Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Used to Be and Should Have Been

                                                                       All the parks are closed today,
                                                                       there's no place where we can play.
                                                                       We've spent every cent, my friend,
                                                                       on used to be and should have been.

                                                               (Lyrics from song, “Used to Be,”
                                                                                           sung by Vicki Lawrence
                                                                                             for the motion picture,
                                                                                              “The Grasshopper”)

These mournful musical lyrics from a 1969 motion picture settled in my mind when Donald Trump got around to announcing his intention to decline naming a special prosecutor for an investigation of Hillary Clinton.  Say what one will about Trump, but perhaps it really is for the best to put this albatross aside, at least for now.

The movie?  Starring Jacqueline Bisset, it pretty much reflected the sixties era when aimless young people “did their own thing” and threw caution to the wind, experiencing drugs, sex and the wild life with total abandon.  What's behind the curtain of life?  Nothing but more curtains.  My favorite scene, involving one of the few likeable characters in the film, depicted actor Jim Brown's hulking figure bounding across a golf course, determined to seek vengeance on a thug who severely beat his wife,  Bisset's character.  As the movie concludes, a skywriting scene involves a small plane spelling out the “F word” for all to see, an act destined to make even a modern-day drone operator jealous.  But not to digress. . .

I think the “used to be” and “should have been” match up nicely with Hillary Clinton's current status – that is, an extraordinary downfall coupled with her (and the Democrat Party's) apparent belief that one can own the future by simply fueling dreams with brightly painted, but nevertheless empty gas cans of history.  Becoming dependent upon revisiting the “glory days” of Bill Clinton's presidency in order to hope that party faithfuls, Hillary fans and the independent voters of America were somehow genetically guaranteed to vote in oceans of blue did not work – and as we see by witnessing an incredible amount of Democrat losses in all kinds of government positions across the country, consequences proved immense and unforgiving.  Chances of a Hillary win surely were not enhanced by the party's “flypaper” strategy over the years, through which it attracted and welcomed every piece of human feces and detritus able to crawl, hop, walk, sprint, fly or jump across the nation's boundaries.  Sacrificing one's borders, language and culture merely to add blue voters not only pissed off true Americans, but the practice has put every one of us in real danger for years to come.  Thanks, Obama.

And thank YOU, Hillary Clinton – thanks for losing the Electoral College and forfeiting, albeit with profound disappointment, every progressively misguided opportunity to screw around with my country even more.  You, Bill and the Clinton Foundation aren't exactly the eyes-wide-open version of the Kennedy “Camelot” lifestyle, but the time certainly has come for you and the family to retreat to some version of the Clinton catacombs and disappear.  What used to be must be no more, and what should have been should not have been, not ever.  The fact, fact, fact that Clinton Foundation  “donations” have suddenly declined by almost 40 percent, likely meaning that foreign (troubling indeed!) and domestic interests who expected favors from a Hillary Clinton administration jumped off THAT train like bedbugs in retreat, rather proves the obvious.  Oh – and enjoy that recount, deposed Queen Hil'.  When the left pulls this nonsense, it's just fine – and mixing the Green Party in with this far left-leaning bag of never-ending tricks certainly adds a touch of classless faux integrity.

Don't cry for me, Somalia:   A day at Ohio State..  Good food, good friends -- and darned good shots by a cop.  Thanks, officer, for dispatching yet another creepy U.S. import walking the naughty side to a special hell reserved for radical Islam's garden-variety jerk-offs.  Blade or not, this little incident will be toned down by the left into a knife-sharpening demonstration gone wrong.  Already, the Ohio Somalian “community” plays victim, even as stabbed students and their families worry about healing and infections.  Call me Xenophobic (I love that X – kinda has a space alien ring to it when pronounced as a Z) or whatever you wish, but I'm becoming ever so tired of Islam in the morning, Islam in the evening and Islam at suppertime.  (In case you're too young to know, I just paraphrased from an old song.  Don't worry about it.)  Every slice of the knife and every gunshot inflicted upon Americans by these enraged monsters should and must remind us all that the president entrusted to keeping us safe had a hand in causation.

President Trump Executive Order No. 1 we would like to see:  Law-abiding college students, people on the street and others whose lives are jeopardized daily by Islam's violent morons and other criminals may immediately and lawfully embrace the Second Amendment words, shall not be infringed, in order to easily procure and carry weapons appropriate for providing personal and family safety throughout the land.  All  Warning:  This is a Gun-Free Zone  signs will be removed and provided to the states, to be used for target practice on rifle ranges.

Who Kluxed the Ku Klux?  Don'tcha love all those activists running around blaming Trump and the GOP for racism, when the very Democrat Party they cry for IS the party of the Klan, from its very origins?  Keeping slavery going and kicking the Indians off their land is what the early Democrats were all about.  The approach may have been altered over the decades, but the party endures in promoting slavery through broken promises, poverty and fear-mongering.  Again, looking across the country, the Democrat Party seems to be floundering about on life support.  We know not yet what Donald Trump will bring to the table, but he's sure to get the blame as Democrat-supported and terribly-negotiated labor union pensions continue to crash under a grand fantasy.  But, we reiterate – the GOP neither started the Klan, nor pumped up 101 ways of continuing a slavery agenda without calling it slavery. 

Sometimes, slavery is called sanctuary cities, and the Dems expect you to continue paying for them without question.  If Trump de-funds these AND Congress rids us of the incredibly nation-stupid “anchor baby” absurdity, good things should happen.  But with federal funding gone, will mayors who continue to flagrantly violate “sanctuary” laws really believe they can stay the course by raising taxes on the people who elect them?  Obviously,  law-defying, renegade mayors need to be jailed, tried and convicted.

How to put the ham in Hamilton, the play:  Well, I don't know if it was overrated (per Trump's comment) before, but it is now.  Is it really worth paying an astronomical price for a ticket when the cast intends to go politically bonkers via stage presence on your dime?  The venerable stage was a peculiar – though not unique – location for a. . . rudely cordial?. . .broadside to take place, but basically-just-an-actor Dixon taking off pseudo-respectfully on the supposedly non-humiliated VP-Elect Mike Pence in that venue was uncalled for.  Would this nonsense ever have been perpetrated upon Obama, Biden or any other arts & entertainment friendly politician of a Democrat stripe?  And what's this about a cast call for only non-white actors coming to light for performances of Hamilton?  Talk about “diversity”. . .

Denver goes down for the DOJ:   Reports that the now thoroughly Obama-corrupted Dept. of Justice under the guidance of one L. Lynch has fined the Denver Sheriff's Dept. thousands of dollars because it dared to run an ad for deputies in which only U.S. citizens need apply are shocking.  I don't know about you, but nothing speaks law-abiding to me like being arrested by uniformed cops who illegally entered my country and took what apparently turns out to be a meaningless oath about protecting and serving.  We fondly hope this variety of outrage goes away under Trump, and that folks like Lynch, Holder and the big O himself are not forgotten as (if?) American justice returns to America.  Social justice and American justice go together like Sharia and the U.S. Constitution.  Not, not, not.

Speaking of the DOJ, one wonders how many murders of cops across the country will it take to satisfy DOJ quotas for teaching law enforcement agencies some sort of ass-kicking lesson?  The thing is, yes, there are bad cops – but almost every video clip I've seen and audio clip I've heard in which cops encounter black suspects shows suspects either mouthing off, resisting, fighting with or attempting to elude police.  How helpful it would be for “Klaatu” Obama, generally out of sight and out of mind when these instances occur, to go out there and and publicly (1) tell potential suspects to knock off the acting out and the cop killings, and (2) relate via popular TV networks statistics which PROVE cops kill far more white people than black people annually.   What has Obama done to settle nerves among vastly clueless young people of all races that there is no war on blacks or any other ethnic group by police?   Answer: Nothing substantial.  As if by design.  Of course.  So, again we ask the Dept. of Justice:  How many more dead cops are required under DOJ long-term planning, as more and more local police agencies are co-opted by Dept. of Justice-style guidance/ fascism/ dictator wannabes?  Aren't hope & change a wonder to behold as eight years of fundamental transformation conclude?   Maybe economic growth and public sanity didn't do so well – but we've farmed out well-populated crops of “pod people” like there's no tomorrow.  Enjoy.  Surely, significant rational modifications lie ahead with a new president?

Hey, huge congratulations to Cubans on the death of that ol' rascal, dictator Fidel Castro.  May brother Raoul join him and Che' in hell soon, for a family reunion of sorts, being that a strong-arming goon never falls far from the tree of gangsters.  Was anybody really surprised that Black Lives Matter and so many world leader-thugs praised this murderous parasite for his “accomplishments?”  Ignoring the kind words of wimpy President Obama regarding this international criminal's passing, we much prefer Donald Trump's initial Tweet:  “Castro is dead!”

Drug-o-mania:  As TV screens fill up with pharmaceutical commercials, I am again reminded of a pharmacy specialist friend I knew in the Air Force who, when I asked if a prescribed medication was good for treating an illness I encountered, responded, waving his hands toward towering shelves of various drugs,  “Bob, none of this stuff is GOOD for you!”  Let's take this further, not so far into the future, and wonder what effects a garden of medications have on human and animal DNA.  Seems to be a lot of children exiting the womb with disabilities – changes – now.  What precursors shall we expect before the worst, should a worst appear on the horizon?  Maybe “colony collapse” isn't just for honeybees.

Mars or Bust:  We're in such a hurry to go someplace which we may have already visited, after having come from someplace else, way far away.  Oh well, it's something to do when we're bored to death after an inundation of warnings about global warming, global cooling, catastrophic human-caused climate change, the science is all in, the consensus is all in, there's no room for discussion, and on and on, ad infinitum, much of this orchestrated by The Holy Crank Religion of Human-Caused Climate Change disciples.   The faster we get to Mars and beyond, the quicker we can spread our poop throughout the universe to piss off the neighbors. :):)