Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sweeping Up

In the News:  Thousands of angry legal citizens morons Marxists socialists dolts useful idiots  people in cities long-ruined by progressive rule took to the streets to protest a Trump presidency which hasn't even happened yet -- pushed along, no doubt, by George Soros' money and, Black Lives Matter (given millions of dollars by Soros) and the usual rabble.  Among these folks are the communists and other America-haters whose only driving thought from morning to night is the annihilation of the United States.  Had Republicans lost the election (and say what you will about the GOP), we doubt hordes of conservatives would be out there acting and speaking like fools, with a little (reported) violence thrown in.  Among the disgruntled marchers, illegal aliens and others whom, in large part, have lived all their lives on government handouts and failed Democrat Party promises, are likely a majority fearing Trump won't be quite the nanny the Obama bunch proved to be.  When generosity is rewarded with violence in the streets and mob extortion, it's time to line up buses headed south and wave goodbye to, no matter what one calls it to be polite, border-jumping criminals.  Their kids born here?  Until Congress wises up and gets rid of "anchor baby" allowances forever, the ke-e-e-e-eds will have to be left with relatives living here legally, or sent back to wherever with the parents.  When one sweats over the mere thought of open borders intended by a Hillary Clinton presidency, essentially waving a big unencumbered hello to drug dealers and other human detritus, something's definitely in need of a solution.

We were all amazed, but Hillary Clinton received the shock of her life during the elections, and in the aftermath her loyal followers wept like little kids denied ice cream on a warm summer's day.  Too bad they couldn't have shed those wasted tears instead for the American victims at Benghazi, and however many American agents around the world whose lives were possibly put in jeopardy by her "careless" handling of classified e-mails.

However, we're willing to bet that a few other people felt bruised and abandoned, too:  The celebrity class who showed up to help Queen Hil' out prior to the special day.  Yes, charming vocalists, vulgar singers (forgiven their rudeness and obscenities because of their mega-star status) and Hollywood stars, all coming out to perform or display their can't-fail talents, guaranteed to produce that very special coronation every progressive agenda longed for.

Oopsie.  Coronation cancellation.

So, just how quickly can those bloated Hollywood staples who promised to leave the USA following a Trump election pack and exit?

If ever the business of political polling took a well-deserved hit, this was the time, and never again should anybody rely faithfully upon polls -- and in the future, for that matter, we should watch national TV news and read slanted newspaper articles regarding political issues with an extremely jaundiced eye, for progressives administer thought control as a matter of course.

As the political victors now plot and plan Supreme Court nominations, consider financially carpet-bombing the United Nations, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Commerce, EPA and other over-reachers and space-wasters, for our money we're just sitting around, wondering about colleges and universities.

That is, how many radical professors, already deeply involved in mind-rotting their students with anything but freedom of thought and cherished American values, are doubling down now in personal horror, unprepared for and hating the idea of a non-Democrat presidential administration?   While tales spread across the media of educational institution shock-and-awe springing up as The New Reality smacks their crouching administrations and faculty firmly amongst progressively petrified brain cells, I suspect they're already building a brigade of "straw man" arguments intended to twist and turn young minds toward a profoundly and almost inescapable leftward direction.  Maybe it's time for a new U.S. president to take a look at federal funding for colleges and universities engaging in such nonsense, institutions which go so far as to ridicule and emasculate young male students who don't fit in with the increasingly dangerous radical feminism administered like poison on campuses all over the country.  Not to forget cries of "social justice" among the communist-inspired "students" who also make campus life so, um, interesting.

Donald Trump, flaws intact, confounded 'em all, right to the end, and now he and his hand-picked associates have an opportunity to offer this deflated nation some sane options.  The very best thing of all?  He's not Obama.