Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dr. No vs. Doctor Know

Burn, Witch, Burn Department:   Today's main topic is not Queen Hil', but we must take a moment here to ponder her dilemma per FBI director Comey, because her quandary causes the American peoples' quandary, should we vote her into the presidency.  We suspect, after all, that Julian Assange may go down as a non-American American hero, and as a military veteran I do not choose those words lightly.  Without Assange and Wikileaks, the Democrats and the Clinton Machinery would likely continue to hide the pungent, rotten aroma of their dirty laundry under the sweet-smelling fragrance of a pant-suited fraud who has no other appeal to far too many Americans than the belief that it would be ever so great to have the first female president.  Yes, some want that to happen and they want it NOW with Queen Hil', despite either the unforeseen or guaranteed consequences, per Clinton's own campaign promises.  I welcome a female president, too, but not this proven disaster.

So now Sen. Harry Reid (hey Harry, why don't we have a thorough investigation of YOUR wealth, accumulated as a U.S. senator?) wants to threaten Comey with the Hatch Act (absurd!) and Dem V-P hopeful Kaine and other pathetically bloated party cohorts are attempting to figuratively burn Comey at the stake -- when there's really only one name to focus upon and condemn, and that name is Hillary Rodham Clinton, suspect, not victim.

Actually, there's one other entity to blame -- the DNC itself, for putting this extremely flawed candidate out there in the first place, expecting to harvest star power over integrity.

Meanwhile, we're grateful that Eric Holder attorney-general clone Loretta Lynch dwells under such a cloud of suspicion herself (re meeting Bill Clinton on that airplane) that she probably felt it unwise to interfere with Comey's decision to send a letter to Congress, which ultimately ended up under public scrutiny.

We're witnessing not merely a potentially awesome turning point in U.S. history -- we're watching a conflagration of corruption wielded by some of the most politically prominent rat-bastards in the USA headed for a takedown, should life happen to imitate justice.

Oh, and let's be sure to thank most particularly disgraced Huma hubby Anthony Weiner, who helped make laptop (um, of the digital variety) messages oh-so-cooooool.

A final word:  I'm typing this on Sunday evening, and it's in my mind that Hillary should drop out of the running -- of course, she won't -- and frankly, I don't know what current Democrat could assume her throne of popularity, unless they quickly paint & powder some moron Hollywood star/starlet or scantily-clad singer who can't really sing a note, but whom looks good on the stage.  Or perhaps they can run Leonardo DiCaprio because he'll be great at scaring the science-is-all-in gullible about human-caused climate change (remember, Al Gore got several things wrong about CC, but nobody cared about errors . . .sigh. . .).

Than again, the new Huma/Weiner/Hillary buzz may go the way of so many other "revelations" and result in nothing but denials and excuses.  We're used to it by now, unfortunately.

Saturday Night Live hides under the bed. . .or someplace out of the way, apparently a victim of Friday afternoon's Comey/FBI uproar.  A repeat episode was substituted for the intended new broadcast, probably because skits and scripts for this increasingly pedestrian, long-term TV albatross suddenly became irrelevant.  When you stake your very existence on favoring one political party over another (just like the TV news divisions), show time can easily go awry, it seems.

At least Dr. Frankenstein practiced one-on-one care:  Nor was his face attached to a computer screen, which would have made it virtually impossible for him to know his monster patient in depth.

As "Obamacare" persists in wrapping its tentacles around what used to be the greatest medical care system in the world, all things patient-related are promptly going to hell.  The once-routine doctor/patient relationship has been sacrificed significantly as doctors bundle their formerly individual practices with large groups, dissolving themselves and their staff into increasingly dispassionate corporate entities surrounded by teams of attorneys waiting to fend off patient complaints or concerns -- all while the computer screen has morphed into the physician's exam room dictator, instructing him or her that paperwork is king and patient care comes second.

Meanwhile, few want to go to school to become family practitioners anymore, choosing instead to select specialty programs guaranteed to be far more financially lucrative.

Particularly disturbing is the rapid deterioration of doctor/patient status.  Many physicians have become terse and unmoving when patients object to a course of treatment OR being forced to introduce medications into their bodies which they really don't want, based upon their own research or personal will.  At a time when a parade of new pharmaceutical commercials explode on our TV screens every week -- some routinely doomed to be sued over when lawyers discover serious side-effects, including death -- it's pathetic and curious that we have progressively little control over our bodies, having almost donated them to medical "science" while still alive because we're not allowed to, as Nancy Reagan might suggest, just say no.

A major difference between "established" (that is, American Medical Association) medicine and the so-called alternative kind comes about because the latter doesn't believe that one size fits all -- including medication dosages, types of drugs, physical activity and the influence of healing properties in general.  Unfortunately, the medical-pharma "mafia" has become so big, virtually gigantic now that Big Government has its clutches interwoven into basic standards, that the patient has become almost invisible, with little room for protest or discussion.  To object, to argue, can mean immediate dismissal from a physician's office, for -- as iconoclast Charles Fort might say, though regarding other matters  -- we and our personal health (health held hostage, essentially) are somebody else's property.  As never before in U.S. history, except for the days of slavery, wow, are we all ever property now.

Dangerously, modern docs have become tuned in to the drug industry, and medications guide their way simply because that's what they are taught. If they're lucky, maybe a few lessons about proper nutrition as a true cure-all for so many illnesses will creep in, but don't hold your breath. Should we really expect that current-day medical universities teach any differently than other educational institutions, overwhelmed and poisoned with progressive ideas sometimes bordering on insanity?  In a society thrilled, if not preoccupied, with the idea of easy-access marijuana for all as a solution to so much, what did we expect?

Speaking of insanity, we also observe that The System is increasingly orgasmic over labeling people with any of a plethora of psychiatric or psychological conditions -- just like the old Soviet Union and, we trust, its modern-day counterparts wherever governments attach an iron fist.

Right now, I'm personally familiar with a patient allegedly treated almost criminally by a family practice physician whose spouse is a mental health "professional," and from everything I've heard I've little doubt the two of these ghouls gain up on some patients to enrich themselves and/or enhance their status (this is a matter for the courts, and may end up there eventually). Another physician seeing the same patient later on is basically a hack imported from a Third World country who exhibits a grossly inadequate understanding of patient needs and medicine in general -- to the point of arguable incompetency. 

How often do "watchdog" medical agencies even care, when approached by concerned patients whose brilliance is interpreted as nothing more then chronic complaining or lunacy?

Having served with a number of physicians during the Vietnam Era in the Air Force, it's difficult for me to remember how great, how outstanding medical care was back then, compared to its current Obama Era suicide.  Of course, the reasons are many in addition to what I've just set forth, but I'm pretty much on-target here, based upon my own observations.  Future evolvement of medicine, I hope, won't be what some fear.  In so many instances, just taking time to listen to the patient --a legitimate obstacle among the chaos now -- can work miracles.

Adding to the mix, new studies raise astounding concerns about the now and future effects of chemicals to which we are exposed every day, a primary worry designated as hormonal changes that can't be stopped.  While we fret about males who carry cell phones in pants pockets disturbing sperm production -- and new now, we have preliminary evidence in mice that the Zika virus aims for and destroys male fertility -- few yet ponder the potential damage caused by innocent contact with plastics and other chemical substances every day.  Sorry kids, you're probably screwed.  Maybe you'll have a reason to crave that marijuana after all?

Missing blogs:   Some have noticed that I've removed blog links dealing with my Air Force days and a former pet (dog).  There were problems with producing each (neither was on Blogger), and after years of either neglect or production troubles (some were probably my fault, as technical thingies tend to bite me back) I caved and removed them.  Their future remains undetermined, but the planet will continue to spin :) :)