Sunday, September 9, 2007

What did the NY State Troopers See?

At least two members of the New York State Police saw something strange in the summer skies of 1967, and as long as I'm currently pulling out documents from that year, I thought we would just throw this out for your interest.

Displayed here is, first, a copy of a TV news script page of August 2, 1967, as read by Syracuse Channel 9 TV news anchor Stan Redmond. There are misspellings on the page of both Massena, NY and an officer's name. Channel 9 was known as WNYS-TV, but the station since then has changed its call letters at least twice and another area TV station eventually adopted the WNYS designation; even I get confused with these broadcast musical chairs after awhile. Anyway. . .

This news report suggests the observation of something "resembling a meteorite," and the possibility of some rare celestial event comes to mind. Yet, we have apparent confirmation that this thing was tracked on radar. Also of interest is the reference to a previous sighting.

The second visual here is a letter I received from one of the New York State troopers who witnessed the sighting, and he offers an observational time frame of 10-15 seconds -- much too long for most meteorite incidents, which usually consume only a fraction of a second, or maybe two. A 10-15 second time period would be an eternity for a standard meteorite event. And obviously the comet theory fails because comets seem to hover almost motionless in the sky to the casual observer.

Radar? A lengthy observation time? A flaming tail or sparks? Could it have been a blazing re-entry of "space junk?" Was this just a meteorological event -- or something more?