Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hillary and the Gorilla

 Some of you continue to worship at the altar of Hillary Clinton, gazing upon her countenance lovingly, as one would feast one's eyes upon the Mona Lisa, fully anticipating that her questionable ascent to the presidency is equivalent to possessing the keys to some Pentagon (or. . .?) treasure trove of hidden UFO data.  Have you not watched the news?  Do you not realize how the bloom escapes this parched rose, especially with the latest revelations from the State Dept. Inspector General regarding her e-mails?  How many Americans died or currently live in jeopardy because of her negligence, incompetence and flat-out egotistical approach to her perceived queen-like position in government, in which she apparently feels a responsibility to Hillary first and everybody else when she gets around to it?  Remember when she promised the Benghazi victims' families that she would get back to them with answers they desperately needed – and then left them wondering, even after that absurd lie about the Benghazi tragedy having been incited by some obscure video?

With the Inspector General's report now in the wind, the ongoing FBI investigation of Clinton may rightly rev up and illuminate even more of Queen Hill's less than brilliant maneuvers as she used government regulations – and ignored basic common sense caution –  to her whim. 

Truth?  Truth is, U.S. military personnel currently rot and have rotted in federal prison for far less – that is, merely for doing their jobs and then being betrayed by their government.   Old Hill', on the other hand, apparently always assumed she WAS the government.   Oh yes, we can't wait for Hillary – or Bernie – to fulfill our national dream of becoming just like Venezuela.

Actor Clint Howard got it right recently when asked about Hillary Clinton, and he replied something to the effect that he wasn't going to vote for some “old grandma.”  As somebody within her age range myself, I can say without discrimination that I concur.  And she can take Bernie off to the senior farm with her and Bill,  where they can farm fields of socialism to their hearts' content.

“Klaatu” Obama offers unapologetic apologies at Hiroshima:   There are times when I wish Obama would stay put in Washington, despite the damage he concocts with other radical Democrats every day.  His trip to Hiroshima was wrong and, yes, an affront to the memory of every dead and injured veteran involved with the unbridled wrath of the Japanese government during WW II.  Fortunately, coinciding with the president's trip, the Gateway Pundit printed an online list linking readers to reports regarding Japanese atrocities, and in many ways the Nazis and Japanese were both in the running for acts of brutality – including, not to forget, medical “experimentation” conducted on captured American soldiers.

Obama's mere presence served as an apology, make no mistake, and the doofus, as usual, sounded as though he was performing the pre-departure scene from the movie,  The Day the Earth Stood Still  in the persona of Klaatu.  Fortunately, Obama as Klaatu is never accompanied by the robot Gort, for, if he were, Obama's Gort would do nothing but cry and express weak emotions, absolutely incapable of defending itself, the Democrat Party or any Obama speech.

The speech Mr. Obama might have given in Hiroshima:   “I stand before all of you here today with many thoughts on my mind, the foremost being that I'm probably more welcome here than I would have been at Pearl Harbor on America's Memorial Day.  Nevertheless, I want to emphasize that I'm not here to apologize for anything, except you can probably read between the lines and realize that just my presence today is indeed an expression of sympathy for that thing that happened with the bomb.  Where I'm from, my fellow Americans might harp upon a misguided assumption that some of your ancestors were cruel, kamikaze-loving rat-bastard imperialists whose many war crimes included medical experimentation upon, torture of and murder of captured American servicemen.  I don't know anything about that, but let me be clear – you know, I always say let me be clear whenever I'm poised to say something stupid that I want to verbally stamp in an authoritative tone.  Anyway, let me be clear when I tell you that I'm glad the United States and Japan will remain friends and partners as the future unfolds.    In addition, we in the USA understand that your little incident at the nuclear plant was just about as good a revenge as your dead, warring World War II ancestors could have imagined, for we in America and around the world will, for many years to come, experience the effects of eating 'Fukushima fish' and becoming radiated in ways we have yet to realize.  Let me conclude by saying, I believe the land under your feet will all be gone within five years due to climate change, and for that I hasten to add that the world must blame America first.  It's our fault, but I'm not here to apologize for that, either, because I can't.  The deal was, I didn't come here to apologize, as I'm sure you understand.  Thank you for coming today, and I'm sorry I was a little late.  Oops, I think I just apologized.  Disregard that apology.  Now, who wants a hug?  Who wants me to bow?”

Airport fun for everyone:   Whilst everybody hoping to board a plane performs acrobatics in view of TSA personnel who treat the innocent as criminal suspects, we ask:  What difference does all of this make as drones get small enough, insect size, so that terrorist Mo-Ham-Mad can easily guide a small explosive device onto a departing runway aircraft -- or cause a drone scouting lofty heights simply to crash head-on into a craft by surprise, causing instant annihilation?     I mean, really, the tiny flying drones are already out there, and their uses, overwhelmingly, will likely wax nefarious.  Russian roulette in the skies for an already anxious flying public is almost here.

No mercy for members of the current presidential administration.   We're hearing chatter here and there that after a new admin moves to DC next year – if not a Democrat – the subpoenas may fly, surprises included.  Well, what else should be done with criminals?  Experiencing a get-tough policy on those who have gotten tough in squashing our freedoms and ignoring the law of the land for eight years is a major component in. . .making America great  America again.

Remember one way how Obama became president?   I believe a number of voters thought they were   getting a Dennis Haysbert president – the president portrayed in a season of Fox TV's series, 24.   Yes, Haysbert's black president appeared everything we craved when the presidential race – and the presidential  race -- was important.  The TV prez was smart, in-charge, bold, thoughtful, handsome – he had it all.   America assumed it was voting for the TV president.  Uh uh.  Uh uh.  Uh uh.  Look at what we got instead.

Gorilla in the Missed:   Yeah.  Well, another parent who should probably burn in hell. Oh, I am sorry, is that too harsh?  Aside from stupid parenting – and these are probably the same kind of folks who sue a store when their kid gets hurt while touching something he or she shouldn't be messing with in the first place – there may be more to see here.  First of all, an early report regarding the shooting death of a male gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo claimed the animal was swinging the four-year-old boy and slamming him into a wall, and then tried to drown him.  Subsequently, refined stories varied just a tad:  That the gorilla appeared to be protecting the boy from harm.  Thanks media, a bang-up job as usual, from one extreme to another, from the new electronic media journalists encouraged to get a report in fast, no matter the facts.  Breaking news. . .

I think proper tribute must also be awarded to movie and TV studios which grind out animal-related cartoons and computer imagery every year, showing humans interacting with creatures of the wild – critters who talk and walk around just like us, often smarter and more likeable than any human most of us have ever encountered.  Why wouldn't a child wander off in a potential search for its video favorite?  Of course, we don't know the “why” of this incident yet, but it's a safe bet that cute little reality-distorting TV images played some role.

Meanwhile, sorry dead gorilla, nothing but nothing is more important than saving human children – though this hackneyed proclamation starts to become stale and indefensible, once logic is applied to events such as this.  By the way, would outrage have grown stronger, had the gorilla been a female?

A further word about CGI images in movies:   To just sit back and watch old motion pictures, produced when computer tricks were “virtually” non-existent, and to realize that production crews took great care to film backgrounds and occasions with as much “real” as possible can be a precious experience.  Fun and increasingly useful as the computer imaging experience is, in my opinion the flagrant visual substitution of realistic, yet totally concocted images, for any hint of the grounded and   actual is screwing up young minds as effectively as drugs, in many instances.  What killed common sense, aside from early education experiences engineered by progressives?  Pixels killed common sense.  Pixels decimated truth.  Pixels gave computers the ability to manufacture patently absurd predictions about “climate change” in the distant future, truth be damned, like some neighborhood psychic who trades what the gullible (think government bureaucrats) wish to hear (think lobbyists) for their money (think taxpayers).

We are the dust of comets,  according to a new scientific report which indicates that the “building blocks” of life may be prolific, in extraterrestrial terms.  Samples from the comet recently mined for analysis reveal the presence of  glycine, the most basic amino acid found in proteins and a major component of sugar cane.   In other words, glycine is the simplest of substances, and cometary analysis suggests its presence is omnipresent throughout the universe, a theory neatly co-existing with Carl Sagan's “we are star stuff.”   Did Earth get dusted with glycine, leading to abundant life forms populating every nook and cranny?  I guess this depends upon one's religion, science or combination of both.

Mindless TV observation:    Notice how they altered the  Febreze  TV commercial?  No longer is there a “Carl” whose mom walks in and comments about his unpleasant bedroom odor.  Now, same scene, but “Carl” has been replaced by “Josh.”  Yep, Carl was rather a bump on a log, emotionless and uninspired.  Josh, on the other hand, smiles and apparently expresses enthusiasm about Febrezing his bedroom before girls come to visit and fall in love, not with Josh, but with the way his room smells.  Wish I could have been a fly on the wall while corporate obviously agonized over a re-do of the very same commercial with a new actor.  Oh, the things over which we agonize, while ignoring essentials.  Besides, is a chemically-altered odor better for one's health than the honest aroma of stale pizza, dirty socks and reeking underwear in a bedroom?