Monday, December 5, 2016

Gifts From the Dark Side

(Readers:  The winter season always presents obstacles when I need to access the Internet, so if new blog entries go missing for days -- or even weeks, which is not unlikely -- at a time, I'll thank you for your understanding.  – robert)

Christmas this year serves also as a harbinger of a gift from the unknown:  President Donald Trump.  A refreshingly welcome kind of political animal coming to town soon after Santa Claus departs?  We hope so.  Will Santa Trump bring along the same old listless GOP do-nothing bag of go-along-to-get-along gifts cherished routinely by Democrats, who almost always get their radical Christmas wishes fulfilled?  We hope not.

Nevertheless, the Democrats are apparently intent upon giving the GOP perhaps the best Christmas season political presents ever.  Yep, even as electoral maps show the Dems crumbling everywhere except, predictably, on the East and West coasts, dedicated bastions of lunatic fantasy, its stalwart cheerleaders gifted the country with a few more years of Rep. Nancy Pelosi as House minority leader.  Never mind that the millennial population could not care less about the meanderings of a congressional dinosaur who has absolutely nothing in common with them – the absurd decision among the Dems to ignore the future by attempting to maintain a “safe space” with a politician whose time has clearly come and gone is simply amazing.

Spectacular Christmas present number two arrives in a colorfully decorated gift box containing Rep. Keith Ellison, current hopeful to lead the Democrat National Committee.  Ellison is a Muslim, said to have interesting connections with the Islamic community, and while we don't yet know what this involves, the DNC seems very lap-doggish about inviting him into the leadership position.  This bizarre little maneuver – hardly surprising, as the Democrat Party has long been magnetized by every radical and loony influence in the known universe – may find its wheels coming off if the U.S. relationship with or tolerance of the Muslim Brotherhood – almost destined to be declared an unindicted co-conspirator of terror by Trump – goes away fast.  But, hey, go ahead and promote Ellison and make our day.  The more, the merrier!  The GOP should love unwrapping these kinds of presents.

Democrat gift-endowment number three comes in the form of Sen. Charles “Chuck” Schumer of NY, selected to become the Senate minority leader.  The best, most “giving season” thing about Schumer is that he is not Harry Reid, the departing nightmare senator who, like so many others, became fabulously wealthy during all those years “serving.”  Actually, there are reasons to respect and hope for good thing from Schumer. . .but we'll see.  Oh – he's also a cousin of actress Amy Schumer, which certainly adds no enhancement for me.   We dislike thinking of Hollywood and its scripted,  pampered, and politically active moron-geniuses who welcome in the human detritus that we, but not they, have to live with.

Warning!  Al Gore has returned, meeting with the Trumps, claiming to have had a good session regarding climate change.  If Trump invites this messenger of contrived doom to play an active part in his administration, my head may experience extreme internal global warming and explode.

Fidel Castro is still dead.  Good.

China angered over a phone call.  The Chinese commies were most distressed by a congratulatory phone call made to Trump by Taiwan's president.  Too bad they aren't just as angry over coral destruction imposed upon the ocean as they continue to build their phony islands in the South China Sea.

Fire and death in Oakland, California:  The consequences of the do-your-own-thing culture which extends to the point of allowing cities ruled under progressive dominance to become anything squatters and other undesirables want.  Basically, that means squalor and unkempt potential gardens of death.

Cold and ice in North Dakota:  The Indians don't want a pipeline maneuvering under their water source and they apparently gained lots of support, including military veterans from all over the country, willing to freeze solid in harmony with the spirit of the situation.  When Trump assumes office, he would do well to listen to these folks and take their concerns to heart.  President Trump's strengths must not include running ever American hearts and minds with a personal bulldozer at every turn.

Billions of dollars more requested by Obama for refugee resettlement:  Right to the very end, our favorite Marxist plans to screw American taxpayers, forced to pay welfare costs for America-hating invaders of his choosing.  The only power we have is to phone members of Congress immediately and tell them not to release further funding for this theft of the taxpayers' hard-earned money.