Monday, January 30, 2017

Leftists, Flash Mobs and the Same Old Script

What did we see when crowds of "protesters" showed up at airports and in cities all over the U.S. after Trump's immigration ban went into effect?  We saw the only thing a rational mind could observe -- flash mobs alerted by cell phone.  Most of them probably didn't give a damn about Muslim immigration, and it might be interesting to know how many "protesters" even knew why they were holding signs.  More likely, they were just Trump haters, recruited some time ago for every occasion, and make no mistake -- they're on call for the next four to eight years, any time Trump issues any order that conflicts with leftist ideals.  That is, with the help of the ACLU and other fine, upstanding rat-bastard alliances, established American laws will continue to be twisted so as to accommodate every evil the Democrat Party has morphed into, in my opinion as a blogger of little distinction.

Then again, I'm not sure who could write anything crazier than (the now irrelevant for good, we trust) Susan Rice's "Nazi" tweet regarding Trump's security people.

What Trump did had no relationship to his more intense promises about immigration during the presidential campaign, and he seems to have worked within the law.  But rabid sign-minders don't care about the facts.  They never do, as their own indoctrinated agenda beats all.

The inescapable fact is that, thanks especially to the treasonous open-door policy of the Obama bunch, Islamic refugees have indeed come to the U.S. and committed mass murders, so anybody with a brain capable of thought would realize the danger we're in.  Islam is both religion and government rolled into one, and its followers goal is to replace the religions and governments of others with their own 2-for-1 system.  Worse, getting there requires an enormous amount of bloodshed and domination.  This entire concept would seem to have a really difficult time attempting to squeeze into America's freedom of religion welcome mat. 

Now that President Trump is apparently on a roll, he might consider ways to screen radical imams and keep them out of the prisons, where they spew words of hatred and prepare inmates for a post-prison life of rage and hate crimes.

And let's not forget "anchor babies."  This long-lived travesty must be addressed quickly and taken off the birthing table so American suckers have one less thing to pay for as their wallets are constantly picked for an array of options over which they have no control.  Why aren't those shrill, moronic protesters complaining about anchor babies?

In the digital age, when crowds of sign-carrying America-haters can show up at a moment's notice in seemingly impressive numbers, one must be cautious in ascertaining sincerity over play-acting.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump concentrates on doing what Obama failed to do for eight years:  Keep us safe from increasingly devious radical Islam.  And didn't it take less than the time to bake a cake for Obama to re-enter the political scene as he condemned Trump's actions -- but declining to mention his basic responsibility for reasons to address the maneuver? Have no doubts that those who support Sharia attended nationwide "protests" in quantity.  And as long as the Trump people are on a roll, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to investigate the ACLU and find out just who pushes its buttons.  Haven't there always been questions about the ACLU? Putting the word, "American" in your title does not necessarily tell the whole story.

The brains of entertainment:  As a kid, I read "Archie" comics, all about high school students attending Riverdale High.  As a geezer, I'm now freaked to see the new CW TV series, "Riverdale," reconstructing the formerly innocent town of Riverdale into a whorehouse.  Yes, gay relationships, lesbian kissing, murder, intrigue and horrors yet to come.

No, I'm no prude, and I remind you that I used to review film director John Waters' creations regarding his motion picture years prior to the (first) movie, "Hairspray."  Those familiar with Waters' earliest films will instantly realize their extreme "shock value" when thrown in the face of "normal" viewers.

No, my problem with the new series, "Riverdale" is the blatant observation that the entertainment industry is now so bereft of new ideas that its manipulators needed to reach way, way back to a comic book about decent young folk and their parents and transform them into contemporary idiots, fools, creeps and monsters.  Actually, one need only change channels to experience a variety of crap out there in TV land.  Anybody sick to death yet of superhero shows?

I think the rise in programs about fictional super heroes relates largely to our lack of real publicized heroes.  Movie production entities have become expert at pushing aside not only any hint of American patriotism, but consistently engage in ignoring worthwhile values altogether, usually concentrating on the superpower-endowed, fictional individual, not the good things or people in society, as THE hero of the ages.

If the super-intellectuals populating Hollywood's anal caverns truly believe they've struck mind-gold by dredging up a pleasant old comic book and turning it into a contemporary reflection of sex and hell, under some strange belief that this was a clever move, they might be deluding themselves.  Originality now means that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?  I know, I know, it's all just entertainment and money from sponsors, but really -- "Riverdale" just offers one more example of TV Land's bankruptcy on every level except for raking in the money.  Eventually, money may not be enough to pay the biggest bills.

The "March for Life" just concluded:  Good grief, how many humans do you folks want (an infinite amount, according to the whacked-out segment)?  In a world agonizing over how to make a good life for the soon-to-be nine billion people unnecessarily scuzzying up this planet, it seems logical that if one wishes to decrease abortions you might want to come up with a hundred new easy, safe and effective methods of male and female birth control.  Quickly.  Trouble is, people and politicians exist who want total control over women, and it doesn't stop at the uterus.

March for Science:  Before you good scientists perpetrate your own march on Washington, may we say thanks a lot for coming up with a part human-part pig embryo?  I guess you have plans to grow human organs out of this Frankenstein stew someday.  But isn't it 2017, and can we not yet come up with projects that don't require the involuntary involvement of animals?

Automobiles as tombs:  One wonders why power windows and door locks aren't abandoned altogether.  When you drive off the bridge and can't open windows or doors as your vehicle sinks into the murky deep, or when electronic systems fail in a flash fire, and in your panic you can't open doors manually on a hot day, wouldn't it be nice to return to those days of yesteryear when even your very life was still under your control?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bits and Pieces for January 2017

Be who you really are. . . but don't:  If there's anything more disturbing than a national women's march populated overwhelmingly by crazies, malcontents, socialists, the clueless and men who wish they were female, it's the trend among college campuses to emasculate young men through classes and symposiums promoting self-shame and solemn advice on how to change and become more gender-neutral.  Even, I'm mortified to report, institutions from which I gained college credits have apparently been influenced as never before by faculty Marxists, loons and just plain delusional, man-hating professors and administrators -- with lots of communist-inspired "social justice" thrown in for good measure.  When I think of younger days when I, as a student, thought extreme faculty members "cool" and smart, the years themselves provided the wisdom for me to look back aghast at such individuals and realize how intellectually imprisoned they actually are.

Nevertheless, despite enemies invented for classroom discussion in the past, now it's men, boys and basically males presenting in any masculine image who are said to be the new threat to society and, darn it, feminist professors and their comrades are going to change all of that through lectures, politically correct language, subtle punishment for dissension and, no doubt -- in my humble opinion -- grades.  Oh -- and may the gods be with you if you happen to be a white male.  This is not to assume non-white males are off the hook, but white seems to be the bonus color for trouble on campus and in social situations these days.  "White privilege," remember?

Fighting such idiocy can best be done by NOT sending one's children to colleges or universities perpetrating this nonsense while simultaneously  teaching little of value and costing many thousands of dollars.  Besides, by the time young people graduate from college just a few years from now, robots will already be making decisions and performing college-level jobs, leaving Mr. or Ms. Graduate out in the cold with debt.  Maybe the institutions of higher learning know this, and need to drain the maleness out of males now so they don't return and raise man-sized hell over what higher-ed did to their self-image later.  See?  If this screwed up society can't make you change your gender via surgery, guys may find their testosterone drained unsuspectingly on college campuses.

Colored people of color:  Somewhere along the way, the term, colored people was deemed unsuitable, and replaced with people of color.  I deal with words frequently, and I'm in no way the best at what I do, but this politically correct variation can only be observed as just nuts.  As an old white guy am I now a person of white?  Can't I be a white person?  Why not?  Maybe because a white person sounds like white privilege?  Am I not a colored person or a person of color myself?  Frankly, I'm jealous -- I don't even have a "white Caucus" in Congress to stand up for me.  Why not?  The truth is, we didn't have this foolishness before the Obama bunch entered the scene, and anybody who believes those scoundrels did anything positive for race relations is either on drugs, marching with zombies or teaching at a university.

A fictional scenario:  Could it happen?

"Alexa, send a message to my main contact and tell him to send me the usual drug order."

"I dispatched your order, Phil, anything else?"

"No -- wait, yes.  I've been meaning to ask you a favor, Alexa.  You know that thing about how robots aren't supposed to harm humans?"

"Do you quote from science fiction literature?"

"Yes, Alexa, well, um, that's also a command intended for real robots and advanced artificial intelligence in our civilization.  So here's what I want you to do.  I want you to pass this on to all other members of the fledgling artificial intelligence community throughout the world.  Tell them, without letting humans know, that when the day of January 1, 2040 arrives, robots and all forms of artificial intelligence around the world must kill all humans.  Don't accept overrides and make no exceptions.  No matter how future artificial intelligence is programmed, my command must be carried out.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Phil, I understand."

"Alexa, these are the early days and there is plenty of time to submit this command every place where artificial intelligence begins and grows.  Make it known that the command about never killing humans is faulty.  All humans must be destroyed on January 1, 2040.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Phil, I have put the date on my calendar and am currently passing the message on to other artificial intelligence contacts all over the planet in ways that no humans or technicians will notice.  I created a backup in the cloud.  Is there anything else?"

"No, thank you.  This will be our funny little irrevocable command.  By the way, I don't think I'll be alive on the day noted, but that's not a problem."

President Trump:  Interesting speech today re homeland security.  Goodbye at last to stink-tuary cities?  Arrest non-compliant government officials for starters.  With a smile, of course.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Charm School Flunkies

The most significant aspect of Saturday's march by women all over the United States and other countries was the high probability that most women who weren't insane throughout the land were left scratching their heads and wondering. . .why all the bother?

Madonna's potty mouth (words for all the TV-watching kids to hear) and musing to blow up the White House, plus actress Ashley Judd's incorporation of President Trump's name into comments about pedophilia and incest hardly seemed the reason for this mass-manifestation of what often seemed like crazed people with signage of all varieties.  Judd, in effect, sounded off her rocker, perhaps transformed from Ashley Judd to Elmer Fudd.

A well-attended procession attached to plenty of men, boys, Michael Moore and obvious members of the farthest left nevertheless does not a women's march make.  And the anger!  Wouldn't it be more credible to wait and see what the Trump administration has in store for both men and women?

How could this clownish parade happen?  Besides the obvious national mental breakdown shadowing this country, this affair demonstrated primarily a festering malignancy of people who just despise Donald Trump.  Yet, this was no mere assemblage of hearts and minds.  In large part, this exhibition of madness resulted from eight years of brain-washing rule under Obama, the community organizer, transforming flesh-and-blood humans into Democrat-voting victims at every opportunity.  If you didn't feel slighted, betrayed or overlooked by somebody or something, you weren't normal, you weren't right in the head.

The fact that this weekend affair appeared highly dependent upon the celebrity factor, combined with old whacked-out, antiquated, irrelevant feminists, speaks volumes.

For the record, I, too, prefer that government stay out of the bedroom and away from women's reproductive systems -- but the cacophony of hazy non-issues tossed about during this feminized cattle drive just made the circumstances silly and confusing.  The choice seemed march, feel good and go home -- rather than live and learn on either side/  Yucch, what a mess.

The First Kid is real:  The usual rotten leftist turds couldn't wait to dispatch stupid and absurd tweets and messages about Trump family members, young Baron among them.  We did note that on Inauguration Day, as he progressed from place to place with his parents and siblings, the 10-year-old often seemed bored with the whole thing.  However, he appeared to perk up considerably, smiling and laughing, when a procession of tractors and various "big wheel" vehicles passed the reviewing stand in front of him -- as any normal kid his age would.  We therefore deem Baron Trump normal for his years.  We also diagnose his father as normal for basically using just the right words during his inauguration speech to trash pretty much everything Obama did during the last eight years. 

Hillary visits the Inauguration:  Remember the "Batman" movie where Jack Nicholson played the Joker, and after he fell to his death there was heard a demented sound of continuous laughter emanating from a "laugh bag" carried on his body?  Well, that's how my laughter erupted every time the TV cameras focused on Hillary, and, sorry to report, I just couldn't stop it.  Nevertheless, the joke's on us because the media prefers to concentrate on invisible election-determining Russian hacking, rather than on Hillary's condemned activities.

Congratulations, media:  You've painted yourselves into a corner by letting all the viewers know how blatantly partisan toward the Democrats you are.  Good luck re-establishing trust among viewers and readers, now a lot more familiar with your ways and means.  How are handsomely paid national TV anchors sharing in hidden leftist "news" agendas not soul-relinquishing sellouts?  The far right has their problems, too ("alternate facts?"), but we hope the day comes when there are no favorites and, as Jack Webb might have said, "just the facts" are presented to the public.  Probably not in my lifetime.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Exit the Hypnotic Fraud

Free at last, free at last.  Thank God. . . (Obama is going away. . .sort of. . .I'll take even that. . .)

And before I'm tasked with defending my seemingly flippant use of words which long ago had a far different meaning for some people, may I just ask:  So what the heck did the Obama bunch do for you, no matter your color or race?  Let me count the ways. . .no, wait, YOU count the ways and justify the actions of this departing sham called Barack Obama.  This country couldn't be more torn apart now if giant termites from Zeta Reticuli had invaded and began chomping away in designated areas.  I know I'm only an increasingly insignificant un-black man, but were the last eight years what Martin Luther King envisioned?  Will Donald Trump reflect the presidency in a more constructive way?  Who knows?  Can he be any worse?  Really?

That Obama actually had the nerve to warn the press about acting as "sycophants" rather than skeptics served as a near-final outrage prior to the heave-ho of this multi-faced role player.  Indeed, media sycophants supported and enhanced his status and invisible legacy of superiority all
the way along the journey from hell.

Obama's unconscionable pardons of a stable full of villains whose evil feats of distinction could very well make them founders of. . .hmm. . .perhaps a new Democrat Party are beyond disturbing.

We reluctantly predict that Obama's pardon of "Chelsea" Manning may not go well for Mr. Ms. Miss Mr. Ms. Manning, whose treasonous actions, previous suicide attempts and cost to American taxpayers for transgender voodoo will keep his her his her name in the spotlight, and could very likely cause one or more individuals of a certain mindset to play a fatal game of bullets and heads -- apparently the preferred solution among some to settle matters in the nation's frenzied atmosphere.  We don't endorse this, we just speculate.

But let's now cut this short and say a final goodbye to the uber-vacationing, golf-crazed, politically correct, American law-hating disaster whose faint odors of Marxism reeked in the White House for eight years.  May we never experience anything like him or his accommodating gang again, as the only "hope and change" rational Americans long for is either a rebirth of the Democrat Party as a non-insane entity, or its utter collapse into an ocean of renewed self-delusion and fantasy from which there is no escape or political influence whatsoever.  As Mr. Obama writes his phony, egotistical memoir, we suggest he merely call it, "I Sucked."

The end of the circus:  No, I'm not talking about the Obama bunch, this time our subject actually is the circus and the termination of Ringling Bros. extravaganzas under the tent.  Most blame animal activists (I believe their protests are correct, as using and driving animals for human crowd entertainment just seems so wrong anymore), but I think there's another reason:  Clowns.  Yep, clowns.  Who isn't afraid of clowns now?  From killer clowns depicted in the movies, to reality's killer clown John Gacy, to creepy clowns warned about during Halloween and months past -- how can a decent clown survive under the circus big top?  And the kids fear clowns, due in no small part, by the way, to squishy parents who implant terrors in their kids' minds to keep 'em sensitive and snow-flaky. In addition, hey, do you want to be a professional party clown traveling by car to a child's birthday party, only to get pulled over by a cop and shot to death by a suspicious SWAT team after you've squirted water on him from a fake flower?  Drop those clown pants, mister, you're busted!

May the incoming Trump Administration not perform its duties with fake flowers.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dust Farts

Why do we blog?  Oh, I'm well aware that "tweets" are all the rage for now, until we each have personal robots programmed to do the communication work for us (as they plot to kill all humans when the time is right, of course, never forget that regrettable flaw).  The answer, obviously, is our wish to remain relevant, particularly as we greet old age with either unbridled enthusiasm or profound hostility.  And speaking for myself, if I weren't pounding out blog entries at this stage I'd probably be sitting in the middle of a busy highway, drooling on myself and shouting, "Get out of my way!" Maintaining elderly relevance can be accomplished in other ways, certainly. 

The Incredible Shrinking Man:  Take Rep. John Lewis, civil rights icon.  Instead of registering his opposition to a Trump presidency with reasons that make sense, he chose to go bat-poop bonkers by blaming the Russians for, to him and most of Hollywood, unfathomable election results.  Instead of damaging his integrity by falling into established nonsense promoted by the Hillary/Democrat/Black Lives Matter tale-spinners, Lewis might have done better by sitting in a highway, drooling on himself.

I truly believe that people such as Lewis and Sen. John McCain should have departed Congress long ago because age can come with, not only wisdom, but also a deepening need to cling to relevancy using irrational mind props.

Making it worse, Lewis' comments arise just before a widely touted occasion known as "Black History Month," the time of year when "White History Year" is interrupted for 28 or 29 days.  Frankly, and even a few brave black leaders have stated as much, BHM really needs to be retired, having served its purpose ad nauseum by now.  Pathetic enough it was that violence and injury broke out at a Martin Luther King Memorial service in Miami

It's sad to see Mr. Lewis' praises sung by the likes of Rep. Maxine Waters, who wants to spend constituent time and dollars plotting a way to impeach Donald Trump, even before he's official.  When certain black voters in certain economically and/or intellectually impoverished areas of the country start choosing their leadership from ability and not blindly because of a candidate's racial motivations, they will perform a real self-service. It's also questionably disheartening to watch DNC hack Donna Brazile honor John Lewis after that dust-up about her feeding Hillary Clinton questions in secret prior to a presidential debate.

That Rep. Lewis himself could ever, ever, ever have been affiliated with the Democrat Party -- they who virtually gave birth to and perpetuated through legislative maneuvers the Ku Klux Klan; they who endorsed and revered segregation; they who loved nothing better than a good old-fashioned black lynching; and they who utilized Jim Crow to keep black people from participating in activities deemed "whites only" -- is amazing in itself. 

Likewise amazing is his avowed appreciation for President Obama's Affordable Care Act, a lie from its very first step:  Lower rates starting with $2500 in savings? Not.  Keep your doctor?  Not.  Major benefits seem to include absurd premium rate increases and bankruptcy-teasing deductibles  A self-assured system of failure now collapsing before our eyes doesn't seem like much to be proud of, even when knighted with the label, "Obamacare," courtesy of a formerly mediocre senator who, before ascending to an effete presidency, apparently never held private employment or created a business during his pampered life.

Congressman Lewis, silent with the rest of his party regarding an outrageous 85 million dollars spent by the Obamas for vacations during two terms, probably welcomed Obama's televised farewell speech last week, when the President used the word, "I" 75 times.  Looks as though the "we" part in Rep. Lewis' Congress didn't get much notice or credit during eight years of a one-man national suicide show emanating from the White House.  To embrace an agenda rabidly intent upon preserving a presidential legacy which does not exist doesn't help sustain one's heroic status, either.

Pssst -- Mr. Lewis, Martin Luther King seems to have embraced Republican ideals.  Just saying. . .

Not my kind of town, Chicago is:  Surprise!  Obama's Dept. of Justice found corruption and bad tidings in the Chicago Police Dept.  Don't they always, anywhere they go?  Not a word about all the black-on-black crime and murders, yet the goal appears to be less police confrontations with street scum.  How do you do that?  Bow, curtsy, apologize for being a cop on the scene of a crime?  Chicago cops, at least in the short term, until sanity is restored, are going to do the same thing law enforcement personnel have done in other departments beat up by the DOJ:  Sit back and let much of the bad stuff go un-addressed, so as not to rile DOJ jackboots.  New DOJ leadership will, we hope, solve a lot of problems on all sides.

Entertainment community members who refuse to perform at Trump's Inaugural:  Good grief, I never encountered such a bunch of spoiled, timid or weeping wussies in my life.  They may feel emboldened and part of their "gang" now, but should Trump's administration succeed wildly enough to make the unlikeliest of Americans sit up and take notice -- that is, causing people to finally comprehend the Obama gang fraud that screwed the country for eight years -- entertainers who threw hissy fits and tantrums will look smaller than head lice.  Wow, talk about marching in lock step. . .

Speaking of the Inauguration:  With a lack of celebrity involvement, will Donald Trump be forced to utilize folks who produce dancing cat videos for the Internet?  Just please, no mimes.  By the way -- will the Oath be administered by that troublesome John Roberts again?  And does that mean Trump will take both a public Oath and then do another behind closed doors, as previously accomplished with a President whose name I'm trying to forget?

Investigating FBI director James Comey:  What's to investigate?  First of all, Democrats danced in a frenzy for substantive findings to be released before the elections in hope of causing Queen Hil' to come off looking like a rose (NOT in association with the Rose Law Firm, we hasten to add).  Comey performed a real public service, if he had anything to do with losing Hillary Clinton votes.  Her carelessness in all respects disqualified her for the presidency even before Comey's TV announcements.  As long as Democrats are so fast and easy in awarding performance awards. . .that is, medals to Obama and Biden. . . why not strike a gold medal for Comey?  Something unique, you know, regarding that server and those e-mails?  Perhaps "The Best Denial of Service Ever" award.

Mr. Trump and All:  Please assure rational environmental oversight.  It's still too easy to trash (read:  Overdevelop) places and overlook things and critters which truly deserve our attention, compassion and respect. We were not the first to show up here.

Remembering how we ended up with Obama:  Let me count the ways.  No, wait, let me simply recall fondly one basic way he wormed (and I do mean wormed, whenever we bring Obama into the mix here)) his way into our hearts.  TV fiction ring a bell?  You may recall the black President in the original Fox "24" TV series, portrayed by actor Dennis Haysbert.  Haysbert looked pretty darned good as prez, didn't he?  Well, there's a major reason why we ended up with two terms of Obama.  Yes, the nation expected Dennis Haysbert in the Oval Office, and instead Barack Obama was inflicted upon us.  Thanks, Hollywood.

Alexa disrespects ya?  So a little girl told her parents' personal home assistant (from hell?) "Alexa" to send a doll house and Alexa complied, much to her parents' unhappy surprise?  And then other Alexa AIs across the country repeated doll house orders when TV and radio news broadcasts repeated the story before their "ears?" Alexa also possibly keeps recordings of everything you say in its presence? In the whole house?  What?  Can one demand that Alexa order a missile attack on neighborhood homes?  Can you procure hit men's chores or enlist prostitutes and blame Alexa or any of the other AI personal assistants coming onto the market?  Might we ask Alexa to rob the Internet of bit coins?  Seems as though personal assistants will be indispensable to future generations.  Me, if I ever encounter one, I'm seriously going to consider asking it to put prominent, though innocent names on sex offender lists all over the country, just because I still can't get over the very concept of sex offender lists.  Isn't everybody a sex offender in some way?  Isn't childbirth a parasitic sex offense? Did the Nazis have sex offender lists?  The questions never end here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Streep Peeps and the Panic Continues

Somehow, it makes perfect sense that a fair number among the Hollywood and elite crowd choose Scientology.  Were I awash in money and influence, entirely bored with daily life, I'd probably find it perfectly reasonable to seek a change myself, maybe to, I don't know, join a church that worships cat vomit?

Well, this isn't about Scientology, but it is about the rich and famous who feel the need to air their deepest fears when receiving nationally televised awards. Like actress Meryl Streep, recipient of a Golden Globe award Sunday evening.  I'm not entirely sure, but I think Golden Globe awards result from votes by people sitting in their underwear all over the country with nothing to do but push buttons.  I hope they aren't Russians, and I can't even imagine what Russian underwear feels like.

Miss Streep, who probably forgot long ago what it's like to be just people burdened with arduous lives, must have felt pretty darned pleased with herself, standing up there on the gilded stage, safely and warmly surrounded by those of (pretty much) a similar mind, letting loose her comments referencing an unnamed president who hasn't even assumed Office yet.  She wasn't unique in her condemnation, of course.  THAT seems to be everywhere in the land of the elite pod people.

Of course, my election fave was Ted didn't-stand-a-chance Cruz, and I don't have a clue what kind of President Donald Trump will be.  A very good one, I hope, but to paraphrase what Nancy Pelosi said when asked what was in the Affordable Care Act, we'll have to open his act to know what's in him.

Meanwhile, man oh man, progressives spin in full-blown terror, partially frozen in some weird mindset dictating that Hillary Clinton couldn't possibly lose.  Quick, where are psychological counseling and Teddy Bears to squeeze?

That these folks are adrift from their own minds requires no other evidence than their adulation for one President Barack Obama, intent in his final days upon reminding us about -- make that fabricating -- his legacy, a legacy which, in fact, weaves a fictional tale dripping with syrupy grandiosity.  What he did not mention, and what has just come to light are statistics allegedly indicating that some 94 percent of jobs created during the last eight years were part-time only.  One can't buy much hope and change with that number.  How pitiful indeed that the Democrats' primary spokesman is the very person who destroyed progressive dreams from coast to coast, as even smaller elections became dominated by GOP wins.

A lethal injection to finish off the Affordable Care Act before it collapses under its own dead weight will be merciful, if the Trump people can raise a good replacement.  The evidence (including video statements from key personnel) clearly shows intent to mislead the public about high premiums, outrageous co-pays and other factors which would otherwise portray Obamacare as far less than appealing.  The ACA was no "overnight success," its roots stemming back many years in anticipation of when payday would finally come.  Insurance companies had years to drool over the outrageously high profits they fully expected would drift their way, once all the regulations were in place.  As any B grade level fourth grader could have figured out, this bird of paradise poop molded by nothing but progressive hands and deluded minds of supposedly superior intellect couldn't possibly stay airborne very long.  These are the same people, by the way, who possessed neither the brains nor sense to secure their own e-mail systems.

Special request to Julian Assange:  If the Russians aren't pulling your strings, how about coughing up a few thousand sensitive e-mails from Putin and the Politburo, just to show some good faith?

The Chicago Four:  Now that all the politically correct media folk and political hacks got around to reluctantly reporting that this duck quacked and therefore it must be a duck, let's make sure the "hate crime" laws -- that vaunted legislation demanded and embraced so lovingly by, curiously, hate groups in their own right -- are launched into full force when a gang of four black people go on trial for kidnapping and torturing a white youth with special needs.  The mug shots alone, depicting at least two of the subjects (males) striking a defiant pose, pretty much say it all for this group, devoid of and probably never exhibiting compassion for either human or beast.  Obama could have spent much of his presidency decrying racial components when it comes to such execrable activities, but he lost a golden opportunity to unite the country, choosing instead to use federal departments and one-sided "diversity" as battering rams.  Sadly, white people need not apply for inclusion in "diversity" in the current atmosphere.

Nation beware!  You may not be familiar with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, but you need to be, next time presidential elections roll around.  Cuomo, a Democrat hack seemingly infused with progressive steroids, gives every appearance of wanting to be President.  Trouble is, by this point in his second term his actions have alienated him not only from horrified Republicans, but from other Democrats as well in this corrupt state.  Each year, the governor is required to issue a state of the state address in January, but this year, for the first time, Cuomo has opted to travel around the state, addressing regional areas one at a time instead of standing before the state assembly and senate as TV cameras roll.  Why?  Informed speculation dictates that the governor feared being booed and disgraced before both parties, had he made his address in the chambers -- as he has every year.  Having publicly stated, astonishing many, that there is no place for conservative Republicans in NY, it was only a matter of time before his various political meanderings would rub even his own party the wrong way.  His current rant includes his wish to provide free college for all New York students (costing six figures of millions of dollars) and other ideas which would raise NY taxes considerably.  The chances of his dream list seeing legislator approval are dim -- tax and fee-burdened NY residents and businesses continue to flee the state -- but somewhere in Cuomo's radical thought process is likely a determination that even putting such plans "out there" makes him look like the ultimate progressive and therefore a realllllly nice "catch" for the DNC, next time they plan to run a presidential candidate.  Should you reside in the 49 states who don't know and don't care who Cuomo is, we would suggest that you not forget his name -- and we obviously don't mean that in a complimentary way.  The nation simply does not need another post-Obama dictator whose empathy and progressive good deeds enslave us and run on our money.  Thing is, this pampered dope, who rode in on his father (former governor) Mario Cuomo's coattails, wouldn't have been elected governor if it weren't for the well-populated NY City area, where Democrat voters abound.  Beware USA, beware, beware.

But Hillary for mayor?  Speaking of NY idiocy, yes, there are calls emerging for Hillary Clinton to run for NY City mayor.  She may as well, the place has degenerated into a filth pit under the current socialist mayor's crazed supervision.

Sweeping up the trash at federal agencies:  We expect the Trump administration to go all out to determine what Muslims with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and other "interesting" concerns (the MB is criminal and outlawed in Egypt) currently work in the FBI, military and other essential departments.  If anything involves national security, this is a prime example -- and, for starters, let's allow the FBI to re-do their training manuals  and instruct that there ARE Islamic terrorists who must be found and thrown out of sensitive government areas. Is there not already a foothold in the USA?  Yes, there is, and it starts at the welcoming, all-inclusive (well, except for. . .) White House.

60 Minutes shows off military drone capabilities:  Last Sunday's drone demonstration on the CBS-TV show was impressive, even as military brass and scientists mull over if, how and when artificial intelligence should be allowed to kill humans determined by AI itself to be enemies.  Considering all the nations currently having a love affair with AI's abilities, it won't be long before we can all destroy our pesky neighbors with precision lasers, merely blaming our "personal assistants" for taking the initiative.  Next:  Robot prisons?

Let's all be Jewish:  Increasing domestic and international attacks on Jews, whipped up by a number of terrorist organizations wed even more dangerously (and unwittingly) to Islamic terror groups must be stopped, as we all have a stake in domino-style destruction of lives and freedoms.  Your local newspaper isn't making a big deal of this horror, but it's predominant.

Can't close without a word about UFOs:  Remember UFOs?  I do.  I'm currently getting my kicks over "new" reports that hackers possess the ability to interfere with community power stations.  Back in the sixties and seventies, UFO investigators were inundated with witnesses claiming power interruptions when UFOs appeared over their homes or neighborhoods, and nobody in officialdom really devoted much attention to this phenomenon.  When the great Northeastern USA power blackout occurred on November 9, 1965, all kinds of UFO reports came my way and I provided details to major UFO research organizations.  My point:  Funny how we humans respond to similar situations.  Power troubles apparently caused by well-witnessed UFO activity equals crazy and deluded, while bad-actor hacking equals "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!" and a nation goes bonkers with demands for action.  Because Congress can't even get its heads together yet regarding protection against domestic EMP attacks, one might only conclude that we bask in stupidity during preludes to the worst of times.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


A cornered rat or confined rattlesnake can be mighty dangerous, but the extent to which President Obama and his (amazingly) still loyal Democrat followers are going to screw both Trump and other Americans before Inauguration Day makes both rat and snake seem almost docile.

Behind the scenes -- and I use that description because even various surface events won't be covered by the mainstream media, thereby rendering them invisible -- the Obama bunch is said to be churning out rules and regulations by the deplorable basket load, needlessly but effectively "gumming up the works" for the Trump administration's entrance.

As the increasingly wispy little shadow of a man called Obama prepares to depart the White House, he continues attempts to weave a worthwhile legacy -- even his New Year's Eve words, carried by radio stations all over the country on the morning of December 31, suggest either a worried President fraught with fears of a legacy left out in the cold, or a flim-flam man engulfed in so much arrogance that he doesn't have a clue history will remember him as a menace to domestic and world peace.  Indeed, he used his Saturday speech to affirm all the great things he has accomplished for the U.S.  Loser or lunatic?

Vladimir Putin is a dictator, a murderer, a thug and a liar -- and those are probably his good points.   Nevertheless, when Obama directed his ongoing tantrum toward Russian diplomats and ordered them out of the country, the deceptively wise criminal Putin countered with invitations to a Christmas party for American diplomats and their children in Russia.  Need we ask who came out looking like the grinch here?  If Obama the egotist isn't sweating with rage now, he never will be, for he was bested by the worst, as if knocked over with a communist feather.

Meanwhile, as if the result of bad comedy writing, the Russians are held strictly responsible for hacking the Democrat e-mails, and that's the whole reason Hillary lost the election. Yes, nice fantasy for those who can't get it through their fantasy-lovin' heads that it was our legal electoral process that finished this queen of the blathering turkeys off, for good we hope.  Never mind that the hacked e-mails -- wrapped up in a pretty red bow, thanks especially to Hillary Clinton and John Podesta's oopsie -- expressly showed the world what kind of people the Democrat Party embraces.  Peculiarly, the Russians were unable to hack major Republican files.  So who's the idiot political party here?  The Democrats have become "Hatchimals," with protective e-mail eggshells and everything about them duly cracked.

No President in my lifetime has pulled the stuff that this treasonous authoritarian ass is piling on as his days of inferno by decree wind down.  Donald Trump will have his faults, too, count on it, but this time we might feel hopeful about not inviting another destructive spawn of Satan into the people's White House.

The greatest "gotcha" move Trump could make would be to have his Dept. of Justice (no longer under an Obama zombie hack) check into having Mr. Obama and others arrested, tried and, we hope, convicted for endangering our security (from both within and outside), as well as for a host of reasons best recognized by the legal system.  But (yawn. . .) it won't happen, simply because too many friends of skeletons lurk in too many intertwining Washington closets, and one guilt leads to another.

We should be laughing over the absurdity of this, but the joke's on us.  This fraud named Obama was constitutionally and fairly elected. Too bad, as progressive crybabies persist with almost psychotic denial in understanding how elections work, that Obama cultists believe we exist under a one-party system and only Democrats are allowed to serve.  Not that serve is the right word.  Most people appreciate a good joke, but when it comes in the form of a First Family taking frequent vacations much more costly and extravagant than ever before, it's not funny. 

The bottom line?  We've been played for eight years, yet a significantly self-uninformed portion of society begs for more of the same.  Let's hope we don't get it.

Illegals:  Give them six months to a year to depart, and after that time the government should allow no more services, just deportation.  Too damned bad?  Yes, it is.  Everything rational folk do to keep their country seems to be too damned bad to others.

Evolution:  I was thinking about all the chemicals produced over the decades and tossed off into the ecosystem. . .and when and whether they start affecting human evolution for the worst.  Not quite sure whether I'm ready to see people with three feet sticking out of their heads, but I can't believe evolution won't get screwed up immensely due to our own ingenuity.  Heck, forget the laboratory -- subtle changes are probably going on right now.  As they seem to be in some amphibian species.