Monday, September 17, 2007

The Voice of Reason Never Lurks in the Sock Drawer

Oh, good grief, I found this letter, lost it and then found it again. Next time this happens, I just know it'll disappear for good, like socks in the dryer. Or is that socks in the washer on the way to the dryer, or socks before they reach the sock drawer? Or does the real activity occur inside the sock drawer? Danged sock gremlins always leave the ones with the biggest holes behind, did you ever notice?

The letter displayed here? I really like this one. William F. Walsh was the mayor of Syracuse, NY in the sixties and also served as congressman for a few years. He's retired now and his son James has been a Central NY congressman for numerous terms.

Answering my letter about various UFO concerns in 1968, Mr. Walsh certainly knew how to inflate one's ego, suggesting that folks like me might be right and the skeptics, hmm, may be ever, ever so wrong. As if that wasn't enough, he also suggested that research into the UFO issue should continue.

All in all, this is one of the most refreshing UFO-related letters I ever received from a public official. My only addendum nearly 40 years later would be yes, Mr. Mayor, I am correct (well, if not about UFOs, at least about something), and yes, the skeptics are wrong -- primarily because most of them aren't really skeptics, they're merely debunkers attired in skeptical clothing, and they add nothing to UFO research and investigation.