Thursday, May 5, 2016

Shaken, Not Stirred

There was dirt, there were dirty lies, and there was a win at any cost attitude served by immense wealth and faces unseen.  There was the whining, self-important Kasich, who received "God knows" what kind of political dirtbag promise for playing the game until. . .until Cruz waved goodbye? There was an obvious atmosphere, for anybody who cared to look beyond the glitz and an almost religious fervor, foolishly certain that a comic book hero was finally on the horizon, indicating that conservative Republicans were being led to the slaughter. And then there was Donald Trump, riding in on a white GOP horse. . . a horse of a different color.  Maybe.  Could be.

It would be so easy to stop right here.

Not too many years ago, when I still walked the Democrat side of the tightrope, blissfully unaware that a panacea was never to be found in that garden of lies, either, I was quite taken with a speech given at the Democrat National Convention by some obscure senator named Barack Obama.  As I've written on other occasions here, I e-mailed his office and suggested in my exuberance that, just perhaps, he might wish to run for president one day.  Guess what?

Heck no, he didn't make the move because of me, but in some small way I helped.  I helped.

By the time Obama actually hit the presidential campaign trail, I had smartened up considerably, then fearing that the prince I had envisioned via the words of hope and change he spun previously would turn into an executive branch demon.  I was subsequently not disappointed in that respect.

To borrow words from the John Boehner lexicon, to my utter shock and horror the son of a bitch went on not only to assume the highest office in the land -- he also went right to work crushing, sorry, make that transforming pretty much every path which makes Americans feel good about living in America.  Guilt through Executive orders.  American Guilt induced during speeches in foreign lands.  Transformational guilt.  Philosophical poison.  His progressive way or the highway. Blame America first.  You didn't build that.  Radical Islam is neither radical nor Islam.  The police acted "stupidly."  Stuff the country with hundreds of thousands of foreign invaders who will never learn English, will never desire to embrace American culture, will never get off the welfare rolls as they nevertheless reproduce like flies, and who will summon their relatives from afar to join them in a never-ending intrusion paid for by working Americans -- used against their will as financial supporters of a sustained madness which will ultimately impede and destroy American values.

Maybe it's just the sentimental veteran in me, putting this music to words here.  Maybe it's news of the death of a Navy SEAL in Iraq, as a little deja vu gets kicked up in the desert sands.  Will the Iraqi Army sons of bitches retreat again and leave the bleeding to our people?

More recently, I wrote another U.S. senator and suggested (will I never learn?) that he consider a presidential run.  This time, however, I did not act blindly, and had taken the opportunity to follow this senator's political career long enough to realize he stood out from his peers.  Yes, Senator Ted Cruz seemed too good to be true -- but his constituents seemed delighted with his service and, yes, it's accurate, he accomplished for fellow Texans what he promised he would do.  Refreshing, considering how we in other states often survive on politicians' vows of little more substance than dog poop tied up with a pretty bow.

So now it's Tuesday evening, and the Ted Cruz train just cruised into oblivion, having met up with Indiana's voting booths.  Maybe the good voters of Indiana's primary failed to notice the increasingly chummy relationship with Trump verbalized by the likes of establishment players such as Boehner and the usual GOP suspects.  As an Independent voter, it's easy for me to suggest that conservatives exit the filthy GOP soon, for the GOP and Democrat Party share the same infestations.  Now we know this for certain, and science holds no cure.

Uh huh, the road to hell is paved with media intentions, and the media wanted Cruz to go away, real bad.  The political-media establishment want Cruz out of the way so that, at the opportune moment, incriminating Donald Trump-related video and audio will likely be released like balloons at a stripper festival.

Ted Cruz may have been the best gift to the nation that we've encountered in a long time, and I'm not including his religion at all.  The gift will not be directed to Pennsylvania Avenue when January rolls around, but who knows?  A different national adventure, perhaps.  Supreme Court?  Attorney general?  Yes, I contributed a few dollars to the Cruz campaign -- and by a few dollars, I mean exactly that:  An amount so insignificant that the only thing one could afford during a stay at a fleabag hotel is the fleabag.

And now it's down to Trump and Bernie Sanders, except it's not.  Ol' socialist Bernie Sanders may have wowed 'em in Indiana today, but it's Hillary whose dark little heart sticks like black mold to the Democrat Party.  She's owed, damn it.  Unless.

Trump.  National Enquirer boss's buddy. 

Trump.  Win at any cost. Even if you have to drag in an opponent's family members with the help of media dirt.

Trump.  Be a bully, but what happens if you turn the bully factor on the people who think you're God?  Shall there develop an enemies list of which Nixon would have waxed envious?   Woe to those perceived as political threats or who dare to criticize the infallible Donald? 

Trump.  Boehner.  McConnell.  The establishment is destined to party on.

Trump.  The deal-maker -- fine for business relations, maybe not always so much when politics and the big money entities desire to marry in the "public interest."  Should Trump's book be re-titled, The (W)art of the Deal?

Trump.  His angry fans just voted to help keep the establishment running the show.  Trump or Clinton, it clearly makes little difference in that respect.

A Trump upside?  He won't treat military, Secret Service and law enforcement personnel like servile insects -- a novel change from some on the Democrat side of the fence in recent years.

Can Donald Trump's bluster defeat the crafty beast Hillary Clinton when the ultimate showdown occurs?  Whose flaws will shine the brightest?  Will elections even matter, since it's well known that the Electoral College is generally in the pocket for Democrats? 

Um, anybody remember the Tea Party conservatives?  This time, no matter what, we're again poised to get establishment dogma shoved right up our. . .

To again borrow a few words from the phraseology wit and situational eloquence of John Boehner -- may I say, there are more sons of bitches in politics than we can count.

The White House Correspondents Dinner:  Every year, on full display for the most skeptical of disbelievers to observe, politics, media and Hollywood mingle in a Petri dish of opulence fed by tidbits of privilege and corruption.  These are the folk who manipulate our lives and minds like master puppeteers.  That the Fourth Estate ever joined with a common entity intent upon holding the Third Estate under its vast thumb is a tragedy, and we should realize right away that all the dinner laughs recorded for TV news at eleven are THEIR laughs, not ours. 

And. . .wha??!!  A survey taken surrounding the affair determined that all members of the Washington Press Corps are Democrats?  Is this true?  It's not hard to know why Barack Obama is consistently painted as the best thing to happen to this country since George Washington.  They aren't news reporters, they're public relations agents.  Tasked sons of bitches whose primary role in life is to pretty up and support a son of a bitch, all the while attired in official Washington finery and decorated with deceptively glamorous press credentials.

Trump?  We'll hope for nice surprises, but cautiously wonder if he'll compile an enemies list to rival the longest ever scribbled.  To calculate the public image of Donald Trump, one need only watch a good share of bullying and violent supporters in the crowds.  And profoundly uninformed participants.  Yes, the frustrated and the desperate among them.  But we'll see, won't we?

However long the database of Donald Trump negatives, progressive views among them, a Trump presidency would likely be far more welcome than the venom Hillary Clinton intends for the USA.  For congressional elections to install additional Hillary sympathizers in the House and Senate only compounds the option of hell on Earth.  The mere thought of Hillary at the helm conjures an apocalyptic vision of Obama's policies on nuclear steroids.

Donald:  SMALLER government, please!  Can ya handle that?

Puerto Rico:  No bailout from Congress.  More than 300 million dollars considered by Congress would be better spent in the continental United States, and something needs to be done before all of Puerto Rico comes here for the welfare -- which they're already coming for in droves.  Cruz is right:  Teach them how to avoid the financial disaster they built around themselves.

Dennis Hastert:  Interesting that one of his former high school "victims" was shaking him down for big money to keep mum as years passed.  Society needs to take a really, really close look at the adult man / teenage boy issue, which is no newer or older than sex itself, certainly no surprise and even constitutes normal daily life in some societies, as it has for centuries.  Funny how money often fixes pain and emotional distress when sex is involved -- and when the press begins to cling in hope of a good, salacious story.  Note, too, that young men aren't necessarily stupid about such things. Regarding the National Wrestling Hall of Fame performing a hull of fame to remove Hastert's name -- well, wrestling, hmm. . .do you Hall of Fame folks believe his is the only name of mystery on your wall?  Wrestling associated with anything remotely youthful and gay, an impossibility?  Hmm. . .

Cleaning up New York:  Former NY State Assembly speaker and criminal Sheldon Silver was sentenced to 12 years in prison this week, thanks to the hard work of a very intent U.S. attorney, whose ongoing efforts have now roped in a former aide, a very close aide at that, to megalomaniac governor and presidential wannabe Andrew Cuomo.  While that particular investigation is ongoing, we also note that another former powerful and now disgraced "public servant" named Dean Skelos may also be sent to the slammer in a few days.  If a good share of political corruption is ever extracted successfully from NY, and if bitter rivals Cuomo and NY City mayor DiBlasio ever destroy each other politically like two giant lizards battling in a bad movie, New York may have a chance at becoming somewhat respectable.  But don't bet on it.  Nevertheless, any series of events that sour Cuomo's chances for higher office merely by orbiting around his sphere of influence are as welcome as sunshine in spring.  Meanwhile, the NY State attorney general, Eric something or other, has joined those in other states, determined to hold power corporations and related entitles LEGALLY responsible for denying man-made climate change.  Linked with the increasingly flawed science of Al Gore and Gore himself, this bunch is an extraordinary threat to the First Amendment and should perhaps be rounded up under the RICO Act and sued out of office, at the very least.  This conspiring bunch aren't scientists, and the science itself remains inconclusively mucked up.  This is all about parting us from our money and energy options, and THAT'S nothing new under the global warming sun. 

My favorite jokes:  That stuff WAS my favorite jokes.  Are we laughing yet?