Monday, November 7, 2016

Journocensortainment for the Masses

Sunday afternoon, as if fortified with the speeding-bullet powers of Superman, FBI director James Comey announced a preliminary (read as: hurried due to Democrat Party agenda urgency) finding that there's nothing more to see here among 650,000 e-mails regarding the resurrection of Queen Hil's e-mail controversy, because those adorning the laptop of Anthony Weiner are just ol' copies of messages previously discovered.  The TV networks, of course, went right to work proclaiming her innocence, failing to mention (1) that she barely missed criminal charges by a hair last July during the original Comey statement, and (2) multiple investigations continue into the workings of the Clinton Foundation -- a quagmire perhaps worse than the e-mail circus.  July's proclamation in neon lights by the likely compromised FBI director also reinforced that it's not what one does which determines treason and criminality in general -- it's who you are and whom you know.  For example, a queen must not be found guilty, though no such amenities are awarded to military members when they screw up for far less.

So now the larger (much larger) of two corrupt political parties in the U.S. stands to maintain the highest perch, though they actually deserve the highest purge, and everybody who votes for Hillary Clinton will send either an informed or uninformed message declaring their support for socialism and an escalation of the radical rule exhibited by Barack Obama and the Obama bunch. 

It seems a fair percentage of Americans, with the help of those who sneak into our country and demand you pay for their welfare, desire a dictator.  Again.

We wonder if thousands of deceased former military and government personnel who lived and served with the highest standards will be spinning in their graves following the elections.

Back in the fifties and sixties, when it was quite fashionable and pretty much an obligation for UFO researchers to blame the Air Force for censorship of UFO reports, many of us never realized that we, so to speak, were walking through the right forest -- but failed both to climb enough trees and to ascend high enough.  I believe we can agree by now that the UFO issue dwells at higher government levels and the Air Force serves as only one component.  Somewhere, for instance, there are gun camera photos and films of UFO/military UFO encounters, and we haven't seen them publicly.  We know they exist because numerous former military (and active duty) personnel have confirmed our suspicions time and again.  Sadly, while enlightened folk appear convinced that some kind of UFO "disclosure" lurks right around the proverbial corner, I'm not buying it, particularly when one looks askance at the current situation in Washington, D.C. and beyond.  Not to beat a dead horse or anybody's political career, but the anxiety-ridden who still believe a Clinton/Podesta team will ride to the rescue and titillate us with explosive UFO information stand to be profoundly disappointed.  In my curmudgeon opinion (I write this just before the U.S. elections, so at this moment I've no idea who becomes president, but in regard to UFOs I doubt it makes a difference for those who wish a disclosure package tied up with a tidy bow), we'll soon enter an era where personal, business and military drones, by virtue of their astounding proliferation in the skies, will "account" for all sorts of strange events reported to the press, police and less than thrilled military public information personnel.  You want to report a UFO?  Sorry, sir, sorry ma'am, that's just a drone.

I think, despite election season fatigue, I'm heated about the pathetic state of what passes for journalism these days.  After a four-year Air Force enlistment (1968-72) I returned to college in the seventies and discovered that what I formerly knew simply as journalism in a high school class was now flying in higher education circles under a fresh term -- the "new journalism."  Who, what, when, where, why and how had, somewhere along their perilous way, been adulterated with a more chatty, naked in the wind, sometimes off the rails literary form.  The reporting of truth came to resemble something akin to a style most often observed in fiction, and indeed the description, "nonfiction," became the norm.  Much of this seems to have sprung from some vivid reporting instigated during the Vietnam conflict.  While some promising journalism students had longed to be the next Woodward and Bernstein following President Nixon's take-down, others next gushed over Hunter S. Thompson's "gonzo" style and journalistic methods encompassing others of his generation.  Rolling Stone probably exemplified the new journalism as well as any publication.

And now?  As the U.S. elections have aptly demonstrated, journalism as once practiced reliably is all but dead, especially via electronic media, a.k.a. television.  Evening after evening, we've tuned in to the national network news, only to find that the major players spend the first few minutes building Hillary Clinton up and then dismantling Trump the best they can.  In no way do they spend time exploring the depth and potential horror perpetrated by Clinton purely because of e-mail carelessness and self-interest, the country be damned.  Taking donations from foreign governments obviously hoping for influence?  Prison, please.

Instead, it's in a journo-conglomerate of many players' best interests to praise matters Democrat and ignore or paint the other side(s) with a spiteful little word & visual paintbrush.  This has long been the case, yet I've never seen the practice so blatantly applied as I have the year or so before these elections.  Nor am I alone in this observation.

Simply put, the TV networks and prominent print "journalists" appear to be  nothing more than lapdogs and tampons for the Democrat Party.  Such a well-deserved reputation may cling without yield in the coming years, for the mark is truly indelible this time around.

Dangerously, the news media, Hollywood elites, industry moguls and government agencies and personnel work diligently behind the scenes to orchestrate election results to suit their own interests, the only obstacle being the American voter.  The remedy?  Organize massive public events featuring secretly traitorous (to their fans) movie and music celebrities who "speak out" in support of the most rotten of elite candidates, going all out to influence the fragile minds of young people who, frankly, have neither a clue about what they vote for once inside the voting booth and, in significant part, probably can't even name their own senators and House representatives.

Strangely, even the tipping points of censorship have changed.  The Obama administration's apparently overwhelming love of the practice -- though having promised the most open admin ever -- is a given.  The major TV networks, however, heavily invoke censorship merely by ignoring the monumental amount of leaks and Clinton history blazing through other sources every day.  By reducing what should be highly important revelations to a few sound bites, they still maintain a firm hand on what they want viewers not to know.  Even the crawls at the bottom of TV screens lean heavily toward promotion of Hillary and the Democrat Party as reinforcing audio and video supplement the mood.

Dirty tricks hardly prove alien to any political party, but this time around the Democrats, in symbiotic conjunction with a fawning media, have far-exceeded underhanded talents anticipated of the usual suspects, and we all will suffer for it.  If anything hastens the decline of commercial TV and its brain-eating appendages in American homes, this should do it.  Or will Americans forgive the calculating lot who invade their minds and treat them like pod people?  I'm thinking the latter, for apathy usually abounds -- and rebounds -- out there.

Beware Obamacare as never before:  It's interesting to learn among John Podesta's leaked e-mails that he allegedly alerted Hillary that a taxpayer bailout of failing insurance companies devastated by Obamacare and desired by Obama himself would be taken care of.  Now, I ask you, how are Hillary and the Great God Podesta supposed to go about releasing UFO information if they busy themselves with such trifles?  By the way -- unless there's an official pardon offered by the highest-level fraud of them all, who knows?Maybe we'll be seeing particular folks in court one day soon.  One can hope.

The Chicago Cubs:  Balls, bats, spitting and a bunch of people basically saying mine is bigger than yours and we win.  Cheers, applause, drinking and acting the fool at parties.  Grown folk experiencing little-boyhood one more time.  Okay, time now for Chicago to get off the yellow brick road and return to reality:  Multiple murders, joblessness, poverty, gangs, drugs, racial hatred, rapes and a garden of perpetual crimes, all courtesy of one more rotten progressive system gassed up by the Democrats and a mayor proven to be about as useful as dog crap on a shoe.  You ain't gonna "World Series" the city's character out of the way.

Election Day, 2016:  I tap this paragraph out on Sunday, two days away from the makings of either a guaranteed horror story or a glimmer of hope for America.  More socialism or a return to basic standards for which many American military personnel sacrificed their lives, it's a decision for the people. Those who make the final choice will need to live with their selection from that day forward, while the eventual status of those who selected otherwise remains unknown.  When one is faced with a revolving criminal administration intent upon tweaking our freedoms to their own liking with "social justice," there can be no justice for the opposition.