Friday, September 28, 2007

A Hole in the Ground

Everywhere, craters. On the moon, on other planets, here on earth. Ancient craters, forgotten craters, undiscovered craters. And craters down on the farm.

The first explosion rocked the farm in Venice, NY during the night of November 12, 1966, and the next day a mysterious small crater was found. The NY State Police investigated, an Air Force officer showed up, Cornell University took an interest and geologists from Syracuse University obtained samples. Eventually, the State Police provided me with photos, there was correspondence from the Air Force and a lengthy report from the geology department at Syracuse U. Strangely, while no evidence of explosive material at the site could be determined, nor was there any indication of a meteorite impact, despite intensive geologic analysis.

But the mystery deepened. Exactly a year to the day later, another explosion and crater appeared on the farm, and the same series of events occurred exactly a year after that. My Air Force enlistment effectively divested me from further action regarding this increasingly suspicious situation, and I'm unable to provide a final explanation-- if there was one. Should I locate the original crater photos, I'll post them, but in the meantime here are letters from APRO about this and other matters, an excerpt from an A.P.R.O. Bulletin of 1968 and a letter concerning the crater photographs from the State Police. Incidentally, Coral Lorenzen's reference to "Dell" meant Dell Publications (mentioned a few blog entries ago here), which had apparently written favorably of APRO, resulting in a cascade of letters from people interested in UFOs.