Monday, December 5, 2016

Gifts From the Dark Side

(Readers:  The winter season always presents obstacles when I need to access the Internet, so if new blog entries go missing for days -- or even weeks, which is not unlikely -- at a time, I'll thank you for your understanding.  – robert)

Christmas this year serves also as a harbinger of a gift from the unknown:  President Donald Trump.  A refreshingly welcome kind of political animal coming to town soon after Santa Claus departs?  We hope so.  Will Santa Trump bring along the same old listless GOP do-nothing bag of go-along-to-get-along gifts cherished routinely by Democrats, who almost always get their radical Christmas wishes fulfilled?  We hope not.

Nevertheless, the Democrats are apparently intent upon giving the GOP perhaps the best Christmas season political presents ever.  Yep, even as electoral maps show the Dems crumbling everywhere except, predictably, on the East and West coasts, dedicated bastions of lunatic fantasy, its stalwart cheerleaders gifted the country with a few more years of Rep. Nancy Pelosi as House minority leader.  Never mind that the millennial population could not care less about the meanderings of a congressional dinosaur who has absolutely nothing in common with them – the absurd decision among the Dems to ignore the future by attempting to maintain a “safe space” with a politician whose time has clearly come and gone is simply amazing.

Spectacular Christmas present number two arrives in a colorfully decorated gift box containing Rep. Keith Ellison, current hopeful to lead the Democrat National Committee.  Ellison is a Muslim, said to have interesting connections with the Islamic community, and while we don't yet know what this involves, the DNC seems very lap-doggish about inviting him into the leadership position.  This bizarre little maneuver – hardly surprising, as the Democrat Party has long been magnetized by every radical and loony influence in the known universe – may find its wheels coming off if the U.S. relationship with or tolerance of the Muslim Brotherhood – almost destined to be declared an unindicted co-conspirator of terror by Trump – goes away fast.  But, hey, go ahead and promote Ellison and make our day.  The more, the merrier!  The GOP should love unwrapping these kinds of presents.

Democrat gift-endowment number three comes in the form of Sen. Charles “Chuck” Schumer of NY, selected to become the Senate minority leader.  The best, most “giving season” thing about Schumer is that he is not Harry Reid, the departing nightmare senator who, like so many others, became fabulously wealthy during all those years “serving.”  Actually, there are reasons to respect and hope for good thing from Schumer. . .but we'll see.  Oh – he's also a cousin of actress Amy Schumer, which certainly adds no enhancement for me.   We dislike thinking of Hollywood and its scripted,  pampered, and politically active moron-geniuses who welcome in the human detritus that we, but not they, have to live with.

Warning!  Al Gore has returned, meeting with the Trumps, claiming to have had a good session regarding climate change.  If Trump invites this messenger of contrived doom to play an active part in his administration, my head may experience extreme internal global warming and explode.

Fidel Castro is still dead.  Good.

China angered over a phone call.  The Chinese commies were most distressed by a congratulatory phone call made to Trump by Taiwan's president.  Too bad they aren't just as angry over coral destruction imposed upon the ocean as they continue to build their phony islands in the South China Sea.

Fire and death in Oakland, California:  The consequences of the do-your-own-thing culture which extends to the point of allowing cities ruled under progressive dominance to become anything squatters and other undesirables want.  Basically, that means squalor and unkempt potential gardens of death.

Cold and ice in North Dakota:  The Indians don't want a pipeline maneuvering under their water source and they apparently gained lots of support, including military veterans from all over the country, willing to freeze solid in harmony with the spirit of the situation.  When Trump assumes office, he would do well to listen to these folks and take their concerns to heart.  President Trump's strengths must not include running ever American hearts and minds with a personal bulldozer at every turn.

Billions of dollars more requested by Obama for refugee resettlement:  Right to the very end, our favorite Marxist plans to screw American taxpayers, forced to pay welfare costs for America-hating invaders of his choosing.  The only power we have is to phone members of Congress immediately and tell them not to release further funding for this theft of the taxpayers' hard-earned money.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Used to Be and Should Have Been

                                                                       All the parks are closed today,
                                                                       there's no place where we can play.
                                                                       We've spent every cent, my friend,
                                                                       on used to be and should have been.

                                                               (Lyrics from song, “Used to Be,”
                                                                                           sung by Vicki Lawrence
                                                                                             for the motion picture,
                                                                                              “The Grasshopper”)

These mournful musical lyrics from a 1969 motion picture settled in my mind when Donald Trump got around to announcing his intention to decline naming a special prosecutor for an investigation of Hillary Clinton.  Say what one will about Trump, but perhaps it really is for the best to put this albatross aside, at least for now.

The movie?  Starring Jacqueline Bisset, it pretty much reflected the sixties era when aimless young people “did their own thing” and threw caution to the wind, experiencing drugs, sex and the wild life with total abandon.  What's behind the curtain of life?  Nothing but more curtains.  My favorite scene, involving one of the few likeable characters in the film, depicted actor Jim Brown's hulking figure bounding across a golf course, determined to seek vengeance on a thug who severely beat his wife,  Bisset's character.  As the movie concludes, a skywriting scene involves a small plane spelling out the “F word” for all to see, an act destined to make even a modern-day drone operator jealous.  But not to digress. . .

I think the “used to be” and “should have been” match up nicely with Hillary Clinton's current status – that is, an extraordinary downfall coupled with her (and the Democrat Party's) apparent belief that one can own the future by simply fueling dreams with brightly painted, but nevertheless empty gas cans of history.  Becoming dependent upon revisiting the “glory days” of Bill Clinton's presidency in order to hope that party faithfuls, Hillary fans and the independent voters of America were somehow genetically guaranteed to vote in oceans of blue did not work – and as we see by witnessing an incredible amount of Democrat losses in all kinds of government positions across the country, consequences proved immense and unforgiving.  Chances of a Hillary win surely were not enhanced by the party's “flypaper” strategy over the years, through which it attracted and welcomed every piece of human feces and detritus able to crawl, hop, walk, sprint, fly or jump across the nation's boundaries.  Sacrificing one's borders, language and culture merely to add blue voters not only pissed off true Americans, but the practice has put every one of us in real danger for years to come.  Thanks, Obama.

And thank YOU, Hillary Clinton – thanks for losing the Electoral College and forfeiting, albeit with profound disappointment, every progressively misguided opportunity to screw around with my country even more.  You, Bill and the Clinton Foundation aren't exactly the eyes-wide-open version of the Kennedy “Camelot” lifestyle, but the time certainly has come for you and the family to retreat to some version of the Clinton catacombs and disappear.  What used to be must be no more, and what should have been should not have been, not ever.  The fact, fact, fact that Clinton Foundation  “donations” have suddenly declined by almost 40 percent, likely meaning that foreign (troubling indeed!) and domestic interests who expected favors from a Hillary Clinton administration jumped off THAT train like bedbugs in retreat, rather proves the obvious.  Oh – and enjoy that recount, deposed Queen Hil'.  When the left pulls this nonsense, it's just fine – and mixing the Green Party in with this far left-leaning bag of never-ending tricks certainly adds a touch of classless faux integrity.

Don't cry for me, Somalia:   A day at Ohio State..  Good food, good friends -- and darned good shots by a cop.  Thanks, officer, for dispatching yet another creepy U.S. import walking the naughty side to a special hell reserved for radical Islam's garden-variety jerk-offs.  Blade or not, this little incident will be toned down by the left into a knife-sharpening demonstration gone wrong.  Already, the Ohio Somalian “community” plays victim, even as stabbed students and their families worry about healing and infections.  Call me Xenophobic (I love that X – kinda has a space alien ring to it when pronounced as a Z) or whatever you wish, but I'm becoming ever so tired of Islam in the morning, Islam in the evening and Islam at suppertime.  (In case you're too young to know, I just paraphrased from an old song.  Don't worry about it.)  Every slice of the knife and every gunshot inflicted upon Americans by these enraged monsters should and must remind us all that the president entrusted to keeping us safe had a hand in causation.

President Trump Executive Order No. 1 we would like to see:  Law-abiding college students, people on the street and others whose lives are jeopardized daily by Islam's violent morons and other criminals may immediately and lawfully embrace the Second Amendment words, shall not be infringed, in order to easily procure and carry weapons appropriate for providing personal and family safety throughout the land.  All  Warning:  This is a Gun-Free Zone  signs will be removed and provided to the states, to be used for target practice on rifle ranges.

Who Kluxed the Ku Klux?  Don'tcha love all those activists running around blaming Trump and the GOP for racism, when the very Democrat Party they cry for IS the party of the Klan, from its very origins?  Keeping slavery going and kicking the Indians off their land is what the early Democrats were all about.  The approach may have been altered over the decades, but the party endures in promoting slavery through broken promises, poverty and fear-mongering.  Again, looking across the country, the Democrat Party seems to be floundering about on life support.  We know not yet what Donald Trump will bring to the table, but he's sure to get the blame as Democrat-supported and terribly-negotiated labor union pensions continue to crash under a grand fantasy.  But, we reiterate – the GOP neither started the Klan, nor pumped up 101 ways of continuing a slavery agenda without calling it slavery. 

Sometimes, slavery is called sanctuary cities, and the Dems expect you to continue paying for them without question.  If Trump de-funds these AND Congress rids us of the incredibly nation-stupid “anchor baby” absurdity, good things should happen.  But with federal funding gone, will mayors who continue to flagrantly violate “sanctuary” laws really believe they can stay the course by raising taxes on the people who elect them?  Obviously,  law-defying, renegade mayors need to be jailed, tried and convicted.

How to put the ham in Hamilton, the play:  Well, I don't know if it was overrated (per Trump's comment) before, but it is now.  Is it really worth paying an astronomical price for a ticket when the cast intends to go politically bonkers via stage presence on your dime?  The venerable stage was a peculiar – though not unique – location for a. . . rudely cordial?. . .broadside to take place, but basically-just-an-actor Dixon taking off pseudo-respectfully on the supposedly non-humiliated VP-Elect Mike Pence in that venue was uncalled for.  Would this nonsense ever have been perpetrated upon Obama, Biden or any other arts & entertainment friendly politician of a Democrat stripe?  And what's this about a cast call for only non-white actors coming to light for performances of Hamilton?  Talk about “diversity”. . .

Denver goes down for the DOJ:   Reports that the now thoroughly Obama-corrupted Dept. of Justice under the guidance of one L. Lynch has fined the Denver Sheriff's Dept. thousands of dollars because it dared to run an ad for deputies in which only U.S. citizens need apply are shocking.  I don't know about you, but nothing speaks law-abiding to me like being arrested by uniformed cops who illegally entered my country and took what apparently turns out to be a meaningless oath about protecting and serving.  We fondly hope this variety of outrage goes away under Trump, and that folks like Lynch, Holder and the big O himself are not forgotten as (if?) American justice returns to America.  Social justice and American justice go together like Sharia and the U.S. Constitution.  Not, not, not.

Speaking of the DOJ, one wonders how many murders of cops across the country will it take to satisfy DOJ quotas for teaching law enforcement agencies some sort of ass-kicking lesson?  The thing is, yes, there are bad cops – but almost every video clip I've seen and audio clip I've heard in which cops encounter black suspects shows suspects either mouthing off, resisting, fighting with or attempting to elude police.  How helpful it would be for “Klaatu” Obama, generally out of sight and out of mind when these instances occur, to go out there and and publicly (1) tell potential suspects to knock off the acting out and the cop killings, and (2) relate via popular TV networks statistics which PROVE cops kill far more white people than black people annually.   What has Obama done to settle nerves among vastly clueless young people of all races that there is no war on blacks or any other ethnic group by police?   Answer: Nothing substantial.  As if by design.  Of course.  So, again we ask the Dept. of Justice:  How many more dead cops are required under DOJ long-term planning, as more and more local police agencies are co-opted by Dept. of Justice-style guidance/ fascism/ dictator wannabes?  Aren't hope & change a wonder to behold as eight years of fundamental transformation conclude?   Maybe economic growth and public sanity didn't do so well – but we've farmed out well-populated crops of “pod people” like there's no tomorrow.  Enjoy.  Surely, significant rational modifications lie ahead with a new president?

Hey, huge congratulations to Cubans on the death of that ol' rascal, dictator Fidel Castro.  May brother Raoul join him and Che' in hell soon, for a family reunion of sorts, being that a strong-arming goon never falls far from the tree of gangsters.  Was anybody really surprised that Black Lives Matter and so many world leader-thugs praised this murderous parasite for his “accomplishments?”  Ignoring the kind words of wimpy President Obama regarding this international criminal's passing, we much prefer Donald Trump's initial Tweet:  “Castro is dead!”

Drug-o-mania:  As TV screens fill up with pharmaceutical commercials, I am again reminded of a pharmacy specialist friend I knew in the Air Force who, when I asked if a prescribed medication was good for treating an illness I encountered, responded, waving his hands toward towering shelves of various drugs,  “Bob, none of this stuff is GOOD for you!”  Let's take this further, not so far into the future, and wonder what effects a garden of medications have on human and animal DNA.  Seems to be a lot of children exiting the womb with disabilities – changes – now.  What precursors shall we expect before the worst, should a worst appear on the horizon?  Maybe “colony collapse” isn't just for honeybees.

Mars or Bust:  We're in such a hurry to go someplace which we may have already visited, after having come from someplace else, way far away.  Oh well, it's something to do when we're bored to death after an inundation of warnings about global warming, global cooling, catastrophic human-caused climate change, the science is all in, the consensus is all in, there's no room for discussion, and on and on, ad infinitum, much of this orchestrated by The Holy Crank Religion of Human-Caused Climate Change disciples.   The faster we get to Mars and beyond, the quicker we can spread our poop throughout the universe to piss off the neighbors. :):)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Losers on the Prowl and Stink-tuary Cities Tempt Fate

What happens now to FBI director James Comey?  The Trump transition team should nominate him as Secretary of Mission Accomplished.

Stink-tuary Cities:  Interesting how all those radical mayors and governors are stepping forth and refusing to dismantle the unquestionably illegal status of the so-called sanctuary cities which they lord over.  Even megalomaniac and presidential wannabe NY governor Andrew Cuomo has just put out an open invitation for all varieties of those who feel discriminated against by not-president-yet Donald Trump to move to New York -- a rather less than welcoming stance, it seems to me, since he explicitly stated recently that there is no place for political conservatives in a hopelessly bonkers state ruled by the dictator class.  If anybody feels discrimination in the current national climate, conservatives match the description.

Goodbye Obamas -- who aren't really going away, having purchased a house not far from D.C., presumably so B. Obama can keep an eye on somehow maintaining his legacy as something honorable, instead of what it actually will turn out to be when historians document what a fraud the Obama bunch was.  We trust, as the incoming Trump administration strives to "fundamentally UN-transform" Obama's defeatist vision of America's power and international status, that his wife, the Worst Lady, can return to NOT being proud of her country (remember her prideful statement when B.O. assumed office?) anymore, once her hubby is no longer president.

Laura Ingraham for Trump press secretary?  Conservative talk show host Ingraham is apparently in the running for this key position, and we would love to see her take on the progressive, Democrat-lovin' media, who will quickly discover that she's a presidential press secretary and not their good buddy who bends to their every progressive whim and pretties up her comments to please their agenda-frantic ears, eyes, pens and laptops.  In other words, she'll feed them the truth, something far afield from what Obama's press puppet shovels out on a daily basis.  By the way, the dictionary definition of "josh" is to be silly.  Indeed.

Many years ago, when Ingraham's fledgling national radio talk show was heard where I lived, I was very much on the Democrat side of the tracks, and on one occasion became bothered by something in a promo for her show (I do not remember the details anymore).  Immediately, as her program flipped to commercials, I e-mailed her to express dissatisfaction.  Apparently, I struck a nerve, because upon return to the show Laura condemned me not only heatedly, but even called me out by first AND last name!  Even today, it's rare for talk show hosts to concern themselves with publicly announcing callers' last names, so you can imagine how angered she must have been.  Yet, time passes and with it, sometimes, one's political views, and today, whether she appears on TV or radio, I like and respect Laura Ingraham.  She would make a wonderful press secretary, should this possibility materialize.

There it is: The modern Democrat Party's thug representatives in all their naked glory, bursting forth from national TV screens by the thousands for all to see as they "demonstrate" and "protest" with obscenities, racial slurs against whites, violence, fires and unrelenting property damage.  The elections, instead of bringing out the best in America, ignited the lizards behind progressive masks who waited patiently, until now, for Democrats to grab what looked for all the world like another four years of tyranny and the growth of socialist-leaning government.  They l-o-s-t.

They have a funny way of expressing shock over losing their grip on national throats.  Normal folk would be sad and take the change in stride as they move forward.  Not this bunch.

A literally overnight realization that the Democrat Party just all but suicided on logistical cyanide should come as no surprise revelation. 

No, these are not the "blue dog" or moderate Democrats of my youth.  For the most part, they seem to be human viruses and bacteria, the irregularly formed dust bunnies with human faces.  We know them more as anarchists, communists, bussed-in paid patsies, violent clingers-on, flash mobs, illegal immigrants and others who rank as less than zero in real life. The Democrat Party is directly responsible for their existence and sustenance, for they invited these folks in.  Oh, no, not invitations via personal values and integrity, but indeed an allurement based purely upon a political agenda's need for voters, bodies to fill polling places on every occasion to keep the progressive flame bright as it slowly incinerates the country's freedoms to a fine ash.

But take heart, Democrats!  The Sunday TV talk shows took time to blame street violence on all the usual reasons, even as such notables as communist and Democrat strategist Van Jones and Muslim congressman Keith Ellison discussed how to make things all better and bring everybody together.  Yes, the new, revitalized Democrat Party, and maybe the best possibility of all is to have Ellison head up the DNC so nasty people will realize at last that not every Muslim wants Sharia in this country.  Meanwhile, did we not miss former ABC-TV Sunday morning heartthrob Donna Brazile, dismissed from CNN and apparently from ABC because she was found out publicly to have passed a question(s) to Hillary Clinton in advance of the presidential debates?

Unfortunately, the now significantly despised national media know viewers have a brief attention span and, therefore, will continue propping up whatever remnants of the Democrat Party happen to surface or reanimate themselves, because the night is young and journo school grads are even younger and all they've learned for their big university debt is how to disparage the GOP and, frankly, anything of a different political persuasion.  For their money they've learned that symbiosis is the key to getting a good story, pre-fab though it may be.

Meanwhile, colleges and universities all over the country hopped right on the pity party bandwagon, compassionately informing tearful students experiencing post traumatic election syndrome that safe spaces have been reserved for their protection, perhaps equivalent in theory to bomb shelters popular in the fifties, except sensitive minds, and not nuclear explosions, are at risk this time.  One asks, in hopes of curing this malady -- aren't college students, now old enough to avoid shaken baby syndrome, ready for a good shaking -- or throttling -- to help them to snap out of this pathetic state?  Who knows, maybe that would break 'em out of the human-caused climate change foolishness also.

As Donald Trump chooses Cabinet members and other staff, I suggest he appoint Dr. Ben Carson to a new position:  Secretary of Black.  Far from a demeaning job, this one would allow Dr. Carson to intervene, anywhere and any time a group calls the Trump administration racist or twists black history into something blatantly wrong and racist in itself.  With his distinguished medical background, Dr. Carson is the right surgeon to lance the Obama boil infecting this country for almost eight years.

Remember the old (yes, black and white old) movie, "The Body Snatcher," in which Boris Karloff portrays a creepy grave robber / murderer who procures bodies for a physician's experimentation?  During its disturbing end scenes, the doctor, by then tortured into madness by the impact of his own evil deeds and those of another overlooked for convenience, recalls the now deceased grave robber's words, a warning expressed earlier, thundering repeatedly in his mind:  "You'll never be rid of me. . .never be rid of me. . .never be rid of me. . ."  Why mention an old film?  Because President Obama plans to keep that house in the Washington, D.C. area after leaving office, causing not only a continuing reminder and stench of the Obama bunch's misdeeds, but also a way of saying to America, you'll never be rid of me. . .never be rid of me. . .never be rid of me. . .

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sweeping Up

In the News:  Thousands of angry legal citizens morons Marxists socialists dolts useful idiots  people in cities long-ruined by progressive rule took to the streets to protest a Trump presidency which hasn't even happened yet -- pushed along, no doubt, by George Soros' money and, Black Lives Matter (given millions of dollars by Soros) and the usual rabble.  Among these folks are the communists and other America-haters whose only driving thought from morning to night is the annihilation of the United States.  Had Republicans lost the election (and say what you will about the GOP), we doubt hordes of conservatives would be out there acting and speaking like fools, with a little (reported) violence thrown in.  Among the disgruntled marchers, illegal aliens and others whom, in large part, have lived all their lives on government handouts and failed Democrat Party promises, are likely a majority fearing Trump won't be quite the nanny the Obama bunch proved to be.  When generosity is rewarded with violence in the streets and mob extortion, it's time to line up buses headed south and wave goodbye to, no matter what one calls it to be polite, border-jumping criminals.  Their kids born here?  Until Congress wises up and gets rid of "anchor baby" allowances forever, the ke-e-e-e-eds will have to be left with relatives living here legally, or sent back to wherever with the parents.  When one sweats over the mere thought of open borders intended by a Hillary Clinton presidency, essentially waving a big unencumbered hello to drug dealers and other human detritus, something's definitely in need of a solution.

We were all amazed, but Hillary Clinton received the shock of her life during the elections, and in the aftermath her loyal followers wept like little kids denied ice cream on a warm summer's day.  Too bad they couldn't have shed those wasted tears instead for the American victims at Benghazi, and however many American agents around the world whose lives were possibly put in jeopardy by her "careless" handling of classified e-mails.

However, we're willing to bet that a few other people felt bruised and abandoned, too:  The celebrity class who showed up to help Queen Hil' out prior to the special day.  Yes, charming vocalists, vulgar singers (forgiven their rudeness and obscenities because of their mega-star status) and Hollywood stars, all coming out to perform or display their can't-fail talents, guaranteed to produce that very special coronation every progressive agenda longed for.

Oopsie.  Coronation cancellation.

So, just how quickly can those bloated Hollywood staples who promised to leave the USA following a Trump election pack and exit?

If ever the business of political polling took a well-deserved hit, this was the time, and never again should anybody rely faithfully upon polls -- and in the future, for that matter, we should watch national TV news and read slanted newspaper articles regarding political issues with an extremely jaundiced eye, for progressives administer thought control as a matter of course.

As the political victors now plot and plan Supreme Court nominations, consider financially carpet-bombing the United Nations, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Commerce, EPA and other over-reachers and space-wasters, for our money we're just sitting around, wondering about colleges and universities.

That is, how many radical professors, already deeply involved in mind-rotting their students with anything but freedom of thought and cherished American values, are doubling down now in personal horror, unprepared for and hating the idea of a non-Democrat presidential administration?   While tales spread across the media of educational institution shock-and-awe springing up as The New Reality smacks their crouching administrations and faculty firmly amongst progressively petrified brain cells, I suspect they're already building a brigade of "straw man" arguments intended to twist and turn young minds toward a profoundly and almost inescapable leftward direction.  Maybe it's time for a new U.S. president to take a look at federal funding for colleges and universities engaging in such nonsense, institutions which go so far as to ridicule and emasculate young male students who don't fit in with the increasingly dangerous radical feminism administered like poison on campuses all over the country.  Not to forget cries of "social justice" among the communist-inspired "students" who also make campus life so, um, interesting.

Donald Trump, flaws intact, confounded 'em all, right to the end, and now he and his hand-picked associates have an opportunity to offer this deflated nation some sane options.  The very best thing of all?  He's not Obama.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Journocensortainment for the Masses

Sunday afternoon, as if fortified with the speeding-bullet powers of Superman, FBI director James Comey announced a preliminary (read as: hurried due to Democrat Party agenda urgency) finding that there's nothing more to see here among 650,000 e-mails regarding the resurrection of Queen Hil's e-mail controversy, because those adorning the laptop of Anthony Weiner are just ol' copies of messages previously discovered.  The TV networks, of course, went right to work proclaiming her innocence, failing to mention (1) that she barely missed criminal charges by a hair last July during the original Comey statement, and (2) multiple investigations continue into the workings of the Clinton Foundation -- a quagmire perhaps worse than the e-mail circus.  July's proclamation in neon lights by the likely compromised FBI director also reinforced that it's not what one does which determines treason and criminality in general -- it's who you are and whom you know.  For example, a queen must not be found guilty, though no such amenities are awarded to military members when they screw up for far less.

So now the larger (much larger) of two corrupt political parties in the U.S. stands to maintain the highest perch, though they actually deserve the highest purge, and everybody who votes for Hillary Clinton will send either an informed or uninformed message declaring their support for socialism and an escalation of the radical rule exhibited by Barack Obama and the Obama bunch. 

It seems a fair percentage of Americans, with the help of those who sneak into our country and demand you pay for their welfare, desire a dictator.  Again.

We wonder if thousands of deceased former military and government personnel who lived and served with the highest standards will be spinning in their graves following the elections.

Back in the fifties and sixties, when it was quite fashionable and pretty much an obligation for UFO researchers to blame the Air Force for censorship of UFO reports, many of us never realized that we, so to speak, were walking through the right forest -- but failed both to climb enough trees and to ascend high enough.  I believe we can agree by now that the UFO issue dwells at higher government levels and the Air Force serves as only one component.  Somewhere, for instance, there are gun camera photos and films of UFO/military UFO encounters, and we haven't seen them publicly.  We know they exist because numerous former military (and active duty) personnel have confirmed our suspicions time and again.  Sadly, while enlightened folk appear convinced that some kind of UFO "disclosure" lurks right around the proverbial corner, I'm not buying it, particularly when one looks askance at the current situation in Washington, D.C. and beyond.  Not to beat a dead horse or anybody's political career, but the anxiety-ridden who still believe a Clinton/Podesta team will ride to the rescue and titillate us with explosive UFO information stand to be profoundly disappointed.  In my curmudgeon opinion (I write this just before the U.S. elections, so at this moment I've no idea who becomes president, but in regard to UFOs I doubt it makes a difference for those who wish a disclosure package tied up with a tidy bow), we'll soon enter an era where personal, business and military drones, by virtue of their astounding proliferation in the skies, will "account" for all sorts of strange events reported to the press, police and less than thrilled military public information personnel.  You want to report a UFO?  Sorry, sir, sorry ma'am, that's just a drone.

I think, despite election season fatigue, I'm heated about the pathetic state of what passes for journalism these days.  After a four-year Air Force enlistment (1968-72) I returned to college in the seventies and discovered that what I formerly knew simply as journalism in a high school class was now flying in higher education circles under a fresh term -- the "new journalism."  Who, what, when, where, why and how had, somewhere along their perilous way, been adulterated with a more chatty, naked in the wind, sometimes off the rails literary form.  The reporting of truth came to resemble something akin to a style most often observed in fiction, and indeed the description, "nonfiction," became the norm.  Much of this seems to have sprung from some vivid reporting instigated during the Vietnam conflict.  While some promising journalism students had longed to be the next Woodward and Bernstein following President Nixon's take-down, others next gushed over Hunter S. Thompson's "gonzo" style and journalistic methods encompassing others of his generation.  Rolling Stone probably exemplified the new journalism as well as any publication.

And now?  As the U.S. elections have aptly demonstrated, journalism as once practiced reliably is all but dead, especially via electronic media, a.k.a. television.  Evening after evening, we've tuned in to the national network news, only to find that the major players spend the first few minutes building Hillary Clinton up and then dismantling Trump the best they can.  In no way do they spend time exploring the depth and potential horror perpetrated by Clinton purely because of e-mail carelessness and self-interest, the country be damned.  Taking donations from foreign governments obviously hoping for influence?  Prison, please.

Instead, it's in a journo-conglomerate of many players' best interests to praise matters Democrat and ignore or paint the other side(s) with a spiteful little word & visual paintbrush.  This has long been the case, yet I've never seen the practice so blatantly applied as I have the year or so before these elections.  Nor am I alone in this observation.

Simply put, the TV networks and prominent print "journalists" appear to be  nothing more than lapdogs and tampons for the Democrat Party.  Such a well-deserved reputation may cling without yield in the coming years, for the mark is truly indelible this time around.

Dangerously, the news media, Hollywood elites, industry moguls and government agencies and personnel work diligently behind the scenes to orchestrate election results to suit their own interests, the only obstacle being the American voter.  The remedy?  Organize massive public events featuring secretly traitorous (to their fans) movie and music celebrities who "speak out" in support of the most rotten of elite candidates, going all out to influence the fragile minds of young people who, frankly, have neither a clue about what they vote for once inside the voting booth and, in significant part, probably can't even name their own senators and House representatives.

Strangely, even the tipping points of censorship have changed.  The Obama administration's apparently overwhelming love of the practice -- though having promised the most open admin ever -- is a given.  The major TV networks, however, heavily invoke censorship merely by ignoring the monumental amount of leaks and Clinton history blazing through other sources every day.  By reducing what should be highly important revelations to a few sound bites, they still maintain a firm hand on what they want viewers not to know.  Even the crawls at the bottom of TV screens lean heavily toward promotion of Hillary and the Democrat Party as reinforcing audio and video supplement the mood.

Dirty tricks hardly prove alien to any political party, but this time around the Democrats, in symbiotic conjunction with a fawning media, have far-exceeded underhanded talents anticipated of the usual suspects, and we all will suffer for it.  If anything hastens the decline of commercial TV and its brain-eating appendages in American homes, this should do it.  Or will Americans forgive the calculating lot who invade their minds and treat them like pod people?  I'm thinking the latter, for apathy usually abounds -- and rebounds -- out there.

Beware Obamacare as never before:  It's interesting to learn among John Podesta's leaked e-mails that he allegedly alerted Hillary that a taxpayer bailout of failing insurance companies devastated by Obamacare and desired by Obama himself would be taken care of.  Now, I ask you, how are Hillary and the Great God Podesta supposed to go about releasing UFO information if they busy themselves with such trifles?  By the way -- unless there's an official pardon offered by the highest-level fraud of them all, who knows?Maybe we'll be seeing particular folks in court one day soon.  One can hope.

The Chicago Cubs:  Balls, bats, spitting and a bunch of people basically saying mine is bigger than yours and we win.  Cheers, applause, drinking and acting the fool at parties.  Grown folk experiencing little-boyhood one more time.  Okay, time now for Chicago to get off the yellow brick road and return to reality:  Multiple murders, joblessness, poverty, gangs, drugs, racial hatred, rapes and a garden of perpetual crimes, all courtesy of one more rotten progressive system gassed up by the Democrats and a mayor proven to be about as useful as dog crap on a shoe.  You ain't gonna "World Series" the city's character out of the way.

Election Day, 2016:  I tap this paragraph out on Sunday, two days away from the makings of either a guaranteed horror story or a glimmer of hope for America.  More socialism or a return to basic standards for which many American military personnel sacrificed their lives, it's a decision for the people. Those who make the final choice will need to live with their selection from that day forward, while the eventual status of those who selected otherwise remains unknown.  When one is faced with a revolving criminal administration intent upon tweaking our freedoms to their own liking with "social justice," there can be no justice for the opposition.