Monday, October 1, 2007

UFO Updates: 72,000 Gems and Growing

The almost unthinkable has happened. Many with an eye toward UFO research suspected it was coming, but today's the day when harsh economic realities clash with an otherwise extraordinarily well-oiled information machine. This is all about a place called the Virtually Strange Network, prominently added to my list of links shortly after this blog's initiation.

In Canada, Errol Bruce-Knapp is VSN's founder, and since 1996, at great personal cost, Errol has provided the world with insightful UFO-related radio broadcasts (his "Strange Days...Indeed!" is now conducted exclusively in pod format) and hosts an impressive, ever-growing archive of posts by the best and brighest involved internationally in UFO research -- names you know and names you don't, and possibly with your own name and contributions. Just as the late UFO investigator Coral Lorenzen once referred to her organization APRO as "the United Nations of UFO research," Errol's popular "UFO Updates" Web page also caters to the world's UFO-inquisitive, and to date offers an astounding archive of over 72,000 posts.

But what was once free is free no more, and Errol's impressive, yet costly, services must now be available through paid subscriptions. More information may be accessed via my link to the Virtually Strange Network, and I'm sure you will find the rates reasonable and the wealth of information indispensable. Errol thanks you for your support, and, of course, we thank Errol Bruce-Knapp for being there to help sort out the truth and wisdom from hopeless piles of everything else involving the UFO subject!