Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Losers on the Prowl and Stink-tuary Cities Tempt Fate

What happens now to FBI director James Comey?  The Trump transition team should nominate him as Secretary of Mission Accomplished.

Stink-tuary Cities:  Interesting how all those radical mayors and governors are stepping forth and refusing to dismantle the unquestionably illegal status of the so-called sanctuary cities which they lord over.  Even megalomaniac and presidential wannabe NY governor Andrew Cuomo has just put out an open invitation for all varieties of those who feel discriminated against by not-president-yet Donald Trump to move to New York -- a rather less than welcoming stance, it seems to me, since he explicitly stated recently that there is no place for political conservatives in a hopelessly bonkers state ruled by the dictator class.  If anybody feels discrimination in the current national climate, conservatives match the description.

Goodbye Obamas -- who aren't really going away, having purchased a house not far from D.C., presumably so B. Obama can keep an eye on somehow maintaining his legacy as something honorable, instead of what it actually will turn out to be when historians document what a fraud the Obama bunch was.  We trust, as the incoming Trump administration strives to "fundamentally UN-transform" Obama's defeatist vision of America's power and international status, that his wife, the Worst Lady, can return to NOT being proud of her country (remember her prideful statement when B.O. assumed office?) anymore, once her hubby is no longer president.

Laura Ingraham for Trump press secretary?  Conservative talk show host Ingraham is apparently in the running for this key position, and we would love to see her take on the progressive, Democrat-lovin' media, who will quickly discover that she's a presidential press secretary and not their good buddy who bends to their every progressive whim and pretties up her comments to please their agenda-frantic ears, eyes, pens and laptops.  In other words, she'll feed them the truth, something far afield from what Obama's press puppet shovels out on a daily basis.  By the way, the dictionary definition of "josh" is to be silly.  Indeed.

Many years ago, when Ingraham's fledgling national radio talk show was heard where I lived, I was very much on the Democrat side of the tracks, and on one occasion became bothered by something in a promo for her show (I do not remember the details anymore).  Immediately, as her program flipped to commercials, I e-mailed her to express dissatisfaction.  Apparently, I struck a nerve, because upon return to the show Laura condemned me not only heatedly, but even called me out by first AND last name!  Even today, it's rare for talk show hosts to concern themselves with publicly announcing callers' last names, so you can imagine how angered she must have been.  Yet, time passes and with it, sometimes, one's political views, and today, whether she appears on TV or radio, I like and respect Laura Ingraham.  She would make a wonderful press secretary, should this possibility materialize.

There it is: The modern Democrat Party's thug representatives in all their naked glory, bursting forth from national TV screens by the thousands for all to see as they "demonstrate" and "protest" with obscenities, racial slurs against whites, violence, fires and unrelenting property damage.  The elections, instead of bringing out the best in America, ignited the lizards behind progressive masks who waited patiently, until now, for Democrats to grab what looked for all the world like another four years of tyranny and the growth of socialist-leaning government.  They l-o-s-t.

They have a funny way of expressing shock over losing their grip on national throats.  Normal folk would be sad and take the change in stride as they move forward.  Not this bunch.

A literally overnight realization that the Democrat Party just all but suicided on logistical cyanide should come as no surprise revelation. 

No, these are not the "blue dog" or moderate Democrats of my youth.  For the most part, they seem to be human viruses and bacteria, the irregularly formed dust bunnies with human faces.  We know them more as anarchists, communists, bussed-in paid patsies, violent clingers-on, flash mobs, illegal immigrants and others who rank as less than zero in real life. The Democrat Party is directly responsible for their existence and sustenance, for they invited these folks in.  Oh, no, not invitations via personal values and integrity, but indeed an allurement based purely upon a political agenda's need for voters, bodies to fill polling places on every occasion to keep the progressive flame bright as it slowly incinerates the country's freedoms to a fine ash.

But take heart, Democrats!  The Sunday TV talk shows took time to blame street violence on all the usual reasons, even as such notables as communist and Democrat strategist Van Jones and Muslim congressman Keith Ellison discussed how to make things all better and bring everybody together.  Yes, the new, revitalized Democrat Party, and maybe the best possibility of all is to have Ellison head up the DNC so nasty people will realize at last that not every Muslim wants Sharia in this country.  Meanwhile, did we not miss former ABC-TV Sunday morning heartthrob Donna Brazile, dismissed from CNN and apparently from ABC because she was found out publicly to have passed a question(s) to Hillary Clinton in advance of the presidential debates?

Unfortunately, the now significantly despised national media know viewers have a brief attention span and, therefore, will continue propping up whatever remnants of the Democrat Party happen to surface or reanimate themselves, because the night is young and journo school grads are even younger and all they've learned for their big university debt is how to disparage the GOP and, frankly, anything of a different political persuasion.  For their money they've learned that symbiosis is the key to getting a good story, pre-fab though it may be.

Meanwhile, colleges and universities all over the country hopped right on the pity party bandwagon, compassionately informing tearful students experiencing post traumatic election syndrome that safe spaces have been reserved for their protection, perhaps equivalent in theory to bomb shelters popular in the fifties, except sensitive minds, and not nuclear explosions, are at risk this time.  One asks, in hopes of curing this malady -- aren't college students, now old enough to avoid shaken baby syndrome, ready for a good shaking -- or throttling -- to help them to snap out of this pathetic state?  Who knows, maybe that would break 'em out of the human-caused climate change foolishness also.

As Donald Trump chooses Cabinet members and other staff, I suggest he appoint Dr. Ben Carson to a new position:  Secretary of Black.  Far from a demeaning job, this one would allow Dr. Carson to intervene, anywhere and any time a group calls the Trump administration racist or twists black history into something blatantly wrong and racist in itself.  With his distinguished medical background, Dr. Carson is the right surgeon to lance the Obama boil infecting this country for almost eight years.

Remember the old (yes, black and white old) movie, "The Body Snatcher," in which Boris Karloff portrays a creepy grave robber / murderer who procures bodies for a physician's experimentation?  During its disturbing end scenes, the doctor, by then tortured into madness by the impact of his own evil deeds and those of another overlooked for convenience, recalls the now deceased grave robber's words, a warning expressed earlier, thundering repeatedly in his mind:  "You'll never be rid of me. . .never be rid of me. . .never be rid of me. . ."  Why mention an old film?  Because President Obama plans to keep that house in the Washington, D.C. area after leaving office, causing not only a continuing reminder and stench of the Obama bunch's misdeeds, but also a way of saying to America, you'll never be rid of me. . .never be rid of me. . .never be rid of me. . .