leftists for exactly this result.  When Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are eventually seen as publishers and not platforms, things may change -- but for now we're not much better off free speech-wise than any ol' communist country trying to make sure the truth "they" want us to see is the contrived truth we get.

How we kill
:  Looks as though you gun folk have a little catching up to do.  FBI statistics released a few days ago show that FIVE TIMES as many people were murdered with knives than guns in 2018.  Further, maybe hard to believe, but gun deaths continue declining from year to year.  We suspect a shocking number of victims are taken out with kitchen appliances and sex toys each year, too, but who's keeping score?

Vaping:  At the moment they're banning the unknown, but if and when authorities figure out exactly what to leave out of vaping materials we're still betting that bureaucrats from the Official Agency of Censorship and Banning will find other reasons to deprive Americans of their right to use these devices and (horrors!) flavored inserts.

Interrupting Greta Thunberg's teenage fantasy:  While young Swedish climate activist Greta made her impassioned, um -- okay, while young Greta cried like an hysterical banshee at the United Nations' Global Climate Summit last month, her bothersome whining apparently overshadowed 500 international scientists, engineers and other notables who stepped up to insist there is no climate emergency (Valerie Richardson, Washington Times, 9/29/2019).  The European Climate Declaration, produced by Amsterdam's Climate Intelligence Foundation, condemned leading climate models as "unfit," urging U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to apply "sound science" to any emerging climate policy.

The United Nations?  Good luck with that.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Dead End Derangement -- The Party of Banning, Censorship, the Modern Plantation and Obfuscation of Individual Rights Suffers its Ultimate Psychosis

Oh, they have him now!  When you're sitting around the old fishing hole every hour of every day for three years, waiting to catch anything, even something as tiny as an amoeba, a mere tug on the line can send those who restlessly fish into a frenzy.  Strange thing is, 'twas the deep state swamp association itself doing the fishing, desperately hoping to hook something of political value flying by in the open air.

Oh yes, they have old Trump now, don't they?

Pity the Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  They constantly seem to be making an attempt to flush one little thing out of their lives, just one, yet each time they jiggle the toilet handle a little differently everything backs up and floods the place with their own rivers of hatred and disappointment.  This time, looks as though they may have broken the handle clean off, resulting in a deluge of stuff they may be powerless to stop, dispose of or explain.  A recent poll indicating that 65% of Democrats approve of socialism won't help, either.

When the current impeachment "inquiry" subsides, or even after an actual impeachment, President Trump will still be in Office, and chances are he'll be more popular than ever in the 2020 election.  What we currently see before our eyes is a political party in mental distress so intense that it's just about ready to fall off the cliff of sanity on which it has been precariously perched since Trump beat Hillary Clinton fair and square.  Dems don't believe in fair and square, it seems.

Life sure is funny when the politically and media Elite join forces to defeat the will of the American voter. Regarding Ukraine, Trump merely appears to have communicated as the leader of one country to another, something all Presidents do.  Maybe he could have handled the situation regarding Biden & son differently, but this whole affair becomes murky at this point and the Democrats' (and others') dreams of removing Trump from Office via yet ANOTHER way will likely go nowhere.  How many contrivances can be thrown about before crying "wolf" annoys, rather than excites the panting and howling leftist masses?

Meanwhile, as expected, there's a rise in Americans wanting impeachment.  Of course -- when you get all your news from TV, the Internet biggies and a Web traffic jam composed vastly, mostly of leftist sites, there is no "other side."   Losing one's country takes very little effort when communication is so dangerously flawed.

Particularly interesting in this contrived mess, however, may be a track-down opportunity for Republicans on Trump's side to pursue alleged connections the DNC, Hillary, Obama, the deep state and others may have had in Ukraine for years -- and yes, ultimately a Democrat "Russian connection."  The revelation that George Soros is all over this thing, too, stirs things up.

Adam Schiff's invented self-pleasing interpretation of the Trump/Ukraine phone transcript before the House was shameful enough, but we've every confidence the Democrats will muck up everything else, cleverly converting truth and fiction alike into accusations sweet-smelling enough to use as the 2020 elections approach.  Really, what else can they do, having absolutely no sane agenda to sell to the American people?

Apparently, it remains a crime for Donald Trump to love and work hard for America and attempt to do good things for all Americans, including and especially ripping apart the deep state "swamp."  We have no doubt that the Washington, D.C. swamp people are working furiously behind the scenes to diminish Trump's power and increase their power -- while they strive to remove ours by overwhelming the nation with illegal aliens (more votes for the left).

Trump needs to continue doing particularly what his heel-nippers hate the most:  Continue appointing Federal judges (over 150 so far) and get ready for almost inevitable Supreme Court appointments in the near future.

Gotta Be Joking Department:  The Anti-Defamation League considers the A-OK sign (index to thumb and three fingers stuck in the air) a depiction of white supremacy and it should be banned immediately?  Man oh man, my love fest for the left just grows larger every day.  When does this hokum stop?  How?  This is exactly how you cruise toward communism, little by little.  I'm going to keep my A-OK sign, ADL -- and I'll raise you a middle finger.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Bits and Pieces for September 2019

Breaking Broken-Down News:  The Dems and fellow media accomplices got what they've  craved. The Democrats will open an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.  That ought to assure his re-election in 2020.  Great move, heel-nippers of the left!

 Glenn Beck goes UFO-ing:  There exist people who would rather sniff dog poop for hours than listen to one minute of radio/TV's Glenn Beck. Mostly it's because he's politically conservative, and his being a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints (formerly known as Mormons) probably turns off a few already-closed minds anyway.  Sorry, not every Mormon can be Donny and Marie Osmond, and I don't think Beck even sings.

Aside from friendships with famous mystery/adventure writers and sometimes unnamed celebrities (for their own protection), Beck has taken on the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, the deep state and all good and bad (mostly bad, we suspect) things regarding artificial intelligence.  But he's evolved further and now samples a path I never expected him to pursue:  UFOs.

Not once, but twice Beck has interviewed Luis Elizondo on his radio show, and occasionally breaks into no-nonsense discussions with his broadcast sidekicks about the serious side of the phenomenon.  Who saw this coming?  Sure, you get this stuff on Coast to Coast A.M., Ground Zero and on plenty of other shows groomed to explore UFOs and such mysteries.  But Glenn Beck?  We're gratified.

We hope Beck's interest is another turn of the page for a subject craving an inquisitive attitude, and let's hope he continues to put nuggets of truth out there.

On the other hand. . .

What is it with these congressmen, so-called TV journalists and others who can't seem to fathom the established fact that pilot-UFO chases and encounters backed up by visualization and instrumentation are nothing new?  How does one make them understand that NO! it's not the Chinese or the Russians or your grandma in a flying machine?  Anybody looking at UFO history -- if they bother at all -- will know in short order that apparent high-tech gyrations and speeds were reported decades ago and continued on and on.  NICAP.org and Project 1947, as two examples, can educate the uneducated quickly.

Disclaimer Day:  Readers should know that, except where it's obvious per the web site itself, I have no knowledge of or interest in the political leanings of people included in my link list.  Links are included because they may be of interest to you as they are to me, and I receive no remuneration for posting them.  Damn.

Biden & Son:  Forget President Trump's (second-hand?) "whistle blower," though the extent of potential disloyalty exhibited here by somebody close (?) to the President might be a story in itself.  Detailed allegations regarding Joe Biden and son Hunter's Ukraine adventure, perhaps extending into China, appeared long before now, and the only thing this hyped-up controversy may bring forth will be more lurid details of what is said to be a very sordid affair regarding foreign interference and influence -- and not by Trump.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi's demand of Trump to get a transcript of phone conversations is interesting, but even we on the outside would be forced to admit that the Biden-Ukraine-China situation could backfire on the Democrats quickly as investigations continue.  In an era when Democrat partisans seem best equipped to repeatedly shoot themselves in the ass with rock salt bullets, we ask. . .should we expect never-ending investigations and truth twists to make Trump look guilty and magically make the Bidens squeaky clean?  TV media:  Be original -- do your job.

World climate march:  First of all, don't bring some Swedish teenage girl to the U.N. and throw her in my face as a climate expert.  See the look on her face?  Mean-looking, ouch!  Too bad that millennials, so screwed up by the education system, are seldom growing the brains to distinguish between sky-is-falling climate fantasies and real science.   The trouble is, these swollen populations of young people have been spoon-fed sugared agenda cereal since they were little kids in school.  Climate scientists on the "other side" are almost never interviewed or included in any way by the left who control media reporting and education, thus allowing no-nothings to claim a "consensus" regarding human-caused climate change.  This consensus of scientists, by the way, does not take into consideration that many on the list are researchers in specialties other than climate.

A babbling, brainwashed, ignorant 16-year-old girl from Sweden, peddling vocalizations suitable for a robot, might better serve the planet by returning to her country and demanding that European leaders take action regarding all the young imported radical Islamic filth currently engaging in a rape fest among innocent young Swedish girls who, apparently, can barely depend upon the police to keep them safe.  That's the real human-caused "climate change" affecting the lives of teenage girls in her homeland.

A 9/16 report in the Daily Telegraph references Greta Thunberg, depicting her as a climate activist who, among others, are frightening other teens into an epidemic of climate fear.  The implications of a clueless "motor- mouth," obviously, may be incredibly harmful to young people more dependent upon scary bromides than scientific truth.

My wild conjecture:  When ABC-TV premieres Emergence this evening some viewing audience members may at least subconsciously associate the young girl apparently at the center of the story with Greta Thunberg simply because of a bad UN-induced taste against screaming youth -- and they won't like her or the series premise.  We already suggested the show will be a failure, particularly when folks realize this will just be another ongoing story facing season after season with no ultimate solution until the very last episode, and if the show gets cut short, there may not be a closing episode at all.  Better to turn off the TV and stare at your cat all evening.  Of course, I could be wrong.

Woke:  Strange how those who consider themselves "woke" are actually asleep with dreams devoid of the real.

Taking the crazy way out (wa-a-a-ay-y-y-y-y-y out!):  Some Canadian researchers believe that U. S. State Dept. personnel and others who experienced neurological problems in Cuba in 2017 (the "Havana Syndrome) after confrontation with strange electronic-like sounds and other possible percipients had actually encountered pesticides which may have inflicted brain damage.  Wha-a-a-a. . .?  One wonders, could brain damage also affect those who conjure up such explanations?  Could Justin Trudeau's multiple appearances in black face have influenced Canadian researchers in some delayed fashion, causing them to choose pesticides as the culprit after a dart wheel took a fateful spin? 

Then again, neatly tying up this package of international gremlins and hoping everything will quietly go away even as alleged victims continue to suffer in silence might not be out of the question for those who pull the strings.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Get Naked, Justice Kavanaugh

Instead of fretting over the alleged life and times of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's media-notorious penis (and being dead wrong, by the way, particularly when supposed "victims" remember nothing), you'd think the New York Times would concentrate on more substantive SC issues such as, oh, I don't know -- perhaps the Court's retirement age?  Just as the NYT eventually blamed some editor for deleting the all-important section of its absurd get-Kavanaugh article pointing out that the "victim" herself remembered nothing about the exposed-himself allegation, even ABC-TV News (9/16) waited until the very end of its report about the NYT article to throw in that the woman supposedly victimized knew nothing of the allegation.

Man oh man, this is modern big box journalism at its best?  One cries for journalism's truly intended and its glorious veterans, their reputations sullied via guilt by mere association with a profession barnacled by the uncouth.

My advice for Justice Kavanaugh:  Get naked, put on your running shoes and streak silently nude through the streets of Washington for a few minutes. Then return, re-attire yourself with the black robe and go on as if nothing happened, thereby getting this he said/she-said exposed-it nonsense done with once and for all.  Say nothing and give no interviews.  There's no point, because the usual barnyard media chickens will continue to cackle the same old tune, the only one they know.

Beto the magnificent:  I rarely have cause to use the biological term, d. bag, but this guy is just all of that and less whenever he spouts political talk.   The entire Kennedy family should be insulted when drooling hopefuls suggest he's a new Robert Kennedy, an absurdity if ever there was an absurdity.

"Hell yes," Beto warns, promising to actually, no-nonsense, come and take people's currently popular sporting rifles beginning with the letter A followed by a number.  Soon thereafter, he received a message from a legislator, joking, "Beto, my AR is ready for you."  Next, proving once again that those who dwell on the left generally have no tolerance for humor when it's directed toward their side, Beto not-Hispanic-in-the-least O'Rourke expressed shock, awe and outrage, proclaiming this a "death threat." Obviously a member of the "dish it out but can't take it" club, Beto reminds me of somebody bullied in fourth grade -- and deserving of it.  He'll be President the day I turn into a Delphinapterus leucas.

Drone attack in Saudi Arabia:  Way back, we mentioned with no mental exercise at all how appropriate cheap drones would be for delivering explosive devices.  Considering the volatility of Middle East factions, this should have come as a surprise to nobody -- and because it appears that missiles may have been involved, that adds to the fun.  We hope that primarily the Saudis handle this probable Iranian-fingerprinted attack because we don't fancy the idea of sending American sons and daughters to the region for engagement in out-and-out war accompanied by an almost inevitable high death toll.

Green energy makes its mark again (unfortunately, the wrong mark):  The press in some instances seem to be noticing that those giant wind turbines create an immense dismantle & disposal dilemma once they fail or outlive their service.  At least birds in flight will appreciate this.

5G and you and me:  Notice how those towering structures carrying numerous microwave antennas resemble weird upside-down chandeliers from some horror movie?  We will continue to wonder (the TV show, Full Measure just presented a great report, check the link and watch the episode online) what influence a multiplicity of MW energy transmitters might exert on cases of childhood leukemia, depression and other major health issues.  Literally a case where time will tell.

Zantac falls off the pharmaceutical merry-go-round:  Folks cautious about what goes into the pie hole, to put it bluntly, would be way less likely to find a need for this gut bacteria-altering medication.  Our view is that ingredient ranitidine as a potential cancer danger may be far less worrisome than what this sort of med's function does to one's "friendly" stomach and digestive bacteria and enzymes.

Pharmacy products we'd like to see:  If we had Oxycondoms instead of Oxycodone, maybe there would be better birth control.

NBC, wow:  A whole week on TV about climate change (1) destined to exclude or make light of weather and climate precedent showing that change is normal and (2) intended most likely to make everybody hate President Trump.  After all, elections are coming. . .

Democrat presidential hopefuls:  Is Tom Perez pulling all the tangled strings?  Has the DNC realized yet what a mistake they made in excluding the only possible candidate, woman and military veteran Tulsi Gabbard, capable of even coming remotely close to defeating President Trump?

Nanny me more:  Proactive progressive megalomaniac New York governor Andrew Cuomo has banned flavored vaping materials to deter children from vaping.  Why do these leftists, already dedicated to banning, censoring and saving people from exercising their rights, fail to care that adults, not just kids, want flavored vaping?  Vaping is not something I would ever do, but this is still America and adult choice counts.  I think.

UFOs:  I think I was in my pre-teens when the father of a family with whom my family was friends alerted me to a new restaurant run by a retired Air Force major and his wife.  He knew the major and suggested that he and I have dinner there so I could ask the man questions about UFOs.  Obviously, my mind whirled and I began lining up questions which must be asked.

Turned out the major was a great guy, his restaurant inviting, the haddock dinner superb, and the UFO inquiry -- well, not so much.  Asked about his Air Force contacts and UFO knowledge, the former military officer was very stand-offish.  I guess noncommittal is a good word here.  I know that he knew something of interest about UFOs during his Air Force years, but he simply wouldn't relate anything to the likes of me, a kid.  But I could have been 80 and I'm sure he wouldn't open up.

The point?  Retired military personnel, in large part, remain loyal to expectations placed upon them during their careers, and in many ways there's no mystery when it comes to their refusal or reluctance to disclose information they may not believe optional.  Such as. . .UFOs.

Saturday Night Live's edge falls off the cliff:  Producer Lorne Michaels just HAD to fire new cast member Shane Gillis because of racist and homophobic statements?  Hmm.  Ever notice what non-Caucasians get away with on TV and radio every day when it comes to freedom of speech?  I am so fed up with political correctness and people offended by words.  Words!  These days, there also seems to be an additional penalty involved at some level if one happens to be white.

If somebody doesn't cater to words stated and takes offense, then they should merely say something back just as intense or refute the issue, no matter how stupid or silly.  Achieve an equal footing and let it go.  That some with authority have literally become word police (particularly in colleges and universities), hanging threats of unemployment or academic grades over certain heads, is outrageous and wrong.  To face censorship by Facebook, Twitter, Google or other alleged "social" media platforms is frightening.

Keep on firing folks who say things and soon there won't be anybody left to hire, except maybe for the blindly obedient types ingrained with robotic speech so craved by the current Democrat Party.  First Amendment be damned.