Saturday, September 22, 2007

"I'll not be driving on that road...alone at night"

Things, strange mind-gnawing things were happening in Central New York while I was far away in Texas, attending Air Force medical tech school. UFO-related mail and phone calls routinely made their way to my family and they, of course, would pass information along to me. Even at a distance, I tried to assure that report forms were completed and submitted to NICAP or APRO by concerned sighting witnesses.

In the fall of 1968, months after my departure for Air Force training, something bizarre occurred in a rural area of Upstate New York. Had I been available, it's for sure I would have checked this one out thoroughly. Fortunately, the primary witness typed out a lengthy account in addition to the standard report forms submitted to others and mailed me a copy, including a map.

Today I'm posting her five-page summary, and once again I feel like a government censor with a specialty in redacting because I've whited out a bunch o' stuff. Why? I believe the primary witness is possibly deceased, but there appear to be numerous family members left behind. So forty years later my predicament is, should I contact survivors to see about getting permission to leave numerous items in her report -- but in doing so, would I actually risk encouraging a tug-of-war as family members take on opposing sides, muddying the waters, so to speak, until I'm left with a document whose appearance rivals even more well-holed cheesecloth? In addition, there are several other names listed, providing me a whole new round of permission-to-use headaches. Instead, I'll opt for the version I've posted.

The narrative will be a bit hard to follow and the copy is faded (I enhanced it a little), but what you will discover is a potential UFO case suggesting electromagnetic effects (car), an animal reaction (dog), physical evidence, multiple observations by multiple witnesses and possible military involvement after (and during?) the fact -- all topped off by the question of whether illegal hunters in another place, at another time, might encounter problems with the law if they report their experience involving a UFO with portholes and beeping sounds!