Wednesday, July 14, 2021

How Can You Help Cuba When You Want to BE Cuba?

Curious, isn't it, how little the Biden bunch has to say about Cuba boiling over in a quest for freedom?  Maybe they can't, the primary reason being that they have little room to maneuver around and tell the American people how it is that Cuba's socialism isn't working -- when the Democrat-inspired Marxist transformation of America is well underway, and that's not working, either.  Oops.

So Biden's out there begging Americans to condemn Texas for attempting to create a fair election process, and his fellow Texas Democrats have shunned their legal duties and flown off to hide in D.C. while their party experiences a never-ending hissy-fit.  Oh, the things these immature loons do when they can't have their way.

Meanwhile, the Biden bunch conspires to spend even more trillions on social(ist) programs and the fantasies of climate change which humans can't actually do anything about as, we feel, the cycle is normal, based upon ancient climate records documenting both ultra-hot and bone-chilling cold.

Ah, but Cuba.  Cuba, Cuba, Cuba, its dictator government praised often by the most honored of Hollywood motion picture stars and more than a few American politicians.  Yet, here are the people, packing and screaming in the streets, arrested and carried off by brutal police entities, disappearing into the night and day as even China and its very long, meddling nose promises support for the communists.

"We stand with Cuba," the words of the concerned say, emerging from political lips both high and low.  We stand with you -- whatever that means.

Maybe Biden's hesitation to go whole-hog in encouraging the Cuban people to embrace freedom has something to do with the brand of government his increasingly pathetic administration is trying to foist upon Americans -- essentially, Marxism for 2021, and this time, by George, they're going to get socialism done right, to benefit one and all.  But who will be in charge?  Why, nobody of course.  In a truly participatory democracy, you don't need leaders.

Except you get them anyway.  Like space abhorring a vacuum, human freedom usually can't help but be invaded by those who would be your new daddy, watching out for you, and just watching you, period.  Enter the elite among dictators, attracted to a nation's wealth like moths to the flame, and as brutal armies are built to "protect" the wealth, military tactics are used against the people, who certainly can't be trusted to do the right thing.

Stolen wealth and attempts to crush the human spirit.  That's Cuba.  But ask almost any U.S. immigrant who arrived from countries enslaved by socialism and they will emphatically tell you, the USA is becoming like the place from which they escaped.

The American people don't know how good they had it under Trump, or maybe they do. Now.  Were Trump still President, Cuba might at this very moment have at last assistance in ending its slavery under the dictator class.

But this is 2021 and the bad guys and lunatics have gained an inside choke hold on the United States, at least until their self-directed demise within the shaky framework of a government utopia that cannot stand and never has stood uninterrupted throughout human history.

Good luck, Cuba.  If you're looking to the Biden syndicate for help, first you have to realize that this sorry and corrupt administration and its extreme leftist insiders are all about giving Americans a little bit of the same poison the Cuban people are surrounded by.  After all, the Democrat Congress has members admittedly on the side of everything the Cuban people would like to toss in a garbage pile.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Scourge: Progressive Rats' Nest-Infested Colleges and Universities

Removing their people from public view:  Darned clever of those Democrats in Virginia and elsewhere to insist upon the removal of statues dedicated to Confederacy generals actually reflective of leftist views.  Almost looks like the people whose ancestors brought slavery to and encouraged slavery in America are in a frenzy to hide their own past, their own American history.  When you're the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, blacks lynchings as entertainment and slave plantations galore, we suppose it's only logical that eventually modern-day state-directed plantation owners who dwell and direct pretty much on the Democrat side of the street would strive to remove memories and traces of who they were and who they still are.  

So goodbye Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and a growing list of other statues, evidence and American history that a select group of leftist censors intend to erase from history in every way possible as we watch them take America and -- love that term -- "build back better."

These are the same people who insist there are more than two genders in their contrived doll's house and tiny tea cup party, while simultaneously demanding that certain words be removed from the dictionary and, indeed, not spoken in public at all.  The crowd determined to make society believe everything white is bad and everything not white is good is hard at work and not likely to stop until truth can override political agendas and pure lunacy among the easily-led masses.

The only reform I want to witness in the United Sates is for these domestic political criminals (and their international counterparts who participate in undermining our national rights) to face judge and jury and be treated to lengthy prison terms.

They can remove statues until forever, but the monster that the Democrat Party  continues to feed can't hide its increasingly fetid odor as 2021 creeps forward.  Yet, the party responsible for the current assembly line of stupid, un-American, anti-individualism ideas hardly toils all by itself to radically transform a country.  Yes, the labor unions, living in fear for their relevance and existence as they deal with the Biden Bunch for their survival (warranted or not, generally not) are very influential under the current administration, but the real hell on earth flows continuously from a source many would least suspect:  Higher "education."

What's an example of an intellectual rats' nest-infested university?  How about Brandeis U., where faculty, administrators and pressure groups "suggest" no longer using certain dictionary-established words or replacing them with alternatives?  The Campus Reform Web site (see link) reports that Brandeis' Prevention, Advocacy & Research Center -- whose very existence sounds like trouble to me in an institution supposedly dedicated to free thought -- released an "Oppressive Language List" supporting changes in the words we use to communicate with one another. The list decries words and phrases expressing violence and even condemns the word "picnic," which it falsely claimed had an association with lynchings.

In June, also reported by Campus Reform, the University of Oklahoma organized a staff workshop to counsel professors in ways to restrict student speech considered "derogatory" or "hate speech" in the classroom.  How absurd and dangerous is this in an educational setting intended to host all ideas?

As students are taught under rigid classroom conditions WHAT to think instead of HOW to think about issues, graduation ceremonies containing the finished products of radical education formats continue year after year -- and many of these brainwashed, progressively immunized graduates go on to participate bin government at all levels, bringing their extremist professors' lunatic ideas with them -- believing everything they "know" and "learned" is perfectly normal.  Further, they leave college immersed and indoctrinated in socialism -- hence the reason why an alarming percentage of students embrace socialism in recent polls.

One need only look at the current ruling bunch, nearly all university prodigies of political extremes.  The only cure in sight is a population of voters who find a way to smarten up quickly.  Good luck with that.

Right now, there could hardly be a better example of thought processes gone wrong than to watch Hillary Clinton's new message -- that the Republicans attempting to make voting more fair is actually a bell-ringer, a support for white supremacy!

In the meantime, parents who continue to look lovingly upon expensive colleges or universities with expectations that their sons and daughters will emerge as better people with greater minds should think twice and maybe consider tech school, cosmetology or even a life of petty street crimes for their offspring.  At least the debts, where there are any, don't last for decades.

Critical Race Theory and the Temple of Doom:  While at least 20 states have banned the teaching of critical race theory, it is alleged that more than 5,000 teachers among numerous states have pledged to teach CRT anyway.  In this case, because teachers' unions call the shots (unfortunately), the cure is to remove your kids from public schools and transfer to either private schools with agendas to your liking or to commence home-schooling.

We deserve what we get department:  The Telegraph (July 6) reports that crystal meth in public waterways is turning some fish into drug addicts, while a cornucopia of prescription drugs released into the water through human urine is having effects whose severity is yet undetermined in the world of biodiversity.  And you thought that all the Fentanyl and such coming through the Southern border (thanks, Biden) isn't going to affect you?  Think again. So turn on the faucet and have a drink already.

White House on Crime:  Oh boy.  So they had a meeting today about how to conquer the growing crime issue.  Aside from all the expensive but stupid ideas floated about, the first suggestion should have been how to rid the nation of Democrat mayors and governors, for these are the people ruling over the worst crime locations in the country.  This poop session was little more than another back-door attempt to relieve honest citizens of their guns without their noticing it.  Until police are respected again and allowed to bust heads with billy clubs where needed, serious crime isn't going anywhere.  I know what we are.

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Tugging at the Curtain in The Land Of Don't Believe


What can I say?  This is all about the invisible man, man.

Every few years I pull these letters out, and having discussed their origin in blog entries of old, I'll just direct first-time readers to the search engine above, where one may simply type in the word, Hanley.  Instantly displayed before you will be several blog entries dealing with the letters.

I thought it appropriate to dig up the past today because the government finally released something of an updated UFO, oops, UAP report -- the unclassified version, unfortunately, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers.

While many researchers have come forward to provide thoughtful commentary on the report, perhaps the best that can be said is that the government has at last shed snotty innuendo, negatively-toned bureaucratic legalese and abstruse talk-down language in favor of simply admitting that there's something real out there, up there and (gasp!) unexplained.  Whew!  There, was that so bad?  It's finally been said, and it didn't hurt a bit, did it?  Far as I can tell, people aren't rushing outdoors to engage in panic in the streets now that we are assured, in the timeworn words of the many who warned us years ago:  UFOs are real.

Sadly, I am dismayed to now hear the occasional former military officer or current government official make light of the "ufologists" who, in their minds, did not give the subject credibility over the years.  Really?  Without UFO investigators and researchers gleaned from all walks of life and documenting the reality of the UFO/UAP for decades, the New Arrivals who breezed on in and act as if they are Columbus discovering the New World would remain clueless to the extent of the phenomenon.

I'm no scientist, but merely as
somebody who has had a hand or two in this strange business for decades (though I admit to being woefully out of touch with a large body of information these days) I have had no reason to go bonkers over exotic theories suggesting that the UFO is well understood any better by government brains than by the man or woman on the street.  I think we are collectively baffled internationally.  Do we engage in reverse UFO technology and propulsion offered by or taken from extraterrestrials?  Again, I suspect we remain mostly in the dark, be we military engineers or people on the street.  As on prior occasions, I will defer to Charles Fort, remove his tongue from his cheek and suggest we may indeed be somebody else's "property" in so many ways.

Heck yes, I wish the UFO "abduction" phenomenon had been mentioned in the new assessment, but delicious cases such as the Pascagoula incident obviously did not fit in with what seemed a definite military aircraft/UAP theme.  Excluded also was the elephant in the room known as something akin to electromagnetic effects associated with UFOs, aircraft, automobiles, power plants and the like.  You know, stuff that really might scare the hell out of Just Plain Folk.  

Then again, we out here who are consistently denied truth in detail are not receiving the CLASSIFIED version, are we?

My letters shown here are 45 years old.  I'll say almost half a century old just to add drama.  Ouch.  For those who think official UFO reporting and tracking started in 2004, I have news for them:  Congressman Jim Hanley knew about UFOs in the 1960s, when important UFO activity seemed rampant, and he wasn't alone as a congressional member.

Am I disappointed that nothing further developed following the congressman's recommendation?  Yes and no.  Yes because I had ideas and would have been comfortable in a public information setting -- and no because maybe a Carter Era UFO project would have fizzled, relegating me to attend to other duties, such as driving President Carter's mother, "Miss Lillian" to supermarkets in Georgia, or maybe helping Carter's frequently outrageous brother produce his "Billy Beer."  I don't know, perhaps I would have been assigned the task of finding and neutralizing the "killer rabbit" alleged to have chased Carter's boat, or of conquering the "malaise" Carter believed had taken the nation hostage as the country entered a terrible era of inflation. Would I have later joined the President as he volunteered with Habitat for Humanity?  Yes, of course -- if I could just help build prison cells to hold corrupt government bureaucrats.  

So who cares if Frank Moore's secretary couldn't spell "liaison?"  How I miss those days of typed letters, when spelling error gremlins occupied a place in society to muck up the very best of intentions. 

But the fun's over until the next official go-around, so I'll stuff these time-expired letters back into some unobtrusive crevice while the debate rages on.  As UAP  inquiries continue with  a seemingly new and improved era of government concern behind them, one thing remains consistent:  The phenomenon itself will stubbornly refuse to answer questions posed by the highest of authorities.  No self-respecting enigma gives up its secrets easily.  Whether we the public will ever be fully informed regarding the deepest of the deep, of course, remains to be seen.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

UFO Chic, Version 2021


a diversion:  

Last week, it was President Joe Biden vs. The World.  The World and Putin clearly won.  Maybe that's not only because Biden's mental faculties are in question, but because the Biden family appears to have a history of lucrative relationships with countries whose back-and-forth actions with this new Administration may not be in the national interest.  Meanwhile, as various expensive definitions of "infrastructure" are argued to death, the floodgates remain open at the Southern border, allowing drugs, diseases,  criminals and the absolute worst examples of human dog poop to threaten American lives and culture.  Border-absent "czar" VP Harris (until tomorrow. . .I guess. . .) and Biden himself are already on the way to going down in history as the worst leaders ever, as they utterly fail (obviously by design) to protect the American people -- their first obligation.

Which makes me wonder, as even a growing number of their fellow Democrats are beginning to see the light, why top officials in the White House, the House and Senate shouldn't eventually be eligible for appearances before judge, jury and significant punishment. Impeachment? Let's use the American justice system as it was intended for all Americans.  These people have proven themselves as dangerous as any mob whilst attempting to pin that description on any American simply in fear for their country.  Most people did not vote for this and surely many of those who rubber-stamp voted Democrat simply had no clue about unsavory issues which would return to bite them in the. . .hand.  So. . .who, again, are the real extremists in America?

Good going, China!  New reports indicate that infertility is a substantial problem in China.  Where will China find seven-year-olds to make shoes?  Who's gonna re-educate, torture and murder imprisoned Muslims?  Who's gonna breed, mistreat and boil dogs for the dinner table?  Who's gonna plunder the seas and destroy aquatic wildlife wholesale? Will there be enough people remaining to extol the virtues of Chairman Mao and other Chinese communist monsters?  How will this jibe with China's long-term plans to take over the world?  Can China substitute robots or, as always, just make use of our social network and the egomaniacs behind them to conquer the planet?

"Juneteenth" becomes another national holiday, devouring a billion dollars or two annually in paying federal employees not to work.  Hmm, let me see if I have this straight:  Union Army soldiers -- most of whom were, we suspect, white -- marched into Texas to inform unaware slaves that they had actually been freed months ago (because nobody, conveniently, bothered to tell them).  So. . .as celebrations pop up all over the country in 2021, should Juneteenth mostly symbolize brave, primarily white soldiers who, like the currently cancel-cultured President Abraham Lincoln, helped achieve freedom for black slaves?  Seems they really should be honored, since we already have (1) Independence Day, which cover all of us throughout the nation, (2) Black History Month, which even some black people believe should be "history" by now as an annual event, (3) the Martin Luther King (he, too, on the verge of being taken out by the cancel culture) holiday, (4) Black Lives Matter, many of whose followers have no clue and probably wouldn't care that BLM's Marxist values intend to destroy the United States government, (5) and statues and all sorts of hoopla popping up to make George Floyd a hero rather than a victim with, nonetheless, an established criminal past (when George Floyd overcomes -- as in "we shall overcome -- Martin Luther King as the consummate black icon, we're in trouble).

And now, UFOs:  Here they come, one by one, a House representative here, a senator there, an anonymous source in the background, each willing to acknowledge only in so many words that they've had a preliminary briefing regarding UFOs, the upshot being that the situation isn't pretty.  Might I politely ask. . .


In a way, the absurdity of this awakened congressional intrigue with UFOs is a comedy of the absurd.  Pull out a copy of The UFO Evidence, published by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena and given to each and every member of Congress in 1964, and you'll find a section dedicated to numerous congressional comments taking the UFO issue seriously.

Yes, closure of the Air Force's Project Bluebook and the University of Colorado UFO project's negative (political) conclusion seemed to put an end to the subject for some, but anybody even mildly aware as years progressed of a continuation of reported, sometimes dramatic UFO encounters  -- and surely Congress and military contacts were perfectly aware -- would suspect all was not right with a UFO enigma which refused to lie down and play dead.

So now we have Washington insiders, outsiders, up-siders and down-siders tripping over one another to have personal time with TV news cameras, acting as if the UFO issue was the newest thing to hit public attention since yesterday morning, darned nearly biting their nails off in either giddy or curious anticipation of the Pentagon's report.

But Wait! What's that mile-high stack of objects over there in the corner, ignored by respectable / huffy journalists and government officials too important to be hampered by glimpses of what seemed the patently ridiculous?  Oh, oh yeah, now we can make it out -- it's hundreds of books and literally hundreds of thousands of journals, magazines, audio and video recordings, electronic evidence and sober accounts regarding UFO sightings and close encounters.  Everything was there for the taking, for serious journalism and congressional perusal.  How did we get to the point where a congressman or two comes out of a building with a disturbed persona, suddenly and as if never before worried about mysteries in the skies, under water and apparently on terra firma?

So where y'all been, elected dudes and dudettes? Hmm?

Monday, June 14, 2021

Bits and Pieces for June 2021

The Giant UFO Announcement expected, or not expected, from the government in a few days, or not, is almost certain to be a major disappointment to those staking hopes, dreams and the lives of their children on some sort of disclosure effective enough to be used as an insect repellant against skeptics and debunkers.  By all means, watch for a ray of hope regarding the we-don't-EXACTLY-know-what they-are factor, but a clear embracement of either the suspected, the theorized or anything more substantive than thin air itself remains unlikely.  Like any good government bureaucracy worth two cents, the kicker will be, as always, that (1) we need more studies and (2) we'll keep watching, nothing more to see here right now.

As the current government vs. the public UFO drama plays out, hardly for the first time, we do wonder when what remains of an inquiring corporate media will get around to associating all of this with (1) documented instances of UFOs visiting nuclear bases, reportedly causing entire missile battery shutdowns and numerical code changes -- thank you Robert Hastings (see link) -- and (2) UFOs possibly associated with abduction accounts, the seemingly inescapable Hickson-Parker (Pascagoula) incident chief among them, and (3) some 70-80 years or so of established reports of what appear to be electromagnetic effects caused by close-approach UFOs on planes, autos, power grids and other apparently susceptible targets.

My advice in the meantime?  Go back to sleep.  You'll need the rest to deal with the stress of dissatisfaction.

The Biden-Harris-Obama disciple bunch go after Trump's DOJ:  So the Dems are in a tizzy after learning that Trump's DOJ acquired phone records of Schiff and Swalwell?  Of course, the major useless TV networks won't bother to mention that Trump's people were attempting to find the source of some serious government leaks.  Frankly, Schiff is just one freaking California joke, 100 percent in the bag for what turned out to be Trump's phony impeachment (#1), and Swalwell had a long-term dating relationship with an alleged Chinese spy -- yet he remains fully involved with intelligence affairs.  Creepy.

Vaccination masturbation:  As the enlightened CDC and prime time TV star Dr. Anthony Fauci continue changing their minds about Covid-19 precautions and restrictions faster than progressives attempting to trounce American culture, we were troubled by a small yet significant flow of reports spotlighting boys who display symptoms of myocarditis following immunizations  -- all supposedly minor and temporary in nature.  Again we ask -- how will these experimental immunizations affect recipients a few years from now, or will everything be just fine?  Nobody knows yet.  Messing around with one's auto-immune system and its relationship to every organ in the body with something implemented too quickly to be fully understood in future terms just seems wrong, and the obvious medical--pharmaceutical response that it's the only tool we have to fight the virus may not be altogether the final word, now that we know hydroxychloroquine and zinc look really promising in a new study (and cheap veterinarian drug Ivermectin may run a close second).

NBC-TV conducts an interview with Russia's Putin, asking him point-blank if he is a killer, only to receive nebulous responses characteristic of. . .of Putin.  In their quest for dramatic effect, I doubt NBC expected Putin to drop to the floor in tears, screaming, "I confess, I confess!"  Putin may as well have taken a tip from American serial murderer John Gacy, who insisted that his victims killed themselves.

Some states, parents and, thankfully, school teachers are getting wise to the dark racist intentions behind critical race theory and the misrepresentations in the "1619 Project."  If only one could convert public schools into the open-minded alternative known as private school education.  If only all students could get the help needed to keep their heads on straight before they enter college and face a barrage of utter bullsh** taught by off-the-wall or demented professors.

On a similar note, when we read the abstract preview of a paper published through the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association authored by one Donald Moss, we almost thought this a joke more appropriate for The Onion or some other satirical source -- but the paper entitled, "On Having Whiteness," appears ridiculously serious.  We're obviously and painfully aware that Black Lives Matter and its America-destructive Marxist intentions are taking in big money while exercising white hatred, but now that even the American Medical Association is accepting CRT "values" as the education of medical professionals seems to be producing exceptional dumbness as days go by, nothing surprises us.  Regarding Moss's paper, referencing previous writings on the subject, check out this brief abstract and decide for yourself the definition of crazy, and on which side of the fence nuttiness and lunacy reside:

Abstract:  Whiteness is a condition one first acquires and then one has—a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which “white” people have a particular susceptibility. The condition is foundational, generating characteristic ways of being in one’s body, in one’s mind, and in one’s world. Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse. These deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples. Once established, these appetites are nearly impossible to eliminate. Effective treatment consists of a combination of psychic and social-historical interventions. Such interventions can reasonably aim only to reshape Whiteness’s infiltrated appetites—to reduce their intensity, redistribute their aims, and occasionally turn those aims toward the work of reparation. When remembered and represented, the ravages wreaked by the chronic condition can function either as warning (“never again”) or as temptation (“great again”). Memorialization alone, therefore, is no guarantee against regression. There is not yet a permanent cure.

Well, I'm not a medical or psychological professional, but I should think that the appropriate "permanent cure" for papers like this involves simply rejecting this bizarre line of thinking in 2021, returning to one's activities of daily living and pondering how pathetically desperate some in the professional community must be to come up with loony ideas to justify their existence, to gain love and respect amongst colleagues of a similar bent, or to stay busy enough to avoid drugging, drinking and smoking.  Imagine how this would play out, had blackness been the theme and treated in a similarly clinical fashion.  Good grief, I thought "The House of Frankenstein" was only a fictional horror movie.  Now this.  We build enduring monsters, do we not?

Interesting that a number of reports surfaced last week regarding totally erroneous accounts regarding Donald Trump made during his time in Office.  Will major media sources responsible for these widely publicized (and no doubt intended) mistakes apologize?  Of course not.  The only people allowed an apology tour were Obama apologizing for America to the world and now Biden following in Obama's footsteps (footsteps which never left the White House policy premises).

Hey ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., etc............... Is anybody out there doing in-depth stories about Hunter Biden speaking with his lawyer and calling him an "N" multiple times?  You TV folks spent enough time on the tragedy of Princess Diana, but can't be bothered to reflect for the American people the Biden family as it really is?  You went bonkers over Trump making a sexual comment when speaking with Billy Bush, yet there's nothing to see HERE?  May your "news" presentations continue to lose viewers as alternative sources work hard to shore up with fairness and truth what your networks ignore for obvious political reasons.  From Fourth Estate to just The State, what more can we say?

Florida representative and, frankly, just one more tiresome attack dog nipping at Trump's heels, Val Demings, hopes to face off against Sen. Marco Rubio next election.  Right out of the gate she's already throwing out the word, "diversity" as if a weapon.  The pod people abound.