Friday, October 28, 2016

A Very Hillary Halloween


(Breaking News:  FBI director Comey says they're reopening Queen Hil's e-mail investigation.  What that does or does not mean, who knows?  May she receive, not a basket of deplorables, but a basket of felonies in the spirit of the trick or treat season.  Boo!)

What could be scarier than a howling graveyard ghost on Halloween as midnight approaches?

How about a list of 65 (and probably growing in leaps and bounds) TV and print journalists. identified by name, now confirmed to be "compliant" with the Clintons and the Democrat Party -- willing to report in a party-friendly manner anything they are TOLD to report by their good Democrat buddies?

What about the Wikileaks release of e-mails from and to John Podesta regarding Hillary Clinton?  Pay attention, UFO "disclosure" hopefuls:  These folks are your heroes in waiting.  Do you still think they're your best bet?

What of her expressed plans to all but eliminate the borders, allowing unimaginable hordes of invaders, unfamiliar with and uncaring about our culture and language, into the country?

And, whoa!  What of the new revelation by a key Clinton operative that he was responsible for creating violent encounters at well-attended Donald Trump speeches?  When ducks can fly. . .

Anybody care about new Wikileaks revelations about how Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation amassed millions of dollars?  It's all about power, influence and, particularly, how one pays to play.  Access to Hillary while she was Secretary of State?  Pay to play, it seems.  Corruption in the Clinton Foundation, in the Clinton family, would seem more than worthwhile for investigation -- if the DOJ and FBI weren't, as it appears, in the pocket of the Democrat Party's finest.

Then there's Hillary parroting campaign speeches where she confesses undying love for the U.S. Constitution -- whose meaning and Amendments she appears to squander during opportune political occasions. 

Not to forget -- her ideas about disregarding established law got her fired when she was working with the Watergate committee to bring down President Richard Nixon.

Dr. Frankenstein had Igor to help out around the monster laboratory, and Hillary has Huma, Sidney Blumenthal and a few others to nurture a creature known as her image.  It's all in the e-mails.

Hillary's graveyard ghosts are real, straight out of ignored and executed Americans in Benghazi, Libya.  A little deadly reminder of her extremely scary maneuvers in the Middle East -- she, the princess of the Arab Spring's very existence.  She, and Obama -- who own a significant percentage of the international refugee crisis.

What average Americans haven't seen, security people closest to Hillary do, every day.  Secret Service, FBI and other security folks apparently receive the brunt of her bad temper routinely -- and it's no Halloween surprise to know that military members, cops and other law enforcement personnel despise the very thought of a Hillary presidency.

Perhaps the biggest Hillary Halloween fright arrives after Halloween -- when presumed President/Queen Hil' goes to work on scaring the pants off Constitutional Amendments First and Second.

So just when do Hillary and other radicals and progressives remove their Halloween masks?

What masks?