Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Billy Cox on the Lonely Trail

A necessary "thank you" here to veteran journalist Billy Cox for writing some good things about me and this blog in his own Blog De Void, affiliated with his newspaper, Southwest Florida's Herald Tribune. Described as "The mainstream media's lonely UFO web log," his regularly updated reports about all things UFO are nearly anomalies in themselves because he's an established newspaper reporter -- a credentialed journalist -- writing on a continuing basis about UFOs. AND, yikes, he gets it, the truth, the nonsense, the questionable, all of it. UFOs? This guy with blog in tow has to be as lonely as the Maytag repairman amongst his fellows. Legitimate reporters who stay in tune with this subject and the editors who allow them to do so are a rare bird indeed in the U.S., so please be sure to check his blog often. I don't add web links haphazardly here, so when I announce tonight that I'm adding De Void to my list on the right, know that it's something special.