Monday, May 23, 2016

Bits and Pieces for May 2016

Preakness Freak Mess:  Yes, two horses dropped dead during the Preakness Stakes last week, and it seems that some 500 racehorses die every year, all as innocent beasts of burden in the human pursuit of prestige and big money.  Sorry, but the older I get, the more I come to realize that a good share of us are just cockroaches with bigger brains.  Maybe it's not quite on the same level as morons in China who have exotic animals killed just because their great-grandfather's great-grandfather claims creature organs assure a better libido -- but we're not far off with the racehorse industry (. . .oh, but Robert, don't you know, the horses LOVE racing, they're made for it!  Heard it all before. . .).  Everybody was so-o-o-o-o-o sorry about the tragedies -- until next time, anyway.

Jeh Johnson, everybody's favorite Homeland Security apologist, appeared on Fox-TV News over the weekend regarding airport security.  Hey, it's so great to hear straight from the horse's (not racehorse's) mouth that airport security is a major concern -- but too bad nobody grilled him about our open  borders, where virtually non-existent security isn't quite as promising as airport pat-downs.

Trump vs. Clinton vs. Sanders vs. what real Americans want but won't get:  Names hardly matter by now.  The important issue is the Supreme Court, which must pick up a conservative member.  If that requires a Trump vote, that appears the only option remaining.  Um, no -- the Independent candidate Johnson is appealing, but stands nary a chance.

Obama's last day as President:  How has he NOT violated his Oath of Office?  We say, directly from the White House to arrest, trial and conviction, and he doesn't go off alone into that waiting judicial sunrise.  (Sigh. . .) If only.

Climate change continues. . .as it always has, throughout the history of this weather-dependent planet.  Yet, the fraud and unscientific science continues, intent only upon scaring and parting folks from their money.  There could hardly be a better circus attraction than the climate change bouncy house.